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Monday, September 9, 2013


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[Locking Horns] These two bucks were locking horns. I never realized that deer don’t try to harm one another in their power struggles. They lock horns and if not locked properly they try again. When they get it right they push. And push they do. Menu > Key Deer

[Undies] Little Rock school district will now make teachers wear underwear. I do not want to know if this was a problem when I was in school. Link



[Privacy] If you are afraid to say something on the Internet because you fear your government then you may need a new government. 

[The Über Fan] Über fans are the mindless Americans who always buy a Chevy or a Ford and swear by them until their dying day although they’ve never even owned any other brand. These are the same mindless masses who root for a sports team although none of the players have any connection with the city of the über fan’s birth. Same goes for iProducts. That’s all they know so they swear how much better they are than the other electronics they’ve never tried. The same can be said for political pundits (like FTR — Deer Editor, please don’t put this post in the political section). The über fan will support anything their Party does and criticize anything the other Party does no matter how good it is for other Americans. The music über fan goes to every concert their adopted band performs at, no matter how far away. They brag about the number they’ve attended like it’s a merit badge or something. 
[Writing] Facebook is filled to overflowing with people who are trying to communicate as they would normally speak in a one dimensional medium with little clue how to write or communicate at a higher level. They continue to try to write as they speak without the advantage of the 3 dimensional, in person, benefits of body and facial expressions. 
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drawr spin guns

If the state issues you a concealed weapons permit and you carry a firearm in a regular holster in plain view, do you still need that concealed weapons permit or is it another Catch 22?

[War] The untold story of the battle of Bastion Air Base, Afghanistan. Link

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Kill for Christ] Why do you atheists relate being good to Christians. I am a Christian and I am not good at all, in fact I believe more Christians should start kicking some ass in the name of Christ. Read your Bible, most stories are about wars and fighting. Who said you have to be good. Bulls**t on that.


[Old Seven Mile Bridge] There was a great Key West Citizen editorial Sunday about the pending financial fiasco looming in the form of the Old Seven Mile Bridge re-build proposal.  At last someone with some juice woke up to this travesty.  But if they are waiting for County citizens to “mobilize” over this one, they shouldn’t hold their breath.   All they have on their minds is getting laid and getting high again,  and the BOCC knows it.

[Marathon Journal] We interviewed former Marathon Mayor Marilyn Tempest. She will object to being called former mayor. If you remember long ago, it took almost a month and a half to choose a mayor and vice mayor. During that time, Marilyn acted as mayor. So she was mayor even though it was only for a month and a half.

-What’s Mayor Marilyn been up to these days? She is involved in Marathon’s theater and movie house. She acts in plays, but not so much here lately. She is concentrating on the building infrastructure like going all digital.

-What annoys you? She said that she doesn’t get annoyed. Marilyn said that being annoyed is wasted effort. Cooperation is more effective. I might learn something from this philosophy.

-What would you do if you were a council member again? More of a question of not doing things like a council member. There is a certain amount of freedom from not being a council member. I’m disappointed, because I would vote for her.

-How about the big city hall project? Tempest was very happy the new city hall will be built soon. This project will help each resident more importantly. A well run city hall reaches out and helps people. She was okay with the current location at 98th Street. There was a time when the location of city hall was a toxic subject with no clear answers.

-Ms Tempest sees a bright future for our city notwithstanding any negativity or despite any one person.

P.S. Term limits are nothing more than a scam to voters. They are telling voters they don’t know anything. If voters keep voting for the same person, then those voters have exercised the value of their vote term limits notwithstanding. Graft and corruption will still be upon us term limits or not. We are telling voters that they are stupid. Let the voters limit terms by voting.

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giraffe love


[Giraffe Love] Here’s something you don’t see every day. 

I’m not war weary, I’m angry sick, and hungry for peace.

Holy crap, I hope the Capt. Doom & Gloom guy doesn’t have a wife and kids like he claims. The kids are going to end up mighty f’d up, and the wife is already f’d up for choosing such a nutbar.

an_camera_srl[Common myths about technology debunked] 4. More megapixels mean clearer photos to a certain extent, but there is often a misconception of just how many megapixels are needed to produce a quality photo you can enjoy on your phone or computer screen. For those, just three megapixels will do the trick, and even allow room for cropping. With seven megapixels, you can blow a photo up to the size of a poster with no issue.

