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Friday, November 15, 2013

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I just heard the the old Parrotdise Waterfront on Little Torch was bought.


[Cruise Industry Threatens Key West] If you don’t upgrade services and widen the channel we’ll stop coming.

an_stripes-specialistRecently there has been a lot of talk from veterans on here about how they felt about their service. Its made me think about my time in the Army. I really don’t think about it much except when it comes to Memorial Day or Veterans Day. I’m not much on watching military movies or marching in parades as I think my service was more personal to me. I went in not to be a hero or a great military leader, I went in because that’s what the men in my family have always done. It was like an unspoken family tradition. Some went into the Navy, some to the Army and one to the Air Force. I choose the Army.

During my time of service I really didn’t make very many moral decisions about what I had to do. I looked at it as I took the oath to follow my President and my chain of command’s decisions without much thought about why I was sent to do my job. I never thought of trying to get out of duty was an option.  During my time in the service my mind wasn’t on political rhetoric or apple pie and baseball, my mind was on my job and what I had to do to keep myself safe and also, more importantly, on doing my job so well my friends and other servicemen were safe so we could meet our obligations and go home. I don’t talk a whole lot about my service and don’t look for any special treatment (O.K. I confess I do use my Veterans card for the Home Depot 10% discount) But other then that I really don’t see my time in service as anything heroic or something I should brag about. I really do just look at it as following my family tradition; and to me that’s more important than a pat on the back. I tend to think there’s a lot of other vets around that don’t say much and all I can ask of anyone is that we all keep our Government on track for taking care of the vets returning now. They should be be given the resources needed to fix their broken bodies and minds without any questions. Forget us old guys, were fine. Take care of the ones that are coming home now. They did us old guys just fine and performed their jobs admirably. You can’t tell me America’s kids are disconnected and not as they used to be. They worked as well as any group of veterans have throughout the history of the world. I firmly believe that.

survey marker snipe pt200h

Talking to a fellow yesterday who said that the sewer contractor, Lane, is going down the middle of the street in Ramrod Key and tearing it up along with the brass survey disks that have been put there.  I think this may mean a lot more work when it comes to doing future surveys since that reference point is now gone.

School chief puts forth public-records policy to thwart watchdog Larry Murray. Link


[Friends Helping Friends] I too have had good experiences here on Big Pine Key when I needed help. People are people everywhere. I would think those of us who are blessed to live in Paradise would want to pay back by being kind to our neighbor. I live in a small park where there are people from all walks of life and different parts of the country, because we all are very respectful of our close neighbor we all get along great. It must be terrible to live in a neighborhood where people don’t get along.

skeleton fish

[Rip-off] Coming back to Big Pine from Miami we stopped at the Hideout in Key Largo at mm 102 for their famous fish sandwich — The Key Largo Grouper Fish Sandwich. And we found out that in Key Largo they call Tilapia – Grouper. Fifteen Bucks for a smelly Tilapia special. When confronted they didn’t deny it, but they wouldn’t confirm it either. So much for another of my favorite upper Keys restaurants. Yuk.

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[“Financial Burden Increasing”] I know at least 13 people on Ramrod Key who will have to pay thousands to upgrade their electric service to run the FKAA grinder pumps. I know at least 5 people who will have to pay double for all because they have a duplex. This situation is out of control. Come on people. Sign the petition. Step up! Link

Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

[Sewers] Taxpayers, remember the referendum’s back of the ballot stating: Referendum on extending the one cent infrastructure sales tax through 2033:

Shall the existing one cent infrastructure sales tax be extended through 2033 (it otherwise expires in 2018) with the proceeds used for the following projects: Wastewater facilities and, only if those wastewater projects are completed or fully funded, recreation, etc, etc.

flea marketThank you to everyone who came to the flea market last weekend. We hope you loved the new menus at the fish fry, pizza shack and our breakfasts. We love the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. The meatball sub sandwich has gotten popular.

We have new vendors this year, homemade natural soaps and bath salts seem to be a big hit. Everyone is shopping early for Christmas and the selection we have of woman’s clothing is new and cool. Our fishing vendors have everything you could ever want to outfit your boat and dress yourself in water repellant clothing.

Come in early for the best produce, this year it’s selling out quick. We all love the vine ripened tomatoes. With this cold front, I am looking forward to making stuff peppers with fresh red and green bell peppers. We might even get fresh mushrooms and sweet corn.

Please remember to shop locally for Christmas, if you support us, our local money comes back around and supports all the locals. The Big Pine Flea Market is open Saturday and Sunday 8 am to. 2pm.

