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(Saturday, September 29, 2013 The Coconut Telegraph is not posted on Saturdays)


[an_sopoena3Grinder Pumps]  Cudjoe Key resident Walt Drabinski  filed a lawsuit Thursday and requested  an injunction to stop construction on  a $150-plus million sewer project in the  Lower Keys. The lawsuit stems from the Florida  Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) installing grinder pumps  and low-pressure  systems in densely  populated areas from  Sugarloaf Key to Big  Pine Key that will be  served by the Cudjoe  Regional Wastewater  System. Drabinski argued that densely populated areas, such as Cudjoe Key, should  be covered by gravity sewer systems,  not low-pressure systems and grinder  pumps. Gravity sewers do not require  electricity or the use of generators, so  people have argued they would do better during flooding, tropical storms and hurricanes.

isaksen-flood 4.23.13
[“The Villages in Florida. We are not all old”] Good luck finding a resident under retirement age. Maybe the gardener. Oh, but he doesn’t live there, does he? I think he’s from Mexico. 

bugs_teeth[Love Bugs Invade Southern Florida] If you live in a Gulf Coast state, you’ve seen the black clouds of mating love bugs. Dry summers have kept bug’s numbers down the past few years, but more rain this year means more bugs — and more problems — for drivers.

Splatted love bugs on your grill aren’t just gross, they can ruin your car’s paint job and block up your radiator. Scientists at the University of Florida said that the bugs are highly acidic, and need to be removed within 24 hours to prevent their corpses from eating through paint. They suggested using a dryer sheet with soap and water to remove the bugs.

Love bugs are actually flies, which breed in wet, decaying organic matter in the fall and spring. Love bugs are attracted to roads because gasoline, tires and asphalt smell similar (at least to the bugs) to rotting plant matter. Wax your car for an extra layer of protection against their acidic bodies.

If possible, avoid driving during peak love bug hours — early morning and dusk — and try to drive slowly through the clouds of amorous insects. He also suggests motorcyclists keep their mouths closed while speeding down road ways.

[Redux] This is a video of a dolphin coming to scuba divers for help. Video


Check out Fanci Seafood’s new website. Exciting new pages with information and a contact page where you can send us your favorite recipes to share with everyone. Let us know what you think.

Now you can like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and keep up with things happening here at the store. Website creator: Monica Holloway owner of Fanci Seafood

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House extends Monsanto Protection Act.  Save your heirloom seeds!  Link
[“Poker Run”] You seem to think that those folks riding their bikes though the Keys are drinking alcohol at every stop. They are not. The ride is long, hard & hot, my friend. Bottled water is the best overall seller, beleive it or not. 

mind control hat[Conspiracy Man] Being that I’ve been off the net and the TV news media for a few days, I learned recently of the situation which occurred in the Washington Navy Yard, by supposed shooter, Aaron Alexis. When I heard the news media mocking the fact that Aaron Alexis had claimed way before the incident, that he was hearing voices through microwave, and that he was being stalked. This news instantly caught my attention. The Corporate controlled media made a mockery out of his claims. The coincidence is that I was listening to an interview with Dr. John Hall on August 26th. Dr. John Hall discussed his work with thousands of victims of electronic harassment, stalking, and mind control. This interview took place just three weeks before the Washington Navy Yard incident. It should be quite evident who’s behind this act, and what the motive is. Listen to the interview. You will be shocked to learn what Dr. Hall discloses. Link

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[Porker Run] While driving on Big Pine, I saw lots of bikers headed down for the Poker Run. Many of those guys looked like they haven’t missed any meals in a while. Maybe they should consider changing the name of the event to the Porker Run, not to be confused with the winter herd migration of Jersey girls.

[“Poker Run”] All alcohol and driving related activities prove that money is more important that citizens’ safety.  Or, it’s an additional revenue source for MCSO, with more opportunities to grab DWIs.  Plus they continue to drink as they head back north. 