For the amateur photographer using a point-and-shoot device to capture casual moments, more megapixels does not translate into a better camera, or better photos. Link

Seems the Atheists on these sites are indeed all in a lather of words that are quite inconsequential. In every niche of people we have the middle which is usually the overwhelming majority, then we have the myriad of fringe groups which are always the ones making the most noise. I know many religious people and atheists both and the amount of time these folks on either side have been an annoyance to me is practically nil. I believe that those getting their craniums all out of sort over the occasional radical are generally those with a bit too much time on their hands, and are constantly seeking a cause whatever it may be. If grandma is on her deathbed and getting a great deal of comfort from her religion, what good does one truly get from labeling it crap?


[“Bible believers”] If we understand that the bible is a history of mankind’s thinking about God, then we see the evolution of the human race towards one human family. We are still a long way from that goal, indeed, all religions and philosophies in their writings contain the same blueprint – it is up us to follow through on it.



[“R/V poster”] I wasn’t questioning your hard work as a roofer or the fact that the Keys are too expensive. I factually stated that all R/Vers are cheapskates. Cheapo was the word. R/Vers bring everything they need with them so they won’t have to spend any money, they take condiments from restaurants, tp from rest rooms and anything else they can pilfer to save a few bucks. They are all pains in the ass for resorts. When you listen to them talking among themselves all they talk about is their R/Vs and where they can get stuff and food cheap. When’s the last time you heard of an R/Ver chartering a boat? 

The Keys are a resort destination. All resorts are expensive because they are so desirable. You can probably get cheap beer in Bumfuk Oklahoma, but who wants to?  

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[“Name That Plant”] To the person posting pics of their backyard foliage trying to identify them, I would recommend you try sending a pic directly to:

They are experts are the tropical plants and could probably give you an accurate answer or you could buy their garden guide book. Good Luck! 

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[“The Walmart Crowd”] Did you people know that a large amount of millionaires shop Walmart?  According to “The Millionaire Next Door” rich people like to save money and not be gouged as well.  They seldom travel first class, they pay off credit cards every month and do not throw money away on depreciating assets like super expensive cars, foolish yachts or massive mortgages.  Many people who look rich could be financed to the gills and or have zero retirement savings or life insurance for their kids from different marriages.  

Money makes the world go around and one of the best things we can do with ours is to provide financial stability equally for all of our children and then the second, third, fourth, fifth spouse.  Living well below your income level is very smart and if you cannot afford to live on Kentucky Key[?], then perhaps it is time to relocate to an area outside of a tacky tourist element.



[“Why do you live in the Keys, it’s so expensive”] They have so many rules & regulations. You have all those hurricanes. Bugs!”] Well, it’s like riding a motorcycle. If I have to explain it, you won’t get it.

[Phone Service] It took months of threats and a few bribes, but my phone company in the Keys finally replaced my phone lines (20 lb test), but I still get a lot of static. 

an_bible_cross[Bible] Words for the poster who lists the words not found in the bible. The next time Believers tell you that Church and State are separate is because a long time ago (date 16 hundred something) when the Church was supported by the local governments it was true that Colonists had town meetings to decide if their taxes were going to pay for an extra preacher (Sudbury Massachusetts) and it was voted down – they then separated the Church from the local Government and relied upon the offering plate to support the Minister.

It seems that the new pens for town cattle and other town concerns were of a higher priority than paying for an extra church preacher’s salary. Ergo – separation from the “State” by the Church. It was the Church that made the choice. Remember that the Colonists were the “Church” that left their homeland and established a “government” to run the towns. The Chicken came before the egg.

Also on that Trinity statement, when Jesus was baptized the voice of God said, “This is my Son” and the Holy Spirit fell upon him in the form of a dove. Ergo (I like that word) The Father , The Son, and the Holy Spirit and we call the Triune the “God Head” or The “Trinity”. Believers can count to three.

