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Thursday, February 28, 2013


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Does anyone know if anyone bought the Big Pine Shopping Center aka Winn Dixie? Yesterday I saw surveyors measuring and marking all around the buildings. This usually means a real estate closing is pending. I wonder if the new owners will make any of the much needed improvements.

[No Name Electric] On Tuesday the BOCC chose (3-2) no electric on No Name Key.  As I have shared many times. If it was so cut and dry you would have power. There are ramifications  by powering up No Name Key.  Do all areas with Barrier Island protection get power? Where does it stop? It would appear you  think because you have a few bucks you’re all that counts. You rolled the dice. O crap.

You may get power. No Name Key may get a nice fishing pier with a bar & seafood joint, lots of well lighted parking, boat ramp and very well feed Key deer. Maybe not.
(PS, all your name calling does you a disservice.) 



[Pope] Today’s the Pope’s last day on the job before he turns in his hat. Is there a Vice Pope? Who will be in charge in case the Devil pops up to take over the world during the time it takes to elect a new Pope? I’m worried.

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[Peary Court Rip-Off] Monroe County Property Appraiser’s Office has it 100% right and our representatives in House District 120 does not understand what is happening with the partnership between Southeast Housing LLC and the Navy.  What was once military housing is now a blend of military and the public.  Because there were not enough military personel willing to fill all the housing on base, the military do not want to live where they work, housing has been opened up to the general public since 2007.  Thus the rub.  We have a for-profit privately held business based in Great Britain, renting to the public whenever they can, and do not expect to pay the property taxes every other property owners are paying.


Banks are refraining from dumping a large inventory of foreclosures on the market helps to keep home prices from crashing. Link 

fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13
[Discontent in the Marketplace] I’ve always thought the best resolution to a bad customer experience at a business, any business, is to calmly, in a businesslike tone, express your displeasure, at the time the unsatisfactory incident happened – not next week, to the owner or the manager on duty. Screaming or venting in a public forum (e.g. on the CT) isn’t the proper venue to resolve an unsatisfactory problem. Face to face is the grown-up way to resolve an issue.

If this doesn’t work, then blast them into smithereens on the CT (with your e-mail address included, of course). 



[Manatee Alert] Take extra care when in the canals in Eden Pines for the next few days.  A manatee was seen headed up the canal around noon on Wednesday.

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[Health Care] Florida’s job market is still tough.  Thousands of Floridians are struggling to find affordable health coverage because they’ve lost jobs in the Great Recession, or they are working in jobs that don’t offer health insurance.
Now Florida lawmakers have a chance to provide health coverage to 260,000 uninsured Floridians age 50-64, as well as 640,000 others.  AARP is fighting on issues that are important to you and your family.  Please tell lawmakers to say “yes” to health coverage. Or call 1-888-222-4121 to be connected toll-free to your state House and Senate member.
Too young for Medicare but often dealing with lost jobs or foreclosures, many uninsured Floridians age 50-64 have health conditions.  Most are working, but at jobs that don’t provide health insurance benefits.  For some, expanding Medicaid could mean life itself.
By turning down Medicaid expansion, Florida lawmakers also would be walking away from $26 billion in federal dollars through the Affordable Care Act — money that would then go to other states to help their uninsured residents.

Springers-Prime-Rib00     Doerfels-at-Springers

Prime Rib Dinner    Live Music


[“Al Gore said we should all be up to our butt cheeks by now”] That statement proves the idiot never watched Al Gore’s Academy Award winning Inconvenient Truth and is just parroting the Right’s non-belief of science. Another in-denial Republican said it was beach erosion. I hope he was kidding. 


Anyone looking for a part time job? I saw today that the Post Office has several openings for a P/T carrier. The ad in the window said to go to, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on careers. You may need the job number, but I’m not sure. The opening closes this Saturday. 

