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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsSince 2002. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with pictures. Published Monday through Friday by Noon.

Read it with sorrow and you will feel hate.
Read it with anger and you will feel vengeful.
Read it with paranoia and you will feel confusion.
Read it with empathy and you will feel compassion.
Read it with love and you will feel flattery.
Read it with hope and you will feel positive.
Read it with humor and you will feel joy.
Read it with God and you will feel the truth.
Read it without bias and you will feel peace.
Don’t read it at all and you will not feel a thing.
Once again it’s all about perspective. The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be. We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Walmart on Rockland Key will not change that. Blessings my friends.
At 9 pm Saturday night, in the middle of the Billy Brown Band’s set, with a packed house, the owner shut the place down, told the band to leave, along with all the customers! I heard various hard-to-believe reasons like she ran out of liquor or ran out of cups or some such nonsense. Too bad. It was a farewell party of sorts for Billy who is moving out of this area and everyone was disappointed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bistro 31 didn’t re-open
[“Round house”] The Golden Dome of Cudjoe all but calls to prayer five times a day.
According to the Citizen, Officer Lovette, the officer involved in the Eimers death in custody case is now under investigation for homestead fraud.
There’s another Eimers involved officer who was forced to quit his job and move on as an investigator with the Public Defender’s office after he was outted for possible mortgage fraud with his ex FDLE employed wife.
Does anyone remember the FDLE officer whose girlfriend turned him in for renting out his homesteaded property? He lost his career at FDLE for that. Is Lovette immune if he is found guilty?
At what point does Chief Donnie Lee realize he needs to cut his losses and dump all his bad cops? At what point does Donnie Lee get called on the carpet for his inability to run a law abiding law enforcement agency? There’s apparently a flaw in the hiring process, most likely in the psychological evaluations done at hiring. I find it hard to believe one department can have so many misfits in it’s employ. It’s time for there to be a clean sweep at KWPD, from the Chief to the rank and file officers.
Thankfully, Walmart is opening on Rockland. Perhaps the Eimers 12 can apply for jobs as greeters and store security. Clearly, they will be unemployable as LEO in the State of Florida in the very near future when they lose their certifications.
[Gun Nut] A gunman has shot seven people, killing five of them, while exercising his 2d Amendment rights, in a subdivision west of Atlanta.
savage spearOur thoughts are also with the measles-ravaged country America. I hope we are screening them before they come to Africa.
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“NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams should be banned from the news for knowingly faking news in order to boost his TV ratings. Who can you trust?
hareens 12.2.14
Keys deputy sheriff arrested for drunk driving. Greetings Walmart shoppers! Here’s yet another high level candidate for store security. He’s a Key West High Skool grad just like KWPD’s Lovette! Same fat baby face too. Back in the day we called them “Probies” and the probie street cops rode with an FTO who kept them on the straight and narrow for a year. This one was working the courthouse. It appears he was absent on the day they covered drinking and driving in class. Kudos to the thin blue line brother who made the arrest even though the drunk driver had a badge. That’s proof there’s some good ones in the bunch. Link
[“Jump” Music] Cab Calloway – Reefer Man (1933)
[Same ol’ Shit] It’s been a long time since I read, but this weekend, I decided to catch up on a couple months of reading. I’m so glad to see nothing ever changes in the Florida Keys. We still have the same ole gripes and the same ole people making the gripes. And now I see new people trying to jump into the mix by seeing if they can out-whine the others. The Michigan drunk who got her dog pepper sprayed takes the prize for biggest sniveling brat in recent months. I’m so glad I’m not associated with any of these people. Have a nice day.
Because you don’t figure stuff out by praying.
It is a shame the Big Pine Restaurant closed because it was one of the few places you good, decent chow at decent prices with decent looking waitresses and a hilarious old dishwasher. I loved that place!
(Ed: Vacation. Friday the 13th will be the last day of publishing the CT for two weeks while I take a vacation and give my psyche an enema. I’ll see you March 2 for more fun and not-so-fun things to read.)
welcome back9Welcome back FTR. You sound great. Beat up, but great. You are standard reading in our house. My wife and I were once former liberals, mugged by a reality a long time ago. The left fielders should thank you for getting their blood flowing. That’s how someone like you would have made me feel back in college. Or should I say, in my left wing inculcation center? It’s funny how I stopped being a Marxist within a few years of not having to kiss arse for a bunch of tenured gasbags whose field of academia it seems, was tearing down the world our mothers and fathers built with guts and hard work, for one where unicorns feed and house the homeless and the workers hum John Lennon’s “Imagine”.
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[Sewers] Indian River County’s experience with grinder pumps. They had 413 grinder pumps fed from 58 power supplies, so there were not so many connections to make to pump out in a power outage. In three consecutive hurricanes, they had significant problems with sewage backing up into houses through shower drains. They had 6 workers with 3 generators working 12 hours a day but could not keep up with pump outs. They became disgusted with LPS sewers and replaced the whole system with a vacuum sewer!