When its too windy to fish,
Come to the market,
And buy what you wish.

[Know Our Constitution] Today in 1777, the Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation, the precursor to the U.S. Constitution.


Homeowners, do not accept grinder pumps on your private property. Listen to the warnings. Sign the petitions. Let your commissioners know.



Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results. That’s what it’s all about.

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joe cool

[Cool It] Someone writes in on occasionally thinking whatever he’s afraid to do others are doing it because he thinks they think it’s cool. Yesterday he was chiding dual axle pickup trucks saying that the buy them because they think they’re cool. Another time he thought people smoked pot because they thought it was cool. Yet another time he thought people go to Cuba because they thought people would think they’re cool. I’m sure it’s the same person because the style is the same. I think he should get out and live it up and stop imagining things. 

There shouldn’t be any trouble at all spotting that stolen unique looking boat pictured in the Citizen Thursday.


California lawmakers want porn stars to wear safety goggles (so they don’t get any on them?). Link


[Fall Out] Rescuers searched an area south of Miami yesterday for a guy who fell out of a small plane. “He opened the back door and he just fell out the plane.” at 2,000 feet. Oops! This guy gives skydiving a new meaning.

It’s so cold outside I just saw a teenage boy with his pants pulled up.


Pick-up trucks  with dual rear wheels (aka Duallys) are for big boats and trailers.

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[Insurance Premiums] To the guy who thinks he can opt out of Obamacare and put the money away that he would have paid in insurance premiums — for emergencies — he’s a fool. If he thinks he can put away or invest that money and have enough to cover an operation or cancer treatment he’s not aware of the cost. Sure that’ll money will cover doctor’s visits, but when the big stuff hits the fan he’s going to lose every thing he has ever worked for and we’ll end up paying off the rest of his debt. Is the risk worth it?

[Joke Friday] An enthusiastic door-to-door vacuum salesman goes to the first house in his new territory. He knocks, a real mean and tough looking lady opens the door, and before she has a chance to say anything, he runs inside and dumps cow patties all over the carpet.
He says, “Lady, if this vacuum cleaner doesn’t do wonders cleaning this up, I’ll eat every chunk of it.”
She turns to him with a smirk and says, “You want ketchup on that?”
The salesman says, “Why do you ask?”
She says, “We just moved in and we haven’t got the electricity turned on yet.”


I am totally lacking the zippity part of my “do dah day”.


[“Grinder Pump Petition“] It has come to our attention that people going to the iPetition site to sign the “No Grinder Pumps” petition  have been asked for a donation by the site. Be aware that no donation is required to add your signed support. Only the owner of that website sees any of the money donated. We get nothing- we are just using the “free” site to collect signatures from people who are still up north or cannot find one of the paper petitions going around.

Underseas Dive shop by the Tom Thumb has a paper one and the Whole Foods health food store has one. We have about 400 signatures so far between the paper ones and the online one. The other on line petition had 133 at last look. If you select the option to hide your signature, you will show up as “anonymous” which does not carry much impact as they could all be from the same person so far as a reader could tell. Thanks for the support (and I hope you did not donate too much!)


[Citizen of the Day Says] She enjoys spending time with her husband, hunting, fishing, reading, gardening and painting.

protest no war

On this day in 1969, about 250,000 protesters against the Vietnam War, the largest war protest ever, converged peacefully on Washington, DC. 

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[“Peeping Postal–Envelopes looked into”] I complained about it to the Big Pine post office about a year ago and nothing happened.

[Conspiracy Man] The link below shows a video recorded at LAX Airport. The person recorded the police coming into the supposed terminal where the shooter had already been shooting at TSA employees. What this video actually shows is that there was no shooter, and the panic was created by the police themselves. If the shootings were taking place, then why was everyone so calm? Video



[“Peeping Postal Worker”] To the poster about the top right corner of the envelope being torn open looking for checks or cash, that is true, but they are also looking for credit/debit cards. The feds cracked a ring that worked at the Denver Co. Mail sorting facility and found over 12,000 credit and debit cards in the building. 

How sad no one trusts our government at any level to do the right thing. I love my country but I hate the greed and arrogance that has consumed our governing officials, from the building department to the white house, they all suck. No matter who takes office they all fall into the same cesspool. Only term limits will fix this. 
nira tocco realtor 9.12

[“Dead battery help”] It’s a good thing that people helped you out to try to jump start your car, but as you stated with requiring heavy duty cables, many good intending people don’t know what their doing. Many cars now come with special instructions, methods or computer chips that can fry if a jump is not performed according to factory instructions.

