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sand-barI can go to very dark places and see the world & life as less than the most beautiful gift that it is. With out daily reminders from folks who know better, I would fall very short on living & love. I have also found that there is no beauty in sadness. No honor in suffering. No growth in fear. No relief in hate. It’s just a waste of perfectly good happiness.
We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds. We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Serenity is contagious. If we smile at someone, he or she will smile back. And a smile costs nothing. We should plague everyone with joy. If we are to die in a minute, why not die happily?
The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, June 13, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there.
passport-conchA 42-year-old man who used satirical Conch Republic identification cards and memorabilia to avoid traffic citations was convicted in federal court in Arkansas for impersonating a foreign diplomat. Nimrod Sanders was convicted on May 21 of pretending to be a diplomat for the Conch Republic while driving around Arkansas in a used limousine with stickers of the fake Florida Keys nation on it.
God believers are like conspiracy theorists. If they can imagine it they think it’s God’s will.
tractor green3 guitars & a tractor. “Sweet Georgia Brown” & “Hold That Tiger” Video
An interesting video of the first cars on the road in the U.S. It’s amazing how well they handled in snow, water and dirt roads. Video
one world trade centerOne World Trade Center, NY. Nearly 14 years after the  collapse of the twin towers, the new tower One World Trade Center opened to the general public on 29 May 2015 this year. The opening of the observation platform at the top of One World Trade Center is without a doubt, impressive! The tower is 1776 feet in height, (in tribute to the year of American  independence) the highest in the western  hemisphere. The platform is set over three floors (100e, 101e and 102e). The view at 381 meters of height is, without surprise, breathtaking. For reference, the observation  platform of the Empire State Building is  located at 373 meters and that of Rockefeller Center is  259 meters.102 Stories in 60 seconds the multimedia experience begins on the ground floor. After going through the  security check, the visitors will make the queue in a tunnel, or the foundations of the tower will be exposed. Another corridor presents multimedia portraits of the men and women who were involved in the reconstruction of  the tower.  Five lifts (the Sky Pods) carry visitors from 1 to 102e floor in 60 seconds. They are among the fastest in the  world. The walls of the elevators are of the LED screens which are projecting images of the skyline of New York of the years 1600 to our days, a little as if we were doing the ascension outside in a glass cube.  At the 102nd floor, we found the theater “See Forever”, which presents a film on the reconstruction of the site and on the 101st floor, there are three restaurants.At the 100th floor, it  has a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. We see the George Washington Bridge   up there and any Brooklyn. Unfortunately we cannot step outside unlike the “Top of the World” of the old twin towers. The tickets ($32 for adults and $26  for children) already sold out through this Summer.   Access to the observatory will be free for the families of the victims and the rescuers. It is estimated that the observatory will generate revenues of $875 million over 15 years. Video
[Odd Time] I tried to go to the new bar above the Square Grouper on Cudjoe for an early afternoon buzz, but the girl said they don’t open until 4:20. 4:20? How precise.
flamingo8KFC witness protection program.
[“‘Sister’ died”] Sad news. She wore a feather in her hair. I am surprised someone still had her picture. Those were the days!
[“Science just proved that conspiracy theorists will literally believe anything”] Some of the folks are like that yes, and its quite an embarrassment , but some so called “conspiracy theorists” know what they are talking about and share good company; experts in their field, architects , engineers, etc. Believe me ,once your eyes have been opened, you’ll never look at it the same.
no spamDoes anyone know how to set email filters to block spam advertising email? (Ed: That depends on what email client you are using. They are all different.)
With all the weirdoes taking over America and turning us into a twisted values playground for the sick and bent, it is no wonder we have lost respect in this world. Remember what happened before Greece and Rome fell? Same thing is happening here!
[“I’ve never read of any god before two thousand years ago”] You need read more.  You’re confusing Christianity with the belief in God.  Christianity started about two thousand years ago, but before that, the Jews believed in a singular god and going back much farther, the Romans and Egyptians believed in multiple gods.Belief in God has been around as long as people have.  As for the dinosaurs, they most likely did not believe in God.  Their brains were too small to grasp such a concept as an afterlife.
[“Where to report a rat problem”]  Well that depends,  are they two legged or four legged rats?.
ip address mouse[IP Address] The problem with running a blog that people can vent their frustrations with, is that people are rude and crude and mostly chicken-shits who think they can hide behind the blog and say things that harm or slander others. Stupid is that stupid does. Your computer ID is always in the email you send to post something.
