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More Americans have received pardons from Trump than stimulus checks.
Trump golfs in Florida as COVID relief hangs in the balance. Link
Another reason many become ill after a plane flight? “Random measurements taken inside airplanes in flight reveal dangerous EMF radiation, sometimes exceeding 50 milligauss (mG). Compare that to the amount that the Environmental Protection Agency deems safe: 0.5 to 2.5 mG. That’s 20 to 100 times the “safe” exposure. A 3.5-hour flight at altitudes of 30,000 feet or higher can expose someone to a greater level of radiation than a chest X-ray. If that is not scary enough, consider that the proximity and interaction with the earth’s surface helps determine our protection from man-made EMFs. The further we get away from it, the less protection we receive. Flying at 30,000 feet offers us absolutely no protection and severely interrupts our natural synchronicity with the earth’s healing energy field. This is the worst-case scenario with regard to our well-being: high, concentrated doses of EMFs with zero EMF protection
I heard NBC report that Trump does not want to sign the Covid Relief Bill, with the implication that he was not sympathetic to the extreme financial straits of people who have been put out of work by the mandated restrictions. That is highly misleading! Trump spoke from the White House in a video that probably few saw, explaining why he did not want to sign the bill offering $600 checks to Americans but $1800 to illegal aliens and 5 out of 6 dollars in the bill going to other than covid relief. As reported on the American Military News website: “It really is a disgrace,” the president said, adding, “It’s called the COVID relief bill, but it has almost nothing to do with COVID.”
During the video, Trump shed light on the staggering amount of money allocated for foreign assistance, including $135 million going to Burma, $85 million to Cambodia, $1.4 billion for the “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act,” $130 million to Nepal, $1.3 million to Egypt, $453 million to Ukraine, $25 million to Pakistan and $500 million to Israel.
“The bill also allows stimulus checks for the family members of illegal aliens, allowing them to get up to $1,800 each. This is far more than the Americans are given,” the president stated. “Despite all of this wasteful spending, and much more, the $900 billion package provides hardworking taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments, and not enough money is given to small businesses, and in particular restaurants, whose owners have suffered.”
In addition to foreign aid, Trump lamented the millions set to go to cultural and arts centers, including $26.4 million to the Kennedy Center, $1 billion to the Smithsonian, $154 million to the National Art Gallery and $14 million to the Woodrow Wilson Center. The president noted that most of these facilities “aren’t even open” amid COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.
Remember that it was Trump that demanded $2,000-4,000 for taxpayer households. He just opposes the included waste. As Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted. “If you’re an American citizen who has been laid off for 10 months you get $600 but if you’re a gender studies program in Pakistan you get $10,000,000. The people who are supposed to represent you actually hate you.”
“Catholic, only because parents were” The reason so few convert is that they ‘condone’ pedophilia, if not outright, but by their rules of forgiveness the worst that can happen to them is getting transferred to a new church with a new batch of unsuspecting children.
… the man the founders dreaded entered the high office they created—and proceeded to abuse the office in just the ways they feared.
Trump’s superpower is his absolute shamelessness. This level of corruption in American life is unprecedented.

To put things in perspective…. the photo. Besides hydroxychloroquine, intravenous vitamin C is highly effective against corona virus (and cancer!), as are high doses of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

Donald Trump’s first term was characterized by theft, lies, corruption, and the incitement of violence. A second term would spell the end of American democracy and Republicans love it. They all agree with him and that’s frightening to us real patriots, not the gun-toting kind.


The Conspiracy Party are still looking for missing Trump votes.

