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Friday, December 6, 2013

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Nelson Mandela is dead. A man who did his duty on this earth.


A new poll last month showed that 82 percent of voters approve of medical marijuana.

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[Grinder pumps] Coming to a front lawn near you! I was on Sugarloaf this morning and they are still bringing them in.






[“No commas used”] , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , (they showed up late)


waving chinese girl[Chinese Conspiracy] China is now buying land all over the USA. Doing the same thing that Japan, and all the oil rich countries have done. When will we ever wake up? He who controls the land controls the world. Isn’t that why most wars were fought? to take over the land from another country? You don’t have to war anymore to take America’s land, just buy it. Do you know that the Japanese have always controlled Hawaii from a political standpoint? Read the names of hawaiian politicians. Conversely you cannot buy land in the Philippines, but you can but the house? Yea, I want the car but not the motor. In Japan american’s can’t buy either. The Chinese own so much here that it is ridiculous. I do realize that we are a melting pot of countries and that we guarantee the rights of all people, but I only ask that we play a little bit more fair. i.e., if you can buy here, then we can buy in your country. The Chinese are serious about this buying. They are not buying all this land to make profits, it is all about take over. Am i paranoid? No. I am 71 years old and they won’t take over America in my time, but they will in our kids’ time, or perhaps our grandkids’ time. Is there something in the Constitution that says foreigners can buy all our land? If not, what can we do to stop this? Does it take a Presidential order or what? How much land has been brought here from illegals from Cuba in Miami and the Keys? That is mind boggling. I guess an old man is just rambling, but someone better wake up because we are losing this war. Yes it is an unconventional war of seizure by legal means, but it is in fact very dangerous and must be stopped now.

[Friday Joke] Shortly after a British Airways flight had reached its cruising altitude, the captain announced: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain. Welcome to Flight 293, non-stop from London Heathrow to New York. The weather ahead is good, so we should have a smooth uneventful flight. So, sit back, relax, and … Oh, my God!

Silence followed.

Some moments later, the captain came back on the intercom, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sorry if I scared you. While I was talking to you, a flight attendant accidentally spilled coffee in my lap. You should see the front of my pants!”

From the back of the plane, an Irish passenger yelled, “For the luvva Jaysus, you should see the back of mine!”

yard sale daffodils


Yard Sale tomorrow, Sat, Dec 7th in Palm Villa Subd, Big Pine Key. From traffic light go N on Wilder Rd, pass through stop sign to Coconut Hwy, left to Ave. B. Yard sale is on the left.

Keys Energy discounts for seniors and others. Link


[Email Hack Checker] R-U-Pawned? New website checks your email address if it’s password was hacked. Check occasionally as the database gets updated. Link

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stove oven turkey


Gas range for sale. by Magic Chef for sale. 30″ wide, four burner with oven, almond color. $50. Classified Ads > Household

What is the link to see if I get stuck with a grinder pump? All I could find on FKAA site was no map (we don’t have a plan) and that it is under review.


[Legal Action] Somebody was hoping that people would band together and take legal action to stop grinder pumps. That is happening right now. For the moment, contributions to the legal expense fund are being accepted by a local business, and will be kept in a separate fund from other receipts. You can contribute by sending a check to:

PO Box 1956, Big Pine Key FL 33043 made payable to Shoal Water Property, Inc. and noted as a contribution to the “anti-grinder legal fund”.

It is expected that a non-profit corporation may need to be set up as the legal expenses build if the BOCC and FKAA do not get it together and terminate the monster they created. Initial funds are to get the ball rolling. Excess funds will be returned to contributors. Contributions have already been received and an attorney has been hired and is now working. A number of other legal and engineering professionals along with others are working pro bono, God bless them. A civil engineer, active or retired, who is not in danger of losing business or employment due to challenging the County or FKAA is needed. We ask that he/she please call Banks at Shoal Water Properties to offer assistance.