[The End of Eating Wild Fish] Most of the food we eat – beef chicken, wheat, apples, corn – is farmed on the land, produced under controlled conditions and transported to market rather than gathered from its natural habitat. But one source of the world’s protein is still taken straight from the wild. Fish and other sea food. That’s now changing, but should it?
This week The Food Chain has a special programme about the ocean, and the meals we take from it. Tanya Beckett reports from Lisbon where world leaders are meeting to discuss the oceans’ economic fate, while Audrey Tinline is in Norway asking whether fish can ever be a truly sustainable source of food. Audio
Ben and Jerry’s join climate change awareness movement. Video
[“Stick your stinking pizzas where the sun does not shine you bums”]  Wooo, always with the negative waves!
split009LaPalma Island Split in 1949, and scientist believe 200 sq miles of rock will fall off any time, and the Whole East Coast of American could be hit with a 200 ft wave 9 hours later.Living in the Keys we should all be aware of this and have a plan. Video
Ever wonder what would happen if a big mail truck got into an accident and all our mail was destroyed? Email does have many advantages.
flea market23The flea market is still open Sat & Sun 8 – 2 until July 26th. Your favorite local vendors are still there.
[Orgies Now What They Used To Be] First orgy after Brian Hodge’s death very solemn. Link
ukelele-flappersCoconut’s Ukulele Orchestra meets at the NUT the 1st or 2nd Wednesday of each month. Yes, we are a little loose. It’s a fun time. You can learn to play the ukulele in a evening and a bunch of fun doing it. This is less that 2 minutes of Uke nite. If you would like to know more about the Nut, check us out on Face Book,  Coconuts Liquors & Lounge or TripAdvisor under Coconuts Bar and Liquor store, Big Pine Key Florida, 33043. Video
[Rules] Can anyone post the Official Monroe County Link to inform citizens about the Rules and Procedures for addressing our political leaders at public meetings? There has to be a standard for timing, subjects, etiquette, dress code, etc.
mussle duckMy wife and I have cut out coffee, tea, soda, candy, cereals, cakes & cookies, and just about anything that we consider non-nutritional food. We have saves over 60% of our grocery bill and have lost pounds of useless fat and feel years younger. Try it you will like it. You are what you eat!
It’s gotten pretty quiet in the news about the sewer plant and Cudjoe Basin collection system.  Last I heard, the FKAA has taken possession of the plant and 2 of the collection basins from the contractor, and applied to DEP for an operating permit.  I also heard that DEP politely refused the petition to delay for the deep well – which makes sense to me – sending ‘gray’ water (it’s sufficiently treated that it’s fine to water lawns) down 120 feet is a whole lot better than raw sewage in everyone’s yard.  But I haven’t heard much in the past couple weeks. Does anyone know when we’ll get our letters and can hook up to the sewer district?  I hope I have the summary right.
bill-sewr[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Decadence n, The ability of a civilization to promote useless debris just before that culture vanishes and is replaced by new hunter gatherers!
DEF: Psychologist n, A person who cannot fix a broken arm but looks for problems in a mirror.
DEF: Psychiatrist n, A person who can fix a broken arm and is the problem in the mirror.
DEF: Patient n, A lab rat that doctors ‘Practice’ on to make a living.
DEF: Religion n, SEE: Mental Masturbation; Insanity; Fiction, Social Control, Useless Eaters.
DEF: Politics n, A art form for inept actors and wanna-be pirates
How often does the Chief of Police or Sheriff conduct mental stability evaluation tests on Police officers, if at all?
51-Ford-Imperial-Grille[“A Real Plum”] ’51 Ford Imperial had a ’51 Ford  Imperial’s grill.
The Florida Constitution alludes to the concept that all taxpayers shall be treated equally. So why is FKAA (a Government agency) strong-arming only select taxpayers into giving up their property rights when there are other legal avenues? Isn’t this a form of extortion? Come on people, wake up!
pope8Coming to the Florida Keys? Why not? We already have a Golden Dome and a Wailing Wall on Cudjoe Key.
Lots of people are playing ukuleles down here. I wonder if they know the name is Hawaiian for “Jumping flea”? Link
sunset8Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting. Time can be slowed if you live deliberately. If you stop and watch sunsets. If you spend time sitting on porches listening to the woods. If you give in. Just give in. Blessings my friends.
