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Monday, June 23, 2014

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If you were out on the water recently you could not miss the floating weed patches. Literally. They originated in the Gulf, flourishing from the nutrient additions associated with the Horizon oil spill, and arrived here via the loop current. A bait fisherman I spoke with said he has never seen so much weed in 50 years. (too bad its not a different kind of floating weed, yuk yuk).
OK bacon lovers! I think it’s time for a mass migration to the Calgary Stampede. It’s Canada’s largest rodeo. Even the non-bacon food items look fantastic. I can feel my arteries clogging just looking at the pictures. (pictured: Deep Fried Donut Bacon Cheeseburgers) Link
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shark waving[Detroit Better Than Keys]  My family and I were planning to move to the Lower Keys and buy a new home. I luckily took the suggestion from a local barmaid in a small bar on route 1 to rent a place for a year or more to get to know the Keys. We are so glad we rented and not invested a fortune in a home here. My wife hates it here. My kids do to. The schools are terrible. The people are very primitive as is anything near a culture for these islands. Shopping is ridiculous. Driving and vehicle maintenance are next to impossible. The upper Keys are worse due to the influx of the Miami persons. Key West is no place to raise kids or to allow one’s wife on the streets at anytime. Again we are extremely thankful to the stranger warning us about the pitfalls of living in the God forsaken string of useless islands. It’s back up to Detroit and maybe Canada for us!
People knock the US Postal Service for screwing up all the time, but I do not. When I mail something and it gets to location B in the same day or two, and I get a reply in the same time, I am amazed! Packages are what I am talking about and the USPS does a great job, but I do wish for the old prices of postage.
[Crooks] Heads up everyone. In the last couple of days I’ve had a couple of things stolen — a trap that I had out trying to catch blue crabs for tarpon fishing and a pinfish trap that was in the water for less than 24 hours. They were both to the north of the entrance to the channel into Eden Pines. I’m guessing the same scumbag got both of them.
Caught in 450 feet of water after filling the fish box with Amberjack, Almaco and Mutton snapper. Talk about Icing on the cake!
Does anyone know what a Forced Main is regarding the sewer system? It seems like another scam design that should be replaced by a pure vacuum system.
What is with the Winn-Dixie produce? Food that should be good for 5 days is bad in 3.  Mushrooms with slime, cucumbers with rot! Publix produce does not perform this way at all.  It is so worth the trip to Marathon or Key West.  Gas cost vs. throwing out food.
Happy Monday from Springer’s Bar and Grill
. We have a great new special for you, Salchipapas. It’s sausage and potatoes and, oh, so delicious you’re not going to want to miss this one.
Tuesday: $10 Pizza day
Wednesday: Shrimp and grits
Thursday: Chicken salad
Friday: Parmesan encrusted fish with a tomato basil cream sauce.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s!
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Shimano Triton TLD25
(several) Reels in original boxes. Very little use. $50.00 each . Also have Shimano Boat rods, Negotiable. And assorted other fishing stuff. Ed should like my use of “stuff”. Call Classified Ads > Boats
[Marathon Journal]-Marathon will be 15 years old in November. We have come a long way. There still are things left to do. Isn’t there always.
-The economy is heating up with construction coming on line. Several construction projects are benefiting businesses. Market rate and affordable housing is helping the economy. Some projects are all being done at the same time.
-A water park approved by the majority of residents needs to be finished. The 2000 survey showed that is what residents want. A west side fire station should be built as soon as possible for complete coverage.
-A public works building and some affordable housing on 104th street is very much needed.