Sony the former consumer electronics giant announced the PlayStation 4 that they think will get them back on top. They’d better think again. Consoles are out, especially consoles that reguire a CD disk to play. Gamers have been flocking to online gaming for years. They are cheap, or  mostly free and multiple player friendly. That’s why game consoles are dead. Didn’t anyone tell Sony? What’s their next new consumer product, the Walkman 5? 
[Flea Market Saga]  My wife and I live at Venture Out in the winter time. Just after I wrote yesterday’s positive feedback to Mia’s jewelry at Big Pine Flea Market, I saw her out jogging with her daughter and dog.

A local twelve-year-old child, according to Don Riggs at Pirate Radio, is in trouble with the law for bringing a handgun-style airsoft gun to school with 2 of his friends.

Although, maybe not entirely unprovoked, it seems to me an eye for an eye already came full circle and that this Army sergeant Jason Wagner ought to drop the charges against Mia before his child gets in trouble for shooting his rifle-stlye airsoft gun at Mia’s family. The police report includes the alleged airsoft gun-style retaliation suffered by her 8-year-old and his friend she was watching at the time.

I’ve noticed her strong work ethic for years. She does the best she can, and we see her out there making sure her garden is full of flowers.

Three Saturdays back, she reminded me that Key Colony Beach Day in Marathon is this Sunday, March 3rd from noon to 5 with a pancake breakfast. Wunderground says the weather is going to be cool and perfect for an outdoor craft show, live entertainment, and silent auction. Bring your old jewelry, even broken costume stuff at worst, and we know she’ll trade you up to gemstone jewelry, because we’ve watched her do it a couple times.

[Peary Court Rip-off] Representative Raschein proposes amending the bill exempting Southest Housing from the 11 million in back property taxes to just civilians living in the properties they own , but it still lets Southeast , a for profit company who knew they were liable for the taxes, off the hook. The Key West Citizen editorial last Saturday was very interesting and I hope people saw it. I hope the truth comes out, but don’t expect it to come from Ms Raschein and the folks who are coaching her. 
vase28[Commercial] A Chinese Ming Vase is up for auction. The bidding opens at a half-million Euro.     Bidding is brisk and each bidder is clearly identified as each raises the bid by 100,000 Euro. Within seconds, the bid stalls at one million Euro, and the gasp from the crowd identifies the excitement that prevails in the room. The successful bidder is the last one who bid one million, and the auctioneer counts down the bid, “Going once, going twice, and sold to the gentleman sitting in front of me for one million Euro.” Now, you are going to have to see the video for yourself. The auctioneer is exuberant. The pace is fast. This is how an auction should be run. Note the excitement on the auctioneers face after the final bid. Link
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How come land is flooding that has never flooded before. Quite a few years ago the maintenance of the mosquito ditches in the Keys was stopped. They were told that it would cause flooding but they did it anyway. More than one of you can attest to this. On the Torch Keys roads were capped while most of the people were away for the summer and this also contributed to flooding.
[“Coconut Telegraph was a fair place for folks to voice their opinions”]  Sure it is.  It’s also a private page that Ed can handle any way he wants.  You want your venom published, do it at your own expense. He’s allowed to opt out anytime he wants.
[Stop Smoking] Deborah “Debi” Austin, a Californian who became a symbol of the anti-smoking movement for her powerful role in advocacy and education, died last week. She was 62. Austin, of Canoga Park, is perhaps best known for her role in a public-awareness television ad in the mid-1990s and later spots she filmed after being diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and receiving a laryngectomy.
“They say nicotine isn’t addictive,” Austin says in one ad, taking a drag of her smoke. “How can they say that?” Her raspy voice, poised demeanor in the face of adversity, and dark hole in her throat are unforgettable. 

an bible light (2)


The Bible Series is coming to The History Channel in March. Husband and wife team, actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and producer Mark Burnett (Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor, The Voice) will host.

Maybe it time for a change.Maybe it’s the right time. Just maybe Jesus will become as big as Hip Hop with the young folks of today. As I understand it, Jesus was a stand up kind of guy. Wow. Stranger things have happened. Link

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Cool cat.