Here, FKAA plans on installing over 3 times the pumps with over 23 times the power connections and expects to do pump outs with only 2/3 of the manpower needed to not keep up in Indian River County. Is this a well designed system or what? Don’t want one? Then you better make your voice heard clearly to every official involved.

[Re-appropriating Tax Money] Florida Keys state Rep. Holly Raschein , who lives on Key Largo, will not file the Florida Keys Environmental Stewardship Act, which would tap into money from Amendment 1, she said Thursday. Last fall, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 1, which sets $600 million a year across the state for land conservation, wastewater, stormwater and other water-quality projects.

Amendment 1 was vigorously opposed by Republicans, developers, Realtors, Chambers of Commerce, and other Mother Nature rapers and pillagers. The reason Amendment 1 was put on the ballot was because the Florida Legislature was habitually and illegally diverting funds allocated for the aforenamed environmental uses to various and sundry pork projects having nothing to do with protecting Mother Nature. Despite Amendment 1 passing overwhelmingly, it looks like that’s still going on.

Raschein, R-Key Largo, discussed the bill with House Speaker Steve Crisafulli, R-Merritt Island, on Wednesday and Crisafulli discouraged her from filing it, arguing that there are other ways of securing Amendment 1 funding, Raschein said.

Keys leaders planned to use the money to buy conservation land, fund canal clean-up projects and continue work connecting homes and businesses to central sewer systems. Raschein maintained that it was good that Keys leaders took an aggressive approach in going after the state funding.

[Brian Williams Faked News] Lord Neil stated years ago that Brian Williams was a lying sack of crap, among other things!
[Wasting away in SpaceXville] Lobbyist Taylor Patrick Biehl tweeted out a picture of him and singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett at the event (along with Jeff Sharkey, the two represent Buffett’s Margaritaville Holdings). Also in attendance: former Vice President Al Gore (who years before had proposed the mission SpaceX engaged in), state senators Negron and Thad Altman and state representatives Ritch Workman and Dane Eagle.

So I guess Jimmy has his own lobbyists too for building a mega Margarita World in Hollywood Beach? I hope he pays a decent wage and has plans for workforce housing there. Link

