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Archives of Old Kudos and Whiners

February 2005

Monday February 28, 2005

I just noticed that this site now has Daily Horoscopes. Nice addition.

The reason that immigrants are so looked down upon is because they are the lowest rung of the ladder. People don't emigrate because they are rich or successful. It's usually out of desperation. We see them here as losers when in reality they never even had a chance at winning. They didn't have anything to lose in the first place plus they didn't have any opportunity to climb that ladder. They just don't know any better.


Attention Harley riders: NASCAR, bowling, smoking, fighting, country music and big hair. Did I leave anything out?

To more bigotry: It seems like you think all blacks are the same. What you said about the riots is true, but if you really believe that the Blacks that followed Dr. King were the ones rioting than you got your head up your butt. Kind of a bit of bigotry. Wouldn't you say?
To the person who referred to us as "one human family", it is a beautiful thought.  We all live on this planet and should try to help each other and get along, but there are many people I would never want to call "family"-yikes!  Maybe "one human neighborhood" would be a better saying.
As far as all the talk of the No Name Pub,  I can only say that I brought my family to Big Pine over New Years this year and we had several locals that we met tell us that we had to go to the Pub.  So of course we did and LOVED IT.  We actually ate there a couple of times.  The service was good (average), The pizza was great and the atmosphere was awesome and the price wasn't bad at all.  I think we enjoyed a pizza dinner with an appetizer for less than twenty bucks.  Not bad for a family of four.  Again, We Loved It. 
As for how the management and employees treat the locals, I can't comment on that although I wish I could! If anyone has any suggestions how a normal middle class family can relocate to Big Pine please post.  Big Pine and the lower Keys are truly paradise.

.k. If you don't want to sell me your key limes, will you just give them to me? call Jim 872-4818
Good Housepainter's phone number reply to someone looking for excellent house painter's. I have just had my house painted inside and out and my bath tub refinished. I am very satisfied with the results.
Phone number 305-395-0676 or 305-872-0340. 
You know, it totally flips me out that DNA works for some people and not for others. Are there any other people that watched the OJ Simpson trial that DNA did not work for him, meaning that there was blood everywhere and he was not charged, but currently, DNA  means everything! How does that work? Meaning the BTK killings. Is it the lawyers? Is it black and white? I want to know. How does it work for some and not for others? When I was a kid in school, DNA was it. Blood rules. Now that there are lawyers involved, "Someone else did it."
I used to work at Rob's and yes, he is an ass, but his restaurant is still the best and cleanest in Big Pine. If you don't like him that's ok, but I can say from experience that the food and the service are top notch. House of Music has a chance to be a top destination, but really, get rid of the power drinkers and crackheads. Families won't come to a place like that. They go to Rob's
Re: The person who wrote "Mature Thoughts" about being arrested.  I think it was a typo on their part.  It should have read "Manure Thoughts". 
http://www.funnyjunk.com/  A site with hundreds of short videos.

2 For $20 Pizza now has pizza-by-the-slice.  At last!  It’s good too.  By the way, I don’t own the place, work in it or for it or been fired from it.  Anything else I forgot to mention.  Oh yes, I’m just a satisfied customer.  They’ve worked hard to rekindle the good name of 2 For $20 Pizza and it seems to have worked.  The owners are awesome and very respectful of their business neighbors. Mike is a great manager and all the other staff are kind, respectful, good at their job, very clean and have great senses of humor – I LIKE THAT.  Kudos to you all.

That guy that hates Japanese bikes and claims his uncle terry was bayoneted in the buttocks must be from New Jersey. I bet he's got a big fat belly, chain smokes and always has to talk real loud so everyone knows how impotent he is. Now that I think about it, there could be a heifer just made for him at Boondocks.

I was sitting in a bar on Big Pine and heard this guy saying his was so big ten crows could stand on it. He added that he didn't like to exaggerate; the last crow had to stand on one leg.

Monday February 28, 2005


Sunday February 27, 2005

Today, Sunday a gala benefit at the Key Deer Bar and Grill  from 1pm till 6 pm. It's for Jeff Segallos who was a back country guide  until he was severally injured last year and is just now getting back on his feet. Come on out and meet  Jeff. Enjoy the live music, the great food, raffles, silent auction, noisy, as in Steve Miller auction. It's today. Feb 27th. See you there. Thank you, Capt. Dan.
People sleeping at our bar? Owners being arrested? Why would you say these things? Are you looking to hurt us? Are you a competitor? I think we want to be your neighbor. We love Big Pine Key & are trying hard to do our best, but things are going to happen as we go & how we deal with them is what matters. Sorry, just venting after reading negativity.
There really is no room in our great Country for Bigoted people! We are one Human Family! If we all don't stay together, look around your World and see. For example the Middle East. Is this the way you want to live?  Not me.
(Ed: If  you want to see bigotry and hate, you should see the stuff we don't print. It makes me sick sometimes.)
I am Royal Newman's daughter.  My mother, Joann Newman, opened the No Name Pub...not my father. 
The Scotty's Crack Head was out again today, and what new tricks he has learned. He must have learned this in the seminar last week on how to piss people off to the extent that they want to stop what they are doing just to come back and kick him in the nuts. This is how it went: I drive a car for work. I was driving through Big Pine today, got close to Scotty's and what do I see? The crack head hiding behind his little sign then stepping over the white shoulder line and pointing at Scotty's. Ok, first off, I can read the sign...no need to point at Scotty's for me to understand. Secondly, I'd rather walk to Home Depot than drive to Scotty's. So as I get closer I see him hide behind the sign when I was approaching, as I got closer he jumps out to the point where I'd have to swerve into the other lane to avoid hitting him. Of course I do not honor stupidity, so instead or swerving away I honked and drove on the white line. He did not take this too well, he threw his hands up in a fuss like I was wrong. I might have even got the bird flipped at me. I really do hope he gets hit next weekend. I'd laugh and thank god for removing another piece of trash-crack-head from Big Pine. If anyone feels that I'm a bad person for what I've said, go stand next to this guy. He's the really active bum sign holder and Ill see you Saturday!

The fried oyster recipe is great! It reminds me of mamas' fried oysters at Boondocks! The absolute BEST!
Gotta love a small place where everyone knows which telephone pole the editor was speaking of.
About the NName PubLinda started working there when Royal sold it to Will & Cynthia.  He wanted them to get off to a good start and knew Linda had a good following and would fit in well.  I was so glad that Will & Cyn didn't change the atmosphere,  but with the noise ordinance and other Moron county rules, things changed.  No more outside music or benefits for people in need with volunteers doing all the work. OZ tending bar with his top hat on in the Tiki bar that was given to the pub by the people who made that Goldie Hawn movie, she even came to a benefit.  The little motel rooms could not be re-modeled to make them livable.  Most of the people who lived in them, trashed them as did RoyBoy when he was there.  And then there was zero tolerance.  I, too, only go to the Pub once in a while, and that is to see Linda.  Royal did not build the pub, he turned it into a pizza place, along with help from Pete Angelloti. 
Screen Clean A handy computer 'utility'!
How many of those old timers are still around? Those were memorable times. When Rotton comes down, who even sees him except his kid? I wonder if he is still the same old character he was.
One incredible intellect says, and I quote, "If you haven't been arrested your a lily livered nerd and probably are still sucking from your mommy's nipple." Makes me wonder if the library will EVER require a physical address other than "third mangrove from the bridge" to access the internet. Just another bum upset about being caught with an open container.
So here's a guy getting hassled about a beer while we all know so many arrested on way more serious "possession with intent " or straight up dealing either prescription or nonprescription drug charges. The later are quite often already stealing from friends and family, but are released after giving up someone up the chain. Meanwhile, this "outed" scum now turns to unknown victims and spreads his charms further. Probation is the biggest joke of all in Monroe County and don't get me started about drug court. I think the rule in Monroe is you have to fail 20 pee tests if you're over 45 or sick or disabled.
Throw a cigarette butt out your window and you'll find out there's no way to "give up" the butt dealer so you will serve a complete sentence. Have twenty grams of heroin on you, no registration or tag or license and you're out tomorrow if you have a name to offer.
Check out the sheriffs' website sometime and search the courts' dispositions of serious drug cases. It's fun to see if you can find the exact day the defendant spilled their guts and had all charges dropped or reversed. Now they're back out on the street with a window of mischief immunity! To bad for you and me.  
Back to the intellect, most of us have never been arrested for anything and we too have a name for you that have. In this county we just aren't sure what it takes to keep you in jail!
All this talk about Harleys or Hondas. I thought it was more about what  you have between your legs than what you put between your legs to get from point 'a' to point 'b'. Who gives a hoot? Get over it.
To the person looking for a good house painterGo to the Big Pine Coffee Shop in the mornings around 6 o'clock and ask for little Tony. He's the best, most reliable painter around. Ask anyone on Big Pine. I am one of his very satisfied customers and friend. He painted our home and it still looks perfect after 5 years.
To the cheesedick that thinks being arrested is as American as mom and apple pie: Your mama raised you wrong, or you are from New Jersey--or both.

Oscar pick for best actor:  Jamie Foxx in Ray.
I saw the Skunk Ape one night outside of Boondocks. She was smoking a cigarette, sucking down a beer, and sitting on her Harley. She seems to fit right in with the "brotherhood" of Harley riders, only with a touch more class.
Re: mature thoughts. If these are your mature thoughts you could probably use a reality check. This is an obvious example of the mentality of some people. Pride in being arrested, bully cops picking on you for no reason. Please share some immature thoughts with us. We all could use another good laugh. (they're coming to take me away, ha, ha.)
The foreign trade agreements allow Japan and China to ship everything from toothpicks to cars to the USA. Not buying their products says more than anything one could write. Sure, the Ford autos suck, but Chevy is great. Who would want a little 4 cylinder barely-go car made in Japan? Your face is practically laid up on the windshield as you sit in one of those tin cans. Try surviving a crash in those little cars, after all, it's only your life. How much you value your life shows by what you drive.
More bigotry: When Michael Luther King (he never legally changed it to Martin) was shot, the blacks rioted. There was no peaceful demonstration at all. Blacks rioted, burned down and destroyed much of downtown Atlanta--their own neighborhoods--real smart.

When Rodney King was shown on tape to be beaten by police the same thing happened. The blacks in L.A.  tore down and burned their own neighborhoods and businesses. Blacks pulled whites from their vehicles to beat them. What did those whites have to do with the police? Nothing. It just shows how stupidity is bred generation after generation. No peaceful demonstrations, get the facts straight. And then there was the OJ jury. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
I know for a fact that one of the owners of House of Music got his house raided by the DEA. So it might have been gossip to say he was arrested, but really is it that different? Clean up your act!
The fellow who keeps writing the comments slamming the Japanese has got to be a dickweed, not to mention a mentally-challenged bigot. He probably is one of those people who stays home all the time looking up whippin' sites on the computer and beating his d**k like it owes him money.
Own a Harley once and you'll own Harley's forever. You might jump on an old Norton or Triumph as a second bike if you find a great deal, but you'll cruise on the Harley. The '84 Sturgis premiered Wille G's Evolution engine and it's Kevlar belt drive. In '85 Harley Davidson made the Evolution and Kevlar standard AND went public. Harley stock opened at $10.00 and the gain and splits since have been dramatic. No country has built a Big V-Twin motorcycle engine more dependable than Harley's for twenty years. One country in particular has tried everything possible to copy the Harley look, feel and sound without success. All you young people interested in comparing an "old" Harley's reliability should first research what one of those restored knucklehead's or Panhead's would set you back in your allowance.
It's the ride you experience on a Harley. In 2005 Japan operates production facilities employing hundreds of thousands of union workers in the US. Forget the past, Japan is also one of the few countries supporting the US with a presence in Iraq. No motorcycle runs on rice just as no motorcycle  will ever compare to the Harley Davidson!
-Rob, it's about time the owner sweeps out the dirt verbally long before physically is required. Don't worry, I'll still wait a LONG time for a table!
-House of Music, pay attention to Rob.
-Capt. Dan, just listen...
Kimmie's Teke bar ROCKS!
Kathy at Boondocks is Bruce's "there ain't nothing in the whole wide world like a Jersey Girl!"

Sunday February 27, 2005


Saturday February 26, 2005

Help Wanted: A kind, early rising citizen to go to the telephone pole every Saturday Morning and email Bigpinekey.com by 7:30am--all the yard sales. We are not early risers at Bigpinekey.com and will be discontinuing this feature. Does anyone want to help the community's yard-Sale-fans keep this feature going? You'll get your name on the page, but that's about it. No money.
GodAI really falling for this web site. What a ball. Every ones' version of Big Pine from the past is a pistol. Some very good , some I wonder what drugs they had. A long time ago an old smuggler told me, "The amateurs were in it now." I said, "what do you mean?" Hreplied,  "The ones that use it." He left Big Pine with his family and about ten glass alka-seltzer tubes filled with gold Krugerrands good luck Jim. Any way, it was Billie and Tom at the Pub and the Monte (Carlo) belonged to Rotten Ralf. As for the old Mariner (Resort), well it used to be the Vista Linda.  And how about the king The Big Pine Inn? Lots of laughs. Set me up. Oh, my! 
Lost Cat. My cat has gone missing on Indies Rd in Ramrod Key. He is a gray and black long haired Tabby he is about 9 years old. If anyone knows of such cat please call Lisa at 747-2984.

Disparaging Martin Luther King. Friday's writer credits King with only starting riots and Lincoln with freeing the slaves. It's a shame that all people don't realize that King risked his life, and ultimately lost it, in the process of peaceful demonstration. Any riots that took place around him were caused by hate-filled white men and white police that wouldn't allow peaceful demonstrations. Civil rights are only important if you don't have any. The Blacks of that time didn't have any! Can you imagine that? As far as Lincoln; yes, he freed the slaves, but that is not the reason he went to war with the south. (it was an afterthought) He went to war to preserve the union. It wasn't until about the second year of the war that he realized the union couldn't survive with slavery. Whenever bigots write their self-serving facts they always note that they're not prejudiced. "Some of my best friends are white."

Regarding the posting about one of the band members from the House of Music being arrested recently:  This is true, however, the aside about one of the owners having been arrested, is completely false.  Come on guys, check your facts before you jump on the gossip train!
I seen the Skunk Ape last night at the Boondocks and he had an English accent, but boy can he dance!
I can't believe the stupidity and ignorance of some people who post here. Friday's posts were classic examples of what's come out of poor parenting and Florida public schools:

For the prejudiced person who wrote the remarks about Presidents Day and Martin Luther King--go back to school.  On the way get castrated so you can't reproduce.  You have no concept of what Dr. Martin Luther King did for the civil rights of ALL people.  While Lincoln freed slaves, he is remembered for much more.  And while George Washington was truly the father of this country, he is not without his faults.  He purposely chose to ignore the issue of slavery (for good reasons) and he owned them as well.  But like the great man he was, he freed them when he died.

For the comments about Japanese bike production and Pearl Harbor. We only have ourselves to blame for Japan's success.  We forced Japan to open to the west in the 1850s and we rebuilt their country after World War II.  Their success with automobiles and motorcycles is due to the fact that we gave them that industry and they improved on it.  The last time I checked, we were a democracy in a capitalistic system.  Americans buy what they want! 

Geeze, I wish some people would get off their bar stools, crush out their cigarettes and pick up a book!

Does anyone have any Key Limes, I would like to buy some. I will pay .25 a piece. Call Jim at 872 4818.

Jeff Gannon is the Bush administration's "reporter" who was planted at a recent press conference to bolster the government's positions. The only thing wrong was that he was not a reporter and Jeff Gannon is not his real name. These reporters have a secret clearance that is only issued after an extensive background check by the FBI. This is necessary because of their close proximity to the President. His real name is James Guckert and he is a male prostitute who even has his own website.

No news media finds this story worthy of mention except on the web. If this story would have happened during the Clinton presidency the main stream media would be screaming bloody hell. What a bunch of hypocrites.

I'm trying to get estimates for painting the exterior of my house. Of the two contractors in your business listing under painting, one phone number is disconnected and the other gets an answering machine which identifies only the number and may or may not be a painter. Can anyone recommend competent, reasonable house painters?
I have seen every show at the House of Music so far. Kudos to those guys for trying to bring some name bands to the keys, but don't they understand that no one wants to eat or drink in a place where there are people sleeping at the bar or cursing at the top of their lungs? Get rid of the rif-raf and the crackheads and your business will prosper. Don't and you'll just be another memory of a good idea gone bad.
The only reason I visit your site is to check yard sales. I hope you find someone.
The person accusing Rob of Rob's of writing in the good comments on his restaurant is obviously a complete ass.  I do not work for Rob's and do not know him in any way besides saying a quick hello when I eat there.  However, I do eat there several times a week and it is great.  His food is good.  His servers are top notch.  His restaurant is clean.  The customers are of a good nature.  People in here accuse Rob of being arrogant.  That is very incorrect.  I can't count how many times I have seen Rob personally bussing a dirty table, cleaning the bathroom or taking out the trash.  An arrogant business owner would order an employee to do that.  Rob has built up the best restaurant in Big Pine Key and has a right to be proud of that.  If someone views that as arrogance, I am glad that person doesn't go to Rob's.  I would not want to eat my lunch in the company of someone that ignorant.
In the 10 years I owned Honda Nighthawk I never had one breakdown, but I must have stopped to help a dozen Harley riders. Sure they give you a dirty look at first, but they never turned down the help. Now about them O-rings on the shuttle.

To the stellar individual who thinks Harleys are over priced billboards, you should get your facts straight. As far as Harleys being over priced; have you checked on the price of a new Goldwing lately?  Oh, and by the way, about a year after you buy that brand new Goldwing, it will be worth about half of what you paid for it. My 1986 Harley Davidson FXRS Lowrider, ( that's right ladies), bought brand new for $8,500.00. Last year the retail value on it was around $7,000.00. Not bad for being 19 years old. Rice burners may be faster, but the only reason you're even watching me in your mirrors is because you're so ate up with envy. When you dump your rice rocket going 80 MPH through a turn don't worry, I'll stop and help you out, because that's the way the brotherhood is.

Dear Sir,    My wife and I have divorced and in the divorce settlement, she was awarded both the double wide mobile home, and the pickup truck. As per my copy of the Court Order, I delivered the truck before 2 PM yesterday !
Harleys versus other bikes.  I have ridden both, and NOTHING compares to the ride you get on a Harley.  It all depends on what you want out of your ride.  If you want to cruise with raw power under you, get a Harley.  If you want to go really fast and sound like a buzz saw, get one of the other bikes.  Like the t-shirt says, "If you have to ask, then you won't understand."
Some mature thought: So what if someone from the H.O.M. was arrested. Being arrested is as American as mom and apple pie. It's big business here in the keys. They get money for every inmate every day. There are so many laws that you could be arrested any time they like. Cops are bullies and love slapping the cuffs on anyone that shows independence in the smallest way. So, If you haven't been arrested you are probably a boring lily-livered nerd that kisses butt and is still guzzling from mommies nipple.
Go back to the Phuket Gazette (Friday's posting) and read the story that follows the nose job. Left me speechless, but laughing!
I'd like to respond to the post that likened owning a Japanese motorcycle to condoning Pearl Harbor.  Unfortunately, in today's world economy, such a short sighted view doesn't crack it in the real world.  I love America, and if we produced a bike over here that could offer the same performance, reliability, and price, then I would gladly buy domestic.  With the exception of Buells (which are nice, but overpriced), the US just hasn't kept up, either on two wheels, or four.   You don't think the Eastern automakers are reverse-engineering the Pontiac G6 to produce the next Camry or Accord, do you?

As far as the remarks about being a traitor, I suggest you do your homework first.  But not on a computer, because guess where most of those parts are made?  Maybe flip on the TV, grab your cell phone, or pop something in the microwave - whoops, those are made overseas too!  Hell, look at the tag in your shirt right now, I'll bet dollars to donuts it wasn't made in the good ol' US of A.

It's not that I'm anti-American, very much to the contrary, but before you go slinging arrows at anonymous entities on the internet, you may want to examine your argument, and try to be a little more informed when it comes to real-world politics, not just antiquated rhetoric.

This is the female Harley artist. I choose the kind of art I do because I enjoy painting quality. I'm not interested in increasing my workload by painting foreign imitation bikes. I have a reputation to uphold! Ha, ha, ha.

Elvis had a Harley, my dad had a Harley and my man has a Harley. These are all REAL men. I do artwork OF the bikes, not ON the bikes (not yet anyway). The earliest bike in my art collection is a 1919 Board Track Racer. Harleys are forever. Every time I hear a Harley, it puts a smile on my face. Ride to live, live to ride.
Key West CyberWorks Promotional Video: Our Promo Video This is lousy way to out run some lions.
I, too, remember the Mariner (Resort) and the good old days.  What a wonderful place to socialize and enjoy sitting by the open water and nature; not to mention the good food.  Now they want a "park."
I am one of the supporters of Rob's and I eat there several times a week.  I have also written in several times praising Rob's and the staff and voiced my opinion that is must be Capt Dan from Key Deer or Bahama Jack who is writing the insults about Rob out of jealousy.  I see these comments are not posted.  Perhaps it was Capt Dan or Bahama Jack who filed the law suit against bigpinekey.com?  I could see either of them looking to get rich off a law suit because they are not going to get rich off the restaurant business.
I keep reading about the jerks writing about the so called "Heifers" at Boondocks.  That person needs to grow up and get a life.  Accept people for who they are and you might get dates yourself.  Otherwise, you can fall in love with your hand.  I have been to Boondocks many times and met some great people there.  These ladies there are just out to have a drink, dance and have a good time among friends.  I would pick them over the bar trash you see at the other Big Pine dumps.  Any of you so called "Heifers" want to meet for a drink I'll see you at Boondocks any time.  Better yet, email me at funinthesun_34@hotmail.com  and we can plan a drink somewhere.  I challenge any of you jerks who insult these women to write-in insulting them and put your email address on here.  Don't hide behind your computer.
Want bad food?  Go to Key Deer any day of the week
Green Cove Springs, Fla. (AP) -- County school officials are backing a principal's decision to bar a picture of a lesbian student dressed in a tuxedo from the high school yearbook.  Sam Ward, principal of Fleming Island High School, said he pulled the senior class picture because Kelli Davis was wearing boy's clothes.  
OMG, a girl wearing "boys' clothes" in a high school yearbook!   What is the world coming to? Oh, by the way, if it was the adult principal and not the media who very publicly labeled this minor a lesbian, then that school system should get rid of him. It cannot be part of his job to "out" a minor. This headline is not just another one-time, mainland Florida story.  As recently as 1998 the Marathon office of the nationally known investment firm, Raymond James & Assoc., enforced a dress code policy prohibiting female employees  from wearing  pants, slacks, trousers, etc. (the dreaded "boy's" clothes).   Say what you want about Florida weather and waters, it appears the state is still not ready for the 21st century.
I agree with the anti-Japanese bike statement. My uncle, Terry, was in the Philippines in World War II and one of those Japs bayoneted him in the ass while he was laying on the ground puking. He could never sit right after that After that had to keep one hand under a cheek while sitting on the john. So he never had a healthy dump from then on which made him irritable and hard to be around. Every time I hear one of those little bikes, "eeeeeeeeee" by it reminds me of his sorry life. Yes, those Jap bikes are a pain in the ass.
In comment to the person who wrote: "I was in the Galley Grill about ten years ago and everything in the place was from a can, fried or frozen. I wonder if they've changed!"  No, they have not changed.  I think they thought serving bad, canned and frozen food was such a great idea they sold the recipes to Bahama Jack's.

Saturday February 26, 2005


Friday February 25, 2005

Yellow Lab lost
on Summerland Key.  His name is Buck and he is very friendly.  If you know of his where a bouts please call Mike at 745-2725.  He has been gone since Wednesday afternoon and his owner is very worried.  Thanks for helping.
I saw "H" at the House of Music last week. His hair is gone and he was wearing a ball cap. I guess it's due to his recent health situation. I did not recognize him until he got up and walked. It was definitely H. Only he walks like that. I would say there will be more sightings.

Thursday's Skunk Ape sighting story was good. I like those little tales that are printed here from time to time. I remember that foundation; it was actually a cistern that was below the keeper's house for the Miami to No Name Key Ferry. There used to be a ferry dock there also.

In the film "The Wild One" the bike Brando rode was NOT a Harley, it was a Triumph Thunderbird, as much of the "Gang" rode . The rest rode mostly Harley and Indian Bikes. Watch the movie,  get facts right before putting foot in mouth. Of course, what do I know ?  I've only been riding , racing , and in the motorcycle Industry since 1963.
Bobert moved up to northern Fl. a couple of months ago. I don't know how to get in touch with him.
I clearly recognize the writing style of the guy who keeps writing two-liners about what a great place Robs is. It's the short advertising propaganda intended for the mindless herd that's a dead give.  It's clearly from Rob himself. The comment that he would not eat anywhere else further diminishes credulity and authenticity. I have yet to see a post that differs in length, style and content--and that actually has anything significantly convincing to say.
(Ed: Pardon me for intruding on your crusade, but you're wrong on all counts.)
I'd rather party with a bunch of heifers (your word not mine) than a bunch of nobody. Take a drive to all the local bars about 8-9 p.m. on a Friday night and you tell me where all the people are. This might be a clue to the writer of these remarks, you're probably the owner of H.O.M. or you have been turned down by one of those heifers, or both.
P.S. It takes less people to fill your bar if they are heifers!
To the Ohio tourists who directed their post to No Name. You are absolutely right. But their business strategy is not to develop a strong customer base, whether local or mixed, by providing good food and service, but to make quick high-profit turnover on customers who are not expected to ever return by consistently increasing per-person checks and cutting costs and quality. The end result is expensive lousy food--otherwise known as a 'tourist trap'. Tourist traps don't cater to locals because the locals would complain and threaten to never return. But tourist traps don't care if you ever come back--just spend big money once. Unfortunately, a once favorite locals' spot, known for its laid-back, Keysey atmosphere and good food--No Name Pub, is now a tourist trap along with Robs and now Parrotdise. Here's how to detect a tourist trap: an over-abundance of cheap kitsch for sale, a name with a silly play on words, a high price tag on simple, common food, fish that's advertised as fresh local catch, but is really tilapia and a server overly eager to get the drink order.
I just noticed on the local arrest site one of the band members from the house of music. last month it was one of the owners. I thought someone said they cleaned that place up? Did you forget to start cleaning up at the top?

m still looking for license, Monroe County Offices are no help
Raimondo's, Raimondo's, Raimondo's!
To all of you people making negative comments about Harleys. You probably have had as much experience with Harleys as I have with the space shuttle, or you wouldn't be talking about them.
I remember the RoyBoy days of the pub. It was a classic Big Pine hang out long before that.  I agree that Royal's days were the beginning of the end of the good times there. All I can think of when I think of Royal is his drunken saying of "Oh my goodness" Another long lost place with rich history was the Mariner. What fun it was to go hang out there on Sundays and have cocktails and lunch by the pool. That was a blast. The place was always filled with a variety of local color and everything from young single people to families.