Joe Biden, take your “let’s be united” and stop lying.
At what point does a country achieve herd immunity? What portion of the population must acquire resistance to the coronavirus, either through infection or vaccination, in order for the disease to fade away and life to return to normal? Since the start of the pandemic, the figure that many epidemiologists have offered has been 60 to 70 percent. That range is still cited by the World Health Organization and is often repeated during discussions of the future course of the disease. Although it is impossible to know with certainty what the limit will be until we reach it and transmission stops, having a good estimate is important: It gives Americans a sense of when we can hope to breathe freely again. Recently, a figure to whom millions of Americans look for guidance — Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, an adviser to both the Trump administration and the incoming Biden administration — has begun incrementally raising his herd-immunity estimate. In a telephone interview the next day, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts. He is doing so, he said, partly based on new science, and partly on his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks.
The conspirators say they don’t fear Covid because it hasn’t killed enough people to worry about it. Nothing was done to slow down or prevent the seasonal flu. If we did nothing like Trump would like, the death toll would be astronomical. No one took seasonal flu serious, but most people of the world do take it serious.
Here’s a crazy idea for all you Republicans: Instead of cheating and rigging everything to stay in power, why don’t you actually try to govern and support policies that America wants and needs? Then people will…wait for it…VOTE FOR YOU.  It’s an idea so crazy it might work.
Just what has Trump done? built a wall? buy Greenland? sell Puerto Rico? inject bleach? Divide this once great nation? Encourage racial divide? Ignore the poor?
If Trump had a mental breakdown how would we be able to tell?
Now the madman wants to seize voting machines and declare martial law.  He just can’t understand that most Americans don’t want him. He really can’t.
The Conspiracy Party is preparing for war. June gun sales were the highest in history for a single month at 3.9 million. Fortunately, there is no ammo available. Unfortunately, the Conspiracy Partiers are paranoid and have stockpiled millions of rounds.
Trump administration political appointees tried to block or change more than a dozen government reports that detailed scientific findings about the spread of the coronavirus, a House panel investigating the alleged interference said Monday. Link
“So Joe Biden wins, again! I wonder if Donald Trump is tired of all the winning.” ~Dan Rather
It’s been 4 years of a very bad reality show.
Trump’s Mar-a-Lago neighbors have initiated legal action to prevent him from living there once he leaves the White House. When you’re too big an asshole for Florida, you’re too big an asshole! They threw him out of NYC, maybe they should do the same in Florida.
It amazes me that so many believe the continually broadcast media lie that there was no fraud in this last election. The proof is overwhelming if one is open minded enough to actually view any of it. Various judiciary have refused to even hear the evidence. The election is a coup attempt on our republic but is being painted as all about Trump. Here are some points to consider:
Witness testimony accounts for upwards of 90% of evidence in evidentiary hearings.
No election contest in American history prior to 2020 has had 923 citizens stake their personal freedom on sworn testimony to attest to irregularities and legal issues.
When an election lawsuit is dismissed, it is blocked from having an evidentiary hearing, thus preventing the evidence from being presented in a court of law. So if any excuse can be found for a dismissal (standing, Laches, etc.) then the evidence is not reviewed and people are falsely told by media that none exists. Well here is a partial list of 1,335 items of evidence https://hereistheevidence.com/ , plus the forensics report on Dominion voting equipment by Allied Security has been released with a conclusion that they intentionally corrupted the election. If this fraud and coup is allowed to continue we may as well start our Chinese lessons.
The World Bank’s COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program documents, marked “For Official Use Only,” identify the Bank’s COVID-19 program as ending in March 2025, so be prepared for the restrictions to continue. (read page 1 of 60). The program’s start date was April 2020.
And why were Covid-19 test kits available in 2017, years before the virus was named by WHO?
The documents are linked here: Link
Like Al Gore, President Trump is entitled to each remedy offered by the U. S. Constitution.
Will we ever know just how dangerous Trump was? Link
OSHA specialty experts on PPEs and respirators (industrial hygienists) say the general public should absolutely NOT be wearing a mask! They say the masks protects nobody and actually serve to increase the transmission of disease. Furthermore they are very unhealthy. NIOSH studies show that a mask increases the strain on the entire cardio pulmonary system and in testing have caused heart attacks. It is actually illegal per OSHA in many cases to wear a mask for an extended period, and medical fitness to wear one must be evaluated first. This is a superb interview with two OSHA experts that discuss the dangers in detail. There are also CO2 testing videos of an 11 year old boy wearing a manufactured and a homemade cloth mask. Link
Trump lies and ten of his followers trail behind trying to explain his lie as truth.
I can’t believe how stupid people can be. There is a world threatening plague killing thousands and what do disbelievers do, they go about their lives and business like they are immune to it. Maybe God put this virus here to weed out the stupid and useless. Now some bureaucrats demand you get stuck in the arm with some weird juice they cannot prove will kill off this virus. It is no wonder the people who can think wonder if there is more to this bull shit than is being told to us. Scared? Sure I am scared. Without proof that this stuff works should I take the chance? My kids can wait until we see what happens to whom!

From the very British Medical Journal: The more mask, the more infection risk

A strange thing is happening inside the Conspiracy Party. They believe anything that refutes democracy and truth. As a matter of fact, they believe anything that isn’t true. That in itself is scary. I’m afraid of them, as it seems violence is their go-to remedy for anyone with opposing opinions
The Conspiracy Party is filled with former Republicans who don’t agree with Trump but are afraid of this wrath so they let our country disintegrate.
I swear these groups seems like a giant FBI sting operation being run on the worlds dumbest people. The Proud Boys is a far right/ neo fascist  and male-only.  The group believes men and Western culture are under siege their views having elements of the white genocide conspiracy theory . And the leader of this group is, Enrique Tarrio,who identifies as Afro-Cuban. “Q” the leader of QAnon turns out to be a pig farmer from the Philippines who also ran several Japanese porn sites on the internet.  And my favorite is the one that you have to give your Social security number and a copy of your drivers license to become a member. Parler,  a social network. Parler has a significant user base of trump’s supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorist, and right-wing extremists.
One theory I’ve read is that Trump is pushing this fake legal challenge to the election as a fundraising tool; he needs to pay off his campaign debt AND personal debt, so why not get the rubes to pay for it like they did for the wall that never got built? The grift is eternal.
Trump followers have the same blind faith as that of the Hitler Youth. Whatever he says they believe as gospel without that information passing through their brains
The Conspiracy Party has eclipsed the once honorable Republican Party. They should be ashamed.
Is Nikki Grossman-Orr related to Broward County’s Nikki Grossman? If she learned her mother’s craft well – those from Broward know of what I speak. From Fantasy Fest to China Virus “coordinator” – from costumes and fantasy to straight up fakery. Keep Key West and the Florida Keys GREEN! OPEN UP.
SCARY THOUGHT: If trump had a mental breakdown, nobody would ever know it.


