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Sunday, February 2, 2014

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super-bowl-2014-XLVIIIHappy Superbowl Sunday from Springers Bar and Grill. Let the fun and games, or should we say game, begin. The doors open at 11am and the festivities start at 2pm with our pig roast. Along with that succulent morsel we are serving up black beans and rice, Mac and Cheese and our tropical coleslaw. Don’t forget our mountain of Jell-O shots to be given away all Day long. There will be a 50/50 raffle and giveaways throughout the day to benefit Methodist women’s Group. As always our corn hole boards will be set up for all you enthusiasts who want to get your game on before kick off. Remember Springer and the gang are always up for a challenge, so come on in and take on some of our Corn Hole League champions. Then the Big Game starts at 6:30, and remember those 14 televisions, every one of them will be tuned in to catch all the action. So join us at Springers for a day of great food, fun and game time excitement.

Medical marijuana advocates say President Obama has authority over marijuana re-classificaton.  Link

groundhog day wakie wakie


Six more weeks of winter!

[Editor is ignorant] “Bushmaster needs to put some kind of counter on the sides of those 30 bullet magazines so when a guy is shooting a bunch of little kids he can see how many slugs he has left before it’s time to slap in a fresh mag.”

An extremely ignorant and uncaring posting and the Editor is doubly ignorant for letting it be posted to the site!


[“Cat Missing”] Whenever a male cat goes missing you can bet it will show up in a week all skinny and dragged out from catting around. That’s what male cats do. So don’t worry too much.

fingerprint scan 400h

[iPhone 5 Fingerprint Reader a Bad Idea] Yes it’s a bad idea, they know fingerprints can be easily duplicated. Apple produces involved electronic circuitry and software that requires years of engineers figuring out the complicated details, so why do they appear so totally asinine? They are using a failure to get the ball rolling towards the destination Big Brother wants them to arrive at, but the public has to be brainwashed into accepting. Human memory is short, so we all have this illusion of freedom. But for Big Brother that’s not the case, they are electronically recording everything about us from cradle to grave to effect absolute control. They are using complicated software to flag behavior and reverse engineer all the participants, their past locations and anyone they associate with. Currently one can hand off their spyPhone or GPS to another to roam around with while they go run into the brothel, pay the bookie, meet with a new lover or check into the VD clinic without it giving up their location and thus their actions which becomes public knowledge. But they can’t very well do that if there is a chip implanted under one’s skin. Link 

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Marathon Zip-line project hits snag. Link
[Can’t Understand Words] Friday’s poster was insisting that another poster still has an iguana infestation problem when the original poster explained why he didn’t. Humm?

3D printer money

[Doom and Gloom’s Cousin] 3D Printing makes me very nervous in that if it does come into the publics hands, nothing, I mean nothing will have value.  Money, gold, diamonds, food, guns, there is nothing the advanced replicator will not be able to reproduce. All jobs will be gone. All happy hours closed. All food markets gone. Farms gone. Politics and laws obsolete. War gone. Over population will be a mad house of fat ineptness. True, some effort by our world leaders will be proposed to control the output of these machines, but did you ever hear the word hacker? The latest 3D printer is a prelude to true infinite replicators. Then what? Let’s all replicate a flying car, an atomic bomb, an exactly duplicate of ourselves for parts. Next is the transporter right, this will take care of any health problems by just recycling yourself and reinstalling your memories? It is a Brave New World Link

Obviously when that crazy State gun law was written, allowing people to fire weapons outdoors in residential neighborhoods, the writers knew that many normal people would object so they headed off that certainty by rigging the law in such a way that prevents local authorities from doing anything about it.


[“Historic Preservation”] Pigeon Key: I really do not care what people do with their property unless is jeopardizes my life or life style and takes my money to do it! It is about time I stop paying taxes to protest the junta wasting my money on their trivial brother-in-law gets the money games. Enough of the Keep the Peasants Poor BS! Next is to vote with a Spalding Ballot!

