2023 September

Friday, September 29, 2023

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A most unusual cloud formation this Friday morning.

[Heavy Lifting Ships] Biggest heavy lift ships in the world – semi submersible vessels. Video

Two of the most inspirational men of all time are Jesus and Santa Claus. Both spread the same values.

[Friday Joke] A kid finds a magical lamp. He rubs the lamp, and a genie appears and says, “What is your first wish?” The kid says, “I wish I were rich!” The genie replies, “It is done! What is your second wish, Rich?”
How many ancient humans does it take to fight off a giant hyena? During the Pleistocene, competition was tough even for scraps. Link
[Big Tech] Capitalism is dead. Now we have something much worse. ~Yanis Varoufakis on extremism and the tyranny of big tech. Link
Blood Drives on Big Pine for the month of October are listed below.  Donor gifts are a One Blood glow in the dark Halloween shirt and $20 eGift Card. To schedule an appointment visit and enter your zip code and the from and to dates.  FDA donor eligibility rules that changed in August are listed on our home page which may make you eligible to donate.  As always, thank you to those who donate blood. Monday, October 2 Bealls @ Big Pine Shopping Center  11 – 4, Sunday, October 15 – Keys Vineyard Church BPK 8:30 – 12:30,Thursday, October 26  – Bealls @ Big Pine Shopping Center  11 – 4

Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.  ~Teddy Roosevelt

[Kayak Excursion Training] The Florida Keys Wildlife Society has set the training date for guides for the Full Moon Kayak Excursions.  We’ll be at the Old Wooden Bridge Marina 4:30 p.m. October 5th, 1791 Bogey Drive on Big Pine Key at the picnic table by the pool.  Our 2023-24 season consists of:  Oct. 26th, 5:15-7:15 p.m.; Nov. 26th 4:00-6:00; Dec. 18 (sunset tour) 4:00-6:00; Jan. 24 4:30-6:30; Feb. 23 4:45-6:45; Mar. 24 6:00-8:00; Apr. 23 6:30-8:30; May 22 6:45-8:45.  Everyone 18 or older is welcome to volunteer.  All gear is supplied by our sponsor, Big Pine Kayak Adventures.  These are fundraising events with 100% of the proceeds going to our county’s 4 wildlife refuges.  To sign up or just get more information, please email

[Track Bird Migration] These new interactive maps reveal the incredible global journeys of migrating birds. The Bird Migration Explorer shows you where birds go and how they get there. Link

That bogus floodwater project off Key Deer Blvd appears to be a boondoggle for the contractor. It looks like they are scraping the native soil off a few abandoned dirt roads. They have been working on the project for over a month but most days none of the heavy equipment or mountains of dirt move. Nothing happens. The only action are a couple of white pickup trucks that hang around for a while then leave. It looks like some contractor is milking the Deer Refuge big time. Isn’t there any over-site?
[England’s Royals]  Centuries of incompetence, criminality and failure. We’re often told the current crop lack the dignity that monarchy deserves. But what about the losers, adulterers and delusional brutes who came before? Link
[Drug Prices] Publix partners with Florida company to cut costs on drugs. According to Visory Health, the Florida company works directly with pharmacies to help shave costs, sometimes by as much as 80%, when customers use the Visory discount card at the pharmacy. Visory doesn’t require insurance. The company notes that one in five people over 65 are not taking necessary medications due to cost. In addition to Publix supermarkets, the discount card is accepted at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Sam’s Club and other pharmacies. Customers can get a Visory card by downloading the Visory Health App in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. Link

The easiest, most basic DIY plant hanger you can make. They’re actually pretty as well! Link

[Microsoft Discussed Selling Bing to Apple as Google Replacement] Microsoft executives pitched Apple’s Cue on a deal around 2020. Apple ultimately stuck with Google as default search engine after receiving billions of dollars from Google. Link

Joey the tortoise, 82
, has cricket ball-sized bladder stone removed. Link

[Just Kidding] The evolutionary roots of playful teasing. You can’t tease other people unless you can correctly guess what is in their minds and make them suffer or laugh because of your knowing. Link

Costco is selling gold bars and they are selling out within a few hours. Link

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The Japanese built many shelters from palm trunks in the South Pacific islands they were defending. They used a simple C-shaped staple made from bent steel rods. This crappy picture of one of these staples is taken from a tv movie screen shot with a phone.
[Friday Joke] Nothing’s more important than going through life with the right partner. Anytime I’m at a low point or something has gone wrong, my supportive wife is always right there by my side to console me, telling me how it would not have happened if I had listened to her.

What’s behind the drugs found floating off the Florida Keys? Link

[Friday Joke] My friend asked me where he could meet women who scream loudly in bed. I took him to a maternity ward.
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