Meanwhile, if you have no cash or skill to contribute, you can still help by making others aware of the issue. A few signs held along the highway like what happens every election would help a lot to alert others and to let the BOCC and FKAA know that it is not just a few people who care if they can still flush when the power goes out, and about their home being devalued by having a grinder pump station and easement instead of just a pipe to the roadway. Get up and do something to make a difference before you find your butt has been “ground to a fine slurry and pumped” to the highway. There are over 400 signatures scattered across three active petitions to Dump the Pumps right now, but more are appreciated. Underseas dive shop on BPK has a paper one or you can add your name on line. Search for grinder pump petition without quotes and two will come up. Petition 

santa gift idea

[Holiday Gift Idea] I suggest you purchase a grinder pump. From what I endlessly read here on the CT everyone will soon have one like it or not. So be the thoughtful gift giver and give the gift that keeps on grinding – a stainless steel grinder pump! How thoughtful!

[Grinder Pumps] Here’s a link to a training film/sales pitch on the technical details of the E-One brand grinder pumps that you might soon be living with if you don’t get active and protest very loudly and clearly. Watch this and you will know more about them than anyone in FKAA engineering. See how many opportunities for failure you can find! Video


Interested in what the Florida Keys sanctuary advisory council is up to? Ask Beth Dieveney of NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

To be added to the SAC List to receive agendas and minutes you might also want to sign up for another list NOAA maintain that is more specific to the current management review process.  To sign up for that list go here. Link

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[China] If you want to learn what is happening to America and who will take world control, watch this documentary available at Netflix. If this does not wake you up you deserve what is coming! Death by China 2012, 80 minutes #233821

This frank documentary chronicles the growing power and global ambitions of China, and concludes that its strength threatens America’s own future. The film views the loss of American jobs to China as one more facet of a one-sided economic rivalry.

[Rip-Offs] Is the electric company going nuts or what? A friend just changed his home utility accounts from his wife’s name to his name and all but one greedy company charged him nothing to do so, but the electric company for some greedy reason charged him $45 just to change the name. Something smells about this BS!

nira tocco realtor 9.12

Kaya Island Eats is the only restaurant I have eaten at where I have never been disappointed. It is at MM 15 just Key West of Baby’s Coffee on the Atlantic side of the highway at Baypoint. Prices are similar to the less well-maintained restaurants in the area and the food is better than most and consistently so. Some good micro-brewery beers there, too!


The pensions of some city employees around the Country depends on how much money they made in their last year of work.   Naturally they arrange to work all the overtime available for that year so a 40 year old person can retire with a $100K per year pension income for life.  Does that seem right?

isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13

[“Organized opposition to grinder pumps”] Yesterday’s poster asking if there’s any organized opposition to the grinder pump fiasco should refer to last week’s News Barometer for that answer. There still exists much effort, from those on grinders as well as those on gravity, who are not willing to allow the Commission to continue with this penny pitching sewer plan. Remember, all of us will pay in the end if these problematic E1 pumps are installed needlessly. Every homeowner should be voicing opposition to the plan as it exists as we all have much to lose once these pumps start leaking into our soils or need repair or replacement.

picnic bear


Long winded tome about dining in the Keys in response to a few questions and comments on the site lately. (continued below in Long Winded Tomes)

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Where is the online petition against grinder pumps? I want to sign it. Petition 



Those CFL screw-shaped light bulbs have a hazardous level of mercury in them that the newer LED lights don’t.  Because of the screw shape they have cracks in the interior coating that lets harmful radiation escape. Light a candle if you have to, but you do not want one of these bulbs in your house! It is only a matter of time before one breaks and your home and body is mercury contaminated. Your health should be worth more to you than the few cents you save on electricity.

[Words] The most spoken, written and typed words for 2013 in Monroe County are “grinder pumps”.


[Citizen Of The Day Says] Water, people and the free spirit.

