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Thursday, December 11, 2014

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story plot line graphic[Story Plot Formula] If you are a writer and thinking about a story, this simple guide will provide a base to work from. This formula can, and has, been applied to just about every story anyone ever wrote. It’s quite amazing.

  1. A character is in a zone of comfort
  2. But they want something
  3. They enter an unfamiliar situation
  4. Adapt to it
  5. Get what they wanted
  6. Pay a heavy price for it
  7. Then return to their familiar situation
  8. Having changed
[Rumor] I was told that Winn Dixie in Marathon and HD in Marathon both received bomb threats.  Does anyone have info on that?
Does anyone know at what temperature iguanas freeze to death? I hope it’s 49° like this morning!
[Crooked Politician] U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar’s reference to American Indians as “wards of the federal government” has struck a harsh chord with tribal members and legal experts in the days following a discussion about a controversial Arizona land deal that would make way for the country’s largest copper mine. Gosar’s been bought by copper lobbyist.
Petrified wood
. One large chunk brought from Arizona. $2 per pound. (About 40 pounds). Classified Ads > Miscellaneous
There about 40,000 tons of trash collected in the Keys each year.
[“Monroe County’s Solid Waste and Recycling Administrator abruptly resigned“] It must be hard being at the mercy of lazy politicians and an inept administration.  These folks can’t make a decision let alone retain valuable employees, but we continue to vote them in and that’s a shame on us.  I hope that she will find a job soon with an employer that appreciates her.
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rv ride on top
The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, December  13, 10 am at the Big Pine Senior Center. Hope to see you there! Events
Our former tech guru, Eric, is leaving the Keys with his lovely wife Jeanette to travel in their R/V. They are having one last going away Happy Hour at their popular Rubber Duck Pub tomorrow, Friday, December 12 from 5pm onward into the future. Free booze. What isn’t drunk will be left for the new homeowners.
[The Root of Police Militarization] Spend 15 minutes with Ben and ask yourselves if the tactics and rhetoric sound familiar. In my opinion KWPD is serving up the same crap the agencies in the major cities are, just on a lesser scale. It’s about training & tactics and the academies are turning out soldiers not public servants. No one, NO ONE should die in custody of cops. Custody is control and at that point “the game is over”. Unless of course you’re the one dropping head shots and bragging about it. That guy should lose his certification. Video
[“WIC”] WIC stands for Women Infants and Children in welfare parlance.
[“Name that plant”] Its a Dragon fruit. Very tasty when ripe.
Free. 2 child’s booster seats. Classified Ads > Free
[Donie] Deer Ed, It’s twice now you’ve edited my posts where I mention KW police chief Donie Lee and you change it to Donnie Lee. Hey I didn’t name him, that’s how he spells it…check it out.
I take care to spell all my words correctly in my posts, even if they are anonymous! (Ed: I have to blame SpellCheck for that. I just kicked it in its big fat key so it will stop changing the spelling from now on. I apologize in behalf of SpellCheck.)
[“Sometimes I wrestle with my demons”] Er, sorry to break the news, but that’s an angel the man is wrestling, and a dang pretty angel at that, and she don’t seem to be too terribly happy about it, or the man not having any clothes on and maybe trying to get into her panties. Do you think maybe that CT poster has a bit of karma with women? After seven wives, and several serious girlfriend relationships, I still didn’t obtain a PhD in Women’s Studies, but I did determine men and women are two entirely different species.
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The Senate Intelligence Committee report, which was highly critical of CIA methods to extract information from know terrorists, was highly partisan. Democrats signed the report, the minority Republicans did not. The Republicans issued the minority report which stated in part: The majority report contained “faulty analysis, serious inaccuracies, and misrepresentations of fact” to create a series of false conclusions about the counterterrorism program’s effectiveness and the CIA’s interactions with Congress and the White House.

The 6000 page majority report was a paper audit to second guess and play “gotcha” against those on the front lines who gathered intelligence on terrorist activities after 9-11. No one directly involved or in charge at the CIA was interviewed. Yes some of the intelligence gathering was ugly. But how soon we forget the high potential for additional mass murder of American civilians. If and when the next big terrorist attach occurs here do not blame our intelligence community. Their work is being compromised by this report and the Snowden leaks. God bless America.
P.S. And to the commenter from yesterday who stated we are no better than Russia, please get real. Or move.  Link