Heifers need love too
. They are better at it, because they don't get it every day. They try harder when they do get the chance, and cows have very large udders. Mmmmm.
Is the Skunk Ape the guy with dreadlocks that's been hanging out in front of classic carpet or the woman that sells books at the flea market that never bathes?
To the guy (or girl) who said that he would rather be with a fat heifer that was smart then Pamela Anderson. I am really impressed that you would make such a statement, it tells me that you are either:
a. fat
b. stupid
c. a bum who smokes
d  ugly
e.  all of the above.
Re: What a useless day Presidents Day is. What about Martin whatever King?  He didn't do anything but speculate about what he could do. By the way, when are we going to have a little White America Beauty Contest, and what about White Heritage Day, and don't you get tired of all the black females on American Idol that sound the same?  (Screeching out, "ooh, oooh, screech, screech".)   Lincoln and Washington made their place in history by accomplishments, not about starting riots. We used to celebrate their birthdays singularly, but some idiot in congress decided to consolidate them.  Presidents Day is important, because in my opinion, they were the two greatest presidents of all time. ( Lincoln freed the blacks from slavery, remember)  and Washington prevented us from being a colony of the English. Do not think I am prejudice, the black idiots that created all those black things are more prejudice then I.  If Colin Powel had run for president against Clinton I would have voted for him because he is too smart of a man to create prejudiced policies.  Oops, I forgot Black History month is February, so ironic that it is during Presidents Day month.
Just so that you know, Marlon Brando did NOT ride a Harley in the film "The Wild One".  He rode one of those "foreign" bikes...a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird 6T.  It was his personal bike.  Brando probably is responsible for casting the image of a Harley rider but he didn't ride one.  He did buy one later on in life.
Remember, even though she's beautiful someone, somewhere is over her s**t.
I heard that this Saturday at Boondocks is "Heifers on Harleys" night. Someone tell the Harley woman artist to bring a few gallons of paint and a big roller.
Open-minded man: For all you Japanese bike lovers, how easily you forget what the Japs have brought us. Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, Godzilla, and Band on the Run. You can't get anymore anti-American than buying one of those Yamakawasuzukihondas. Support America, or get surgery on your eyes and move to Japan you dirty traitors.
Re: Motorcycles. I love 'em all!  Mine have always been the little "ring-ding-ding" types that make it easier to take unauthorized shortcuts.  My neighbor has a Harley. I can hear when it first turns over INSIDE the garage with the doors CLOSED!  Makes me smile to hear it.
I have never seen the Skunk Ape, but I have definitely smelled more than one.
TerraServer-USA  Satellite pictures of your property.
Harley response: Harley riders don't bother with responses.
Well, back on the subject of NName Pub. If the locals don't tell the oot's (out-of-towners) where it is--never mind.

Homelessness is a temporary setback, but a bum is a bum.  It is a lifestyle choice and not to be pitied or pandered to.

I was in the Galley Grill about ten years ago and everything in the place was from a can, fried or frozen. I wonder if they've changed!

There's a lot of postings about inconsiderate barking dog owners. I'd like to add the Harley rider to that list. They all sit and race their engines while idling. "Look at me!"

The human eyeball weighs an ounce and can distinguish over 500 shades of grey. That’s something that even the best digital camera can’t do. “I’ll take two, please.”

There's RUB(?) Harley riders and then there's PUB riders. We all know Harleys, like rock and roll, will never die.

Friday February 25, 2005


Thursday February 24, 2005

FYI: Someone created a web page that show arrest data collected from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Arrest Log.
He is not with the Sheriff's office or any other law enforcement agency.
http://www.mispaws.com/browse_sodb.php  How did he do that?
This is from his site:
This site has more advanced search features than the M.C.S.O. site and its intent is to provide quick access to alleged criminal activity in the local community. The owner and publisher of this web site is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by any law enforcement agency and has no access to any data (public or private) that is not available freely on the internet....

I was wondering if anyone knew the local ordinances involving outdoor fireplaces. I think it would be cool to sit outside and have a nice little fire in one of those metal boxes they sell.

I think it was the late '70's when a couple ran the No Name Pub. Her name was Billie and I forgot his name. It was definitely a locals bar at that time. I remember he drove a Monte Carlo because he claimed it was non-descript and had the largest trunk in the world. He used the capacious trunk to transport bales to America. The bar was just a diversion for him. The motel rooms were still being used in those days. They were mostly filled with dirt bags and losers.

I once saw the Skunk Ape.  Back in '86 at about the age of 10, I was fishing the No Name Bridge (where you used to be able to catch some really nice snapper).  A pal and myself took a little ride to the far end of No Name on our bikes.  When we reached the end of the road we ventured into the woods to the left of the road. (Hey, this is what Pinner Kids do other than hang out in Winn Dixie.)  There about 75 yards or so in the woods we saw what looked to be a poured foundation of a house. Upon further inspection of the structure we came across a face carved in the side of the concrete.  At that moment we heard a wild growl coming from inside the structure and all of a sudden there it was. "Skunk Ape!" yelled my buddy, Jack. We bolted to our bikes and did not stop peddling until we hit Hawk lane.  The Skunk Ape kind of resembled a very large Leamur with an almost turtle neck looking tuft of hair growing up out of its neck.  Come to find out, as we returned to the scene with Jacks father (BB guns in hand) we must have woken the beast from its slumber and found it was feasting on a lobster and stone crab it had stolen from some trap it had pulled to shore.  Don't you wonder what happens to the Key Deer that get hit by cars?    
I really enjoy eating at Rob's.  It's a little pricey, but clean, and I love the wings.  I've never had any problems with the employees, and their taste in sports teams can't be beat.  Go Pats!
After responding to the Harley art lady, I now realize she was probably responding to the idiot from the day before. To her, I somewhat apologize. To the idiot talking about the future of motorcycles, the Harley craze started in 1903 and will out last any and all motorcycles. You certainly don't see any 30 year old foreign bikes running around, or 20 year old bikes, for that matter.
As a local, I've lived in the Keys for 12 years. I've been in every Bar and Restaurant, from the 7 mile bridge to Key Weird. If I don't like a place, I don't go back. It's as simple as that. But I do have to give credit where credit is do, and I apologize to the other locals for giving up one of our favorite Restaurants. The best hideaway in the Keys is the Galley Grill in Summerland Key. All the credit goes to Nancy and Nancy They run a tight ship for that Galley Grill. 
Regarding the comment "How come all bums smoke?"  You need to get yourself to a sensitivity class or better still, go back home to New York or Minnesota. These poor folks are called homeless, or if you prefer dwelling challenged .
"Sound travels through space long after their wave patterns have ceased to be detectable by the human ear; some cut right through the ionosphere and barrel on out into the cosmic heartland, while others bounce around, eventually being absorbed into the vibratory fields of earthly barriers, but in neither case does the energy succumb; it goes on forever - which is why we, each of us, should take pains to make sweet notes."    
                             --Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by  Tom Robbins

To the woman who said “real men ride Harleys” and that she rolls her eyes at others who ride foreign bikes. We see you doing that while we ride by your broke down, leaking, way overpriced billboard. Harleys are nice bikes, but they are way overpriced and rated. Guess you don’t know that foreign bikes win the vast majority of road races. There it's speed and maneuverability; not how much your bike cost. See ya in the mirrors.

Ray & Mary Herr built the NName Pub back in 1966 it was called Herrs Cottages they sold it to a Puerto Rican family named Raymond & Modesta Hernandez. They had two sons, one of which I used to hang around withHis name was Richard nicknamed Groovy .He had a yellow Chevalier called jungle fever. I can go on and on. Those were the days. SET ME UP, oh, my!

What a useless holiday Presidents Day is. They should get rid of it. No one celebrates it except St. Peter's church, the banks and post office.
I have noticed too many times the "bait and switch" tactics put out by new restaurants.  Rob's and Parrotdice are two prime examples.  When Rob's first opened, the food was great, with large portions and decent prices.  One of my favorite meals was the Seafood Marinara. You could order a half order or full order.  I always ordered a full order, because it was just a few bucks more than the half order and had lots of leftovers.  It was a HUGE plate full.  The last two times I ordered it, I had to ask the server if she made a mistake and ordered the half order, because it was literally half the portions from previous meals!  I would hate to see what the half order looks like now; and the quality of the food has gone down too.  I've got other friends who've noticed the same thing.  I just know that I won't be going back. The same with Parrotdice.  It's obvious that these places are catering to the visitors because they won' t notice the differences like the locals would.
I ride one of those Japanese bikes, although it looks like an English cafe racer, and doesn't sound like a sewing machine on meth.  I believe that all bikers are basically cut from the same cloth, whether or not we're hardcore, bearded Harley riders, CPAs, or punk kids looking for a thrill.  I try to remember that it's not WHAT you ride, it's THAT you ride. Just remember to wave to your fellow two-wheeled brethren.
How does the person who keeps insulting the ladies at Boondocks and calling them heifers know where they hang out?  If it is that bad to look at them then why do you go there?  I would much rather date a girl who is over weight and intelligent then a Pam Anderson look alike who is as dumb as Pam Anderson.  I have been going to Boondocks just to see the women who are being insulted on this page and have met some great ladies.

Re: Harleys as comrades. I see it as little lambs following the flock. To each his own. Baaa.

Telephone Tricks.  First off, you can have yourself a published telephone number AND a non-published address if requested.  I don't want just anybody to know my 10/20, that's privileged information and I am always amazed how many high-profile people actually publish their home addresses.  Secondly, dial up www.switchboard.com and go to search by telephone numbers and BINGO there's someone's home base location.  If someone is calling you and has been living in voice mail land without a return call for a few weeks and just doesn't get it, then you may place that person on your select call-forwarding list which can forward the unwanted call to another number (any) which has been disconnected and the idiot thinks you're out of business!  Thank you and drink responsibly. Plus, the dog outside would enjoy a few toys and a walk around the block more often.   

In Japan, not only do they make great motorcycles, but their cell phones are also television sets.

I have to thank the Harley Rider for her comments and living up to the image of who I see riding Harley Davidsons.  Yes, you are a brotherhood and sisterhood of unknowing consumers who buy a label strictly for the name and the noise the bike makes.  First of all, I'm sure those "foreign" bikes you mention are the same ones built here in America by American workers.  The only thing "foreign" about Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki are the names. 

If you're a business woman who does bike work, did you ever think you could increase your business by putting your stereotypes aside and offering your talents to the brotherhood and sisterhood of all motorcycle riders? 

If you're willing to spend a third more on a motorcycle for name alone, go for it.  I don't see anything superior or different when it comes to design or craftsmanship.  Please give me a good reason besides the label and the noise a bike makes. 

Biker lady
. You mention the sound a Harley makes. That's the problem with them. They are old and rude people who ride them. There is absolutely no reason to cause such a noise disturbance whenever you start the bike just so you can say, "Hey look at me, I've got a bike like Marlon Brando had 50 years ago. I must be tough."

Calling all of you that  know Bobert.  Has any one seen him about?  Did he give it up, what?  I need a chart done bad and he is the best!
To the person who wrote about not buying a Harley Davidson, its okay to voice an opinion, however you speak as one who probably never owned a Harley before.  It is more than just a motorcycle, it's a brotherhood.  When you ride you are recognized, even by those who do not know you.  You can ride up to any motorcycle rally, and be accepted by those in attendance.  Riding an "American Made" bike is freedom.  Feel free to ride what you like.  I hold no grudges and would ride with you at any time, but don't put down what you don't understand.
Carol or anyone who could please update us on the status of  "H",  Many thanks!
Actually the Skunk Apes live in Paynes Prairie just north of the Marion Co. line into Alachua Co. I have seen them there. You actually smell them before you see them.

ow do you know that all "bums" smoke?
What is this about heifers at Boondocks? I am a regular there and I don't see your point. Obviously you are someone with a personal vendetta. I suggest you get over it. Move on. You will find someone else.
Q: What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
A: The position of the dirtbag.
Remember the old Harley t-shirt, "I'd rather eat s**t then ride a Jap bike"? I was in Japan before they exported any vehicles to the U.S. and when I came back and told people about Toyotas and Datsuns, and how they would take over the U.S., they laughed at me, but look at them now. Oh, by the way, who makes the Lexus? In the mid 80's our cars were crap, but the Japs woke us up and now we are very close to them, but I will only buy American. It makes sense to keep our money here. They are already buying up the country. By the way again, do you know that you cannot purchase property in Japan, but they can buy all our land that they care to.
I have been riding Harleys for 29 years. I own 3 now, actually one's my wife's. I have had my Electra Glide for 27 years. To the female artist who does Harley art, take your attitude and shove it up your a**!

Who consist of the Big Pine Seven? Do they have names? For all I know it could just be a bunch of lonely heifers making up this crap.

e: Harley Lady. You have the mentality of a moth!

Thursday February 24, 2005


Wednesday February 23, 2005

I'd like to see more political commentary on this site. Not the cut and paste type quotes, but locals' paraphrasing of the news; so we can get the local spin on national events.

I seem to remember a group at the No Name Pub, led by Royboy (no relation to Royal Newman in any way), Clyde the Key Kamel, and a bunch of true, loyal Piner friends, that from April Fools Day of '86 until early March of '90, that REALLY made the place "A nice place, if you can find it." Something rare, fun and as they say "Local-friendly and very Keysey" and many other good things that it has not been since. Any one who has lived on Big Pine for more than a short time absolutely knows this to be true! The only thing Good that Royal Newman ever did for the pub was to sell it to Will after he evicted Royboy and his friends, Because He and Becky thought they could do things like Royboy and the gang did, and nobody would notice the change. He was very wrong. The place started a down slide after Royboy left that has since turned into another tourist trap sliding ever deeper in to emptiness.

How come all bums smoke? Is that the only thing they can call their own?

udos to Father Tony
and his great Presidents Day auction and flea market. We had a great time.
Harley Davidson's are the real McCoy. Those foreign bikes sound like impotent bees buzzing around. Only a REAL MAN can ride a Harley, a real woman rides the Sportsters. People who ride those wimpy foreign bikes must not be able to afford a real bike, and not strong enough to hold a real bike up. Looking for quality? Look at a Harley. I always roll my eyes at foreign bikes, what kind of a sissy would get on one of those things?

I am a female artist who does Harley artwork. If anyone approached me to do any other bike art, I would laugh in their face. Harley riders have a certain brotherhood. They are there for each other.

Limbaugh got divorced in K.W. and it wasn't all over the tabloids!  Wow, they're really slipping.
I was just wondering if anyone really knows how Islamorada got its name from the Spanish sailors? I know the answer, I just want to hear more convoluted history of the Keys. (Hint) It's not because of the periwinkles.

My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to $3.00 a can. That's almost $21.00 in dog money.
I guess I'm lucky, I Googled my phone number ( I live on Big Pine) and the map showed me living at those posh townhouses across US-1 from the golf course on stock island.
Key West Citizen
KEY WEST — A prosecutor in the Monroe County State Attorney's Office was arrested Monday morning after a police officer allegedly found him standing, drunk and naked, in the parking lot of a Key West motel. Albert Tasker, who works in the Upper Keys branch of the state prosecutor's office...
aol://1223:115802/http://rl.channel.aol.com/space/fullmoonFull Snow Moon on Feb. 23
Tomorrow the moon Native Americans called the Full Snow Moon will rise in the night sky. Named for February's heavy storms, the moon was also called the Full Hunger Moon because bad weather often made hunting difficult.
Now that this web site is on the Google list maybe before we are all embarrassed we can change our tone. When I read this page it is nothing but a bunch of selfish, self-centered people that demand to have everything 100% their way even in public. You think your sh*t don't stink, but you are no different than anyone else (no matter what you may believe). If this web site quit allowing the whiners and had only the kudos, it would take about one month to lose it's appeal. (what a sad reality).
I'm afraid to ask this crowd, but whatever happened to "love thy neighbor". It is easy to love those who are loving us. The real challenge is to love those we don't care for. Where do you fit in? The only person I see that has a leg to stand on is the man in the wheelchair (no joke intended). To the rest of you: a little tolerance could go along way.
Protesting works best when accomplished legally.  Rules were set when the overzealous protesters infringed on the rights of others by blocking right-of-ways or harassment.  It isn't hard to do it correctly.
Good news for lower Keys heifers. Boondocks has installed feeding troughs on the north side of the bar. Just pay $10 and it's all you can eat! 

I propose a Texas, cage-style mud wrestling match between the Big Pine Seven and the Boondocks Heifers. Bring your cameras.
Has anyone seen the skunk-ape in Big Pine?
Why on earth go to a restaurant when you have the ocean at your front door? You are the most fortunate of all Americans, fresh fish every day!
Big Pine may suck, but it's still better than the rest of the country. Politics and local  bureaucracy seem to disappear 30 miles offshore.
Where are you Thresa?
We had lunch at Parrotdice and were very disappointed. Prices were much higher, but our sandwiches suffered from a significant drop in size and quality. The dolphin fillet must have been pounded flat prior to grilling because underneath the cole slaw and cheese was the measliest, flattest, driest piece of leather I have ever seen. What happened to those luscious Reubens that used to arrive loaded with thick, moist pieces of fresh fish and sauerkraut? What happened to the ice-cold draft beers? If you're looking for consistency and reasonable prices, forget about eating at Parrotdice, or anywhere between Big Pine Key and Cudjoe. I don't mind paying more for better food, but to pay well over ten bucks for food that was no better when it was at seven bucks is, well, for a lack of a better word--plain stupid. Not too long ago, Parrotdice was quite good, which is why we kept going back. But their 'bait and switch' tactics will hurt them in the long run. We will not go back. Ever wonder why it is that certain restaurants no longer cater to locals?
To the person who speaks so kindly of Rob's.  We always knew Rob was his own biggest fan and now its proven.  What a putz!

Wednesday February 23, 2005


Tuesday February 22, 2005

Re: Trap in propeller. The writer states that no one stopped to help right after stating that one boat stopped to help. Get your story right. Don't be bitter. Why should other people stop to help when you didn't need any? Should they block the channel also? As you already know, if you need help you ask for it. Simply wave your arms over your head and the next local boater will stop. Bon voyage.

Re: sanctimonious. Talk about sanctimonious. Monday's writer accuses everyone who disagrees with him of being new to the area. What a sanctimonious attitude. I hate the iguanas and have been here most of my life.

Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?
(Why did you just try singing the two songs above?)

Regarding Winn-Dixie. Has anyone noticed that the latest remodeling reduced the produce section by half so that the beer and wine section could be expanded?   What does that say about us Piners?
This email is directed to the owner of the No Name Pub. We are tourists from Ohio who have visited Big Pine Key many times. We were planning to visit the No Name Pub on our next visit in the spring. However your reported bad attitude toward local people in Big Pine has probably changed our minds. Your marketing strategy for your restaurant is exactly the opposite of what it should be. You see, tourists who are unfamiliar with the territory seek out restaurants where the local people go. We figure that these will be the best places. You should encourage local trade. The tourists will follow. Actually you should not discriminate against anyone. A dollar is a dollar.

The next Bark-Fest for us doggies is scheduled for Wednesday through Sunday of this week. There are no set hours, so feel free to bark at will. Bonus points will be given for late night performances. 
Shucks! Since there is a lot of  stuff going on about our local eateries, let me just say that Boondocks has the best food in the Lower Keys.  I don't work there. I'm not a relative of anyone who works there. I just know damn good food. Try their Oyster basket. Yum! Or their burger. Wow! Or the BBQ Pork.
The guy in the wheel chair rules! Good move.

Harley Davidson’s are for people who don’t know much about motorcycles. People who are followers not leaders. If you want to see the future of biking just look at the new Yamahas or Hondas or something like that. I think the Harley craze will be ending soon as they realize that any jerk with a credit card can own one. It used to be en exclusive club. Now it's just a bunch of old people who couldn't have one when they were young and Harleys were groovy.  Baaa, baaa black sheep...

In response to the writer who attempted to tie in the iguanas and key deer, etc. with our descent into the hell of MarcoIsland-dom, I don't get the connection. I agree that we are on a very slippery slope to becoming the Disney Islands, but to say that the iguanas were here before I was is complete bunk. If you can't tell that the iguana population has exploded and is getting out of hand then your head is in the sand or worse.  Perhaps we need some sort of plan where every departing guest is required to take an iguana with them?  Or we could crank up the First Annual Big Pine Key Iguana Fest. "Tastes like chicken"

When is the Lower Keys Miss Heifer Contest being held at Boondocks? I've got some old Cheetos I want to throw at the winner.
To the "man in the wheelchair" picketing All Keys Appliance.  Thank you!  We had similar problems with the jerk who owns it, and I am thankful that you have chosen to work in the system of this great country to make sure that your rights as a consumer are fulfilled.  We need more people like you who will to take a stand. Our system of checks and balances works, if we just use it. 
To the boater in trouble. Have you ever heard of the international sign(s) of trouble on the water? 1. Waving of arms. 2. Orange flag with black dot in it. 3. Flares. 4. Radio for help and now cell phones. I was out there today and didn't notice anyone in the water. If I ever see someone in distress I would help out all I can.
Subject: Your Phone No. on Google.com
Google has implemented a new feature wherein you can type someone's telephone number into the search bar and hit enter and then you will be given a map to their house. Everyone should be aware of this! Before forwarding this, I tested it by typing my telephone number in google.com. My phone number came up, and when I clicked on the MapQuest link, it actually mapped out where I live. Think about it--if a child or ANYONE gives out his/her phone number, someone can actually now look it up to find out where he/she lives. The safety issues are obvious. Please look up your own number...go to http://www.google.com/   Type your phone number in the search bar (i.e. 555-555-1212) and hit enter. Note that you can have your phone number removed or blocked. If you want to BLOCK Google from divulging your private information, simply click on your name above the telephone icon next to your phone number. Removal takes 48-hours. If you are unlisted in the phone book, you might not be in there, but it is a good idea just to check. If your number does come up if you hit map, it will show you a direct map to your house.

I thought that peaceful protest was as American as apple pie, Boston tea party etc. Are you telling me that there are rules on protesting? I need to know because I'm getting ready to do a little protesting at the Courthouse. Keep an eye out for me. I once lived in the most proud Country in the World, but the more I find out about the legal system I am totally shocked at what they have done to this Great Nation. Most of the things they do are behind closed doors i.e. Rush Limbaugh's divorce( He got divorced in K.W. last week.) I'm not going to sit back and let the Court System do what they have done to me and not protest, so I can save the next poor victim. I want to put my case to the Court of public opinion. I believe in people--not the "all powerful judges" that answer to nobody. If what they did to me wasn't so bad and had so many of these bad things in it I would voice it here. When I finish a job, I'm proud of the work I do. I hope when I bring this out to the public the judges and lawyers are proud also. We will see how the public sees it. If you are judge or lawyer and read this, think back over the last year and ask yourself how much true justice you handed out. I'm the one who got screwed and it's time your names get proper recognition.

http://www.clermontyellow.accountsupport.com/flash/UntilThen.swf This takes a little while to download. It is a whole collection of photos of out desert troops. Swell photos!
I saw A Flock Of Seagulls in paradise at the House of Music. What a light show! It didn't look like they had as many people as the other shows, but everyone & I mean everyone had a good time. I met another band got another autographed t-shirt. If you weren't there you missed it. I'm already planning for the next one.
So Royal built the pub and Linda has been there since the beginning. I have known Linda since the day she moved here and in fact, taught her how to tend bar. She's not that old to have been here since the beginning of the pub. And Royal was too young to run a bar when it first opened.  How many of you remember when the vacant building across the parking lot were rented apartments? Why hasn't any of the owners in the past 20 years remodeled those apartments? There would be more housing on Big Pine Key. I think there were 10 apartments there  and the one over the pub. Everybody who over drinks would have a close place to stay when they left the pub as in the old days. I haven't been in the pub in many years because it has spent too long living on it's history. It USED to be a place to go.  I have tried to eat there occasionally over the years and always left totally disappointed.  It is but a memory of days past and an eyesore for anybody with Big Pine History. How sad!
Re: Older couple trapped in the channel needing wire cutters. You have to ask for help nowadays. People do not think beyond their own needs. Or, yell out you've found gold, see how many skid to a stop on water.
The last few time I've gone into Winn Dixie I've noticed that it's not the tourists that are rude and pushy, but the locals. I saw one man scream in a cashiers face and literally make her cry. H hen proceeded to keep screaming at her until she totally broke down and almost sobbed. I couldn't believe it. A grown man yelling at a teenage girl because he had mixed up the dates on his coupons and they were no longer usable.
loved Luther. He brought tears of laughter to my eyes every time I saw or heard him.

Trail riders on FM2854 west of Conroe TX.

I also wake up and admire the beauty of the people, and nature here. I wish I had come by you folks in Ramrod.(?) I would have stopped and helped as most of the locals here would have. That's what we do here.  We take care of each other. We are all we have.

Dayton 500 on Sunday was.
Big Pine Key SUCKS!

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Monday February 21, 2005

I am the "man in a wheelchair" picketing in front of All Keys Appliances Tuesday, Feb. 15.  Here's the short version of why.  I bought a propane appliance from the guy who calls himself the owner, "Billy".  I was promised, at the time of purchase, that after I had run the propane line to the location of the appliance, he would come to my home and ensure proper operation.  I ran the propane line, as agreed and found the appliance would not work.  After a full two week period of being told he was "on the way", "getting ready to come right now" and having him make appointments and never call or show up, I confronted him at his store on February 14.  I asked him, "what will it take to get you to do the right thing?"  He replied with all the same excuses I had been hearing for the full two week period.  I told him I was tired of excuses and lies.  He became very flippant and rude, ignored me, went into his store and shut the door in my face.  I went home, called the State's Attorney's Office and was told it was not a criminal matter and therefore a civil one.  I was referred to civil division and advised I could either forget it, sue him for damages or picket.  I knew the cost to sue was far greater than the value of the used appliance, I had no intention of forgetting it and so, since "Billy" had been rude to me, I decided to picket.  I called the sheriff's office and explained my planned protest for the following day.  They advised me of the laws regarding lawful picketing.  I made two large signs and went to the right of way in front of his property at 8 AM on the 15th.  He arrived about 45 minutes later in a cloud of gravel and dust, began threatening me, grabbed my signs and threw them to the ground.  I explained he was interfering with my rights and advised him to go read the contents of a letter I had placed next to his mailbox flag if he wanted me to go away.  He did so.  He read the following:  "Billy, if you want me to go away, write on an invoice pad, at what time you will have my dryer repaired or replaced today, sign it and date it and hand it to me like a gentleman and I will leave immediately."  He did so and I left.  Before two hours had passed, a man from the store had come to my home and made the promised repairs.  The protest had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I happen to use a wheelchair, however a friend of mine suggested to me that had I not been a man in a wheelchair, "Billy" would not have dared to treat me as badly as he did.  Maybe he made the mistake of thinking that if was using a wheelchair, I must also be stupid?  Oops!
Kudos to FKCC for offering a basic massage course for non-professionals Thursday nights in February.  Learning and rubs!  

