2012 October

Monday, October 15, 2012

I was paying for gas inside the station. There were 2 cash register lines. One cashier was at her register, helping someone. The second cashier was not by her register. I asked  the second cashier if that register is open.  She looked at me, made a face, did not answer. So I asked her again if that register was open. Again, no answer. So my next question was do you speak English? To which she did not answer.  I left her and got on the first cashier’s line.  Then the second cashier starts taking to other customers — all talking Spanish. 

 Here’s the important part, one of the customers in the second cashier’s line told me she was open.  I said, no thanks I’ll stay on this line because she (pointing to the second cashier) does not speak English. 

You would have thought I had called her the worst name in the world.  The woman in line in front of me – yes still there – said I was rude,  and the man on the second cashier’s line said I should learn Spanish.  Then the first line woman piped up, again, and said, pointing to the second cashier, “This isAmericaand she lives here and is just trying to work.”

That’s where the train left the tracks.  I told the woman, “No, she does not live here, she lives in Homestead and the reason I know that is because I know the station owner pretty well and he’s always bitching about ‘can’t get local help. Everybody comes down on the bus.'” 

I handed my money to the first cashier, told her the pump number, thanked her, and walked out to pump the gas.

Note to self: They’re everywhere. Next time, pay at the pump. Eliminate all insider transactions.

As I was driving away, I realized what I should have said, “I don’t care what language people use, as long as they can also communicate successfully in English.

[Amendments] No, the answer is NO to everything! I’ve read all the explanations, spins, non-biased reviews. There is nothing in any of them that warrants a Yes or Blank.

CT has done a good job of providing links,  including the state department of elections,  which is one of the most informative amendments sites.


How come potato peelers stay sharp so long? My potato peeler is many years old and I use it all the time, yet it is the only thing I have that never needs sharpening.

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[Response time is sure important to me” Law enforcement officers, enforce laws, take reports and conduct investigations that sometimes catch bad guys who they lock in jail and enter into the legal system for adjudication by the courts. If you think a call to 911 when someone is in your house or threatening you is going to bring the cavalry, it won’t”

I’m a first responder. I go to the car crashes, the medical calls, and the fires. Guess what, every stinking time, the Deputies get there first. Here’s why, they’re already in their cars and usually closer to the scenes that us responders who have to put on our shoes, get our trucks started,  and pull out onto US 1,  then drive to where ever. 

So,  if you want to start your pro gun rant, fine.  But don’t you dare use us first responders or law enforcement officers to justify yourself.


[The Movies] I just saw a good one. Christian Beal kicked in an out-opening door in an apartment. Kicking IN a door that opens IN is doable, but kicking IN a door that opens OUT would take a battering ram due to it’s construction.

The same movie was set in the future and everyone had to inject a drug into themselves several times a day. The only thing was, being in the future, they still had, basically, the same needle that we have today. Couldn’t they have imagined a compressed air delivery system or a patch or something else?

In 1917, infamous spy Mata Hari was executed by a firing squad outside Paris.


[There’re Here] 10 ft. Python found atKey Westairport. A 10-foot python — a nonnative invasive species — was found in the grass near the edge of the commercial ramp atKey WestInternationalAirportThursday. The snake, likely a discarded pet, was turned over to the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Pythons are believed to have been introduced to theSouth Floridaenvironment in 1992, when Hurricane Andrew struck; the thinking is that pet snakes got loose during the storm. Since then, they’ve populated theEvergladesand eat nearly everything in their way, upsetting the balance of the delicate ecosystem. Link

I enjoy clicking through the beautiful pics you have for the headline banners. That used to be my clue that the new edition was up for the day, but I’m adjusting.



Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k. Link

Citizens Insurance targets 200,000 policies in Opt Out Campaign. Thousand of South Florida homeowners insured by the state-run Citizens’ Property Insurance have gotten a letter from them recently that said they’ve been dropped because they didn’t send in a form or time or encouraging them to go with insurance company that they’ve never heard of. Link


“I Love Lucy,” starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, premiered on CBS in 1951.

