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Sunday, June 2, 2013

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[Today’s Scenario] I hope some one is a lawyer and can answer this. If you live on a boat, like a nice sailboat, much different from the liveaboards with no motors, say. And you go to the bar, meet a nice girl, ask her back to your boat for another drink. After 3 drinks, she shows her schizophrenic bipolar side. She demands to go back to shore. At that point you are BUI (drunk boating). You tell her sleep awhile, then you will take her. If she takes your dingy, she is drunk boating and you have no way to shore. You stop her. Now you are guilty of kidnapping and holding someone against her will. Any sex could easily be date rape, without witnesses. The million dollar question is — can this happen?

manley-deboer-logo150h welcomes Manley and deBoer Lumber on Industrial Road in Big Pine Key to the fold. Yes, there is a lumber company on Big PineT No need to drive to Marathon or Key West to build that deck or addition. · Lumber & Building Material, Roofing, Doors & Windows Millwork, Landscaping Materials. Delivery Service!



[“Violent and oppressive communist Cuban government”] You’ve been getting your information from the Miami propaganda machine. Everything you wrote is wrong. I’ve interviewed lots of Cubans over the years from Havana to Santa Clara and no one agrees with you. Remember the Miami Cubans were supporters of the brutal Dictator Batista. Cubans don’t come here for political freedom. They come here for money. Wake up and smell the Bustello. The reason you believe the Miami Cubans is because you chose to. I chose to believe the Cuban people and world opinion.

[Trespass] Anyone know why County employees are walking onto people’s property when there’s no one home? I witnessed an instance a couple weeks ago where two men got out of a Chevy sedan with yellow plates and walked past “No Trespassing” signs to walk around a property.

Yesterday, I saw two men in tan County shirts clearly discussing a gated and vacant home (with a N.T.sign posted).  The County men were snooping from across the canal.

Human feces making their way through wastewater facilities and into the ocean are passing along a white pox disease-causing bacterium that’s killing Elkhorn coral near Key West, a new study says.



[We’re Not Alone] There are 1.4 billion insects for every human.

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What do bums do on their day off?



Repeal the Monsanto protection act. Video 

NASA‘s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission has uncovered the origin of massive invisible regions that make the moon’s gravity uneven, a phenomenon that affects the operations of lunar-orbiting spacecraft. Link

Fanci Seafood will be closed on Sundays until August. Everyone have a great summer!


[Road Construction] How I’d do it. I get a contract with the State to fix the roads, do the street signs, paint the lines and gingerbread the whole mess. I would get 1/3 money of the money to set up the work and equipment, then do something to show effort, then get the second payment and split to Porto Someplaceo ASAPo!



[Chemtrail conspiracy theorists unite!] These rare long clouds may form near advancing cold fronts. In particular, a downdraft from an advancing storm front can cause moist warm air to rise, cool below its dew point, and so form a cloud. When this happens uniformly along an extended front, a roll cloud may form. Roll clouds may actually have air circulating along the long horizontal axis of the cloud. A roll cloud is not thought to be able to morph into a tornado. Unlike a similar shelf cloud, a roll cloud, a type of Arcus cloud, is completely detached from their parent cumulonimbus cloud. Pictured above, a roll cloud extends far into the distance in 2009 January above Las Olas Beach in Maldonado, Uruguay.

It may be too soon to celebrates but yesterday mosquito control sprayed in Eden Pines for the first time this year.  Perhaps we can get our yard back.




[Spelling Bee Using Foreign Words] Are they going to use a Japanese word next year, perhaps? Sushi, nori, wasabi, Kamikaze are a few you would be familiar with. Heck you many have ordered that very combo.

To the person replying to my post on my visit to Cuba:  It’s always a pleasure to hear a difference of opinion.  It’s called open discourse or a debate of the subject issue.  According to Webster, discourse means “a verbal interchange of ideas; especially : conversation.”  While I generally like to engage in a free exchange of ideas and philosophy, it is difficult, if not impossible to do so when the other person instantly resorts to a vitriolic diatribe of name calling and slanderous characterizations of my patriotism.  I take no offense.  I have considered the source as an individual with no room for any position other than a myopic viewpoint without any capacity for an intelligent, conversational exchange of ideology. You are, of course, entitled your opinion and I respect that.

It’s much like trying to teach a mule to sing.  It simply annoys the mule and frustrates the teacher! 




Wow, better coated Teflon pans. That really makes my day.  I can now get better Teflon pans. Makes my life worth living again. They probably are made in Japan.