Look what I found while cleaning out an old drawer. A picture of Curly and Lil. Curly Kimbler used to work for the Gibson guitar Company around the time of the great depression demonstrating guitars, the Gibson double-neck guitar in particular. He traveled all over the country playing in just about every juke joint and music store there was. Somewhere along the line he met Lilly. They made good music together so they got married. They traveled around a lot singing and playing then finally settled down on Big Coppitt, probably in the early 70's. Until his death in the 80's or 90's Curly and Lil were a fixture on the Lower Keys music scene. If you'd let them set up they'd play anywhere. They didn't care where it was; as long as Curly could sell a few cassette tapes he was happy. They just liked to play.

Like all true Keys survivors he did a lot of different things to make a living. He fished and collected driftwood (Sometimes a bale or two would show up at my door for me to "distribute"--those were the good old days.) He'd cut the dried out buttonwood roots into small pieces and then drive a trailer full up to Bradenton and sell the pieces to someone who'd put little pelicans and stuff on the driftwood to sell to the tourists. He got a quarter a chunk. His yard looked like a dump. You've never seen so much stuff. He also used to repair guitars and violins underneath his house. He could match any finish on a guitar repair by burning different twigs then using the smoke to color the repair. He had twigs from all kinds of different hardwoods. Each different twig would smoke the repair until it was the right color and then he'd apply the proper finish. I was always impressed with that trick.

He got his big break around 1975 when he and Lil appeared on the popular country music TV show Hee Haw. I forgot to tell you that they played old time shit-kickin' Country & Western music. It was  such an awful kind of music that it was campy. That was their big moment. But Curly was pissed because they made him look like a real hillbilly with bib overalls and a worn out straw hat. (He was in his 60's by this time) He didn't like that one bit. He said nobody would take him seriously. Curly knew all the old timers. One time he was on the phone with Chet Atkins and I happened to see his phone book opened next to the phone and Les Paul's (a God!) name was right there. Nothing ever came of their brief celebrity because the next week they were back fishing for grunts and playing at Capt. Tony's. But now their sign read, "As seen on Hee Haw."

Forget the restaurants. Have a romantic meal at home. Feed each other. Spend the money on flowers and jewelry, you'll receive the best dessert of your life for days on end.

Turn the sound up, sit back, listen and relax. Remember...
Too tired after work? Have you tried a protein diet? My doc put me on protein and the energy increased. If you don't eat meat, drink the soy powder protein drinks that come in flavors, eat nuts & beans. Sugar saps your energy.
To the person who was low enough to steal a watch from Lord of the Seas yard sale:  I hope you enjoy it and may God bless you.
Dear Rover,  Regarding the 17 hour bark-in.  Your canine friends started without you.
I just finished another great lunch at Rob's.  As always it was great.  Monique was my waitress and she is the best.  Any restaurant would be lucky to get her.  It is the consistency that keeps me going to Rob's.  Great food every time.  Great service every time.  Clean atmosphere every time.  It is the only place on Big Pine I will eat.

I have seen a "donkey show" in Tijuana, and I can tell you it's not a pretty sight. It makes a Dirty Sanchez seem tame by comparison.
I agree with the people writing about No Name Pub, it was once the best place in Big Pine, then it got bought by a guy who has made it very clear that he hates the locals.  The person who commented on how great Linda is hit it right.  She is wonderful.  I still go in to the pub sometimes, but it is solely to see her not the a** hole who owns it.
Easy tartar sauce:  Mix mayo and dill pickle relish together. No need for chopping anything.
ANOTHER great show at the House of Music. The laser lights were fantastic!  Also I'm pretty sure the Full Moon Party is there this month.
On our way to picnic island today - we happened upon an old crab trap - no rope or anyway to see it.  It was close to low tide and the wind blowing pretty good.  This lovely old wire trap became entangled in our prop.  Needless to say - we stopped without warning.  I threw our anchor over and my husband put on his wet suit and proceeded to jump in the water with the only thing close to wire cutters that we had on board.  Now, of course, I forgot to mention that we were right in the channel to the boat ramp on Little Torch.  Now for the amazing part: out of at least a dozen boats that had to navigate around us to get into the channel --only one was kind enough to stop to see if they could help.  They even offered  to "run home" to get wire cutters.  As my husband, who by the way is 65, had already been in the water for an hour with "stripper pliers"  he thanked the gentleman and told him he was almost done.   I can not tell you how many boats with young men went by and just looked to see why we were in their way. Not one made any offer of assistance or even ask what was wrong.  What has happened to good old common courtesy and good will toward your fellow man.    What a shame that the wonderful Keys I have known and loved for the last 32 yrs has changed so much -- and not for the better.
Here's an easy one, more importantly though, delicious:  I call it Keys Beer Boiled Shrimp.  De-vein and peel some fresh shrimp.  Place in a pan and cover with cheap beer.  You can use expensive beer but there is no advantage.  Sprinkle liberal amounts of Old Bay Seasoning over the beer and shrimp, bring to a boil and drain, do not overcook.  Eat hot or chill in the freezer for awhile before eating.

To the writer  who said Royal Newman built the  pub. He had the present  Parrotdice building built.  The Pub was there for 40 years before he ever set foot in it. If the history of Big Pine was compiled from this web site it would be a most convoluted, contradictory thing.
Ok, so you don't like the iguanas. And then you want to complain about the Key Deer. And of course you can't stand the colorful locals. How about the messy flowers and trees we have here? And aren't the birds a pain in the ass? And the raccoons, well they're just unacceptable beasts. Let's just get rid of everything, and you can live in your sanctimonious sterile environment, and you'll have to find something new to complain about. Or better yet, why don't you just pack your conservative, anal retentive luggage and go back to perfect-ville. The iguanas and key deer and raccoons and us locals have been here far longer than you, and we would rather live harmoniously in peace without having to EXPLAIN to you why these harmless animals have a right to live. Do you make it a practice to move to areas and try to change everything? Unfortunately, I'm afraid that eventually our eccentricity will be destroyed and we'll turn into another clean, perfect Barbie-doll village like Marco. Won't you be happy? I hope you are inundated with every wild beast we have here, including crazy locals.

I just love all the little sounds my cat makes when I pick her up and she’s so happy. She must have about five or six different happy sounds.

The new vote is in: Rob is a cheesedick!

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I can only do one thing at a time. I can only work, that’s it. I can’t work and garden. Work and paint the kitchen. Work and fix the roof. I can’t multi-task like others can. It would sure make life easier if I could. When I come home I’m just too drained to do anything else. Bo, hoo.

No Name Pub. It was a cool place for years. Now that they cater to tourists, it's like eating at Disneyland. Everyone looks at you wondering, "Is he a local?" If you say or do anything funny, the whole place laughs too. Which I find artificial. I like a place with a nice blend of locals and tourists...if you can find it.
Friends of Dave Shaw, aka Luther: Please see www.st.augustine.com for Dave's obituary and a special thank you to Jeff and Donna Symons, Michelle Mongelli and Chet Gruenke.  Plus, of course, Peggy and Rata.
The criteria for me eating out is that they cannot serve anything I can serve at home. I want my bread fresh baked, vegetables fresh and unique, entree prepared with flair and the dessert creative. I don't even like the wait staff to introduce themselves. I'm not there to make friends. They are servants and should be completely unobtrusive, but always at your elbow ready to serve. that's why I'll pay the big bucks for a good meal.
Regarding the No-Name Pub. We used to go there several times a month years ago when Royal & Becky owned it & then when Will & Cynthia owned it. It was a "Locals friendly" place. After the new owners bought it - we were in there one evening & the manager told us, "We now prefer to cater to visitors, not locals" I told him, "I am a local.He grinned & said, "I know." That was our cue -- we exited stage left & have not been back since.
'Its a Great Place...if you can find it."

Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office? What are we supposed to do, write to them? Why don’t they just put their pictures on postage stamps so the mailmen can look for them while they deliver the mail?

I eat out at Rob's quite regularly and never have a problem with the food or the service.  As a matter of fact, it's my favorite place to eat in BPK. It's well lit so you can see your food, it's clean, the portions are huge, and I've never witnessed the staff acting anything but professional.  I still eat at the other restaurants on occasion and have no specific complaints, but Rob's is where I take my company for dinner.
I see every topic in the classified ads but personals.  Why not put in a personal section so the people of Big Pine can meet.  It's tough being single and straight in The Keys.  A personals or singles page would be nice.  We have the bar scene but it would be nice to be sober when I meet someone rather then a bar room pick up.
(Ed: Thanks for the good idea. It is done! Will you be the first? Good luck.)
The No Name Pub makes no secret of the fact that they don't care for local business. It used to be a very fun place to go with great pizza and even now the pizzas can be good, but the environment is very sterile and not real
fun. It's lost it's character and is on cruise control now as the tourists continue to come there because they don't know any better but the place has lost it's charm and is much more generic than it used to be. It's a shame too because it used to be a truly "Keysey" kind of place where locals and tourists could meet and interact and have a great time.

Fact: The three most valuable brand names on earth:  Marlboro, Coca Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

Boycott. I'm not in the habit of smiling as someone urinates in my face. Winn Dixie is screaming at you, "STAY OUT!"  Get it?  No one runs a business like that and gets away with it, except here. If anyone else opens a store close by, WD will clean up their act so fast you won't believe it. They're having problems? You've got to be kidding. Honest to god, they could be getting their produce from Albertson's dumpster. Since last I posted a message (Dec.6), concerning my boycott of that rotten squalid store, I've been taking the 15 minute ride to Marathon and Publix. Oh, my God. I had forgotten what a real grocery store is. The beautiful produce. The variety of products, and brands. I could buy quarts of McArthur's that have 10 days to go! Most amazing, the checkouts have real human beings, and they expedite my dead butt out of there. WD's having problems? I should say so. When last I visited, they had all but one of their automated checkout's shut off. Why? You don't need any help to man the things. I actually had to stand and wait in line for the one auto check-out because the rest were shut off. Do you get it?

I cannot for the life of me understand why this population rewards failure, and punishes excellence. Winn Dixie Corp. is laughing while they piss all over you. Get'em out of our neighborhood. In the '70's I used to go to Marathon regularly anyway, before this crud ever broke ground. I stopped going in there 2 months ago, and I could hit their roof from my porch.

I think that Fish Cutters is the brainchild of Chef Reinhart from the A&B Lobster House in Key West.
To the person who inquired about the No Name Pub, the food has been consistently good for years.  It has gotten a little too commercial over the last 5 or 6 years.  It used to be your typical neighborhood bar, but now it is owned by the person who owns Capt Tony's and he thinks he is in Key West with The Pub.  There is one bartender there, her name is Linda, she has been there pretty much since day one.  She started under Royal Newman who built the pub.  She is great.  The food is good, the environment is good, but Linda is the "Personality" behind the pub.  Every restaurant and bar needs their very own Linda.  She can talk business with the businessman, she can talk wishing with the fisherman, she can play tour guide for the tourists, she just makes everyone feel welcome.
To the person who thinks the people bashing restaurants are jealous restaurant owners. No, the only restaurant owners who post here are the ones being bashed. They pose as satisfied customers trying to convince the rest of us how great the food and service were and what great time they had. Anyone who claims they should take a lesson from Rob's must be Rob himself or one of his cohorts. No, most of the negative reviews don’t come from disgruntled employees, the competition or friends thereof, but come from hard-working locals who are just plain sick and tired of being gouged, insulted and having to pay good money for food that is not fit for livestock. If the food and service don’t meet your satisfaction, simply send it back and refuse to pay. What a shame for Big Pine to be known for its fine selection of greasy spoons and low-life bars. The fact that this site is now on the top ten search list and is being visited from all over the world should be enough to motivate these owners to either clean up their act or get out.

Congrats to our gentle editor for doing a great job as illustrated by all the Google activity- not bad for a shy girl from Nebraska.
Just say, "We're sick and tired and we're not gonna take it anymore!" and eat at home. Nothing beats sharing a home-cooked meal with family and friends in the surroundings of our beautiful homes and our beautiful island. If everyone did that, the restaurants would get the idea and hopefully, if they want to continue to stay in business, will make the necessary changes. If not, no big loss. But if you want a night out, give No Name Pub a try. They're off the beaten track, but they've been around for quite a while and are actually quite good.

To all my fellow dogs that can read out there (and that has to be most of us 'cause our owners think we are smarter than Einstein) let's have a bark-in and schedule it from 11 p.m. to 4 p.m. every night next week. Pass (bark) the word.   Rover
Does everyone realize that when or if Winn Dixie closes that if another chain like Albertson's or Publix goes into that space, we will be without a grocery store for a few months until the other store can remodel to their standards?  We will have to go to Marathon or Key West for groceries, like the good ol' days.  Imagine!
RE: Fact: Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes. More important fact: Only in Tijuana.
If you receive toxic spew for no particular reason, try to acknowledge that it's the other persons unhappiness / mental illnesses and it has absolutely nothing to do with your actions and right human relations.  Maybe Jesus can help them.  Then again, maybe not.
Thank you Di,  but I'm 53 not 52.

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Saturday February 19, 2005

Well CONGRATULATIONS to BigPineKey.com for getting listed on the Google milestone!  I like to think I helped as I've told many friends and co-workers and strangers at my work about your nifty site.  To the writer of the post about being appreciative of our island I would like to say Amen. Well said.
(Ed: We couldn't continue what we do without all your input. We just cut and paste. You guys are the whole web site. thank every one of you.)
"Thank You"animation
Kudos to Fish cutters Restaurant on Summerland Key.  Their quality, the price, and the service were all top notch. The only negative was the wait to get into the limited seating.  The wait was however well worth it.  Normally, I would not order a desert after such a filling meal, however one of my party ordered the fried cheese cake. It was the single best desert that this fat boy has ever had.
The Telephone Numbers For Animal Control for all those chained, lonely, thirsty & barking little dogs:  872.3412 &/or 294.4857.  Thank you & drink responsibly.

The guy who invented the crash test dummy died Thursday. He invented it to test ejection seat and the auto industry adapted his dummies.

Winn Dixie Benefit: This is a community that comes together when needed. We all heard that Winn Dixie is having problems. Even though a lot of you have complaints about WD let's come together and shop at WD. At least keep this store going till Publix buys it. There are over 100 people employed at the Big Pine WD your friends, neighbors or relatives could be out of a job.
So come on people, do your shopping locally.
What do you all think about eating at No Name Pub?  I Never see any comment (good or bad) about one of the "oldest" places on Big Pine. 
Re: living in paradise.  That was exactly how I felt yesterday am . I was waiting for a friend about 9 am and I took a look at my surroundings in Eden Pines and thought what a beautiful day. Just perfect. How lucky we are to live here.
Yes, the Keys are paradise, and the way to ruin a night in paradise is to have to listen to dogs barking. When the dogs sleep during the day it's only fair to wake them up with the high pitch sound of a dog whistle. If the dogs don't get to sleep all day, maybe they'll sleep at night so the residents can sleep too. I would never let a dog bark at night, how rude!
Did you resort to an island with good food or did you resort to get away from it all, enjoy the great outdoors, or did you come down to find someone who cares?  'Tis the season.  I've lived on BPK for 25 years and I took this week off because it was one of the most beautiful weather weeks we've had in a while.  I live in the Avenues, my bedroom is my trailer, I frequent the best restaurant I know of (home) and it is a "resortfull" treat to dine anytime I want at the Class Act Square Grouper!  My refrigerator is full of fish (except what I have given to my delightful seasonal neighbors and my full time brothers and sisters).  Not every day, but today I have been grateful for the gifts I have and the gifts I give.  I have recently lost some of the closest members of my family of life and I have taken much of my time to count my blessings for having known my lost ones.
No big deal. You give. You take. You believe. You be me and then there your are.

Fact: Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.

I believe the regulars are sad to see the good restaurants slack off or get skimpy to turn a profit.  Charge me .50 more and keep up the quality. The food should stay the same quality or get better as a restaurant stays open. Not go down hill.  I think people are expressing to Rob's, The Square Grouper, Paradise, The Coffee Shop that we liked (and or )
like eating there, but please keep the food good. Come on, a cold piece of meat served on a bed of greens with a splash of dressing with a tip comes to $10.00 for a lunch.  I would pay .50 more for the warm roll again--and my grilled chicken hot and tasty. We all know we pay to live here, but have our food as good as the weather--great.  Remember we live in paradise.  The barking dogs will take care of itself if you call the right people. No one wants a dog to be neglected. Have a great weekend in the sun this weekend and keep smiling through it all. 

Soon the number of PC users will be one billion. Microsoft has sold the operating systems of ninety-three percent of those computers. That’s a lot of money.

Please do not compare Rob's with the Square Grouper.  The two do not compare.  Square Grouper is just plain class and good food.  Rob's, well, we really don't care.
To the Person who says this is paradise and to live and enjoy it:   That was a great letter and I wish you lived on our street.   Most people on our street have pets (dogs and birds), but there are a few anal people that complain about the noise they make.  I think that all of the people that want a "nursing home" neighborhood should just move.  They're in the minority.   
I know how to get in touch with Philip Mason and Diane Partin. You can call me at 872-5264.

Brazilian  Pepper/ Underseas Dive Shop
.To the daughter-in-law of the owner of Underseas Dive Shop and other posters who write about insulting the owners. After my weekly visit to the library's computer, I was surprised to see some of the follow-up postings. Please reread my posting of Feb.13. It was not an insult to Maryanne. There was nothing written "in between the lines." I accept  that she is as wonderful as you say she is, and am very sorry that you weren't able to get the gist of my post. I meant no insult or calumny. The point was that growing these invasives is biological pollution, a slap in the face of Mother Nature. The Fla. Exotic Pest Plant Council lists your plants as Category 1 pests. A category reserved for non-natives that are well documented to disrupt the integrity of our native plant and animal communities. The B. Pepper will, if unchecked, strangle entire ecosystems. It is frustrating to work all day trying to make a difference trying to control such biological pollution in our keys, and then drive by some house or business that is undermining the very work you are trying to do. P.S. Electric chain saws do not give off any fumes; I'll bet Kim Gable of the county extension service would be glad to give you advise. She lives on BPK, and her work no. is 292-4501. Gotta' go. My half hour of computer time is used up.

I'm coming back to Big Pine for the Flock of Seagulls concert at the Big Pine House Of Music. Let's have a blast!
Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are

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Friday February 18, 2005

(Ed: BigPineKey.com finally got listed in the top ten search results on Google. It took us three years to get listed. Last month we had 18,500 visitors from 60 countries. We even got a lot of visits from Saudi Arabia. [I hope they don't issue a fatwa for all our Muslim bashing]. We're still the best advertising value in the Keys. We reach more targeted customers for less.)

To all the readers and complainers about all the negative stuff that people voice there opinion about: I bet that TODAY (Thursday), a perfect day in paradise, whether you were working or on vacation, was a day that you could not complain about. It was a perfect day and if you didn't take the time to stop and realize that you truly do live in paradise (no matter what the price is). You should be grateful to be able to wake up in a place that millions of people spend their life savings on to visit, then you don't belong here. Cherish the chickens, roosters and the Key deer and the iguanas. They are what makes this place different then other places in the world. And the dogs, of course they are going to bark.

As a person who services our community, usually the dogs are quiet until someone like myself or the pool person, or the lawn care person stop by to do our job and the dogs bark, which usually gets all the dogs in the neighborhood going. Life could be worse, it could be of complete silence, where you can only hear yourself and what you are thinking. That sounds pretty scary to me. I cant imagine life without sounds--can you? So be thankful for what you have, not what you don't have. Getting everything you want doesn't mean that you will be happy. Stop, smell and enjoy the environment that we live in and thank God everyday that you are able to be here to live the life that you always wanted. Think positive and this place can be the Best place you have ever been. Like someone once told me, "The meaning of Life is to Live it." So start living.

I am looking for someone who knows the back waters well.  I love saltwater trout fishing, and did very good in Marathon near the 9 mile island, but have not been able to really hook up here in this area.  I have tried the Contents and Spanish without much luck. If there is an expert out there on trout that could hook me up, I would be more than happy to pay for the gas, bait, all the beer you can drink and my first born son, er, well at least a very large tip if we hit the trout. Call me @ 304-6682.

Kudos. I went to Coco's Cantina in Cudjoe the other day not knowing that they closed between lunch and dinner. The nice lady saw me getting back into my car and invited me in to have a late lunch. What a nice thing to do.

If women ruled the world
: NO wars, feed the hungry, house the homeless, medical care for all, solar energy, teacher pay raises, organic farming, and no growth hormones in meats. Football players would earn the same amount as an accountant, minimum wage would be 10 bucks. So be it!
If you are so worried about the bushes behind Underseas, then you should donate your time and help clean up behind the place. If you are at Conch and Stein and are complaining, then you should speak to the owners of Conch and Stein. They should put up some kind of blinder because I am sure the place was that way when they bought it. Hey, a great idea...A community project, everyone who is offended by the lot should get together and help. Isn't that want our community is all about?
To the defender of barking dogs on Cedar Dr.  I hope you end up in "Dog Heaven" so you can enjoy the barking for eternity.  In the mean time, you too might suffer from an illness too, and be at the mercy of your neighbor's barking dogs.  The air is spring fresh.  Why should anyone have to lock up their home at this time of year?  PS many thanks to the majority of considerate people packed into Eden Pines.  It could be a lot worse if everyone was like you.  It's really not difficult to respect your neighbors.  Remember every dog has his day.  It's great to at least be able to vent some frustrations.  Many thanks to this web site. 
I agree that Parrotdise is a very nice place. It's service is wonderful and the employees are always pleasant. The management is always in sight and we are always greeted by them during our visit. It's nice to go into a clean restaurant around here for a change.
What happened to the Moondog's singer the other night? Is he in jail again, or singing with another band?
"Dogs are as dumb as posts." This guy is a real idiot. I like dogs more then most people because most people are as dumb as posts, and obviously this idiot is. My dog's act is probably greater than his. At least my dog would never say anything that stupid.
Its 12:30 am and the stupid yappity dog on Cedar has now woken me up for the third time tonight!  I am sure I am not the only one who can hear this since I don't even live on Cedar. What an inconsiderate ass your owner is.  How selfish to think on such a beautiful night we would all like to listen to this.  Yes, dogs bark, but their owners should train them properly or give them up to someone who will.
Re: Man picketing Alls Keys Appliance - He was one of the many people that got screwed by the owner.  He just decided he wasn't going to take it.  He contacted the sheriffs department, state's attorneys office and code enforcement to make sure everything he did was in compliance with all of their laws and statutes.  The end result was that he got what he was promised.  If there is anyone else out there who hasn't received what they paid for from All Keys Appliance you should do the same--time is crucial.

Does anyone in Big Pine key know of a Diane Partin, or Phillip Mason? I need to get in touch with them concerning some property they own in Ky.

How to calibrate your mouse....  

(This actually works pretty well)

To recalibrate your mouse, click and hold on the S.  Then drag the S toward the e.  If it doesn't work, you might want to clean your mouse.

top farting around and go do something constructive

About the dog barking, there is Monroe county noise ordinances.  Also let the animal control know a dog backs all day and that it is neglected.  I have a pouch and he likes to bark and I would never leave him outside to bark all day.

The National Debt. To the person who claimed that restaurant profit margins are 33% minimum... Get your facts straight. According to analysis of the National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Industry Operations Survey, full-service-restaurant operations with average checks between $10 and $25 (Parrotdice is in this category) showed lower profit than those operations with average checks above or below that range. Full-service-restaurant operations with an average per-person check of $25 or more posted a higher median income before taxes-both on a per-seat and on a ratio-to-total-sales basis-than the broader segment of operations with an average per-person check of $10 or more. In other words, profit margins vary depending whether the restaurant is in the broader segment of the industry (such as family style with per-person checks below $25), a pizza restaurant (a segment with a mean gross profit of 47.52 and net profit of 5.77%), a fast food franchise, family-style franchise (i.e. Denny's) or a BYO-and also whether we're comparing gross profit, gross profit margins or net profit margins.

Gross profits vary among the different segments and range from 9.65% to 47.52% but net profits vary from 4.8% to 6.6% with the highest operating profit margin being recorded by BYO cafes and restaurants--6.6%. A gross of 20% would be a little under average which is typical for this scale and segment. But Parrotdice raising prices by 20% is FOUR TIMES the net income (operations with an average per-person check of less than $10 posted a 4.9% median ratio of income before taxes to total sales. This amount exceeds the overall median profit margin for operations with an average per-person check of $10 or more). So Parrotdice is making YOU pay for this disparity-while lowering quality and service!!!

Now I wouldn't have had to torment all of Big Pine with this painfully boring analysis had you not nit picked by gross, when my only intention was to rebuke Parrotdice for not finding a better solution to their business problems other than the temporary quick fix of raising prices and decreasing quality. This will only lead to decreased sales per seat as most people who frequent restaurants in the below $25 category (and order sandwiches) do so for the economics.