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drunk as a fish lamp shade


[More bar wisdom] My drinking is completely under control. It’s my drunken behavior that I need to work on.

[“Problems with AT&T web connections”] AT&T is the worst as they are trying to do too much down that old non-insulated POTS (phone line) line. But hopefully this can assist. Turn off/disconnect the other items like phone or TV using AT&T so only your Internet is connected. Reboot the modem/router and each time reboot and test it with a single different device, run online speed tests ( This should help isolate the problem. If the issue occurs on any device, then it’s the problem of AT&T. Give them a call and they can run remote tests. Sometimes it’s the POTS line in your house to the pole, or a bad or failing connection. Sanding the copper so it’s bright and connected firmly can’t hurt and may save the cost of a service call. Also since the POTS isn’t insulated, other items may be causing interference, like other power lines. If AT&T checks out and if the problem occurs on only one or some devices then I would look at malware, an old machine or leechers on your network. Call in a local computer tech. Cable is better, more bandwidth and it’s insulated.


I got gas today with Fuel Perks at the Shell on BPK. I only had a quarter off, fuel was $3.2 -something, I didn’t look, I got the discount. That was cheaper than driving to Marathon to save fifteen cents a gallon by using an eighth of a tank to get there and back and the remodeled store is nice and clean.

happy dog hopping


‘Just Jumpy’ the dog. If we could only train wives like … never mind! Video

[Grinder pumps] Yes, we in the Cudjoe Gardens fought to save our homes and so did several other locals, but where the hell were you when this all started? Sitting in some bar bitching about it, but too lazy to join in the fight? Do not gripe now, just go out there and bug your local rep to get your area fixed.


[Climate Change] Monroe County residents must be concerned that apparently their local elected officials do not take climate change seriously.  Residents should be concerned about protecting their environment, especially in recognizing that keeping air pollution to a minimum and preserving the County’s beauty is important to their health, economy and quality of life. Fortunately, at this moment, Monroe County does not have to contend with serious air pollution problems.  

Monroe County’s clean environment is the basis of the tourism industry — our most important employer and source of earnings. Like any island location, global climate change poses significant risks to Monroe County, and there is growing awareness of some of the threats. On a global scale the County’s minuscule actions to deal with climate change are relatively insignificant, but they were a starting point, until recently.

Sadly, Monroe County’s air quality will come under seige by an incinerator.  Installing an incinerator in the Lower Keys or in any part of Monroe County is an assault on our climate change efforts, and threatens our health, the future of our economy and quality of life.  If incinerators were such a great deal for trash and yard waste wouldn’t every county in America own at least one?

In our efforts to maintain our spectacular natural environment and quality of life, we must avail ourselves of progressive, sustainable behavior and technologies.  Monroe County residents need to immediately communicate to their local elected officials that their need to claim to have “saved” taxpayers a few cents, does not give them the green light to vote to destroy our amazing environment which is the livelihood of most of the County residents.

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xmas tree dead

When do you put up your Christmas tree? I want to put it up December 17 and take it down on Jan 7. My wife wants to put it up in July and never take it down!

[Image] Thank goodness for the idiots and jerks, they make us average people look so good!


[Constitutional question for the day] Answer to #13: C, Determining the number of Representatives per State. The number of Representatives was not to exceed one per every thirty thousand citizens. The House of Representatives was designed to be the voice of the People in Federal Government. The current ratio of Representatives to citizens is approximately 75,000,000 to one from the original 30,000 to one. That means your voice with your Representative only carries 1/25,000 the weight as an individual from 1776.

Question #14:        Article I of the Constitution limits appropriations of money for ___________ to a term of no more than two years.
A.     Post Offices and Roads.
B.     The coining of money.
C.     Providing and maintaining a Navy.
D.     Raising and supporting an Army.

Copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are now available for free at Jigs, Coconuts, Molly’s Pawn on Big Pine and Daddy Bones in Key West. Another good resource is the Constitution Club online.

