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Thursday, February 27, 2014

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[“Where do I go to see a white crowned pigeon”] They usually don’t show up until June when the berries from the poisonwood tree and other’s trees berries are ripe. They are one of the most timid of birds and hard to photograph up close. They are very good to eat. their plump breasts are favored by those in the Bahamas where is is legal to hunt them (or it used to be).

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octopus danglingI took myself diving Saturday to my favorite deeper reef off Marathon in about 75 feet of water. This reef has been overrun with lionfish up to 1-1/2 feet long the last couple of years. There were not nearly so many this year (and I can tell you there is one sixteen-incher less this week). It may be because they have pretty much cleaned out the little tropicals and there is not much they can eat now except each other. However, I saw two large octopus, about 3-4 pounders, free-swimming. That is a first for me. I rarely see octopi at all and when I do, they are hiding or sliding along the bottom. I later wondered if they have started grabbing lionfish for dinner. There has been a boom in the octopus population as you can see from the empty crab shells in your traps, although a retired crabber tells me it is cyclical. He says if you like octopus, leave a piece of capped PVC pipe in your trap and they will move right in. 
[Sloan] Yesterday I did the initial filing for they mayor’s race with the Supervisor of Elections Office in Key West. The rest of the procedure must be completed between noon June – noon June 30. The election is August 26. If no candidate gets 50 + percent, there is a run-off between the top two candidates on November 4, which is the general election date.



Springer’s Bar & Grill is a proud supporter of the United Methodist Women Group. We were able to make a $392 donation to benefit a great cause.

[“America needs to clean house and get rid of those who want to eliminate us. We know who they are”] Who are they? Who want to eliminate us? I’m not aware of this movement. Should I get my gun?

gay flag stars going up

[Homophobe Religion Bill Vetoed] Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday vetoed the Republican bill that set off  national debate over gay rights, religion and discrimi­nation and subjected Arizona to blistering criticism from major corporations and politi­cal leaders from both parties.

[“17 year old can’t buy beer”] Wow, the poster knocking the 17 year old is the real stupido here, she can’t read the words of the original post. Keep him from having a beer, but it’s ok for him to kill millions, right? What an idiot!



2006 Honda VTX1300, 3700 miles. New tires, battery, front fork seals. Just got its annual checkup with oil change, new plugs, lube, all that routine stuff. Clean and real pretty. Gotta see it to believe. Ready to roar for bike week with crotch rocket power and cruiser comfort. $4500. Classified Ads > Autos

Agent Orange update.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Link
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I want to give kudos to the Mosquito Control District Commissioners for the budget being brought back to 2005 figures. Thank you.

I know $2 million dollars of taxpayers’ money was set aside in the budget for the property and new building that has to be built in Key West, since MCD will be losing the building and property in Key West.

I also know that $100,000.00 of Monroe County taxpayers’ money is being spent to reorganize and change the offices in the Marathon MCD building to accommodate all of the administration can be located and housed in this building; which is due to be completed in the next week or so.

It has now been brought to my attention that a couple or three of you Commissioners are considering having administrator’s offices added to the plans for the new building that will be built in Key West; if the property sale goes through. If this is accurate, why did you choose to spend $100,000 of our tax monies to house all the administrators’ offices in the Marathon office?

Your office in Key West now houses about 18-20 employees, trucks and chemicals. If administrator’s offices are added to the new building plans it could add up to another considerable amount of money for the taxpayers to have to shoulder to pay to do the additional office space.

I do hope you think about this before you decide to add more money from the taxpayers to include more space to accommodate administrative offices to the plans for the new building in Key West. I also hope you hear from other taxpayers here in Monroe County. If you come into money that can be wasted like this, maybe you should consider applying it towards lessening our taxes.

With anticipation, maybe a Commissioner will give the taxpayers some answers on these questions 



How’s that working for you?