Whoopsie:  When the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services
Committee, Rep. Ike Skelton (Mo.), asked about the number of insurgents in Iraq, Rumsfeld said, "I am not going to give you a number for it because it's not my business to do intelligent work." (He presumably meant to say "intelligence.")
Regarding the guy in the wheelchair. Why don't you stop and ask him?
Rummy, Rummy, Rummy. With the Bush administration asking Congress this month to write checks
for half a trillion dollars for the Pentagon, you might think the secretary of defense would set an accommodating posture on Capitol Hill.
But, to paraphrase Rumsfeld's remark in December about the Army, you go to budget hearings with the defense secretary you have, not the defense secretary you might want or wish to have at a later time. And Donald Rumsfeld doesn't do accommodating very well.
Asked about the number of insurgents in Iraq, Rumsfeld replied: "I am not going to give you a number."
Did he care to voice an opinion on efforts by U.S. pilots to seek damages from their imprisonment in Iraq? "I don't."
Could he comment on what basing agreements he might seek in Iraq? "I can't."
How about the widely publicized cuts to programs for veterans? "I'm not familiar with the cuts you're referring to."
How long will the war last? "There's never been a war that was predictable as to length, casualty or cost in the history of mankind."
Rumsfeld's blunt manner was seen as refreshing four years ago, but these are different times.
If you want to try the worst super nachos in the keys, Robs is your place. Little cheese, some chopped onions and peppers and tons of dyed chips. Crunch, Crunch, yuck. Give me the Boondocks Heifers drooling  buffalo sauce in their beer any day.
Where has the good food gone? We all know good service is hard to find because good help is hard to find and they go hand in hand.  But when you open and own a restaurant serving:  examples, Rob's - great grilled chicken salad served with a nice roll. Well you don't get a roll anymore and the grilled chicken?  That must be pre-grilled because I have not had it served hot the last two times I ordered it.  The steak sandwich surfers real bad too. The Coffee Shop burns your hot sandwich meats then when you return it, it is served back to you refrigerator cold with warm gravy thrown on it.  This happened more than once and to more than one person. The girls nor the cook take food allergy seriously.  Serving food with cheese and onions on it with the attitude the person can just take it off Is way wrong because some time you can get so sick from things that you can't have it touch your food.  Well some people  won't be spending their hard earned money in Big Pine Key Restaurants and that is sad. I believe in supporting the local community especially when you have to order out for lunch everyday or bring your lunch.

My boyfriend is 52 years old and better in bed than a young buck and he's twice as strong! It's not the age- it's the attitude. Umm, he's in GREAT shape too--firm and solid. Wheeeee! By the way, I'm a woman.
The votes are in: Rob is a dickweed.
Perhaps there could be a special "politics" column to get the political bloggers out of the "gossip column".  It's getting very boring.
I am not sure if my a-mail made it to you on the Food problem in Big Pine Key.  Everyone serves hamburgers, pizza, processed meats for their sandwiches, bagged lettuce, and the same selection of fried foods.  The deli serves  Great meats but they are slow sometimes but that's ok.  They try real hard and have good food. The restaurants that were great when they opened are now slack in the food they do serve.  Like Rob's and The Coffee Shop.  What was a great, caring owner, actively working, in there place of business has now turned into controversy for their food and how it is served now vs. when they first opened.  I work full time in Big Pine Key and order out for my lunch. At Rob's  I do not like the cold chicken that is served on the salad when it is described as a grilled chicken on a salad.  It was not like that when you opened and it always came with a roll.  $10.00 today get's you a frozen piece of chicken breast grilled who knows when and served on lettuce with dressing on the side. (The chicken is cold)  Where is all the fresh Florida produce.  The Coffee Shop burns your hot  turkey sandwich and when you send it back it is served  refrigerator cold turkey with warm gravy.  Don't go to the Coffee Shop if you have food allergy's because the waitress and the cooks feel if you can't eat it take it off.  What about those who get real ill if some things touch their food?  Where has the good food gone?    --Hungry with money to spend.
I am convinced that all of the restaurant owners in the area have been taking turns bashing Rob's and Square Grouper over the last two months.  Could it be jealousy kicking in?  Rob's is set back with very little highway visibility and yet still has a full house every day.  Square Grouper has very little sign visibility and up until about a month ago had no entrance from the highway and still filled the place every day.  Looe Key Tiki has great visibility, great signs in front, a hotel on property and still no food crowd, just drinkers and even those are lessening since Boondocks got a full liquor license.  Key Deer is right on US 1 with a large sign and very rarely anyone eating, just junkies drinking out of paper bags and looking to score dope.  Conch & Stein has excellent highway frontage and a large sign and nobody eats there.  Bahama Jack's has one of the best locations around, a great sign and so many colored, checkered flags I think I'm at a NASCAR race but the food sucks so nobody eats there.  Maybe the lesser quality restaurants should take a lesson from Rob's and Square Grouper.  It is good food, friendly (Sober) staff with teeth, quality service and appreciation of the customers that fills a restaurant over and over again.  The rest of you can bash Rob's and Square Grouper all you want, but it will not fill your restaurants.   I am just thankful to Rob's and Square Grouper being here otherwise I would have to go to Key West or Marathon every time I wanted to eat out.

Friday February 18, 2005


Thursday February 17, 2005

THANK YOU- THANK YOU -THANK YOU -BIG PINE KEY for coming to the defense of Maryanne Rockett.   This is why I love this town. The awesome people who live here.

Only as young as you feel. That is a saying I agree with. I thought I'd feel lousy at this age, but I feel good. When I turned sixty there was another change that I've hated. I now think old. I've always thought young. And it's just in the last few months that I've thought old. I can't really explain it. It's as if I've lost my imagination. I fear I know too much about human nature and it's hampered my novel attitude. I knew that someday my attitude would catch up to my age, but I didn't think that it would happen within just a few months.

To the dog complainer on Cedar Drive: Close your windows and turn on the AC! No one likes to hear barking all day, but no one likes to hear people like you complain about everything. We’re all one family in this world and everyone has something about them or their home that people could complain about. Just try to get along, or maybe you should move to an adult community with no children, pets or noise of any kind allowed. Cedar Drive is a beautiful street. It was great when only a few of us lived there in harmony. Even though it’s full of homes now, we try to get along with everyone--even the complainers. So relax and enjoy life.
P.S. Editor-Please do not add a picture.

No new taxes? President Bush says he has not ruled out raising taxes to help bolster Social Security's finances.
Dogs are emotionally shallow creatures. That is why some people prefer them over cats. They don't want an animal that makes them think. Also, dogs are dumb as posts, or in our pc world, mentally challenged. That is why they will bark all day at nothing. Send all the dogs to Miami, where they can blend in.

Florida pizza is usually covered with a thick glop of fresh mozzarella cheese that comes off whole in your first bite burning the roof of your mouth and leaving the dough naked. (I hate that) The best Italian pizzas use aged mozzarella or a blend of mozzarella, cheddar or parmesan cheeses. The blend vastly improves the waxy mozzarella glop and the cheese stays on the slice where it belongs.

Restaurant expert. No restaurant operates on a 20% profit margin. It's usually 33% minimum. 1/3 cost of food, 1/3 overhead, 1/3 profit.

Barking dogs are a nuisance as is excessively loud music.  Sound carries like crazy and the houses are close together.  Please, be considerate of your neighbors.

Boy, you Piners sure get bent out of whack just because the Brazilian peppers look ugly in the back of Underseas Dive Shop. Why is everyone jumping to defense of the owners? They weren't attacked--their ugly exotics were attacked. Can't any of you Piners read?

For those who complain about Winn Dixie, your problems will soon be solved. According to the news that Key West Citizen ignores, Winn Dixie filed Chapter 11 this week.  It's unlikely they will be around much longer.  Self check-outs make good business sense.  It reduces manpower and the major expense for any business is labor.  Rumor has it that Albertson's is very interested in the Winn Dixie site.  They wanted another store in the Keys.
It's great to read all the messages of support to one of your neighbors (Underseas).  I love the way this community will rise to the defense of a good person.
Along with all the price gouging going on at Parrotdise Bar and Grill, what about the terrible service you have to put up with?

Does anyone know what the deal was with the guy in the wheelchair picketing in front of the used appliance store on Big Pine on Tuesday morning?
I am so appalled at the idiot that thinks Big Pine locals are the meanest people in the world. Where do you live? Surely not on Big Pine, probably Hell or someplace like that.   We are the most tolerant people you will probably ever meet in your life. If you are judging us by the written words here on this website, you are judging us for the much needed stress release that is so much better expressed through anonymous words to nobody personally and to everybody inclusively. We are very neighbor conscious and local aware. Maybe it is the  fact that we need to see how long you are planning on staying here before we can become familiar with you. This is a very transient area. It is very hard to become close with somebody that won't last here. We have all experienced that. 
Or maybe it is just that you have to relax a bit and get into the local easygoing Big Pine groove. If local Big Pine residents aren't nice to you, is it possible that you don't quite fit here yet? Are you too overbearing? Are you a know it all? Does everything happen quicker, better and cheaper where you are from? Do you tell us about it all the time?  Maybe your "elsewhere" attitude is to strong. These are behavior patterns we here are so tired of seeing. Have been for many years.  It takes some people years to get what Big Pine is all about. I don't mind what you are doing to my property value, but I do mind how you are trying to change life here. Try to understand we found this place too. Long before you did. Many of us were born here or grew up here. We have history and it is good. Our history doesn't need changing and neither does our future. If you want to live in the Keys but don't like Big Pine, please feel free to move to Marathon or Key Largo or even Key West. Anywhere but Big Pine. Take your friends with you. We will have a good bye party for you.  I'll buy the keg and make the cake.
Regarding your description of Sicilian pizza, Mmmmmmmmmmm.

oes anybody play ultimate Frisbee on Big Pine?
The Avenues have always been clean.
I talked to Scott Wade at the Blue Heron Park today.  I've since moved thousands of miles away, but I was reminded of what a cool place it is for kids, and what a savior it is for us parents.  My son had a blast there
throughout the years we spent in the Keys.  He never wanted to miss a day there.  He was  watched over, encouraged, disciplined when necessary, got help with his homework, they made him feel like he mattered and was always listened to.  He still talks about it.   Without Blue Heron Park, I honestly
don't know what I would have done.  Child care is hard to find, and you just can't ask your friends, they have their own kids and busy lives.  How many times have you parents of Blue Heron kids left for work with peace of mind knowing that your child is in good hands?   How many times have you gotten into a foursquare game your own self?  The staff does it when they can.  And what about that haunted house?  Steve Miller and Scott and their friends scheme and dream all year long about how to scare the pants off you and your kids every year.   They do fundraisers like that so they can give scholarships and do cool stuff like fieldtrips and summer daycare.  BPAA rocks!  The coaches (the good ones...), umps, the board and the volunteer administrative staff are just the best.  They do it because they love it. It certainly isn't for the pay, or the thanks they get each game.  It's an arduous task every year, but they keep coming back because they love the game and the kids. 

The next time you want to yell at a coach or an ump or a kid for that matter, and before you make an ass of yourself in front of your children, think twice...they imitate you when you aren't around.  I personally have witnessed unsurpassed idiocy from parents and those calling themselves coaches.  I could have hit a few people out of the park more than once, if you know what I mean.  It sure doesn't help the kids who are putting themselves on the line every time they get on the field.  It is a game isn't it?  It's supposed to be fun and a learning experience that builds skill and self esteem.  Geez!   I just dare you to walk right on up to any of the people mentioned above and say thanks, be sure to catch them if they fall over. 

The person who analyzed prices going up and quality going down gave a perfect example with Parrotdice.  What started off great has gone down hill and gotten costly.  Raise prices and lower costs make the books look better for a sale.  They need to remember if the potential buyer looks at amount of covers served and that number decreasing they will see what is going on.  Good food, good prices, good environment and good service is what will make a restaurant, or any business a success.  The best thing that could happen to Parrotdice now is for Banks and Patti to take it back and rename it Sandbar.  Parrot dice took something that was not broken and tried to fix it.
What's up with complaining about Angus (House of Music) not partying anymore?  Give the guy a break - he's trying to make the place better for all of us. 
To Sugarloafflyer@yahoo.com  your complaint about Waldmere not being kept in jail shows just how stupid someone can be. If they kept everyone arrested for abusing themselves with drugs or alcohol there would be no room for the violent criminals. We could make all of Key West one big jail because that's what it would take to keep all of our self-abusing people in jail.  If you really want him of the streets you could pay the thirty thousand it takes to keep him for a year. I'm sure he would be grateful for your help and concern.
It isn't just Winn-Dixie going to self-service.   Stores all over the country are going this route and it is too bad.
Newbie 60 lady, there is no such thing as old age, just old people.  I have dated women your age and I am in my mid 30's.
Back in 1969 it was common for one particular weed, when smoked, to give a person deep, profound thoughts. That was thirty-six years ago, the same year Maryanne Rockett came to Big Pine Key and Underseas, Inc. began. Over those thirty-six years, Maryanne has seen customers, their children and now their grandchildren buy their dive gear from her for all the reasons every other letter has mentioned. I'll tell you that those thirty-six years have given her much more in the way of experience few others will ever posses. I see it every day AND I benefit.
Now lets cut to 2005 and some amateur's "Thoughts" that apparently require dollar drafts at a bar not once but twice, or more. This amateur has no cajones since his letters are not signed. No matter, I was there when this happened and I'm there today and will be there tomorrow. How bout some facts, kid's?
Maryanne knows all about responsibility and liability. She did tell him that we cannot HAVE POISONS APPLIED ANYWHERE NEAR OUR COMPRESSORS! This idiot could not understand how keeping people breathing compressed air are way more important than some frickin tree and whatever it might do. He failed to mention that Maryanne told him right there, right then that if he felt that strongly and it was serious, she wouldn't mind him cutting it down. Guess beer allows profound thought and suppresses memory.
P.S. Garlon 4 requires a license to purchase and apply. Care to show me yours?
"You are only as old as the woman you feel", heh, heh.  Thanks for the chuckle.

To the person who has never had a bad experience at Robs. You must be a rare breed. We've been to Robs enough times to completely exclude human error, a busy night or a line cook in training as excuses for substandard food and service. We have even advised visiting friends against trying Robs to spare them from the demoralizing negativity that prevails there. Ask yourself what it is about Robs you like. If it's really the food, then you deserve the arteriosclerosis and myocardial ischemia you've got coming. If having to pay exorbitant prices for crappy food weren't bad enough, having to listen to the owner's pompous insults and bad language makes Robs a low-class act, suitable only for the mindless herd.

When women rule the world.
One letter mentioned that Maryanne (Underseas) would forgive you. Know what? That's very true. Unfortunately for you, I and many others will not!
Where did the money go? As members of Congress consider the Bush administration's request for another $82 billion in military funding -- most of which will go to a war that was supposed to have cost about $50 billion total -- they might think about how the administration has handled finances in Iraq so far.

As noted last month, the inspector general assigned to audit reconstruction efforts says there's no way to know what became of $8.8 billion that was once in the hands of the Coalition Provisional Authority. A hearing before the Senate Democratic Policy Committee brought forth more news on that front Monday. At the hearing -- called by Democrats who lack the numbers to hold actual congressional investigations -- a lawyer for two whistleblowers said that the Coalition Provisional Authority paid the Republican-friendly security firm Custer Battles $15 million to provide security for civilian flights at Baghdad International Airport. The catch, according to today's Washington Post: No planes actually flew during the contract term.

Can we at least get the date right?
What happened to Angus, Jeff, Eric, Bill, and Bob? No more Golden Tee Golf? A bunch of chickens? What happened to 3-ball on Mondays? What happened to the Fun House?
Tuesday is the 15th.
Where has Donnie been? Is he chained to a tree or packed in a closet?

Thursday February 17, 2005


Wednesday February 16, 2005

The new book on pizza, "A slice of Heaven" says the pizza you grew up with forever shapes your definition of pizza. I grew up in the Northeast in the early 1950's. My whole city was predominantly Sicilian immigrants. So my first taste of pizza was the long, thick rectangular slices that you'd find in every corner store next to the cash register and penny candy. These slices were made of the best chewy dough filled with air holes and covered with a thick tomato sauce heavy with oregano. They didn't use mozzarella cheese at all. They would spread a generous layer of grated Parmesan cheese over the whole thing when it came out of the oven and then wrap the slices in waxed paper. I think they sold them for about a nickel a slice. We used to call them "a-beetz" (sp).

Underseas Dive Shop. Regardless of their ugly Florida holly, they still have the best prices on dive gear in the Keys. No one compares. They certainly pass the savings on to their customers because they don't spend it on maintenance.

I went to House of Music for the first time yesterday and it was great.  I had a hard time getting Capt Annie's out of my mind before I could walk in there.  I was expecting the typical low life's that hung at Annie's and now at Key Deer, but I stand corrected.  It was a nice, clean, fun place with a good bar crowd.  Maybe The Avenues are cleaning up.
Does anyone know the deal with playing volleyball Monday night at Watson?  Is it a league or can anyone just show up?
The environmentalist with the weed killer and the chip on his shoulder against Underseas Dive Shop obviously does not know its proprietor Maryanne Rockett very well. I have known this good woman for twenty years and I take strong exception to his slanderous and calumniously  detraction. Ms Rockett is a kind altruistic business woman who distinguished herself by her commitment to marine ecology and has served this community above and beyond the call of duty. I know Maryanne will forgive your ignorance. Please take your poison someplace else.

A new study says that the first five hours of work are the most productive. So, why can’t we go home at two o’clock? (And us Pinees, go home at one or not go in at all!)

Did you know? The Bush administration is fighting the former American pilots who were beaten as prisoners of war in court, trying to prevent them from collecting nearly $1 billion from Iraq that a federal judge awarded them as compensation for their torture at the hands of Saddam Hussein's regime. The rationale: Today's Iraqis are good guys, and they need the money.

The case abounds with ironies. It pits the U.S. government squarely against its own war heroes and the Geneva Convention.

Many of the U.S. pilots were tortured in the same Iraqi prison, Abu Ghraib, where American soldiers abused Iraqis 15 months ago. Those Iraqi victims, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said, deserve compensation from the United States.

But the American victims of Iraqi torturers are not entitled to similar payments from Iraq, the U.S. government says.
I have more Kudos! Coco's Kitchen in the Plaza got a sweet review by L'Attitudes last weekend.  I agree with everything the reviewer had to say, and more.  I love that little rag. (the Keynoter doesn't suck either, for that matter). Speaking of the Plaza, I have come to terms with the crowded Winn-Dixie problem. If you can, go at about 9:30 at night, its like a ghost town, you can run willy-nilly thru the aisles and no lines at the check-out.

American Airlines
saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one (1) Olive from each salad served in first-class.

To the person who wants more service at Winn Dixie.  I am not supporting them, but they probably cannot get enough help. People cannot afford to live here. You better get ready for a lot of self-service.
To the newbie  60 year old.  Your are only as old as the woman you feel.
The barking dogs I can handle, and there are several in my neighborhood. What I can't stand are the people who let their dogs run free, again there are several. These people obviously don't care about their animals. Sure I know that on occasion a dog gets out, and takes a nice walk around the block. But when you see the same ones running free, you know that it didn't just get out. I am a dog owner and the worst possible thing that I could come home to is my dog splattered on the side of the road. Think about that next time you open the door and let your dog run free.
It's perseverance that makes my "worthless property" so desirable to you!  XOXO, Thank you "my god" and I'm not leaving no matter what you offer me.
The Outstanding Public Debt as of 15 Feb 2005 at 09:59:30 PM GMT is:
$ 7 , 6 3 7 , 0 7 0 , 4 3 5 , 3 1 5 . 1 5

The estimated population of the United States is 295,598,534 so each citizen's share of this debt is $25,835.96. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.86 billion per day since September 30, 2004!

To those of you who see no problems at Rob's, open your eyes and drink less and it will not take long to see.
Maryanne Rockett is truly a great person.  Just think about it, how many daughter-in-laws stand up for and talk nice about their mother-in-laws.  As far as the pesticide, I wouldn't want to infect my customers, grandchildren and employees that are there on a daily basis either.  Garlon4 is highly poisonous. Check it out for yourself.
Garlon 4 Herbicide Label .  Sounds like you have possibly a financial interest in the other dive shop you mentioned in Key West or you would have mentioned the other dive shops on Big Pine. Before you go around bad mouthing good people, you should either mind your own business or do your homework.  Her daughter-in law is correct when saying there are many people in Big Pine that can attest to her caring nature.  As for any disregard to the environment, that's calling the kettle black, lets spread poison everywhere so our children, family, pets, neighbors, wildlife, etc., can breath in and touch poisonous toxins.
In response to the person talking about Winn-Dixie's lousy checkout system, I agree. It's lame using those silly machines and most (not all) of the cashiers act like it's a big imposition for them to bag the groceries like they're supposed to. I recently read something about Winn-Dixie's corporate situation and it's not pretty. Their stock has plunged, and the company is sucking air. Some creditors are considering accepting cash payments only and if that happens they will go bankrupt. It's not hard to imagine why as it's so obviously mismanaged from the top down, but imagine what will happen to us if they go belly up. As an optimist I would hope that Publix or somebody
would jump in quickly, but as a realist, that could take awhile and lots of produce could rot in the meantime. More flies around the fruit!
I have never had a bad experience at Rob's or witnessed anyone being treated that way and I eat there at least 3 times a week.  The person who claims Rob called him a dick head, you probably are a dick head.  If you don't like Rob's then go somewhere else to eat.  Better yet, leave The Keys.
To the person that insulted Underseas Dive Shop,  I moved into the keys in 1994 and I have done business with Underseas all this time, they have always been great and I have come to know Maryann as one of the nicest people in this community.  She always goes out of her way to treat people great.  She also has earned the love and admiration of all the people that know her.  She is not just a business woman she is a friend to her customers.  I know almost all the other business owners in town and many are nice people but Maryann is the nicest one I know.  I don't like gossip because it is usually full of lies, but when I heard someone had the never to insult such a nice person as Maryann I had to speak out.  P.S.  I am not related to and do not work for Underseas I just believe that you are way off base.
RE: Lack of personal service (Winn Dixie).  One old adage, "time is money".
Business expert. When a restaurant increases its prices 20% (note that 20% is a typical profit margin in the food service industry). There is something very wrong. The biggest red flags of a business in distress are sudden high price increases and a deterioration in quality, which are what we've recently experienced at the Parrotdise. The price for a Dolphin Reuben sandwich increased from $7.95 to well over $10.00 on the lunch menu. Other offerings were increased in price as well. However, instances in which the freshness of the Sashimi Tuna could be questioned, increased, along with the presence of the nasty bloodline in the pieces of baked dolphin. They started out on the right track. What happened?

People generally opt for sandwiches for the satisfaction and economy that all the bread and chips provide--instead of a similar meal consisting of a higher proportion of protein and vegetables to carbs, which would be more expensive. If we were to give Parrotdise the benefit of the doubt and exclude gouging, the only other explanations would be mismanagement of revenues and/or insufficient planning for increased operating expenses.

Success in the restaurant business comes with time--time to build a reputation, develop a niche and attract return business. Even a drive by tourist may return one day or refer a friend. What is Parrotdise doing different from the others? The only reason we've been choosing Parrotdise for lunch is to avoid the huge crowds at Fishcutters. Now Parrotdise, ask yourself if being the least busy place is the type of distinction you desire?

Learn to relax, complainer of the barking pooch.  Earplugs maybe?  Dogs are people too. Plan B: Make a complaint w/animal control. Have you considered the novel idea of speaking with the owners.
To the person who wants more service at Winn Dixie.  I am not supporting them, but they probably cannot get enough help. People cannot afford to live here. You better get ready for a lot of self-service.
Barking Dogs. Why do people have 4 or more dogs?  We live so close to one another and sound really carries.  Many people leave for work early in the morning and leave their dogs to bark all day.  The owners don't have to listen to it.  When they return home from work, they won't let the dogs bark.  How about some common courtesy for your neighbors?  One winter resident brings 4 dogs, and their friends bring 2 more.  When they all leave the house it is non-stop barking.  It's like living at the dog pound.  My dogs were always trained properly, and I would never think of being so inconsiderate to my neighbors.  Worse than the barking is the smell of crap on a hot day.  Come and enjoy the experience on Cedar Dr. at Eden Pines.  Fern Avenue is runner up.
I agree. Maryanne is one of the most wonderful people on this island. How dare anybody refer to her as anything other than the wonderful kindhearted woman she is. I have known her for 22 years and have never heard even an unkind word about anybody. Few people can be remembered with that.  And Underseas rocks! It is the BEST dive shop around, so if you don't have anything good to say, please refrain from saying anything. Unless you are referring to something that is based in fact.  It is so upsetting that crude, useless people use this website to carelessly misrepresent people they don't know.  

Maryanne Rockett is a wonderful person. I have done business with her for years. Pesticides in divers compressed air would potentially KILL a diver breathing it at depth.
In the public eye: I saw Angus (House of Music) at Coconuts Monday and he was a riot. When he got there the whole place changed from a bunch of dead-pan drunks to a bunch of people having a good time. He even led everyone in singing Happy Birthday to Betty (the former owner of Shark's Reef). Go Angus and lighten up at work.
We have lived all over the U.S.A. Big Pine Key is the prettiest area, but the meanest bunch of people. Ninety percent of the residents are like Pit bulls which should be put to sleep.  We can't wait for these types to sell so the nice people with class can move in. 
Well said (?)Mrs.  Reminds me of someone with not a hell of a lot to do except meddle. Get a life, dude.

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Tuesday February 15, 2005

Happy Valentines Day
! What a beautiful day today! had a great ride on the boat , came back got my dog to bark at the iguanas and the deer, had him chase the cat, what a wonderful day!
Just to balance out the "Rob-go-round."  Recently my wife and I were dining there.  I had a sausage sandwich, which kinda didn't taste good to me, it could have been a little less than fresh or it could have been my taste buds on the fritz.  I wasn't going to say anything for fear of setting Rob off.  He noticed that I hadn't eaten any after the first bite, and tore up our entire check when I said it didn't taste right. He cheerfully comped our drinks and my wife's cheeseburger, which, by the way, was Ok. 

When woman rule the world.
To the gentleman that insulted Maryanne Rockett from Underseas Inc. on Feb. 13th.  The reason we did not accept your offer to poison our pepper trees is because we were concerned about the unknown pesticides contaminating the air around our compressors used to fill our scuba tanks.  You should be ashamed for writing such a rude letter about a wonderful, generous woman like Maryanne Rockett.  Maryanne has been a asset to our community for 35 years and  I am sure there are many people in Big Pine Key that will attest to her caring nature of the people, community and environment.  I am her daughter-in-law and I am assuming that when you referred to her daughter that you were talking about me (She has only sons).  I do not recollect any email sent to my attention on this subject.  I am disgusted that someone would write a rude letter and put down an establishment over a Brazilian Pepper plant.  Maryanne, of all people in this town, deserves to be treated better!

Does anyone know how to record and then email sounds? I’d like to record different things and let others hear them, if they choose. Can you use that cheap microphone that comes with the computer or should I get a better quality mike?

My husband & I were at Rob’s Friday night when the customer in the bar started yelling profanities very loudly.  Rob and his staff, in my opinion, handled it very well.  They were very quiet and did nothing to further provoke the man.  I believe the man was drunk, but I cannot say for sure.  I can say that we go to Rob’s for dinner about twice a month and have never been treated with anything but the utmost respect and courtesy by Rob and his staff.