[Sewer: More Fees]  Yeah, a 30 amp two-pole breaker (probably GFI, lets make it good and expensive) only to burn about a light bulb’s worth of electricity? They did not tell you it is the old style light bulb and it is 5000 watts because that’s what it would take to use such a huge breaker. Hell, my oven only takes a 50 amps, everything else, dryer, etc is 30 amp or way less. How come we have to pay the bill if we are running and paying for the plant? When this macerator breaks down are we responsible for replacing it, or upgrading it ? The questions linger.



[USDA poisoning Birds]  This also brings up the bigger question:  If the U.S. government thinks nothing of murdering tens of millions of birds and other animals who have become a nuisance, then what happens when the human population becomes too large and needs to be controlled, too?  Will they simply feed us poison and hope that we die off like the birds?

Felix Baumgartner has become the first skydiver to break the speed of sound after jumping from a capsule released from a balloon overNew MexicoSunday. It took him about nine minutes to travel 128,000 feet to earth. Sixty-five years after becoming Chuck Yeager was the first human to fly a jet faster than the speed of sound.

Is it possible in your new format to add a Facebook and twitter share link to each post? Not only would it make it easier to share with friends but it could also act as an increased ad promoting feature for your advertisers. Some of your posts I’d love to share, but it just takes to long on my phone. 

Large amount of marijuana in car packaged as if for sale. Brandi Harley of Key West & Sierra Williams of Miami we’re both arrested Friday. Link



[The Bum Proof Bench] Finally a solution to discriminate equally against all bums. 

[Bench Bob] I am appalled that people are so shallow and ignorant to talk bad about someone who appears to be a “bum”. So what if Bench Bob is homeless or not. It is none of your business, and if that harmless man bothers you that much then you apparently have nothing better to do. Before you judge someone, you really should get to know them for who they are. He is a really nice man. Calling him a “creature” angers many of us who actually have more class in our pinkies than you do in your whole being.

[Yes to 10] An independent voter’s quest to make sense of the 11 constitutional amendments. Amendment 10
This one is about Tangible Personal Property tax. Call it TPP so you wont have to keep typing it.
TPP is a property tax on things other than real estate. Some States tax cars, boats, airplanes, and even household goods. Most States are getting or have gotten rid of this tax. In Florida, cars, boats, planes and the like are exempted, so the tax falls primarily on businesses, you know, equipment, tools, that kind of thing.
So this is about a tax on business. They want to increase the exemption to $50,000. That’s not much. No, but that does represent a lot of money because there are so many small businesses.
They want to get rid of the tax altogether, but that would be too much of a change at one time.
Their idea is to target different sectors of the Florida economy, and give them a break first.
What’s the effect ? First of all, if,for a fixed budget, you lower tax on one group, it has to be made up by another. Second, the hoped for effect is that by lowering business taxes, more businesses will come into Florida. All of this is complicated by the fact that it has large effects on some counties and virtually none on others. The last thing is that paragraph (2) allows a city or county to give more exemptions if they want to. 
For Monroe County, the numbers tell the story. Monroe County is the 39th most populous out of the 67 counties and ranks 44 in TPP tax but 26 in TPP on targeted businesses Since our real estate tax is so high, we are ranked dead last, 67 out of 67 ,in the amount of TPP tax relative to total tax. This means that Monroe County taxes would be among the least harmed by the amendment , and County businesses among the most helped.
So what’s the bottom line ? This helps Monroe County businesses without cutting taxes too much, and allows the County to give TPP tax breaks to certain sectors, say, boat repair, or restaurants, or something that they think needs a break from this tax. And yes, you bet that the lobbyists are circling on this one. I think that if you vote yes on this one, it will help Monroe County. If you lived in another county, maybe no would be your choice. Whether or not it
Is good for the State of Florida overall, who knows, but this tax hits the businesses that use lots of equipment more than any other, and that makes no sense.

