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Monday, March 17, 2014

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(Ed: Deer Friends, I have jury duty in Key West Monday, St Patrick’s day, blimey. There will be a disruption of service concerning the Coconut Telegraph until I figure out what’s going on. I have to be downtown at 8:30 am so today’s CT will be an abbreviated one. Think of this disruption as spring break.)

[Anus Talk] I wonder what kind of a personal life a person has that would encourage him to write about water coming out of a sea cucumbers ass? he or she must live with mom. you seriously need to reconsider your life goals
st pat snakes in sea
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(The latest example of how shallow the talent pool of Marathon really is.)  Former DJ and current bar band musician John Bartus is being recycled on the City Council to replace Ginger Snead who recently resigned.



No one knows how to party like a Key West local.

Crimea seceding is like New York seceding to join Canada. Astonishing!

I have not yet read the Washington Irving short story “The Devil and Tom Walker”, where Tom Walker sells his soul to the Devil for monetary gain. I need to read that- it sounds so prescient! Just substitute a grinder salesman for the devil incarnate woodcutter to modernize it. 
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nira tocco realtor 9.12
[“In the 50′s cowboy movies and TV shows”] I was always amazed at the six shooters that never needed reloading and could shoot all day long.
st pat kiss me im irish
Are there any TV shows or movies featuring Interpol? I’ll bet they’ve got some really good stories.
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
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[Bacon] My gawd, this is brilliant! How did I miss something so obvious and tasty. 

[“…..a long stream of water will shoot from it’s anus, much like a squirt gun”]   I have the same experience after 2 large bean burritos and a pitcher of beer for lunch!
shamrock pipe hat

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”  ~Carl Sagan

i love st_pat_party
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Pardon my skepticism and pessimism, but it seems to me that when I read that agency “officials are seeking public input” it is nothing more than a butt-covering ruse to placate the “unenlightened illiterate masses” and that the decision has already been made before seeking input. Those in charge know that input will be ignored unless it agrees with the so-called “preferred alternative.” The feigned sincerity in seeking public input is what galls me. Well-paid employees love meetings that others are asked to attend on their own dime. The more meetings the better if you’re being paid to attend — the measure for success becomes not the outcome but how many meetings were held.
ashamrocks hat shilleleigh
The picture of the fat guy Sunday looked like the diaper clad guy I saw at night lying passed out in the water filled gutter  in front of Sloppy’s during Fantasy Fest a few years ago.  An unforgettable image, as much as I have tried.
gay happy st pat day
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So the Winn Dixie shopping center on Big Pine has changed hands once again.  I do hope that the new owners have enough sense to trim down the hedges at the ends of the parking lot aisles so when someone is trying to turn they can see what is coming.  However I have just about given up on that happening,  there are just too many braindead people in charge of things around here.  Must be the drugs
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[“Sea Cucumber“] There is no example of a buyer encouraging sustainable resource utilization in the historical records of sea cucumber fisheries. Once an area is overfished, buyers look for new sources. So aquaculture or mariculture them………………no dah.
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from the right

Part 1) Here’s a better idea than having an outdoor pistol range in a residential neighborhood. Click on the link and find out how good you are at shooting a virtual Russian pistol.

The virtual pistol is a Soviet Tokarev Model 40, in caliber 7.62 mm. You’ll have to do some thinking and experimentation with the program because all the text is in Russian, but no worries, you can handle it. After you open the program, to start the shooting, simply click on the circle that’s on the trigger guard. The longer you delay “firing”, the more wobbly the gun will become. You’ll have 30 seconds to fire 3 rounds. Have fun….thanks Skipper. Http://

Part 2) Certainly we can all agree that our nation is now a mess. We see the massive, record, numbers of Americans that are one form of welfare or another. We see that Democare will in all probability stall crash and burn taking with-it billions of tax dollars. We see our status as a world leader slipping away. We see 7 out of 10 babies born to American African mothers are born out of wedlock. We see massive unemployment, especially amongst Blacks. We see the poor getting poorer and rich getting richer. The growth of our economy is stalled, we are experiencing the slowest recovery from a recession, ever. We are in a Democrat caused mess of Gordian complexity.

Yet with all of that swirling around, Facebook’s influential Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg launched a new campaign, known as ‘Ban Bossy,’ which would – as you can imagine – encourage people to ban the word “bossy.” It may look like just another silly crusade for feel-good airhead liberals, but it is not.

Is there some kind of epidemic of the use of that word being used that keeps females from achieving? Ms. Sandberg’s crusade has actually cited surveys, but the surveys her  campaign has cited are decades old, and a more recent survey by the Girl Scouts of America found that girls are more likely than boys to see themselves as a leader or have the desire to be a leader.

Sandberg is a leading liberal. She is an achiever. She is a close friend of Hillary Clinton.  Sandberg worked as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers’ chief of staff under President Bill Clinton during his second term and maxed out in personal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton in 2007 and 2008. She also donates almost exclusively to female Democratic candidates. She has thousands of employees. She is bossy, but her actions if she were a male would also be labeled as being bossy. Hells Bells, Obama is bossy.

Why on earth would anyone with such an impressive portfolio start a war against an innocuous word such as “bossy?”

There are several reasons. First. Remember when HC was embroiled in the ’08 presidential primary? One of the criticisms tossed at her was that she was “bossy”. Then there is the fact that she is considered to be overbearing. Let’s face it, Hillary Clinton is a bossy human, bossy knows no gender. Nor is being bossy a negative attribute. Then there is the fact that the Democrats have been flooding us with nonsensical propaganda that Republicans are engaged in a war against women.

The war against the word “bossy” is yet another weapon in the liberal arsenal to wield against whoever the Republican presidential candidate may be.

I urge you to relish the word bossy. Our Deer Ed is bossy, he decides the content of this site. Harry Reid is bossy, he controls what legislation will come before the Senate. Your Doctor is bossy, he/she tells you what meds to take and how to care for yourself. Your mom and dad were bossy when you were a kid. Every teacher you had was bossy. The Dean at your school was bossy with a capital B.  What is there about that word that frightens or offends Hillary and her minions?

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