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Monday, December 31, 2012-New Year’s Eve



[“I’m a Jerk”] I wonder if the jerk read what he wrote. If he did and continues his ways he is more than a jerk, he is an asshole. There are three levels of jerkdom: Nice guy > Jerk > Asshole. A jerk is in the middle. Change your ways, buddy, everyone says they don’t like you so do something about it. Try to be that nice guy, you’ll enjoy living a lot more.

[Marathon Journal]
1. List of Key Colony Beach candidates are Ryan Schraffenberger, Patrick Farritor, Jeff Vorick, Jerry Ellis, and Rob Sutton. Top three elected. Journal will try to interview each one. Key Colony Beach is ramping up for the March 2013 elections. Just when you thought campaigns were done, the little city that could will withstand the whirlwind of another election. I can’t wait for the games to begin. Or, this might be brain dead boring. Both of which I will enjoy – exciting election or boring.
2. Like many print newspapers and magazines, Newsweek goes online only today. No more print edition. There is low overhead, and your subscriber base prefers all things online. When the Journal went online only, we experienced growth and an increasing subscriber base.
3. The end of 2012, the year that went by so quickly, holds some good memories and some not. Wasn’t it 1995 just a while ago?
4. There is no snow here or icy roads and bitter cold. I visited family in South Dakota one year and regretted every minute of the 17º below and 5 feet of snow. The only good thing was family and a great Christmas back then.
5. I have been rumbling around Marathon and Duck Key looking for a rental big enough to bring family here. See #4 and know why.
6. I have many resolutions. One is to spend more time doing the Journal. I would also like to see the Clearwater beaches, they are among the best in the state. Beaches up near the panhandle are quite nice as well. 



More people die from prescription drug overdoses than do from cocaine and heroine combined.

Now, let me see, where is pot on that list of deaths? None. What, none!

How about other problems from pot? None. Really?

Then why is it illegal and alcohol, tobacco and prescription downers are all legal?

[“Solar wont start a refrigerator’s compressor”] So invent a different way to start the compressor. Think outside the box – literally. We’re way past cheaper — especially down here.  

Happy New Year. Stay safe.



[Crime] We know possession of marijuana is a punishable offense, but did you know the punishment for stealing a street sign is far less? I think under Sharia law drug possession is punishable by death and stealing only costs you a hand. If you had one hand you would require someone else to spark up at Bong Recreation Area. 

[SUFA]  The county has, throughout this process, talked to the press a lot more than the people from SUFA have.  Keep in mind, for example, that the county released the results of the audit to the press before SUFA even saw it.

[Staph Infection] I suggest that the thoughtful person who has a home remedy for MRSA, post it. 

I don’t want to contact you because I don’t want to know who you are (your privacy) nor do I want to divulge who I am (my privacy). 



Does anyone know if the old Parrotdise –– Not Kebs —  is going to reopen? It would be nice to have another watering hole 

You gun freaks will love this Spy story on guns and the people who carry them and what they do to a piece of meat. Link 
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The Universe does not lose our file ever, but we do often lose our faith and move into doubt, worry, whining, fretting and complaining. I suggest being thankful (just saying ‘thanks’) for a full day.  It’ll start things going in the right direction.  Doesn’t cost anything, no one has to know. 

A sort-of a 2013 thing to do, maybe, if you want. 


In 1879, Thomas Edison staged the first public demonstration of the electric light bulb.

[Pot Luck Dinner] Lower Keys Property Owners Association 1668 Bogie Rd., Big Pine Key Monday, January 7, 2013 Horseshoes or Darts beginning at 5 p.m. B.Y.O.B.  6 p.m. Dinner 6:30 p.m. Meeting 7 p.m.