Breaded Sea Scallops recipe. Link 
[Don’t Eat Each Other] Morrissey cancels Kimmels show in protest over Duck Dynasty guests. Vegan and animal rights advocate Morrissey slams Kimmel and duck dynasty serial animal killers. Link 

[Climate Change]  Compare the two pictures of the Long Key bridge that were on here.   You can easily see the difference in the water depth between the two.   Thanks to whomever enabled us to compare the two by bringing up  the bridge as an example of the belief that there has been “no rise in sea level”.

train25 long-key-bridge1

[Flea Market Bickering] This is reply to Wednesday’s “Learning who your real friends are”. First, the market is not open on Tuesdays so I’m not sure where you were walking around and you could not have seen Max there, since Max is no longer in the market and permitted anywhere near the premises of the market. Secondly, Mia has not put up with Max for the last 14 years in that spot. She moved their numerous years ago after sharing a space with her ex husband who sells the books. I also know that her kids are not in her booth while she is working, they are running around the market annoying customers and vendors, there is no discipline given by either the mother or the father. I am not taking away anything you said about Max, he was a very nasty and miserable individual and treated customers like crap, but unfortunately, Mia is not the best person either. What she did last week was uncalled for and to bring your kids into a crime you were committing was beyond ok.

Please remember one important thing, there are a lot of great vendors at this market that sell quality merchandise and love their customers and are trying to make a living giving customers great service and merchandise. Please don’t let a few bad eggs spoil this wonderful market for the rest of those great vendors. 

[Folly Beach] Locals refer to our little corner of the world as the Edge of America. .When you wake up in the morning you’ll enjoy the sunrise on the beach and finish your day watching a spectacular sunset on the Folly River. On the eastern tip of our Island you’ll find an outstanding view of the Morris Island Lighthouse from one of our three county parks. The Fishing Pier, which extends more than 1,045 feet into the Atlantic Ocean, hosts fishing tournaments…and if you want to fish, you can rent everything you need at the shop on the Pier.You’ll catch sight of loggerhead turtles nesting, dolphins playing and see bald eagles soaring in the sky. Folly is home to many endangered species and we do our part in protecting and encouraging their continued success.Accommodations range from quaint cottages, ultra modern beach houses, to sleek condominiums and a luxury hotel. So no matter what your budget needs, Folly is sure to fit into it.You’ll also find some of the finest food on the coast here in Folly Beach. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet meal, a seafood feast or a tasty sandwich, you’ll find it here. If you prefer to cook at home, you can shop one of our local markets and prepare fresh local fish in your own kitchen.Folly’s local shops offer a variety of goods and services. Everything from bathing suits, surf boards and surfing gear, to souvenirs, local art, sea shells and gifts, all within minutes in our quaint little town. No matter what your interests – tennis, fishing, kayaking, surfing, theater, arts or beach combing, Folly Beach offers it all year long. In fact our surfing is some of the best on the east coast and Folly hosts a number of surf events throughout the year.There is simply no place like Folly Beach and our web site is dedicated to providing all the information you need to have a wonderful time here on Folly Beach–the Edge of America.


[Free Tax Preparation] Individuals or families with a combined income of under $57,000 in 2012 are eligible to prepare their taxes online for free thanks to The United Way of the Florida Keys’ participation in the MyFreeTaxes Partnership. Link 

[NNK Electric] If the BOCC wants to pay for another lawyer to fight against power on NNK let them get his fee from the people who are against it.  I don’t want one cent of the tax money that I send in to go for this crap any more.
[Posting eMail Addresses] Deer Ed, I would rethink publishing the email addresses of those who wrote comments. I received numerous emails from !ax regarding my first article and they were not nice). You never published emails before and should really stop now. Thank you.
(Ed: Thanks for you comments. We’ve published email addresses for at least eight or nine years. This is from our FAQ page under Censorship. All articles of a negative nature naming names or businesses will have the poster’s email address printed at the end of the post. This will prevent malicious false statements from being made and disturbing the peace. National politics are exempt.)       
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FDA panel to look at genetically altered mosquitoes. Link