Turning 60 made me realize that I’m actually old. I’ve always dreamt of myself in my youthful situations. Since my birthday I’ve started dreaming of myself as an older man, who’s stylishly dressed in clothes concealing the sags.

I eat at Rob's very often and sit both in the restaurant side and the bar side and have never witnessed the behavior that Rob is being accused of in here.  He runs a good restaurant with good food and good service.  All this talk about him sounds like it might be coming from another restaurant in the area that is pissed off because Rob's is more successful than they are.  
I rarely comment but have to say something.  I know some out there remember before we had self-serve gas pumps.  An attendant used to come out, pump your gas, check your oil, wash your windshields, etc.  Then the gas companies said "if you pump it yourself, you'll save $$ on gas".  Ya, right.  Ultimately, we pay more for less service.  The same is happening at our local grocery store.  Self service check out.  The things rarely work properly and it takes forever behind people who can't figure them out.  But notice what happens when you go through the regular check out.  No bagger and the cashier tries to get you to bag your own.  I don't see a reduction in food costs.  This is what happens when there is no competition.  Heads up, more money for less service unless people complain and or take their business elsewhere.

In the summer of '01 someone broke into the KW Aquarium and killed a lot of fish. I know what the curator felt like because in the 70’s I lived above the KW aquarium in return for being the night watchman there.  I wasn’t too good at it because one night someone came in and stole all the lobster, speared the two very large morey ells and stole the 60lb jew fish. I got fired.

I am the owner of the local eatery and am sorry you had to wait for your food delivery. But to stop and call would take more time out of making & delivering your lunch. Also I do believe the first time you called was before delivery time.

To the moron who lets his/her dog bark all night, just remember this: dead dogs don't bark. Try going without sleep long enough and you will be willing to go to drastic measures. That goes for anywhere you live, not just the Keys.
What's this about Angus not partying with anyone anymore? Angus has things to do and maybe he doesn't have the time to spend with people that it seems he should. If you think Angus isn't being personable enough, tell his partners. I'm a personal friend with all of them and I know they want everyone to have a good time when they go to the House.

Harvard. I've always thought it was overblown how almost everyone in the movies was graduated from Harvard. In just about most books, TV and movies, the character is always from Harvard. I've always wondered if anyone ever graduated from anywhere else.  After reading societies' bios I think that the answer is no. The reason that we see so many special people with the H. moniker is because in order to finish there you do have to be special. And those special people are the movers and shakers in the real world.

The car in front of me must have had a driver, but I couldn’t see her for the head rest. Don’t you at least have to be tall enough to be able to peep over the dash? I have to assume there was someone driving that car because it did stop for the light.

This is a belated Valentines day advice. When the condom says ribbed for her pleasure. Turn it inside out before putting it on.
Rob needs to quit answering his accusers in the third person. Its too obvious. Call me a dickhead, Rob, and you better hold on to your hairpiece.

Tuesday February 15, 2005


Monday February 14, 2004

It's people moving down here from up north that has enabled your $2,000 single-wide trailer to be worth $500,000.  Remember that.

How come the 5 million dollar deer overpasses still have a 35mph speed limit at night? If there are no deer there why do they limit us? I thought the speed limit was supposed to increased on that stretch because no deer have access to it.

Barking dogs. Did I read it right? We're supposed to loose sleep due to some inconsiderate neighbor's untrained cur? And if we don't it means that we don't share the Keys lifestyle? Some of you should do a little self-reflection.

Let me get this straight - while paying good money for a drink or dinner at Rob's I'm supposed to enjoy somebody getting progressively louder using a near obscenity. Hmmm. I think not. Way to go Rob!  Use of the F word, if it happened, was unfortunate, but it seems the provocation was extreme.  The writer did say nothing happened the first few times the provocateur spouted off.  The guy was obviously trying to provoke an incident.  As for the table of people, they got what they deserved. What do you expect if you do the same thing somebody else was just thrown out for.  Now there's some heads that need examining! Lately all these things about Rob's are beginning to sound like favorable endorsements.
What ever happened to Big Pine local "H" (the old cab driver)?  Last I heard he was in Miami for some sort of medical condition.  That was months ago.
From St Francis of Assisi. Ok, so you don't like the iguanas. And then you want to complain about the Key Deer. And of course you can't stand the colorful locals. How about the messy flowers and trees we have here? And aren't the birds a pain in the ass? And the raccoons, well they're just unacceptable beasts.  Let's just get rid of everything, and you can live in your sanctimonious sterile environment, and you'll have to find something new to bitch about.
Or better yet, why don't you just pack your conservative, anal retentive luggage and go back to perfect-ville. The iguanas and key deer and raccoons and us locals have been here far longer than you, and we would rather live harmoniously in peace without having to EXPLAIN to you why these harmless animals have a right to live.
Do you make it a practice to move to areas and try to change everything? Unfortunately, I'm afraid that eventually our eccentricity will be destroyed and we'll turn into another clean, perfect Barbie-doll village like Marco. Won't you be happy? I hope you are inundated with every wild beast we have here, including crazy locals.
I was just wondering if Wendy's is still going in at  the Winn Dixie Shopping area and if Walgreens is or is not going in at the Scotty's site?  The suspense is killing me!

They are pumping billions of barrels of oil from the earth. What fills the empty space? Does water seep in and fill it? Will the area eventually cave in? I want to know.

: If I give my cat to much food she won’t eat any of it; If I give her too little and go sit down she’ll meow, meow like crazy until I get up and give her more. They really try one’s patience don’t they? It’s a good thing they’re so soft and don’t taste too good.

Regarding the idiot who thinks that barking dogs represents a "relaxed freedom of living", are you nuts?  I'm all for relaxing and keeping one's nose out of the neighbors business, but when it comes to live and let live, that includes letting people live in peace and quiet. You have no right to annoy me all day and night with your untrained dogs. I'm not talking about a dog who barks when he's supposed to either. Some of these guys bark non-stop.   I know it's not the dog's fault, their owners probably shouldn't have been allowed to have pets in the first place. The dog can only be as good as it's owner, even if the dog is the smarter of the two.
I just had a very good Italian sub from a local eatery that delivers. Unfortunately, this is the last time I will give them an order, as the order arrived 1/2 hour later than they advised when I placed the order. And this was their second late order.  The first time it was an hour late.  I refused that order after talking to the owner to explain why I would refuse.  I told him I would give him another chance, and I did tip
the delivery person.  But, two strikes and your out in my game.  I know s**t happens, but all I ask is a phone call if the order is going to be more than 15 minutes late.  So, if the phone don't ring, it's me!
Thank you sooo much to the fine Women of the Moose at the Big Pine Key Lodge.  The Valentine Sweetheart Dinner Dance was fantastic! The decorations were lovely, Speed and Barb cooked a fabulous meal.  The service was great, smooth and efficient.  A real class act.  We are blessed to have this Lodge and these wonderful women in our community.  Keep up the good work!

To get a computer with logical commands- buy from  Apple!
What's up with all the cops? For the last 3 days there have been 3 state troopers pulling people over for bull s**t  reasons, and I want to know why? Watch out for the trooper with the pulled back hair that looks like a b**ch because that's exactly what she is.
It was mosquito control helicopter as it is written on the side of the aircraft. As for the DC-3's. They were sold and replaced with a smaller aircraft and had nothing to do with 911. It is amazing where you people come up with some of this stuff.
Has anyone noticed Angus is always busy now & doesn't take time to party & play the games like he used to? That's what I go to the House of Music for & I miss it. Somebody has to tell Angus to stop being a party pooper & start partying again.

Monday February 14, 2004


Sunday February 13, 2004

The Final Solution. The 'explosions' were sonic booms according to the Key West Citizen Friday morning.  The planes were 30 miles from the base and above 30,000 feet in their designated 'supersonic' training area.  Weather conditions of calm winds and low humidity resulted in unusual widespread effects.  I'll bet they rattled Cuba too.

The helicopters were more likely filming a car commercial on the No Name Bridge.  That again was in the Citizen, several days earlier, which also advised of the separate commercial being  filmed on the  7 mile bridge.  I know the Sheriff had a cruiser blocking the bridge while the helicopters were flying over.   The mosquito helicopter has a boom extending out the
right side which does the spraying and I didn't see that.  It's just a little early for mosquito spraying.

It's amazing what you can find out reading the local paper.  Perhaps the site editor could include a link to them.
To the person talking about the low flying helicopters:
It's obvious to me and almost any normal person, that these helicopters are the top secret spy helicopters of the New World Order.  Unless you are a Republican/Conservative, they will spy on you and follow your every action.  They can even read your thoughts, through an Orwellian invention that was created by Karl Rove.
There is help for you though from this insidious development by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Visit this website and learn how to protect yourself:
Hurray! Today there is no iguana, Sugarloaf school and only one Little Palm posting.

The explosions are sonic booms from the Mosquito helicopters chasing bugs out in the Gulf.

Brazilian  Pepper/ Underseas Dive Shop . About the horrible view from the bar next to the dive shop. Three years ago I drove up to Homestead, FL and paid about $300 for an herbicide called Garlon 4 to eradicate Brazilian Pepper and Australian Pines. After noticing the egregious seeding female B. peppers on the Underseas Dive Shop, I went in and offered to take care of them for free! The woman owner, (Rockett) declined my offer. My subsequent email was promptly responded to (by a daughter, if I remember correctly) and said that because of Hurricane Georges, they had not had the time to take care of the problem. Bullsh*t. The birds and raccoons continue to infest our yards (with seeds), natural areas, roadsides, etc., etc
Of course I and several other people that are concerned about our islands no longer do business with them.  Discount Divers on Green St. in Key West certainly has profited from Underseas disregard for the terrestrial environment.

Computers are so hard to work because most people don’t think like a geek. We think like rational people. They think like scientific nerds or something like that. Who else would design such a complex machine that in order to turn it off you have to press the START key?

There is a guy that rides his bike around the Avenues by the name of Waldemere, he has been in jail several times. They have no room and keep sending him back to us. When he finally kills someone I guess they will keep him. We have too many agencies caring for us although none of them give a s**t, "It's only a job, i did my duty." --sugarloafflyer@yahoo.com
The good old days were when mosquito control flew the DC-3's at 50 feet all over the Keys. It was great and stopped on 9/11. Sad passing.
If you don't like the barking dogs or the people, go back to Hawaii or wherever you came from.  This is not the mainland and the last thing we need down here are more rules and regulations.  Why is it that people come down here because it is such a nice, laid back place and the people are sooooo nice, and then they move here and want to make it like "where I come from, we do this..."
Come and visit, but don't move here and try and change what we all have worked so hard to maintain...a relaxed freedom of living.
I think a red house is an excellent idea.  I do believe they do have pea rock in different colors and with shiny stones.  It is probably expensive.  Go with the red paint if that is what you want.  At least you have a professionally installed A/C if Perry did it. 
Rob Again. After reading all the complaints about Robs and giving him the benefit of the doubt, I must admit I was wrong. Friday night I witnessed a man ask Rob if he called him a dickhead. Rob wouldn't answer. The man asked several times in an increasingly louder voice. Rob wouldn't answer. Silence in this case surely meant yes. Then to top it Rob said "You're out of here" and then he laughed. He had just kicked a man who was with five other people out of his restaurant for something he, Rob, had started. They left full plates of food and full drinks, never to return and to give him rave reviews.
Now it gets better. Sometime later a man was leaving and said "See ya dickhead". Rob turns and says, "See ya, go f**k yourself". This was in a crowded bar. I think Rob needs psychiatric help. Maybe Dr. Phil could get him on the show and work him over.
More Native Plant stuff.   Wed, Feb. 16, 7p.m." Medicinal Plants of the Keys." @ Key West Botanical Garden on College Road. For info call Beth 872-5787. Also, on Sat. Feb.19 Jeff Stotts will lead a tour of Indigenous Park and nearby coastal communities. Corner of White St. and Atlantic Blvd. 9a.m to noon. At any of these events you may bring cuttings for identification of your mystery plants.
Does the person who wrote the article "Avoid Direct TV" have a clue? sounds like a paid cable worker maybe.. Do you have any idea how Direct TV or DishNET work?   It does not rain every day in the Keys or the rest of Florida,. As a matter of fact we are in the dry season right now until about May-June when we will be in the wet/rainy season, but even then it doesn't rain every day. The antenna's on the satellites are built such that areas that get more rain get a stronger signal, in this case that would be Florida and Washington state.  For the signal to be degraded enough that you loose the signal it has to be a really, really hard downpour. I have used cable, when I lived on Grassy Key, and now the dish here on Big Pine. I have not had a moments problem with the dish and neither have friend or co-workers.  I suggest if you are having problems you look and see if you are aimed right, have trees grown up in front of the dish? Tree branches, leaves, blowing back and forth in front of the dish will degrade the signal and if they are wet its worse.
Girl Scout cookies are on the streets!!!!  On Sunday, February 13, you can buy cookies at Murray's Food Mart on Summerland Key from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.  Cookies cost $3.50 a box with proceeds going toward helping the girls pay expenses for camping trips, fun trips to Miami, and maintaining the Girl Scout Camps in the Keys and Miami areas. 
Different troops will be selling cookies at various locations the next two weekends including Winn-Dixie, Cracked Egg Cafe, Nadine's Salon and Day Spa, the Flea Market, and Big Pine Charter School.  Listen to US 1 radio and look in the papers for exact times. Girl Scout Cookies make great Valentine's Gifts!
From reading all about Little Palm Island and the drug addict employees accompanied by The Sheraton's intoxicated general manager I had a thought.  Maybe the Sheraton manager should go work for Little Palm and keep to her kind.  Better yet, run them all out of The Keys!

You go to the best restaurants and you get frozen French fries. No exceptions. Isn’t there a chef out there that can cook French fries?  Frozen fries are crispy on the outside and mealy inside.

The "explosions" are sonic booms from navy jets over the Gulf of Mexico. It happens every winter when the dry air moves in and sound waves can travel a lot farther.

Red House: Red is not a happy color. It signifies fire and anger. Also, no color fades in the sun as much as red. Red also holds the heat more than most other colors.

2002 was the warmest year in history. I wonder if that has anything to do with all the hurricanes we had this year.

I went into the Nextel store the other day considering switching over from Cingular.  I met the girl who we always hear on the radio.  I think she is the manager.  What a rude, classless Bi**h.  True bar trash.  Her language was worse then you would expect at a pool hall.  I am still switching over to Nextel but will not buy anything from that person.  I am going to Miami today to buy my new phone from someone who knows that the word "Customer" means.


Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere, but call it a hemorrhoid when it's in your  butt?

Sunday February 13, 2004


Saturday February, 12, 2005

It's not too late!  Valentine's  Day is around the corner.  Shop now to avoid days of misery later.
I am an animal lover, but dogs barking all night are irritating. Some people need their sleep. If your dog barks throughout the night, please take the dog inside. That's called being a good neighbor.
I have always been told that too much water will cause the hibiscus to drop their buds before they bloom.  It may also have more buds then it can support so it drops before it can take more nutrients from the plant.  It seems to help mine when I cut it way back and get rid of all the excess buds.
To the person who wrote in about The Radisson treating their cousins great and The Sheraton treating them like crap, I agree, The Radisson should be applauded.  I went to the Pool Bar there last night just due to your comments here about them.  The staff was great, prices were reasonable, food was excellent and they encourage a local crowd to hang out and use the pool if wanted.  I have company come in town quite a bit and am never sure where to have them stay in Key West, but I assure now, I will suggest the Radisson and tell them to stay far away from The Sheraton.  Nobody should be treated as your cousins were at The Sheraton when they are spending good money on a long needed vacation.
If your cousin truly wants to write a letter about their experience at The Sheraton, the parent company is Starwood and they are located in New York.  I am not sure of the address or phone number, but I am sure you could get it on line.  Maybe a letter to them will keep that woman at The Sheraton on her toes and teach her some customer skills.
Not only the tail of a gator is good eatin', but the back strap and the legs are all great, but you do need to tenderize with a buttermilk soak for 30 minutes and then tenderize with a jacard and cut into bite size pieces bread and fry.
You must not be local if you don't know that around here we spray for mosquitosThat's what the copters are doing.
(Sarcasm) Aren't we all glad that a certain group of people blocked Walgreens coming to our island? The level of service we're getting at the current store is a perfect example why monopolies are not a good thing.

Regarding your house shaking the other day, this is the time of year the Navy in Key West has the planes breaking the sound barrier and it dose make your house shake. That may be it.
I have to pipe in here.  I have to agree with the person that said some of the figures were way overstated.  Every reference that I have says that the survival rate of iguanas, IN THE WILD, is around 2%.  One site said that only one in 300 survive.  Now, if they are in captivity, the number used in the chart might work, but not in the wild.
There is even a question about if they are actually exotic or indigenous. Dr. Doug Mader, a leading authority in iguanas and other reptiles (he has written several papers on such) brought this up in an interview by the Free Press a year or so ago. 
The article said "But their classification as non-native invasive exotics, is questioned by Doug Mader, a local veterinarian. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Mader watched an iguana ride ashore upon a raft of branches.  It likely came across the straights from Cuba, he said.  Iguanas can be found throughout the Caribbean.  Mader also disagrees with the popular assertion that iguana have no natural predators in the Keys.  Black racers and other snakes, raptors such as sparrow and broad-winged hawks, raccoons and dogs will all kill them."
Maybe they are exotic. Maybe they are not.  The person I bought my house from (ten years ago) said that he had been told by the neighbors, for years, that there were several iguanas hanging out in the mangroves on the canal, but he had never seen them.  The first week in my new home, I saw the several iguanas. Some people just don't look that well.  It seems that people started noticing the iguana population in 1998, after Hurricane Georges blew through. Why?  Because most of the foliage had been stripped of leaves, so you could see the iguanas easier.  All I know is, I have learned to live with them, rather than fight them.  We have planted mostly native trees and plants in our yard, which they don't eat.  If you plant an exotic that you know they eat, like hibiscus, put a little cage around it, until it gets big enough that they don't bother it.  I have several large hibiscus plants in my yard, and I have quite a few iguanas that hang out.  It seems like the more flowers they eat, the more flowers the plants put out.  That is a fact.
Just to let you know how appreciative we here at the Chamber of Commerce are of our local police force, this morning early here at the Visitor Center, one Michael Roy from Canada was arrested for "carrying a concealed weapon" and other charges.  About a month ago I had requested the police come and help us with the homeless population who apparently had taken up residence here at the Chamber grounds, bathing in our bathrooms, freaking out our visitors, etc.  They responded and we have no more homeless here but apparently the police come by here early every morning to check the grounds unbeknownst to me.  As the Chamber is a bit isolated from Highway 1, I would like to say a big thank you to our Monroe County Police Department and to say this is one of the reasons I love Big Pine & the Lower Keys.
House shaking. It got me out of bed as well. Anyone know what it was?  I looked up the earthquake maps & didn't see anything, Sonic boom perhaps?
Weekend roundup:
1. "The lazy trash people" do one hell of a good job in my area of Big Pine.
2. The helicopters are mosquito control dropping larvicide.
3. If iguanas were rodents they'd be in Disney cartoons.
4. If you believe Iraq threatened us, you should be careful, you are an excellent candidate for a Jonestown type cult.
5. If you are concerned about our shrinking liberties, read up on what was happening in pre-war Germany and see how much fun is in store for us.
Was anyone around about 4pm on U.S.1 about MM 24.5 or so when a truck loaded with crap in the back with string and a tarp loosened and dropped 1/2 of his load on the road?  Cars were going in all different directions trying to avoid the rubbish flying?  He kept going and the trash kept blowing.  Notice of a business name on the truck or a tag would have been great.
I called the radio station 104.1. It WAS a sonic boom Thursday morning. Mystery revealed!
I have had Direct TV for over 15 years and have very few problems with losing the picture during a storm. It has to be an incredible rainstorm to affect the reception. I don't work for Comcast and have nothing against them, but I have found satellite to be cheaper and better than cable.
The cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400
I want to paint my cute little Big Pine Key Canal Home with the illegal dock Red.  Yes, happy-Red with white trim.  Why is this so crazy?  Two painters have looked at me like I am Nuts.  Will it make the insides hotter during the Summer?  We have a brand new AC from Perry.  Why aren't there any Red houses here in the Keys?  Why does all of the pea-rock / driveway rock have to be so boring? Why can't it have sparkles or come in different shades?  I'm really curious.
The big island of Hawaii must be full of nervous people. We don't need any more ordinances, we are about ordinanced to death.
To the person worried about the low flying helicopter. Not to worry its just mosquito control larvasiding due to the way above normal high tides we just had.
I have found a very effective way to eliminate the Iguana problem in my neighborhood.  Order a Daisy pellet gun with a laser scope from an on line web site.  Three pumps seems to do the job and it's very quiet, clean, and anyone can aim the sight accurately.  Only problem I've noticed so far is that even crabs and other bottom feeders won't eat the nasty bastards.
Re: The ice-cream man. If it's the same guy, he takes care of a severely handicapped child and can only work when he has help for his child.  He has also helped out at Rotary's Kids Karnival (this year: March 5) for a number of years.  So let's support our ice-cream truck -- it's like being a kid all over again!
Monroe County Air force. The helicopters are Monroe County Mosquito Control.  They are spraying the standing water left by the recent high tides with a larvicide to stop the mosquitoes before they mature into their most annoying form.  The larvicide is deployed in a granule made from ground up corn cobs.  You might find them on your vehicle or roof from time to time.

Has anyone told the owners of Conch & Stein (I hate that name) that the overgrown Florida Holly in the unkempt back yard of Underseas Dive Shop looks terrible, gloomy and creepy? I hate going to that bar because of that gloomy view. Maybe they could offer to clean out the holly.

Guess you heard about the Wall Mart in Canada. The employees are trying to get a Union Shop. Wal-Mart says if that happens they will just close the store. What ever happened to "Mom & Pop operations?
To the few of you defending Jeff (Drug dealer), he must supply you with something, cause
the rest of us know who he is and what he is about.  No, he is not a major dealer; yes he is a user (small dealer, maybe) and obviously a drunk.  The big dealers don’t carry on as he does, and have a lot more class, and aren’t so blatant.  Who ever said he works day & night must not be referring to actual work. To some, working is drinking and drugs.  And as for going out of his way to help anyone, you must have something he needs.  Carry
on everyone, enjoy life and stop wasting your energy on a no-rate.
Be careful.  Free expression can bcostly when bloggers bad-mouth jobs. Apparently employers are finding these sites by doing simple net searches. Even if the employees blog on their own time and never mention the company by name.

Q. What is the only food that doesn’t spoil? A. Honey.

Saturday February, 12, 2005

Friday February 11, 2005

My house shook
this morning (Thursday) too.  It freaked me out.  What in the world was it?
I've been around a couple of decades more than most of you. Let me say this, you get back what you give. If you go into a place like Sq. Grouper, House of Music, Tiki, Key Deer, or wherever, your attitude will be picked up by most of the people there in a blink. Go into a place with a positive attitude, a pleasant face and it's good to smile and make positive (good) eye contact and that's what you get back 90% of the time. I owned and operated a bar for many, many years and I saw all kinds. It's only 10% that are real a**holes. 90% are great people and want to be a friend. So let's ease off the bad mouth and try and make a new friend in every place we go. Don't be so quick to judge. Remember that no two people are alike. Thank God!

I do not have bugs on the hibiscus, but when I water them, the blooms fall off. I use a Bayer product that kills the bugs too. I am at a loss.
Native plant nursery.   By far the most extensive source of natives is on Plantation Key, on the bayside. At least it was when Donna Sprunt owned it. She sold it over a year ago, but I assume it is pretty much the same as it was. It is called Fla. Keys Native Nursery. If you come to any of the Fla. Native Plant Society meetings, they practically give away natives at every meeting. The number is 305-451-1202 in the keys for some info from Jim Duquesnel at Pennecamp State Park.

Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride; he sticks his head out the window?

What was that explosion? This was not the first time I've heard it, but it is the first time I've heard that anyone else has. Does anyone know?
Warning:  Avoid direct TV, plain and simply, it sucks. Every time there is a hint of rain it goes out. In Florida, it rains almost every day and it always seems to go out right before the punch line or best part of the movie. Today it's not even raining and it's all screwed. Does anyone else have these problems or know the number for cable TV. Help!
I was very sad to hear Angie got let go from The Tiki Bar.  She was the best bartender they had.  Alleyways pleasant and gave a smile with your drink.  She was also very nice to look at, unlike most of the over weight women who work there.  She should have no problem finding a job somewhere else.  Maybe she should try Boondocks.  Seems most of Tiki's crowd is heading over there anyway.
What is the scoop with the lazy trash people that do nothing but throw your trash can as hard as they can and then leave half of what is in it there? You put your trash out and pick half of it up the next day. You call and you are the one in fault. "Did you bag it? Is it heavy? Too many leaves in a can?"
What happened to doing the job that you are paid for?  If you are so angry with your job, quit it and do something that you can do right. Collect welfare or go back to your own country.
Can any of you good Piners tell me what's up with the low flying helicopters that appear to be fitted with cameras or something?  Someone said that they are taking aerials of properties for tax reasons. I feel like I'm back in South Central!
http://www.hurtwood.demon.co.uk/Fun/copter.swf  A Helicopter game.
It looks like it's time to add one more species to the "endangered" list at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: scientific facts.  There is somebody who is a non-scientist saying: "Change the data, I don't like the facts you've given me. So change the facts." It's shocking that 20 percent of  scientists say that it's happened to them.

It may seem shocking  but then again, it's happened under an administration where politics have ruled over science across an entire range of environmental policy, from oil drilling to global warming to mercury pollution.

Iguanas are Rodents
Will everybody please just shut up over these iguanas.  They are damn rodents.
To the person that is having a problem with hibiscus buds falling. Don't worry, the iguanas will eat your plants shortly and you won't have to worry about the buds. You won't have any plants left. They love hibiscus and caladiums.
Iguana Recipe. I have simply boiled the tails until tender, about 20 or so minutes. It kills the salmonella and the meat is decent. It's very similar to eating a turkey neck, only a little blander. I'm sure there must be better ways to cook it, like baking and basting. I feel bad for not utilizing more than just the tail. When people eat 'gator, why don't people eat the entire alligator, and not just the tail? Or do they?
Hawks, and falcons like the kestrel, do get an occasional iguana, but not many. If raptors didn't migrate away from the keys in the spring and summer they would undoubtedly nab a lot more of the bright green hatchlings.