To see how well your Representatives and Senators follow the Constitution with their votes check out the “Liberty Index” online at Link

Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”.


Entire history of the world chart. Link

Humorous Amazon reviews for uranium ore. Seriously. Keep scrolling down and keep laughing at entries like, “Great product, poor packaging. I purchased this product 4.47 billion years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty” and “deducted one star because of the giant mutant ants.” Link 

The person who rarely spends $.50 per gallon of gas must spend a thousand of dollars a week at the Winn Dixie. Wow, and gourmet cooks to boot.

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no littering


[Trashing Beach] Every year students from Key West High School take a self-titled ‘Key West High Tarpon Belly Camping Trip.’ It happens the Friday after Thanksgiving, and this year was no different.  I am sad to say that once again these high school students trashed the island. We found everything from Solo cups and broken bottles to pillows, burnt camping chairs and flip-flops. They brought and filled garbage bags, but just left them there!

There’s a new pizza in town. We had a flyer delivered yesterday from Mangrove Mama’s that announced their new pizza service – so we tried it. For $19.95 we got a large pizza (14″), cheesy breadsticks, and a 2 ltr bottle of Pepsi (which was nice and cold). The pizza was outstanding — nice, crispy crust and the Chicago style square cut pieces. We’ll definitely be ordering more. It’s the best pizza in the lower Keys that we’ve found.


snow angel

Dear Mr. John and Julie Landau it’s a nice gesture to pay for 20 tons of snow at Founders Park for the kids at Christmas. I hope with your type of fortunate wealth you might be gracious enough to help out families in our community make their Christmas bright. We are one human family here. That’s what makes the ?Keys unique.

P.S I moved here from New York to get away from the snow.

Things change and this blog is losing it, at least as far as the political BS is concerned. Lately it has been nothing but the Left vs the Right with sixth grade rhetoric and third grade grammar. What happened to the logical and adult posts that were the majority? Or is it the Keys Disease of that dreaded three-days-and-forget-about-it bug? Maybe the junta has talked to Deer Ed and change the rules, eh?

Discounts-ct[Captain Doom and Gloom] Kirk, the FKAA VP was interviewed by Bill Becker on US1 Radio this morning. Talk about a rigged interview! Bill let Kirk get away with murder as he didn’t even ask him how come gravity ends up being that much more expensive than pumps which Kirk still advocates. It is all about the money and the con is in place and we peasants aren’t going to do anything about it.

A bar person asked me when the next World War might start. I answered, not for a long time or until the global accountants can see profit in it!

“Devaluing the US dollar against other money” This is a game that the Money Sellers play and it has nothing to do with the value placed on goods. A loaf of bread in China, Bangladesh, Detroit, Brazil, or Sidney is made from the same dough, but the game of funds makes that dough worth what ever the ‘market’ says it is worth. The costs of producing the raw materials for products is in direct relation to the greed of the banks and stock markets and has nothing to do with the actual costs of growing food or making steel. If the planet had one currency and one value to that currency the game would collapse and things would balance out, but that is the number one sin the monye people will not allow. Number two Sin is allowing your working classes to rise about a certain level and have power to oust the ruling class. This is what the military is there for.

It will be funny when everything crashes, to watch all the super rich run like hell to their South Pacific island forts only to be eaten by the next island full of locals. Sound familiar?

religion politics zone

[Pot] A Quinnipiac University poll last month showed that 82 percent of voters approve of medical marijuana. (The other 18% must be Republicans)

shame6[Preliminary map of cancelled health insurance Policies by state] There are millions of policies cancelled. Each one is a person. A real person, some with a wife. Many with a family. Millions and millions of real people.This Democratic/ObamaCare has a long way to go before it done doing its damage. Costing billions, trillions, hurting American families, both financially and medically. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Democrats should be ashamed for not reading and knowing what they were voting for. There is no excuse for what President Obama & the Democratic Party did to all of America. You should hang your collective head in shame. Link 

More than half of those 18 to 29 years old say they disapprove of Obamacare and half expect it will increase their health-care costs, a survey by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics shows. Four in 10 say they anticipate the quality of their coverage will get worse because of the law.