[“Why are we not using solar”] We are not using solar because oil is millions of years of pre-concentrated solar power collected by plants in a easily to tap, store, transport and transform form of hydrocarbons. Presently to do same would require massive fields of solar panels and a method to transport the energy without loss to other areas. Work is being done on room temperature superconductor wires, better collection and storage methods so it would make solar power cost feasible compared to burning fossil fuels.

I think research should be done on solar collection and concentrated beam delivery system to the surface. With the added bonus if one of those asteroids come to close for comfort that the beam could be turned around and deflect or destroy it. Of course with our stupid politicians too busy digging their snouts in the pockets of taxpayers for their own purposes, it would require some major asteroid strike to get them to lift their slimy noses out and do something serious about it.

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[“14 People in a Skiff”] 14 in the water when 18ft skiff capsizes. And they weren’t even Cubans. Link


[ENT] Obviously you have never needed an Ear Nose Throat doctor (aka ENT).

And the other one you didn’t know yesterday  “IP”,  I think means intellectual property, based on the context of the sentence in which it was used.

Your question marks after posters’ abbreviations always remind me that we don’t all speak the same language.  I could talk shorthand all day long and only other shorthand talkers could comprehend.  Same goes for all the text abbreviations.  I am totally lost when some people text me in text-speak.  To that though,  my bigger ponder is that the generations using text speak will never learn to spell!   But who knows, maybe properly spelling whole words will eventually disappear.  Jeez,  looks like this turned into a dumbing down.  Sorry, want’s my point.

To the “got milk” question.  No need to wonder.  It has nothing to do with anything that’s in (or not in) the milk.  It’s the processing and packaging that makes the difference.  Milk (organic or not) that is processed and packaged in an ultra-pasteurized processing facility will typically get 45-60 day dating. In some areas, you can purchase milk that is kept at room temperature, and still get months of shelf life. Those are from an aseptic processing facility.


[Scammers] The other day on US1 Radio news I heard County Commissioner Neugent say that the Balfour Beatty property tax issue was “not on my radar”, a now famous phrase from Holly Raschein.

He was asked twice by Ezra Marcus and evaded the question completely. At stake here are millions in property taxes over the next 45 years and 11 million in back taxes this private company owes now. Looks important to me and as a taxpayer it’s definitely on my radar. I cannot believe he is willing to tell the truth and no longer trust him. I hope someone at the County level is looking out for us on this.

Here is an example of Balfour Beatty being required to pay property taxes. Clearly we have been misled here in Monroe County. Link


Monofilament recovery & recycling program. Link

an geyser



Yosemite in high definition. Video

[“Why solar is not the big thing]  The commenter is showing his lack of understanding of technology. I agree that there is all kinds of solar energy hitting the earth, but there are better energy sources out there that are not dependent upon the time of day or clouds, which are solars biggest drawbacks. Fusion is probably the best 24/7 power solution; we have plenty of heavy hydrogen for fuel. The problem is that we are not putting squat into developing the technology. Before you go greenie on me and scream that fusion is dangerous, I would suggest you read a little about the science behind it. Our sun, which provides your beloved solar energy, is powered by fusion. And if you really want to look into the future Google “zero point energy”.


[Cuba] If you still  think Cubans come here for freedom and not money you’ve been drinking the Miami Kool-Aid. Yes they originally came her to escape the Cuban people’s wrath after the revolution when the Cuban people were out for revenge on those same people who supported Batista, the dictator who repressed, tortured and abused the majority of Cuban people. That was 50 years ago and most of them are dead and the only Cubans coming here by raft are looking to make money.



[Eden Pines sign]   Our lovely sign on Watson just as you are entering Eden Pines has survived over a year from the vandals that have roamed our community.  Most of that can be attributed to the effort made by the creators of this sign.  Unfortunately the previous signs have been repeatedly destroyed.  A very sincere thank you  for sticking to it.

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Thanks to whoever posted the new Stones tune. The Stones have always had their fingers on the pulse of the nation. Mick should be the next president. With all his money he still feels the pain of the people. Mick Jagger for president with Ron Wood as ‘vice’. If nothing else it would be interesting. Vote Mick 2014.