[Apple to spy on your moods] New patent application suggests a even higher level of privacy violation than Google has been able to manage. Created by Apple’s iAD division, which like Google, is a advertising portion of the company which is responsible for spying on it’s users for profit and selling that data to whomever and government agencies. In fact it’s well known when one purchases any Apple product using their real personal information, they soon get annoying junk mail and phone solicitations. Link 


Any place I can go to sandblast off the black discoloration on the bottom of very serviceable pans? They are 30 year old pans but in great shape other than the bottoms.

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[Arrested 28 Times] Which Judge was involved in Juan Soca Jr’s arrests? Inquiring minds want to know. 



[Roof shingles that generate electricity] Those exist, however most roofs don’t have sufficient surface area for the power inhabitants need, or the proper angle to the sun or the tiles themselves being hurricane resistant. Ditto for the solar paint. Then there is a matter of cleaning which the Pigeon Key solar panels are a lot easier and safer obviously. But hey, we could pony up the funds for a new multi-million dollar bridge, utilities and upkeep. I’ll bet they would be glad to ditch those eyesore panels. Do I hear groans? Link

[Pigeon Key laughs at preservation] FEMA regulations requires any structure in a flood zone that spends more than 50% of the value of the structure (not including the land) in remodeling costs be raised 20 or so above sea level. The fact it was raised only 4ft, like many Old Town Key West historical homes, means they got a special historical waiver as not to make a eyesore. Building permits can’t be issued unless the plans follow the laws, including fire reducing drywall. Since the bridge to PK is decaying and one day will be closed, it makes sense to prepare to sell the island to a private buyer who can boat over and be able to live in the structure, why the solar array is there. It’s historical in it’s exterior architecture and that’s the best balance of need and historical preservation. Without it there would be nobody that would take care of it, tourism dollars obviously don’t and resident’s don’t want a tax to upkeep it and the bridge.
[Springer’s Happy Hour] The Coconut says Happy Hour is 3-6, but the website says 3-7. Link
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sword gladiator


[Gladiators] Best way to get rid of illegal’s, the homeless, the cripples, the mentals, the welfare, the criminals, useless eaters, politicos, and lawyers is in every state start building Coliseums. Old Rome had it right!

Cudjoe gravity system grows by 201; gun range update. Link
[Spies like US] 1 in 3 smartphone apps gleam so much user data, sends it unencrypted for anyone to gleam, that it can be successfully used by criminals, rapists and pedophiles to hunt people down at home. Link

ben franklin kite

Is it true that the electric bill is close to $1,000 a week for Pigeon Key? How is that possible? 

[Gun Nuts] It is amazing to me that those goons would continue to fire deadly weapons outdoors in a residential area when even one of their neighbors objected to this insanity.  They should be tested for drugs and alcohol.  You had to know that if this crap ever started it would be on Big Pine.
For sale Girls bike 26″ 18 speed. Eden Pines Subdivision, Big Pine Key, $30, call 863-243-1561 Classified Ads > Miscellaneous


Deer Ed, how can I improve the American people’s knowledge of chemistry if you refuse to print the formulas for crystal meth that I send you. ? It’s pretty clear than you have your own anti-science agenda.

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Since when is there a border exemption for the Fourth Amendment [privacy]?
[Classified Ads Work] Please discontinue our Help Wanted Ad for a Guard Position for the Cudjoe Key Blimp Site. One of the people who saw the ad on your Web Site applied for the position and got the job. As always, thank you for your help!

ice cube thermometer

The accepted ways of disposing of dead iguanas are freezing them until you can throw them out with the trash or using them as bait in crab traps.

[“Minimum wage”] The logic behind  either raising or lowering the minimum wage in a system of Gov. such as ours or any ones for that matter is clearly an exercise in fantasy.what any employe is doing, is selling his efforts for a sum equal to the skill and effort required to accomplish the task at hand as with all things some are more talented at the endeavor than others and his reward will be more money for his expertise,  You may want to sell your property for $100 thousand but the highest any one will be willing to pay you is $50 thousand then as far as the MK’t. is concerned that is what it is worth, the same reasoning goes for wages, not what someone has deemed that person should receive regardless of his talents . to do so by decree is collective thinking or socialism if you will, a system that is known to produce failure and poverty where ever it is practiced ,it just takes awhile.