Why the hell won’t they put the grinder pumps in the right of way? FKAA and our illustrious, non grinder pump Commissioner(s), just dismiss this obvious question.



Livaboard affordable housing.

[Arizona Discrimination] I am not religious and believe gays ought to be allowed all the rights the rest of us are entitled to, the government has no right to tell a private business whom they must serve. If you are so dumb as to run off clients a better business will gladly accommodate them.
[Intelligence Expectancy Calculator] There is one online, but it is banned from anywhere below the Mason-Dixon Line.
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error humor


[Arizona Gay Discrimination] Arizona iced tea is not made in Arizona. So why the boycott?

[Sewers] I am horrified! The number of oblivious people who are out there regarding our sewers is mind blowing. Having noticed, coming home from work tonight, that we have the plastic barrier ready to start digging up our streets on Barry Ave. on Little Torch. I mentioned to neighbors that FKAA is coming in with the Grinder Pumps. The response: Well, what are you going to do? It’s something that has to be done. When asked, do you know you will have to rewire your house? Huh? You apparently have not paid attention to the flood of crap we will be in when there is a power failure. Snowbirds, good luck coming back to your houses in the fall when you haven’t flushed all summer. Do you realize you are signing over your front yard to FKAA? Response: Huh?

People, wake up! Post a “No Trespassing” sign and demand we get the sewage system everyone else has. Are our houses “less clustered” than Shark Key? Please people, get off your asses. Don’t wake up when it is too late and then complain. 

nira tocco realtor 9.12
I’m not voting for anyone who supports grinder pumps. I’ve never seen such obstruction of the people’s will as this. 

sumerian_tablet[Ancient Sumerians] You are absolutely correct! This is why the knowledge of the Ancient Sumerians is a well kept secret, briefly mentioned in school history. They make sure that the Egyptians get the credit as one of the oldest human civilizations, but in reality the Ancient Sumerians were a thriving civilization at least 12,000 years ago. The region of ancient Sumeria was Syria, Iraq and Iran all in one. The Sumerians, thus far, are the oldest known human civilizationdiscovered as of yet, and can date back to 40,000 years ago.

The Sumerians were highly advanced in science, astronomy and astrology, agriculture, plumbing, mathematics, engineering, architecture, philosophy, writing, religion, educational systems, governmental laws, economic currency, farming and a lot more. They had vast knowledge of our planetary solar system. They knew that the Sun was the center of our solar system and that the planets orbited around the Sun. They claimed that our solar system consists of 10 planets and beyond the 10th planet is a dwarf brown star making our solar system a Binary system, and they already knew all planets are round. The Sumerians even had a map of our solar system showing the planets in their actual orbit and positions in space. NASA recently discovered that we share a Binary system with a dwarf brown star beyond Pluto, and a tenth planet named planet X.

The origin of the books written by Moses in the old Testament were actually altered tales written by the Sumerians many thousands of years earlier. Sumerian books (clay tablets), tell of Star Beings named “The Annunaki” from the planet Nibiru,  a planet close to the dwarf brown sun. Came to earth and created a human species by mixing their DNA with the best animal candidate on earth, which was the Ape. This hybrid was named “Adamu”, “1st man”. The purpose for this creation was to create a slave human race to mine precious metals, gold, silver etc. needed by the Annunaki by grinding these metals into a dust and gaseous compound, so they can spray it over the failing atmosphere back on their planet Nibiru. The Annunaki created several human type species, until they got it right. They destroyed their hominid creations only leaving two, which are believed to be Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon man. Now, haven’t anthropologists, archaeologists and geologists discovered that there were 5 other types of human species thriving world wide at the same time? The Bible doesn’t say that! The Sumerians claim that their knowledge was handed down to them and many other ancient cultures world wide by the Annunaki.

There’s a lot more to the Sumerian knowledge for me to explain or write here. The point is, that this knowledge contradicts everything we were taught as true. Either through religion, education or science. This is why the Sumerian civilization is a well kept secret. If you’re interested, research all you can on them, and you will be very surprised what you will discover. 



