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Friday, March 8, 2013

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The Coconut Telegraph is not published on Saturdays. Saturday March 9, 2013




Spring forward on Saturday. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tomorrow night!



[Brazilian Pepper] About the brush fire on BPK yesterday, there was an article in the Key West Citizen that said, “The roughly quarter-acre blaze, in a wooded area near Coconuts Liquors Lounge on U.S. 1.” I hope it eradicated all of the Brazilian pepper that surrounds the property. I get my haircuts there, & it makes me sick to see that vegetation. I wish that the owners of such properties were forced by law to maintain them for the public good. 
an_mineret[Separation of Church and State] Today in 1948, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that religious education in public schools was unconstitutional. Our schools are not madrassas where religion should be taught. Religion should be taught in the home, church, temple or mosque. Schools are for broad education not one slanted view. 
[Obese Crooked Deputy Jason Strong] Jeeze, he has more Chins than a Chinese phone book! 



[How We Do It Up North] After being stuck on the Long Key Bridge again because of a stupid tourista, I caught this at the Tom Thumb. Stay classy New Jersey. 

[Battered Woman] President Obama signed legislation yesterday to strengthen and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. The new law will provide resources for thousands of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault — and better equip law enforcement officials to stop violence before it starts. 
 [iCrook] Lisa Druckemiller the former Monroe County technical services director pleaded guilty to two felony theft charges on Wednesday, but sentencing could be held up because her attorneys are still trying to show that the county administrator was involved in the crimes.

Yeah! I think I know one of her attorneys, he’s a guy out of Miami who worked on some very notorious cases back in the day. If anyone can tie in the rest of the scumbags guilty in this case, he can!

skull-hat8[Skull Cap] Someone should design a baseball cap like a skull with the jaw being the bill.
Yard Sale. Big Pine Key. Saturday March 9th from 8 am until 1 pm. at 31030 Avenue E. Lots of arts and crafts supplies, baby items and more. Classified Ads
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sun8[Quiet Interlude in Solar Max] Something unexpected is happening on the Sun. 2013 was supposed to be the year of “solar maximum,” the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle. Yet 2013 has arrived and solar activity is relatively low. Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent.

The image above shows the Earth-facing surface of the Sun on February 28, 2013, as observed by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) on NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. HMI observes the solar disk at 6173 Ångstroms, a wavelength designed to study surface oscillations and the magnetic field. HMI observed just a few small sunspots on an otherwise clean face, which is usually riddled with many spots during peak solar activity.
Bob Seger – Sunspot Baby

[Military Targets Wildlife Refuge as Firing Range] Before there was a CT, there was this, from 1997: Florida Keys site includes endangered species and fragile habitat supposedly protected by the federal government. Neighbors, conservationists team up to combat plan. Link 



Low budget break room

[Bird Cruelty] I don’t think a snowbird would have taken the time to put a beer can around a bird’s neck. You don’t reckon a local yokel would have done such a thing do you? Besides he would have saved the tab. 
an_phones_string_canCruise Ship communications for passengers is about to change but not so fast. Link 
[Colbert] Not politically correct (who cares), but funny! Link 
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caveman8The original rock and rollers.
[Pig Ordinance] The Marathon City Council, in its questionable wisdom, has passed the pig ordinance. This ordinance is the result of a small number of residential property owners who either willfully or unwittingly violated current zoning regulations by harboring restricted livestock, namely Vietnamese potbellied pigs on residential lots.

It looks like they are cracking down on guys that get really drunk and bring home Jersey girls.

[Thrift] Those tourists aren’t being cheap, they are only practicing “thrift”.  Isn’t thrift a virtue, or has something changed?  Don’t worry, there are still plenty of people down here with more money than they know what to do with. 



The Old Seven Mile Bridge concrete supports were poured inside individual wooden coffer dams that were pumped dry first.  The aggregate was barged down from “up north” where Flagler knew things were done right. (Ed: But I believe he still used salt water–the bane of the bridges.)

[Threats] To the piece of trash who is deliberately putting beer cans around birds’ necks: you better hope the police get you before someone else does. And trust me, there are plenty of us that would love to catch you. 