You intend to vote on every amendment, so on this one, vote YES.



I can see it coming.  No more  human umps or refs in sports.  All calls will be final via automated video judgments.  Welcome to the Brave New World of Juiced sports.  What fun.

I probably should not say this, but all seems good again in Eden Pines, BPK.  The new water line appears to be just about complete.  I have not heard of any vandalism or burglaries in the last couple of weeks.  And it will more than likely be a number of years before they start tearing up our streets again, this time for central sewers.  So with all this and the weather looking to be better, temperature wise, we will be able to open our homes up and wash a couple of layers of dust off the windows.  Life really is good.

Not only did Felix Baumgartner break the sound barrier Sunday, but he’s the first man who will never ever have to pay for beer again. 

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Did you know that there is no electric coffee maker made in the US and that the only kitchen appliances made in the US is Viking?

[Vote Yes on 11. This one gives a homestead exemption to the surviving spouse of a first responder or serviceman killed in the line of duty”]

Good intention,  bad design.  Amend 11 is still a big NO. Here’s why. The Homestead is a Florida State Statute. All the “rules” are written in, and controlled by the Florida State Statutes. So the Fl state statute is where this change should be recorded, not the state constitution.

This amendment may not be compatible with all the current Homestead State Statutes which could make it unenforceable or not able to be applied.  Homestead changes need to be done at the State Statute level to make sure all changes are compatible and can be applied.

The FL state legislators should get together (ha) and change the FL State Statute.  Because the backers of this amendment could not get the attention of the legislators they passed petitions and got this on the ballot and left it’s fate to the voters.

NO to Amendment 11. Good idea,  bad, bad way to get there.

The vine Jane, grab the vine!

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[“Election Rigging”] That post from Sunday was a pleasure to read. It’s refreshing to see a well written post from someone who isn’t afraid to spell out a whole word instead of the gibberish the written language has become.


[Orchid Society] Here’s your October Newsletter. The meeting is next Sunday at 1pm. The program begins at 2pm. Usual place, theWestMartelloToweronAtlantic Blvd., KW. Tips on growing, repotting, disease control & fertilization by Jay Pfahl & Greg Scott. Members’ plant sale. Show & Tell and more. Link pdf

[BP Oil money]  Gastesi is his never-ending  “get something for nothing” mania is already spending BP money the county has not even received.  Never mind the fact that the county – by Gastesi’s own words on camera at a Key largo BOCC meeting, did not suffer any losses and is not really entitled to any BO money.  Gastesi is going to waste taxpayers’ money by directing county staff to submit  papers to BP. Plus, the sheep BOCC,  in their own greed induced haze,  voted to hire somebody to do the BP claim.

Here’s the point – Gastesi is already speculating – planning – committing even – that some of the BP money is going to fix the Pigeon Key old 7 mile bridge.  Why is Gastesi playing politics anyway ?  Who is Gastesi trying to appease, or impress ? 

So, regardless his ethics – we the people – who have to pay for the sewers – need to send Gastesi a very loud message – NO – to the Pigeon Key  bridge.  NO to anything that is not sewer related.

Bad enough that Gastesi’s going after money for losses the county did not  have, and bad enough the BOCC is already spending taxpayer money because they agree with him,  the worst is Gastesi playing politics and committing as yet unreceived funds to fix the Pigeon Key bridge.

If any BP money ever does come in, and Gastesi wants it to go to bridges – the money should fix the bridges actually used by theUS1 traffic. Bridges that actually get the traffic up and down the county.

So – it’s on us.  We can not let up on this. We have to watch Gastesi every second,  and keep telling him NO every time he even starts talking about the [missing text].