“The Big Pine Restaurant is no more”
.  “Alas, the best eatery on Big Pine has closed it’s doors”. “Word is that a serious health problem has forced John and Samantha to close with no plans to reopen”. If this is true, this is the worst thing I think could ever happen to BP. What the hell is going on?
I’ve never seen so many tourists.  I bet I could make some money letting them sleep in their cars in my yard.
[Cop files false property exemption] This is second KWPD officer to be investigated for impropriety in their real estate dealings. If the KWPD attempts to pull me over, I am driving to a well lit area full of people and dialing 911 so the entire stop is witnessed and recorded. Key West police have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and in the case of a dozen — murderous. I have no confidence in them to keep me safe, in fact, I’m afraid of them. It’s time to fire KWPD and hire MCSO to patrol Key West until we find a Chief and new officers from outside the ranks of the current Southernmost police department. The Feds had to come to the Key West Police Department and clean house in the late 70’s. I think it’s time they came back and did it again
[Shopping online] I just did a pricing run online for some computer parts, cloths and shoes. The best prices are from web sites selling new items. Some of the big box suppliers like Tiger Direct, Sears, and retail stores are the highest mark-ups going. Walmart does not have the lowest prices by far, and most of their stuff is really low grade. Sears and Kmart are the same. If a Walmart builds on Rockland Key it will only bring in more low renters and start the instant homes or, worst, wheeled tin boxes that will kill the Keys once and for all.
work9[About unemployment] I work for a large supermarket in the northeast. I have been there 38 years (along with 4 years in the Coast Guard). They are cutting senior employees down to the bare minimum of hours while trying to give the newer employees more hours. It’s not a joke. It’s all about the wage, not the work ethic. This has been going on for some time. There are no jobs out there. We go through new hires like water. I am lucky I get 40 hours, but they don’t hire full time anymore. I never thought I would see this country get to this point. I lived in the Keys from ’79 to ’82. I could never afford to live there again. What a shame. At the same time, people have to want to work. Show up on time, don’t call out, and be ready to give a good day’s work. I have seen too many bums who don’t.
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Dizzy Gillespie
had cheeks like balloons. I liked his music, but used to get creeped out watching his frog-like cheeks expand. It seemed unnatural.
[Hackers] They say the little 50 plus computers inside your car that control the motor and other stuff can be hacked.  The kids are going to have a ball with that one.
[Sewers]  FKAA promised routine flushing to prevent blockages caused by inadequate scouring velocities in the design. Inadequate velocity exists on every cul-de-sac and on most forcemains (including gravity sewered areas) during periods of low flow. Where do they get sufficient water at high enough pressure and rate to flush all of these pipes? The pressure needs to exceed the back pressure of all of the grinder pumps manifolded into that portion of the system. The quantity needs to displace the entire contents of the pipe. The short answer is they probably cannot and will not, and a blockage often requires excavation and replacement of the pipe. If they somehow can manage to flush the pipes, it may introduce more water than gravity infiltration ever would. This will raise rates for all FKAA sewer customers due to increased manpower, cost of water used, cost of additional equipment, cost of additional treatment. It is a lose-lose situation that could be resolved by abandoning E-1 brand grinders.
[Advertising] When I go online and the pop-ups start, I think to myself, if those companies are that low to keep flashing their wares in my face like I am an idiot then think I will buy something from them, I automatically cut off any idea about dealing with that company. Same goes for email spam
upside-down-truckMechanic constructs drivable Upside Down Truck. From the size of his gut he drank lots of beer while tinkering.  Video
[CT Goes Dark] It’s Monday and the beginning of the countdown for the Coconut Telegraph so Ed can have his two weeks of sanity, brain healing, wife swapping, and libating to drive away the CT demons and clear the cob webs! What are you posters going to do to vent and insult intellectualism, post to the Voice? I hope the two side by side drug emporiums are stocked up on personal lubes. Gee, you might even go outside and get some of that radiation from the big bulb in the sky and breath some fresh smog! Better hurry back, Ed or they will blame you for the mass suicides next month!
mall9Rockland Key‘s new anchor store being a Walmart Superstore. Other businesses have sent letters of intent: Total Wines, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Old Navy, to name a few.
Great, so all the newbies from up north who move here will have all their crap stores here so they won’t have to order online. We’ve lost the Florida Keys to the mainlanders and now we’re going to be stuck. Let’s face it, the folks moving here want what they have up north, and our weather. They can have it. I bet they still think the seafood on the menus here comes from the Keys too.
Lost. Women’s prescription glasses, grey wire bows, rimless. Possibly lost  in Marathon. Classified Ads > Lost and Found
[Spam] I think all web advertisers should pay per email to send out their junk crap, then maybe they will stop sending this garbage to my Inbox!
I am sick and tired of computer pop-ups and unwanted advertising I have to view and pay for every time I go online. I am paying for the use of the web and a provider to connect me to it, but I should not have to pay some marketeer to see what I hate–ads! Every time you turn around, some putz is trying to sell you something. Enough already
[“F.T.R. is a ‘pompous narcissist’] Don’t be such a sexist. There are some flaming liberal women down here who love to attack old white guys.
ebay logoSelling my stuff at a yard sale sucks, so where is the best place to sell clothes, computer parts, books, tools, diving equipment, etc? eBay, Amazon, or where?