[“Bad Editor”] I don’t write on this site very often, but when I do, I have never had a word of mine changed, re-arranged, or re-written by the “Bad Editor” Maybe some of you should do a draft and mellow out for a few hours and then go back and read what you wrote. If you did, you would probably re-write it as well. So please give the “Bad Editor” a break. It is his web page. I wish you luck if you think you could do better job with a website like this. For me, I appreciate his hard work and dedication to continue with the CT to keep us all informed all of these years. If he needs to correct a few things now and then, so what! Life is short, enjoy the ride.  Thank you Editor.

steven hawking20[Stephen Hawking on Global Warming] The danger is that global warming may become self-sustaining, if it has not done so already. The melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps reduces the fraction of solar energy reflected back into space, and so increases the temperature further. Climate change may kill off the Amazon and other rain forests, and so eliminate once one of the main ways in which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. The rise in sea temperature may trigger the release of large quantities of carbon dioxide, trapped as hydrides on the ocean floor. Both these phenomena would increase the greenhouse effect, and so global warming further. We have to reverse global warming urgently, if we still can.

As scientists, we understand the dangers of nuclear weapons and their devastating effects, and we are learning how human activities and technologies are affecting climate systems in ways that may forever change life on Earth. As citizens of the world, we have a duty to alert the public to the unnecessary risks that we live with every day, and to the perils we foresee if governments and societies do not take action now to render nuclear weapons obsolete and to prevent further climate change… There’s a realization that we are changing our climate for the worse. That would have catastrophic effects. Although the threat is not as dire as that of nuclear weapons right now, in the long term we are looking at a serious threat. 


Rowell’s Marina will make a great park for Keys residents to buy for miami Cubans coming down on weekends when the side of the road swimming holes and the fishing bridges get too full.

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[Dredging] Buying votes or voter intimidation by pro dredging folks?  Here’s an interesting investigative article about the “free lunch”  and “mandatory employee meetings”  associated with the folks who are so desperate to dredge Key West harbor for more and larger cruise ships. Sure looks fishy to me. Link 

Living on an Island” boat tour of house for sale on Cedar Drive. I hope to meet YOU in the Keys real soon! Video
Sincerely, Nira

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[“Bad Editor–Since we are powerless to stop this manipulation of our voice the only way to win is not to play”] Bravo! I must applaud this excellent comment posted by this disgruntled poster. This proves my point on the results of, cause, effect and  solution. Ed, you are a creative genius. You are purposely teaching the flock how to take baby steps, as to how to wake up. Now, let’s see how long it takes them to apply this same attitude and method with the real issues that are actually affecting all of their lives, by the corporate controlled and censored media, before it’s too late.



Why is the swimming hole at the foot of the North Pine Channel Bridge closed to pedestrian and boat traffic? They can’t use the excuse that what whales pooped in the water any longer. It’s been years since that debacle. The swimming hole is County property, meaning mine, so open the damned thing and let me cool off! 

I’m going to chop down a big Australian pine tree and need a chipper to mince it. Who can I hire besides Dot Palm?


Female soldier gets tazed and grabs on dude’s Privates! An important safety tip for men. Video

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The Autumnal Equinox is in two days on September 22 at 4:44 pm EDT. don’t miss all the action!

[Census Flawed] After having worked for the 2010 Census, first as a recruiter of census takers, then as a census taker, I can say for a fact that the 2010 census is not accurate in Monroe County or South Florida.  Based on my experiences with the overall incompetence of the people supervising the census takers’ positions, I suspect the rest if the country’s data is equally flawed.

During recruiter training, the supervisor for Monroe County acknowledged that they did not have enough money to go to every house,  plus the liveaboards were logistically impossible to contact. In Jan 2010, they planned Monroe County so only 60% would be contacted directly. They did not hire the majority of local Monroe residents who applied to be census takers. Instead they sent down people from north of MM 120, who did not know the areas and could not find many neighborhoods. Finally, at least twice, that I can confirm, the completed questionnaires never made it back to the Homestead office for processing. The census procedure required the census takers to make 3 attempts to contact. After 3, the taker could ask the neighbors. But the takers actually contacted neighbors on the first house visit when the person could not be surveyed.