Florida Keys fishing report. Link

Call It Stormy Monday – T-Bone Walker  Link


Plundering Pirates invade Keys. The Key Largo Pirate Fest takes over the Upper Keys Oct. 18 to 21 with Black Caesar’s Parade, a family fun day, even black powder demonstrations firing cannons and other pirate arms. Link

The damage fishermen don’t see. Link

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

Big Pine Bocce League‘s Summer 2012 playoffs to be held Saturday Nov. 17th beginning at 12 noon. Top 4 teams from each night will be eligible. Season ending party to take place on Sunday Nov. 18th. Location & time are yet to be determined. Link

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That Jaipur dentist video was an eye opener.  How disgusting to see how those people handle dentistry. Link

I just finished a flyer I am going to distribute to all the bums in Key West while riding my bike around. The flyer says that bums are welcome in Big Pine, that the good folks in Big Pine are good and kind to bums and that the hand outs are plentiful.

Yellowtail limits raised. Link
I started anger management, but got pissed off and stormed out.

Caribbean Goombay lands in Key West. The annual Goombay street festival, a high-energy celebration of the cultural connection between Key West and the Bahamas that is the unofficial start to the 10-day Fantasy Fest, is set for Oct. 19 and 20.

The lively festival is centered onPetronia Street, just offDuval StreetinKey Westin the heart of the historicBahamaVillageneighborhood. The fun runs from noon to midnight both days.

Each year, Goombay attracts thousands of people who view and purchase African and island arts and crafts, savor the flavors of vendors’ ethnic and multicultural delicacies, and spend two rocking evenings dancing in the streets.

Entertainment is to play a major role in Goombay 2012, with a lineup of Caribbean-influenced entertainers performing on a main stage at Petronia and Emma streets, and a second stage on Petronia off Duval.

Musical offerings at theEmma Streetstage include the roots reggae/dub-hop of Jahfe, lyrical hip hop from Kb da Boss, the Latin-Afro-fusion rhythms of Suenalo, multigenre entertainment from Da Famous Boyzz and alternative reggae from The People UpStairs.

Music lovers at the Petronia and Duval stage can enjoy the world music of steel-drum master Toko Irie, the harmonies of the young Nina Newton Band, the soulful sounds of Captain Blue and more.

Other planned festival highlights include a Junkanoo Rush of costumed marchers, scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 20 throughKey West’s downtown andBahamaVillage.


I got my Official Absentee Elector’s Ballot today from Monroe County. I would have voted for Rosanne Barr, but I didn’t like the way she sang the Nation Anthem. 

A mother or father that will not take care of their children is a piece of crap. So sit up under a tree and get drunk. Wash a car or 2. (?)

[Liberals] I am somewhat of a bullshitter myself, but occasionally I enjoy an expert, please carry on!


 “If you’re pro choice be afraid , be very afraid” admits Ryan. Link

Some folks from the right seem to be a little confused. They rail about how terrible Iranis and must be stopped, but they want to vote for a man to sit in the President’s chair  that was investing millions in Iran’s oil industry. There’s a whole lot of confusion running thru the anti Obama cool guys heads this month. Vote for a man supporting the industry of a country making IED’s that kill our troops? Sorry my love of country wont allow that.

If you have spent the last four years calling the President a terrorist, Marxist, market ruining Socialist, a Communist, created death panels, wasn’t born in America, hates the flag and also America, loathes our men and women in uniform, destroys the Constitution, or any form of racial slurs, please don’t lecture me on disrespect!

Bill from King of the Hill joined an all men’s chorus who wear the same underwear. Just like our Mormon friend mitt Romney. I wonder if they got the idea to make the chorus seem creepier with the Mormon underwear joke.  “I’m wearin” Video

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Romney supported government health care and investing in Iranian oil until the day he ran for President. That should tell you something!

At least Biden wont say just anything to be elected. He sticks to the truth.

Fact Check has identified many lies that Romney told during the debate  with the President. Many have said that Romney won the debate but I  cannot call anyone a winner when 27 lies we’re told in 38 minutes. How is that winning? Romney is a good salesman who will do anything and say anything to close the deal. He will tell every audience whatever it wants to hear. Besides being a liar he is a serial flip-flopper. Anyone who decides to vote for this man has to wonder which Romney is  going to show up in the Oval Office. The following are just a few of his many flip-flops.

