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Sunday, March 2, 2014

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[City Officials of Key West, Key West Police Department, and all other rich people]  I don’t take drugs or smoke pot, I rarely drink alcohol.  I don’t panhandle, I don’t eat at the soup kitchen, I don’t take up space at KOTS, I don’t collect welfare or food stamps.  I shower and put on clean clothes every day, I buy my own food and anything else I need. I share my food with other hungry people, I share whatever I can with those less fortunate than me.

I am college educated, have owned seven houses, many new cars, trucks and motorcycles.  I ran my own successful woodworking/cabinet/remodeling business for the past 22 years.  Before that I was a Manufacturing Engineering Manager for a computer company in the Chicago area.  I have over 40 years cooking or tending bar in all types of restaurants from dives to fine dining.  I have never collected unemployment or lived off the government.

I am the human being you think you are better than because I am homeless. I am the human being you hate, despise, look down on, ignore.  I am the human being you think is worthless, has no redeeming qualities, is a blight on “your” island. I am the human being you think is an alcoholic.  I am the human being you think is a drug addict.  I am the human being you don’t want on your polluted, fake, manmade  beaches.  I am the human being you don’t want in your restaurants.  I am the human being you don’t want on your Duval Street.  I am the human being you don’t want at your Mallory Square.  I am the human being who is valued less than your precious chickens.  I am the human being you don’t want see, much less be allowed to live on your island. You know nothing about me.  You don’t know my life.  You have no clue why I’m in the position I’m in and you don’t care.

One human family?  No, one inhumane family.

[Bitcoin] On Friday almost $470 million of the virtual currency vanished from its digital coffers, kicking into high gear a search for the missing money by cybersleuths. Bitcoins were trading at over $1200 at the end of November and after Friday’s theft they are worth about $200.
rainbow-from-roof-west00[“Florida Keys are pretty special”] Thank you for the peaceful and happy state of being you reflected in your post. Gratitude –an amazing thing happens to you when you express your gratitude. It’s sad that some of the posters on the CT refuse to meet people where they are and accept who they are. Always trying to cheat someone out of their experience, whatever it is. They do not know it cannot be done. Misery is an option. If you want to continue to be miserable, keep up the good work at finding negativity in your small little world. I will gladly leave you right where you are and keep walking.
In South Eden Pines there are “Gun Nuts” and “Anti-Gun Nuts”. The Gun Nuts shoot and the Anti-Gun Nuts shout. Let’s see, Pop Pop Pop; or “FU FU FU”. Pop Pop Pop. “FU! FU! FU!”. I prefer the Pop Pop Pop. Plus, the Pop Pop Pop is legal; the “FU! FU! FU!” is illegal.
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look down barrel

[Gun Nuts] A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a completed or attempted suicide (11 times more likely), a criminal assault or homicide (seven times more likely), or unintentional shooting death or injury (four times more likely) than in a self-defense shooting.

[Unions] Naturally the  business people of the Southern States hate the UAW [United Automobile Workers] Labor Union and jump at any chance to denigrate it, like what just happened at VW in Tennessee.  The UAW was an openly active staunch supporter of the Civil Rights Movement and provided money and sponsored volunteer protesters who braved the dangerously hostile environment of the 1960’s South to bring freedom and equality to all the people who live there.
[Road Closure] I believe anyone in the business would say that tourism is way up this winter. National news said it’s up over 30% in the Keys and I won’t question that. Some even fear the rock will sink from all the extra weight. The 1st of March fell on a Saturday this year. The February snowbirds were leaving, the March ones were arriving, and the locals were trying to go about enjoying the beautiful weather fishing and swimming or just trying to get to or from work. So what brainiac decided to close down US 1 and Card Sound Road for a bicycle race yesterday? Keysbound traffic on the mainland was backed up for miles on the turnpike. Nobody was allowed to go onto Card Sound Rd because the bicycles had it to themselves. There are some officials out there who don’t deserve to hold the jobs they have due to extraordinary incompetence. I got a chance to enjoy the scenic drive for a change because of the stop and go, but not all drivers were laid back enough to appreciate it. 



Me a shoplifter, officer? No, honest, it’s a really a big boner.

