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Big Following

With over 60,000 visitors a month Bigpinekey.com is the most practical, cheapest and popular media to advertise your business in the Florida Keys.

Advertising Value

The Coconut Telegraph is the most read independent website in the Middle/Lower Keys and we’re the only daily website in the area. If you want to reach the locals and snowbirds this is the place. Why waste money advertising to people who aren’t interested in our Islands? Target your customers for only $200 a year.

Advertise and get your money’s worth

We are the one source for information in and about the Florida Keys that you can get anytime and from any place. No other major website has advertising rates as low as ours–$200 a year!

PewCenter Internet Study found that cost per lead on the internet costs $.29 each. Advertising in the Yellow Pages was $1.18 per lead. And our viewers are targeted to this area.

Target your advertising dollar

We have been publishing this website since January 2002 and are top listed with all the major search engines. Our Business Directory and Classified Ads pages are accessed daily from all over the world by people who are interested in what we have here. Just about everyone interested in the Florida Keys reads the Coconut Telegraph. That’s pretty much an affluent section of the population.

“If they’re not talking about you, they’re not doing business with you!”

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