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We don’t have reporters. You are our reporters. We rely on you to send us content–any content. With your content the world will be able to see what Keys-minded people were talking about on any particular day.


We reserve the right to edit any post for content.  We open all emails that arrive. Most insults will be deleted unless they are pertinent. Some of your posts are all insults and no content, so there is nothing to post.


All posts of a negative nature naming names or businesses in the Keys will have the poster’s email address printed at the end of the post. This will prevent malicious false statements from being made and disturbing the peace. This only applies to Keys people and businesses.

National and international figures and businesses are exempt. Say whatever you will. If you don’t see your item printed it could be for a variety of reasons, like your message was incomprehensible, pornographic, or a repetitive message you continue to submit.  Sometimes when we remove all the insults there is no message left, so that’s another reason it wasn’t posted. There is no intention to offend our contributors.

Removing a Post with Your Email Address Attached

If you think your email address was unfairly attached to a post and you’d like the post to be removed; you must tell us exactly where the post is located (Example: Wednesday January 7, 2006, the tenth line from the bottom. Beginning with “shitty service I received bla bla …”). If you see that it is has not been removed it is because you did not give us enough information to locate it. Please resend your request so we can please you.

Emailing Articles

Don’t email us a whole article or videos, just send us a link to the article or video.

Send us your opinion of that article or video. That’s what we are looking for. You be the reporter. Tell us what you think.

For Sale

If you want to sell something, just send in it’s description, price, and your contact information and it will be posted in the next edition. Send a picture too because for sale items sell much faster with a picture attached.

Signing Your Post

The Coconut Telegraph is not social media so you will remain anonymous. Your name will not be included with your post unless you request it.

Deadline for Publishing

BigPineKey.com is published every Tuesday & Friday by around 10 AM. Emails received after publication will appear in the next scheduled publication.

Guest Columnist

We welcome new feature writers. If you have an idea for a regular column please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas. We welcome aspiring writers and you don’t even have to be very good. Our standards are low as long as you’re not mean or dirty-minded. If you’d like to have attribution or a link to your site you can rent a space on the Coconut Telegraph for $19.95 a week (more info at Advertising Information).


Jokes are only posted on Fridays.

Information You Have

If you have any information about the Keys you’d like to add to our History, Statistics, Business Directory, etc. Please send it in and we’ll added it to the appropriate page. We’ll attribute it to you or not as you wish.

Links, Photos, Punctuation

Please limit your links and exclamation points to one per post. We welcome anything you can send us like photos, articles, art, cartoons, videos or links to other interesting places. We don’t publish the actual videos as they slow down page loading, so please send us the link to the video instead.

Support Us For Free

If you enjoy BigPineKey.com it would be kind of you to tell our advertisers that you saw their ads on BigPineKey.com. That really helps us to stay in business. You have no idea how much it helps. Please recommend other businesses to advertise with us. Advertising is our only source of revenue.


TERMS OF USE FOR WEB SITEAll features of our Web site, including the Bulletin Board Service (“Service”), are provided by the Editor of the Coconut Telegraph as a service to the Florida Keys Internet community.  Much of the content of this site is provided by third parties who are not employees or affiliates of the Editor.

Because Deer Ed, as the Editor, does not undertake to screen or edit messages posted by users, we assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of information in user messages, and we do not endorse any postings, opinions or recommendations posted by users.  You should exercise discretion and skepticism before relying on information in these postings or messages, since it may be incorrect or misleading.  Users may pretend to be people that they are not.  Your reliance on information posted by other users is solely at your own risk.


We reserve the right to remove any messages, or to terminate your right to post on the site at any time, without notice. The following actions, among others, may result in removal of messages and/or termination of your right to post on the Coconut Telegraph:

  • Posting messages that include personal attacks, slurs or profanity or that otherwise are intended to harass any other member of the community;
  • Posting material, nonpublic information about companies, without the authorization to do so;
  • Posting third-party copyrighted information in posted messages (if such information is available on the Web, please post a link to such information rather than copying it into messages); and
  • Providing false information or impersonating someone else.

You agree that upon posting information on the service, you grant Deer Ed and its successors and assigns a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty free, perpetual license under your copyrights to use, distribute, reproduce and create derivative works from such information in any and all media, without any duty to account to you.

Any questions or comments regarding our editorial policy should be directed to island@bigpinekey.com.  Like our Website, other Websites to which this site may be linked operate under the auspices and at the direction of their owners, who should be contacted directly with questions regarding those sites.

The editor of the Coconut Telegraph assure all users that he has not intentionally included viruses or “Trojan horses” on the site, and that periodic checks the site are made for any viruses, “Trojan horses” or similar programs.  However, as most of the content of this site is provided by third parties who are not employees or affiliates of the Editor and over whom we have little or no control, we cannot offer any assurance that information downloaded from our Web site will not contain viruses, “Trojan horses” or similar programs.  Before commencing any download from our site, you are advised to utilize a virus scanning program to ensure that no viruses, “Trojan horses” or similar programs will be inadvertently embedded into your computer’s hard drive.

Coconut Telegraph and bigpinekey.com are registered domains of the Editor.
These Terms of Use are governed by federal laws and the laws of the State of Florida.

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