[“17 year old wants to buy beer”] Are you people done beating up on the kid yet? All he wants is to buy a beer! You people go on and on about stuff he never even mentioned or implied; just stuff you wish he’d said.
Grinder pump debate could head to court. Dump the pumps! Link
smoky2Only two individuals in the U.S. have private zip codes: The U.S. President and fire-prevention mascot Smokey Bear. Now you have to figure out which is the most important.
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I have often wondered if some people are just too stupid to survive.

[Two Feet Above Sea Level] You people whining about the price of flood insurance should do a reality check on just where it is you decided to live and to invest a bunch of money in a house.  The rest of the US taxpayers are not that stupid and really don’t want to subsidize your frivolous choice of home sites in that precarious location. 
Ways to make a yoga-mat sandwich or 500 foods that contain azodicarbonamide. Yuck!  Knowledge is power. Link

monkey knuckles

To the gentleman who posted about the cruise ships, thank you! You’re articulate and thoughtful arguments have clearly raised the intellectual level of the normal rapport on this site. Believe it or not, not everybody who peruses this site is a moron. Many of us do not have scars on our knuckles from scraping the ground whilst walking.

[“As far as FTR goes, he is one of the very few who has the balls to tell the rest of you bubble dwelling mouth breathing bible thumping losers, the Dog’s honest truth”] We can see why you’re such a huge fan. I tend to think my cat’s more honest, but what the heck, lets give the dog some credit for being the truthful one. 
In the case of a minimum sized lot, does the taking of a sewer easement make the lot unbuildable? Could the county refuse a building permit (even for maintenance) because the lot is too small? 
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clubbing computer


[Make Windows help the environment] Does your Windows machine seem sluggish, inefficient, or underpowered? Do this: Back up your data, Open your Trashcan (outside your house), and Throw Away your Windows clunker. Then, go buy a Macintosh, plug it in, and be up and running before you would have “defragged” that old Windows machine again and again.

[Internet] The Internet is controlled by 14 people with 7 keys. Link
nira tocco realtor 9.12
Friday’s sexy Aston Martin ad is a fake. Link
white-spider-lily[Gardening in the Keys] The Florida Keys, and Big Pine Key in particular, are home to many beautiful native plants. Natural landscaping, or native gardening, is the use of native plants indigenous to the area. Gumbo Limbo, Buttonwoods and several Palm species are most commonly seen. However; many lovely plants are also found in the area. The Golden Creeper, Dwarf Lantana, Beach Sunflower and Spider Lily are some of our beautiful native plants. Native, salt tolerant plants will thrive in your yard and require less watering and fertilization. Many assist in binding sand and prevent water pooling. Contact 2nd Nature, Inc at 305-923-5768 for a free assessment of your yard today!
[“Webcams and government watching us”]  It bothers me not a monkey’s ass that Big Brother is watching us. What chaps my ass is that some dork gets paid to do it! What do they hope to accomplish? Government has simply gotten too big.
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
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2004 Hewes Red Fisher 18’8” flats boat with 150 hp V Max and trailer, looks like new, all options, original owner, 30 hours, needs minor repair, 16K, call Classified Ads > Boats

[“Gov Scott”] The only reason FTR supports Governor Scott is because he is a Republican and nothing more. FTR is such a fanatic that he can’t see anything but political party. He can’t support Scott because of his views–Scott doesn’t have any. Whoever he is is speaking to, that’s the view he’ll take. If you’re looking for a wishy-washy politician who will say or do anything to get elected and Scott’s your man, but he is a Republican so vote for him if you like that sort of stuff.
Does anyone understand the letter posted by Pirate Wellness on Friday ? “Gobbledygook….Gobbeldegook…..we are better than ever .”



Great idea for a Keys cuisine business. Bugs we got! Link

[For our Northern friends] The state highway department has issued a travel warning due to snow storms and bad road conditions. They suggest that anyone traveling in the current icy conditions should ensure that they have the following:

The state highway department has issued a travel warning due to snow storms and bad road conditions. They suggest that anyone traveling in the current icy conditions should ensure that they have the following: Shovel, blankets or sleeping bag, extra winter clothing including coats, hat and gloves, water, 24 hours worth of food, deicer, rock salt, flashlight with spare batteries, road flares or reflective triangles, 5-gallon gas can, first aid kit and booster cables.