“I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose. Now: I never really called myself pro-choice”

“Roe v Wade has been the law for 20 years and we should support  it. Now: Roe v Wade has gone too far.”

“It was not my desire to serve inVietnam. Now: I longed to be inVietnam.”

“I like mandates, mandates work. Now: Mandates are unconstitutional according to the 10th amendment.”

“I supported the assault weapon ban. Now: I don’t support any gun control  legislation.”

“I don’t line up with the NRA. Now: I am a member of the NRA.”

“I will work and fight for stem cell research. Now: I am against stem cell research, it is grounded in a false premise”

“Minimum wage ought to keep up with inflation. Now: minimum wage causes a  loss of jobs.”

“if Mass. succeeds in implementing healthcare, it will be a model for  the nation. Now: what works in one state may not be the answer for another.”

 From the Right

Last week the left was agog at the BOLS employment report. That report claimed an increase of 874K jobs and an unemployment rate of 7.8%.  That report was widely disputed. The BOLS reports and stats are based on phone surveys. BOLS surveys about 141,000 participants each month.

ADP is a company that provides business services to companies big and small throughout America.  ADP also publishes a report that measures the health of our employment. ADP calls on about 344,000 of its clients each month who report the number of new jobs added, lost, etc..

In September, ADP reported that 162K new jobs had been added in the USA. That is a modest decrease from August. It makes sense. It’s probably much closer to the truth than is the BOLS poll. That means that the actual number of persons with jobs in the USA in September was about  142,263,000. That means that the actual unemployment rate is about 9.2%.

Here’s why: The official BOLS unemployment rate is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force, in this instance 142,263,000 / 155,063,000 = 9.2%.

9.2% is an absolutely poisonous number for the Obama campaign. It’s likely that’s why Team Obama’s BOLS reported that there were 873,000 new jobs created in September. But, the number of new jobs created in August was 96,000. Deer Friends, that the idea that employment would increase more than 9 fold in a single month is preposterous.  At best BOLS really screwed up. At worst, Team Obama cooked the books, just like in Chicago.  

The official BOLS unemployment rate is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force, in this instance, the probable number of employed person in September was 142,263,000 / 155,063,000 = 9.2%.  It is nearly certain that the real rate of unemployment was 9.2% in September.


Part 2)  Look for Mr. Obama to take shots at Romney for his commitment to shut down funding for PBS. It’s likely that he’ll play to the lowest intellect in his fan base. Expect him to ridicule Romney for “wanting” to kill Big Bird. Or he may advance the notion that the annual tax subsidy this year to PBS “only” approaches about half a billion dollars per year. PBS expects it to increase by fifteen million next year. To the Obama mindset, even though we have had trillion plus deficits for the past 4 years, even though we are approaching sixteen and half trillion in national debt, a half billion dollars is chump change.   Deer Friends before you buy into any of that, you may want to think about the fact that PBS actually makes a profit every year.  They cloak that profit by calling it something else.  Then you may want to think about the fact that PBS’s talent and management are paid very, very, well, it’s CEO makes about $650K per year. NPR talent pay often eclipses pay in the private sector. Federal funding is not essential to NPR’s existence. The biggest share of their revenue comes from big and small businesses in grants.  Actually, PBS does make a profit, but they hide it by calling it “margin”.

PBS has many great shows and great talent. They already take funding from various businesses; the end of federal funding will not shut them down. In order to survive, they will have to compete on a level playing field. They will have to continue to provide a quality product and sell it to their audience.

At a time when health, welfare and education programs are being slashed and burned at the federal, state and local levels, it is illogical, if not to say offensive, to argue that the large and well-heeled public broadcasting infrastructure needs government help more than hungry children, ailing seniors and unemployed people freezing in their homes.