This is not news. I said all of the above at a BOCC meeting two years ago and a woman from the census supervisor’s office spoke after me, skewed her answers to avoid answering BOCC questions, and at one point flat out lied. Since no other evidence or source data was available, we are stuck with bad data for the next 10 years.

So any article or comment that references the 2010 census, at least in south Florida, I completely disregard and view as inaccurate.

tarps bungee cords
[Gun Nuts] We need to stop blaming the tools and start blaming the fools. 



Perpetual Kid shopping. Link

[Information] Google almost certainly has more data storage capacity than any other organization on Earth. “It’s all about the information, Marty!”  Who controls that big electric switch controls the world! Link



[“Fat Deer Key”] The Coco Plum area of Marathon is actually on Fat Deer Key.

The weather people are going crazy, no super hurricanes to report and scare the hell out of people. And poor Jim Cantore, he must feel like little Dick when his daddy died. Didn’t fat Al predict more storms with more CO2? Could the global warming people be wrong


[Detroit] Life would be a lot shorter if we all carried guns. Link

old exercise weights


[“Complaints about Ed’s power trip”] I say for those that don’t like the editing that they be given a full refund and don’t let their browser hit them on the butt as it closes. It’s for entertainment folks, don’t take yourselves so seriously.

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grinder-pump-system22[Sues Grinder Pumps] After battling with FKAA and our County officials for almost seven months, we find it necessary to take our case to the Courts and our state wide elected officials. I have prepared a request for injunction against FKAA, the County and The Clerk of the Courts in order to stop the construction from making our arguments moot.  The injunction asks that the Clerk of the Courts be ordered to audit the FKAA analysis and that FKAA produce the documents we requested up to four months ago.

Giannetti Construction has accelerated their work by four months and is now installing sewer line in Cudjoe Gardens and other contested areas.  The injunction is going through last minute edits and will be filed today.  A complete copy with attachments will be posted on the web site and a copy of the pleading itself will be sent to everyone.  While we have included the County and Clerk of the Courts in the injunction, we are reaching out to them and asking that they support the injunction and  review the analysis for validity.

A 10 part report was prepared for the Governor outlining all of the areas of concern.  This was personally  provided to the County officials at the meeting on Tuesday and has been sent to the Governor, and our state representative and senator.  All of the report is on the web site.  We are pushing all three officials to move forward with legislation to have the FKAA BOD become an elected Board.

We also intervened in the Bond Validation hearing last week, arguing that the County did not follow the procedures set forth by the DEP.  If no agreement is reached and any party appeals the ruling from Judge Audlin, it may take six months before the County can issue the bonds.

Thanks for your continued support.  The Sir Isaac Newton Coalition has had contact from hundred of Keys citizens and the level of frustration they are expressing is getting louder.  ~Walt Drabinski 305-394-0784

red dawn22

If you haven’t seen the movie Red Dawn 2012, you should. It is about North Korean military forces invading American soil.

[“Editor’s Power Trip”] Go Ed go! Like everybody else is power tripping so why not you. It is all about your messages, not the posters’ who dump their brains on the CT, so have fun, make money and do what you want.


My thoughts go out to those flood victims in Colorado and Acapulco, Mexico … okay, scratch Mexico!


U.S. Airmen return from Afghanistan,including Easton Shew of No Name Key. Link


[Sewers] Lawsuit filed to stop $150 million Lower Keys Sewer Project. 

chain links


[Links] You should really know where a link will take you before you click it. LongURL will tell you. Simply copy the link, go to LongURL, paste the link and it will display where you would have gone. Here’s a sample link:

Copy the above line and paste it into this website:

[Greed is Bad] I had a Free Yard Sale last weekend with a nice big jar for honor donations for anything people wanted to take. They took the jar, its table and my respect. Never again!


