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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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[A Liberal on Migrants] I’m a liberal, my friends are all liberals and those I associate with are all liberals. As a whole group, not one of us understands why we let even one migrant cross the border without permission? My solution is to put one man on the 2000 mile border every 50’ or so and physically stop every illegal attempt to cross. Grab them and push them back. That would end the problem. Don’t let them reach the US side of the Rio Grande, drag them back to the middle. Ferry those who can’t swim. It doesn’t take many brains to figure that out. Deal with our foolish immigration laws after we halt this invasion. Then the courts can tell us why we can’t do that.
Watch a space station habitat prototype pop like a water balloon. The makers plan to supply habitats to a Blue Origin’s NASA-backed space station project. Link
[Lowering Drug Prices] Biden’s plan isn’t negotiation, it’s “extortion or blackmail,” Medicare is going to offer a price. The drug company can counter. Maybe there’s even a little back and forth. But if the drug company disagrees, it “will have to pay taxes equal to 65 percent of U.S. sales of that drug,” with the fine increasing 10 percent each quarter until it hits 95 percent. And that’s not profits, but every penny of sales.
It’s estimated the cost of bringing a new drug to market is $3.4 billion. One of the drugs on his list, the blood thinner Eliquis, “has earnings of over $25 billion above the cost of the average new drug since 2012.” ~Wall Street Journal

[Paying Bills] Why must I prove that I am me to pay my bills over the phone? Do strangers call to pay my bills? And if they do, why don’t you let them?

[Various Sex] I know all about pre-marital sex, and extra-marital sex, and even post-marital sex. Can anyone clue me in on marital sex? What is that all about and how do you get it?
[Losing It] A standoff Monday in a quiet Key Largo neighborhood ended dramatically, with sheriff’s deputies and state wildlife police tackling the man who they were trying to get to emerge from his home for more than eight hours. The man, identified as 44-year-old Jerrick Sumlin, was holed up in his home after threatening a woman with a shotgun and knife. Link
Murder is always a mistake. One should never do anything that one cannot talk about after dinner. ~Oscar Wilde, 1854 — 1900
[Public Libraries] Since the internet and eBooks, libraries are having a difficult time getting customers and are trying different inducements like free computers, DVD vending machines, art classes, etc. I don’t see why they don’t have a coffee maker in libraries. They cite the effort a librarian would have to exert to clean the coffee station. That’s just an excuse for laziness. The attendants don’t do anything but sit around all day smiling. Volunteer donations would pay for a Braun coffee maker, supplies and the tray to keep it on.
[Border] Why don’t the USA just pick up the migrants and carry them back over the border? I don’t understand why or how we let them enter.

Faith in God
can produce any miracle except one-passing an examination without study.
[AI] Amazon to invest up to $4bn in OpenAI rival Anthropic. Tech company plays catchup after Microsoft’s deal with ChatGPT developer in January. Link
Through violence, you may murder the hater, but you do not murder the hate. ~Martin Luther King Jr, 1929 — 1968

[iTit Music] Apple announced today that it has developed a breast implant that can store and play music. The iTit will cost from $499 to $699, depending on cup and speaker size. This is considered a major social breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

[Shutdown Season]Government shutdown. Didn’t we just do that a couple of months ago? Is it shutdown season again already?
[Disasters All Over] Should we pray or just get naked and jump into a pile? Link

[Urinal App] Dan Gardner wanted to know when to go to the loo while making films – so he built an app. Link

[United Way of Collier and the Keys (UWCK)] There are countless ways to help, but this year, UWCK is partnering with Reef Relief for “Be Kind to our Shoreline,” which provides volunteers different cleanup locations. For the second year, UWCK will partner with Burton Memorial Church in Tavernier, Keys Area Interdenominational Resource in Marathon and Star of the Sea Foundation in Key West for a food drive. The donations made in Mike’s name will honor his biggest contribution to our community: feeding the Keys in times of need. Link
[AT&T Under Road Work] Does anyone know why crews are digging up areas of south bound US1 on Cudjoe key? To me it looks like investigation holes. Wonder what they found?
[Immigration] Talk, talk, talk. It’s an easy problem to solve. Just stop them from entering the US. It’s like guns. Everyone knows the solution, but they only want to talk about it.
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[Book Burning] United Kingdom schools should teach all four nations’ histories. Historian says ignorance and indifference between UK nations could pose biggest threat to future of union. Link
[Drunk Bite] A 60-year-old Key West woman, Deborah Bennett Odom,  bit a corrections deputy while in jail during a DUI investigation.
[Disinformation] EU warns Elon Musk after Twitter found to have highest rate of disinformation. Musk is told his platform, now known as X, must comply with new laws designed to combat fake news and Russian propaganda. Link
[Migrants] Last week I read an essay for an easy solution to illegal immigration. Post National Guardsman, soldiers, border patrol agents and volunteers every hundred feet along our two-thousand-mile southern border. The problem would be solved in one day. I’m sick of hearing why we can’t stop them — a human wall would work. Physically push them to the middle of the Rio Grande. I’m sick of hearing why we can’t do that. I could lay out the means to do it, but that would only cause others to pick that apart and tell us why we couldn’t do it. I say we need a human wall now and deal with the political and legal ramifications later! Damn the torpedoes. I want my country protected from illegals. The solution is easier than anyone will admit. I can’t tell you how angry I am about this.
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