Remember! You can't drink all day if you don't start early.
I know about going around someone here on BP not on the right turn only, but just going down the road.  I had an old guy in a Caddie stop dead in front of me by the gas station across from the "Egg"  so I tried to avoid him and an old Marine Patrol cop that had road duty that day pulled across traffic in front of me to give me a ticket because I went around the guy.  His initials are VL. Ring a bell? Sound familiar? Land or sea he is out there to get you. Crimes are never solved here, but they pick-off the petty crap.
The Iguana Corner in Wednesdays Kudos & Whiners was great!  The 6 postings were very good. The ones about doing something about the problem were right on. The government will wait till it becomes epidemic and then spend millions of our tax dollars to fix it. It looks like the clown that wrote in to "Leave the damn iguanas alone" is definitely out-numbered. He probably helped bring in the water hyacinths and melaleucas to Florida. The last posting had some great ideas. "Big Pine Iguana Fest" or an annual iguana hunt would be good. Have prizes for the most, biggest etc!

Regarding the barking dogs on Big Pine Key. The big island of Hawaii has a great noise ordinance that I think all of the Keys should adopt. You can call the police for any noise lasting more than 20 minutes (including barking dogs).  The person responsible for the noise will receive a ticket. With all the complaints about noise in Key West and the Keys, I have never understood why we don’t have the same type of law. I think it’s a great idea.

IAruba they do iguana tail stew, a real tasty chowder. non lethal to the iguanas.
Show us your papers: It sounds a lot like Nazi Germany to me. Losing liberties inch-by-inch. Is anyone else troubled that the 'war on terror' is being "used as a means to introduce legislation which stereotypes, dehumanizes, and unfairly targets immigrants."

Despite the protests of Democrats and a range of groups from Amnesty International to the ACLU, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that will deny drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and mandate a uniform federal ID for all 50 states. The bill passed in the House with a decisive two-thirds majority, though in its current form it's not likely to make it through the Senate.

People for the American Way argues that the bill will do little to help prevent future terrorist attacks, pointing out that the 9/11 hijackers obtained their visas and licenses using fraudulent documents, and that future terrorists could do the same. 
Holy Heck!  Report: FAA Had 52 Pre-9/11 Warnings
Iguana skin jewelry?  Could start a new trend.  Maybe branch out into belts, wallets, mini-skirts?

Don't they have enough to worry about without this?   The Virginia House of Delegates voted 60 to 34 Tuesday to impose a $50 fine on anyone found wearing pants low enough that a substantial portion of undergarments is showing. Note the vote: It wasn't even close! 
Best wishes to the happy couple Charles and Camilla to wed in April.
The Bush white House is getting weirder and weirder. Fake news, fake reporter
Why was a partisan hack, using an alias and with no journalism background, given repeated access to daily White House press briefings?

By Eric Boehlert
Feb. 10, 2005  | 
When President Bush bypassed dozens of eager reporters from nationally and internationally recognized news outlets and selected Jeff Gannon to pose a question at his Jan. 26 news conference, Bush's recognition bestowed instant credibility on the apparently novice reporter, as well as the little-known conservative organization he worked for at the time, called Talon News. That attention only intensified when Gannon used his nationally televised press conference time to ask Bush a loaded, partisan question -- featuring a manufactured quote that mocked Democrats for being "divorced from reality."

Gannon's star turn quickly piqued the interest of many online commentators, who wondered how an obvious Republican operative had been granted access to daily White House press briefings normally reserved for accredited journalists

Call the authorities! Looe Key lets "little girls" bartend!
Happy New Year to our Rooster friends: 
The Year Of The Rooster

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005
People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. They like to be busy and are devoted beyond their capabilities and are deeply disappointed if they fail. People born in the Rooster Year are often a bit eccentric, and often have rather difficult relationship with others. They always think they are right and usually are! They frequently are loners and though they give the outward impression of being adventurous, they are timid. Rooster peoples' emotions like their fortunes, swing very high to very low. They can be selfish and too outspoken, but are always interesting and can be extremely brave. They are most compatible with Ox, Snake, and Dragon
After hearing about the salmonella I vote any iguana recipe be prepared well done.
Highly Edited Letter: To the person that said Iraq did not threaten us. There are terrorist in that country. If you think for a moment that Sadumb didn't have anything to do with 9/11, then go ahead and defend a man that killed 100's of thousands of his own people. He hated us. If he would have hit us later you would have said why didn't we get rid of him while we had the chance. You said the same thing about Bin Laden. We had the chance to get him, but your precious Clinton did nothing about it. Our President does everything to protect us from another 9/11.
Don't complain about health care. Clinton spent 8 years saying that he would fix it and did absolutely nothing. You just want people to attack us then do something about it. Spin? What Spin? And by the way Mr. Barometer, I will give my name and I would say this to anyone's face. I fought for this Country and I Love it to death.

Friday February 11, 2005

Thursday February 10, 2005

I heard spraying vinegar on plants will keep the bugs away. Let us all know if it works!

Looe Key Tiki Bartenders
. I really like the new bartenders especially the little girl with the shorter hair. I've been going to that bar on an off for years and always thought it was unfriendly--and I'm a big tipper. I walked in the bar the other day and was greeted by a big, happy "hello" from down the bar by this cheerful young lady. I'll be back more. It was nice not to be ignored.
I recently visited the  keys in search of native foliage. I stopped at every nursery, flower stand and landscaper along the way. It wasn't until I reached Big Pine Key that I found what I was looking for--and at a great price. Thank you Octopuses Garden for helping me out. I'll be back again.
To who it may concern, To the person who runs this web site:  I am a costumer who uses this web site for the help wanted section and for your advertising.  I briefly viewed the winners column and did not like what I saw.  There was an article about Miss Perez with an old e-mail address of mine.  I had to change that e-mail because someone got into my program and E-mailed 96 people about something not nice. I know this individual, our kids play together and this makes my stomach turn.  Why?  It could be someone else using that e-mail address but two people cannot have the same e-mail, if this is a joke please think of the harm this this can do.  This web site can hurt a lot of people.
I agree, where are the cops when you need them? Chasing someone for 30 miles with pepper spray?  The passing on the right-hand side on Big Pine is brutal, and why aren't they sitting there waiting for them to do it? You can't even walk your bike across the street for fear of getting run over by an illegal passing car.   
Oh, that is right, it is donut time.
I love the new bartenders at Looe Key Tiki. In the past you could sit and sit while they walked by and acted like you weren't there. What a bunch of morons they had there. Best thing that ever happened to that place was cleaning house. Why is it every time I hear gripes about a place here, its from someone or a friend of someone that was fired? If you are such good help, finding another job shouldn't be a problem. Move on, that's life.

A woman was telling me that she was snorkeling a few years ago and she had her hair pulled back which made a short, three inch long pony tail that was sticking up out of the water and a barracuda came by and grabbed it taking a chunk of hair from her head. Ouch!

Ordinance for barking dogs in BPK. Unless you make BPK dog-free forget about it! Good grief. Dogs bark. Cats Meow. Unless you are an animal lover, BPK might not be your best choice of where to live. We are a community of animal lovers. I know I am.
Recipe: I, for one am in favor of an iguana roast. I think that it probably has its own unique flavor, but I'll bet I could cook up some iguana bites. I'll bet they are great if cooked right. You have to tenderize them like gator meat and soak them in a little buttermilk for 30 minutes, then cut into bite size pieces and then the old egg wash and breading to deep fryer. Ummm, let me know when.
I could cook up some tenderized iguana poppers that would make you wanna stand up and slap yore mammy!

President Bush: You can put all the spin on it you want, but the fact remains that we invaded a country that did not threaten us.

For the person that wrote "leave the damn iguanas alone": I found out who "made up that ridiculous chart" he is a professional statistician, and deals with probability factors, and he does have the time to work up the figures. If you read it, he said the current population was a guess. We don't do a head count like we do with the key deer. You are right, iguanas do live longer than 5 yrs. The average is 8 to 9 yrs. and can live up to 25 yrs. You were wrong when you stated "the birth rate and survival rate of each clutch were extremely overstated". An iguana reaches sexual maturity in about 18 months. The breeding season lasts for approximately 30 days. Males mate with several females. Iguanas can go into season twice a year. The gestation period is approximately 60 days. The incubation period lasts from 73 to 120 days. You do the math! If you haven't seen that many more than you did 10 yrs. ago, look around.
Some other interesting facts: Almost all are infected with salmonella. Last year there were 74,000 cases of salmonella infections in humans in the US. "Not all from iguanas", but still a threat here on Big Pine. There were 500,000 to 1 million imported into the US last year. When they are in season, they go potty two to three times a day. That's why you see so much droppings on boats and docks, etc. I think you should do some real research and read up on a subject before you respond to some-ones posting.
I checked my Cingular phone bill and for the last two months they had been charging me for long distance (which is included in my plan). I wonder how many other people get screwed like that? I'm going with the Phone Depot as soon as my contract is expired.
You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.
I like the iguana debate much more than the Sugarloaf school debate.

I would like to join the Iguana catchers posse. They are supposed to be quite tasty.  Start sending those Iguana recipes.
I bank at TIB bank in Big Pine and I can honestly say every employee there is always very nice, especially Demaris, maybe you're just one of those chronic whiners that have nothing better to do than wake up and look for dirt on people and then whine to this site. In 3 years here I have never seen Demaris be any thing but nice, happy and professional. Someday you may be down on your luck. Let's hope your friends are better than you. Shame on you.

If women ruled the world.
After reading your submission guide it is clear that you use selective enforcement. Looking back in just the last month, there are many negative or name-quoting entries that do not include the writers e-mail. What gives?
You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.

Where did that awful explosion come from this morning at 8:06? There were two in a row. They shook my whole house and rattled my windows. Geeze, I thought I was back in California.
As usual, people tend to twist what is said.  The person talking about certain figures on the chart being overstated NEVER said that the iguanas should be here!  Go back and read what was said.  Also, the people giving the tickets on the highway are NOT U.S. Fish and Wildlife service.  Also, I have lived here 15+ years, and there were quite a few iguanas here back then too.  Yeah, the numbers have appeared to have grown, but the hawks and such DO eat them.  I've seen it happen on numerous occasions.  I even saw an Eagle swoop down on our canal and pick one up.  I also saw an American Kestrel, the smallest of the hawks, eating on a young one.  
As far as the landscaper digging up hundreds of eggs, he probably got into more than one female's clutch, because normally one iguana will lay up to 50 eggs, but the survival rate is very low on these guys.  Exactly how have these creatures upset the balance of nature?  Most of the complaints that I hear from people is that the iguanas are eating their plants in their yards and pooping on their sea walls.  What kind of plants?  EXOTIC plants, for the most part, such as hibiscus.  So you're complaining about exotics eating exotics?  I do a lot of walking on the refuge land, and hardly ever come across an iguana there.  They are in the neighborhoods, eating your exotic plants. 
Humans have done more to upset the balance of nature by planting some of these exotics in their yards.  The Brazilian Pepper that is such a problem in our refuges is Florida Holly, that so many people bought and planted in their yards?  What's funny is this:  Go back and substitute the word "humans" in place of "iguanas" on many of these statements, and it still fits.  So does that mean we should be eradicated too?  Hmmm, inquiring minds want to know.  Feral cats and domestic free roaming cats are doing much more damage to our habitat, killing thousands of birds, frogs, anoles, etc. 

We have all forgotten to mention that the invasive iguana also carries salmonella all over it's body. Doesn't that sound like the kind of animal you want running all over your babies toys? We need them gone!
I found the Cops when I didn't need them. I got a ticket for leaving the "paved" surface while I was passing on the right.
Bo Fodor now plays at Conch and Stein every Saturday, 7-11. Let's Party!

I'll be happy to make jewelry from iguana skin. I already use shed snake skin and natural semi-precious stones. If anyone has a collection of iguana skins, mention it here for a contact.

Thursday February 10, 2005

Wednesday February 9, 2005

Hats Off to the Big Pine Moose Lodge for a great Super Bowl Sunday Party.  This community is very fortunate. The 2 young men firing the burgers did an awesome job and all who brought in food - A big thanks!  Big Pine Moose Lodge Rocks! 

oes anyone know the exact ordinance regarding barking dogs in BPK?
The median average income in Miami is $23,483. Less than 24K annually is hardly enough to build a mansion or even an average home. 23.5% of the Miami population live below the poverty line (according to the US Census Bureau). So, that means one in every four people are dirt poor. You can drive through the few nice Miami neighborhoods and pretend all of Miami is just as nice, but the facts are the facts.
When the ice cream truck blocks traffic, it is annoying, but the children live to hear that music playing over and over and over. Our neighborhood ice cream truck music is often  "La Coca Roacha"- Hmmm, ice cream a la roach.

e: hibiscus blooms busting. You got bugs on your buds, spray them with soapy water and it will kill what's eating them.
There is a saying"You should be nice and respect people, which, in return, they will respect you," and the chain of friendliness will continue through our little town.  We have a large number of incredible neighbors.  It's always a pleasure banking at TIB Bank.  I feel welcome with all the beautiful faces and their smiles but Miss Darmaris Perez was always difficult to talk to.  Not a pleasant person, so I keep my distance away from her.  On Tues. morning I was enjoying my coffee and checking the arrest log when I saw Perez's picture. I choked-- she got arrested on Sat. or Sun.  Wow! What a picture!  I hope she will be nicer to their customers.  --Bayala2@aol.com
(Ed Note: Bayala2 sent us the mug shot, but asked us not to print it.)
I urge anyone concerned with the dumbing down of America take a listen to this brilliant man. Click on the watch video link, and fast forward anywhere in this long interview, and learn. If it bores you, well, sorry I wasted your time.

The person who bad mouthed the Square Grouper having a snooty attitude:  The Grouper is a nice, classy local restaurant that tends to attract a more upscale customer than some other places around this part of the Keys.  You apparently spent too much time listening to other people’s conversations rather than enjoying a pleasant dining experience and excellent food in a nice atmosphere.  You apparently would be more at home at a different establishment.  I would suggest you try the outside seating at the Key Deer Bar and Grill.

REPTILES are animals. Wow! You can learn a lot from this site.
I am the person who wrote about the terrible way my cousins were treated at The Sheraton in Key West across from the beach. They ended up going to The Radisson and were treated like kings.  They mentioned to the desk clerk at The Radisson how badly they were treated at The Sheraton and how the general manager reeked of booze and her assistant was useless. The general manager at The Radisson heard about it and bought them dinner just to apologize for a bad Key West experience.  That is true customer service in the hospitality business.  I applauded the Radisson and the general manager for stepping up when a rival hotel treated them like dirt and the general manager there didn't even care.  Does anyone know how to reach cooperate Sheraton?  My cousins would like to write them a letter about their experience and how their general manager representing the hotel was intoxicated at 4 PM on the premises and on duty.  She is not what I think a company of Sheraton status would like to see at the helm of their ship.

If women controlled the world. (This scares me and I'm fearless.)
Words out: Tiki Angie got canned. She was the last to go from the good old days. She was there 11 years. Miss Manager said she didn't need her any more. What does she know? The only bar and management experience she has is working at Fridays as a waitress for three days, and sitting at the bar drinking. And lets not forget she and the manager chip are a couple. I would like to say what a couple of cuties they are. Poor Joe Glenn if he only knew what they do.

I think any one loyal to Angie should E-mail Joe and give him the scoop. Like they sell bottles of wine at the bar and open them and give ice and glasses to the people. Know why? Good tips. It is against the law. A package license says you can't open the package on the property Joe could lose his license. Miss ring in her nose gave all bartenders at a house meeting (can be proved) permission to drink when they work as long as they don't get drunk. Again, against the law for a bartender to be under the influence when serving alcohol or selling cigarettes. Joe could lose his license. Not either Chippy or Miss ring-in-her-nose the law? Joe told every one he spent a lot of money on that pouring system, he needs to go out there and see it ain't working the way he wanted it to. It is not on auto ring every time you tip the bottle, so on with all the free drinks on Joe.

Life has a funny way of catching up with us and you two are on a real short journey. The end is closer then you think. Angie, they did you a favor and they don't know it. Everyone will miss you. You were the only thing there that had any class. When you go there look around at who is working in there now. On Sundays I got a hoot listening to the guy with the shaved head tend bar and tell the tourist he owns the place. I counted 11 drinks he gave away in less then two hours. Poor old Joe. 

To everyone that travels on US 1. Please remember that it is our main (only) artery to get from one place to another and it needs to keep flowing. Those of us that have been here a while know that the FLDOT are a bunch of college educated idiots and have the speed limits, double yellow lines and no passing zones all screwed up. Please drive the speed (a little over once past Big Pine) limit and we'll get to our destinations a little more safely. If you must pass on the right and can't wait a few seconds for the guy to turn (and maybe let someone else get on the highway) can you at least slow down while you go off the road

When reefs die only slimy things survive—like jelly fish (which are crunchy, when eaten, if you didn’t already know) and algae. Why is that? Why only slimy things?

Do the people who listen in on someone's conversation at Square Grouper really have nothing better to do then listen to what someone else is talking about?  If you don't like the conversation at a good restaurant then go to a bad one.  The atmosphere and proprietors of a restaurant determine the crowd they get and different crowds have different levels of conversation.  Square Grouper is owned by a respected local family and hires respectable people so they get a respectable crowd. 

Iguana Corner:
I wonder how long you have lived here to say the iguana's should be here? They shouldn't. They are an invasive species that's taking over. They started showing up in numbers around 1995 before that it was rare to see one. They don't have any natural predators here that eat them. Hawks would rather eat your cat or small dog first or a good Winn Dixie parking lot chicken. They are endangering the balance for indigenous species in the keys.
The iguanas don't belong here, much like Brazilian pepper and Australian pines. They are changing the balance of nature of this island and need to be eradicated. Why don't Fish and Wildlife do something about getting rid of them instead of giving people speeding tickets for driving 40 MPH on a deserted stretch of totally fenced in, with underpasses, stretch of highway.

Let's face it, no official action will ever be taken by any official agency about our iguana epidemic until they have done irreparable damage to the Keys.

Why is it that so many people get so upset about complaints about the iguanas? Do they belong here? Are they indigenous to the Keys? How did they get here?  Iguanas are not indigenous to the Keys. Before the pet stores decided we needed to have them here as pets, we didn't have them here in the wild. They live and reproduce well here because our climate is perfect for them and they are reproducing well here. 10 years ago, there were no iguanas here. As many as we have now shows the evidence of their rapid rate of population.  They have no natural predators here. Our natural balance here can easily be disturbed because they are over populating so well.  In Nicaragua, where they are native, people eat them and call them tree chickens. That's according to a Nicaraguan friend of mine. Blah, blah, blah about a food source for other predators. There are plenty of rats and mice and other native animals for the hawks and ospreys to eat. They don't need iguanas any more than we do. They don't belong here and should be removed before they become a natural balance problem. If you think my idea is garbage, you haven't been to the Carolinas or Georgia and seen the kudzu problem there.  The balance of Nature isn't something to mess with.
The Iguana math man's numbers could be off a bit, too small, perhaps?  A  landscaper accidentally dug up a  nest on Big Pine a few years back and there were hundreds of eggs.
I agree that those iguana population numbers look a little dubious, but to say that there are no more iguanas now than there were 10 years ago is absolutely ridiculous. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that their
population has exploded and will continue to grow since there is no natural check on their population. If left unchecked, they will continue to feed at the unlimited all-you-can-eat salad buffet that is our yards.  Therefore, I am proposing a solution that is blatantly stolen from Key West and their ChickenFest. I think that we should get together and have a Big Pine Iguana Fest. We could celebrate the ugly beasts while raising money for a good cause. Perhaps we could even nominate our own "iguana catcher".  (I'll do it for $20/pop)  But best of all, we could even borrow the slogan from Key West's festival: "Tastes like chicken!"  Who is with me here?

Wednesday February 9, 2005


Tuesday February 8, 2005

I like the ice cream man's tinkling tune; it reminds me of my lost youth. When I was about seven and walking home from school an ice cream truck sped around the corner so fast that the cooler door opened and three, one gallon cartons of ice cream fell at my feet. Talk about pig heaven--and a great bellyache.

As someone who grew up in Big Pine Key and has an extensive knowledge of almost all neighborhoods in Miami-Dade county, I must say that I am disappointed with how grossly misrepresentative some of your opinions are of Miami. First of all, when lots of you say you're going to "Miami" to shop or do errands, you actually mean the Wal-Mart in Florida City.

It is rare to encounter someone from Big Pine who knows the roads and neighborhoods of Miami-Dade well. This is the source of the problem: many of you have not been to the numerous safe, attractive, and prosperous areas of the metropolitan area. These areas are much more numerous than the ghettos of which you speak. Unfortunately, many of you choose to discount them in favor of over exaggerating the crime that happens in low-income, urban areas of Miami.

The majority of Miami-Dade county is suburban, middle-income, and perfectly safe. Maybe some of you just don't care about this and are just plain prejudiced against Cuban-Americans and other Hispanics that contribute to Miami's dynamic Latin culture. If that is the case, you have another set of problems about which I won't even begin to elaborate. I cover that in my contribution here: http://www.bigpinekey.com/Pages/long_winded_tomes_2005.htm

ncle Ted (Nugent) was here in '78 and it was sharks he was shooting with the bow, cause I was there!  
To the person who suggested adding yeast to the septic tank so you can eliminate pumping, that is an old wives tale!  Yeast isn't going to start any new bacteria strain to eat the crap that's already there.  The bacteria that's there already have home field advantage.  Septic tanks seldom need pumping, every 3-5 years is average.  Give up beer for a week and pay to get your tank pumped. 
Greatest thing since snapper bait! This website mentioned in the Barometer using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: http://www.opera.com/m2/

What a Super Bowl party for us folks here on Big Pine! Terry and the gang of volunteers once again reminded me how lucky I am to live here. Fortunately, most of the whiners were to busy whining to Bigpinekey.com to attend. Sign me: Lucky to be a Big Piner!

Conversations in restaurants can be so loud one cannot help but overhear. So can rude people who loudly blow their noses. I think you should talk loud enough so your companions can hear you, not be loud enough to qualify as the town crier. At least the complaints do not include babies & toddlers screaming that shrill squall at the top of their lungs. That would ruin even the best dinner in town.

Reptiles are animals
, along with everything alive that is not a plant.
It's great what the show "Extreme Home Makeover"  does for families. I really think that spreading themselves a little thinner to help more people would be even better. Along with a new home, they receive a new car, swimming pools & such.

Give the pools  & cars to separate families or individuals. More poor people might just get that car so they can skip the bus stop. A whirlpool for an arthritis patient would improve their imprisoned lives. Maybe install central air conditioning for those who do not have AC. What about the people who cannot afford to so much as own a piece of dirt to build on? Spread out the gifts, there a lots of deserving people. Give away time shares at Disney to those who cannot afford to vacation.

Does anyone know what stops the blooms from a hibiscus from falling off before it has a chance to bloom?
Part of the problem. Fox News Friday (from Salon.com). Neil Cavuto spent a good chunk of time interviewing Focus on the Family's James Dobson. They talked about Dobson's efforts to fight abortion, they talked about the great SpongeBob controversy -- when you hear the words "tolerance and diversity," Dobson said, you've got to ask "what's behind it?" -- and then they talked about the awful influence that TV is having on our kids. Dobson said that popular culture is "at war" with moms and dads all over the country. Cavuto clucked, clucked right along with him, saying he was worried about what his kids see on TV and didn't know what he could do about. Minutes later, Cavuto was on to another story: A fawning live interview with two large-breasted women, dressed only in their underwear, who will be appearing in Sunday's pay-per-view "Lingerie Bowl."

Oh my goodness! Boycott the ice cream guy? Get real. I don't give a hoot where he is as long as he has fudgesicles on board. Come on people. How can you complain?
I personally like to hear the ice cream truck coming around.  Reminds me of my childhood and the Goody-Bar man, only the Goody-Bar man had bells.  Would you rather this guy use bells?  I remember the time that I lost my tooth to a Goody Bar!  We used to run like crazy to get to him on time.  Next time he comes around, just stop for a minute and think back to your childhood.  You just might get a smile goin'.  Or better yet, go out and buy a 'Buried Treasure' or a good old 'Nutty Buddy'.  I think it adds a little more charm to the lovely life we lead down here in the beautiful Florida Keys. 

Does anyone have any information regarding an aikido class on big pine?

Is the Habitat Home Center behind Rogers Furniture a place where we can donate furniture for Habitat for Humanity, or is it a store where goods are donated and sold to the public to  benefit Habitat for Humanity?

I, for one, love listening to other peoples conversations. It makes me feel good to know all these rich snobs are so insecure that all they can talk about is their house, money, big trip and little Johnny's private school. If this isn't the land of the Big Ego, I don't know where it could be.

Wow, those iguana population numbers are impressive.  Somebody should start a business. Are they edible?  Can you use the hides to make boots?  Sounds like a nearly inexhaustible supply.
Geez, the ice cream truck tune is supposed to be one of those happy memories of childhood!  It does seem odd if he's only around during the winter, though.
I didn't say my husband and I weren't accepted at the Square Grouper.  The waitress was very laid back.  I almost couldn't believe how laid back she was. I was worried for her that she was going to get yelled at by someone for being unprofessional. Yah, I won't be going back. I strongly dislike stuck up people that think they are better then you!  I would much rather hang out somewhere that everyone is laughing and having a good time together.  Maybe I'll give it a try again during the off season.
To whomever made up that ridiculous chart on "iguana breeding on Big Pine." I'm glad you have the time to sit there and try to dream up some numbers to make the iguana problem look so drastic.  Funny, I've lived here ten years and if your figures were correct, I guess we'd have double that many here. (iguanas live longer than five years)  The birth rate and survival rate of each clutch were extremely overstated.  There were quite a few iguanas around our home ten years ago, and I don't really see that many more now than I did then.  Nature has a way of thinning out a population when it gets out of proportion.  The hawks, herons, and snakes really thin them out. The iguanas actually are providing a food source, for these critters, that has been depleted because of all the development and loss of habitat.  All you've done is deliberately use high numbers to make the "problem" look much worse than it really is. leave the damn iguanas alone! 
Sunday from 12 till 6 was a great time and some good music for a good cause (Habitat for Humanity) at the old Chamber of Commerce building on A1A. Thanks Terry Cassidy and all the others who came out to play and entertain again this year. The weather was perfect and the music was something else

Re. Person with Beach Club Membership to Little Palm.  How do you get one of those?
Ha! I am dieing laughing reading all of these stupid comments back to my comment on the Square Grouper.  My husband and I couldn't even have a conversation, everyone around us were so close they were almost on top of us.  We were absolutely not trying to listen to anyone.  That is how people talk that think they are better than you--LOUD!  I didn't even go off about the place, I gave my opinion about it just like everyone does on here about restaurants.  Next time I will sit on my deck w/our open water view and have my husband cook me a kick-ass meal.  We just have to find a babysitter for the kiddies.  I'm glad to see I caught the attention of all the snobs that read this column.
Prejudice is pre-judgment. The comments about Miami being crime ridden and ruined by Cubans is AFTER the fact. If any group is prejudice, it is the Cubans against America, otherwise they would learn English.
Why are you using first names and listening to other people's conversations at restaurants?  I go to a restaurant with interesting people and listen to who is talking at my table.  Once again, the Square Grouper rules because if you're irritating, nosey people who want to cut down your business, hopefully they will stop patronizing so more of us can get in faster to your fabulous food and great service!  Please stop using first names.  One persons opinion doesn't make it so.  I love all the kisses I get from Big Pine Liquors.
Agreed about all of the clearly obvious ex-employees from L.P. Island that bitch about Little Palm Island Resort. If you can't hack an easy job, lots of hard work, but not challenging, you're a total idiot or socially incompetent sub-human that shouldn't even pump gas. The psycho bartender guy, boat captain pervert, and their idiot dock master father who did a great job raising them , do not represent the nice people that work there. The employees do NOT set those high prices. Get a clue. The customers/guests there always leave happy. Let it go all of you ex-employees that got deservedly fired and get on with your pathetic lives!
By the way, don't confuse that one idiot bartender that was fired with the very nice and professional female brunette bartender there by the name of Lison. She is extremely professional, polite, hard working and fantastic! Great with guests and employees both.  A great pleasure to be around.

