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Monday, January 20, 2014

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[Zip-line] Feds strongly recommend the State not fund zip-line. Vocal opponents to a proposed zip-line course at Marathon’s Crane Point Hammock have long held the attraction would interfere with the habitat of white-crowned pigeons on the 63-acre property. It appears the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Florida Caribbean Migratory Bird Field Office agrees. Link

wetstock9 9.9 (2) wetstock9 9.9 (1) wetstock9 9.9 (3)The bands at Wetsock 9 were Phoenix, Category 4 and Ray West. Ray was playing with Ritchie and Bob Yeager. He was nice enough to let Jeff and I sit in for a couple.

We will have to see what Weststock 10 brings.  ~Your Friend Flip Flop Bob

Two boat trailers. One used for a 17-footer $50, the other $75 for a 15-footer. The small trailer would make a good utility-trailer, as the bunks need replacing anyway. Spare 14″ mounted tires are available-extra. Classified Ads > Boats
In trying to convince atheists there is a god, someone wrote in Sunday quoting the bible as their argument. Can’t they see the irony in that? Faith triumphs over reason. 


[She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah] Today in 1964 The Beatles released their first album in the United States, Meet the Beatles.

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It looks like The Citizen is offline this morning. I need the funnies to get me going.
opium-war20[Opium for Tea] The first Opium War (1839–42) was between Great Britain and China. Early in the 19th cent., British merchants began smuggling opium into China in order to balance their purchases of tea for export to Britain. In 1839, China enforced its prohibitions on the importation of opium by destroying a large quantity of opium confiscated from British merchants. Great Britain, which had been looking to end China’s restrictions on foreign trade and opium, responded by sending gunboats to attack several Chinese coastal cities. China, unable to withstand modern arms, was defeated and forced to sign the Treaty of Nanjing that provided that several ports should be open to British trade and residence; in addition Hong Kong was ceded to the British.


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Reel. Fin-nor 4/0 new in box, never used. At least 30 years old. Even the box looks new! $500. Classified Ads > Boats 

[Snowbird] Yesterday’s explanation of a snowbird was way off the mark. A snowbird is someone who lives here seasonally. It doesn’t matter where they’re from.
A Conch is born in Key West.
A fresh water conch is someone who’s lived here a long time. That’s something the Chamber of Commerce made up so snowbirds would feel more at home instead of calling them snowbirds. Fresh water conch is BS and not even on the local’s radar. It’s only for tourists to chuckle over. 

A hundred years of fashion in one hundred seconds. Cool dance. Video

maracas mexicoHappy Mexican Monday from Springers Bar and Grill. Today’s special is Veracruz mahi, it’s a delectable white fish with salsa, spices and green olives. It’s a fishy fiesta for the palate.

We would also like to announce Springers Bar and Grill is having a pig roast Superbowl Sunday February 2 starting at 3pm. Along with the scrumptious pig we are serving up black beans and rice, Mac and cheese and coleslaw as well as a mountain of jello shots. There will also be raffle drawings and giveaways throughout the day with the money going to our local food bank. And don’t forget our 14 televisions that guarantee a view of the game from any seat in the house. Come on in and join us for some great food and you will definitely want to stay for fun.  see Events

Hello! I stumbled across your site a couple of years ago when you had the video of 3 guitars and a tractor. I check in every now and again and enjoy your news/views on life in the keys. I lived at MM26 for a year while I was working for Franco D’Ascanio’s Sound Source in the late 80’s and I enjoyed the open-air laundromat/bar on BPK. Thanks for the chuckles and keep up the good work.  ~Your pal in Jersey, Franklin Amiano
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[Overpopulation] Deer authorities up north claim deer population should be 15 to 20 deer per square mile, big pine key has 10 square miles and 800 deer. Do the math.

Raising the speed limit will cull the overpopulated heard, and we can eat the deer 

[Shoot ‘em up Wednesdays] Gun range on BPK homeowner’s property worries some, but law says there’s nothing you can do about it. Link
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President Obama says marijuana use is no more dangerous than alcohol, though he regards it as a bad habit he hopes his children will avoid.

Just say yes! Link 

Florida wildflowers identification. Link
[“The Word of God”] Every word in the Bible is literally true! Then they start grouping themselves into sentences and you’ve got yourself a problem. 

atom bomb Dr Stangelove


What’s wrong with Obama or anyone else taking a toke?

There’s no better time than now for Mexico!
Having a big gun doesn’t have anything to do with being a real man.

roku3[ROKU] Can someone smarter than I please explain in simple terms what the new devices like roku are? Is it a box that holds thousands of TV shows and movies that I can watch even when I am out at sea for weeks?

(Lousy Tech Support: ROKU holds nothing, and you must have a strong Internet connection so it’s not good for boats. It uses, basically, a pass-thru standard called streaming. The effect is that you get a million ‘channels’ for free. All you need is Internet. It’s like your cable box, the pictures just pass through, it stores nothing. It’s the size of a hockey puck. There is a wall plug and a plug to the TV. All modern TVs have that plug. The latest $100 ROKU is the HD3 and it has an ear phone jack for the hard of hearing or for late night entertainment that’s right on the remote. Great for TV in bed. With this new one you can hide it behind the TV. You don’t need direct line of sight anymore.)

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upper deck restaurantThe restaurant  on Boot Key was the Upper Deck, and had houseboats for rent lined up along the long dock leading to it. It was a popular place, I think it was with Faro Blanco. A hurricane sunk all the houseboats.

It was easier to get to by boat than by hiking up the dock, but we do live in the Keys, and even if you don’t have a boat you’re bound to have some friends that do. 