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white whale9I suppose Moby Dick, the monster white whale, was Mother Nature’s messenger back to the whalers and other money-driven nature rapers and pillagers. In times past, I have said the whale was Ahab’s lost manhood he desperately sought. Lost because he had rejected his internal feminine, and the sea sent her great whale to teach him his folly. Probably works both ways.  Ahab was Melville’s alter ego. I grew to liking the whale best of the characters in the tale. Parallel to the great marlin in The Old Man and the Sea.
We go through life trying to obtain our goals be it Dictator for life, Supreme Leader, King, Holy One, president, C.O.B., C.I.C., Senator, the Richest Man on Earth, the most Evil person, or just plane Joe or Jane. No matter how powerful, how accomplished, how much you’ve acquired, how much influence you peddle, how many you’ve dominated or how well you’ve taken advantage of the system, in the end we all turn into worm food and 100 years down the road the likelihood that anyone will give a crap is about as likely as me winning PowerBall. So get over yourself and enjoy as much as you can without hurting others.
[Question to FTR] Why did you go to Ft. Lauderdale for your shoulder surgery? Had you heard this long running joke, “Where do you go when you get sick in the Keys? Answer: The airport!
Hope you’re feeling better.
It looks as though road crews are jackhammering out the new rainwater troughs along US1 in Summerland Key and re-building them correctly.
I wonder who is paying for that mistake?
House for rent on Big Pine Key. View of water, 2/1 large yard with big tree, side load washer, dryer, water and electric included, great neighborhood 6-12 month rental. Classified Ads > For Rent
I told my wife, “You don’t have a monopoly on being right.” Now she also has monopolies on sleeping in our bed and watching our TV.
[Brian Williams not the only liar] Phony war heroes exposed by ‘guardian of valor’. Link
c report card
[Poop Tsunami] People who work at waste water treatment (sewer) plants will tell you that the real test of the sewage system occurs one time a year: halftime on Superbowl Sunday. It is like the tsunami of poop hits the plant within a short period of time. Rest assured that our new sewer system, designed by FKAA C student engineers and politicians will be able to handle this load. Get your surfboards ready!
[Spammed] I have been nailed by someone who put my email address into some advertising whore’s web service to send me ads from hundreds of companies in bulk. I have set my email account to filter these, but there has to be a way to get back at these puckers, like automatically placing orders for their products to be delivered to the FCC or President, or to order stuff and have it shipped to Africa or the Queen in England.  I tried to figure out how to automatically reply to the ad to tell them I am a police station and not a consumer, but that did not work. Any suggestions?
Homeless-person-with-dog[Homeless] Get to know some of the homeless before you judge them all. Most were here long before you were. Most worked hard and long to be here. Then stupid politicians and greedy carpet baggers began ruining the Keys’ way of life. Rents went up, housing got converted to overpriced tourist lodging. Then the elitist began using code enforcement and marine patrol to force out the working stiffs on boats. Then the resorts and tourist industry started using illegal immigrant labor. Then it became illegal to sleep in your van. Then those folks who used to serve you (some still do) and worked the docks which are all but gone. Well they hit hard times, some gave up hope, others struggle daily just to survive. All the while Johnny-come-lately and politicians are trying to make them disappear. They were all right when they served you, but now that its cheaper to hire illegals and bus in labor you want them gone! It’s long past time for a reality check down here!
[Summerland Key] I thought CT’ers were being trite as is their way when they complained about the new storm gutters along US1 in Summerland. I saw them for the first time last week and wondered what the contractors were thinking when they installed those deep gutters. You almost need a 4×4 to get over them. I saw that many had been temporarily filled with asphalt to make them drivable.
It’s hard to think of anything lower than a hit and run driver.
Photos that expose what those dream resorts in glossy holiday brochures really look like. Link
Paul Ryan‘s Proposed Budget Cuts. Link
magic saw-in-half
[Dynamo Magician Impossible] Magicians like this are amazing! Video
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Really Ed an enema? C’mon man, geeze, maybe a hiatus or removing your brain for a few weeks, but the enema line seems a bit harsh. Yea,  you need, it enjoy (funny line though).
[Spies like US] I was getting really paranoid about how our government and local juntas are spying on us, but have since gave up worrying because I figure there is no way to hide from these people, no way to protest their actions and who really gives a shiite what a no-body like me does anyway? Also I figure it is better to have these people working for their income than feeding them welfare checks, food stamps, paying their heat bills, their car and cell phone bills, the kids free education, clothing allowances, and travel expensive. So with that view in mind, and 2014 income taxes due soon, is say F the IRS. Come and get me!
[Homeless] Let’s see, “The way I look at it the homeless are like gangs of illegal aliens. They come here from far away to take over our beaches, harass us on the streets and then demand we accommodate their chosen lifestyle.
Really, the homeless come to take over “our” beaches? Like vacation? Really? Obviously you haven’t been homeless. Did you ever think maybe they’re just here because it’s warm? And what does “our” beaches mean? you mean we own them?”They come here to enjoy for free all the things that we worked so hard to gain.” Right, because we all know how much fun it is to sleep in the woods, have limited access to water and a toilet, to eat what you can find in a dumpster, or even more fun; to ask strangers for money to buy your only meal for the day, and have no access to healthcare or transportation.

