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lionfish-hunt[Good news from the reef] My dives these last few months have unfortunately been few, so changes are not seen gradually. My favorite reef is off Marathon and averages about 70 feet deep. Three dives ago, the reef was loaded with lionfish of all sizes up to about 16-17″. There were few other tropicals, but plenty of hog fish, groupers and big trigger fish. Two dives ago, there were only a few big lionfish and no small ones. I think when the tropicals were gone, the big lions ate the little lions. This last dive, I only saw one big lionfish the whole dive. There were plenty of tropicals again, especially spotted trunkfish which is unusual. There were clouds of really tiny fish, hopefully not infant lionfish. Groupers were few since they mostly know they are in season again and I saw no triggerfish and only small to medium hogfish. I am hoping that lionfish have peaked and are naturally having their population decimated. I only saw 3 lionfish on my next dive at a different spot in 90 feet and finished my dive by shish kebabing two of them.
[“Armed Citizens”] Of course you do not recall many stories reported by the main stream media on armed self defense. In reality there are over 2500 incidences a year in which a firearm is used for defense of self or others. This includes two significant active shooter scenarios where the incident was abruptly ended by a good guy with a gun. These stories are only reported at the local level. If you look to the internet for these stories your computer will blow up with reams of stories. The Armed Citizen section of Americas First Freedom magazine reports on at least a half dozen such stories monthly.
As for not recalling any time that the Citizens of the US have defended against invasion you probably do not recall the notable quote by Admiral Yamamoto the commander and chief of Japan during WWII. “You could never invade the United States, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
Just because you do not see the value of having a lot of guns in the hands of honest citizens it does not mean that the bad guys don’t. The crime rate in states that allow concealed or open carry is significantly lower than in states where those rights are restricted. Conversely States, including Washington DC, where owning a gun is the most restrictive, have vastly higher murder rates than do other states that are more free.
I have come to realize that there is a mindset difference between liberals and conservatives and no amount of logic and reason will change a liberal’s mind.
 [Check Out] You’ve got roughly .003 seconds after the cashier gives you your change to clear out before the person behind you wants to set you on fire!
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It never ceases to amaze me how posters on this blog read between the lines and not the written words by definition. They see only their blind thoughts and spin and twist the printed material into their bubble realities. Most times it is a waste to even click on this blog because of the insanity and political hate between the Left and the Right. Neither know right from wrong anymore, they just display their ignorance and ill-manners.
I watched the Eric Snowden interview last night and was impress with his patriotism. He’ s giving up the life he knew for his country after seeing how our security apparatus was violating the Constitution on a “massive scale”. He said when he tried to go through proper channels, as Secretary of State Kerry suggested, he was rebuffed and told to stop asking questions. I’d like those who think he’s a traitor to watch the interview and then form their opinion. Link
[“Poisonwood rash”] Try Zamfel from local drug store. Link
zombie eating[Conspiracy Man] Unknown to many of you, the Zombie attacks continue to this day. Why the media isn’t exposing these attacks is a mystery to me. I began to do some extensive research on this topic and discovered the following. In 2010 NatGeo magazine did an article interview with University of Miami’s Miller school of medicine of Florida  head viral research virologist Samita Andreansky , in which Dr. Andreansky  “Combined rabies with the ability of a flu virus to spread quickly through the air. The result caused lab animals to gain super strength and began attacking and eating the other lab subjects. Dr. Samita’s research was funded by the U.S. military, primarily the Pentagon. This virus is named The LQP-79 zombie virus.  Other recent U.S. military funded research on the same topic is also being conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Brinker, University of New Mexico, and other virologists from the university of Texas.The infamous zombie attack which occurred in Miami back in May 26 2012 by zombie attacker Rudy Eugene was not the first incident to occur. Prior to Rudy Eugene’s attack, 10 separate zombie flesh eating incidents occurred in the State of Florida, 5 of them in the Miami area, but were not made public. Still, today, there have been increasing zombie attacks in Florida, New Mexico and Texas. Wow, the same states where this research is being developed! I began to investigate the toxicology results on all of the zombie attackers, and there weren’t any traces in their blood analysis of bath salts, LSD, meth or PCP. The main result was marijuana. Now we all know that marijuana may give you munchies for Twinkies, but never munchies for human flesh.