Coconuts 30 year party. Video 

On a more positive note, the spring breakers tip better than the snow birds and a certainly better to look at than the Jersey girls. 



Spring is just around the corner.

[“The guys that mutilated the birds are the same types who support the IKC”] Nope, not even close. This was done by people who were probably getting bait stolen. And who who’s down here fishing in this weather? And where did they find the birds? My Spidey-sixth sense tells me the culprit is close to where they were found.

Iguanas are invasive, birds are not. 

an_tracking[Cell phone tracking] Texas bill designed to require law enforcement to get a warrant before gleaning phone location data from cell carriers they are recording eight times a hour. Link
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[More bar wisdom] Not doing anything with my life is surprisingly time consuming.



Medical marijuana moves forward in Illinois. Link 

Play dead doggie! Old Video



The Easter chicks have arrived early in the Winn-Dixie parking lot!

[“Stock market hit an all time high”] The market is up is because interest rates are near zero. The Federal Reserve sets the rates near zero so the Federal Government can borrow at near zero interest. How would like to get loans at a near zero rate with no obligation to pay the principal back. You would borrow trillions also. It makes complete nonsense. 


[“Captain Doom and Gloom”] Dude, there is medication for your affliction. You are not “subtle,” just in severe need of an attitude adjustment. Perhaps a nice trip away from the Keys for a couple decades and a reality check on the human race? Or perhaps a therapist? 

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an_indian-bow[“Unless you are 200 years old, you have as much right to bellyache about native Americans being driven out as the blacks do about slavery.  You didn’t live it.”]  I did live through the situation in Wounded Knee, which was in the 70’s and not 200 years ago, and many more afterwards. Like the situation occurring in Canada as of December 2012 in which the following paragraph was taken from the National Post.
“The Government of Canada has not upheld nor fulfilled its responsibilities to First Nations, as committed to by the Crown including at the Crown-First Nations Gathering January 2012.  Canada has not upheld the Honour of the Crown in its dealings with First Nations, as evidenced in its inadequate and inequitable funding relationships with our Nations and its ongoing actions in bringing forward legislative and policy changes that will directly impact on the Inherent and Treaty Rights of First Nations. Treaties are international in nature and further indigenous rights are human rights, both collective and individual and must be honoured and respected.”

I could post more current situations if you want? 

[Jersey girls] Thanks for posting the link for “Jersey Girl” by Tom Waits. Waits is one of the best song writers ever and if he’s in love with a Jersey girl then so am I. I love Tom and all Jersey girls! Keep singing and keep loving. 

an_ray gun



Incredible UFO sightings for the month of February 2013. Link

[Finger Stick Up] Beatriz Pardo, a 50-year-old nurse from Lacey, Wash., was driving past a parking lot when she thought she spotted her car, which had been stolen five days earlier.

So she went against all sane advice and decided she’d confront the thieves, a woman and a man who worked together. She demanded they give her the keys, and when they said no, Pardo grabbed the woman and jammed her finger in her back. She told the thief she’d shoot her in the back if she didn’t get her keys.

She got her keys back, complete with a keychain containing a photo of her son. The suspects are under arrest, and although police congratulated her they say they wouldn’t advise anyone else try this stunt.



Redneck deck.

[“The reason they are trying to save them in the face of extinction is”] Job security! 



Key Lime Kitties. Link 

[Joke] A fleeing Taliban, desperate for water, was plodding through the Afghan desert when he saw something far off in the distance. Hoping to find water, he hurried toward the mirage, only to find a little old Jewish man at a small stand, selling ties. The Taliban asked, “Do you have water?” The Jewish man replied, “I have no water. Would you like to buy a tie? They are only $5.” The Taliban shouted hysterically, “Idiot infidel! I do not need such an over-priced, western adornment – I spit on your ties. I need water! “Sorry, I have none – just ties – pure silk – and only $5.” “Pahh! Allah curse you and your ties, I should wrap one around your scrawny neck and choke the life out of you but… I must conserve my energy and find water!” “Okay,” said the old Jewish man, “It does not matter that you do not want to buy a tie from me OR that you hate me, threaten my life and call me infidel. I will show you that I am bigger than any of that. If you continue over that hill to the east for about two miles, you will find a restaurant. It has the finest food and all the ice cold water you need… Go in peace.” Cursing him, the desperate Taliban staggered away over the hill. Several hours later he crawled back, almost dead and gasped, “They won’t let me in without a tie!