In a finding perhaps even more troubling for the White House, almost half in that age group, the so-called millennials, say they’re unlikely to enroll in insurance through a government exchange, even if eligible. That could put at risk the economics of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which needs young, healthy people to enroll in large numbers to offset the costs of caring for older, sicker Americans.

The Freedom Index. Link

Liberal moron of the year. Video

Courtesy of the anti vaccine bunch, led in large part by Robert F. Kennedy jr., actress Jenny McCarthy and a slew of anti-science cult leftists a disturbingly high percentage parents have been refusing to vaccinate their kids.

The CDC released figures this week showing a tripling of reported measles cases this year compared to the past trend.

As Reuters reported:

“The number of reported cases of measles in the United States this year is nearly three times the annual average”, federal health officials said on Thursday, highlighting the continued threat of the disease 50 years after development of a vaccine. Link

Obama admits living with long time illegal alien uncle. Link

Harvard Institute of Politics Obama poll. “The new poll shows that Obama’s approval rating with 18- to 29-year-olds now stands at 41%, a dramatic 11-point drop from April”. “Fifty-four percent said they disapprove of the president’s performance.

“The poll showed 40% of young Americans believe ObamaCare will bring worse care, 51% believe it will bring higher costs & 57% said they disapprove of the president’s signature law.”

Well kiddies, this is what happens when you get ‘star struck’ & fail to listen to both sides on the issues. You made your decisions, now you’ll be living & paying for them! It’ll be a great ‘life lesson’ for you! So suck it up & enjoy the fruits of the government you’ve voted for.

We hope all of you college kids land extremely high paying jobs so you’ll, “Pay Your Fair Share” to those who deserve your money more than you! You did know Barack Obama’s objective was to make America a little more Progressive everyday, didn’t you? Bright side? There’s always your parent’s basement!

See the Harvard sinking Obama poll. Link

Heres how to make a Republicans head explode. A poster on here said a Democrat cant something, something about a toilet. Didn’t make sense but you get the gist. Had to do with the budget. The last President that had a balanced budget was Bill Clinton a Democrat. Booom! Now theres a mess to clean up. Political rhetoric destroyed.

[Constitutional Government and the rule of law in government] If you check the Liberty index voting records it shows that there are 16 members of Congress whose voting record scores a zero on the Constitutionality scale while there are only 3 members who score 100% – Steve Stockman of Texas, Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma.

Keep in mind the only oath each of these people swear is to support the Constitution. (Article 6 of the Constitution) If a member of Congress can violate the Constitution with 100% of their votes how can anyone kid themselves into believing that rule of law exist in Washington anymore?

Kudos to the three members who have taken their oath seriously and followed the Constitution with all their votes.

[Regressive Hypocrisy #21] The Regressives moan and groan every day about the evils of socialism yet they enjoy socialism in their lives every day and wouldn’t have it any other way! The Fire Department is one example of socialism. We all pool our money together in the form of taxes to put out other///////////// people’s fires! There isn’t one country in the world that is free of socialism.