-Dedicated parking around the new city hall is required. It should have been under city hall, but money was the issue.
-This renaissance is happening all over Monroe County; Islamorada, Key Largo, Key West, and Big Pine Keys.
-Marathon’s November referendum must be passed to upgrade our city charter.
-Election season. The candidate list keeps growing. You can find the list at your nearest election’s office. Marathon’s elections office is on 63rd Street in the county building on the left. Park in the parking lot and go in to meet some dedicated people running the place. You can pick up your absentee ballot too.
[“WD-40 from fish based oil not petroleum”] Yet another misinformed mouth breather spouts falsehood. My can of WD40 says “contains petroleum distillates” and has warnings about eye contact, skin contact and inhalation. It is also extremely flammable and contains additional warnings about not using it near electric motors or anything that could create a spark. There is nothing on the can that says contains “fish oil”. And from the warnings, I’d say it got a lot of petroleum base to it!
Shave the baby?
And they don’t mean a beard. What are they thinking?
[“Iraq Redux”] This crap is not new.  Anyone remember Vietnam? 58,220 of our soldiers killed — for nothing — nothing! The American trained South Vietnam army (ARVN) collapsed in a few months in a rout after we left. Now we have 5000 of our soldiers killed in Iraq, and the Iraqi army is collapsing even as we speak. 5000 more killed for nothing. When will our Presidents and other nitwits in Congress realize our form of government isn’t for everyone. It works very well for us, but for most of the globe it won’t work. They have no clue on self government and don’t care. They are only interested in power and profit and killing some other tribe or sect they don’t belong to. Please Mr. President, let them!
[“WD40 from fish oil”] Are you for real with that fish oil statement from the 1950’s — myth or a troll? I can’t tell the difference anymore. If for real, I am now depressed. Depressed that I have fallen for your joke; or depressed in general that there are people, you, that really still believe that here in 2014
waving flag bouncing
[Winn Dixie American Made] Most of the stuff you spend your money on at Winn Dixie comes from American farmers, cattle ranchers,  food packing and processing factory workers, American truck drivers, etc, etc.  All are American workers trying to support their families by trying to earn enough money keep  food on the table and a roof over their heads.
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Why can’t we have grinder pumps that look like Kim Kardashian sticking out of the ground? she’s full of shiite to!
[Summer in the Keys] Anybody else notice the daily parade of thunderstorms passing over Miami, that concrete covered radiating heat sink jungle? Could this be another preview of what is in store for the rest of the world as the planet heats up due to human activity caused global warming?
Boar’s Head meat if the most overrated meat you can buy. I agree that off-the-bone ham at WD is the best.
The countywide canal clean up is of particular interest. The county is currently designing six canal clean-up projects totaling $2.9 million. Four of the projects are on Big Pine Key, one is on Geiger Key and another is in Key Largo. A drop in the bucket. The ambitious county plan’s goal is to restore water quality in canals. Some of the canals will be fitted with weed barriers and have weeds and organic material removed from them. Other canals will be dredged as, according to county officials, they were dug too deep and there is not enough oxygen at the bottom.Dredged? Don’t you mean filled in to become more shallow, so tidal exchange can refresh them? Or filled in altogether? Restoring these specific canals is, in essence, a pilot program. According to estimates, cleaning up all 502 canals in the Florida Keys would cost the county at least $300 million. Does this 502 number include polluted canals in Keys cities: Key West, Marathon, Layton, Islamorada? In addition to tapping the infrastructure sales tax fund for this project, the county is looking for other funding sources. For example, the county has received a $300,000 grant from the federal Department of Environmental Protection. Drop in the bucket.