The key to not requiring a jump in the first place is pay close attention to your vehicle. Report anything suspicious to be looked at especially anything that the mechanic can’t duplicate. Have it serviced per the dealer’s chart, especially from new, resist buying a used vehicle without proven upkeep history. Have a seasoned mechanic friend take a look, take a long ride to flag any issues you’re not noticing. For the best repair and parts, the dealer is your best choice for part quality and warranty. Beware that cheaper parts are cheaper for a reason, and it’s not uncommon to get used parts in a new box from places like Advanced or via online. My vehicle has over 200,000 miles and going strong. 


[“Peeping Postal–Envelopes looked into”] Great information to post.  I live on Ramrod and have noticed the same thing. Some of my mail has been fully opened (the seal flap completely disconnected), and it looks to have been very carefully opened, such that there is clearly, rough seal material remaining both on the flap and the envelope body, an indication that it was at some point, sealed closed.

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celer15[“The Coast Guard do a bunch of fishing once they are out of view of land”] I’m a former Marine with eight six months + deployments, when the ship isn’t moving, the stern gate comes down on some boats. Sometimes we swam, sometimes we checked the hull, other times we were fishing, it was hand line fishing, and we caught more weird fish than I care to share. The point I’m making is the USCG serves a purpose in our four branches of Military Services. You’re not hailing the Marines when your boat is dead in the water or taking water over the stern. Semper Fidelis our motto, “Always Faithful”. Semper Paratus USCG motto, “Always Ready” when I need serious help on the water, I’ll choose the USCG. I hope who ever started this attempt to demean the USCG, will understand that the weight of the country depends on the sacrifices of each and every American that volunteers to join one of the four services of the great country.

“Celer Silens Mortalis” 

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Sunday delivery] Amazon is starting delivery on Sundays in New York and Los Angeles. They got the Post Office to open on Sundays in those two cities. If it is successful we might see Sunday delivery everywhere. Right now the only way to get something delivered on Sunday is to do it yourself. This is big.

I don’t know why Amazon doesn’t just buy the Post Office. I think they’d gladly sell.

coffin wood dracula

On WIKI there is this from the Labor Day Hurricane 1935: Craig, Upper and Lower Matecumbe and Long Keys suffered the worst. After the third day of the storm, corpses swelled and split open in the subtropical heat, according to rescue workers. Public health officials ordered plain wood coffins holding the dead to be stacked and burned in several locations.

So I guess, save your firewood for the big one!

I think it telling that the Tea Party leave copies of the Constitution only at the gun shop. How come they’re not left at the health food store? Oh, you’ve never been to one? 

After seeing on TV scenes from the Philippines showing just how millions of people live there, and also in similar conditions around the world, I have to wonder how much longer civilization can go on with the ever growing discrepancies between the well off and the poor before the whole lashup blows. I am doing pretty good. I guess I will just mind my own business and hope it all lasts until my run is over, then you can screw it all.

tech support broken wire

[Customer Service] I’m an Amazon Prime member and in addition to free 2 day shipping I get their included streaming movie service. The other day I had a problem with the audio on some movies so I emailed them and immediately received a reply asking for my phone number. I typed it in and clicked “Call Now” and the phone immediately rang and a robot said to please wait. In less than a minute an American person came on the phone and walked me through the simple steps to rectify my audio problem. He didn’t ask me my name, rank and serial number either, just customer service! I’ve never experienced anything like it.

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[Flu Shot Reminder]  The Big Pine Moose Lodge is hosting a flu shot clinic this Saturday, November 16, from 1-3 pm.  This is open to the public.  You do not need to be a member of the Moose Lodge to stop by and get your flu vaccination.  Nurses from the County Health Dept will be at the Lodge to administer the shots.  The cost is very reasonable and is on a sliding scale based on your ability pay.  No insurance is needed.  Remember that the flu can put you in bed for a week of misery.  Don’t let the flu get you this winter.  Get vaccinated and protect yourself. (You cannot get the flu from modern flu vaccinations)  The Moose Lodge is located at 21st St. and Wilder Rd. just north of Winn-Dixie.  Ample parking  available.  Families are welcome


I urge Keys folks to contribute help to the Philippines. I personally like Doctors without Borders, but if you are serious about helping there are probably lots of other charities , NGOs etc. Philippineos are some of the nicest people in the world and we know better than most what they are going through. Next time it could be us!