from 2011 to today, the U.S. military has spent close to 9 billion dollars in “Zombie Apocalypse military exercises”, here in the USA. Why? I then began to research who is behind the scene of the legalization of marijuana movement in the U.S., and the two most outstanding are billionaires, George Soros and recently deceased Peter B. Lewis. There are other billionaires contributing to the pot agenda. Why? Do these billionaires want to be pot dealers? Or can it be possible that when pot becomes legal nationwide, tainted pot will be used to create this zombie apocalypse the military is getting prepared for? Could the pot found in the zombie attackers’ toxicology reports have been an experimental tainted zombie-causing pot experiment? Why is the media claiming that the cause of the attacks were due to bath salts, when the actual toxicology results contradict their claims?


Remember when the explanation for AIDS was due to a monkey that bit a man in Africa, and this man spread the AIDS virus by having sex with African prostitutes? Do you still believe that story today? Now they’re claiming that the MERS virus began with human close encounters with camels in the middle east. Are you going to buy that story because the news media tells you to?

Could it be possible that a zombie antidote is where these billionaires will become trillionaires? This may be a very good reason for Americans to keep themselves armed. I don’t think the military would conduct these zombie military exercises costing 9 billion dollars for no apparent reason.

[Garbage] It should be noted that the resignations of the Key West Board have no connection with the County Contracts. The issues have no correlation other than Waste Management is a service provider for both the county and City of Key West. Kessler Consultants were hired by the City, worked 2 years at a cost approaching $400Ks and had their proposal rejected by the City Council of Key West.
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sword fencing
Now they are fighting with swords on Big Pine. No surprise there. Actually I can see that as being preferable to carrying firearms as the potential for harming innocent bystanders during confrontations would be greatly reduced.
[Nursing Home Blues] It’s a real shame that we have to put our elderly love ones in this crapper they call a nursing home in Key West . Your love one comes out worse off then when you had to put them in there. You lay in bed for 45 minutes before you even get a cup water. Don’t even ask to be bathed; they tell you “be right back” and it’s days later. You will be lucky if they even speak English to understand you. Don’t even get me stared on the nasty, hard, dried up cold, food you get. It’s a crying shame. Someone needs to take charge of this place fast before they shut the place down again like the State did before. Senior Care from Tampa owns and runs this place. Wake up senior Care, get rid of all your employees before it’s too late. You can’t even go to the administrator of this place with any complaints — it’s obvious she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She sits her ass on a computer all day. Talking to her is like talking to a blank wall. This place is going down the drain fast. This place is on a small island; it should not be like other nursing homes on the mainland where you hear horror stores. Sad to say this one is following that same path. Thank God my love one came out alive. We will go to the mainland next time and never again to this one here in Key West..
[Eric Snowden interview] The U.S. government, Snowden said, is using the threat of terrorism “to justify programs that have never been shown to keep us safe but cost us liberties and freedoms that we don’t need to give up and our Constitution says we shouldn’t give up.” Link
the end buzzard
is probably listening in on American phone calls and coming to the conclusion that the end, indeed, is very near!
With the current scandal concerning the VA, the finger pointing at the Obama administration and the Fox News shouting accelerates. We have to take a step back, and think about why there are so many Vets overwhelming the system. Here are some names that you never hear mentioned lately concerning our problem. George W, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz . I could go on, but you get the message.
I don’t understand where Michael Moore is so wrong about his comments. Take a good look, he has some great points. Wake up and smell the truth. And by the way, I’m not a commie leftie.
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I heard a news article on NPR while driving home tonight. Maya Angelou, a woman who has always impressed me with her ability to inspire, died today. The link is to a 5 min story on her life. Audio
[“I don’t recall any good stories coming out of citizens being armed”]  That’s because the media doesn’t report it.  there are countless stories of law abiding citizens defending themselves,  their homes and families against criminal intruders wanting to do them and/or their property harm.  If a homeowner shoots two street punks during a home invasion the media will portray the homeowner as a gun toting lunatic, the invaders as victims and call for more gun control when what we need is more criminal deterrents. Don’t mess with me or my family.  If the dog doesn’t get you or my wife doesn’t shoot you, I will.
[Gun Nuts] How come when someone talks about gun control the gun nuts respond by writing ‘they’ want to take our guns away!
] Why not call her what she is, an angler. Your political correctness makes me want to just punch you in the face.
The Fox News super patriots rail on and on about America being “exceptional” as a country.  Maybe our huge number of citizen gun deaths is what they ought to be referring to as being exceptional.
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complaint dept closed
[Feedback] Just try and give feedback or to complain or  make a suggestion to any online corporation these days and you will sit there for hours looking for a direct link. Do not, under any circumstances, use third party feedback links, unless you want to be bombarded with span advertising. The business playbook today is, “Let them buy our products but shut the doors after we get their money”.
[Guns] 400 murders in Chicago last year yet people don’t want gun control or do anything about it. I feel, in the distant future, universities will study this phenomenon that happened in a supposedly civilized society.
[Construction Mess] I live on West Shore Dr on Summerland Key. FKAA is out in full force making our lives miserable. The dust is incredible! It is everywhere. My question is, when they took the pavers out are they going to put them back? I think they should. Also the dump truck drivers speed down our road at least 50 mph, our speed limit is 30!
tailight three times[Driver Training] I started using a driving technique a while back which I want to share with the world.As I was driving yesterday, a vehicle several cars ahead of me was frustrated with the idiot that was way to close to his rear bumper and suddenly applied the brakes. I smiled as all the vehicles in front of me began swerving left and right nearly running into each other as I just had to take my foot off the gas peddle. It was then that I wished that I could share this technique with the driver who was leading the parade and those who nearly rear ended each other.