While enhancing water quality is an admirable goal, the approach certainly needs clarification. Has a cost-benefit analysis and scientific study been conducted that confirms the cause, potential remedy and likely outcome? Canals became polluted by digging them so deep tidal exchanges could not refresh them, and by making canals so long and curving and dead-ended that tidal exchanges could not refresh them. That was caused by over-development, which was caused by greed, which was caused by county and city commissions making development their god. It may be the only real fix for most of the polluted canals is simply to fill them in.

Arguably, property owners on canals will benefit in a greater proportion than other taxpayers, especially as it relates to property values. And arguably these property owners may have, at some level, contributed to the water deterioration in their canals. Will these canal property owners be assessed a canal restoration assessment fee — akin to the current wastewater tie-in assessment fee — since canal property values will directly benefit from cleaner canals? Regardless of whether or not canal-front property owners are accessed a canal restoration fee, the polluted canals need to be fixed; and if they cannot be fixed, they need to be filled in. Getting rid of water pollution trumps everything.

Once completed, what are the annual costs for maintaining any canal weed barriers or any permanent equipment? What will be the source of those funds? No annual cost, if polluted canals are filled in. From our vantage point, there appears to be more questions than answers surrounding the financing of this canal restoration plan.

Amy Grimm
of Big Pine Key with a 20 lb. dolphin taken in 650 feet of water!
[“Eagle”] Not to sound like a sissy, but what if that carnivorous beast grabbed you or your kid, took you back to it’s nest and started to rip you apart for lunch? Ouch, yooch, ouch! Or a lion, tiger, wild dog, your mother-in-law? Scary huh?
DVD – Vs. DVD + Link
[IRS Loses Email] Effective April 15, 2015, and every year thereafter, I will be doing my income taxes on my computer and I will then  email my returns to Lois Lerner.
happy 4th of july banner
Is it for sure that there will be fireworks at the park on Big Pine Key this July 4th? (Ed: Yes.)
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Saturday was another stellar day out at Looe Key reef.  This lemon shark is one of a pair that regularly cruises the north side of the reef.  Seeing them always makes my day!
[“A Tux in the Keys”] Yes, there are several formal rental companies in the Florida Keys, of all places.  With the average temperature of 90 degrees in the shade, the Florida Keys are not known for the higher set to formally dine-out or go-to formal social gatherings. Yacht Club casual is the norm. It also being hard to find any place south of Miami, so shop before you venture into the wilds of the Keys.Tuxedo’s and formal gowns are for ritzy hotels and private social events by mainlanders, but never for dinner hour or locals. Anything other than expensive Bermuda shorts, patent leather sandals, collared shirts and a fine watch is over-kill anywhere in the Keys. Most locals barely shave, let alone groom and polish. Some cannot walk up-right most of the time. There is talk of chain stores building a Target or Walmart in the Lower Keys. Oh joy, disposable paper Tuxedo Outfits $24.95 in Electric Blue, Spotted Elk, Yipes Stripes, Grinder Pump Brown and Mangrove Camo! (Ed: Tommy Tuxedo has been renting tuxedos on Fleming Street for thirty years or more.)
[“Talking about the best subs”] It’s actually called Jersey Mike’s and it’s a chain with stores located in several states. As far as typical you turned loose your fingers and posted with malice and not much forethought about it being a place in New Jersey. As the post included (Naples) I’m sure they meant the franchise located in Sarasota, Florida.
broadside galleon
[“Corruption”] You must be religious because no logical person would not know this is the real world, and those who praise a dream and work at a slave job will never understand the world goes around like a pirate ship with those aboard getting what they can by hook or crook. Wake up and smell the gun powder!
[Hijacked One Cent Tax] Our essential needs should come first The old adage, “money burning a hole in one’s pocket” is hard at work at the Monroe County Commission and at County Administrator Roman Gastesi’s office. The adage describes someone so eager to spend money as soon as it is received that it usually leads to wasteful spending. This latest version of burning money — taxpayers money — began back in 2012. You may remember that was the year the county commissioners urged voters to extend the one-penny sales tax to 2033 to bolster the infrastructure fund for pending wastewater projects, and repairing deteriorating county roads and bridges.Under threats by the commission of increasing ad valorem (property) taxes, 68 percent of voters said “yes” to the sales tax extension. Little did the voters know that their approval would unleash a deluge of spending — a lot of which is unconnected to “pending wastewater projects and repairing deteriorated existing county roads and bridges.” And, little did the voters know the scam Cudjoe Regional Sewer System would become. More on that further along.

To date, the county commission has agreed to spend $15 million of the infrastructure sales tax fund to restore the Old Seven Mile Bridge, $5 million to purchase Rowell’s Marina, and $5 million for canal restoration projects. All in all, the county has earmarked $38 million for various capital projects from the sales tax infrastructure fund that is not related to their initial plea for funds for wastewater projects, roads and bridges.

This is not the first time we have highlighted this laundry list of county “wants” that magically appeared after the commission’s threat to raise property taxes if taxpayers didn’t fill up the sales tax money cookie jar.

