2012 November

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I need to call my telephone company. I haven’t had any political calls today. Something is wrong!

County doles out iPunishments. Link



Sloan grabbed 115 votes!Link

Blessed are those who can give without remembering And take without forgetting.

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I early voted and it was great, I only waited for about five minutes.  I’m not telling what day or what time I went for obvious reasons.  Next time they ought to increase it back to the way it was at two weeks so more people have more options about when they can go.

[iPod Touch] To the 19th century poster that doesn’t like his iPod Touch, I think this might be a ‘user problem’. There’s zillions of these things out there and we’re all making very productive use out of them for our personal and business lives. Maybe you want to join the 21st century? Otherwise, for a small fee, I’ll take it off your hands – signed, your wife

Tavernier – County officials are not surprised that Hoover Properties LLC is appealing to the state Department of Administrative Hearings after being denied approval to lease its building to the federal government for immigration security purposes. Link 

Old cowboy says, “Give me 3 packets of condoms, please.” Cashier, “Do you need a paper bag with that, sir?” Old cowboy, “Nah, she ain’t that ugly.”

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[Cruises] Just what I want. to go on vacation cooped up with 3000 strangers. Uh, no thanks.

The slide show of the Hurricane Sandy‘s effects in Jersey are just ‘gorgeous’.  If you see the slide show you’ll see what I mean by ‘gorgeous’.  Very classy. Link
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[Fashion Police] I would have voted for Ed Davidson for School Board if he didn’t wear that stupid hat inside. Doesn’t he have manners? Plus it looks too small for his head.

[Save The Airlines] Dump the male flight attendants. No one wanted them in the first place. Replace all the female flight attendants with good-looking strippers! What the hell –they don’t even serve food anymore, so what’s the loss? The strippers would at least triple the alcohol sales and get a ‘party atmosphere’ going in the cabin. And, of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again, hoping to see naked women. Because of the tips, female flight attendants wouldn’t need a salary, thus saving even more money. I suspect tips would be so good that we could charge the women for working the plane and have them kick back 20% of the tips, including lap dances and ‘special services.’

Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing naked women. Hijackings would come to a screeching halt, and the airline industry would see record revenues.

Feds reverse their position and keep commercial yellowtail harvest open. Link



The world will end in 44 days on December 21st. Max out your credit cards and have fun until then.

Could the KW Citizen actually take money from gay/ LTG businesses and buy Rush Limbaugh ad space for his column in the paper. We must vacate the editorial board. 

I have an awful affliction. I can’t go anywhere or watch a movie without observing the woodwork and tile layout and every other friggen’ detail of construction. 

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[Lease of Mole Pier at Truman Annex, NAS Key West] The Department of the Navy (Navy), through Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NAVFAC SE) Asset Management Business Line, requests an expression of interest from prospective entities (developers, contractors, teams, consortiums, joint ventures, etc.) capable of leasing, operating port operations on, managing (to include financial accounting), permitting, planning, repairing,  protecting, and maintaining the Outer Mole Pier in a manner compatible with and supportive of Naval Air Station (NAS) Key West’s mission and operations.


The Outer Mole Pier is approximately 800 feet with one berth and a minimum water depth of 37 feet. Parking and transportation access on Navy property is limited. The Outer Mole Pier is currently leased to the City ofKey Westand that lease is scheduled to expire on June 30, 2013.  The Mole Pier is currently utilized for cruise ship berthing by the City ofKey West.

The Navy seeks to gather information from and gain a better understanding of the questions and concerns of potential participants. The Navy will use information received to this Request For Information (RFI) in determining whether to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the out-lease of the Outer Mole Pier, and if so, to develop the content for the RFP.  If the Navy proceeds with an RFP, it will evaluate the responses and may select a “highest ranked offeror” with whom to negotiate the final terms of the lease transaction and execute the appropriate lease documents.

It is anticipated that a lease would be competed and granted under authority of 10 USC § 2667, authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to out-lease non-excess real property for a term of no longer than 20 years in exchange for at least fair market value to be paid to the Navy in cash or in-kind services.

To obtain more information regarding this notice, please visit the Federal Business Opportunities website at and enter in solicitation number: N6945012RMOLE.  The requested response date is Nov. 30.

GMO update. Link

I guess the drums I herd last night were coming from DC and not the jungle. (Ed: I know it’s racist, but I had this great graphic.)

Oh, my God “two free roaming cats“!  The blackguard!  Off with his head.  He obviously doesn’t deserve to live.

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[Crooks] Some low life SOB stole all five of my crab traps sometime this week.  They were in Pine Channel, near the refuge office.  If one is gone, I figure it just got cut off and I can’t find it.  When all five are gone, that’s just a scumbag thief.

[US Department of Agriculture Cover up]   An employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture,  stepped out of his truck near a ravine inNevadaand found an animal he hadn’t intended to kill.   There, strangled in a neck snare, was one of the most majestic birds inAmerica, a federally protected golden eagle. He called his supervisor and said, “I just caught a golden eagle and it’s dead.”   His supervisor said, “Did anyone see it?”  The employee said, ” I don’t think so.”  The supervisor replied back, “If you think nobody saw it, go get a shovel and bury it and don’t say anything to anybody.”

Monroe’s results arranged in order of which races got the most votes. Also included is how many people did not vote. Interestingly 6,191 more people voted for the Pres than the school board 3.  More people voted for Amendment 2 than any other amendment. The true number of possible registered voters is never known, because the Elections office only includes the number of active voters. So the numbers not voting could really be higher, if it included the inactives.













us sen








A2 Vet Combat Inj Prop Tax Disc




st rep 120




us rep  26




st atty




elec supvr




A6 Public Fund Abortions & Rights








A9 Surviving Spouse Hm Prop Tax Exempt




A11 Add Hmstd. Exempt Low-Income Sr.




A8 Religious Freedom




st sen 39




A3 StGov Rev Limit




A10 Tang Personal Prop Tax Exempt




Ref FKAA Board Elected Positions




bug bd 3




Ref Ext One Cent Infs Sales Tax




A5 State Courts




bug bd 1




A4 Prop Tax Limits




school 2




A12 Appt SB Pres to Bd of Govs St Univ Sys




A1 Health Care Serv




school 3




In case you Missed Mitt’s concession speech. I like the part where he says, “Ann would have been a great first lady ” Video

I thought Romney‘s concession speech was concise, direct, sincere, and from the heart. Only a little late to roll that out in the campaign?

Romney/Ryan: Government for the corporations and the wealthy. Obama/Biden: Government by the people and for the people.



FTR said, “I did not vote for JFK, but I remember the pride and inspiration that this young conservative cop felt when I heard JFK’s inauguration speech. He said, ‘ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’ It is truly sad that that American fundamental is no longer an operative Democrat principle.

Hey FTR, as a retired US Marine, I did for my country what I needed to do for it. I kept Romney and Co. out of the White House.

[Right Wing Un-American] Donald Trump is calling for revolution. Can someone remind him what happens to rich loudmouths in a revolution?

Thanks to FTR guy and all the other right wing nut job spin doctors for secretly voting for Obama. We know you did it only to have something to piss and moan about for the next 4 years. 

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Obama should take a long vacation because the out of touch Republicans will continue to thwart progress for America,



Republicans for Obama. Link

What is a Mitt Romney? A type of knot An old time-y cocktail A weird sex position The back seat on a canoe That feeling where you can’t remember someone’s name The scientific name for a towel rod A dance An infomercial product for baseball gloves A Native American tribe Some kind of acronym A cookbook for people who can’t read The official name of pencil sharpener cranks A magic trick When poop is on a stick A belted coin sorter A type of French fries A nickname for soup A cul-de-sac with two entrances An actor from the 1940s who specialized in playing butlers and detectives A method for arranging small rifles The national currency of New Zealand A short-lived spinoff of “Mama’s Family” What they call a meatball sub in California A type of artificial chocolate When one man compliments another man’s hat Howard Stern’s first sidekick Finance jargon A slur against paraplegic Eskimos A rotten tangerine A shade of green not found in nature Debunked rumor about the mating habits of fleas A book that is neither hardcover nor paperback A carnival ride Definitely not a president

Now the obstruction can continue. The Republicans will never learn.

Latino groups to Obama: You owe us the election, now pass immigration reform! The national exit poll estimated that about 10 percent of those who voted in the presidential election identified as Hispanic, marking Latinos’ highest-ever share of the electorate.

Latinos backed Obama over challenger Mitt Romney a resounding 71 to 27 percent. Of course we’ll never know exactly how many votes were cast illegally because voter ID is discriminatory, but who the hell really cares? Besides everyone should be rewarded for breaking the law, pissing on the Constitution, then as you zip up your pants demand citizenship. God Bless America! 

 A peek into the perverse mind of a far left Liberal. MSNBC’s “Obama gives me tingles up my leg” Chris Matthews Thanks Hurricane Sandy! “I’m so glad we had that storm last week. ‘Cause I think the storm was one of those things. No. Politically, I should say. Not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.” Wow! Is this guy something or what? Liberals sure do have such a way with words, don’t they?

Visual politics. Hey victims of Hurricane Sandy! It’s been reported that your praise of Obama’s & Christie’s fast relief actions & the presidential photo shoot gave the president a big voting boost. You were so enthusiastic you even voted in droves for president Obama to reward him.

But since then all you’ve been doing is bitchin’ & moanin’ on TV there’s been no government help yet, no electric, it’s cold, windy, rainy, snowy & a new storm is upon you! Just keep repeating “my government is coming”, “my government is coming to help me like I helped them”.

It seems Americans did understand that even though the progress we are seeing seems slow it is progress. We woke up this morning and we didnt wake up communist or Socialist. We didnt turn into an Islamic country and yes American Football wasnt replaced with soccer or another Euro sport. My job didnt go away and yes Jeep still isnt closing down plants to move jobs to China it is instead adding thousands of employees to build jeeps here.Citizens will still have pre existing medical issues covered and our young Americans can still stay a bit longer on their parents insurance so they can get a bit more fiscally ahead. Donald Trump can disappear for awhile and stop showboating and the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is still getting closer. Americas natural gas industry is still booming and American manufacturing is getting stronger as time passes. Im sure we will still read the chicken little sets tales of doom and gloom but they have always been around and always will be. The Tea Party may now pass on the same as the Hippies of the 60s and the Grey Panthers.

 The President not only ended up winning the electorial college but he also ended up winning the populat vote. That speaks volumes.

Well done Mr. President and im sure as we move forward the anti Obama cool guys will still rage on everyday as being mad everything is a hard habit to break. GOD bless America. By the way to the poster that said no American veterans could have voted for our President. Youre wrong I am a veteran and was proud to support our President.

The election is over and it is time for all Americans to come together to help solve the problems of the Country.  I think that we should all send in an extra $5k to the IRS to help balance the Federal Budget and reduce the National Debt.  What do you say, fellow Citizens?

How long will it be, before we start to see the “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him” bumper stickers?

 Donald Trump is calling for revolution and no one is arresting him. If a Black man said that Homeland Security would be on his ass in a heartbeat! Two Americas, one for the rich and the other one.

The Dems won and I suspect they will probably win a lot more down the road, a Democratic Republic was a unique experiment but seems to be pretty well playing itself out after a little over 200 Yr’s. I believe the U.S. was an anomaly due to its unique discovery and being able to be settled ,mostly by a pretty well civilized and sophisticated group of individuals whom by constructing a highly thought out and moralistic set of laws and a magnificent constitution they were able to keep the nature of mankind at bay for close to two centuries, a remarkable feat indeed, eventually the incessant nature of man with all its inherent leanings and tendencies has worn down the fabric that made our country the greatest bastion of freedom in the history of planet earth. I by no means believe that this country will sink into obscurity, but that its greatness as an example for the rest of mankind to follow has been greatly diminished as we continue our decent into mediocrity.

Roseanne Barr got more than 8,000 votes in Fla. Link

[Pinocchio Awards] Well, the final poll is out. The question asked was, “Who were the most slanted, misleading, hate filled, Pinocchio pundits or candidates throughout the election cycle?” MSNBC and Fox News ended in a fifth place tie. In fourth place was Donald Trump. In a tie for second place, Obama and Romney were neck and neck. And way out in front, in first place, going away, was our own FTR.

Now, FTR you claim you’re intending to continue your daily harangue against the President. As I felt your ego grow as Deer Ed gave you premium space (on the bottom) and your argument that your slanted facts were fact-based. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you were not just an angry old fart, but that you believed in the Republican way and wanted to oust Obama. If you continue, you are just an angry old fart who really doesn’t belong down here. Get over it. Go to the beach. Take your wife out to dinner. Quit wasting your remaining time on this planet. The US will survive.

Boy the grapes sure were sour yesterday.


The Republican Party is the 21st century version of “The Flat Earth Society”.

If the Republicans weren’t so out of touch with mainstream Americans they would have won this election. They should have won this election. Obama was so vulnerable that almost any real American could have beaten him. I see Right wingers as old white men who wish they could be in some redneck Militia and carry a gun and shoot things. Just a historical note: The Nazi Party was a right wing party.


FTR Guy, thank you for the black wreath. I felt like hanging one on my gate. Keep up the good work, the country is changing and not for the better. Obama luck is our misfortune. Now you know why they call us stupid Americans.


[FTR amnesia] Republicans guarding the constitution? As I recall prez Cheney and his veep “W” kind of trashed parts of it. Fiscal responsibility? Who started two “credit card” wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and didn’t even have medical facilities ready for all the casualties? How about no bid contracts for Cheney’s cronies at Halliburton and the subsidiaries. I’m sure I am wrong, but it won’t be the first time!

[Old White Man] Congratulations to everyone who ran and won. I didn’t vote for all of you. In some cases I voted for your opponent. I did vote for Obama/Biden and thankfully, they won. I am, by the way, of the demographic the pundits say wouldn’t vote for Obama/Biden. I’m almost 70, still working full time and loving it, and of the Caucasian persuasion. 

Oh no! Romney is defeated and FTR is still going to post! Give it a rest. Better yet, try to find a life. Not only was Romney defeated along with his right wing henchman Ryan, pretty much the entire right wing agenda went down with them. Gay marriage was approved in 4 states. Never again can those idiots at NOM claim that the people have never voted for gay marriage. My personal friend (lesbian) Tammy Baldwin was elected to the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin and several other gay people around the country, at least, have been elected to Congress. The Repubs failed in their attempt to take both houses. The recreational use of Mary Jane was approved in Colorado and Washington. The right winger gender morons lost and helped take Romney with them. Sorry FTR, there just aren’t enough old white men in the country who are also right wingers. I am an old white man, 61, but not a right winger. As for another comment that Vets didn’t vote for Obama, bullshit. I was in Nam you freaking clown. I was in the embassy for the fall of Saigon on the roof with the Marines cutting down the antennas and satellite dishes so the helicopters could land. Now push your wrinkled, ugly, stupid, fat ass away from the computer and go get a clue.

Akin and Murdock got legitimately raped at the polls. Link


Right wing lunatic, nut job, and Tea Party puppet, Allen West just can’t believe he lost election to a second term. He is crying foul, but the only thing foul is him. Notice how he seemed to disappear from the Romney campaign after a couple of appearances? Hey West, good riddance!

[“I had hoped that ‘FTR‘ could go fishing, but now there is even more incentive to continue these humble postings.“] Really? if you’re doing this for us, please do go fishing.  If you are doing it for yourself, just keep a diary. Enough with the cynicism and negativism already.

[Obama] I guess now that he had to work so hard these last few months that he will need a two week golfing vacation in either Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard. Hopefully he can then get down to finally accomplishing something in his final four years.

 From the Right

Yesterday’s CT posting that read “There aren’t enough old white men to elect Romney” is really ironic on a number of different levels. First: the chances are that the author is not yet an old white (wo)man. The irony is that when (and if) the author accomplishes the universal goal of being old, old hood will be a very different state that it is today. Today we Olde Farts (OF) enjoy Social Security and Medicare. The first SS payments were in 1940. Then there were more than a dozen workers paying to support each OF SS recipient.  Today, that’s changed, now there are only about 3 workers supporting each SS recipient.

That’s not good, but things will soon get worse, much worse. The Baby Boomers are now reaching retirement age, and soon vast numbers of them will retire. That irrefutable fact will literally explode the numbers of OF’s sucking on the teat of SS. What will happen when one worker is paying for the retirement of one or more SS recipients?  It won’t be pretty.  The system will certainly crash. There will have to be massive and painful changes. We will have to cut benefits, change eligibility, means test, and adopt other draconian measures. Payroll taxes will skyrocket, or perhaps we will get sane and figure out a way to invest the payroll taxes. We all know that the Reps are anxious to repair and revitalize SS and Medicare, but the Dems refuse.  They keep donkey kicking the can down the road. The tragic thing is that the Dems are donkey kicking their own base the hardest. The next two years are going to be a riotAlice.

Then there is the very touchy issue of race.  Caucasoid Americans are culturally forbidden to muse about race. So doing incites damning accusations of racism. Nonetheless it’s out there.  It’s likely that most of the CT community is neither of Hispanic descent nor of African descent. As far as I know there is only one who is of Aboriginal American descent. Nonetheless, I’d bet money, marble or chalk that nearly all the Caucasoid members of our CT community ignore the race of candidates when making their voting decisions. We never hear of a block of white voters who are committed to voting only for whites. There is no evidence that such a group exists.  Certainly there are nut cases out there like the various neo Nazi groups, but those groups are universally condemned by rational people.  And yet, routinely, we hear of block voting by Latin Americans or American Africans. Hells bells they brag about it.

About 70% of Latinos favored Obama (it’s highly likely that the remaining 30% are Republicans of Cuban heritage, but that’s another story about socialism and Castro). 95%+/- of Blacks voted for Obama in ’08 and ’12. Among Whites the Romney/Obama vote was split about 50/50 when white males and white females were averaged. What it boils down to is Whites are more likely to choose a candidate based on purely political considerations, but there is strong evidence that Latinos and Blacks permit the race or ethnicity of the candidate to be a factor in their political decision making.  And so, saying that “There aren’t enough old white men to elect Romney” is correct. It’s shameful, it’s sad, but it’s correct. 

Perhaps someday we can live in an America that actually walks the walk urged on us by Dr. Martin Luther King in his ’63 I Have a Dream speech.  Dr. King said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  Half a century later, in domr(?) circles, block voting based on race or ethnicity is a laudable and accepted concept. Dr. King’s dream is unfulfilled.

Part 2) NBC has a fascinating article that is headlined “Boehner Extends Olive Branch on ‘Fiscal Cliff” –and so the dance begins. Link