[Drug Irony] Those that are against the legalization of pot don’t know what they‘re talking about. Most of those same people drink alcohol. A fact of both drugs is that no one under the influence of pot has ever gone home and beat his wife or raped his daughter and then shot his dog. You can’t say that for alcohol. If you scour the Internet you may find a story to debunk that statement, but if you look further into it you’ll probably find the person was crazy to begin with and it wasn’t because of the pot. 

[Sewers] Some of our County Commissioners have been dismissing the well-researched information given them about the horrors of grinder pump sewer systems, in general, and the specifics of the poor design intended for here, preferring to “depend on the advice of our expert”, as stated by Kevin Wilson, who assures anyone who will listen that “This is a robust design.”

We thought, what makes him such an expert? Well, we found his resume (as published public information) to see what his background was before he was hired as an inspector on the Murray Nelson Center after his 6-7 months of unemployment. What do you think? Do you see a lot of sewer experience or specific education that makes him such an expert? Here is his resume, starting at page 2. His Resume

target duck


[‘Back Yard Gun Range’] You do realize almost every Colorado politico that supported the tougher gun laws has been recalled or defeated? Don’t believe media polls, the truth is most Americans do not support gun control and even messing with something as basic as the right to build your own range can get people defeated at the polls or recalled. Go ahead and mess with gun owners before the 2014 midterms and you will see a repeat of ’94.

If the range is built right and proper care taken, just shut up and mind your own business. 

[NetFlix Vs Amazon Prime] It costs $8.46 a month for the Netflix channel on all your devices. There’s not enough hours of you life to watch all the movies and TV shows they offer. The only downside is that most are past their prime. If you’re signed up for Amazon Prime you get their channel only on selected devices. It is just about the same as Netflix. I have both, but Netflix has the best user interface — it’s really something, like being at a movie. Amazon Prime’s user interface is clumsy and looks like an afterthought.) 
[‘Back Yard Gun Range’] I expect that law will be changed once citizens realize they can shoot whenever they want in their yards. Somewhere along the line someone with guts, who’s probably leaving politics anyway, will try to make our neighborhoods safe again. I’ll support that person. 



Shopping tip.

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nira tocco realtor 9.12
[‘Back Yard Gun Range’] Who is responsible for assuring us neighbors that the back yard gun ranges are proper? Does the sheriff have the manpower to police these ranges? If this dangerous sport becomes popular you can only imagine how long before disaster strikes.



[The Studios of Key West] Jed Dodds and the always personable staff/board/artisan from The Studios of Key West entertains hundreds of volunteers and attendees for the Let’s Get Hammered construction party for the start of their new location. 

from the right

flood20I did it again, I goofed. Yesterday I posted about Governor Scott’s efforts to save us from the Biggert Waters act that Obama signed in 2012.   I goofed by failing to explain the Biggert Waters act and its effects on Monroe County taxpayers.

The act was sponsored by Radical Democrat Rep Maxine Waters of California and a little known Republican Rep named Judy Biggert, from Illinois who has since been defeated.

Essentially, the act will massively increase your flood insurance premiums.  For properties in low-lying areas, especially near the coast, annual flood insurance rates may double or go up tenfold, depending on your base flood level.  Under the law as written, the increases will be 25% per year until parity is reached.  Even Rep Waters now says that she wants the law changed to deal with “unintended consequences” including huge premium hikes for many if not most  homeowners.

The exorbitant rate increases are affecting properties that have never flooded and that were built in accordance with all FEMA required elevations and applicable codes at the time of construction. Across the United States, these properties are now considered to be out of compliance through no fault of the property owners or local government, due to new or proposed flood mapping by FEMA.

There are many Monroe residents who might decide to simply drop the flood insurance, but if you have a mortgage, your bank will certainly require you to carry the insurance or lose your mortgage.

Many residents are galled by the unfairness of the national flood program, which has collected about $16 billion from Floridians in the past 35 years — four times more than what they received back in claims.

That, Deer Friends,  is why Governor Scott is urging Mr. Obama to block Biggert Waters. So far Obama is silent.

caducius deathPart 2) Team Obama has just released some very interesting stats on Democare. It seems that to date only about 2 million have “signed up”. That is far, far below the number that they had forecast. And it is catastrophically below the enrollment number necessary to make the program work. While you’re thinking about that, please reflect on the fact that of those who have “signed up”, Team Obama claims that they have no idea as to how many people have actually paid for and received health coverage. Until you pay, you are not insured.  

Then, you might want to think about the fact that this entire exercise was to insure the uninsured. To date Team Obama tells us that only between 7-11% of those who have “signed up” did not previously have health insurance, the remaining 93% did have health insurance that was killed by the ACA.

Remember that so far about 6 million have had their health insurance killed by Democare, but only about 2 million have, ahem, “signed up.”   Democare is pushing health care coverage backward, just like Democrat governance is pushing our economy backward.

Insurance companies are beginning to feel the burn of too few “sign ups” and the nasty little fact is that the young and healthy are avoiding Democare in droves. If the young and healthy fail to sign up in huge numbers, the cost of providing health care to older people under 65 will break the insurance companies.  

Incredibly, that was anticipated by the Democrat drafters of Democare, they anticipated that it would fail. So the Democrats made sure that there are provisions in the law to bail out the insurance company’s when that happens.

After the bail out of the banks, and the bail out of the auto industry there is no appetite whatsoever for a bail out of insurance companies.  Democare is becoming the biggest albatross ever tied around the necks of the American taxpayer.  Let’s clean house in the Congress and start over with real reform in November.

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