[Winter Storm Hits the Mid-Atlantic] An image from NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite on March 6, shows a winter storm hitting the U.S. mid-Atlantic region. Link 

School confiscates cupcakes decorated with toy soldiers. Link 
an_sword_manTSA and knives is not a big deal, it’s fine to reduce the restrictions to speed up the lines, and let me keep the little knife to cut the luggage tags and other annoying things we deal with when travelling. Especially since you can go thru security, stop for a meal at the Chili’s or Outback in the airport, order a steak, and keep the (much larger than 6mm) knife. When 9/11 happened, there wasn’t hardened/locked cockpit doors. Nobody is going to do any damage with the pen knife they’re allowing. Read the full specification, it’s not ‘any knife’ that’s allowed.

See, it’s ok, you can go back to bashing the NJ folks. I’m not sure what they did, but they sure get blamed for all the world’s ills on the CT. 

[Uptight Locals] I don’t get it. The Keys are supposed to be quirky and full of people who love freedom and what the Keys have to offer. But those that choose the nomadic life are almost marched to the ovens like Nazi Germany. Why is it wrong to want real freedom. Freedom from high rent, freedom to enjoy nature, freedom to be one’s self instead of living in a prefab, overpriced, cracker box on stilts. I think the 9-to-5ers are just jealous. They have not the intestinal fortitude to live that life. 
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pita-2[Free Cats] I have 2 beautiful kitties that I’ve owned since they been kittens. I’m moving across the country and I feel they would be happier in the Keys. Is there a kind soul who is interested in adopting one or both? Both are females, one is mainly an indoor American Longhair, the other is mainly an outdoor Russian Blue. Classified Ads > Free 
[Gun control] State Senator Audrey Gibson needs to be voted out of office. Anger management course to buy ammo is her solution to gun violence. Looks like you had better stock up on ammo before you have to purchase an anger management course to do so or simply drive to GA and buy all you want. How do these fools get elected anyway? 
an_tree_changing[Seasons] My snowbird friends always ask me how can I stand Florida in the summer with the heat, humidity and threat of hurricanes?  They prattle on and on about their love for the change of seasons. I never miss the chance during the winter to email them and ask how them how they are enjoying the change of seasons. I was born in the Midwest and learned very quickly that I prefer endless summers to gray, wet and cold. If I want to see a season change, I can always buy a plane ticket. 
[Inner Peace] When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who  can live at peace with others. Inner peace is not found by staying on  the surface of life, or by attempting to escape from life through any  means. Inner peace is found by facing life squarely, solving its  problems, and delving as far beneath its surface as possible to  discover its verities and realities.
reef8[Justice]Engage in civil disobedience to prevent runaway climate change, and you might get arrested.  Ruin 4,000 square meters of a World Heritage-listed coral reef, and you’re a hero. That’s right, a hero!

The crew members of the USS Guardian, the US Navy minesweeper that rammed into the pristine coral reef at the Tubbataha National Marine Park in the Philippines back in January, were hailed for “extraordinary heroism” at a decommissioning ceremony for the ship on Wednesday. Link

The Sugarloaf Lodge Zaza’s is beautiful, the food was awful, limp, wet pizza, cold calzone, when sent back it was burned up when delivered, and still cold. The first pizza was the wrong pizza and the waitress wanted to know why we didn’t notice. We had one slice and thought something is rotten with the mushrooms but didn’t complain and no one asked how anything was so I thought I will get a menu and see if I ordered the wrong thing. When they did bring the right pizza she said we wondered why you hadn’t said anything, we have your pizza do you want it? Well, yes. This one has anchovies, yuck, then it was cold and limp. When we said it’s cold the manager says, “Why yes it is. It was sitting there” waiting to be claimed. The waitress asked, when we first sat down, if we would like bread, we said yes. Guess what, no bread. Is this worth $65 to anyone? The Lodge is beautiful. We’ll miss it. 