Come join us for the first “Pot Luck” of the New Year.  Guests are welcome, just bring a dish. are committed to helping out in our community.  Please bring a non-perishable food item to help stock the food pantry. Bulletin Board


Google has digitized the entire Spy Magazine archive. Link  

 [“Why doesn’t Monroe County subcontract SWAT team services as needed”] Deer Ed, please let us readers know when you see the name of the above poster on the MCSO website, or in crime section of the newspapers. It’s obvious the above poster is a hater.

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[Kopi Luwak Coffee] The coffee mentioned by Jack Nicholson in the movie The Bucket List. Link

[“A/C on a solar grid” / “I’m not an electrician or scientist”] If your going to be generating your own power your going to need to learn the basics of electricity, the finer details of HVAC (heating, v ventilation on and air/conditioning) so you understand how heat is transferred out of your home to the outside and how much British Thermal Units (BTU’s) and thus the power (Watt hours) are required to keep you comfy at your desired home temperature which will determine how many solar panels you will need to not only run the AC unit, but other things and also charge batteries enough to power everything when the sun goes down and it’s still hot outside. (clue: a lot)

Your AC window unit is working for the reason that Alternating Current requires two wires, a hot and a neutral that you have plugged in, completing the circuit, that the electrons are going back and forth so it appears to be working fine.

However some time ago a safety feature was added to electrical home/workplace wiring systems, it’s called a ground wire and it’s the bottom third prong with matching hole which runs to a metal pole driven into the ground at the residence.

What this is for is in case something comes loose like one of the powerful AC wires (which can kill you by the way) and it touches the metal case of the air conditioner or some sort of other short circuit occurs. It shunts the electricity to the ground instead of through you while going to something else.

If you’re using a 2 prong AC wiring on the outlets on the walls, it means the wiring in the walls in your location is very old and dangerous as it hasn’t been updated in quite some time. As wiring gets old, it loses it’s ability to carry electricity well. People tend to have larger and larger electrical needs over time and place more strain on older/thinner wiring and older 15 amperage circuits. Fires occur with older wires that are not up to recent electrical codes to insure people’s safety.

If you’re using a two prong extension cord, you need to immediately stop and use a three prong extension cord instead, as the two prong extension cord isn’t rated for use with a high amperage device like AC’s and refrigerators. 

AC and refrigeration units tend to kick the compressor on suddenly. Now they are wired to have their own dedicated circuits that run directly to the electrical panel and not shared with other outlets. These outlets have three holes like other outlets and almost look the same, except one of power prong holes has a slight notch and there is only one plug instead of two.

I’d highly suggest you have an electrician come look at your location and discuss how to either upgrade your home or live within the confines of the older wiring system so your safe and not electrocuted or burned in a fire because of it. If you can’t do either, then move–it’s not safe.


It might be the antidepressants talking, but I’m feeling somewhat optimistic about 2013.

[“Wanted python skin”] There is an alligator processor in Pembroke Park, Florida if I remember correctly. I’d bet he has snake skin for sale



Fanci Seafood does have Fresh Smoked Kingfish and I got 2 pounds of it just minutes after it came out of the smoker. It was super ‘effin good. I also picked up a couple of pounds of Key West pinks (jumbos). They ain’t no farm raised grocery store shrimp neither.

Treat yourself to fresh Florida seafood for New Years, before you go home to Michigan.

Bacon is meat candy!



I want to throw a New Year’s Eve party with fake alcohol and see how many people act wasted. Think of all the designated drivers there would be. 

[Resolutions] I can’t believe it’s already a year gone by since I didn’t become a better person.

Florida Keys News 2012 review. Link 
an_bungee-jump[“A MAO High“] The slang term “MAO high” was used to more specifically describe the elation thrill seekers feel when performing some sort of exciting, possibly even dangerous, physical activity without the inclusion of drugs or alcohol. The theory is that thrill seeking personalities have abnormal Monoamine oxidase (MAO) levels, thus causing depressive symptoms due to a imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, so they tend to do more exciting activities than others as to get their MAO fix. 