I think there should be a prize for the most outrageous economic CT post of the year. I would like to nominate Friday’s post that, in a single paragraph.Blamed the Dodd Frank bill for the sub prime debacle
Said that the US dollar had been devalued
Said that the Federal Reserve Board had made the devaluation
Said that it was an attempt to inflate the dollar
Blamed the increase in food and fuel prices on the alleged government caused inflation.

This should win even if there was a large amount of alcohol involved.

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[Bacon Lover] It doesn’t get any better than this. 

[Windows 7 Back By Popular Demand] HP sells new computers with familiar and popular Windows 7 attempting to reverse decline in sales due to many people’s dislike for Windows 8. Popular Windows 7 with over 50% market share will get support until 2020, used in nearly all large corporations and businesses. Microsoft is undergoing a CEO change, revamping their decision about touchscreen operating systems and what they belong on. Most people rather use a mouse and keyboard, touchscreens give Gorilla Arm and require often cleaning of fingerprints. Present Win 8 machines have downgrade rights back to Win 7, contact your local IT tech. Link
nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Holy] From what I gather from others, the Keys are marked for invasion of the Holies to set up religious centers and drive out the party animals. This will destroy any resemblance of freedom we Keyzer’s have. They are behind the Habitat for Wacko’s and the ‘Beautification Scams’ as well as the sewer projects to increase population density for more sheeple and money! The Rags, J’s and the JC freaks have to be working together! The religious sickness is getting worse every day! It is the same Play Book they have used for the last few thousand years. Divide and conquer, start a world war, then preach gods bull shit to control who is left. It is all about control and money!


See what happens when you play with your food.

[Sewercide] I don’t envy the commissioners who are dealing with the sewer debates – it’s a no win situation. On the one side is the low investment cost hybrid option. On the other side there’s the grinder pump hating folks who are afraid of them not working. It’s basically a classic sewer-side mission
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
The older we get the shorter we become. In Florida the people are so short it looks like the cars are driving themselves.
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min-wage[“Minimum wage”]  I don’t get the recent posts saying there’s no impact to raising the minimum wage. If so, why not make the min wage $50/hr? But everyone knows that would make the US businesses so uncompetitive that they would all crater – so there is some salary number that has a material impact.

The bottom line, in a market based economy, is that you get what you pay for. If you want world class talent, you have to pay for it (like Peyton Manning). But if all the job requires is mindless manual labor, there’s plenty of supply out there. My company really struggles to hire domestic folks with the advanced skills that the job requires, and can’t retain them at 5 times min wage today – so we’ll have to pay more for the value they create.

Bottom line – go to school, learn a skill/trade, and make yourself valuable in the market instead of hoping the government will mandate your salary (and watch the slow migration of those types of jobs to automation or lower cost countries). Option B is get a government job that pays well and has better benefits than the private sector which pays for those civil servants.


GSCGPS-ct[Captain Doom and Gloom] I have traveled the world and have been in every country except those having a war going on. I must say if Americans do not wake up to what is happening to our country, we are going to turn into a hell hole dictator controlled garbage dump like ninety percent of the planet now is. There is not one country I would want to live the rest of my life in, not one except the good old USA! Most places you can scrape off to the dirt and give to the Amish to start farms on. The world is going down the tubes very fast and I am glad I am too old to see the mess we will be leaving our kids!

For ref: Take your hand and slide it back and forth on the edge of your table while saying ‘One thousand one’ several times. After you get the idea of distance and time stop to realize that during the One Second you say ‘One Thousand One’, Light has traveled 7.75 times around the earth’s equator or 186,000 miles.