Could tiny houses help nation’s homeless problem?Micro houses that can help those who needs are ‘little’. But can they stand a tropical wind? Small means they could be more easily (and redundantly) reinforced. Put them up 10 feet, and double brace them. Perhaps a BPK pilot project would be considered? Perhaps the county will waive the 740 sq ft requirement. Link

[‘Tis the Season] Go into any bar or restaurant, campground or motel in the Keys and they are full. What a banner year for the Keys. Our campground is already full for the coming year. We must be doing something right. Of course the weather comparisons, from here to up north may have a direct bearing. Cha- ching cha ching…
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 

[“Is it too late to clean house of the mutants”] Yes it is. They outnumber us and even look like us now. If you tip your hand to an undercover mutant they falsely accuse you and set you up to take a fall. Then they send you to one of their mental reconditioning facilities and surround you with even more mutants where you have to bed, eat and shower naked with them. It’s better to simply avoid the mutant infested TV, smile and play nice guy in front of real mutants even if it makes you puke. Use Netflix instead of Mutant-TV, get your news from Google News or Reuters online, not from mutant influenced sources. Control what you see and hear, instead of it controlling you. Eventually your mind will harden and their influence won’t affect you as much as it once did, trust me.

Lay low, wait, stay hidden, train and prepare. Your’re no good to anyone locked in a cage with a mutant using your backside as a hot dog warmer.

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refuge26[Refuge Manager to Address Key Deer Alliance] Thursday, March 13 7:00 pmLower Keys Property Owners Association Building on Bogie Road

Guest Presentation by Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge Manager Nancy Finley. Nancy Finley currently serves at the Project Leader/Refuge Manager for the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex.  The Complex is made up of Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), National Key Deer Refuge, Great White Heron NWR and Key West NWR, covering areas from Key Largo to the Marquesas Keys.  These unique refuges provide habitat for more than 20 federally listed species and are important migratory birds areas.   Prior to coming to the Keys, Nancy was stationed in Northern California as the Project Leader for a Field Office covering Northern Spotted Owl issues in association with timber harvest and predator control concerns on western snowy plover and also served as the Chief Scientist at both Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cape Cod National Seashore.   She has more than 22 years experience and degrees in Biology and Environmental Toxicology.

The guest presentation will follow a short business meeting. Refreshments will be served.  The public is invited. Events 

[Helpful hints for flying into Key West] In addition to ear plugs, eye shield, and nose plug it is also helpful if you drag your feet.
White crown pigeons can be found anywhere there are poisonwood trees in the summer. They head south in the winter. I am sure you can see them in Cuba now.
beer bottles pile mug[Drinking Age] I was 17 once and couldn’t wait to be 21. Despite that, I still managed to get hold of my fair share of booze. Some thoughts that come to mind: The next four years will seem to fly right by anyway, and once I turned 21, booze lost easily half of its luster, for me at least. While I don’t necessarily support the repeal of drinking ages, several US states allow you to drink at home with your parents, and I think that’s a healthy (if perhaps uncool) way for youngsters to gain an understanding of firewater. While I won’t encourage you to break the law, it might just work if you give your parents money for a 12-pack on the condition that they let you have a few at home. And above all, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to be hungover and vomiting. 
[“Refuse new coins”] Why? Would you prefer In God Some Trust? 
[“I cannot have a f**king beer”] When I was 17 and could not have a beer. I went into the Army and got a degree in radar. Now I can work in a better job than sweeping bar floors or grabbing shopping carts. Don’t ask how many VC I killed back then. I don’t think about it!
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Hi there and Happy Thursday from Springers Bar and Grill. Today’s sandwich special is chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts on a kaiser roll. Just the perfect savory and sweet for a happy palate. A great lunchtime special or light supper.