The term distinguishes itself from a “natural high” (which is when one is elated without the use of alcohol or drugs), as it requires a exciting activity or lifestyle to incur. Link 

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[Your Honor, my client is an idiot] Marathon Keys man calls cops on neighbors, ends up arrested for pot. Link  



A Good Samaritan from the Keys saved a kayaker who was having a seizure. Link

Nira Tocco has a beautiful new listing in Doctor’s Arm. Video tour

Nira Tocco has another beautiful new listing. This one’s in Eden Pines Video tour

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Cost of boat fees, fishing licenses rising this Happy New Year. Link

[Auto Control] A vehicle crash in Mississippi has claimed the lives of 5 young people with ages ranging from 18 months to 9 years old. How long will this slaughter continue? Almost 40,000 deaths this year. The only way to stop these needless deaths is to ban all motor vehicles. 

an tsa calandar

The new 2013 TSA Calendar.

[Don’t Ever Forgive] “I can forgive all the wrongs that were done against me.” Yes, I can forgive, but I will never forget and revenge is sweat. Even the Christian bible says “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” that sounds a lot like revenge to me and don’t ever forget it.



Can you name and describe your wife’s favorite flower?  Frank leaned over, touched Ann’s arm gently, and whispered, Gold Medal-All-Purpose, Isn’t it?

When I bang my toe against something, it’s like I pressed a button that plays all the curse words I know.

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[Gun control] Shooting With The Stars. Demand A Plan – Demand Celebrities Go Screw Themselves! Link


Thinking of Franny (?) this time of year. I still miss him tons. Tip one to Francis this week!

R.I.P. Ray Halverson. You were a good man. I also wish you could have beaten your demons. May you be at peace.


Why would anyone who knows anything about Target Store want them to build one in the Keys? The one in central Florida is always mostly empty. It is an enormous store with big empty aisles. The prices are so much higher than other stores, the styles are horrible and the quality is bad. You’re not missing a thing without a Target. Who would travel 30 miles to get there?


So it’s acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not for me to point it out?


Why does Monroe County even have a SWAT team? Do they get extra pay to run a around and  play Navy SEAL?

barct31[Captain Doom and Gloom] Notice when you give somebody something in the Keys, they have no respect for it? They just treat it as though they were entitled to receive it from you and you should be grateful they accepted it. This cured me of giving anything to anybody forever.

“Big Box Rockland Key” Yes, all you distorted, mutated, malignant socially inept useless eaters, demand a WAL-Mart so you too can be on YouTube in your best plumber’s- crack showing attire. That’s all the Keys need, is a draw for more mutants, then you can kiss these islands goodbye.

“Bacon Burrito” This was not invented by a heart surgeon, or was it?

Kim Kardashian, who the hell is this person and how much does she pay the kennel club to be famous?

“Bong Recreational Area”  The statement of how some states treat American Citizens is true, been there done that, hate them all. The sickening part is, those kids in the slammer will NOT get out if the US of A legalizes Grass nation wide. Those sadistic states will make the money one way or another. They might even illegalize religion and bust you for praying at a $100 per prayer.

“A law for everything requiring intelligence, common sense, and morality” When people regain those attributes then we will not need the laws! Never going to happen.

Politicians are not intentionally corrupt, but forced into corruption by the system that forces them to give favors to lobbyist in order to get the money so they be reelected. It’s just a cushy job to most of them and they’ll do anything to keep the job. Politicians’ main goal is to be reelected not help the governed. Term limits would go a great distance to solve this problem.


Congressional pay should be based on performance and effectiveness. Save the country a lot of bucks and grief.


[How Cold Was It] It’s so cold I saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets.

[“Right-wing sites saying Obama hired the Connecticut killer in order to have an excuse top disarm Americans and create a Socialist country”] Only the Liberal left would ever make up such venomous crap! Ignorant, delusional anti-American, but pro-socialism describes you all pretty well.


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