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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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[Restaurant Review—Chappy’s] My wife and I ate at Chappy’s in Marathon. We each had the $28 sushi platter and although it was beautiful the fish was old and smelly. The conch actually stunk! I couldn’t even get it close to my mouth without being overwhelmed by the rotting fish smell. There’s no way the cook (they don’t have chefs as a chef would not let old fish out of the kitchen and especially on a sushi plate) didn’t smell the rotting fish. The ‘scallop” also stunk, but not as bad. We ate on a Monday when fish deliveries resume and should have been the freshest fish of the week.
A wise man once said … nothing!
Well Done Mr. Donnelly. Thank you. If we don’t adhere to your consul, soon the resultant damage will destroy us.


Wetstock 18 May 28, noonish at Picnic Island.

[Passwords] Google joins the fight against passwords by enabling passkeys. It’s still early days for passkeys, so expect some speed bumps if you want to be an early adopter. Passkeys are not yet ready for prime time, but it’s a start. Link
I just had a $20 cheesesteak at one of the local beaneries and it was tasty, but for twenty freakin’ dollars it should have been at least 2 feet long not 6 bloody inches! The Keys are whores. If the vendors gave decent prices, they would get lots more business. Take off the eye patches and swords, guys
[Artificial Intelligence] ‘Godfather of AI’ quits Google to talk openly about the dangers of the rapidly emerging tech. Speaking with ‘The New York Times’ on Monday, Geoffrey Hinton says a part of him regrets his life’s work. Link
[Gun Lesson] I just read an article about the increased firearm ownership of women. Recently 22% of females said they owned a firearm for self-protection. I imagine that the number is probably more than that. As a 30 year veteran (M/sgt , 11B5S SF), a NRA Range Safety Officer, and pistol and rifle instructor, I’d like to recommend a pistol for self-defense. The Taurus Judge, a combination shotgun/pistol that is effective, versatile and very maneuverable. Versatile as in the variety of ammunition available, with the 410 shotgun ammunition being from buckshot of various sizes and slugs to Hornady Critical Defense FTX combinations of a  41 caliber slug and 2 31 caliber round balls, and the good old standby a 45 caliber 230 gr Long Colt. My loading consist of #1 & 2, triple 0 buckshot (12 pellets ea.) # 3 & 4 the Hornady FTX, & #5 the 45 long Colt. Sorry but it only has 5 shot capabilities, but with that kind of firepower who would need more because if you don’t put the bad guy down with that loading you’re toast. We’re not talking about getting into a firefight. It’s maneuverable as in carjacking.
[This Week’s Mass Murder] 8 more dead from a mass shooting. Gun nuts say it’s just population control.
Mr. Donnelly’s impressive comments were superbly put together. His analysis was spot on. It’s unfortunate that those charged with governing Monroe County seem to have difficulty accepting and realizing their destructive style of governance. Mr. Donnelly’s knowledge and ideas are clear and distinct. They come from a practical and accomplished mind, which has brought decades of success into the lives of children and young adults. As a teacher, his instruction nurtured and healed my sons and daughters. Individuals of his caliber are few and far between. We wish our leaders would learn and model the management style that Mr Donnelly incorporates into his classroom and life


Behind every man is a woman rolling her eyes.

Deer Editor, Mr. John Donnelly’s ‘letter to the editor ‘ was filled with wisdom and common sense. Very informative and well-written.  Thank you for publishing it and making it available to your readers.

[“Ten reasons why men prefer guns over women”] You forgot the most important one…

[Getting Old and Rich] Human-beings get rich as they grow old: silver in hair, gold in teeth, precious stones in kidney, and a never ending supply of gas.


Buckwheat philosophizes on transgender.

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[Eggs] Is there a way to tell if an egg is good? I sometimes see the wild chickens’ eggs in the bushes and wonder if it’s edible.
Gas is too expensive. Instead of driving to Marathon Home Depot which costs me $20 in my gas-guzzling truck, I shopped on Amazon for all the little things I needed. It took me fifteen minutes instead of 1-2 hours travel and shopping time and I got exactly the items I wanted, exactly the size, exactly the color even a hard to find specialty sanding disc I couldn’t find locally. This really has to hurt small local businesses.
The oldest chili pepper specimen may be from present-day Colorado. The spicy treat is older than scientists thought—with a surprising origin story. Link
[Truth] The truth may sometimes hurt, but the lies are in bed with collective death.
[America’s Strong Military] The U.S. spends more on its military than the next 10 nations combined. Last year, the U.S. spent $877 billion on defense, more than 10 times the amount spent by Russia, which came in third at $86 billion. China, at No.2, spent $292 billion.
AI should never be able to launch nukes, US legislators say. Rep. Ted Lieu explains why federal law is needed to keep AI from nuclear weapons. Link
[“Horse drawn travois—no wheels”] Good question. Wiki says: The American Indians used a horse-drawn travois instead of the wheel because the wheel was not available to them at that time. The horse-drawn travois was a sled-like device made of two long poles attached to a harness that was fastened around the horse’s chest. The poles were then dragged behind the horse and used to carry goods and people. The travois was easier to use than a wheel because it could be pulled over rough terrain and through narrow spaces that would have been difficult for a wheeled vehicle.


[Free App] Download Google Earth Pro 2023 to your desktop or laptop, then look at the world close up, then look up any place. I actually found the house where I grew up! Link

[Controlling Woman] Women are no longer guaranteed reproductive freedom, and now politicians want to eliminate no-fault divorce, making it harder for an abused spouse to leave a bad marriage. Many conservatives are opposed to no-fault divorce, alleging it gives women too much power, when in reality it has reduced suicide in women, domestic violence, and spousal homicide. Taking aim at no-fault divorce is another means of controlling women and their bodies. This will be terrifying for women who don’t have the money or connections to make it through the justice system.
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