Don’t forget tonight is Springers Cornhole league. Come watch the action starting at 6:15. If you stick around you could join in our tournament that starts when league play is done. If you have what it takes you can battle it out with league players and take home a win and bragging rights. 

[Vietnam and FTL(?)] Bless you for being a part of that. A wonderful lady who works with me was married to Larry Dunnigan (passed away 2 years ago) who was a pilot for the Flying Tigers at the end of the war. We talked on several occasions about the end and those final runs, pulling people onto the planes while under direct fire. Brave folks doing heroic things. Thank you for helping make our world a better place.

[Assorted Poems] RIP Charles Eimers
There once was a man who needed a rest,
So he loaded his van and drove to Key West.

With sand in his nose,
Instead of his toes.

He died on the beach
When the cops crushed his chest

Noisy churches, loud bars,
loud bikes and motor cars.


Filthy water, filthy beach,
how far does fecal matter reach?

Drink too much and act like an ass,
if you’re a tourist, cops give you a pass.

Sleep in your car, sleep in your van,
if you get caught, you’ll be in the can.

OSXvsWindowssupportchart[Why Windows Won] The real reason why Windows PCs won over Macs, longer support between operating system versions giving a better return on hardware investment. Microsoft announces their support plans, Apple doesn’t. 10.5 was the last OS X version to run on IBM’s PowerPC based processors. 10.6 and later were for only Intel based processors. OS X 10.7-10.9 are still supported, however their operating system upgrades then to break other software and slow down the machine, not to mention frequent and unwelcome user interface changes. Microsoft’s longer operating system version support means less of a hardware turnover rate for customers. Microsoft also keeps selling older Windows versions while they try out a new one, not so with Apple, you got to take what they give you or hit the road. Windows can be easily tweaked for better performance on older or underpowered machines, not so with OS X
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doctor check up

[New Doc in Town] Open House Thursday, February 27 at Florida Keys Family Medicine in Big Pine Key. Everyone is invited to Meet and Greet Board-Certified Family Practitioner, Dr. Pasquale Dell’Api and his medical team on Thursday, February 27 from 2pm to 5:30pm. Talk to Dr Dell’Api, see the practice and get a free blood pressure check. Healthy snacks and beverages will be served. Florida Keys Family Medicine is located 29755 Overseas Highway in Big Pine Key. All welcome. For more information, please call (305) 872-3735 or visit us at Dr. Dell’Api is a member of the medical staff at Lower Keys Medical Center.

Rick Scott supposedly is worried about seniors and Medicaid. He wasn’t worried when he was overseeing the bilking of taxpayers out of millions and millions of dollars. Convenient rage? Gee, an election must be coming up.

Maybe every time Scott said something to our President the President should have taken the 5th amendment. We’ve been told on here that’s what honest people do, right? 

Bruce Schmitt for Marathon City council!



2004 Keystone Hornet 33’ travel trailer for sale. In beautiful, private, seasonal snowbird park on the waterfront. November – May. $20,000 for Trailer. $1000 a month – 6 month minimum. Boat dock is $150 a month extra. Storage is $1000 a year. Trailer is one bedroom, excellent condition, sleeps 4 (sleep sofa). Flush toilet & regular plumbing to septic & water. Wall to wall wood cabinets. Lots of storage space. Good credit and interview required. Please call Classified Ads > Autos

[The Greatest Nation On Earth] I continually hear the media, politicians, etc. saying we are the greatest nation on earth.  While this is not strictly about Key West, the thoughts and ideas apply to Key West as they do to the state and federal governments.  