[“Cheap waterfront lot”] The only place that you can keep a boat and RV that has decent boating access is Venture Out on Cudjoe Key.

keg22[Auto-Brewery Syndrome] An unusual condition makes a man drunk without drinking a drop of alcohol. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a type of yeast used in beer, wine and bread making, was discovered in a man’s system, making him drunk without actually consuming alcohol. It turns out the 61-year-old had “auto-brewery syndrome,” or “gut fermentation syndrome,” described as a condition where yeast is present in the stomach and ferments carbohydrates into ethanol. This alcohol product then enters the blood stream and causes the person to feel drunk. At some points, the patient’s blood alcohol registered as high as 0.33 to 0.40 — the legal limit in the U.S. is .08 percent.

How unfair is life? He gets a micro brewery in his stomach and I get lactose intolerance. Link

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[Long Beach Cleanup] Saturday, Sept. 21 is International Coastal Cleanup Day. In honor of that the National Key Deer Refuge is hosting a beach cleanup at Long Beach on Big Pine Key from 9:00 am-12:00 pm.  We are looking for volunteers to help clean this magnificent public beach area so it’ll be a beautiful place to walk, and safer for our wildlife.  The Refuge will supply gloves and trash bags, and have water available.  Please bring your own refillable water bottle and appropriate clothes.  Calling all geocachers, this is also an official “cache in-trash out” (CITO) event.  We’ll have info for all about geocaching as a hobby, and have examples of geocaches, trackable coins and new Refuge pathtags to share.  We’ll meet out on Long Beach Rd, near the Refuge gate (approx. half mile south of US1, on left side) at 9 a.m. In years past, our local community and visitors have made this event a huge success, we hope to see you all again this year.   For more information call Kristie at Events

[“Editor’s editing overzealous”] edit the of posts not are much very by the editor—-good it is for ours safety only —-read us we know not what to over pass—he alone because it is his forum do too—-buck up and bitch your quiting—-absolutly corupts absolute power! (Ed: This is what they look like without editing.)

Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13
Endangered Species Act protections delayed for 66 Corals hit hard by ocean acidification. Link



Halliburton pleads guilty after destroying evidence in Gulf disaster.  Link

[Rowell’s Marina]  Now somebody is fine with the purchase because he / she was told that the money comes from tourists. It doesn’t matter if the money came from the tooth fairy, it’s our County’s money now and if it is used to but a marina, when we need a school or a fire station, how do you spell tax dollars?  Hello!

Big-Kahuna22[Big Kahuna Fund Raising Competition] The Good Health Clinic has announced this year’s Upper Keys “Kahunas” competing for the title of “Big Kahuna” in 2013. The candidates are Jenny Bell-Thomson of Mariners Hospital,Travis Bennett, D.M.D., Brett Ekblom of Native Construction, real estate agent Jo Gunthner, Howard Kolbenheyer of Snapper’s Waterfront and Dove Creek Lodge, Rotary Club of Key Largo president Jennifer Miller, and Vicki Walker of Centennial Bank.

To support one or more of your favorite Kahunas’ campaigns, simply make a donation to the Good Health Clinic. Every dollar pledged or raised by Monday, November 11 counts as a vote. Donation checks may be given directly to the candidates, to the clinic at 91555 Overseas Hwy., Tavernier, FL 33070, or by credit card at

The “Big Kahuna” will be crowned at the third annual Big Kahuna Beach Luau to be held at Hampton Inn and Suites, Islamorada, on the evening of November 16, 2013. The prices to attend are the same as last year. Table sponsorships ($3,500) include 10 tickets, Business sponsorships ($1,500) include four tickets, and “Have a Heart” sponsorships ($500) include two tickets to the event. Events

[A Place of Honor] Well done & said. Thank you for my freedom. Welcome home! Link


Americans sacrificing freedom to avoid another meltdown. Video



It seems not just Catholic priest are diddlers. “Come, my little ones.”

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] Can you imagine twice the number of cruise ships in Key West? Is that what we really want? Sure, and we will have lots of room for the Ferris wheels, the super slides, the f**king ducks, and more circuses like we need to make monye! Let’s sell out to Disney Inc., and get it over with!

religion politics zone

Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot again. They never do anything right. Extremists are in control of the Party. They probably would elect FTR as their leader. Someone should send Texas Senator Crux some of FTR’s postings. Maybe FTR will gain national prominence as their new leader. Talk about out of touch!