Jerry Garcia‘s TB500 Travis Bean Custom guitar is up for auction on Dec 6th. Original strap and strings with Steve Parish’s letter of authenticity. Jerry played this on the famous ‘77 tour and is heard on Terrapin Station.  Video

[Constitution Question] I might occasionally miss a day so I’m going to start numbering them. Answer to #4 The authority to negotiate and ratify treaties is vested in: C, The President and the Senate. The Senate is required to ratify any treaties. This is just another example of ways in which the Senate was intended to be a check against the Federal Government acting in ways unacceptable to the States.

Question 5: Powers not delegated to the United States or prohibited by it to the States are:
A.     Reserved to the Executive Branch.
B.     Reserved to the States or the People.
C.     Reserved to the Supreme Court.
D.     Not mentioned in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Jigs in Big Pine has let me leave copies of the Constitution there for anyone who wants one. They are free, (my treat). Any local business owners who would consider letting me leave some at their business to be given away freely, please contact me at 


[Joke Friday] A guy walks into a bar in West Virginia and orders a white wine. All the hillbillies sitting around the bar look up from their beer and whiskey, expecting to see some pitiful Yankee from the north.
The bartender says, “You ain’t from around here, are ya?”
The guy says, “No, I’m from Canada.”
The bartender says, “What do you do in Canada?”
The guy says, “I’m a taxidermist.”
The bartender says, “A taxidermist? What in the hell is a taxidermist? Do you drive a taxi?”
“No,” says the Canadian “I don’t drive a taxi, I mount animals.”
The bartender grins and hollers, “It’s okay boys. He’s one of us.”

vetranarian dog


CheapShots is back in the Keys Nov 15-18 doing low cost veterinary care. There is a holiday dental special going on through Dec 15 with dentals starting at $75. Call for appt. 305-390-0325.

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The vote by our County Commissioners to purchase Rowell’s Marina will take place at the Murray E. Nelson Government Center at 11 am, Wednesday, Nov 20th. The purchase price is higher than the average of two appraisals, thus at least 4 of the 5 Commissioners must approve in order to spend our tax dollars. Hickory House anyone?  anyone? anyone?  

We need that money for our mandated sewer system! 


School District wants $4,400 for public records hence the Larry Murray Fundraiser.  Link


It must be said. FTR, a big heartfelt thank you! Yesterday I was a dirty hippy who thought gov’t was suppose to come over cook my breakfast and roll my weed for me, even walk my dog and pick out my days attire. But thanks to your post on CT I have learned that gov’t is a nosy invasive, dangerously unchecked threat to our republic. Thank you FTR! (There, somebody said it.)

watchmen[Friday Joke] Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of the desert. Congress said “someone may steal from it in the night,” so they created a night watchman position , at the GS-4 position and hired a person.

Then Congress said, “how does the person do his job without instruction?” So they created a planning position and hired two  people, one person to write the instructions (GS-12) and one person to do the time studies (GS-11). Then Congress said “how will we know the person is doing the tasks correctly?”

So Congress created a Quality Assurance Position and hired two people, one GS-9 position to do the studies and one GS-11 position to write the report. Then Congress asked, “How are these people going to get paid?” So, they created the following positions, one time and attendance person (GS-9), and a payroll officer (GS-11), and hired two people.

Then Congress asked, “Who will be accountable for all these people?” So they created an administrative position and hired three people, an Administrative Officer (GS-13), an Assistant Administrative Officer (GS-12) and a Legal Secretary (GS-09).

Then Congress said, “Who is in charge of this operation?” So they hired a manager (GS-14). Then Congress audited the position and discovered they were $93,000 over budget. So, they laid off the night watchman.

religion politics zone

[Regressive Hypocrisy #5] Colorado Republican Representatives Coffman, Gardner, Lamborn and Tipton all voted no to giving Federal Emergency relief to NJ after Sandy. Later, however, they all voted yes for Federal help after the Colorado floods and again for the Colorado wildfires.

engelsMore than a century ago, Karl Marx’s colleague Friedrich Engels first used the term “false consciousness,” a concept that was developed by later Marxist-Leninist thinkers to explain why the proletariat failed to respond to communist calls for violent revolution. Workers who did not share the Marxist sense of class struggle — who did not share the radical agenda of overthrowing the bourgeois state, abolishing religion and the market economy — were said to be in the throes of false consciousness. Opponents of Marxist revolution, it was said, were deficient in knowledge of the historical processes of material development, and therefore influenced by “myths,” including the belief that they might improve their condition under the existing industrial capitalist system.