“They don’t care about the destruction they cause to the very environment they came here for, they just want to live by their own rules and f*ck everyone else.” All the bleeding heart advocates just perpetuate the problem. It’s hard to care about “destruction of the environment” when you’re just trying to survive day to day and it’s really time consuming, that survival thing. That can make recycling and keeping the beaches clean lower on the list. As for advocates? We’re just like you. We own our home and pay taxes, but we also try to be kind to our fellow humans, and help when we can

lincoln  flag wave
[Conspiracy] For all the conspiracy theorists and paranoids I would like to add some things that I have stumbled on. They need to look into this. It has been covered up by the government for too long. Do you realize that all of the people who listened to Lincolns’ Gettysburg address are now dead? Every one of them! Please check into this and find out why, and how this happened. Let me know, I’ll be up in the mother ship watching, and waiting for your results. Remember to be careful, they are everywhere!
The Lower Keys sewer system is far and away too important to use the cheapest technology.   This is one case that calls out for the best methods known to man, no matter what the cost.  If someone can justify putting $72 million into a dilapidated bridge, how can they say with a straight face that a first class sewer system is not practical?
My mother-in-law from Hell. Video
Shrimp-Fajitas-with-Rice-&-BeansHola from Springer’s Bar & Grill! It’s Mexican Monday and we have Shrimp Fajitas with Rice & Beans for a special today.  We also have a full bar so you can have a Margarita too.

Y’all come down and see us!

[How the Real World Works] Over the next three decades, the children of the super wealthy are set to inherit more than $16 trillion. Read this then go out and get drunk, you peasant you! Yes, you have the time to read it.  Link
[Captain Doom and Gloom] What is going on in the US and the rest of the World?
Gun Control- The ability to defend oneself against another nutcase.
Obama- A member of a elite circle of mishaps and deranged shortcomings
Russia- A open cage of bewildered conformists controlled by a military dictatorship with big guns
England- The once most powerful bitches in the world lived there on that totally incompetent landmass!
Africa- The land of prehistoric humanity and elephant dodo.
South America- The land of prehistoric humanity and useless breeders
Muslims- Lonely little peepee humans living in a dream and praying to weirdoes to tell them such.
Christians- Lonely little peeped humans living in a dream and paying weirdoes to tell them such.
Weather- A phenomena with which this planet would be stagnate and will be if humans get to control it
Over Population- The horror seen by extraterrestrials for the coming future of the universe.
War- A fun game with chess pieces that die and regenerate more pieces.
The MIC- A group of mentally egomaniacs who think they are right.
Canada- The last vestige of a healthy place to live
China- A puppy farm for inept two legged mutants that will over populate the universe.
Japan- A small island whose inhabitants think they are important enough to rule the planet
India- A breeding pit for the fungus among us.
Oil- A black ooze that probably was previous cycles of humanity who destroyed themselves many times over.
Food- Something that used to be nutritious but has become a filler for hogs and worms.
Water- The basis of life as we know it, but being turned into urine by inept nitwits.
Global Warming- A climate cycle brought on by humanity too stupid and lazy to give a damn about the future.
Religion- A confidence game by humans of questionable manhood to keep from working for a living
Money- A series of dead presidents glorified on toilet paper
The Web- A conglomeration of brainwashing and entertainment by the marketing clique.
Manhood- That time in a males life before he marries a woman or another human.
Womanhood- The illogical birthing cycle when woman breed and lose intellectualism.
Race and Color- A system to differentiate between chess pieces.
Big Brother- The Guy behind the Guy, Behind the Guy who lives in a castle in Austria.
Bill Maher-  A half human comic makes a living spinning BS to hate groupies.
Fireman- A tool that is never needed by anyone except a Game Warden.
Computer- A machine becoming more intelligent than its owner that will destroy all life everywhere
Drone- A sub-human who works (?) in our government.
teepee southpark fight
[Native American Home Etiquette] Good manners to learn. Link
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great-tits9[Great Tits] In science news this week, a group of European investigators have found that female great tits rely on spatial navigation for feeding. Further they conclude that female great tits are better than male tits. I must agree. Song
[New Technology] Are we being screwed by the computer companies or what? Have you noticed if you own a computer with XP or Vista, or an older OS or Mac, you must up grade to use the web or newer software? They are force marketing us with their up-grades so our existing software and hardware will not work anymore. I think this should be illegal. I is like the unleaded gas scam years ago that forced us to buy new cars, or the watering down of milk, the anti-sugar scare that was replaced by artificial sweeteners. Also notice people have gotten so addicted to computers and cell phones, they hardly look at one another let alone socialize! The dumbing down and isolation of people is working.
Some say that the Republican Congress is disrespecting President Obama by inviting Israel’s Netanyahu to speak before them without White House approval.  So what’s new?  Republicans have been doing that daily since Obama was elected in 2008.
How in the heck did the Conservative Governor of Kansas financially destroy their states budget surplus in only 2 years?