“Is it just me or are a lot of crazy things happening all of a sudden in Monroe county” No, it is not just you, but it is probably a bunch of spin to get people off the sewer topic, the Route 1 Beautification crap, the Old Bridge fiasco, the Nature Trails, the Repaving Con, the Aluminum Railings scam, the Yacht Yard buy, the …. the… the waste of our hard earned monye and any other pile of BS they do not want us to fight back on! Hurts doesn’t it? It will only get worse, bet on it!

from the right

an atom bomb1As promised what follows is a response to D’s thoughts posted last Friday. It appears that D does not see a nuclear armed Iraq as a danger to Israel or to the rest of the world. I disagree. At the very core of the Muslim religion is the belief that death in the service of Islam is to be desired. Iran doesn’t fear retaliation if they attack Israel or the United States because a final global struggle against their perceived evil enemy, Israel and the U.S., will present them with the privileges of martyrdom as taught in Islam. They will embrace it. Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of Iran seems to believe that the hand of God is guiding him to trigger a series of cataclysmic events which would precipitate the return of the 12th Imam. It seems to be his aim to set in motion the return of the 12th Imam, whom Shiites believe will forever end the struggle between good and evil in the last days. He believes that return can only occur if global cataclysm occurs.

There can be no doubt but that Iraq is sworn to eradicate Israel. We know that because Iran has repeatedly told the world of its intentions.  If Iran were to use nuclear weapons on Israel, that would most certainly trigger global cataclysm. Muslim fundamentalists such as Iran’s leaders do not fear the firestorm they would unleash, they welcome it, they yearn for it, and for them it is an act of faith.

D wrote about the late “president” of Israel. D claimed that he had said: “Maybe he was right when the late president was caught on an open mike  saying “we control the United States”, and “all goys are cattle”  I can find no record whatsoever that any such episode occurred. I don’t believe it did. Further, Israel does not have a president, it has a prime minister.

D wrote: “If what I read on the net is true, even the military here stopped our ‘deer’ president from blowing one (a nuke) off near SC.” investigated the claim, found it to be false, and labeled it a “tinfoil” hat conspiracy.  I agree. Think about it, in order to accomplish a “false flag” nuke strike on U.S. soil, the logistics involved would be massive. The number of people necessary to carry it off would be staggering. The plot would become huge news nearly instantly. As unpopular as Obama is with the military, officers and enlisted persons would be waiting in line to “hand up” the plot. Its nonsense.

Israel is and has been a staunch ally of the United States. We have had differences, just as brothers have differences, but the bond remains. For some unknown reason Mr. Obama seems hell bent on weakening or breaking that bond. If he succeeds, both nations and the world community will suffer.

You and I simply cannot imagine the tension and stress the people of Israel must endure each and every day.  They are a tiny nation surrounded by enemies that have sworn to eradicate them. Personally I admire and respect their courage and commitment to their freedom.

crist-gayPart 2) Charlie Crist continues to amaze. When Florida began to flounder and flail under then Governor Crist, then a Republican, Crist didn’t stick around and try to fix Florida’s then tanking economy, instead he ran for the hills, he quit!

Charlie decided he wanted to get the hell out of Florida so he ran for US senate as a Republican. During the course of the campaign it became obvious that he could not even win the Republican primary.  On national TV he vowed that would not drop out of the Republican Party and run as an Independent. Like Obama, promises mean not a damned thing to Charlie. So, he did change parties. He got his ass kicked.  Then, Charlie, a quisling, changed parties again, this time to the Democrat party and swore allegiance to Obama. Charlie is running out of rocks to hide under. Now Charlie wants to again occupy the seat that he fled from only a few years ago, the Governorship of Florida.

Charlie has enlisted the help of Obama top political aids who will be running his campaign here in Florida. Crist and Obama deserve each other. Crist, like Obama has failed his constituency. Floridians actually took a bigger hit than did the rest of the country under the Governance of Crist. Since Scott took office in 2011, we have bounced back much better than the national economy. Scott has driven down the unemployment rate so that it is substantially lower than the national rate. Under Crist, it exceeded the national rate. Scott has cut taxes, paid down our debt, improved our schools, and made Florida a mecca for new businesses. We can’t afford another term for Charlie Crist, he did too much damage in his first term.

Please send me your comments at