There is no proof that the statement is true, while there is so much proof that it’s a lie.  The word freedom is always mentioned.  Do we truly have freedom?  No. Federal, State and local governments are continually passing laws to restrict and control the general population for the benefit of the few elite.  George Orwell was only wrong by 30 years.  (continued below in Long Winded Tomes)

[Teenage Beer] To the young, and I do mean young person complaining about the Key West Spring Break Court I offer a few observations. 1. At 17, I seriously doubt you know the in’s and out’s of banking to become a “world class banker”. 2. Your disrespect of our men and women serving in the military to protect kids like yourself is astounding, but does give us all a clue as to your own self indulgent ramblings. 3. From the overall tone of your comments it is obvious you are way too immature to have a “f***king beer”. Perhaps you’d be better off sticking to a caffeine free product until you grow up.
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[“The Great Flood”] Something interesting to consider is Isaac Vail’s Canopy Theory. Link

[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Discount n, A system of selling over priced items when all the fools are gone that bought at retail.
DEF: Happy Hour n, That time of the day when people meet to party with half a pour so they do not get wasted too fast waiting for normal drinks.
DEF: Flippers n, Self centered real estates who think they are due an easy living by destroying others living areas.
DEF: Real Estates n, Those who sell pieces of Earth for profit without owning or respecting anything.
DEF: Sex Positions n, That which should only be invented by MAN and never enquired from a woman!
DEF: Florida Keys n, A string of strung out islands destined to become a plastic paradise for the rich and infamous!
DEF: Big Box Stores n, A corporation that tries to braid your short-hairs to your wallet.
DEF: Diving n, A water sport associating humans with other species of the same intellectual level or higher!
DEF: Tourism n, Groups of inept money carriers from Point A that spend at Point B and redeposit debris to Point A!

from the right

Mr. Obama and the Democrat’s plan to slash military spending will even further degrade our world standing. He’s dead set on decreasing the size of our military to pre WW2 levels. Having a weak military was a major causal factor in WW2. But it will satisfy his goal of diminishing the influence of the US in the world.

zumwalt-destroyerToday’s world is just a heartbeat away from being as dangerous as it was pre WW2. The Mideast is rapidly casting away the mores of the modern world. Muslim fundamentalism has exploded on Obama’s watch and they are intent on having a worldwide caliphate. But it doesn’t end there.

It’s obvious that Russian nationalism is fully engaged in reconstituting the Soviet Union. China has emerged as being a world power with a military that is approaching our military in sophistication and size. China has already begun to ratchet up its antagonism against our ally Japan. We have seen that China is becoming more and more bellicose.

Very soon we will leave Afghanistan, and it like Iraq, will soon be lost to Muslim fundamentalism. Never forget that we are the sworn enemies of Muslim religious fanatics and they have sworn to exterminate us and Israel. Muslim aggression is not declining, it is growing.

Korea, our enemy, has nukes and missiles to deliver them, As does Pakistan, and Iraq will very soon join that deadly club.

Slashing our ability to protect ourselves and being able to protect our allies is certain to have deadly consequences.

Aside from the national defense implications of Obama and his Democrat colleagues proposed cuts, they disrespecting our military by attacking the wellbeing of our troops. They are pushing for increased prices in commissaries, cuts in salary, cuts in medical care for active duty personnel, cuts in services and care for retired veterans.

And yet he proposes increases in entitlement spending and his quixotic campaign for “green energy”, and his green agenda.  Obama would rather spend money on food stamps and a green agenda than he would on our military personnel and the protection that they afford us. To Obama entitlements trump national security.

At the end of WW2 we precipitously cut our military to the quick. The thinking was that we would not ever have to fight another ground war. Then Korea bit us and our flaccid military was ill equipped or prepared to fight when N. Korea invade S. Korea, our ally. Tens of thousands of our troops died as a result of the government’s failure to be prepared. Don’t let it happen again.

