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Eliza St 9.94[Caring] Some people just never learn. They think they have a right to do what they damn well please without thinking or caring what other people will have to put up with after they build an abortion unbefitting the rest of the neighborhood, regardless of good taste or cost. Suppose you lived in a ghetto and someone buys the lots next to you and builds a multi-million castle. Your property value goes up through the roof and so does your taxes. Now you cannot pay those taxes and have to sell out and move. The same goes for a prestigious gated community where homes are in the millions and some uncaring builder builds a motorcycle shop and used auto parts yard dead center of the area. What to do? The local lawyers have a field day grinning all the way to the bank and the local politicians want more and more taxes, so they go along with anything that will raise the levels of their coffers. In some areas where certain ethnic people tend to congregate to be around their own kind, this interference with their life styles usually does not happen, but if it did it would be taken care of before it got out of hand. The Keys are like these areas where we like it the way it was and those that would change things would do well to forgetaboutit!
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The Battle of New Orleans wasn’t just one day, it went on for about a month along the approaches to New Orleans. Jean Lafitte (Yul Brenner) didn’t play anywhere near as important a role as the movie portrayed him. Weapons and ammunition were misallocated by the city’s mayor from his arsenal. Old Hickory was counting on those arms and as a result the Kentucky Militia was forced to retreat, almost losing the city to the British. It was the militia and Andy Jackson who saved the “Louisiana Purchase” from the British not pirates although they did fight with the Americans and helped save the fledgling nation.
[Renters Woes] I’ve noticed a rapid trend taking place in the Keys. Wealthy out of towners are purchasing an abundance of low priced, or foreclosed properties, and giving the existing tenants living on these properties ’til the end of the month to move out. The problem with this is that it’s peak season down here, since all the snowbirds are down here escaping from the northern chill, and there aren’t any properties available to rent. So, these people, who’ve been paying their rent on time will now be homeless. 1. Due to short notice & don’t have $5,000 to move. Or, 2. Because there aren’t any properties available to rent. I think it’s absolutely immoral.
It’s not surprising to read about that fatal car wreck at the Rockland Key bridge.  I see people racing each other all the time where the highway narrows from two to one lane.   The funny part is that they have to slow down anyway when they get to Big Coppit and don’t really gain a thing by waiting to the last minute to move over.
moscovy duck
I too noticed those 3 Muscovy ducks together  alongside Key Deer road on Big Pine.   I wonder how long they will  last  once   those  lovable and adorable   “forgotten felines” get wind of them?    Maybe they already have?    And then there were two.
[Normal] I’ve lived so long, and the world is so screwed up that I have become normal. Nobody would have ever believed that would happen. Not even me. It’s the world being so screwed up that saved me. I wish I could see my parents and be able to tell them, “See I told you I was normal.”
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andrew jackson
A poster yesterday gave us a great description of the British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. However he placed the wrong Jackson there. Andrew Jackson “Old Hickory” was there commanding the US force, Stonewall Jackson would not be born for another 5 years.
[“Key Deer Blvd Ducks”]That third duck didn’t take the day off. His name was Dinner. The other ones are called Breakfast and Lunch. Soon you won’t have any more problems with them begging.
[Pessimism] Sentram Silver comes in a 250 tablet supply. At my age that’s taking a chance. They should come in a 30 day supply so I won’t waste money.
duck walkduck walkduck walk
If you feed the three ducks on Key Deer Blvd make sure you stop your car on the east side, where they are, and not across the street because the ducks will waddle across the road and get hit.
 A man gets arrested in KW for hog tying iguanas and carrying them by a wire handle and is charged with cruelty to animals, but the KWPD hog tied Charles Eimers, which causes his death, but no charges are filed against them. Does anyone else see the irony in this? Unbelievable!
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Cave-digging artist
finds inspiration underground. For the past 25 years, Ra Paulette has been carving out man-made caves from the sandstone hills of New Mexico, and then sculpting these spaces into works of art. Link

[Old Words And Phrases Remind Us Of The Way We Were] Old expressions have become obsolete because of the inexorable march of technology. These phrases include don’t touch that dial, carbon copy, you sound like a broken record and hung out to dry.

Back in the olden days we had a lot of moxie. We’d put on our best bib and tucker and straighten up and fly right. Hubba-hubba! We’d cut a rug in some juke joint and then go necking and petting and smooching and spooning and billing and cooing and pitching woo in hot rods and jalopies in some passion pit or lovers’ lane. Heavens to Betsy! Gee whillikers! Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! Holy moley! We were in like Flynn and living the life of Riley, and even a regular guy couldn’t accuse us of being a knucklehead, a nincompoop or a pill. Not for all the tea in China! Link