[“Does the IKC eat the lizard meat”] I put it in my crab traps. Sadly there are no stone crabs in them.
coffee snort lady
Grrrr!  It’s 7 am and I haven’t had my morning coffee yet.  “Why,” you ask?  Because Dion’s is out of half & half–AGAIN!  In 7 years I’ve dodged the homeless beggars to walk in their door only 3 times.  2 of those times they’ve been out of that precious bonne bouche that makes my organic coffee palatable.  We’re always urged to shop locally, but stores need to stock basic items.  I’ll have to figure out a way to order creamer from Amazon.
The Tourist Development Council and Tinsley Advertising have launched the 2014-2015 Florida Keys Co-Op site for all potential participants to learn about available programs and sign up through a registration form. Tinsley has created a one-stop shop for gathering information on available co-op programs for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.  Link
The Lessons of History is a 1968 book by historians Will Durant and Ariel Durant. In The Lessons of History the authors provided a summary of periods and trends in history they had noted upon completion of their momentous eleven-volume The Story of Civilization. Will Durant stated that he and Ariel “made note of events and comments that might illuminate present affairs, future probabilities, the nature of man, and the conduct of states.”
The book thus presents an overview of the themes and lessons observed from 5,000 years of world history, examined from 12 perspectives: geography, biology, race, character, morals, religion, economics, socialism, government, war, growth and decay, and progress. Link
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[“What do they do with dead iguanas”] I live in the woods and I just leave them where they drop and they are gone by the next morning. I think opossums and raccoons take them away and eat them. P.S. The IKC is just a fictitious organization imagined to piss off cat lady types. There are no meetings, memberships, gun vans. It’s all designed to stir things up and raise awareness of this invasive problem.
[“Gamo pellet gun”]  Sorry it is 1400 FPS.  That’s still the most powerful air gun I’ve found.  A .22 short launches a 29-grain bullet at 1,045 feet per second. I don’t know how to compare the two. Link
[Obama a Muslim] When Obama seeks to reclaim the moral high ground by denouncing enhanced interrogation techniques and tossing under the bus interrogators who saved countless lives by preempting terrorist events, he invariably is helping the cause of Islam and our downfall.
Kudos to my fellow Jersey girl
.  Not only did she put “Jersey Girl Hater” in his place, she did so with great panache.  As a Jersey Girl, I have been reading his BS for some time wondering who this Neanderthal thinks he is.  I believe that Jersey Girl got his ticket: a low-life, educated dimwit, who is waiting for a minimum wage, all you can eat position at the sewer plant. Probably some dude who was put down by a Jersey chick, and could never get over the rejection.  Jersey Girl Hater, don’t mess with the Jersey Girls. Bravo Sister, got your back!
[“Jersey Girl Hater“] Please get some help. The guidance care center has offices throughout the Keys. Since 1973 – over 35 years of caring Guidance/Care-Center, Inc. (GCC) provides behavioral health services, education, and support to benefit People from all incomes and walks of life. Adults, children, and families. Persons experiencing issues with mental health and/or substance abuse problems. Persons in crisis. Adults with serious and persistent mental illness. Mothers and fathers working to be better parents. Children and youth with a behavior problem. GCC works collaboratively with other agencies, schools, private providers, law enforcement, hospitals and other behavioral health providers to support and enhance the benefits to our clients, consumers and other stake holders. Last year the GCC served more than 1400 individuals and provided more than 32,000 services.
Boat trailers (2). One is for small boats, the other is for flats boats. $59 each. Call Classified Ads > Boats
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sink-hole11The legal challenge to the shallow wells at Cudjoe Regional is alive and well, despite what you may have been reading and hearing. The two commercial fishermen who are the individual petitioners – Mike Laudicina, Big Pine Key, and Don DeMaria, Summerland Key, are not going to settle for anything less than a deep well. FKAA wants to settle the legal challenge in exchange for doing water quality studies we don’t need. We already have scientifically rigorous studies that show the partially treated effluent will contaminate our surface waters – instead of the deep well we do need. FKAA was required to do those water quality studies for some time, but didn’t, and now wants to do them while the shallow wells are operating and polluting our surface waters.

This PowerPoint, created by two of our expert witnesses, Dr. Brian Lapointe, marine biologist, and Donald Maynard, P.E., C.G., engineer and hydrogeologist, will show the science which demonstrates that shallow sewage wells will pollute our surface waters and damage our fisheries, marine ecosystems, and corals. Link

Look at the photo to see the sinkhole which just opened up Dec 1, only18 feet from one of the shallow wells.  According to Don Maynard,  “This picture gives you an idea of the processes that are constantly occurring out of sight in the oolite and reefal limestone which is found throughout the Keys, both under dry land and underwater.  This sinkhole, adjacent to one of the shallow injection wells, indicates the presence of sub-surface tunnels, caves and/or caverns which would likely act as preferential pathways for rapid migration to surface water of injected effluent containing nitrate, phosphorus and other nutrients.” This presentation also has a photo of one of the wells with a conduit which opened in the borehole itself, also allowing the partially treated effluent to rise to the surface.