[Video Rentals] Marathon Florida Rentals a newly designed website of  Vacation Rental properties  in Marathon & the surrounding  Florida Keys. Each posting includes  A short video of the property, and  Contact info for the  Property Manager. This website has been designed  by the team  to highlight videos produced for  local Real Estate Professionals. The website is partially funded by  Listing Agents who wish to post  Property for Sale videos. The next time you are in need of a  Vacation Rental, or you know of  someone looking for one here in  Marathon & the surrounding Florida Keys. Video
tandam kayakWe’re looking for a used tandem kayak at a reasonable price.  If you have one you’d like to sell, please contact me at
Strong arm tactics being are being employed by BOCC/FKAA in extorting you to give up your property rights so the BOCC would not have to pay for a traffic bearing lid and the power to run the pump. The voters voted a tax to pay for the sewers which include the traffic bearing lids and electric to run the pump. We are still paying that tax. Why is that earmarked tax money being spent for anything but what the voters wanted?Did the voters vote to have $14 million dollars earmarked for the sewers given to the State of Florida to help repair their bridge to a Marathon tourist attraction? No.There are existing easements that FKAA has used in the past to install pipe and meter boxes, never once trying to extort an easement for their meter box. Now here is a contractor (of the County who owns the equipment) who is trying to extort an easement when they already have one.
Brian+Wilson+Pet+Sounds[Brian Wilson] Pet Sounds Live in London. Video
AARP’s June calendar is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
wanderwell-book-stackAloha Wanderwell was the first woman to travel the world by automobile! Starting at 16 years old in 1922. Link
How is it that assisted suicide is illegal, but anyone can just walk into a 7-11 and buy sushi?
pizza slice[“Pizza”] That was quite a rant on the pizza options in the Keys. I wouldn’t think any of us came to paradise looking for pizza.  Maybe option A is to politely return it and ask for your money back.  Or option B is to move to another town which is renowned for it’s pizza (I think there’s a lot in NJ), and there’s always option C – to get a life.
It looks like the Mid-Summers Night Party is moving from the Botanical Gardens to East Martello Tower. We’ve really enjoyed the party at the Botanical Gardens over the past years and can’t imagine how it will work at East Martello – that’s basically the airport parking lot.  Does anyone know why it’s moving or how it will fit at East Martello?
coffin-money[Money Grab] B.B. King estate fight looms for family group, longtime aide. Video
[Veterans] June 11th, 6pm at TLWH headquarters located at 97671 Overseas Hwy Dr Daily Grainger will be talking about EMDR and how it worksDailey Grainger, PhD, ARNP  is a Nurse Practitioner Psychotherapist in practice for over 30 years, and in Islamorada since 1993.  She is into Firsts:  started the First Baccalaureate for Nurses Program at FIU, had the First company in Florida to provide Continuing Education for healthcare professionals, conducted the First research ever to test the effectiveness of a therapeutic approach to people suffering from Post Traumatic stress following  a natural disaster which was Hurricane Andrew.  She is currently CEO of Next Health Now, the first company to focus on corporate American providing high antioxidant functional foods to make employees healthier.
isis-egypt[“Was there God”]  The Egyptians, for one example, worshipped God(s) over 6,000 years ago,  not 2,000 years ago at the earliest. ISIS!
[“Rat problem in Monroe County”]  Nobody will believe you due to all the fuss about feral cats!
hulk jesusAs a retired clergy and a Civil Engineer I’ve often pondered this. Very early man in their inability to explain phenomenon put values on them be they animate (ferocious animals, special trees, places of nature etc.) or inanimate (volcanoes, earthquakes, lighting, eclipses, fire coming up out of the ground, astrology, etc.) The animate objects began to show their susceptibility to failure. And sooner than not inanimate gods were explained as things of nature. So some very shrewd people came up with the idea that if this god were mythical, than it wouldn’t be subject to failure. And then the promoters of this religion (government) have the ability to cop-out by claiming that “It is god’s way” and the masses have been brainwashed since birth not to question god’s will. Is there a god? Nobody knows, we all believe there’s something unexplainable but is it Mr. God?
Was it this unexplainable god, Mr. god, or this group of very shrewd people that is telling us how to live our lives. Sooner or later we reach an age where we wonder.
The word ‘apparently’ makes anything sound sarcastic:  “He’s intelligent, apparently.”
rat target[“Rats”] Contact Monroe County Health Dept. Ask them about rodent control. It is a health hazard . Remember when you contact them to use the term ‘ealth hazard’. They get your tax dollars, let them earn their salaries.
Pearl Harbor: After the Tourists have left for the day. Video
envelope 10Whatever happened to the company that made glassine for envelopes? I’ll bet they went broke. New business models or new, unthought of ways of doing business doom a lot of established businesses. Who’s to blame?
Nature beckons at this Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired dome home. Link
ftr from the right 75h
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