Often when I’m being followed to closely I take a much different approach to removing the pesky bumper humper. I carefully time three short taps of my breaks; each time pressing enough to light my break lights but not much more. I count out loud, one, two, three, then I press the break petal down gradually with enough time for the idiot behind me to react without causing an accident. I generally slow down about ten miles per hour so that they notice what has happened.

Then I return to a normal operating speed as if nothing had happened. If the nagging shit head returns to my bumper which often happens I repeat the training method one, two, three, slow down enough to cause them to adjust their speed.

The best part about this method is in only a couple of training attempts they figure out what you want them to do. It is amazing, as soon as they start to get to close you tap one, two, they slow down without you even needing to adjust your speed. It works like magic, they will figure it out and you can back them off whenever they get to close.

[Eric Snowden interview] Snowden is not a traitor because he had no ulterior motive. His only motive was to protect the Constitution. All traitors so far have had money as their motive.
Frisbee Dave
has been a fixture on the KW beach for the last thirty or forty years. He used to play the clarinet, I hope he still does. I always wondered what he does for money as Frisbee throwing isn’t very profitable. He must get a check. When I first moved to KW about that same time, I was amazed at how many of the people I hung with had checks and didn’t work all that much, if ever. It must be nice!
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[Self Protection] The person who said no good news has ever been reported about citizens being armed is wrong. I just googled guns in homes and armed home invasions and found dozens of cases of the armed intruders being shot as homeowner protected his family. You hear about it on the news every week.
“A limited mind is a wonderful thing to waste!”  ~Anonymous Big Pine Key, Florida
[“Michael Moore: I don’t recall any stories of the US being invaded and the citizens repelling the attack”] Might that be because the “enemy” knows nearly every US citizen is armed and it would never work?
tv interview29
[Eric Snowden interview] One week ago, National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden was interviewed on the German television network ARD. What many Americans may be unaware of is that the Edward Snowden interview was intentionally blocked from the US public with none of the major new outlets covering the interview or its contents. YouTube has even taken steps to remove the post as soon as it is reposted. Video
Looking for someone to switch out a blower motor resister on Saab 2005 9.3.  Email me
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Edward Snowden interview
transcript full text: Read the Guardian’s entire interview with the man who leaked PRISM. Link
You haven’t seen anyone attack our armed county; that is the point. We are armed. It is a deterrent. This is good. Not bad. Silly.
[“Waste Management”] In any civilized system you have to prove beyond the shadow of a grinder pump, that those accused of illegal activates are indeed, doing something illegal. Except in Monroe Key, Florida, that is! Like, who ya gunna call? Those in charge are the problem.
As Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice of the Florida Keys continues to celebrate its 30th anniversary of caring for all in Key West and the Florida Keys, they recently received some fantastic news. VNA/Hospice just received a perfect score from the Agency for Health Care Administration during their home health state licensure and Federal Medicare certification reviews – which demonstrates the hard work of their staff to provide the best home health and hospice care in Monroe County.
What’s up with the dead guy found floating in Cow Key Channel on Sunday?
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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“Snowden is a traitor” is the cry of the Right. “My country right or wrong!”
[Snowden Interview] NSA was violating the Constitution on a “massive scale”. Conservatives don’t seem bothered that the government spy agency was violating the Constitution. The Right only cares about the Constitution when referencing guns. Other times they only pay lip service to it. You’d never see the Tea Party holding a protest on US1 to protect anything but guns.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “I just got back from rolling thunder only to find that the government controlled media didn’t think that, almost a million bikers rolling down  Independence Ave. was worth a blip. But a picture of the 44th president who never served a day in his life placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier deserves front page. Just goes to show that the feelings of millions of American Veterans doesn’t mean a thing.  My name is Chico i live in Big Pine come and get me.”FTR’S RESPONSE: Thanks for taking time and for honoring our vets. You are flat right that the nearly all of the media, be it TV or print, is so incredibly biased in favor of leftist that it is nearly criminal.