I looked like an idiot when I got on the bus this morning

senator bullard


Keys State Senator Dwight Bullard files bill to legalize recreational marijuana. Link

About the feedback on the 17 year old. Doesn’t anyone read the f**king words posted anymore or just see their minds-eye crap that their little brains spit out? The majority of posters on this subject flunked reading for sure!
[“You bubble dwelling mouth breathing bible thumping losers”] Talk about someone who doesn’t get it. This is a quote from Friday’s post by a guy who wants to bring back the CT politics section. Ha!
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[“Pirate Wellness clarification”] Was that letter written by a lawyer because I didn’t understand a thing in it except that maybe they in financial trouble?  I think a mess of a letter like that one does more harm and raises more questions than it answered.

[New World Order] I know the political stuff is gone from the CT, but what happened to the New World Order stuff like the ‘special trains’ to transport people in, the ‘special trucks and busses’. The stacks of weird three seater coffins, etc?
[Politicians] One should be always circumspect when perusing any political article when written by a politician, as they are virtually always written with a bias reflecting the ideology of the author, a case in point is the article written about the futility of the Keystone pipeline, which the author claims is bad for the United States. He never mentions the fact that thousands of jobs will be created, (115 people per rig,) and profits garnered for the U.S. oil industry by shipping U.S. petroleum on the Keystone pipeline. It will also be a huge boon to refineries along the coast. All products are geared to world trade, exporting oil can only improve our balance of payments  and perhaps the single biggest benefactor of all being the U.S. Gov. which garners more money from a barrel of oil than any one. Those welfare payment have to have a real source besides the printing press.



[Creation Scientist debate a sham] The very public Creation vs Evolution debate between Creation scientist Ken Ham and Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ was admittedly a funding push for $150 million to build Ken Ham’s delayed Noah Ark replica theme park. Link

[“Put tape over your computers webcam”] The warning-on light is not hardwired to the webcam so both are always on at the same time. Microphones may be hidden behind the speaker grill to prevent blocking. Even the speakers themselves can be reversed to act as microphones. There is no physical switches, it’s all based in software which can be hacked. Don’t think hardware and software manufacturers are on your side, they are deliberately undermining your privacy and security for their own ends. Link

Did your request for a sewer easement fall is the same wastebasket as you jury duty summons ? If so, the only question is which one will bite you first.

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This Wednesday Coconut’s Ukulele Orchestra will meet at the NUT as we do on the 1st or 2nd Wednesday of each month. Yes, we are a little loose. It’s a fun time. You can learn to play the ukulele in an evening and a bunch of fun doing it. This video is less that 2 minutes of Uke nite. If you would like to know more about the NUT, check us out on Facebook, Coconuts Liquors & Lounge or TripAdvisor under Coconuts Bar and Liquor store, Big Pine Key Florida, 33043. Video

[Domain Snipers] A Domain Sniper (a.k.a. Domain Sniping) is an individual or organization that searches for and registers well-known or popular website domains whose registration has lapsed by accident or forgetfulness. The Domain Sniper will then offer to sell the domain back to the original registrants for a ‘price’. In order to encourage the original registrants to pay for the return of their domains, some Domain Snipers will have the URL redirect visitors to a pornography or adult content website to create embarrassment and motivation. The world is full of sleazeballs!
[Marine Mammals in Jeopardy] Seismic airguns used for oil and gas exploration “will jeopardize wildlife”. Did the Feds just issue a death warrant to marine mammals just to get more oil? Link
License-to-drinkWhat do you mean no one cares about  a 17 year old’s desire to drink legally? In the first place, everyone between 17 and 21 cares. In the second place, a lot of us geezers care. How about a sensible approach instead of a one size fits all mindless bureaucratic approach. How about changing the minimum age to 17 and then taking away away the privilege until 21 from someone who abuses it. There are plenty of 17 year olds who are more responsible than some of the geezers I know. How would you like to lose your drinkers license?
[Garage Sales] The ultimate stupidity is a person at a garage/yard sale asking if they can return an item, and do we deliver?