[Obamacare] What Americans want in healthcare reform is lower costs, better care and more choices and options. Something is severely wrong, like a monopoly or a conspiracy, that free market capitalism isn’t working correctly to bring affordable policies to all except the broke poor. Americans don’t want a socialized bandaid covering up the existing failed, high priced and rigged festering wound of the healthcare system we currently have run by extortionist insurance companies who only pay out $1 for every $6 they take in. Americans are extremely upset to be so betrayed by Obama’s lies and the quickness how insurance companies cancelled millions of pre-existing plans to force them to pay more in the exchanges. Democrats approval ratings are in the dumpster, they only think government control and printing up more fiat money is the solution. Instead of the brightest minds attempting to fix all the failed exchanges, rather to be fixing the entire healthcare system so it’s focused on innovation and competition.

from the right

down collapseWe hear a lot of chin music from talking heads facing right and left about the effect that the ACA, aka Obamacare aka Democare has had on Mr. Obama’s approval ratings. It hasn’t been pretty.  Lately, as we finally get to know what’s in the law, the Obama acolytes are really suffering.  It must be painful for them to realize that The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that only 43% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance. It get worse. Only 32% give the president good or excellent marks for how he’s handling the economy. Fifty-four percent (54%) disapprove of his job performance. Now Fifty-nine percent (59%) think it’s unlikely that the current problems with the new national health care law are fixable within the next year. It’s startling, but 81% of us want to change or repeal the law. Ouch!  It really is astounding that one of Obama’s biggest block votes was young people. That is history. Now a full 57 percent of young people now oppose Democare.

Deer Friends, having written that, I assure you I really have very little interest in Obama’s popularity or approval rating, because absent divine intervention, Obama will be our President for another 3 years.  For this Olde Fart it is the mid term elections that are vitally important.

It is becoming more and more apparent that voters are realizing that the mess that is Democare, and the mess that is our economy, and the mess that is our foreign policy are not the singular handiwork of Barak Obama. Without the slavish un questioning support from subservient Democrat politicos, we would not now be in the mess that we are in.

There is very good news for those who share my political beliefs.

Republicans have surged to a five-point lead on the Generic Congressional Ballot for the week ending December 1. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Republican in their district’s congressional race if the election were held today, while 38% would choose the Democrat instead. Aside from the probability that sentient voters realize that Democare is not the sole handiwork of Obama, but rather is a totally Democrat product, they are also chafing at the malaise that is our economy and our precipitous loss of influence in the world. The end is near.

Liar-Liar-Pants-On-FirePart 2) It is close to terrifying to realize that our President is such an adroit liar and is addicted to lying, even over trivial things. A few years ago news surfaced that one of his uncles had been a long time resident of the US, but that residency was illegal. The uncle had been ordered deported but had skipped.  Then Obama denied that he even knew that uncle.  Yesterday it was revealed that that was just another from the pantheon of Obama lies.

At the recent latest deportation hearing for good old Uncle O, it was revealed that Obama’s uncle had lived in the United States illegally since the 1970s. Then it was revealed in testimony for the first time that Uncle O’s famous nephew, B.O.,  had stayed at his Cambridge apartment for about three weeks. At the time, Uncle Onyango Obama was here illegally and fighting deportation. The White House now says: “The President did stay with him for a brief period of time until his apartment was ready. After that, they saw each other once every few months, but after law school they fell out of touch.

Onyango Obama’s immigration case raised numerous concerns about a potential conflict of interest after his arrest in August 2011 for drunken driving in Framingham. The arrest revealed the outstanding deportation orders and his relationship to the president. Shortly after his arrest, he told an officer, “I think I will call the White House.”

Obama is pathological.