Personally I find the hate America first set, which includes the ban guns set as annoying as jock itch. They keep parroting the same tired propaganda that guns are the root cause crazy29of mass murder. That simply is not true. Without exception each of the mass murderers were mentally ill persons. We need a complete reform of our laws so as to protect society from those mentally ill persons. We need new techniques and training for our police to identify them.

The hate America set must be totally unaware that mass murder is not solely an American phenomena. In Norway, in 2010, Anders Behring Breivik slaughtered 77 people with a rifle. In 2010, in England, Derrick Bird, slaughtered 12 and wounded 11 with firearms. In Germany a mass murderer killed 8 school kids, 2 teachers, and wounded 22 others with a homemade flamethrower, a lance, and a mace. The killer was a senior citizen. Recently in Belgium, a man lobbed three hand grenades and opened fire at a crowded bus station in Liege, Belgium wounding over 120, with five deaths reported. The incident was not labeled terrorism. In 2002, in Nantere France a gunman killed 8 and wounded 19. I suggest that you check out the link.

In the U.S. the yearly average of people killed in mass killings is nearly identical to Europe.  And again there is this interesting little tid bit: all the multiple-victim public shootings in Western Europe have occurred in places where civilians are not permitted to carry guns. The same is true in the United States: All the public shootings in which more than three people have been killed have occurred in places where civilians may not legally bring guns.”

The biggest mass murder in America was executed with explosives by a deranged middle aged man. He killed 38 kids, 6 adults, and wounded another 58 with dynamite.

One more time: More people are killed by cars than guns. More people are killed with fists and clubs than with rifles, including so called assault rifles.

Every single day a crime is foiled by an armed citizen. The media is loath to report it, but it happens. One of the more spectacular events occurred in Ocala, Fla., in ’12 when a 71 year old man carrying a concealed fireararm, saved the bacon of a room full of occupants at an internet café by shooting both armed robbers who were hell bent on mayhem.

Educate yourself, use the search term “robbery foiled Florida senior citizen shoots robber” or “crimes foiled by armed citizen.” The left tilted media refuses to publish these stories unless there is some overarching titillating component.

You have to consider the fact gun ownership has massively increased. The numbers of Carry Concealed Firearm permits has exploded nationwide. In Monroe we have the highest per capita percentage of CCF permits in the state. In Monroe our crime rate decline 9+ % from 2012 to 2013. Both the  violent and the nonviolent crime rate has decreased.

While you’re thinking about that please also consider the fact that as our national firearm ownership has increased, our national crime rate has decreased. A gun is a hammer that goes bang. Both are nothing but tools, both can do great good or great harm depending on whose hand wields them.

murder knife29Part 2) In addition to the patent nonsense that guns and white males are responsible for violence comes the claim that murder is a phenomenon caused by white males.  The facts simply go not support that claim. A quick check of the FBI Uniform Crime Report for recent years reveals that nationwide in 2012 there were 918 white male murderers between 20 and 24 in 2012 while there were 1,549 in the same age group black murderers in 2012.

Deer Friends, don’t bitch at me, spare all of us the shouts of racism, simply bitch at the FBI’s uniform crime report of 2012 to be found at Link

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