This week at Springer’s Bar & Grill

accordian fox3/19 – Live Music with The Doerfels / Bluegrass at its best
3/21 – Live Music with The Greens / Bluegrass and Jazz
3/23 – Live Music with The Greens / Bluegrass and Jazz
3/24 – Calling all Pickers & Grinners / Bluegrass Circle with Alan Graf. Beginners welcome
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[Deadly Rat Lungworms] 
 The rat lungworm is one of the most feared parasites on the planet.  It travels in the blood to the edge of the brain, then burst through the brain’s defensive lining, causing hemorrhaging and tissue damage.  The parasite is usually transmitted to humans by consuming food contaminated with rat feces. Link
Macs are for Prius driving whiners. PCs are for the rest of us smart enough to know better. (Ed: I’m still ticked over the guy saying if I was using a Mac I wouldn’t be having this problem. The operating system has nothing to do with my latest problem. It is a server problem maintained by GoDaddy and their misinformed techs.)
1st Annual Run with Deer on Big Pine Key. Looking for something fun and healthy to do Saturday (March 21st) morning?  Come on out and be a part of history.  The National Key Deer Refuge’s friends group – FAVOR Florida Keys – is sponsoring the first annual “Run with Deer”, a 5K (3.1 mile)  Run/Walk on Big Pine Key, starting and ending at the Key Deer Refuge Visitor Center in the Winn Dixie shopping plaza. To register for the race, go online at or register in person at the Visitor Center. Events
Will someone tell me the clearance height on the canal passing under Watson Blvd bridge in Eden Pines? Wondering if a 20-22 ft bay boat with T-top can make it through. High tide vs low if it makes much of a difference.
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[Hey, Honey] Portrait photographer Blake Little covered models in honey for his series entitled “Preservation.” Link
From what sewer people have told me converting your septic to cistern is easy and cheap if you do it. You have to get it pumped out no matter what first. Then just sterilize it with bleach and you’re good to go. I’ve asked a lot of them. It’s always the same answer.
If you think no one cares about you try missing a couple of payments!
I never wanted to be  chicken.
[“There was no due diligence on the part of FKAA. Or the County. Or the DEP. All of the engineers responsible for this huge project have miserably failed their duties.”] Don’t forget US Fish and Wildlife and NOAA. Both agencies were “too busy with matters of consequence” (e.g., finding donuts and cookies for their meetings) to critically review the project despite the fact that both agencies had critical natural resources at stake. NOAA sanctimoniously blathers on and on about water quality and yet ignores the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System — talk about hypocrisy. If the agencies charged with protecting natural resources had done their jobs, the CRWS debacle would not have occurred. BTW: When the chickens come home to roost and the malfunctions begin, “I trust my engineers” will quickly become an infamous immortal slogan worthy of plastering on a t-shirt (ala “Where is Bum Farto”). I’d buy the first dozen.
The Peace Alliance. Dream big. Link
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trumpet cool man
played for several years in the band at Pisa, and people who heard him said that his manner of gazing out over the Pisan hills with a far-away look in his eye after playing a selection, while he gently upended his alto horn and worked the mud-valve as it poured out about a pint of moist melody that had accumulated in the flues of the instrument, was simply grand.
[Situation Wanted] Serious, responsible, working couple in their 50’s with a dog, are in serious need of a 2 or 1 bedroom home or trailer rental. Anywhere near RamRod Key. Our landlord gave us a 1 week notice to move out, because he claims he sold the property. If anyone can help us please call Mike Johnson. 305-923-7280.  Classified Ads > Situation Wanted
hareens 12.2.14
[“2 week lifespan for 2d Lts”] For 2nd Looee infantry platoon leaders in Nam, it was a race between the Cong and your own men, to see who took you out first.
It was Andrew Jackson not Stonewall Jackson who was the hero of The Battle of New Orleans . December 24, 1814 through January 8, 1815 .
Stonewall Jackson was the Confederate Hero so named at the first battle of Manassas (Bull Run) July 21, 1861.
[Small Change] City Manager Jim Scholl said, actually, he could spend up to $20,000 on anything without the City Commission’s approval. Commissioner Wardlow seemed especially concerned about spending money on outside consultants, which the city had done once before without the City Commission’s approval.
[“Doom and Gloom”] Yes, there is a difference in spending vs pissing the money away by our politicos. The Republicans give it to the rich, see corporate welfare, no bid contracts, see Cheney, etc. and the Democrats give to, hopefully, the people who need a little help. Either way it drains the bank. Pick your poison, I still feel some trickling down on me, but I don’t think it is money! If we could check out all the scammers in the system I’m sure it’s probably divided fairly equal amongst the political parties. Their method of doing it may be different but it’s outcome’s the same — fraud!
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[Solar Plug] Plug.Solar’s products include hardware that consumers plug into outlets to demand solar energy from the grid and a new, free app that allows consumers to demand solar from the grid to charge their smartphones. Here’s how Plug.Solar technology works: Energy is produced at a solar farm and put into the electric grid. Solar credits are then issued for that energy and users can access those credits through Plug.Solar technology to be sure they are pulling only solar energy from the grid. Link
Every so often there is a Public Service Announcement re: 911 calls. I agree 100 % that 911 should only be used for an emergency. If I was to have a heart attack, I dont want to get a busy signal at 911, because someone is looking for Elm Street or wondering how far it is between those mile markers you have all over down here, BUT for the love of God could you tell everyone what the non-emergency number is ?  I doubt 1 in 25 know what it is,
[Solar Socket] This product Is mended to enable you to use electricity freely end conveniently, In. space restricted in the use of electricity, such as in a plane, a car, and outdoors. Thus, this product was meant to draw out a socket used indoors outward. We tried to design a portable socket, so that users can use it intuitively without special training. Link
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FKAA thought the dance was over when they got the DOAH ruling from their sister State agency, but instead, the music is getting louder. And if you did not see the Exceptions to the DOAH ruling, you can find them here: the Pumps, Inc. is in the process of filing an additional 60 day notice of suit on the EPA and ACOE for not doing their jobs. How many does that make? Can you hear us now?Legislators are now finally taking an interest and saying “What the hell is going on down there?”