We really don’t need more studies to tell us that our limestone strata is full of holes and conduits which will allow the partially treated sewage effluent to travel to the surface from the shallow wells. We need a deep well, so we can stop the crap from traveling to the surface and continue to pollute our near shore waters.

The StopShallowSewageWells Campaign has been accepted for fiscal sponsorship by EcoEd, a 501(c) (3) not for profit environmental protection organization, so all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. All funds go towards legal costs, such as depositions, expert fees, exhibits, etc. The petition for a formal administrative hearing has been filed and should be assigned a judge sometime in January 2015. If you want to help, please send a check to Caron Balkany, Esq. who is volunteering her legal services. One of the expert witnesses, Don Maynard from Big Pine, is also volunteering his services. Dr. Brian Lapointe, Big Pine Key, is also donating many hours of his time. Please make checks payable to Caron Balkany PA Trust Account, and mail to PO Box 420859, Summerland Key, FL 33042. Thanks for anything you can contribute.   ~Your neighbors, the Stop Shallow Sewage Wells Campaign

I found the pepper spray petition by Googling pepper spray Summerland Key.  Link
I[?] am back to WOW 92.7 on the radio since Pirate Radio recently lost their way. Don’t know why I ever left.
Aircraft windshield
for sale. New and unused. Adapt for motorcycle, doggie trailer, or whatever. Similar, but not a match, to aircraft windshield pictured. $75. Call Little Torch Key.     12/11/14. Classified Ads > Miscellaneous
[“American Morals”] Just ask any street person what morals are. When it comes down to who eats whom then morals are just mouth wash. It is estimated that if the USA crashes, it would take only a few weeks for all hell to break loose and turn this nation into a road warrior culture. The bad guys have the weapons, as do the cops and the military, so how do you think you will survive them? Moving to Russia might be the only way because they are already an open air prison like we could turn into.
Rattan love seat with perfect cushions, like-new. Also one sun-faded mattress for a Futon. $20 each. Classified Ads > Household
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[A Very Sara Xmas] Merry Christmas Jingle Boobs. You’re welcome. That girl’s got real talent! You can see her brains working.  Video
Does anyone have information on Marathon’s bicycle joannie nelsonBicycle Joannie?
[“Defending torture”] Torture Report – how low will America go?” It is called survival, dude! Do unto others before they do unto your dumb a**.
hareens 12.2.14
[Clueless in the Keys] After reading today’s blog at “”  I realize he knows nothing about Key West.  Ten years later he heard about the Dachshund walk.  He never heard about the homeless persons memorial day. Maybe Lou should stay out of the Chart Room, Dons Place, and the other bars he frequents and open his eyes.  You are the typical problem in Key West, Don.  You know nothing about what matters in Key West.  Do you know about Eimers?
I can’t breathe! Legalize marijuana!  (Ed: I don’t know why the poster sent this plate of Mexican food or what it has to do with breathing and marijuana, but It looks so good I posted it. I wish there were a restaurant around here that served real Mexican food like in that picture. The awful Chinese-Mexican food that was served on the island just didn’t do it.)
My friend recently told me about his family visit to the famous Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  They were amazed at the size of the water buffalos until they realized what they were watching were a group of Jersey girls splashing around in a wading pool.
President Obama should go on TV and ask people not to eat yellow snow if only for the joy of hearing FTR explain how good yellow snow really is.
Frank Zappa – Don t Eat The Yellow Snow 
[“Defending torture”] If your kids and wife were kidnapped by a raghead and the only way to get them back was to torture the culprit, would you use an electric drill or a dull hacksaw? A pork sandwich will not work!
[Borrow Your Jet Ski] I’m a local looking to rent a jet ski for a week or two to be utilized in and around Big Pine area. If you have one or know of someone I can rent from please call me at  Classified Ads > Wanted
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4/0 Fin-Noor fishing reel. Brand new in box (old stock). Capacity: 800 yards of 30# test. $400. Call Classified Ads > Boats
[“CIA torture report”] America has always tortured people. It just went under other names like  religion and taxes!
[New Jersey Cops On The Hunt For Notorious Garden State Breast Pump Thief] say it isn’t so. But it looks like all the things we here on the CT write about Jersey girls may be anchored in truth! Link
A satirical website called The Daily Currant ran a story about Georgia is the first state to legally sell handguns in vending machines. Naturally, liberals are outraged! According to the Currant, the guns would be sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, schools, airports and gas stations, and would not require background checks. Many people fell for the bogus article and posted their naivete, especially on Facebook, with posts such as “Holy Crap. This is insanity,” “F***ing retards is what they are,” “F***ing Georgia,” and the best one “I just want off this planet. Hurry up and colonize Mars for God’s sake.” The Daily Currant posts a disclaimer letting their readers know everything they write is all in good fun.