Come join the Happy Hour crowd. Link

[Income Equality] I read with great interest in Good Morning Florida Keys the discussion on income equality. While I don’t have a degree in economics, I had economics in high school (I doubt they offer that class any longer) and three economics classes in college.  It’s not hard to understand.  It’s not rocket science.  The poor blame the rich because they are poor.  It’s true the rich are getting richer, not because the game is rigged.  It’s because they have the resources to invest to make more.  It’s true about the government printing money they can’t back up.  That’s why our dollar is worth shit.

I grew up in a lower middle class family of 7 kids.  My mother couldn’t work with 7 kids in 11 years to take care of.  My father sold insurance and was rarely home due to trying to make enough money to keep us kids clothed and fed.  We never received an allowance, because the money wasn’t there, but we never went hungry and always had clothes to  wear.  If me and my siblings wanted something more, we worked for it. Delivering papers, shoveling snow, cutting lawns, etc. since I was ten years old.  When I was 14 years old I worked at McDonalds for minimum wage ($1.20/hour in 1966)  My parents couldn’t afford to send us to a fancy college or university.  We all learned at an early age you have to earn your own way in this world.  Most of us paid for our own college education.  When I was 18 I made more money than my father.( he was pissed because I spent it all on women, gambling and race cars) Why? because I worked 60 hours a week at US Steel and two part time jobs.

Now today, that wisdom we learned is invaluable.  Five out of seven of us kids went on to start and run our own businesses, plus four spouses.  We all realized at a young age that working for someone else, relying on someone else, does not provide any long term security.  To say the game is rigged is ludicrous.  We have all done well for ourselves for many years.  Although the past 6-7 years I personally haven’t done too well due to MY OWN decisions (but I don’t dwell on it)

My daughters, nieces and nephews, (12) have also been instilled with these same values.  They are all in their twenties and some have already started their own business.  Half have degrees and the other half have some college.  It doesn’t always take a lot of resources to start your own business.  Find what you enjoy doing and go for it.  That’s not to say it’s always easy, sometimes it looks like you are running headfirst into a brick wall.  But belief in yourself, perseverance, will pay off if you don’t give in to the “the government will take care of me” attitude.  If you believe that you are doomed to failure.

No one is poor because someone else is rich!  You are poor for other reasons. You are poor because you come from a family with a cycle of being poor and not believing there is any hope. You are poor because you are lazy.  You are poor because you have no ambition.  You are poor because you rely on the government to take care of you.  You are poor because you don’t believe in yourself.  You are poor because you believe the game is rigged.  

I have heard and read many stories about college graduates who can only find work for minimum wage.  Why is that?  Do they have the attitude that the world owes them because they have a degree?  Do they think they should start at the top because they have a degree?  No one will hire you with that attitude.  I worked for many years as a Manufacturing Engineering Manager (’84 – ’92) without a degree to back it up.  I was paid just over 50K a year.  Why?  Because I was good at what I did.    

Did they get a degree in a field with no future?  Some degrees sound great, but there is no market for them.  Young people should look seriously at today’s world before they sign on for a degree with no future.  How many career opportunities are there in archeology, in astronomy, in philosophy, in ancient religions, in History etc.  Go to school for a marketable degree.  

Steve Jobs started Apple in his garage.  Bill Gates started poor, Warren Buffet was poor, Ross Perot was poor, Richard Branson was poor, Oprah Winfrey was poor.  These are some of the richest people in the world. They didn’t become ultra rich by chance.  They believed in themselves. They persevered, they believed! They didn’t blame someone else, they went out and did it themselves.  

I  guess my whole point is that people need to stop blaming others for their place in this world.  You make your own place, it’s your fault.  This country has so many opportunities for those with the vision to reach out and grab it.

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[Party Pooper] The neighbor that had a live band and loudspeakers in Eden Pines on Saturday night is an inconsiderate jerk.

pump-ct2[Captain Doom and Gloom] How to keep from paying Baggage Fees on airlines. Do not bring any baggage. Wear the same clothes for the entire vacation. Bath only onboard or in your hotel. Wash your cloths if free laundry. Option: do not use deodorant. Hug the pilot and stews!