[Nap-Not] Attempted napping? Maybe his parents told him to ‘fall’ asleep? Maybe he’ll get tired. Video
goggles28With the $1500 Google Goggles, all you need to do it point your phone’s camera at something you would like to know more about. The app will bring up relevant information in a snap. You can take a picture of a business sign or logo to load the business’s website, add contacts to your phone by snapping photos of business cards, or see detailed background information for many famous landmarks and paintings. You can even solve Sudoku puzzles using this technology!
If you are out of the country, you can snap street signs in a different language and Google Goggles will translate it for you.

And it doesn’t stop there. Aim your phone at a barcode or QR code for pricing and online shopping information. There is very little Google Goggles won’t recognize. In iTunes, also available at Link 

County loosening grip on No Name Key power issue. Link
an_psychatrist[Guns] Background checks will do zero to protect anyone and just be another bureaucratic mess. Are they going to make us go to a psychiatrist before we buy a gun?

The first step in gun control is to get rid of assault weapons and large magazines. The second thing is to make America safe enough that we aren’t afraid to leave our homes unless we are armed and dangerous ourselves.

[Climate Change] I have lived in the lowest neighborhood in the Lower Keys for over 30 years. Several times a year the tides cover the street in front of my home. It has been exactly  the same for the entire time that I have been here. I am also a flats guide and understanding that tidal interaction is part of successful fishing.

There are parts of the tidal interaction that can be predicted by studying the Sun and Moon as to their gravitational effects on the planet. There are factors such as wind and air pressure that can not be predicted in advance on the tide charts. These factors can have a significant effect on increase in tide, by all be it a simplification, of the wind blowing water in or out of an estuary and high air pressure pressing water out or low pressure sucking it in. The bottom line is that no one has been more vigilant in observing the tidal rise or lack of it than I have been over the last 30 years. I assure you that the water has not risen one inch in thirty years and the sky is not falling. 



Boy did I take the wrong turn, now I’m on the highway to hell.
AC/DC – Highway to Hell

[Too Many Rules] If we make enough laws, we can all be criminals.



Folly Beach is just outside Charleston, SC. I grew up there in the 60’s and moved back in the early 80’s where I stayed for almost 20 years. It was a very laid back place until hurricane Hugo. Then it got “discovered” and the developers descended, well you all know the rest. It’s true what they say, you can never go home again.

[Flea Market Squabbles] It sounds like a new Soap Opera is coming soon to Coconut Telegraph TV:  As The Flea Market Turns.
American Idol has gone to the dogs, one sided judges. Shame. 


Brains are awesome. I wish everyone had one! 

[Feral Cats] Refuge management plan targets feral cats. Link 



Money Key Island owner tired of trespassers. Link 

AIDS Help chief, Walker dies. Link 
This song says so much about life.
High Time, 1977 ☮ Grateful Dead



Telling an angry woman to calm down works about as well as baptizing a cat. 

[Dysfunctional Webcam] Don’t you get it?  The  Bahia Honda webcam crew wants a trip to the Keys for some partying. 


Hamburger Bun recipe. Link 

CBS 4 investigation: Citizens Insurance is overcharging. Link


[Tebow] Legendary Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will appear at Island Christian School next week for what Coral Shores football Coach Ed Holly describes as a “dynamic Christian retreat for teenagers.” Link 

[Dog Shoots Owner: Again] Soon, dogs will require universal background checks too! We were fooled into believing that monkeys were going to rise against humans. Think again! Link
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what big pine mobile dog groomer is persueing much taken Brinton Center BSA Ranger Lenny Svetin and why?


FTR: “Under sequestration, the federal budget actually increases …” How can FTR say, “black is white” and believe it?


[Tea Party Neat] Okay, I agree with yesterday’s poster. The Tea Partyiers are neater than the Liberals who are messy. Because of that we should impeach the President. That’s just as valid a reason as the others the Right offers to impeach him.

