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Tuesday, New Year’s Day, January 1, 2013




[Dangerous Job for Heroes] World War II was Hell, but stateside training was just as bad. There were 52,651 accidents stateside that killed 14,903 airman.

 In the actual war zone from 1943 to 1945, 70% of these killed in action, died in operational aircraft accidents, not as the result of enemy action!

 Half of all bomber crews died. One airman said, “Only the laundry knew how scared I was.” 

5 recipes for your New Years Party. Yeah! Beer Dip. Link



Sign seen in Key West restaurant.

[Auto Control] Using automobile deaths as an analogy to gun control is foolish. No auto deaths are intentional. All gun deaths are intentional. No one buys a car to kill. Everyone buys a gun to kill.

My analogy is simplistic in order to try to help some of you to understand.

an_police_swat_light[“Why does Monroe County even have a SWAT team”]  long time ago 60 Minutes did a segment on SWAT teams in America. Leslie Stahl asked Sheriff Kevin Berry of Orange county Florida, why small towns need swat teams. Sheriff Berry responded, “even small towns have bad people”, and I think that spoke volumes. All of the idiots that say Monroe County don’t need officers trained in SWAT, will be the first to say ” why did it take so long for SWAT officers to respond from Miami”. I go back to something I heard a long time ago, “Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”. We need officers trained here, and I support it 100%. People that don’t understand, live in their own fantasy world, and have their heads up their arses. It’s the “It will never happen here” attitude.

Remember the one room school shooting in Lancaster Pa. They never thought it would happen there, but it did. Then we talk about cost. How much did it cost for all the iPhone and iPads that were stolen, and sold. Were any recovered? How many county employees still have and use stolen goods, including the administrator, who got a letter in his file. Wow, that was real punishment. We, here in Monroe County spend more money and effort helping able bodied homeless scum than taxpayers, and we are concerned about paying for a SWAT team that could actually save lives. I guess if a homeless camp was taken over by hostile refugees, maybe you would want a SWAT team to go in and take care of it.  

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[Parrotdise] It’s for sale because it’s hard to pay bills when your seasonal customers only come for happy hour priced drinks and cheap food and leave immediately when Happy Hour is over. While it’d be nice to have another watering hole, it’d be nice to see some tourists who drop big bucks and leave a good tip.

solar1[“Solar wont start a refrigerator’s compressor”] I have a Solar Stik. It’s a military grade solar generator with a couple of 25w panels that feed a battery pack built into a Pelican case. I used it during Wilma to run my fridge with no problems. I connected an inverter to the battery pack, and plugged in the fridge. I had a cold fridge that cycled all day and it stayed cold all night.

Granted it won’t make coffee, but it ran a fridge, some lights and a couple of small fans with no noise. It also provided juice to charge my cell phone and laptop. is where to find them.

Australian swimmer planning Havana-Key West splash in June. I hope he does better than Nyad did. Link

Key Largo Stone Crab & Seafood Festival. Link 
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There are not enough smart people to compensate for all the dumb people.  We are screwed.

an_graduation-hatsMy high school is having it’s 100th reunion, or something like it and every email I got so far has been from losers who are depressed or filled with disease and live within ten miles of their place of birth, except this one. Here’s part of it.

“We lived, we laughed, we danced (some even loved) and occasionally cried as we lost a few football games… built that awesome cut mirror turning globe we put up…laughed at Lil Abner, skating on the Lake…struggled with Algebra…sat in silence with Mr. Coccia…adopted Mr. Orabone and Gelsomino…and, of course studied Italian (those of us too scared to take Latin or French).

So, here we all are (unfortunately less than there should be), older, some what wiser, a little bit more grey…with tons of stories to thrive on. Happy New Year dear fellow classmates.”

(Ed: Donna sent this email 15 times today: Donna’s Drain Service. Call 305-731-0486)  Business Directory


I’ll give up my guns when Hollywood gives up theirs. I doubt they can turn out a movie without them. 

Uncomfortable conversations: Knowing when not to have them. Link

Here’s to hoping 2013 brings (1) an end to improvident county lawsuits, (2) connection permits for No Name Key and North Key Largo, (3) central sewers to all homes on water/canal lots, (4) an end to live-aboards dumping sewage into our waters, and (5) homes for all abandoned animals in our shelters. 

Here’s to hoping our elected officials take better care of our wallets, waters and welfare in 2013.



Happy New Year from your local produce farmer and friends.

What is your email to send a photo? (Ed: Duh!)

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I’ll buy in to the “Thanks to the Universe” I mean, check out where we live and enjoy life. Peace to all of us in 2013!

[“Gun freaks & gun nuts”] Why is it that people that don’t have guns are so quick to use these terms about people that do? No one calls women that use vibrators vibrator freaks because their men can’t please them. No one calls people that mow lawns for a living lawnmower freaks or mechanics mechanic freaks, etc.


Nira Tocco has a beautiful new listing in Doctor’s Arm. Video tour

Nira Tocco has another beautiful new listing. This one’s in Eden Pines Video tour


The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men  ~Plato



Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife Lee Ann! 13 years, seems like it has gone by in a blink of an eye.