voter_id_card-indiaPart 2) The Obama, administration through Joe Biden, has recently declared that laws that regulate voter registration such as those that require I.D. are fueled by hatred. That is pure, undistilled donkey dung. Does that mean laws that require the showing of I.D. to get a driver’s license are driven by hatred? How about laws that require showing proof of age to buy booze, what about the requirement that you show proof of I.D. to buy Obamacare? Those of you who are married had to show  I.D. in order to get a marriage license. Have you ever tried to check into a hospital without showing I.D.?  What of the laws that require you prove your I.D. to sign[[ up for nearly every government program including Social Security, are those laws all driven by hatred and zealotry?  Biden is several bricks shy of a full load, but he is fully loaded with donkey dung. There is one reason, and one reason alone that the Democrats are so “infuriated” about requiring I.D. to vote, that reason is so that they can pack the polls with illegal voters.Please send me your comments at

[Long Winded Tome] (continued from above …) 

We can no longer travel where we choose without interference from some sort of law enforcement tracking where we go, or asking us where we’ve been, and where we are going.  Plane, train, bus, our own vehicles or walking, we are under scrutiny by Big Brother.  

There are places where we can no longer live, eat, sleep where we choose.  There are places in this country where you cannot park a pickup truck, boat or RV in your own driveway.  There are places in this country you cannot smoke a cigarette outdoors.  There are places in this country you cannot own a firearm without the government knowing about it.  There are places in this country where you cannot fly the American flag.  There are places in this country where you cannot put a TV antenna on your roof.  There are places in this country you cannot paint your house or roof the color you choose.  There are places in this country you cannot install solar panels on your house.  Most of these restrictions are in place to benefit part of the elite.  It begs the question, do we really have freedom to live as we choose?

The government is doing it’s best to kill employment in the coal industry, wood stoves, farmers in California, truck drivers, firearms, medical care, domestic oil production.  The government is doing it’s best to limit new business start ups, business expansion, who you can hire and who you can work for.   The government is doing it’s best to tell us what we can eat or not eat, what to feed our children, and if I own a restaurant, what I can sell to my customers and how to cook it. The federal government is telling us how to teach our children.

We have the beginnings of a National Police Force.  DHS, IRS, ATF, etc.  On the local level we have militarized police forces. (or at least they try to be).  Some are instructed by the city they work for to be like the Gestapo.   We no longer have freedom of speech. We no longer have the freedom to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable search and seizure.

We are allowing our country to be over run by people coming here across our southern border unrestricted.  They are sucking on the welfare system when citizens are going hungry.  We do not demand our laws be enforced.  How can we be the greatest nation when (according to the latest info I could find) this country is, world wide,  7th in literacy,  27th in math,  22nd in science,  49th in life expectancy,  178th in infant mortality,  3rd in median household income,  4th in labor force %,  4th in exports.  The only things that make us #1 is prisoners, defense spending and foreign aid.  Why are we rebuilding mosques in foreign countries?  Why are we paying for new sewers in Cairo?  Why are we giving money and arms to our enemies?

How can any one state that this is still the greatest nation?  We used to be.  We fought wars for moral reasons not for oil or cash.  We built great things, we went to the moon, we developed technology, we built the best highway system in the world, (we had the greatest rail system but no longer), we improved the lives of millions.  And where are we now?   Our roads and bridges are unsafe, Asia owns new technology, other countries are developing nuclear weapon technology, and exploring space while we sit on our hands and do nothing.  

What are we doing?  No other country respects us.  No other country fears us.  The Chinese own us. The KGB thug and Russian president has more respect and power in the world than we do.  

How can these problems be solved on a national, state or local level?  I think a good start would be term limits.  I don’t remember who the congressman was who said it 30 years ago.  (I am paraphrasing)  Public office was never meant to be a career. Two terms is enough. It takes one full term to learn how to steal.  If you don’t steal enough in your second term, you were too stupid to be there to begin with.

So what do we do?  1) term limits.   2) do not vote for an incumbent.  3) get involved, know who/what you are voting for.  4) Seal the borders.  5) deport illegals. (even those with anchor babies)  6) stop foreign aid.  7) bring our military home.

Lets work to return this once greatest country to what it used to be, a constitutional republic,  the greatest nation on earth!