I saw under “Good News” that housing sales were up. I think Ed puts that title to irritate the Right who don’t appreciate any good news that Obama can be credited for. I think when they see good news they immediately scramble to find a way to spin the truth to their liking so the President will look bad–no matter how good the news. If that isn’t un-American, I don’t know what is…and they call themselves patriots! 
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[Good News] The Dow Jones Industrial Average is at the highest ever in all of America’s financial history. Go Obama! 
[FTRs postings] First, FTR didn’t call President Toom Tabard a Nazi. He merely compared the efficacy of both men’s propaganda (which word is not necessarily pejorative).

The efficacy of the president’s propaganda is proved by the poster’s own words “the only thing that came to mind was Romney accepting the nomination in front of the Donald’s jet and telling us Trump was a serious candidate for Vice President.”

Mr. Romney accepted the nomination at the GOP convention, and I don’t remember the Donald’s plane on stage. As for Mr. Trump being a serious candidate, I have failed to find any quote by Mr. Romney to this effect. I would appreciate the poster’s source materials for this comment. 


right only grey

goebbels28Yesterday a poster that lives in far left field criticized my posting that mentioned Goebbels. I suggest that the critic read the following.
“Devotion, fervor, longing! Those are my pillars. We have to be the bridge to the future.”  Does that quote describe the ethos of a current political movement that you are acquitted with?
“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play” “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” Does that sound like a political game plan that is currently in play?
“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” Does that remind you of any recent events? Think of the many journeys of AF1 in just the last few weeks.

Deer Friends, the quotes are from the very master of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.
The Nazi’s, Goebbels included, were monsters. But, we must learn the lessons that they taught us, for if we fail to so do, we are doomed to repeat history. Whatever else he was, Goebbels was the paramount master of propaganda. That is an incontrovertible fact. It is necessary to acknowledge and to be aware of that genius. If we fail to recognize the works of the evil geniuses of history, then we are at real risk of being swept up by latter day evil geniuses.
We must remember that Hitler did not conquer Germany. He was wildly, insanely popular with the German rank and file. Hitler and the Nazi’s did not conquer Germany. Pre Hitler, Germany was suffering from a ruined economy and stubbornly high unemployment. Hitler promised prosperity and pride, he appealed to the masses. .  Hitler, like so many wildly charismatic leaders,  was the master of rousing oratory. He won elections, and he ultimately was freely elected to be Germany’s dictator.  He took absolute power in 1933 and almost immediately had control of a malleable press.   Even though he had a press that was his vassal, the German people knew much of the horrors that he had inflicted on his homeland enemies. Nonetheless, the German people stubbornly clung to the charisma of Hitler and refused to see the loss of their freedoms or to feel the weight of his boot on their society. Inevitably his evil spawned chaos, tens of millions died.

Hitler did not invent the spreading of hate as a propaganda tool, but he employed it and excelled at it. One of his most powerful weapons in the mass seduction of the German populace was his ability to demonize segments of German society. His hate campaign was not directed just at Jews, but at any group that dared to criticize his message was the target of unrelenting propaganda assault. He was so persuasive that the German people were unwilling to recognize his evil, they were in mass denial. His political opponents were first demonized, and then they were disappeared.

Certainly Obama is not a latter day Hitler, nor are his crew latter day Nazi’s.  But the propaganda tactics employed Team Obama perfectly fit the teachings of Goebbels. The Obama propaganda/PR team is sine qua non. It’s a damn shame that so many of us are so gullible.

Part 2) Many in our CT community who are liberals ferociously defend Mr. Obama and his addiction to spending taxpayer dollars.  Permit me to ask just a few questions of those folks.
Do you think that our government is spending too much money?
Do you think that our national debt and our national deficit are too high?
Do you think that our debt poses a fundamental danger to our nation?
If you think that our government is spending too much and that our debt is too high, how would you solve the problem?

I suggest that you check out the link