Remember when homosexuality was called “Sodomy” and lesbians were “Unseemly” and all the rest of your list of things you say are not found in the “Word” are in fact found in the Bible but under different terminology.

Things like like “Holiness” and “Faith” are not found in the world but in the “Word”. Believers live in the world and believe the Word. Ergo – they are “Believers”. It’s in the “Word of God” called so in the Bible.

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tarps bungee cords

[On Time] I looked in at the Coconut Tele at 10:30 Sunday morning — it’s there!  I nearly s …(never mind) nearly filled my fresh Depends.  Way to go Ed.


[Namely] In 1776,  the Continental Congress officially changed the name of the “United Colonies” to the “United States” of  America.

R/V poster dude or dudette, you are right the Keys have gone to hell in a hand basket at the expense of common folk. I own a local business and hear it all the time: rooms to expensive, food too high, and the rules on R/Vs in Key West are as bad as Hitler was on gypsies. Key West is gone, it’s now just Ft Lauderdale South with crappy music and expensive food. Hopefully the rest of Keys will not follow.

Why did the chicken walk 1,180 miles in circles across the prairie? No, this is not a joke. Scientists mystified by bird that walked in ever smaller spiral. Link

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Tailgunner motorcycle exhaust. Video


I am an insomniac, agnostic and dyslexic.  I often lay awake at night wondering if there really is a dog



Venus is bright, but bring binoculars to help with the fainter objects low in the twilight. The Moon is positioned as it’s seen from the middle of North America. The blue 10° scale is about the width of your fist held at arm’s length.

[Taunting Bulls] Watch people get mauled by this angry critter in Spain. It appears the guy was out walking his pet bull on a leash (not to be confused with pit bull) when some neighborhood men pissed him off. Video




[“Name that Plant”] The picture of the plant is not very clear. You need to take a picture of one or two branches without anything behind it. My first guess would be a blolly. 

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[“Name that Plant”] Looks to me like a black mangrove by the seed pods.

religion politics zone

Why was FTR so upset that the unemployment rate is going down? If there was a Republican President he’d be gloating over the decline.

We finally found a use for the irrational, psychotic Republican hate for Obama — stopping us from getting into the Syrian war.  ~Bill Maher


The Benghazi Embassy was little more than a front for CIA headquarters. There were over twenty CIA operatives in the Annex at the time of the attack. No one so far has been willing to tell the American public what they were doing there. Was it really a CIA base instead of an Embassy?

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The people of Australia, after decades of extreme liberal politics have just given up on knee jerk liberal government. In the national elections they put a strong conservative party into office, by a wide margin of the voters. There is hope for humanity.
Unemployment rate drops and FTR goes into a doom and gloom scenario. Man, as I always say good news is Kryptonite to the Conservatives. Jane Fonda would love the anti American hatred we get the pleasure of reading everyday.

waiter happy feet


[Tips] Under the Obama administration’s new mandated taxing rules the IRS will begin classifying automatic tips at large restaurant tables — which are built into the bill, and which currently count as tips that are not subject to payroll tax withholding — as taxable service charges. Oh wait,  I thought Obama didn’t raise taxes on the working class? Oh that’s right, you didn’t earn those tips, we earned those tips. You’ve got to love the cult of socialism. Talk about regressive.

Bias means disagreeing with the nonsensical neo-liberal agenda.”Bipartisan” means agreeing with the nonsensical neo-liberal agenda. “Racism” only applies to Caucasians.”Progressive” means going back 5 years (or more) and blaming current problems on Bush.”Equality” means taking from those who have and giving it to those who don’t.”Opportunity” means free hand outs.

[Appeasement] Our president and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, have a shameful track record of appeasement of the Syrian regime that makes a mockery of their drive for war today.

President Obama is clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur on the Syrian front. He imagines himself as a war leader in the mould of Franklin D. Roosevelt, but in reality he is the weakest US Commander in Chief since Jimmy Carter. On Syria, Barack Obama is heading for a heavy defeat in Congress, and is opposed by most Americans. This is hardly a mandate for jumping into Syria’s civil war and putting the lives of American servicemen and women at risk.