[Kamikazes] That’s what the NY Times calls Republicans who are trying to shut down the US Government in order to prevent Americans from getting healthcare. When are Republicans going to think about their country and start passing meaningful legislation instead of wasting everyone’s time trying to stop it?

The Republicans have much to cheer about now that it has been proven that Obama used Regan’s approach of healing the economy. Many Democrats are up in arms that Obama used the “trickle-down” effect to heal our economy. Various reports announced that the rich increased their wealth tenfold compared to the middle class since the recession began.

Senator Cruz from Texas admitted that the repeal Obamacare weekly vote was just a smokescreen to hide the Regan method to place the economy back on track. “This news is terrific. As long as we keep the minimum wage low enough to make the scum eligible for food stamps, we can blame the socialists while increasing the wealth for the top 1%. It’s a win- win.”

FTR was unavailable for comment. His spokesman implied that FTR is on a four year quest to only make negative comments about this president. To suggest that Obama used our Republican hero’s solution to the financial crisis would break his angry string of posts. If Diania Nyad can do 90 nautical miles, FTR can plummet Obama for four years as long as Springers keeps pouring Rob Roys. 

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It was astounding to read everything that FTR knows. Question: when he says we know, just who are the “we” that he is talking about? Does he mean people such as Sarah Palin, (with her room temperature I Q)? Perhaps he is alluding to Glen Beck, who wants you to buy gold from a not reputable firm and who is too crazy for even Fox News. I apologize for using the oxymoron of Fox “News”. More than likely it is a group of members of the Flat Earth Society. This group includes FTR (keeper of the sacred truth). On a lighter note, in just a few years FTR will probably retire to his unicorn ranch with his prepper friends when we inaugurate President Hillary Clinton. His head won’t explode, but just give a loud whoosh as all his hot air rushes out and he deflates. All I can add to that is we know…we know.

I hope Americans aren’t so stupid at to support the Republican’s mean efforts to deny health insurance to us. What’s wrong with Republicans? Do they live in their safety deposit boxes and never peak at the real world?

from the right
an_brokeWouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get some good news about our economy. Good news that was real news and not flaking from the Obama minions. But we can’t get good news because there isn’t any.

Just the other day the Census Bureau reported that whatever gains are reaching American families are halting and uneven. Poverty is on the rise in single-mother families. More people are falling into the lowest-income group. And after earlier signs of increased mobility, fewer people are moving as homeownership declined for a fifth straight year. And of course we know that welfare and food stamps are at an all-time high. Food stamps recipients have more than doubled under Obama.

Women seem to be hardest hit by Obama economics.  That’s true even though the hiring of women may be very slightly more than men.  The gains have been largely in lower-paying industries such as waitresses, in-home health care, food preparation and housekeeping. About 60 percent of the increase in employment for women from 2009 to 2012 was in jobs that pay less than $10.10 an hour, compared with 20 percent for men.  Women gained about 125k new jobs last month, but 54,000 were in retail, leisure and hospitality, and just 24,000 in professional and business services. Many if not most  of those are part-time jobs, 34 hours or less a week. Poverty is on the rise in single-mother families. More people are falling into the lowest-income group.

Another really crappy piece of news is that the Fed has decided that the economy sucks so bad that they are going to continue printing money and flooding it into the economy. It’s called “quantitative easing”, and it means that our economy is in the pits. It’s good news for the wealthy, the stock investors, but rotten news for the rest of us.

ceiling22Part 2) It is a window into the soul of Obama in his refusal to negotiate whatsoever on the debt ceiling. He is totally and fully committed to increasing entitlement programs without regard for their cost or the fraud that riddles them. Obama is dead set on increasing our debt, we won’t negotiate about it but he will negotiate about Syria. The Republicans are ready and eager to negotiate the debt ceiling issue, spending issues, entitlement reform but Obama will not. Our debt is crushing despite the fact that federal revenues are at an all-time high. If the government closes as a result of the debt ceiling issue, it will not be the fault of the Republicans, it will be because of the intransigence of Obama.



Part 3) This you’ve got to see. I guarantee no politics. Link