[ENT] For the reader not knowing what ENT represented it is ear, nose and throat.  The charges certainly seemed expensive to most of us, and they are.  However in my opinion medical costs are more in line than dental expenses.  A couple of months ago I went to my local dentist, who is quite expensive but does very good work, however he was not capable of performing the root canal he thought was necessary.  So he referred me to a specialist in the upper keys.  I guess he was able to perform the root canal needed, because the bill for my first visit was $4,000.  Hopefully I never need to go that route again.  With all this said dental insurance has never worked for me because of high monthly premiums and low amount paid for each visit.  



[La Hooker] Every guy I ever knew who has gone to Cuba talks about only one thing, and that  would be the cheap, easy sex available there.  Of course they never mention how much of it was with underage females.

“To be a pacifist is to be a man of peace. To truly be one you must first be able to defend yourself. Then you have a choice you can make: To fight or not to fight. If you cannot defend yourself, you do not have that choice to make. You are merely helpless.”


[Key West Style Pro Football] With Andrew Luck of the Colts coming ‘out’, there might be a chance to form a Key West Pro Football Team if only applicants would try out for other positions besides tight end and wide receiver!


There’s no stronger sunscreen than sitting in a bar.

an_donut_pig[Police Response] Police officers from North Carolina to New York have stated the unfortunate truth about the time it takes to respond to calls for help and what citizens can do until officers arrive. Among the comments: “We try. We can’t always get there.” – North Carolina “Sometimes we can’t be anywhere at all because everybody’s tied up.” – North Carolina “Lock yourself in a bedroom, start yelling and screaming.” – Jersey City, N.J. “Some people have dogs.”– Yonkers, N.Y. “Go get some bleach. Go get ammonia.” – East Orange, N.J. “A rifle and shotgun is actually for luxury.” – Kew Gardens, N.Y. “It’s 2013. It’s the United States of America. You lock your doors and you hope nothing happens.” – New York

In June of 2005 the United States Supreme Court ruled that police do not have any duty to protect individuals from criminal acts. This ruling stemmed from a legal case brought by a woman to the courts regarding a complaint to police in Colorado that her estranged husband had kidnapped their children. The woman stated that because the police failed to act, the man was not apprehended before he killed all three children. The court’s ruling indicates that police only have a duty to enforce laws but not protect individuals.

Logical result: Only you can protect yourself and your family!

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[Cuba] I loved the poster who went ape shit on the person who claimed if only we could talk to the regime in Cuba they would embrace freedom. You had it so right. The left is so in love with its ideas, but seems to hate people. I am so fed up with “progressives” in my country Canada who say they’re ashamed of our Conservative government and liken our Prime Minister to a dictator, but practically wet their pants telling you about how beautiful and cheap Cuba is as a tourist destination. When I ask them how they can support such a repressive regime somehow it’s a cognitive dissonance they’re all too willing to embrace. I hope someone books them a flight to Karma.    

Kudos to Mosquito Control for spraying our area Saturday!


The “spitting longhairs” at San Francisco Airport is no urban myth. Anyone in uniform, no matter the rank; was a potential recipient. We were cautioned before leaving RVN[?]  that to retaliate would lead to our arrest. Thus, we ignored our “welcoming committee” as we wanted nothing to interfere with our trip home.



Wind turbine field in California getting much better for wildlife. Deaths of hawks, kestrels and owls down 50% to only 625 a year. The type and placement of turbines with relation to wildlife is important. Link


[Spelling Bee Using Foreign Words] This year’s  winning word ‘knaidel’ is a Yiddish word not German and should not be in an American spelling bee.

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[Fartless Cows] Scientists plan to reduce greenhouse gases by breeding fartless cows. Natural gas wells leak methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere as a consequence of the production process. So do cows. But where well leaks are called “fugitive methane emissions,” cow leaks are simply called farts and burps.  It’s silly, but it’s also a big problem. Scientists now think, though, that they’ve hit on a solution: They might simply be able to breed to farts and burps out. Link

Americans assume that Cubans aren’t happy with their government. Are Americans happy with their government? There’s no difference. The only difference is what the American government says about Cuba. It’s all made up to pander to you-know-who in Miami.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

How to improve public schools. Ban private schools and watch how fast the people who run things fix the schools their kids will have to attend.



If the Cuban people would like to enjoy the freedoms we have in America they can fight for it just like we did. We still have to fight like hell to keep the government from taking the freedoms that our fathers gave their lives for.  Cuba is a fine example of what happens when you give up your firearms to the government. It will never happen in this country because I believe most people know how evil our government is on all levels.