[“Ready for Hillary”] Anyone who even dreams of voting for Hillary in the future needs to go back and watch a video of Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged in the streets of Benghazi before doing so. May she never, ever live it down.

No matter what Obama decides to do about Syria–he’s wrong.   ~Long-time Obama hater. 

from the right

an_diamond_glitterThe Syria situation has more facets than the Hopeless diamond. Let’s think about just a few of them. First, Obama’s handling of the situation has been beyond amateurish, it’s been imbecilic. About a year ago he solemnly intoned that he had drawn a red line. He told the world that if Assad used chem warfare that line would be breached and he led the world to believe that grave consequences would fall on Assad.

It now appears that Assad did use chem warfare on numerous occasions, but there is a school of thought that has evidence that the opposition has also used it.

Second: Obama rattled his rhetorical sabre and announced that he was going to kick Assad’s ass. Secy of State Kerry also brandished a sabre shortly after the Obama call to war. Then Obama changed his mind. Now we are mired in controversy. The UN does not support Obama, the American people do not want to attack Syria.   Then, incredibly, Obama, with a straight face told the world that he had not placed a red line. He said it was the world that had drawn the red line in the sand. Bullshit.

Third: There is one interesting legal aspect to this mess. If Assad did use chem warfare, he broke no treaty, he violated no international law because Syria was not a signatory to the anti chem warfare treaty. Don’t misunderstand what I mean, the use of chem warfare is a violation of basic humanity, but so is mass slaughter with the use of bombs and guns.

Now while Obama wrings his hands and we argue back and forth, Assad has had more than enough time to disperse all of his chem weapons throughout his lands, and to place human shields around them.

Obama speaks of proportional attack. He tells us that he doesn’t want to change the balance of power in Syria. That is monumentally inane, that outcome will do nothing more than ensure that the killing will go on and on and on.

Obama  should have given long and hard thought as to exactly what is the American interest in this mess. But this mess now is old and he still he has failed to tell us what he believes America’s national interest is. Instead he is in the process of   abrogating our interests to the UN.

knot9Obama’s words are cheap, but they have managed to buy us a Gordian knot of unrest in the mid-east. Now Iran has pledged to strike Israel if we attack Syria. Now Russia and China are on the side of Syria. Now while a few nations have decided to offer us  “support”, none offer actual military assistance.

Imagine if one of Iran’s silent subs managed to sink one of our destroyers or an aircraft carrier.  Would full scale war follow? You bet it would.  What if Iran nukes Israel, would full scale war follow, you’re damned right it would! what if Iran delivers a nuke(s) on cargo ships to the US? Would full scale war follow? Certainly! All of those threats have reared their hydra heads snaking about because of Obama’s waffling.  If he had been convinced of the righteous of his first decision to attack, he should have done so with no warning.

We should either stay out of it or attack Assad and his leadership with the aim of killing them all and leaving the door open to some sort of moderate Muslim governance. We would have to do that with the full understanding that we will be at open war with Islamic fundamentalism.  Either way, we will ultimately be at war with Islamic fundamentalism.  They are utterly committed to a worldwide caliphate. They have chosen us as their blood enemy.  

As it stands now, even if we choose to go into Syria to eradicate Assad, we still have no clue as whether or not the opposition is driven by Islamic fundamentalist.  What a freaking mess he’s made

As Obama dithers, America’s credibility and reputation curdles.


A leaked report to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seen by the Mail on Sunday, has led some scientists to claim that the world is heading for a period of cooling that will not end until the middle of this century. If correct, it would contradict computer forecasts of imminent catastrophic warming. The news comes several years after the BBC predicted that the arctic would be ice-free by 2013. Despite the original forecasts, major climate research centres now accept that there has been a “pause” in global warming since 1997. The original predictions led to billions being invested in green measures to combat the effects of climate change.

The change in the predictions has led to UN’s climate change’s body holding a crisis meeting, and the the IPCC was due to report on the situation in October. A pre-summit meeting will be held later this month. But leaked documents show that governments who fund the IPCC are demanding 1,500 changes to the Fifth Assessment Report – a three-volume study issued every six or seven years – as they claim its current draft does not properly explain the pause.