What does this have to do with Lena Dunham’s vagina? Everything. Link

[“The Tea Party came to the rescue”] I love a good joke. This is the 1st standing Congress where the Tea Party voted in representatives. Guess which Congress has the lowest approval rating since they started the rating system? Yep, I guess the Tea Party is #1. Lowest Congress ever recorded. Keep up the great work.

President Obama has no legal authority to change the Affordable Health Care Act. He is the head of the Executive Branch of Government. Executive Branch enforces. If the President can rewrite or change laws at will, why can’t Law Enforcement Officers change or write laws as they see fit?

The US Constitution Article. I. Section. 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Congress has the authority to change or write laws. They are also responsible for guarding their responsibility to legislate. If they allow any president to usurp their job then they have failed in their job. No matter what your party or political inclination this should concern you. If this is permissible then how is it decided what is not permissible. Alexander Hamilton would be thrilled to see the current state of affairs in Washington. (He wanted us to have a King like England).

Benjamin Franklin when questioned about the outcome of a compromise during the drafting of the Constitution about whether we had a Monarchy or a Republic replied, “It’s a Republic if you can keep it”. Thomas Jefferson stated that the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. It’s up to “We the People” to be vigilant and hold the Government to their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I would just like to remind everyone that not one Republican voted for this Democratic/Obama health care law. Not because they didn’t want health care, we all know we need to reform our health care system. They didn’t vote for it because it was a bad law. So this is the question that all Democrats will be asked this coming election. Did you read the Bill, if you did then you knew this was going to happen. If not your a moron. You pick. It’s way past time for conservative leadership. Vote.

Cutting food stamps to needy veterans must mean that, to Republicans, some veterans are less heroic and less equal than others.

As a “clueless jerk” I would like to point out your obvious lack of reading comprehension.  Since you didn’t understand the first time I will be more specific for the reading impaired.

My employer provides insurance coverage on some percentage basis. If I were to not opt out I would also have to pay. Since I opted out  I am able to put the money I would have wasted paying insurance into a savings account for any future medical bills. The only people I know who get full insurance paid 100% by employer are government employees.

Private insurance is just for profit socialized[?] medicine. Next time you’reat your doctor shelling out your co-pay ask what the cash price would be. You will be shocked at the difference. It’s really simple math. Your math would be. High premiums + co-pay + middleman profits + annually renewed deductible = big bucks.  My money is in an interest earning savings account – middle man + cash discount + see any doctor or specialist anywhere I chose – no annual deductible = ever increasing balance towards future expenses.

Or is it financial responsibility = clueless? I’ll have to work on that one a bit.

Conservatism is a hard choice for a society that has become accustomed to big government and big entitlements promoted by liberals. Dare to be different.

declaration of independence an[Excerpts from the Declaration of Independence] “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,”

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;”

“When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Yes, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry were radicals. Fortunately for us!

from the right

lieYesterday a poster asked if there was proof that Obama knowingly lied when he made his now infamous promise that if we liked our insurance and our doctors we could keep them. The answer is Yes.

What follows is a portion of a report on the issue by NBC news, the article is titled “OBAMA ADMIN KNEW MILLIONS COULD NOT KEEP THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE.” We all know that NBC is not a fan of the right.

What follows is a quote from that report: “Buried in the flagship of Democrat legislation, the Affordable Care Act, regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”

“That means the administration knew that more than 40 to 67 percent of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their plans, even if they liked them.” Please read the entire article at Link 

At his press conference yesterday Obama was asked if he knew the promise was false. Essentially his response was that there were so few people affected that even though he knew the promise to be false, that he believed so few people would be affected that he just didn’t think about it.

To keep this all in perspective, reports: “Even the Associated Press was forced to lament the “dismal numbers.” The federal health care exchange signed up less than 27,000 people. Please remember that that figure does not represent the actual number of people who have actually purchase/paid for insurance. We have no idea what that number is. Nor do we know the demographics of those who have signed up. Please remember if Democare is to work, it must have overwhelming numbers of young healthy people to pay for the healthcare of older less healthy Americans.

Meanwhile, nearly 7 million people are expected to lose the insurance plans President Obama said they could keep. So far, five million have lost their insurance.” In Florida alone, so far 300,000 people have lost their insurance.

Deer Friends, there has been a lot of jawboning from the left that claims the right has no plan or ideas to address the insanely high cost of healthcare delivery. That is a separate issue from the cost of health insurance. The fact is that Republicans tried to pass a plan in 2010 that would have avoided all of this mess, and would have already driven down the cost of the delivery of healthcare. You can read it for yourself at Link