Hugo Chávez’ presidency has been a disaster for the Venezuelan people. Link
Tea Party principles are smaller government, lower taxes, free markets and self-reliance. 
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an_dunce_horse[Tuition] The Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has directed that all tuition assistance be stopped. This is a program that helps active duty military personnel complete college courses.

The Obama administration has instructed cuts to be made as painfully as possible in order to blame the resulting outrage on Republicans. Instead of ending tuition assistance to our active duty heroes we could not give Egypt $250 million dollars, or not give them advanced jets and tanks. There are a multitude of ways to implement the spending cuts in the military without affecting programs that directly help our brave men and women in uniform. This is an intentional ploy to use our nations finest as political pawns to sacrifice for political gain. Disgusting. 

 FTR compares Chavez to Obama. He get dumber every day.


right only grey

passport8Usually I’m somewhat reluctant to comment on much of the criticism that I receive. Usually it’s a waste of bits and bytes. Every now and then there is a posting knocking me that exemplifies pure knuckle headedness. Yesterday we were treated to one such posting. That left field denizen attacked my posting that chronicled the sad increase in the number of Americans renouncing their citizenship, apparently as a result of the increase in taxation since Obama.  The KH critic posted a link and urged that the reader check it out. The KH critic stated that the link clearly indicated that US citizens pay US taxes on money earned overseas. That is true, but once his/her USA citizenship is renounced, he/she no longer pays taxes to the USA on money earned or acquired away from our nation. He/she, no longer a US citizen, pays taxes only to the country that he/she adopts or where the money was acquired.  The KH poster also charged that the article said nothing about only the wealthy renouncing.  Deer Friends, the article clearly states that the flight from America is very costly and the article is clear that it is only the wealthy who are fleeing our shores. It’s pretty simple, but some members of the CT community seem to have comprehension problems.  

Frankly, I am concerned that it is the wealthy that are fleeing because they pay the lion’s share of all the taxes collected in the US.  I’d be delighted if a torrent of persons who have made generational decisions to choose welfare as a career and life style suddenly fled to the UK, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or anywhere. Hells Bells, a lot of us would kick in to pay their fares.

The fact is that the CBO has reported that the top 10% of earners pay about 71% of all the taxes collected. The bottom 50% of earners paid 2%. The left fielders are seething with hate for the earners. Their hate is at the core of the left’s class warfare. The leftist haters clutch and mold their hate, then use it as a tool to further their agenda. They ignore the fact that it is the American top achievers/earners tax money that pays for all of the feel good projects demanded by the left.
The KH critic told us that my item about the money flight came from a nasty wrong headed Right Wing Blog.  But he/she failed  to mention that my source (Link)
, directed the reader to read the exact same link that the KH poster provided. Check it out for yourself.
Again, please read the link that the KH poster provided: Link

Part 2) We’ve read the postings from an avid fan of the Obama who has claimed that The Obama has no intent to disarm America or to savage the Second Amendment. Now it seems that there is strong evidence to the contrary.

lott8John Lott Jr. is an economist and author. He was a colleague of Obama when both were at the University of Chicago.  In his new book, “At the Brink”, Lott assesses the presidency of Barack Obama and recalls conversations regarding gun laws they had while working at the University of Chicago. Obama was an instructor at the University of Chicago. Lott, had just completed exhaustive research into the issue of concealed weapons laws and their impact on crime. Lott and Obama had several conversations concerning the issue of guns in America.
Obama’s position was crystal clear. In conversations he told Lott: “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.”

Lott offers evidence that Obama is determined to curtail gun ownership. Lott presents the following:

• In 1996, Obama supported a ban on handguns
• In 1998, he supported a ban on the sale of all semi-automatic guns
• In 2004, he advocated banning gun sales within five miles of a school or park, which would     have shut   down nearly all gun stores.

There is much more, but for the sake of brevity that’s enough for today.
Many, the undersigned included, share Lott’s assessment of Obama: “Barack Obama is the most anti-gun president ever.  That claim is based not on my own (Lott’s) interactions with him back in the 1990’s but on Obama’s public record over many years.”

Respectfully submitted: