2012 November

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

 Keys election results. Link

Some people are “Locals” before they even get here, some will never be no matter how long they stay.

YAAAAAAY!!!! The election’s over and we’re on to the important stuff of iPods, iPads, Mini’s, Tablets, geez! 

My wife just gave me an iPod Touch for my birthday (thank you Sweetheart and thank all you well wishers. So far I’ve found I can use it to put songs onto, and see the weather if I’m in range of an open Wi-Fi spot. I can also send a text to someone else who is in the same predicament as me if I know their i(only) address. I found by mistake I can do some kind of face thing app (not Facebook) with my employer. That’s when I stopped testing the buttons on the stupid little screen that my one finger hits 3 letters at a time. Yeah, it fits in my pocket but it’s totally useless to me in the real world unless my job was to listen to music all day. The bigger iPads/tablets don’t fit in my pocket so I wouldn’t carry them with me in the first place.

These, must have, contraptions are crap unless all your business are iFreaks. My world business contacts, fed, state, and local are not. My birthday present is a cute iToy that I’ll never use. Shhhhhh, don’t tell my wife. Someone should pass my comments on to the iGizmo folks. I’m sure one of the readers here is up there in the chain.


[End of Days] The world will end in 44 days on the Winter Solstice December 21. Shop early.

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There are cruises, train tours, flights, parks, camps, islands everywhere. Nothing like having to look at a bunch of fat wrinkled and horny 60 year olds sticking to the bar stools. Link


In 1917, the Russian Bolshevik Revolution occurred as Vladimir Lenin’s forces overthrew Alexander Kerensky’s provisional government.

[Sandy] Just think what the NE coast would be like if Wilma hit as a Cat3 or Cat 4 like it did inNew Orleans. Sandywas only a Cat1 with another storm adding to it. Scary!

Hurricane Sandy N.J. damage slideshow. Link




Washington state is now the first state to legalized pot, not medical pot, but get-high-and-giggle pot!

[Apple iPad Mini] Don’t you hate it when the facts get in the way of your opinion? Steve Jobs reversed himself in backing the Mini before he passed on, which has already sold 3 million units. If you want to check out the skinny on the Mini and other Apple news, read, which compiles all sites each day (like a CT for Appleheads). Data is good – opinion based on air is vapor.



Thanksgiving recipes. Link

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I tried the Sushi at W-D (Big Pine) — nice young man making it fresh while I was there. Spicy tuna was really good. I’ll be back. It’s wonderful having fresh Sushi without having to go to Marathon or Key West. Thanks, W-D. Now if you could put in a salad bar…

[No Name Pub] I actually prefer the wing bar at Winn Dixie over the wings at NNP.

[Early Voting] I went the government center yesterday got an absentee ballot, filled it out in my car and took it back in, easy as pie.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

[Campaign Overload] I’m so tired of people coming to my front door and passing my no trespassing sign that I am not voting.

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Colorado and Washington are the first states to legalize recreational use of pot.  Don’t steer to beer campaign. Link

[Maggie, the dog, killed by Wildlife Services]  A family pet was killed by a trap that was set within 45 feet of the families’ home! Link

[Missed Early Voting] Read the details next time (Early voting will continue through this coming Saturday, November 3rd from 7AM until 7PM). Election officials need time to regroup equipment & documentation in between early voting and election day. Look at the bright side, at least you got showered and dressed!

Key West Sustainability Advisory Board meets at 5:30 this Thursday atOldCity Hallto explore uses of recycled glass. Also on the agenda are presentations regarding the use of glass mulch. Great product. 510 Greene St.Public encouraged to attend. Bulletin Board



2012 Veterans Day free meals and discounts list. Link

[Key Deer Update] Florida Keys National Wildlife Biologist Refuge Chad Anderson will give an update on the state of the Key deer herd and the on plans for the National Key Deer Refuge at the November meeting of the Key Deer Protection Alliance.  Officers for the coming season will be elected.

Chad Anderson is a general biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the National Key Deer Refuge.  His main responsibilities include conducting relevant research for applied use in land management with a special focus on endangered species recovery.  Chad’s current projects include: urban deer management, fire effects monitoring, rare butterfly surveys, and exotic species control programs. Most of Anderson’s career has been dedicated to working to restore and manage ecosystems in Florida. However, he has also worked as a field biologist in several parts of the country on a variety of projects such as avian surveys, small mammal research, and stream health assessments among others.  Chadis also a part-time conservation photographer who uses his photos to document nature and bring science to the public in a relatable way.

The meeting will be held at 7:00 PM at the Lower Keys Property Owners Association Building on Bogie Road (turn right off Watson just past the No Name Pub and just before the bridge to No Name Key).  The public is invited: refreshments will be served. (Ed: What day?)

[Florida Amendments] Failed:1,3,4,6,8,10,12. Passed: 2 (Vets’ new Homestead exemption),  5 (State courts), 9 (more homestead exemptions), 11 (add’l homestead exemptions).

Note – 2 & 9 & 11 are giving away tax money that the rest of us now have to pony up to make up the shortfalls.  Also some of the homestead changes now going into the state constitution are not consistent with some homestead rules already in the state statutes. So 2 & 9 & 11 are going to be the lawyers’ dreams keeping them in our taxpayer cash for years trying to sort out what applies where. 

For some reason the state election website goes from amendment 6 to amendment 8,  for those of you closely reading this post.  7 is missing. I think I had a 7 when I voted last week.

The Key West Sail & Power Squadron is offering America’s Boating Course at 5205 College Road, Stock Island. This two-day session covers boat handling, elementary seamanship, navigation aids, weather, marine radios, Florida boating regulations and more. Completion satisfies Florida State boating certification requirements.

Course dates are November 17th and 18, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The fee of $55.00 covers the cost of materials, and a reduced rate is available for family members who are willing to share materials. The registration fee also includes an optional introductory 6-month Power Squadron membership. For information Bulletin Board

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[Sewer Tax Passed]  Keys voters extend infrastructure tax. Link

I walked out back of the no name pub and saw a pile of towels with about 1000 maggots walking all over them! Look at what is on your pie.

You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying over the future.



Lost car keys in lower Keys. Fell off truck toolbox onto road or at local store please call Bryan Classified Ads > Lost & Found

[Sign Carriers] I was in Marathon Tuesday and noticed a lot of people at the polls holding signs, mostly for Ramsay. I thought the candidate did that. Did Ramsay go to Home Depot in the morning and snag people? Did he go to Boot Key and snag some boat monkeys? Is this paid for by the election war chests? Inquiring minds want to know. 

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[What Forgotten Felines does] I wish there were more intelligent and informed people who knew of the damage that outdoor cats do to wildlife. Please don’t donate any money or time to outdoor feeding colonies or to help these well-meaning, but misguided animal lovers. This vice president of Felines actually has 2 free-roaming cats that hunt the marsh rabbits across the street from his house.





Recycling should be easier and more people would do it


Award-winning marijuana strains (yes, this is legal). “Obamanator” took Gold Medal inDetroit. Link

Southwest replaces AirTran; low-cost airlines are good for Key West. Link



Remember these? They’re back, saw these in Shelby NC.

I do ten sit ups every morning. It might not sound like much, but there are only so many times you can hit the snooze button.

[Captain Doom and Gloom] donating to charities The error of that post is irrelevant.  They are there to make profit and most could care less about why or how. Follow the monye! Want to give, then fill a freaking box with food or tools or cloths or anything material and give it to the needy.  That is the needy that are not fat, do not drive Caddy’s or smoke and toke, or sell what you give them!

Tax all religions.

The next step to destroying America and making us a Socialist Country (like Russia) is to open the doors to let everybody in. Then the numbers will be so great, we will never get control back. It has happened on the west coast already. God save America, lock the freaking door!

How big will the exodus be of people getting out of the US if BO is President again? 1%? 3%? 5% or more? We ain’t gunna make it much longer!

[Before and after Sandy] Mouse-over photos show contrast between lovely NJ shore and wreckage. Link



Republicans have to change. They can’t ever regain power if they keep drifting away from American values and its new demographic.

[Romney Lost] He can’t blame it on ACORN this time.

[Obama win] You don’t know how close we came to losing our country to radicals whose only thought is of money and getting more of it.



America has spoken. Congratulations Mr. President!

[Blame Sandy] If Obama wins the Republican will blame it on Sandy. If Romney wins the Democrats will blame it on Sandy.

Florida’s still counting. Here we go again!



There aren’t enough old white men to elect Romney.

I have faith again in America. Last night showed us all that you can’t buy an election.

It’s 1:30 AM,  I’m still up watching the post election news shows. Watched Romney give a very gracious and civilized “it’s over” speech.   Now all networks fools are still squabbling, rehashing what was wrong with Romney, doing their post game wrap up, yelling at full volume like it matters any more.

Ok,  here comes the prez & his family now.  His entrance music is a lot of people screaming and the song Signed sealed and delivered I’m yours,  I’m back and not ashamed to cry here I am baby …  

Out of all of it I’m glad for Joe Biden. I did not like the idea of Paul Ryan with his finger in my life. 

Earlier tonight I talked to a long time friend in Manhasset (Long Island). No power, no heat (and they are getting colder now because of the storm). Some restaurants are starting to open, so she and her 91 yr old mom can get a little food. But no gas, so they can’t get to the shelter.  Kind of makes the 6 billion dollar election spectacle look pretty foolish.

Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours

Welcome to black Wednesday.

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Todd Akin got “legitimately” beaten!

Key West Citizen endorses Mitt Romney. It has finally happened. They have finally taken over Key West. I feel shame. The kind of shame that will not wash off and alcohol can not take away. To hell with the editorial board of the citizen. 

[Four more years] You all are dimwitted. I know a lot here support President Obama but I could never, ever, even, think of it. I can tell there are no veterans that said yes to him. It doesn’t matter. I voted which is more than my wife and her toy boy could ever do. I am going to Australia. Another thing they can not do. Makes more sense down there than here. This is not the America I fought for and bled for.



Obama won and I got down on my knees and thanked the Lord.

[Obama Wins] We are so screwed.

Mitt Romney‘s concession speech was just more lies from the Romney camp. He and Paul will be campaigning in Florida first thing tomorrow. 

[The Road to Hell] *Congratulations President Obama on your victory!

*Women enjoy your birth control, abortions & real war on women!
*College grads, try & think of moving back to your old room as a bonding experience. 
*Everybody, especially Obama voters, should spend some time researching “The Project”.
*It’s already been introduced & should be completely implemented by president Obama’s last term.
*Rejoice when ObamaCare, the largest middle class tax hike in history kicks in & we join the ranks of Canadian & European Health Care!
*The door has been kicked open for the government to “Demand” you purchase what they want, or they can/will tax you! 
*Hey Ohio! Obama explained to America “Under my plan Electric Rates Will Necessarily Skyrocket”. Was he only kidding? Guess you’ll find out! You voted for the EPA to revamp all your coal fired electric plants. Some say they’ll just shut down. Rolling brownouts & power outages are in your future. 
*Obama’s win has given him free rein to carry out his big government control agenda. Will his policies shock those who voted for him?  
*Let’s pray to God your elected VP, who can’t remember what F-in’ state he’s in, is never called on in an emergency!
*America enjoy the final stage of what Obama promised to do! To “Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America”. Did you ever think to research “What The Hell That Meant?”
*Obama sure “inherited” one hell of a mess! Will his voters ever demand he stop blaming Bush or do can we expect “4 more years”?

Now that the election is over, “It’s time to come clean on Benghazi Mr. president!”

I fear for the future of the Republic.

Has Sandy saved President Obama? Link


Carl Rove blew it on Fox last night refusing to admit defeat. When exposed he had the gall to claim that he wasn’t a professional. This guy invented spin!

If Romney wins it will be the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it now. If Romney wins get ready for some strange social trends to begin emerging, the way the Moral Majority, Family Values bunch caused to happen when Reagan was elected.   The Religious Right will begin reforming peoples’ ways of thinking about lots of things we take for granted now.  I remember when Reagan came in, all the guys in the plant took down their Playmate pics and Hustler Scratch- and- Sniff posters,  replacing them with pics of their wives and kids.   You got crap if they found out you had HBO cable because it showed R rated movies.  Gals started wearing heavy duty bras again, after shortly before, going braless.  Chicks stopped going topless while running around on boats down here.  You didn’t deserve a good job unless you had kids.  People whom you never thought would fall for it  ate it up.  Interesting times are ahead.

Romney had no plan or position. Just pipe dreams. He just wanted to get elected.


I was so depressed thinking that Romney could buy the election that I couldn’t watch any TV coverage last night and just watched old movies until about ten o’clock when I couldn’t take it any more and had to join my wife in the other room and saw things were looking good for Obama. It was all downhill from there. This morning the first thing I saw on the TV was Obama by 3,000,000 votes! Yeah,America!

No more lies. Do you thing the repbs learned a lesson. I doubt it. The American people are a lot smarter than they thought.

FTR guy, you’re either going to be very happy, or very unhappy, after tonight. Either way, take a few days off,  you deserve the time to celebrate or lick you wounds. You did a yeoman’s job of trying to convince people. And remember, nobody likes a gloating winner or a sore loser.

Deer Ed – back to penny watching. Thanks for all the cool banners and election entertainment.

Romney complained about all Obama’s broken promises, but never mentioned that his party prevented the President from fulfilling those promises. He should blame himself and his Party.


Democrat Elizabeth Warren defeated incumbent GOP Sen. Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. She’s a great lady, I was hoping she won.

[Karl Rove Meltdown] After watching the election from the closing of the first polls to the end it wasn’t until the President won re-election that the funniest thing I have ever seen happening in an election happened. After it was very clear to everyone in the country that our President won Karl Rove melted down on FOX. He went into a rage and to paraphrase his childish behavior he started whining, “Its not over yet, Why are they saying he won when there’s still votes out there”. It was a classic.

I guess it turns out Americans didn’t want their future healthcare plan to be turned into a discount coupon program. It’s time to bury the rhetoric and expect both parties to act like adults and keep this country moving forward.



Obama won and now we need to get rid of Mister Obstructionist, Mitch McConnell, and Obama will be able to get things done. McConnell lead the move to obstruct on day one of Obama’s 2008 victory and hasn’t let up.

[Life Goes On] However it goes, once all the lawyers and re-counts are behind us, we’ll still all be here.  Doing what we do. Some of us still getting by. Some of us still getting over.  But I voted. I showed up, did my part.

[Early Voting] I blame the Republicans for the early voting mess. It’s too confused and not designed to get out the vote.

 From the Right

As I write this, it appears that there is little chance of Mr. Romney winning. In 2008 Mr. Obama won Monroe County by about 2000 votes. In 2012 Obama won Monroe County by only 136 votes.  In the past 4 years Monroe has come a long, long way. Those are the facts. But if we take just a peek behind the numbers we will see that the hard work and dedication of scores of Romney supporters did one hell of a great job. I had hoped for a different outcome, but it just wasn’t to be.  I think that we can agree that the results were razor thin. 

As big a bummer the results are, the Republicans still hold the House, the Democrats hold the Senate, and Obama holds the Presidency. The simple fact is that there has been no change in the balance of power. In a very perverse way, that is a very good thing. Team Obama will not have a clear road to his ultimate goals.  He has no mandate. While a win is a win, but this win most certainly was not a mandate in support of the Obama policies.  The win was accomplished by the skills of the Obama reelection team, not by our nation embracing his political philosophy.  The Obama team successfully painted Romney as being a capitalist monster. It worked. The Democrats won, but it was a hair thin win.

I did not vote for JFK, but I remember the pride and inspiration that this young conservative cop felt when I heard JFK’s inauguration speech. He said: “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.  It is truly sad that that American fundamental is no longer an operative Democrat principle. 

The Republicans will, I hope, continue to guard our Constitution and will continue to battle for fiscal sanity. I hope that the Republican leadership will not compromise on principle for expediency’s sake. The next four years will be difficult, but the American spirit must endure. I had hoped that “FTR”could go fishing, but now there is even more incentive to continue these humble postings. Thanks again to all of you who worked hard for the welfare of our nation.  Thanks for thinking about what you can do for our nation. And thanks for putting the best interests of your kids above taking the easy way.