Dump the Pumps is also proceeding on filing an Inverse Condemnation lawsuit to force financial compensation to those that have been blackmailed into giving an easement for County machinery to be installed on their property and having to pay for its electrical service. Call or write DTPI to join in if you are or may soon be a victim. One flat rate legal fee represents all who sign on and the reasonable cost is split amongst participants. DTPI is not a party to the suit but is coordinating the effort as a public service.

Yet another movement is afoot to get the grinder pits set off of private property. Thanks to the DOAH hearing testimony and the excuses that were given for a substandard system, DEP now allows residential grinder pits to be in the road and up to 5 homes can be served with one pump instead of 5. That is a no-brainer decision for anyone not personally profiting from E-1 pump sales.

And here we are today.
Wonder why this FTR guy gets to post lies, mistruths and innuendo without recourse. People will believe the fabricated junk he makes up and is allowed to post to your site.
You guys at least need a progressive or independent voice to counter this man.
This is disappointing and disturbing all at the same time.
FTR I never said that Pelosis trip
> was to serve as representative for GW Bush. You imagined
> that. I said it was co-ordinated by Bushs state dept and
> cleared thru the proper channels of his administration
> before she went.  Unlike the letter from the
> TraitorCons.
> Im sure you also realize that the week after she went 3
> republicans made the exact same trip. Maybe you didnt know.
> I apoligize if youre having comprehension issues.
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[Deer Friends, please think, just think. FTR] Hold on a second there, doesn’t this go against the whole GOP mantra of thinking for yourself? Thinking makes it harder to control the peasants.
It’s too bad our leaders never really understood the Middle East, it’s religions  and it’s people until they and us had to find out the hard way by invading the place.  Maybe the President that came the closest was old man Bush who left Saddam in power and Clinton who kept a lid on him.  Now, thankfully, we have Obama who is getting our young people the Hell out of that morass.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “I have seen Presidential hopeful Republican Senator Marco Rubio on TV a few times and he comes across as hyper active, bordering on hysteria.  In other words, just the opposite of Hillary who always seems so cool, calm and collected, no matter what.  But at this point, what difference does it make.”hillary vampireFTR’S RESPONSE: Well, well, well, Hillary is cool calm and collected?! Hillary’s recent presser at the UN showed her to be evasive, irritated, and looking very much like a deer in headlights.  Her choice of the UN as the venue was very revealing.  She scheduled the presser so that the press would have less than 24 hours’ notice. The UN house rules exclude all media who do not have UN credentials. It takes many days to get those credentials.  Thus those reporters who were actually knowledgeable on the issues were excluded.  Did you notice that she refused eye contact with the media, but rather stared off into space or at the ceiling?In any event Hillary’s temper is monumental, legendary. There are multiple reports of Hillary throwing temper tantrums while she was First Lady. One example, while she was SOS, is available for all to see when she exploded at a congressional hearing on Benghazi.  Remember her infamous melt down: “At this point what difference does it make!!!” Link

Or you may want to read the press reports of a Hillary hissy fit in Africa at: Link

Or you can watch it for yourself at: Link 

I suggest that those who consider Hillary to be “calm, cool, and collected”, read the article to be found at: Link

Or if you’d really like to learn more of Hillary’s character and temperament I suggest you read “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents,” In the book New York Times bestselling author Ronald Kessler gives an inside look at what the Secret Service experiences based on exclusive, on-the-record interviews.

Nope, she is a nasty, vengeful, short fused, incredibly unpleasant person who, like the current First Lady, considers herself to be “entitled.”

an racistPart 2) DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY WRIT LARGE: The second-ranking Senate Democrat on Wednesday accused Republicans of putting the president’s attorney general nominee “in the back of the bus” by delaying her confirmation.

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois made the comment on the Senate floor as he criticized the GOP over its handling of Loretta Lynch’s nomination. She would become the nation’s first black female attorney general, replacing Eric Holder, the first African-American in the job.

Durbin’s “in the back of the bus” comment is raw racial pandering and the zenith of hypocrisy.  In 2005 Durban was one of only 13 Democrats who voted against Condoleeza Rice’s appointment as Secretary of State. All were white. Over their objection, Rice became our first female American of African ancestry to become our Secretary of State. She did a great job.

ONE MORE THING: The Washington Post is reporting that Federal immigration officers released another 30,000 immigrants with criminal records last year, following the 36,000 it released in 2013, the government announced Wednesday — though it promised to take steps to cut down on the problem. Read more: Link