For all you atheists out there–I guess I missed the last newspaper article in which the Loyal Oder of Atheists gathered care packages to send to Haiti after the earthquake. I also must have missed their tent where they were giving away food, water, etc. after Hurricane Georges. I also missed the Atheist Blood Bank mobile and I gave to the Red Cross. See a pattern? You “people” do nothing, at least in an organized manner, to help out your fellow man. I think the least you can do for the rest of us is to shut up!
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21 ft Carolina Skiff
 with 115 HP Yamaha four stroke, with an electric trap hauler. Works great. Many extras included. $5900. Call 305-849-9045    6/23/14  Classified Ads > Boats
[Tie Line Inspection] Some consulting firm has been hired to inspect the Keys’ main electric tie line and forecast it’s viability for the next 20 years.  I’m no expert, but I sure would like to know the results of that study as they could apply to many other constructed edifices down here.
[“All Answers”] Great responses to the basic questions of life, but I have one more: In the beginning, before the Big Bang where did the first New Jersey Girl come from?
This 3′ leopard ray was cruising around the back of my boat in about three feet of water when I snapped this shot.
[US/Portugal–Draw!] Soccer is a dumb game.  We were ahead at 90 minutes. Then what the hell happened?
From now on high school girls in Florida playing lacrosse must wear helmets.  This is a good thing because at that age their heads are still kind of soft.
I don’t watch soccer. If I wanted to watch somebody struggle to score for 90 minutes I’d take my friends to the bar.
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It was a blusey Sunday at Picnic Island when Moose and his friends started playing. Thanks guys!
The Elmers’ case is like the grinder pump issue,  done.  Move on.  In life there will always be some winners and some losers.  Sometimes, no matter what or who you do, success  comes down to just plain luck, like going left instead of right at sometime, or buying here instead of buying there.  I sure wish I could have a re-do when it comes to some things.  We make our own beds to lie in.
[Say What?] I would like to know if you have any restrictions on the amount of pictures we can send inmates per envelope? Thank you for your time
Anyone who supports allowing cats of any kind to run loose has lost all credibility with me,  I don’t if they are pontificating on Bowe Bergdahl or anything else.  They might as well be against recycling and central sewers as far as I am concerned.
I woke up this turtle as I passed yesterday. Sorry Charlie!
Misplaced pubic hair: What was his name? Just kidding. When I was in college I tangled with a horny little girl and she had the same “problem”, not a serious one or I would have bolted. You never know.
[“Ham off the bone”] Hams: the only piece of ass most men get in the Keys!
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[“Pubic hair”] I dated a girl that was totally le natural, but hearing Tarzan yells from somewhere turned me off!
[Captain Doom and Gloom] It takes time to wake up to reality, like 50 to 60 years, but then it hits you like a grinder pump back-up. You have been honest, fair, well mannered, respectful, and probably somewhat religious, but where did it all get you? You sit in front a TV for hours watching others make their fortunes. You see people doing less than nothing or playing and making millions selling tickets to fools by way of sports, movies, shows, holy lectures, political spins, or anything vaguely close to real work. Then it hits you! Why me? Why am I not rich and infamous like those useless members of humanity? Then you go out an buy a book titled: Getting Rich For Dummy’s for  $29.95, but the first page says, THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. The smack of reality hurts! Amen?.CoronaBeer23When you learn that the beer you do not like, also makes the beer you do like, you tend to wonder what’s in both (old Irish saying). Link


“Recommend a sandwich from N.J.”  Not NJ, but definitely Philly and that is hogie not sub. There is no freaking ‘a’ in hogie except where people cannot walk up-right! A sub is a sandwich west of West Philly to California. What do they know about good food? Nothing. Like Florida, you have to go to a real Italian hogie shop or a Jewish deli to get the right stuff. Any place else is redneck chow or bait! (Sorry Captain, but my spellchecker is going wild at your spelling of hoagie.) Link

Dick Cheney and Rand Paul are having a foreign policy wrong-off. Turns out two wrongs now make The Right.
 Krauthammer on Fox, still throwing punches at Obama over Iraq.  Let me count the ways to spin things, if possible. Jump in, FTR Guy.
from the right
The current crisis in Iraq was completely foreseeable, and completely preventable. It is a failure of the governance of Maliki and Obama. Now, there are no good options as to what course of action the US should take, if any.tank skeet shootingUnless we engage in a real combat reaction, by sending thousands of troops, the free  and democratic nation of Iraq, as it existed on January 20th 2009, is nearly certainly doomed. In its place we likely will see either three new nations, the land split between the Kurds, the Sunni, and the Shia, or worse, much worse, a nation that encompasses Iraq and Syria that is ruled by Muslim fundamentalists who are sworn to establish rule of the world by Sharia law. Both ends are deplorable, but the latter is the more dangerous.