[“Spitting on vets never happened”] I landed in California after my tour was completed in Viet Nam. It was in January 1968. When I walked to the area where I would get my travel money and my leave papers I was spit at. Several young people dressed in “mountain men” skins of animals – spit at me. They called me “baby killer”.

I was a machine gunner (0331 we are called) in the Marines, I was also a real tunnel rat (because I was really skinny).I made 13 major operations in 12 months when most made it through 3. I really am the real deal as the poster said we were not. I thought (at that moment) that those who were spitting at me were only college students passing though a stunt in order to get into a club. Nobody could be so stupid as to spit on an American Marine coming home from combat.

Not long after that – I learned the truth. The truth was that a lot of cowards were wetting their pants thinking they might have to actually fight for their country. Some even went to Canada. The bad thing is that while real American men were dying in fighting a fixed war – these cowards were growing up to run the country they woudn’t fight for – let alone die for. They are the left part of America. The Clintonites – Obamaites – the cowards in charge of the brave. It is a sick thing to see.

If you think just FTR is From the right – I have news for you. Remember that I have lived on Big Pine Key for 27 years now – and I know most everyone of you “spitters” and how you got “your guys” into political power. I even know which ones went to Canada and came back after the “threat” of serving for their country was over. I also know that real American men are now making it back from fighting 2 very fixed wars. Soon they or their children will assume the political punch to get you left wing sissies off the Government seats of power.

Unlike the Vietnam war they now have a 98% saving rate for a wounded American vet. Thank God it will be a smaller wall for them. A lot these “willing to fight for their country” Americans will make it a better America to live in.

I also know that a lot of Democrats are Americans so don’t freak out over this post. I also know that you are only a small few who can not speak your mind around other Dems. I know what memorial day is for.  What veteran’s day is for — and what America used to stand for.

Jesus come quickly! 



[The law of un-intended consequences: Kicking a Habit] Wash. State Police dogs must unlearn how to smell pot! Washington State’s new law decriminalized possession of up to an ounce of the drug for individuals over 21 years old. Police departments in Bremerton, Bellevue and Seattle, as well as the Washington State Patrol, have either put the dogs through pot desensitization training or plan not to train them for marijuana detection.

I’m another poster who thinks that the average Cuban would benefit from economic discourse with the US.  As evidence I offer every developing country that has done so through trade and outside investment. You think that those of us who think that way are “narcissistic  leftists ” and “stains on the US”? That is such an absurd insult that it is laughable.

The reason why we don’t have normal relations with Cuba is that our addled politicians are so afraid of losing Florida electoral votes that they are afraid to annoy people like you who continue to live in the last century. 


Why I am sticking with the most basic cell phone I can find. Link

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[Climate Fail] The Atlantic Hurricane season began June 1st. While NOAA predicts an active Atlantic Hurricane Season, it is useful to note this other milestone of hurricane drought, a duration not seen since 1900.

As of today, it has been 2777 days or 7.6 years since the US has been hit by a Cat 3 or greater hurricane. The last such hurricane was Wilma on October 24th, 2005. Each day forward will be a new record in this drought period. The long-term intense hurricane drought means that a mere “regression to the mean” will see more hurricane landfalls and considerably higher damage in the years to come. The fashionable talk these days of a “new normal” is of course utter bullsh*t. Just wait until we return to the “old normal”. Link


S**t Southern Women Say, Part 2. Video

religion politics zone

Republicans are in denial of many things. The future is one of them. Some others are Obamacare, science, alternative  energy, race.

Yo FTR! One question. Are you, as an “Old Fart”, enjoying the benefits of Medicare? Yes or no answer please.


Support Bradley Manning. His trial starts Monday. Freedom = freedom of speech.

[Love a Muslim] A special meeting has been scheduled for the stated purpose of increasing awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles.

Think you can say what ever you want about Muslims on the Coconut Telegraph.  The Obama administration says different. The U.S. Attorney and Chief FBI Special Agent “Will Provide Input on How Civil Rights Can Be Violated by Those Who Post Inflammatory Documents Targeted at Muslims on Social Media

A special meeting has been scheduled [for June 4] for the stated purpose of increasing awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles….Special speakers for the event will be Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee [i.e., the chief federal prosecutor for that district -EV], and Kenneth Moore, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Division….

Killian and Moore will provide input on how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media.  “This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” Killian told The News Monday. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.” …Killian said Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal jurisdiction.