If you can afford to, or it's a special occasion, I highly recommend going to one of their wonderful Sunday Brunches. You won't be sorry.

We are having a big BBQ next month and I want to have some iguana on the menu. Where's the best place to get these big luscious critters. They have to taste better than the raccoon we had last year.
Here's an idea: let's have some fundraisers for our local working people who don't have a nest egg or a wealthy family. I know of one person, who has a sick kitty, she can't afford it, but she will.(?) And she is one of our local people who could use an extra good tip sometimes. I won't name names, but she's pretty, works on a boat and is an animal lover And we love her.
The Square Grouper is actually getting rave reviews, I personally love it there. I always recommend it first  when someone asks for a referral of a good restaurant. I think it has become the locals' favorite place.
Shut up about the ice cream truck. A little music won't kill you.  I rather enjoy hearing the ice cream music. A reminder of summers of youth, mine and my children's.
Does anyone know where the young waitress at Rob's with the red hair went? I think her name is Monique.  She was the best server I had there and have not seen her in a few weeks.  I hope she is still around.  All-in-all most of the servers at Robs were pretty good, but she was the best.
Where are the Best Singles Happy Hour Bars down in Key West? I give up on Big Pine.
I agree with the person saying what crazy drivers we have speeding down Key Deer Blvd. I leave for work at 6:30 in the morning from Eden Pines and I pull over all the time so I don’t get run off the road. Where are the cops at that time? I must have 10 that live in my neighbor hood. When the little assholes come flying down Key Deer Blvd, tailgating you with there bights on, where are you cops? Oh, look out for the crazy lady with the double headlights driving a SUV at that time--she's crazy.

Tuesday February 8, 2005

Monday February 7, 2005

Regarding all of the posts recently about Little Palm Island, two words: Who cares? It's not a local's place and unless you work there why would anybody care about any of this petty b.s. that goes on there? Seems to me that some disgruntled ex-employees have chosen to use this forum to vent about their old jobs.  Well, you're boring me and I suggest that you find a new job and get on with your life.  Use this forum to bitch about Rob's or the jerks that have moved down here recently or something, but enough about Little Palm. It's boring!
Religion.  Isn't it odd that many Christians believe in the Holy Spirit yet do not believe in spirits? Also, some sects won't listen to music, yet talented music is a gift from God.  Isn't the reference to  "...when the angels sing..." in the bible? How about the phrase "the voice of an angel"? Music from heaven?
The cool bartender at Little Palm Island is Lison.  She's hard working, funny and great at what she does.
The person writing that Miami would be nothing today if not for the Cuban immigrants should really think a little more about it. The place is a Banana Republic, and many people there have little regards for the laws of this country. Check out the crime statistics. And don't forget that most places in Miami, English is a foreign language. Do you really think that without Cuban guidance it would still be a "small city on the edge of a mosquito-infested swamp?" I think not.

The reason the "ice cream dude" plays that tune over and over is that kids are like rats and he's like the Pied Piper. If only they would follow him into the ocean it would be so much quieter around here.
Glenn at  Big Pine Liquors is not grumpy  he's just quiet,  we need more  like him.
Re: Sky is falling.  If you want to talk about people screaming about the sky falling, you should mention weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  I think the quote was "the smoking gun will be a mushroom cloud." And the latest sky is falling from your boys in the White House is that social security is bankrupt.

I have to tell you what a terrific Saturday I had.  One neighbor had a project that required a few extra hands and the people nearby responded.  We had members of 5 different households in on it, some with more skills than others, but all helping where they could.  Lots of laughs and we actually got the job done.  We're lucky to have a great neighborhood!
I, too, saw Ted Nugent backed by Mickey Mudflat at the Gang Plank. It was about  '78 or '79. He came down to shoot bonefish with a bow and arrow.
The Square Grouper is an upscale restaurant. Most customers are affluent, so what do you expect them to be talking about? How they can't make this month's payment for the cable to their trailer?


























































I've eaten at the Square Grouper four times and have always had a pleasant dining experience. The food is good, the service is excellent, and the decor is unmatched in comparison to any restaurant I've been in the Lower Keys. Menu items and daily specials are innovative and exciting, albeit a bit pricey. My only complaint is that I feel more entree selections should be offered. Despite this, the restaurant is in my opinion the best in the Lower Keys. Many feel it has a "snobby" feel to it, but honestly, one can walk in without reservations and be seated in 15 minutes wearing shorts and flip flops. Although its cost tends to attract a more affluent crowd than a Tiki bar, anyone can dine there and have a pleasant experience. Stop complaining and enjoy!
Boycott Ice Cream Man. The thing that bothers me about the ice cream truck is that it isn't here in the summertime when our kids are home and it is hot.  Snowbird, go back home and find another place to sell your winter ice cream. We aren't good enough for him to stay during the hot season, I don't buy from him in the winter. I wish all year round residents would join in my protest.
I had to chuckle when I read the comments of going to dinner and listening to the conversation the people were having at the table next to them.  I don't know why they would find it entertaining to listen to a conversation of others.  If the couple listening were conversing themselves perhaps they wouldn't have interest in someone else's private talk.  Those folks may have been yanking their chain because they knew they were eavesdropping, which in itself is rude.  Prior to going to dinner, next birthday, maybe they can pick a topic to discuss together rather than printing derogatory comments about others and what they may think is important, such as a Rolex.  Could be those people think the idea of believing your husband could make the meal you had at the "Square Grouper" just as good - is silly.  We have been to the SG several times and never once felt intimidated by anyone at the bar or in the restaurant.

Local tip:  Flushing a pouch of powdered yeast down your toilet once per month substantially reduces the need for costly septic tank pump outs.     

Caught the Moondogs at the Looe Key Tiki last night. The dance floor was packed and the band just kept on playing, skipping their breaks and letting the people boogie. Good job Dogs! Arf, arf.
Maybe all these people who complain about conversations they overhear while dining at a local restaurant should try to not be so nosey and mind their own business. How rude to listen to another tables conversation.  I hope someday when I'm there I notice you listening to my conversation. I will surely embarrass you and shame you in front of all the other patrons who are there to enjoy a wonderful meal. Get a life!
Miami was a wonderful, safe piece of paradise before the Cubans came. Sure, Miami is developed, but along with that development came Cuban ghettos, mass crime, and more crime. They'll cut your stomach open if you swallow a dime. Let's don't forget the tight spandex pants on fat butts, short-shorts that leave half the butt cheeks hanging out, heavy makeup, drugs, prostitution, carjacking, street fights, robbery murder, etc. It's no longer safe.

They have refused to learn English and expect America to take on the added expense of ESL teachers, and interpreters in every office and occupation. Remember the riot over Elian Gonzalez?  Real class act there. Ugh! I wouldn't allow a third world, 3rd rate Cuban physician to treat my ailments for anything.  
Hey, Mr. Pay Back.Who are the alleged drug dealers that you were going to come up with and name? And how do you know first hand that they are drug dealers? Are you the purchase-end or the informant?  Or are you just full of crap and revenge?
I've just recently started reading these pages and am amazed at the energy focused on degrading  individuals who I know to be kind, caring, hard working people.  I, too had enormous irritation with iguanas eating my yard plants.  I simply began to  chase them off with a broom.  The word must have gotten out to stay away, as my yard is now iguana free.  
Miami. Have you ever been to that country? They have two phone books, one is A to Z, and the other is Perez. (?) 

Monday February 7, 2005


Sunday February 6, 2005

They tell us that black holes exist and time travel is theoretically possible. I suppose I should take it on faith that those things are possible, but I just can’t. How can something that’s not there suck in something that is?

Richard Nixon started the illegal immigration movement. The Bush trio have simply rolled out the red carpet for illegals. Bushwacks have been in the position to end welfare for illegals, and stop the influx of all the millions of illegals. Instead, the Bush trio have ENCOURAGED illegals!

The greatest influx (hordes) of illegals go all the way back to grandpa Bush.

Don't you think Bush has the power to alter the laws of welfare, increase border patrol, make children of illegals the same nationality of their parents instead of giving away automatic US citizenship? DUH. The illegals tell all their relatives to come live here, free on welfare because the gringos are too dumb to stop this invasion. Bush claims to be a republican, but his actions are purely LIBERAL!!! And that really does suck.
What's up  with that annoying  ice cream dude and  that stupid  tune playing over and over as he crawls up and down every street?   Get a new tune dude!
I finally figured out which bartender it was who was fired at Little Palm.  When I read the stupid comment accusing it of being the woman who tends bar at the pool I knew it had to be wrong.  I am a beach club member out at Little Palm and I have sat at the pool bar many times.  I wish I could remember the female bartender's name so I could give her a Kudos by name.  She is great at what she does.  Excellent bartender.  I was out there today and found out it was that whinny, bitchy cry baby boy who's brother and father worked out there.  I started taking my own boat out there because his brother was such an A$$ Hole and then I had to deal with his father on the radio as dock master.  All three of them seemed to forget they work there.  They forget they are not customers.  I hate to have to even make comments like this because it is not my nature but, "Hey Dad and the A$$ Hole Brothers, remember you were out there to SERVE those of us who can afford to patronize the place.  Accept the fact that you will never be anything but a servant for us."  I have had a beach club membership at Little Palm for 15 years and all in all the staff has been great.  Most of the guests I have met out there have been nice down to earth people like I consider myself to be.  Unfortunately people like those three penises cause people like me to have to act rudely.  I can see Dad taught the boys how to behave.  Now that they are gone I will ride the ferry out to the island and enjoy a day at the beach with the great folks who still work there.
I went the Square Grouper also. Its so sickening listening to everyone talking about how much their house is worth now and how much they made on this or that.  You can always tell when someone steps in a cow pie, it stinks.

Lots of people seem to enjoy crying “The sky is falling” and repeating the doomsday rhetoric spewed by the liberal democrats and the biased liberal media.  Well, folks the facts tell a different tale.  As reported just yesterday consider:  New housing starts nationwide are skyrocketing,  new small business starts are up, unemployment is very low at just 5.2%, the economic indicators are all healthy,  the stock market is soaring, 146,000 new jobs created in January, we have had a tax cut and crime nationwide is at an all time low (unless you live in Miami).  Two years ago the liberals were slamming President Bush because Social Security was in trouble and they all cried CRISIS (including John Kerry and Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy). Now, when Bush proposes a remedy they all yell “What crisis, there’s no crisis.”  The liberal democrats seem to forget that Social Security was never intended to be anything but a SUPPLEMENT to retirement savings, not another liberal giveaway program.  And, the system wouldn’t be in trouble if president Lyndon Johnson (a democrat) hadn’t misused the funds to finance his much misguided agendas.  For people who go through life misinformed it’s easy to forget history and facts and just believe the lies and garbage the liberals regurgitate daily.

To the person inquiring about the nature of Dirty Sanchez. It's a restaurant in Fargo and their specialty is mud pie. You hold it under your nose and the aroma is wonderful.
After reading all the comments on Cuban immigrants, I can only be reminded more how grateful we are that they came to Miami. Before Miami's Cuban infusion, it was a small city on the edge of a mosquito-infested swamp. Arrival of Cubans after the 1959 revolution fueled a massive period of growth which extends to today. Beautiful subdivisions were built along with schools and cultural centers and new hospitals were opened, staffed with skilled Cuban physicians (arguably still some of the best trained in the world despite Cuba's limited resources). Explosive commercial growth made Miami the economic capital of Latin America and today is sometimes referred to as "the capital of the Western hemisphere." Hardworking Cubans eager to pursue the American dream while creating the glory that used to be Old Havana have undoubtedly created a world-class city whose vibrancy is hard to rival.
That's funny. I was born here 21 years ago. To a family with little money, and crapy cars. I've always had problems feeling accepted; wherever I go. My family and I had a dinner at the Square Grouper and I was surprised at how welcoming the place was it has the food and setting of a fine restaurant-- yet when you enter it feels "Keysey" enough to relax and be comfortable, wear shorts and a T-shirt; or an evening gown and a Rolex. Has anyone even seen one of those Rolex things up close? I thought they were just for movies.
Cure for Acid Reflux: one teaspoon of vinegar daily. Acid reflux is your body compensating for NOT having enough acid in your body. Small chance, but if the acid reflux worsens that means you DO have too much acid in your system, which will be an immediate response, thus no vinegar for you.
Dirty Sanchez is alive and well on Cudjoe Key.

Two of the best things that can happen to Big Pine would be for Walgreens to run CVS out of business (I thought Eckerd’s was bad) and for a mini Wendy’s to move into the Winn Dixie plaza.  And, by the way, Walgreens or not I’ll still buy my liquor from Susan at Big Pine Liquors.

uess what Big Pine rock & roll fans  Ted Nugent did play at the House of Music only it was called the Gang Plank.  Mickey Mudflap was on drums. Can anyone else remember that night?   I remember.  I was there.

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Big pine liquors is great and all, but what's up with the really grumpy guy who never smiles and grunts a lot?

Sunday February 6, 2005

Saturday February 5, 2005

Immigrant overload: It was the liberal President Carter that first let anyone in.

What happened to ulcers? Everyone used to have them. Now they call it acid reflux disease. I wonder if there is a support group for it. Seriously, I had what I thought was an ulcer for twenty years. I finally went to a different doctor and he gave me a bottle of Pepto Bismol and a few pills. Within ten days I was all better and have never had the problem since. Amazing.

Don't believe anything you read on the internet, but it sure is fun!

I stopped in the Hog fish bar & restaurant on Stock Island and they were playing Jimmy Buffet music on the box and there was a jerk with a parrot on his shoulder so everyone would think he was Long John Silver. The parking lot was full of SUV's and expensive sedans. The whole place looked like some replica of a shrimper bar.

Phone Scam: I received a telephone call last evening from an individual Identifying himself as an AT&T Service technician who was conducting a Test on telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine (9), zero (0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused. Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number. I was further informed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons. I have also verified this information with UCB Telecom, Pacific Bell, MCI, Bell Atlantic and GTE. Please beware. DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE.

The Deputy
 didn't shoot his foot, but McGee did shoot a man while holding another man hostage on his boat in Key West.

To the person upset with The Cracked Egg because they sometimes won’t deliver.  Try Aroma’s Deli.  They have a good selection of sandwiches and such, side salads and pack up a really nice lunch to go and do it all with a smile and a thank you. The portions are very generous and they will deliver also.  The last time I had a Ruben from Aroma’s it was so big I couldn’t finish it and had to pack the rest “to go” and they did it gladly.

To the moron who thinks that the Miami Cubans are there because Pres. Bush allowed them there or put them there.  Cubans have been in Miami for decades.  Long before the Bush family came to the Presidency or Governorship.  Try to remember that in 1980 (when then DEMOCRATIC president Jimmy Carter was in office), Castro emptied his prisons and asylums and dumped nearly 125,000 Cubans on U.S. shores.  Rather than round them up and ship them back they stashed many of them at a military base in Arkansas when DEMOCRATIC Bill “Sorry about the mess on your dress” Clinton was Arkansas Governor.  Clinton is also responsible for the ridiculous so called “Wet foot-Dry foot” policy that allows Cuban illegal aliens who set foot on U.S. shores to stay.  This policy only furthers to encourage Cubans to continue to try to SNEAK into the U.S. So, before you continue to bash President Bush, look to your history books. I can’t believe the ultra-liberal idiots who come up with these twisted version of the facts to suit themselves.

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided my husband and I would finally try out The Square Grouper.  We have been to almost every restaurant around.  I, about, sh*t my pants when I walked in that place.  Especially after ALL of the comments on this website.  Not one person mentioned the stuck up, stuffy attitude, people that filled the place.  As soon as I walked in the door it was evident.  Noses straight in the air.  I really wanted to try out the food so we were seated immediately.  Ordered our appetizer and meal.  We got our appetizer in like three minutes and our entrees were ready in two minutes after that (very impressive), our waitress put our food under the warmer so we could finish our appetizer.  The food was really good, pretty pricey though for what you get.  My husband could've made everything just as good.  We will probably get food from there again, but only to go.  It was SO entertaining though to just sit and listen to the conversations around us, we were dieing laughing.  "UH, I think I spilled some sauce on my Rolex." "Oh honey, it's ok we'll just get another one."  GAG!
To the silly liberal who thinks Miami isn't a foreign country: It wasn't the Bush family who let all of our friends from Cuba in there. It started getting bad way back in the 1960's; and don't forget the Mariel debacle initiated by the great democratic president Jimmy Carter. Maybe a history refresher class at FKCC would enlighten you a little. To quote the famous liberal Dirty Sanchez  "Tiene un buen dia."

I saw Ray Charles in 1963 and thought he was lousy and uninspired. I just found out that he had just quit a 17 year heroin habit. That would certainly account for his lack of inspiration because before that he ROCKED and it was several years until he got it back again. After quitting he only played slow songs. That happens with artists who quit drugs. Donovan or Cat Stevens never had a hit after they quit drugs either.

When looking at the classified ads, I am noticing that the price of housing in the keys are far out of reach for the average person. If I was to move there, would it be better just to by a travel trailer and rent the space? I have noticed very few job openings in my profession (Hair Stylist) so am I right to assume that I am in need of a different profession to live there? Some of us want to live there to enjoy what we can. We only want to spend a few weeks in the summer enjoying the place without working 3 jobs.

To the moron who thinks that the Miami Cubans are there because Pres. Bush allowed them there or put them there.  Cubans have been in Miami for decades.  Long before the Bush family came to the Presidency or Governorship.  Try to remember that in 1980 (when then DEMOCRATIC president Jimmy Carter was in office), Castro emptied his prisons and asylums and dumped nearly 125,000 Cubans on U.S. shores.  Rather than round them up and ship them back they stashed many of them at a military base in Arkansas when DEMOCRATIC Bill “Sorry about the mess on your dress” Clinton was Arkansas Governor.  Clinton is also responsible for the ridiculous so called “Wet foot-Dry foot” policy that allows Cuban illegal aliens who set foot on U.S. shores to stay.  This policy only furthers to encourage Cubans to continue to try to SNEAK into the U.S.   So, before you continue to bash President Bush, look to your history books.  I can’t believe the ultra-liberal idiots who come up with these twisted version of the facts to suit themselves.

We shouldn't have to be continually defending the Keys to our northern visitors. The only reasons we live here are the water, weather and small-town atmosphere. We're certainly not here for the money or culture. The northerners see opportunities to make the Keys just like where they're from. It usually takes them a few years of living here to finally figure out why they like it here just the way it is.

We will have the bracelets for Jeff (Segallos) at the Flea Market  Saturday and Sunday. All proceeds will go to Carrie Gay to give to Jeff. Look for them at all the booths near the picnic area.

My eccentric snowbird neighbor from Minnesota or North Dakota or some other icebox state is always referring to something or someone called Dirty Sanchez? Is this a Hispanic porn star or a Mexican restaurant or what? I gots to know.
It is unfortunate that many use this board as a means by which to post twisted, exaggerated, and untrue information. What is even more unfortunate is that people can easily get away with this because it seems that many know so little about the world in which we live. If you want to make a strong statement about a governmental policy, criticize and make generalizations about a racial/ethnic group, or even comment on the crowd that hangs out at a certain local bar--please check your facts and be educated in the matter about which you speak. Too many individuals commit logical errors and make fools of themselves by making unfounded generalizations and saying false things. Written communication is much more effective when the writer actually knows the subject and presents his/her point in a coherent way.

To the woman who asked, "Why do 50 year old married men still go to bars and hit on all the women?"  The answer is: Cortislim depravation on the home front.
I heard a new band the other night: Bufo Toad and the Porkers in Paradise. Not a bad sound, but they needed a larger stage.
Hey Mr. Pay Back. Now that you're finished ragging on Jeff. Who are the alleged drug dealers that you were going to come up with and name? We are all waiting for the list. Jeff wasn't the only guy doing your old lady. If you were a man you would have confronted her instead of defaming someone's name. Crawl back under your rock where you belong.

I have a lot of friends in Key West, but I can't get to any of their favorite watering holes because there's no parking for me. And it's too confining to go to their house to visit. Actually, there's no parking in front of their houses either.

Saturday February 5, 2005

Friday February 4, 2005

Annual Fish Fry for Big Pine Key residents and friends. Come one and all to the Lower Keys Property Owners' Bldg. on Bogie Drive (just before the No Name Bridge) at 6pm today. $10 per person for all you can eat. Meet your neighbors, bring guests, and have a great evening. For more information? Call Dixie Lee Saboe at 872-9611
Does Jeff Segallos have a website or Email so we can send him support? Is there a physical mailing address for fundraising contributions and get well cards? The last time I talked to him, he lived on Summerland Key. Jeff is a nice man, what a tragedy he now has to deal with problems from the motorcycle accident. Can one sue for future wages in such a case?

I just can't figure out how to use the telephone in our 305 area code. I dial a number and a recording tells me to include the area code. I dial another and the message informs me not to use the area code. I dial another 305 number and the message tells me that I must dial a 1 and the area code. What a tangled web we weave.

What a passionate and mean letter from the person trying to stop all killing. The iguanas eat all of my flower buds in my very large garden. I love my garden more than I do the lizards, so therefore they must die. I have spoken. God Jr.

I agree, let's all buy our liquor from Susan, and also recommend Big Pine Liquors to tourists.  It's a great local store with great people!

Living History 101
.Do you realize that the three years we've been reading Kudos and Whiners that the archives are an accurate history of our keys? What was going on in our minds at a certain date? Historians will be able to peruse the archives for a snapshot of a day in our lives.

Re: Iguana size. I know a guy who measured one. From tip to tip it was six feet long. Aaaarg!

Fantasy Fest is less than 9 months away! I was ready to do it again when I got off the float. Let's show the world there's more to Big Pine Key than just key deer. Boogedy, Boogedy,  Boogedy.

Why do 50 year old married men STILL go to bars & hit on all the women? Is it really that miserable at home? Why don't they ever go out with their wives? Embarrassed? I guess these wolves are never satisfied, or is it that they never grew up?. Sad, sad, sad.
Let me tell you something, regardless weather you're a newbie or oldie CVS is the most non-service drugstore I have ever entered. They (the employees) don't know s**t from Shinola. Slow, slow, slow. Where did they get these people? I hope not from here. Bring it on Walgreens!
Re: Jeff the drug dealer.  You all need to get your facts right. First of all, I didn't want to Tango; and second of all, I don't have a d**k to do the trick.  Enough said. I give up. Nobody is on my side about getting rid of bad people around the Big Pine area, so God bless you all and good luck.  Jesus loves you this I know because the bible tells me so.  God bless Big Pine.

e: Pluto and Goofy. I've been wondering the same thing for years.

Notice: The free boat is gone. That was fast! (Not the boat, but the giveaway.)

Is that Jeff the "coke dealer" the one who does flooring or is he the one who does concrete?  Or neither?
Wake up, Big Pine people.  The days of leaving everything unlocked and not secured are over.  Florida ranks 6th for Identity Theft and Fraud.  If you don’t pay your bills online (which is great) drop your envelopes inside the big blue USPS boxes instead of putting them in your mailbox with the red flag up.  That signals criminals to come and get your credit card numbers and your checking account number.  We have a USPS-approved security mailbox where the mail drops down in to a locked box and strangers cannot open our mail.  If you don’t have a shredder, make sure that you black-out your credit card numbers when throwing away old invoices and paycheck stubs with your social security number.  The bad guys go through trash looking for numbers.  A safety deposit box at the bank is good for your family jewels.  If not, don’t stash them in the master bedroom.  The robbers go right for that room.  One more thing, don’t open your door for strangers who could possibly be attempting a home invasion.  Keep in mind that they have a plan when they have you targeted and you are unsuspecting and without a plan.  Illuminate your yard at night when you go to bed and keep your eyes open for things out of the ordinary and call the Sheriff.   

I'd like to stuff my wife. Does anybody know the website to contact?

To the non-hater of animal life: Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not kill dogs, cats or parrots--just iguanas. By the way, they are not animals, they are reptiles. I also know that I can trap them and sell them to pet shops. They will sell them to some a**hole which will keep it till it gets to big and turn it loose into the environment again.
To those of you that are talking about all these people in this column. I suppose you are all Saints. Work on your own problems instead of pumping yourself up telling lies about everyone else. I have known all these people for years and if you really knew them you would be ashamed of yourself. Taking a little tiny speck of a persons life and turning it into what their whole life is about is wrong. I don't know anyone who is a Saint. Work on your own problems as some of these people you keep talking about work on theirs. (that is if it's even a real problem) The true Keys Mentality is to help each other if someone is having problems. We survive here on nothing and each other is all we have to depend on. So remember next time you have something nasty to say these are your brothers and sisters. Wait till a hurricane happens and you will see what I'm talking about.

Re: Jeff the coke dealer. Do you know his phone number? Does he deliver?