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vasoline1[Home Remedy for Staff Infection] Go to CVS or Walgreen’s and buy a small jar of generic Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, or the brand version, and a small bottle of generic tincture of iodine, or the brand version. Regular red iodine, not the treated iodine that has been make into a clear liquid. 

Then go home and use a tea spoon to scoop some of the Vaseline from the center of the jar, leaving a hole about the size of a small glass marble. Into that hole pour the red iodine up to the top of the hole. Use a toothpick, to juke the iodine into the Vaseline, which will take quite a few jukes, until the entire concoction is pink. Do this in dim light, as iodine is changed in bright light and looses its effectiveness. Store this concoction with the lid on tight, in a dark place.

As far as I know, no bacteria can survive iodine, not even MRSA. 

Apply the pink concoction directly to the MRSA skin abscess, or abscesses, every 8 hours. Do this daily until the open sore, or sores, heal over, and then do it a few more days, as iodine is absorbed through the skin. If the MRSA is merely topical and has not gone systemic into the blood and body fluids, that should take care of it.

A retired M.D. in Marathon developed a similar treatment by using a band-aid with dried iodine in the cotton patch. A friend told me about the M.D. when I had a MRSA abscess coming up on my stomach, which responded to the home remedy another friend had told me about. I knew it was MRSA because I’d had several outbreaks over about an 8-month period, 2003-2004, The Marathon M.D. said he wanted to make money off his invention, which he said had proven effective in treating skin MRSA infections. He was not interested in the home remedy, therefore. I don’t remember his name. That was in 1999, as I recall.

I have not had a MRSA skin infection since, but I keep a jar of the pink concoction tightly shut in a dark place in my bathroom, and apply it to cuts, scrapes and little boils that rise up and open on my butt and other places sometimes.
The Keys are a natural habitat for Staph, which has mutated down here into MRSA. It also is prevalent in the ocean, perhaps due to water pollution. Keys divers who get nicks and scrapes in the ocean are well aware of MRSA infections. According to several Keys M.D.s I have spoken with, MRSA is pandemic in the Keys, and it can be contracted via direct contact with a person presenting open MRSA skin infections. It is not limited to homeless people. It is pandemic in mainstream, too.

MRSA is fatal if not treated, and once it goes systemic is far harder to treat successfully, so that it does not return. It mutates to develop resistance to even the newest antibiotics. 

In past times, the regular treatment of systemic MRSA infections was a constant IV drip of antibiotics for a month or more, typically in a hospital. Perhaps if an M.D. or other kind of medical professional reads this report, he/she can provide information re current treatment of systemic MRSA. Every agency working with homeless people should provide this home remedy to clients presenting skin MRSA infection.  



To the poster that says Target is always empty and the prices are high. The stores in Miami are very inexpensive and are always busy.

[Gun control] A tour bus careened through a guardrail along an icy Oregon highway and 100 feet down a steep embankment Sunday, killing nine people and injuring more than 20 others, authorities said. When will this carnage stop. We need to ban all buses. Yes, ban all buses now to stop this senseless slaughter. 



Epic Shop Chair. I want one of these for my shop! It looks like you could get kinky in it too. Link

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Wow, I got woody just thinking of religion being outlawed. Make the fairy tale believing clowns hide to pray. What a grand idea!

[Separation Between Church And State] On this date in 1802, President Thomas Jefferson coined the famous phrase describing the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment as erecting “a wall of separation between church and state.” He used the phrase in his famous letter to the Baptists of Danbury, Connecticut, who had asked him to explain the meaning of the First Amendment’s phrase, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

“I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between church and state.”


[When people regain those attributes then we will not need the laws]  If a person cannot, on his own, develop “intelligence, common sense, and morality”, he will find himself at much greater risk of “natural selection”.  A little incentive is a good thing.


[Jerk] No, there is actually 4 levels of Jerk. Nice guy, Jerk, Asshole and the highest: Ace of Ass Holes of which there is one KWPD officer I met once. 



Where are they now?

[Captain Doom and Gloom] Deer Ed, Please put a New World Order Woman’s Section below the FTR guy’s section….way below!

We would rather be free Gun Freaks than imprisoned Holy Vaseline Freaks any day!

“Solar wont start a refrigerator’s compressor” Another propaganda post. Solar just supplies the Sun’s energy that charges batteries or power cells. It obviously depends on the size to the power system if it will run what you need to run. Use some common sense when writing posts,

“More people die from prescription drug overdoses” Talk about spin! Overdose with anything under your sink and you die. OD on anything in your garage and die. We love it when you propos bend the logic and make the sheep believe your crap!

Kitty Werthmann: Distorted Memories of Anschluss. Link

Isn’t it wonderful that our leaders reached a deal on the Fiscal Cliff, such heroes they are. I guess that means us minions won’t need the extra large anal lube after all, the large size will still work.



A fiscal cliff deal has been struck. Who cares, only old white men.

The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.  ~Will Rogers
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