“Yard sale” I hate it. Some putts offered $100 for a $1600 outboard. Another wanted to pay 50 cents for a brand new framing hammer! Never again.

“Wife”The other day I took a serious look at my wife and asked her why she gets so involved in soap operas, game shows, cooking tv, and talk shows? She just stood there, not blinking, mouth open breathing slowly and mumbling something that sounded like quiz answers. We see the doctor tomorrow!

“Defination”  N-Rich n, Those in a tourist economy who see only riches, but forget it ends when the season ends, then it is back to bitching about being poor again. SEE: Redneck Mentality, Useless Eaters, Non-Productive.

“Keystone Pipeline” Ask yourself where all the oil went to from the Alaskan Pipe Line that was built years ago and forgotten about? Follow the monye!

“Weapons and the Economy” This was one of most truthful posts I have seen on this blog! Keep it up poster!

“Cruise Ship controversy”  You are right about some things, but your point of who needs Cruise Ships is self-destructing in that I ask what is the difference between a Cruise Ship Tourist (limited spender) and a Fly/Drive In Tourist ( better spender) besides the money? Both are Trolley riders, Street Crowder’s, and create a mess no matter who then are. Want Key West to become the old town it was, open Cuba!

“Sewer Easement” The gov does not have to buy anything, they own it already and you are just renting it via your taxes. Get real. If the gov wanted to build a super highway to Cuba do you really think us sheeple could stop them? Your home is not your castle and never was. 

from the right

The other day a poster wrote about Governor Scott, she/he wrote: “He wasn’t worried when he was overseeing the bilking of taxpayers out of millions and millions of dollars.”

haloJust for the record, during the ‘80’s Scott was CEO of a major health care company, Columbia. Subsequently Scott bought another major health care company, HCA. That merger created a huge health care company, Columbia/HCA. The merged companies had tens of thousands of employees, it was one of the biggest employers in the USA.

Unfortunately there were a handful of executives of HCA that were bilking Medicare out of millions, and had been doing so for years prior to Scott’s purchase of the company. The thievery had been going on for years when Scott bought the company and blended it into his company, Columbia.  The new co-joined company became Columbia/HCA. The company became one of America’s largest employers, with about 130,000 employees, it was Florida’s largest employer..

Scott had no knowledge of the thievery of a handful of his 130k employees.  The case was investigated by the DOJ and the FBI. Scott was never a suspect, in fact he wasn’t even interviewed by either the DOJ or the FBI.

Yep, the thievery had been ongoing for years before Scott bought the company, he knew nothing about it.  There is a very interesting article about Rick Scott at the link, I suggest that you read it if you are interested the welfare of our state. Link

Part 2) Mr. Obama is running true to form. His Jello like warning/condemnation of Putin’s anticipated excursion into Ukraine was ignored. Putin and the rest of the world have little or no belief that Obama will follow through with his declaration the other day that  “there will be costs” for any military intervention in Ukraine, and offered support for sanctions and other measures aimed at deterring Russia from escalating tensions in the region.

Whoopee, Putin was shaking so hard that he ordered troops into the Ukraine. Putin knows that Obama will do nothing to keep the Russian bear away from the door. Putin is determined to create a latter day Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

But Obama is running true to form, and will do squat to prevent it. Remember Obama’s jut jawed declaration that Assad “has to go”. Assad did go, he peed on Obama’s shoes and he remains in power with much of his poison gas inventory intact, and the slaughter of his citizens continues.  So much for Obama’s “red line” warning. Then there was Obama’s befuddled handling of the Libyan uprising which resulted in Libya falling under the control of Muslim fundamentalists.

Perhaps the most dangerous is the contempt the Iranian leaders have for Obama and the US. They have declared that they are continuing on with their nuclear program.

Now Obama and the Democrats are determined to gut our military. They intend to cut the military until it reaches pre WW2 levels.

It is no surprise that we are rapidly losing our stature as a world leader. Under the Democrats and Obama, much of the world doesn’t “like” us. That’s nothing new. But what is new is that they no longer fear or respect us…that is new, real, and dangerous as hell.

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