Go Eagles! All the way. This is our year Eagles fans.
As for naming names on this site--all I have to say is watch your back, buddy, they know who you are now.
I sincerely hope the party offering the free boat is the owner!
To the Goofy Bush lover who thinks Miami is a "country": It's the Bush family that allowed all the Cuban's to settle in Miami. It is the Bush policy to allow millions of illegals to  leech off American taxpayers. Jeb married a Hispanic, so it's a matter of "family values", or... I mean lack thereof.
Two weeks after posting it-- Liberals still suck!
We will always buy our liquor from Big Pine Liquors; and guess what? We haven't lived here that long, but BPL has always, in the last 6 years, treated us great!
It is illegal to poison or shoot the Iguanas.  Be kind to animals or I am going to report y'all to PETA.   www.peta.com
I know both the bartenders at Little Palm Is. I'm not sure if they are still there or fired or what, but they both have good hearts and are trying to make it down there.  They are trying to have some fun and not lose their minds in the Keys and LPI.  You'd know if you ever worked there.  It may look glamorous, but it's hard work, which is rarely acknowledged.  The money is good and it's also a beautiful place.  It took away my breath every morning on the boat going out and coming back in every night. Dolphins that swam with the boats, manatees in the QD moat.  Iguanas and deer eating all the landscaping keeping the maintenance crew running. The awesome sunrises and sunsets off the dock.  The cool owner and his partner who are from my home town and very nice people.  The spa where I worked.  The girls I met on the Island and in the spa and made friends with. I have good memories of the place, made some lifelong friends and learned one hell of a lot about human nature from the spectrum of people I met and worked with.  Employees to guests.  I learned to be humble, work very hard for long hours, and laugh.  Laugh every day, find something that's funny and focus on it, it'll get you through.  See you next winter. I miss the water.
Does anyone know the name of the waitress who was working at Looe Key Tiki on Wednesday night.  She has shoulder length brown hair and is kind of heavyset.  She was a great waitress and very nice.  Cute too.  If you read this, are you single?
You, in the little white car. You do 55mph on Kyle Blvd. all the time. You will be caught. Just like the kid in the little red truck that went, wham, in the trees on Key Deer Blvd. I was behind him. Too bad he is still driving the same piece of crap truck. He should have been arrested. Oh, well, we will see him again, I'm sure. I already have, he is still driving like a maniac. Where are the officers of our laws? As far as speeding on Key Deer Blvd., give me a break. I can't believe the number of cars that pass me. Yes, pass me on Key Deer Blvd. and I am doing 30. What's up with that? And most are Monroe County tags. Imagine that? Yes, I am a year round resident and proud to be.

Friday February 4, 2005

Thursday February 3, 2005

Free Boat. Renken 18' Come and take it away. It is located at 1525 Key Deer Blvd. Across from St. Frances Episcopal Church. It needs an engine.
I disagree with the person who wrote " What other country holds the US in high regards since Bush has represented the US? Answer:  None."  
Mexico loves us and don't forget Miami, another foreign country you overlooked. One more suggestion: try to get some fiber in your diet. You will be less cranky. 
From CNN last night:   "Stolen Childhoods" will open in select cities nationwide this coming spring.   It is an amazing documentary about child labor abuse world wide- including the "legal" abuse of child migrant laborers-- the kids under 10 are protected but 11years old can be worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here is the web address that can give you more  information: www.stolenchildhoods.org  This is a problem that can be solved with a relatively small amount of money.
Christina of Sea Boots emailed this request for help to the Chamber of Commerce for one of our own, Capt. Jeff Segallos 
Capt. Jeff Segallos was a flats guide and dear friend of my families.  He was hit from behind July 3, 2003 by a car while traveling south on US 1 on his motorcycle.  He spend almost a year in Jackson Trauma Unit and Rehabilitation.  Of course the driver responsable for the accident was a young high school student and only had $10,000 auto insurance. The extent of Jeff's injuries will not allow him to go back to being a flats guide. He is extremely lucky that he had no head or spine injury and is able to get around with a little assistance.  I have been a part of the fund raising team to
to help Jeff with his living expenses, hospital and rehab bills until he can get back on his feet and starts a web site business.  He just had his last surgery and is on his way to recovering and living not a normal life, but as close to it as he can. 
We have two projects going on to help Jeff till he is gets back on his feet. Carrie Gay at Chevron Island came up with an idea of the "Thinwater Project".  Those of you who know Jeff know his charter business was called Thinwater Charters.  Carrie ordered aqua silicone bands for Jeff, similar to the Lance Armstrong Foundation which is yellow, Breast Cancer which is Pink, and Rely for Life which is purple.  We are selling the bands for $4.00 a piece at Chevron Island on Summerland and Sea Boots Outfitters on Big Pine Key.  Anyone interested in purchasing them or helping sell them please let us know.
There will also be a benefit February 27th at Key Deer Bar and Grill on Big Pine Key between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to raise money for Jeff to help with his living expenses until his web site building business gets off the ground.  This will be the last fund raiser we will be doing and hope you will all come out during the day or after your fishing trip and participate. 
We also need donation items for the raffle and auction.  If you, yourself or someone you know would like to donate items for raffle or action, please give me a call 745-1530 or cell 587-4807.  I would appreciate any help the guides can give us to help a very good friend in need.
For more information, please call Christina Sharpe-Weinhofer 29975 Overseas Hwy. Big Pine Key, Fl.  33043 305-872-9005 Seaboots5@aol.com http://www.seaboots.com/

Kudos to the person who said they would never-ever date a thing from a bar, but what exactly is the "thing" you are referring to? Is John Carpenter involved somehow?
One of life's little truisms: No matter how much of a dickweed (i.e.) drug dealer a guy is, there will always be a woman who will stand up for him. Let's just hope they don't procreate.

Ever notice how  Punxsutawney Phil always sees his shadow?
Co-sponsor the bill

Our Put Kids First campaign is drawing national attention to the needs of the 11 million American children living without health insurance. This week, we take it to another level.

President Bush will use his State of the Union speech to stampede the country into a false sense of crisis on Social Security, while ignoring the real and immediate crisis of 11 million American children waking up this morning without health insurance.

But, we won't accept the President's refusal to act as the final word on meeting the needs of our children. Not a chance. Last week, our Senate introduction of the Kids First Act of 2005 added even more energy to our drive for citizen co-sponsors for this vital legislation. Nearly 500,000 people have now signed on to our efforts.

When I laid out our plans in a national speech to Families USA last week, it stood in sharp contrast to the President's "no real answer" photo op on health care the same day in Ohio. And, this past Sunday, I continued carrying our message about covering every child to the national media on Meet the Press.

This week, I'm calling on the johnkerry.com community to "Give Voice to Our Values" by providing vocal support for our effort to provide every child in America with health care coverage. I need you to be a part of this effort.

Call our "Give Voice to Your Values" project at 1-866-876-4490. At this toll-free number, you can record a message describing, in your own words, why it is so critical for America to Put Kids First.

If you have a personal story about a child living without health insurance, I hope you'll see it in your heart to share it. But, whatever your individual circumstance, it is essential that Americans from all walks of life give vocal support to our Put Kids First initiative.

All through the week, we'll be compiling recorded messages from across America. We'll put them on www.johnkerry.com   share them with local and national media outlets, and I will be delivering a copy of selected messages from across the nation to my colleagues in the Senate.

If we want to give full expression to the strong grassroots support for putting Kids First, we've got to create new tools for making our voices heard. That's exactly why we are today launching our "Give Voice to Our Values" advocacy line. Sincerely, John Kerry

To: aketm@bellsouth.net.  Do you have evidence to back up your claim as to Jeff being a coke dealer or is this a personal vendetta?  I have known Jeff for numerous years and I can honestly say I have NEVER known him to deal or do drugs. I have seen him in the bar environment and in every day life like the grocery store, gas station, etc. and never thought he was under the influence of drugs.  Now that your e-mail address is known are you going to pursue this?  Next time I see Jeff I am going to ask him flat out.  I will let you know exactly what he says.
Re: Big Pine Liquors vs. Walgreens. I do like the fact that Walgreens is going in at Scotty's, but I also believe that Susan's business will be hurt tremendously.  The way I look at it is that, yes, I will shop at Walgreens, but I will continue to buy liquor at Big Pine Liquor.  If all the locals stick to this; and when asked by a tourist (as to where to buy liquor) send them to Susan, she should be able to survive.  She has always supported anything that has gone on this island whether it be sports for the kids or benefits for our loved ones. It is now time to support her and her staff.  Keep up the great work Big Pine Liquor. I will be there for you.

From CNN today:  "Officials fear babies contracted herpes during circumcisions." Another reason to leave those poor baby boys
It is Onion day? www.theonion.com
BOSTON—According to a report released Monday by Boston University's School of Lifestyle Management, more than 180 trillion leisure hours were lost to work in 2004.
For all you idiots that like killing iguanas, first of all you are very f....ing sick. Second of all, what else do you like to kill--dogs, cats, parrots (they can get on your nerves too)?  Do you just like to kill things of nature that God put on this earth? Get a life. If they really bother you, do you know that you can trap and sell them to pet shops around the US for about $100.00 a foot? Regardless of what you can sell them for, leave them alone.  Next thing you sickos will want is stuff to kill key deer and then stuff to kill your wife because if you are so sick that you want to kill little animals you will later progress to killing other things,
you sick, sick fools. I have cats in the neighborhood that get on my wife's convertible and leave hair everywhere and they have also got into the cabin of my boat.  They are very annoying, but I am going to get traps and turn them into animal control and they will take care of them or find another family for them, but I will never kill any animal. Unless you are very sick in your mind you should never kill any animal of this planet. Ands those of you that do--I sincerely hope that YOU comeback as an iguana in your next life and that you are sitting on Key Deer Blvd. when a car is heading directly towards you, and then you see a golden light. Bye, bye hater of animal life.
chamber of Commerce on Bigpinekey.comLocal Scam Alert! I received this email today and coincidently had a visit from Ken Nichols of Water, Water here on Big Pine asking about a phone call he had received from a David Freeman, claiming to be from this "Regional Chamber of Commerce" offering Ken a membership for $149.00.  Apparently David Freeman said that the Regional Chamber would recommend his business and that he really needed to be a member.  Thankfully, he questioned this and brought it to my attention.  I told him there was no Regional Chamber just the Florida Chamber and the US Chamber and our Lower Keys chamber is a member of both.
Re: Dog who needs hernia surgery.  All of my animals go to Marathon Veterinary Clinic.  743-7099.  You may pay more, but it's worth it. 
There are a lot of good clinics down here, but in my opinion  Marathon Veterinary Clinic is the best.

A friend said that the new bar opening on US 1 south of Sugarloaf is going to be a smoking bar called the Drunken Monkey. Cool!
National Healthcare is healthcare that is affordable. Not every hard working family can afford the outrageous health insurance offered by the HMO's, or private insurance. If anything needs revision it is the insurance companies in America. They are the real terrorists that are here free and legal in America.

FYI about the Walgreens posting. Susan, at Big Pine Liquors was the LEADER of the Got Miners.

We don't need Ted Nugent here. The Moondogs have this bass player that gets out on the dance floor on his knees and really slams it. He's driving all the woman there gaga. Ted, well, he's over-the-hill and looks bad from eating too much possum and squirrel.
The Palapa bartender at Little Palm didn't get fired--he quit. Good for him.
Responding to the person asking which bar tender got fired at Little Palm.  The answer is easy, which one was always high out there?  Which one was usually drunk?  The big hint, his brother was fired for sexual harassment.  His loud mouth father threw one of his well known loud mouth tantrums and walked off the job when the pervert was fired.  Wasn't Archie Bunker's show called "All In The Family?"  The only one missing from that family at Little Palm is the mother to play Edith.  Then again the Gift shop manager out there is about as dumb as Edith was.  Maybe she can marry the loud mouth and recreate the show.

6 more weeks of winter?  Why are Big Piners whining about winter? What is it, 75 degrees, or is it 80?
No Nat'l Health. The writer said "I'm WORKING to pay for mine, not yours."  At what minimum point do you stop asking the taxpayer to fix everything for everyone?  Do we buy transplants for convicts? (Yes, we do.)  Do we buy viagra for nursing home residents? (Yes, we will.)  Who decides when treatment is more costly than beneficial?  Evidently everybody, but the people paying for it.
I think all the people that work here should leave and let this place return to what it was. Paradise. I'm so tired of not being able to sight-see without some dummy that's late for work riding my bumper and gesturing at me while talking on their cell phone.

  Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They're both dogs!

Those people at the House of Music never rest. After the best weekend ever they're having another one. A bluegrass concert on Friday night, a Mardi Gras party on Saturday night and a Super bowl party on Sunday with the biggest screen tv in the keys. I'm staying in Big Pine, who needs Key What?
Yesss! Please tell me that Little Palm Island finally fired that no good, whining, pill popping, backstabbing, cheating, bartender bitch at the pool bar. She truly deserves it. People like her made it an unpleasant place to visit or work.
re: Jeff the drug dealer.  Jeff is a great friend of mine and he is not a dealer of anything. He works hard everyday; and so what if he banged your old lady. Your d**k must not do the trick. Yo, it takes two to tangle. Watch your back.

Thursday February 3, 2005

Wednesday February 2, 2005

Do you wish people a Happy Groundhog Day? Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today. That means six more weeks of winter. Burrr.

Re: National Health Care. The writer, yesterday, said something like, "I got mine, how you doin'?" Good for him, but unfortunately most Americans can't afford health insurance. My spouse and I pay over $1600 a month for crappy insurance. We could use that money to buy a house. We're lucky that we can afford it, but how about the remainder of the population who aren't so fortunate? We do need a minimum national healthcare plan. If anyone wants better insurance they would have to pay for it separately. While I'm at it, a flat tax or national sales tax would go a long way to fix a broken system.

e: Cop on bike is the same cop who shot himself in the foot years ago, McGhee, I think.
RE: Bush-hog lover, What other country holds the US in high regards since Bush has represented the US? Answer:  None.
I have a vintage whine for you.  It's sour grapes have been fermenting in my brain for many years. Why can't  tourists pull off the roadway when they need time to absorb some local beauty.  Don't they realize that someone with a job and responsibilities might need to use the road for something other than a parking lot. I can't believe this is tolerated where they come from. If you stopped your car on a street in Illinois you would be hit. Pull Over and enjoy the diminutive deer.  Oh, yeah. Amazing,  amazing,  amazing, amazing.
Lets figure out a way to stop these (drug) dealersA group works for me. Think of a way to get in touch with me. Meanwhile, I've got to get back to my kids, that my wife left me with, all by myself because of this powerful chemical.

No take-out: I am a local who works Monday thru Friday and I usually have lunch 3 or 4 times a week at local restaurants.  Most times I only have a few minutes to run out and pick up an order placed over the phone.  The Cracked Egg is nearby, has good food at reasonable prices, and friendly staff. It really offends me as a year-round customer that they will not answer their phones during tourist season and that they charge extra for takeout containers – if they’re taking. There have been times when I was told that they are not accepting takeout orders for the day.   Is my money only good when business is slow?  And to charge for a Styrofoam container when takeouts free-up a table, free-up the waitress, save the dishwasher time and energy which costs money seems a little out of line.  Please rethink your values and consider the poor working class who get hungry everyday and enjoy your food.

Here is an interesting addition to one of last week's controversies

Re: Blaming newbie's for keeping out Walgreen's. The writer got it all wrong; it's us old-timers who want to keep development under control. We still don't need two chain-store drugstores next to each other.

Ted Nugent
knows all about Big Pine, he used to live here.
The theory about the cocaine dealer hanging out at Tiki Bar seems believable.  After all the owner of Tiki Bar was arrested for drug running way back with The Big Pine Nine and was pardoned when he agreed to testify against his partners.  To the person who defended this guy here and mentioned court room slander, why don't you look that up in the court record.  It is true and is public information.
What a weekend at The Big Pine House Of Music! The Moondogs on Friday! The Romantics on Saturday! ABATE Chili Cook-off on Sunday! No if ands or buts; it was one of the best weekends of my life! I just moved to Paradise & holy crap! A concert in Paradise, under the stars, where you could touch the stars, where you could hear every note they played. I liked Angus Bangus as much as the Romantics, I hope they make it big. Kudos to Angus & the House of Music
If you can trap some Iguanas, sell them to pet shops out of state. They are a thrill in classrooms and considered collectable where they are not indigenous. They really are beautiful. & I've never seen a rabid iguana. Now, if you had to look possums eye-to-eye on your own deck, THAT's a problem.

Mississippi Squirrel Revival If you're at work, you may want to turn your speakers down low, or save it till you're free to let rip!
Ok. We'll see how nice of a guy Jeff (cocaine dealer) is when he runs his car into someone that has little children in it and kills them. Gee, he will be such a nice guy then won't he?  P.S. You know sooner or later it will happen. He will hurt someone. Let's see what you have to say about him then.  What a great guy he is. Sleep well my friend.

My dog needs hernia surgery. Who is the best vet here in the Keys?
Boy, do I agree with the other long timer. Another drugstore is so not desperately needed here. I don't need to go to the doctor that often. Me and my family are blessed with good health. When I do need a prescription for something I really don't like waiting for days to get it filled. I appreciate it when I get the right prescription and not a mistake. I love Big Pine. That's why I live here. There is a difference between turning this into Miami south and getting our basic needs fulfilled. I just wish all the short-termers and part-timers would shut their mouths for 10 years.
Once again: Those single, straight, working, bathing women of Big Pine don't hang out.

We need to fix all of the craters on the road next to Watson Field. I can't believe the County has let it get so bad.
I knew God was an Eagles Fan!

John Elway, after living a full life, died. When he got to heaven, God was  showing him around. They came to a modest little house with a faded Broncos flag in the window. "This house is yours for eternity, John," said God. "This is very special; not everyone gets a house up here." John felt special, indeed, and walked up to his house. On his way up the porch, he noticed another house just around the corner. It was a 3-story mansion with a Green & White & Silver sidewalk, a 50 foot tall flagpole with an enormous EAGLES logo flag, and in every window, an Eagles emblem. John looked at God and said "God, I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but I have a question. I was an all-pro QB, I won 2 Super Bowls, and I even went to the Hall of Fame." God said, "So what's your point John?" "Well, why does Donovan McNabb get a better house than me?" God chuckled, and said "John, that's not Donovan's house, it's mine."

Let's bring James Brown to the House of Music, and give the place a heavy dose of soul.
It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man at the Big Pine Winn Dixie - we all have to bag our own groceries because they have the worst help I've ever seen.  They are also slow as molasses and never have enough cashiers. I wish I had another option other than going into Key West.
To the person who wrote "Can anyone think of another word to replace AMAZING? If everything is so "amazing", then there is nothing left that is not amazing." I prefer the word dickweed myself!
Iguana's. Please don't poison them! The poison will spread through the food chain.
It's better to trap and eat them. You do know they are revered for their aphrodisiac qualities and are being farmed in South America. See "Stop Eating Those Green Iguanas"

"How Do You Like Iguana?"
Does anybody see the rage in here. "You can be in my dream if I can be in yours." as Bob Dylan so aptly put it. There is enough destroying going on, what is needed is nurturing. Read some mid-thirties German history. Get a grip.

So which bartender got canned at Little Palm Island? I'm far away, catch me up!  It's better than a soap opera.
To the person who asked the age-old question, "Are there any single, straight, employed, intelligent women who have teeth and bathe regularly in Big Pine? If so where do they hang out?"  You obviously aren't a regular reader of the gossip column. There are exactly seven good looking women on Big Pine, and they don't hang out in any of the usual places typically frequented by derelicts. They are known as the Big Pine Seven, and only go to private parties.

Forget the Marshall Tucker Band for the House of Music. I saw them two years ago and they sucked. None of their songs sounded right and the lead singer had a big gut and talked like an idiot.
Does Iguana bait work on monkeys? There's one in my neighborhood that is always drunk and smokes a lot. I sure would like to give it the lizard bait.
How to meet a nice person:  Go about your business, enjoy your hobbies and life here in Paradise with a SMILE.  I have had some great dates this way and would never-ever date a thing from a bar.  Those folks who "hang out" are sad Macs who make appearances on the arrest pages.  Alcoholism doesn't look good on anyone.  Bars are for twenty-something's and the tourists you all hate so much.  Cheers.
To the person who wrote "I saw two iguana's having sex in a palm tree in my yard.  I have seen some lately that are getting down right scary looking.  Does anyone know how big these creatures actually get? "  Check out Boondocks on a Friday night- You can see just how big and scary they can get (but at least buy them a beer).
I would like to invite everyone out the First Annual Ground Hogs Day Dance and Extravaganza at The House of Music on Wed. night February 2nd, Ground Hogs Day. Ground Hogs and Moondogs! What a team!
The US military, who fight for freedom, are not free themselves. If they want to quit their jobs, they face desertion charges and are jailed. They cannot eat, sleep, nor do as they want to do when they choose to do so. If they disobey orders, they are treated as criminals.

If a soldier puts a dying, suffering enemy out of his misery, the soldier is charged with murder.

Those who must baby-sit Iraqi terrorists, and don't spoon-feed the terrorists with a silver spoon, are Court Marshaled. Those soldiers deserve a promotion , in my opinion. Military benefits are bogus at best. The US should pay the soldiers top dollar for what they tolerate and suffer. Spend less (or better yet, nothing) on rebuilding and aiding those Iraqi who will back-stab us, and slit the throats of their own mothers.

Wednesday February 2, 2005


Tuesday February 1, 2005

Iraq should build a memorial to the Iraqi's that died while trying to vote. I think it would be a powerful propaganda tool and a place of focus for their struggle

A big Kudos to the person naming and giving the license plate number of the cocaine dealer.  We need more brave people like you getting these dirt bags off the streets and out of the Keys.  If the police won't stop these people maybe publicly being named and embarrassed will stop them.  Kind of like a citizen's group policing where the police refuse to police.  I would be willing to support a citizen's group and I am sure anyone in The Keys with children would back it as well.

The history books will show that Clinton, "...did not have sex with that women." and Bush invaded another country under false pretenses.

Hey, House Of Music. Bring Ted Nugent down here. It would be awesome to have him come down to Liberal Country!
To: The guy who thinks he is on top of the coke dealers. Obviously you don't have any experience at this kind of thing. Jeff is a very hard working guy. He normally works day and night trying to make it here in the keys. I know you don't know him personally because he's one of the nicest guys you could meet. He is always willing to help anyone even though he works all the time. You must be new around here, if you want to find coke dealers you need to go somewhere besides the Tiki Bar. I'm thinking that the only thing that could have you talking so much s**t about one of our good local people is that he might have slept with your old lady. You need to take that up with her and stop blaming everyone else for what obviously is your problem. This is known in the Court Room as Slander. Better hire a Lawyer, because nothing you said was true short of where he drinks and what he drives. 

Yes, I agree.  Please share the Iguana bait info.  I'm in!
Nat'l Health Care gets a big NO vote.  I've worked to pay my own, not yours.
I'd rather read this site than the Barometer any day! 

That was SBC not CBS that bought AT&T; making it the largest telecommunications company.

The Country of Brazil has switched their computer operating systems from Microsoft to Linux, the free open source operating system; and they are trying to get other countries to switch to Linux also. Their goal is to do away with licensing fees and closed operating systems. Could this be the beginning of the end for Bill Gates?

The function of freedom is to free another.
I went to Boondocks last night expecting to see a crowd of women with none of them weighing less than 500 pounds, but I must say it was very much the opposite.  Most of the ladies in there were classy, attractive, well mannered, decent women just having a good time over a drink or two.  I wish I had more time last night to chat with some of you.  I was on my way to meet a friend and only had time for a quick beer.  I hope to see you all there again.

Hospital bed. We got one from Hospice.

Hey, does anyone know anything about Maya who did Biz-Baz?  I thought she did a great job, it felt like there was a party going on at the station...They need to have her fill in more often.
I saw two iguana's having sex in a palm tree in my yard.  It was disgusting.  I hope I don't get an overpopulation of them in my yard.  I have seen some lately that are getting down right scary looking.  Does anyone know how big these creatures actually get?
You want some gossip, how is this? Since a bunch of got miners made such a big deal about the Walgreens coming in, which we need badly, and ticked them off with all of there stupid demands, they are going to be putting in a liquor department. If you people really wanted to help Susan (BP Liquor) you should have worked with Walgreens to build a nice store, instead of the metal pole barn that's there now, with there agreement not to sell booze.
I've lived here way before all these idiots that want to keep our rural community and the corporate giants off of Big Pine and remember when I had to go to Marathon just to do my banking, food supplies, auto parts, laundry and other trips across the old seven mile. US 1 is where the business is supposed to be and should be and has been zoned commercial long before any of these newbie's started complaining.
Re: Bitter about Bush.  Yes, I get it.  You have a one track (narrow) mind.  No more pearls for you, swine.

Re: Christo. I don't wonder where he gets his money. I wonder where he gets his cloth! You could make a lot of turbans from all that cloth.

Eye on Presque Isle -- North Main Street Counterparts to our islands.
Can anyone think of another word to replace AMAZING? If everything is so "amazing", then there is nothing left that is not amazing.
Bush's signature is also NOT on the US Constitution. The only thing Bush gives to the American people is a headache. That is, those of us left with heads, those of us who were not sent out on a suicide mission to the sandpit slaughter house. Hey, Bush, send your drunken daughters to Iraq. That should sober them up, and maybe wake your sorry a** up too!
I think turbans are worn in India. Indian men who wear the turban traditionally have long hair that is wrapped up in that turban. Why? I don't know. It seems that through the centuries, these people would modernize. But then, they think rats are sacred, and the people eat whatever food the free-running rats poop & piss into. Right in front of them. Yummy.

They also think cows are sacred through reincarnation. It would be logical to think coming back as an animal  was coming back as a lower form of life (as punishment) meaning the cow was formerly a really bad guy.  So, why would a really bad guy be sacred? Maybe they fear that they themselves are all really bad, and they don't want to be eaten in their next life.
Of course Bush didn't give us our freedom of speech. His intent seems to be to take it away from us.
it wasn't CBS that bought ATT, it was another communications company. SBI.
Arabs use their left hand for wiping their butts, their right hand as eating utensils, and one hand is cut off if they are caught stealing. So, which hand is cut off for stealing? Do they use an eating utensil to wipe their butts or is it the other way  around?
Who ever said Good Things Come in Threes must have been thinking about Little Palm Island.  First the Pervert driving the boat is fired.  Second his backer, The Loud Mouth, dock master throws a tantrum and walks off the job.  Third, the stoner behind the bar gets fired.  Maybe now they will leave The Keys and make everyone happy.  Let's make the day they leave an official Keys Holiday and celebrate.
Does anyone know why the motorcycle cop was driving next to the crazy guy in the pickup and jet ski?

I'm tired of all these drunk Mass-holes rubbing the Patriots in our face, Go Eagles!
Are there any single, straight, employed, intelligent women who have teeth and bathe regularly in Big Pine?  If so where do they hang out?

Go, go, go Eagles!

Tuesday February 1, 2005


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