Never forget that at one time Islam ruled the nations from Pakistan to Spain and routinely made raids on England.

Thought of the latter is terrifying because of the massive petroleum riches that would fall into the hands of the Jihadists. One cannot doubt that the Jihadists would use their new found wealth and territory as a base to recruit new terrorist fighters and to fund a massive expansion of their ranks and massive new terrorist operations.

Obama will not do anything meaningful to stop this scenario from becoming reality. Team Obama has made a decision to surrender the mid-east to Muslim fundamentalism and the governance that accompanies it. Diplomacy is waste of time and effort with these actors. Now, as they neither feared nor respected us under Carter, they have no fear of us, nor do they respect us. Their motivation is nonsensical to us, it is religious, and they believe that they have a holy duty to conquer the world.

It is possible that the commitment of thousands of American troops and the subsequent slaughter of thousands of Jihadists might make a difference, but we have no appetite for further combat. Our leadership has decided that we and the world must lose to the Jihadists.  The only reason to send 300 or any troops in country would be to provide security for the withdrawal of all American presence in the nation.   We should all be deeply worried that when (if) Baghdad falls, and it likely will, that if Obama has failed to withdraw all of the Americans from our embassy, we will see a crisis of gargantuan proportions.  Just imagine thousands of Americans being held hostage by jihadists. Or, thousands of Americans being tortured and beheaded by jihadists.  Do you remember when Carter failed to protect the American embassy in Iran and as a result 66 Americans were taken hostage for 444 days. The Baghdad embassy is the biggest and most expensive in the world, it employs about 15k people, of those about 3k plus are Americans. It is as large as Vatican City. I fear that the Iran embassy debacle under Carter is only a preamble.

It is tragic and incredibly dangerous to our homeland that all of this has come to pass, but it has. Since last Friday, 4 more Iraq cities have fallen to the jihadists.

Under Obama, contrary to his boasts, the power and influence of the Jihadists has expanded by several magnitudes. Their power and influence will continue to expand until we get new leadership. The price we and the world will pay for Obama’s failures will be monumental, and we will spend decades trying to repair his blunders.

For a peek at life under Sharia law, check out the link.

book23Part 2) Ezra Klein has a new book out called “Blood Feud”. It chronicles the deep animosity that exists between the Clintons and the Obamas.

Klein wrote Bubba told friends about his feelings for Obama. Bubba is quoted as saying: “I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who ever lived,” Bill Clinton said to friends on one occasion, adding he would never forgive Obama for suggesting he was a racist during the 2008 campaign.

It appears that the feeling is mutual, Obama goes out of his way to avoid any conversation with Bubba.  Michelle and Valerie Jarrett have taken to calling Hillary: “Hildebeest,” after the menacing and shaggy-maned gnu that roams the Serengeti.

If Hillary decides to run, it will be fascinating to see if the Obama’s support her, or if she will “unload” on the Obama’s and suggest that the economy and our failed foreign policy is the fault of Obama.  I suggest you check out. Link

It provides you with and insiders look at history, and a look at Hillary’s character.

Part 3) Yesterday a poster wrote: “What say ye now Republicans and Fox News, otherwise known as Republican television? What was that again?? I can’t hear you”. The posting  included a link.

FTR’s response: The headline of the link claimed that the Benghazi suspect had stated that the Benghazi assault was caused by the video. A reading of the article shows that the suspect allegedly told that to unnamed persons, but in a subsequent interview he pointedly declined to say whether an offensive online video might indeed warrant the destruction of the diplomatic mission or the killing of the ambassador. I too urge to read the link. Video

It is a publication that is called “Banter”. After reading that I suggest reading the article quoted by Banter in the NYT. Link

It tells the true story, not the progressive propaganda from Banter.


mcaine23A POSTER WROTE: This 2013 photograph of John McCain is being circulated by members of ISIS as a photo of him with members of some of their members in Syria.  The poster does not specify which of the men is actually from ISIS or “Al Qaeda In Iraq” as they were once called. The man closest to John McCain is General Salmin Idris, who was the head of the Free Syria “moderates” at the time.

FTR’S RESPONSE.  OK, You’re point?