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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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When Fish and Wildlife came around last year removing invasive exotics, they cut down a huge Florida Holly in the lot adjacent to my house. Unlike other areas they did not haul it away. So now I have this enormous dead eyesore pile of old tree that I have to look at every day. To top off the obvious fire hazard, it is now infested with termites–and they keep finding their way into my home. I heard whoever was in charge of the program ended up getting fired. Anyone know who to contact to get them to come and finish this job they started?
[Drugs] On Saturday I ordered my meds from Amazon Pharmacy. Within an hour they had been shipped & arrived Monday. So much more convenient than schlepping to the drugstore. And way cheaper too.
[Politics] Not my circus, not my monkeys. But I definitely know the clowns!


[Big Pine Library Book Club] For March we will read The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. Full Menu > Book Club

[Development] Cape Coral FL then and now.  Video snippet
[Taliban Morality Police] Tennessee just outlawed drag shows in that state under the guise of protecting children. If you’ve ever been to a drag show you’ll notice that there are never any children present. That’s a bogus reason for banning the shows.
[Dead Gary Rossington] Lynyrd Skynyrd’s last founding member dies aged 71. Rossington was the only musician to play on every Lynyrd Skynyrd album and co-wrote Sweet Home Alabama. Link

Flamingos have big personalities—and their friendships prove it. The iconic pink birds can be very picky about who they hang out with. Link

[Captain Doom and Gloom] I’ve been in most every country on this rock and the only places I’d want to spend retirement are a few very small, unknown islands in the South Pacific and one in the South Atlantic that has great pubs and people. I live on an island in the US, but that is as private and wholesome as any big city anywhere. Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, this rock was human. Now it is nothing but one big ugly marketing tourist trap, useless for a dignified life-style and secure friendships. Greed, ill maners, and downright hate have all but destroyed this paradise. I hope you understand what has been lost due to over population, bad education systems, poor parenting, cheapening of all products and in-breeding of races. I am glad I am too old to give a dam, but too poor to move to my hide-away. It was nice while it lasted.
[Area 69] The U. S. Government will neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of this picture. It is a pic of Key West and was taken in 1833. It shows the first known photograph of a UFO. This is also the reason the local cats have six toes; it helps them operate the alien’s complex communication devices
[Married Life] A neighbor’s kid got a part in his school play, playing a man who’s been married 25 years. The kid was disappointed he didn’t get a speaking part.
[Big Pine Library] Would you like to become a board member?  The purpose of the Friends of Big Pine Library is to promote community interest in and use of the library.  Our fundraising is used to purchase furniture, equipment, and supplies to enhance the library experience.  We also participate in the Children’s programs when extra assistance is needed.

In March, the library will be offering a variety of different programs. We are thrilled to announce a live performance of Kora music by Sean Gaskell on Friday, March 24th. Also, Mote Marine will be back doing a presentation and activity for the children in our community. In addition, we will also have our firefighter friends from Station 13 and our monthly book club. As a caveat, please note that our Mahjong group will now be meeting at 10:15 am on Wednesdays. In addition to all the great programming, we will be focusing on Women’s History Month with various displays and posters celebrating this momentous movement. We look forward to seeing you at our branch!  Link


Looks to me like the container failed and the guacamole has turned red.

[Camping] These photos prove camping isn’t for everyone. The people in these photos needed an escape, too, but as you’ll learn from these folks, nature can be unpredictable, and camping trips don’t always go as planned. Link
[Truth in Advertising] I just found out there’s no popcorn in popcorn shrimp. I guess there’s no pot in pot roast either.


[Earwax Color Chart] Just what you’ve been waiting for! Link

Everybody must get stoned! CBD gummies. Link
Bob Dylan — Everybody Must Get Stoned

[Halloween] I discovered that answering the door naked helps deter trick-or-treaters. Oh, here we go again, here’s two dressed as policemen.

[Harassment] For millions of girls, just the impossibility of escaping from harassment, revenge pornography, deepfake porn – just a whole bombardment is impossible. “I was talking to a 14-year-old girl at a book event the other day. She said 10 boys had messaged her, pressuring her to send them nude pictures, in a single night. That landscape of what teenage girls are navigating is completely new.

Why does Florida change to daylight saving time? What about a law to ‘lock the clock’? Link

Wednesday is International Women’s Day. It was supposed to be today, but it took them to long to get ready.
[Movies] I just hate it when brainless teenage girls roll their eyes at everything an adult says to them. It makes me want to slap them,

[Understand Others] I spent half an hour trying to talk to them, wanting to learn about their culture until the bartender cut me off and told me they were patio umbrellas.

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