That’s what happens when you use Tea Party  principles. They are all smoke and mirrors.

Time for the usual education cuts and cuts to their infrastructure planning and additional user fees. It will just be a matter of time before they start asking the federal Gov. to make up their financial hole.

They are getting what they voted for.

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from the right
democrat donkey hangs headDemocrats … where in the hell are the Democrats? Why aren’t they up in arms about Obama’s incredible comments at the most recent Prayer Breakfast? In his remarks he actually chided all Americans for being on a “high horse” in their condemnation of the Islamofacist terrorism that is now sweeping the world. He lectured us that Christians had been responsible for outrages during the Crusades and that Christians had used religion to countenance slavery. In essence he gave the Islamofacist terrorists a “pass” because Christians had also committed outrages.

He did not mention that the Crusades were more than a thousand years ago, and that Christianity has long sinced reformed. He did not mention that it was the influence of many Cristian pastors that was a huge contributing factor in the abolition of slavery. The Battle Hymn of the Republic perfectly reflects the beliefs that killed slavery: “In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea, With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me: As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free, While God is marching on.”

Why aren’t the Democrats outraged at Obama’s failure espouse a strategy to defeat, not contain, not diminish, the ever growing hordes of Islamofascist terrorist that are ravening the Mid East and Northern Africa? Currently new fighters swell their ranks every day, they come from about 50 different countries. About 5000 new fighters have joined the fray in Syria and Iraq just since November. Some estimate that their ranks have grown about 100 fold since Obama took office. They are no longer a rag tag mob of fanatics, they are well funded and disciplined combatants.

Obama’s announced policy of “Strategic Patience” is nothing more than waiting for the hordes to break down our front door.

Susan Rice just speechified that our homeland was in greater danger during WWll and the Cold War than it is from the current maelstrom of terrorism. Donkey Dung! During WWll the only mass casualty attack on our homeland was levied against a military facility. There was never any attempt to deliver any other mass casualty attacks on the Home Land. In the Cold War we and the Russians were dedicated to MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction.

Since the ‘90’s there have been many successful and unsuccessful attempts at mass casualty attacks in our Homeland by the terrorists.

islam moon_and_starIslamofacists are fully and totally committed spreading their religion throughout the world. Their goal is a world that is totally run by Muslims.  Specifically the cancerous brand of Islam that is nothing more than a cult of death and cruelty.  Their aim is a worldwide caliphate. Have no doubt about it, they will kill you if they can,  if you do not accede to their demands.

Islamofascism is truly an existential threat to our society. Like it or not, deny it or not, we are in a struggle for our survival that will last for years, if not decades. We, all Americans, deserve to have our leaders define a strategy to conquer that threat. “Strategic Patience” is not a strategy, its buck passing. Why are the Democrats silent?