This is an administration of unimaginable fascism, deceit and corruption. Welcome to world of leftist ideological despotism. It is a cult. It is a cult. It is a violent cult. Link




[“I’m very concerned that FTR guy isn’t a real conservative”] Ha Ha! Hook,line and sinker! FTR guy you are such a tool, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Video

Jesse Ventura for President?  Could be the turning point American males need to get our balls back.  Go for it! Link

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Congressional House Speaker Boehner leads the GOP attack on Obama.


right only grey

For Team Obama the Hessians are at the gates.  DC is aflame with  huge political forest fires and at least one blaze of slightly less intensity.

irs2Probably the most dangerous fire for the Obama Presidency is the ever increasing revelations concerning the probability that the Obama IRS is not fair broker collector of tax revenue. It now is nearly certain that the IRS has morphed into latter day jack booted thugs who lay siege to those who  speak out against Obama’s policies. More evidence surfaces every day that the IRS has become a tool to punish or stamp out individuals and organizations that are actively political in opposition to the Obama party line. It would be easy for Obama supporters to deny those statements, but the IRS has already acknowledged some of their wrong doing and apologized for some of their activities.

So far we have learned that about 88 individual IRS staffers are suspect.  The staffers seem to have done all in their power to deny non profit status to conservative groups who have applied.  It is reported that not a single conservative advocacy group was granted non profit status for some 27 months.  During that time period there we many liberal non profits approved.

Now it’s looking like Obama’s assault on fairness extended beyond just Tea Party and conservative groups.  Reports are surfacing that religious groups were targeted. The IRS even demanded to know the content of their prayers. Pro Israel groups were  targeted. Pro life groups were targeted. .

Even though the IRS has actually admitted wrong doing and has apologized, the scandal is far from over and the pot continues to boil.

The persons responsible for the malfeasance are not being punished and are they actually have been tasked with rewriting the rules that they chose to ignore. Not a single person has been adequately disciplined. Only one executive has been permitted to retire early, while others have been promoted.  Of all the pots boiling in the Obama admin this one is a pressure cooker which is likely to explode.  Deer Friends this abuse of power is scary, very scary.

Believe it not, it actually gets worse.  We all know that the IRS are the administrators of Obamacare.  One of the persons who had been in the IRS executive chain responsible for their misfeasance has been promoted and will now oversee Obamacare.  The  IRS is now compiling a massive amount of personal data on each and every one us. As a part of that data, information on your lifestyle, if you smoke, if you are overweight, if you engage in practices that the government deems as being unhealthy, you will pay more for your healthcare under Obamacare.  Get ready, it’s coming.

an_eyeball_keyholePart 2) Do you remember Obama’s promise that his admin would be the most “transparent” ever?  Of course we all know now that that was light years away from being the truth.  The most blatant current violation of that promise is the recent chummy little get together that Obama  offered the press with Eric Holder. The idea was that he and his would get to explain why he and his have been misleading, or lying, to the public on so many topics. Need I remind you that the DOJ has been illegaly spying on reporters, and Holder seems to have perjured himself in testimony about seeking prosecutions against reporters.  There was just one tiny catch. The meeting had to be “off the record”.  Essentially that means that the media can’t report on what was said. About half of the mainstream media, refused to attend because of the “off the record” proviso.  Perhaps the frightening irony of that “meeting” is the statement of one news organization.  They said: “Attorney General Holder has authorized us to say that he supports freedom of the press.”  Good Lord!

The half that did not attend will soon learn what actually happened through “leaks”.

It is now looking like Obama is no longer channeling Carter or FDR, it looks like he is channeling Nixon. Enemies lists, spying on opposition, and revenge are all back on the Presidential table.


The house organ for NNK anti electricity, anti human rights, pseudo News Barometer really showed what a biased rag it is with this week’s error filled coverage of the electrification of NNK order.  It has been said that newspapers write at the 6th grade level,  but the editor slipped below the fourth grade where kids study for the F.C.A.T..  More than a few sentences made no sense.  Take for example one that began, “A consultant study…” and benevently ended 73 words later!”  Though dizzy, I counted them again, then tried to understand what he was saying. I couldn’t. Instead of paraphrasing good articles in the Citizen and Keynoter, without leaving his customary reporting station, he sought statements from his favorite speech writer, Alivia Putney who served him poorly for five years. What she said to borrow the editor’s self-described term, was drivel. Worse, wrong.

[No Name]  I thought that when No Name got electricity, most of the homeowners would sell immediately to get their long-waited for  windfall profits. Has anyone done any research to see how many homes have suddenly been put on the market? Remember that this was one of the greens talking points.