The disclaimer reads, “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan. Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward,” and adds, “Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.”

Satire is “news” for the left. They rely on the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report for information.

[CIA Torture report”] It’s a crying shame that Republicans support torture (my country right or wrong), but no surprise. Republicans refer to torture only in euphuisms because even when they hear the word ‘torture’ and cringe.
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“CIA Torture Report” The American people spent 40 million dollars on this report and no recommendations in the report. This is a political shot by the outgoing Democrats!
from the right
Yesterday the CT was chock a block full of chin music screeching outrage at the contents of the report concerning enhanced interrogation released by Dem Senator Feinstein.

Some posters condemned us as a nation, some condemned previous admin’s, some simply condemned.  But there is a common thread in the postings. All completely ignore the times and the reality when the interrogations were taking place.

torture11All forget that on 9/11/01 our nation suffered a brutal assault that resulted in thousands of deaths at the hands of terrorists, and fundamentally changed our national perception of our safety in our daily lives. After the attacks we were convinced that we would soon suffer additional attacks. We expected assault by WMD such as dirty bombs, biological warfare, and other mass casualty attacks.

At that time, our human intelligence gathering capability had been castrated by the Clinton admin’s AG’s office headed by Janet Reno. Reno was served by Deputy AG Eric Holder and Deputy AG Jamie Gorelick. They had instituted measures that codified a “wall” between intel operations and FBI criminal investigations.  That “wall” effectively strangled cooperation between the CIA, FBI, and other national security entities. Many argue that that fact was a major factor in our being blindsided by AQI on 9/11.

By 9/12/01 as a nation we were desperate for intel on who and what our attackers were. We then had virtually no spooks on the ground in the mid-east because of the post-Cold War “peace dividend”.

In addition to the “wall”, during the Clinton years funding for intel gathering was gutted. We lost nearly one in four of our positions. This loss of manpower was devastating, particularly in our two most manpower intensive activities: all-source analysis and human source collection. To this day, we have not even begun to again have the intel gathering capabilities that we had in the mid ‘80’s.

Again, many argue that that cut in spending for intel and the Reno/Holder/Gorelic “wall” caused us to be blind sided.

And so, desperate for intel that would protect us from further assault, we engaged in legal but offensive interrogation methods. Ask yourself if your child, spouse, or loved were in immediate danger, would you not engage in the same type of conduct if you believed it would save your loved one. I know that I would.

torture2The issue is riddled with irony. John Brennan, now CIA Director, and many others in the current intel community were well aware of the enhanced interrogation effort and approved of the program. Yet Obama and many Democrats hold them in high esteem. Obama has refused to cooperate in the Senate investigation, giving it only lip service.

Brennan has just said “enhanced interrogation techniques did produce intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives.”  He said: “The intelligence gained from the program was critical to our understanding of al Qaeda and continues to inform our counterterrorism efforts to this day.” Link

We must also consider the fact that key Democrat leaders, including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were repeatedly briefed on the program while the program was in operation.

And we must consider the stark reality that post 9/11 we were desperate to learn all that we could learn about our enemy. We accomplished that goal by harsh methods, but did not kill those interrogated. The Obama admin has little interest in capturing prisoners so that we might learn from them, rather he sends drones to kill them and routinely kills innocents including family members of suspects. Ask yourself which is more inhumane, harsh interrogation or death  and maiming by drone strike of suspects and of hundreds if not thousands of innocents.

UBL is dead, but his crusade of terror is alive, well, and spreading like a wild fire. And never forget that without fresh intel, we are blundering around in a pitch black room armed only with a pen knife trying to find an invisible enemy.

torture3Feinstein’s report is terribly suspect. The report was written without interviewing a single person who was involved. It was written by political staffers who obviously have a political agenda. We must note that even the Obama White House refused to cooperate with the investigation.  It appears that the release of the report was timed so as to overwhelm the news media with the result that the Senate hearings on Obamacare and sundry other Obama disasters are obscured.

The report will most certainly poison the well of cooperation between US intel gathering assets and any foreign intel services. They will be convinced by the report that we cannot be trusted to keep secrets.

The report never should have been released, its release will cost us dearly in lives and treasure for years to come, for no benefit to our nation whatsoever.


PART 2) The latest poll reveals that fully 58% of Americans favor repeal of Obamacare. Wow! Link