(Continued from above …) [Local Dining]  In and around Big Pine try:  The Big Pine Restaurant (Coffee Shop). Good menu selections,  good food, always good service, large portions and very fair prices.  Springer’s :  Good bar food, good pizzas, reasonable prices and full bar.  Bagel Island at Winn-Dixie plaza:  Large menu with salads, burgers, sandwiches (try the lox sandwich on an onion bagel), basic breakfasts and more. Order at the counter and have a seat. Reasonable prices. China Garden at Winn-Dixie:  The usual Chinese menu with large portions, rasonable prices and good service.  Coco’s Kitchen at Winn-Dixie:  Good Cuban style food, cheap breakfast special, nightly specials, Nothing fancy here, Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils but the food is good.  Bistro 31:  Decent lunch and dinner menu, fair portions, moderate prices, sometimes iffy service.  Cracked Egg: On the highway next o the Big Pine Motel.  On a good day O.K.  Otherwise, no further comment.  Farther South:  Boondocks at mile marker 26.5 on Ramrod Key: Good menu selections, excellent salads, burgers, fish sandwiches and lots more.  Good quality food at reasonable to moderate prices.  Lunch specials.  Fresh catch seafood in daily. Try the French onion soup on Tuesdays. Too many big screen TVs to count for sports fans.  Live entertainment nightly.   Looe Key Tiki Bar:  Across the highway from Boondocks.  Local’s hangout with lunch and dinner at reasonable prices.  Full bar, smoker friendly but open air so it’s not stuffy.  Live entertainment.   Reasonable prices.  Galley Grill:  Basic coffee shop menu.  Good food and service (try their biscuits and gravy at breakfast). Reasonable prices.  Square Grouper:  Everything here is very good.  Creative specials and menu, good service, moderate prices in attractive setting.  Beer and excellent wine selection.  (If you don’t know what a Square Grouper is, see the back of the menu !)  Close to and in Key West:  Chico’s Cantina Mexican Restaurant:  Quite good Mexican food, good portions, reasonable prices and good service.  Be adventurous and try their Menudo soup (best I’ve had outside of Mexico) and the Chili Rellanos. Fresh, warm chips and salsa delivered promptly to your table.  Inside or outside dining on the patio.   Roostica on Stock Island:  Lunch and dinner.  Real Italian pizzas from their oak fired wood ovens, (not the usual pizza with mystery meat, fake cheese and rubber mushrooms).  Everything here is like in the old country made with fresh imported ingredients.  Creative Italian food, salads, daily “Working Man” special.  Reasonable prices with limiited parking in front and more parking in back.  Beer and wine.  Good service too!  Hogfish Bar and Grill on Stock Island.  Hard to find on the shrimp docks but worth the search.  Local hangout and tourist friendly.  Featured on the Food Channel TV program.  Fresh fish right off the dock.  Hogfish snapper a specialty.  No frozen fish here!  Great Hogfish sandwich, Lobster Bisque loaded with lobster meat,  great fish tacos and lots more.  Daily “Working Man” specials.  Reasonable prices and good portions.  Full bar.  In Key West:  There are too many great restaurants to list.  But for fine dining try:  Michael’s:  Creative, fine dining menu in an upscale atmosphere.  Allen Bros. beef flown in from Chicago and hand cut,  great salads, soups and appetizers.  Extensive martini menu.  Excellent service.  Save room for dessert!  Priced accordingly.  Square One on Duvall Square:  Fine dining in romantic atmosphere with soft live piano music in the evenings.  Creative menu.  (Try the Duck Confit’).  Full bar staffed in the evenings by “Pattycake” makes killer martinis and the special “Monkey” cocktail.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner but lunch and especially dinner is recommended.  Old Pepe’s on Caroline Street:  (Don’t confuse this with El Meson de Pepe Cuban restaurant)  This is the real Olde Time Key West at the same location for many decades through hurricanes, floods and the days of the pirates.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Don’t let the outside discourage you.  Great breakfasts inside or on the enclosed, tree shaded patio, super lunches (try the “Thanksgiving Sandwich) and home style lunch and dinner specials.  Reasonable to moderate prices .  Small, full bar on the patio with fresh squeezed orange juice for your morning Mimosa or an afternoon Screwdriver.  El Sibonay Cuban restaurant.  A bit hard to find in a neighborhood and limited parking but for a real Cuban dining experience it can’t be beat.  Call ahead for the Paella for two.  The “Picadillo” and “Palamio Steak is very good.  Reasonable prices.

So, Buon Appetito, Mucho Gusto, Salude,  and, as they say, “ Chow down Bubba!”