Watch a 19,958 vote switch happen during recorded TV election coverage. (not quite an even 20,000 vote switch that would be more noticeable) Video

I verified with a local clinic that Pfizer’s new Covid vaccine must be kept at minus 95 degrees F (being -70 C) to preserve efficacy, and they may not be able to offer it due to current lack of that capability. Reportedly, it is the use of experimental nanotech components that requires such extremely low temperatures for stability. Personally, I am more concerned with the vaccine danger than the Covid danger, but you can fear whatever you wish. There is lots more you should know before you roll up your sleeve, and this article highlights things you can either confirm elsewhere or choose to believe the drug companies’ assurances of absolute safety. Link
US Constitution is not suspended for Thanksgiving!
State Rep. Mark Baisley said in a letter that the celebration of Thanksgiving serves as “a national day of remembrance for the remarkable story that gave rise to liberty on this continent.”.
“It is important for Americans to realize, in spite of their good intentions, neither a Governor, a President-elect, nor I as your State Representative have the constitutional authority to restrict the number of family members who gather in your home,”
“You have a constitutionally guaranteed right of assembly and association, specifically protected in the First Amendment.”
Baisley added later: “America has been through many other tough times and medical epidemics (smallpox, yellow fever, Spanish flu, cholera, and so forth), and the Constitution is not suspended because of a pandemic.”
Baisley pointed to the Supreme Court affirming in 1866 that the Constitution “covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances.” Link
Why do Trumpers embrace every bit of bad news, but totally ignore good news no matter how much proof is offered. They believe a bs website no one has ever heard of, but won’t find credible national newspapers that have won multiple Pulitzer Prizes? because those trusted newspapers don’t agree with their version of imagined enemies and fear.
Pretty ironic that trump is sending teams of lawyers all over the country looking for election fraud, and it was Lindsey Graham right there under his balls the whole time.
Lindsey Graham’s Alleged Attempt to Toss Georgia Ballots Is Felony Election Fraud. If he weren’t a senator, Graham might be facing years in prison, according to legal experts in Georgia. Link
Ammo now is over a dollar a round since this administration of fear took control of our minds. You can’t even buy .38 special and .45 rounds. They are all sold out.
Crooks are attracted to Trump like flies. 5 of his closest crooks are in jail (or pardoned) and now Lindsey Graham. This administration can’t even spell ethics? Ha ha



He’s still there even after so many want him gone. What kind of Democracy is he running?
This doctor, Pierre Kory,  has advised Ivermectin over and over.  Thirty different studies have proven that Covid-19 can be STOPPED.  The CDC has insisted on a new medicine, rather than this medicine which won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015. Anymore Covid-19 deaths are needless deaths.    The NIH would not allow a repurposed drug! Ivermectin – If you take it, you will NOT get sick.   It is life saving and preventive.  It is a miraculous drug. Link

Trump is like the Friday 13th movies where Jason won’t die, he keep getting up and just as scary.

Attorney Sidney Powell revealed she has evidence showing that fake ballots printed in China were transported across the U.S.-Mexico border. This statement is consistent with a previous claim by a Chinese insider, who exposed that the printing plant involved was located in China’s Guangdong Province
We’ve recounted Presidential votes a bunch of times.  I’d like to see a recount of Senate votes in Kentucky and South Carolina.
Ok, elections over. He lost, other one won. Done, finished, now let’s get our great country back on track. God Bless America.
Pennsylvania GOP state lawmakers seek to withdraw certification of election results in lawsuit. Link
The men behind QAnon. Now this is too damn funny! All the trumpanzee’s who thought “Q” of QAnon was some high ranking government official with super intelligence clearance just got a shock. “Q” as it turns out is pig farmer from the Philippines who also ran several Japanese porn sites on the internet with his son. What a bunch of “suckers and losers”. Link
Trump is xenophobic and a liar. He admires authoritarian rulers, lacks self-control and is an inciter of division in our country. He serves his own self-interest to the point of complete indifference to anyone, including his supporters, as his Covid-19 response and self-dealing clearly demonstrate
Wednesday sow 3100 Americans dye from Covid. What does Trump do? He makes a 47 minute fantasy video “proving” the election was rigged.
MAR-A-LAGO-VILLE – Parody | Don Caron with The Freedom Toast. Video
Everything you buy is more expensive because of trump’s tariffs. Make America Expensive.
Voter Fraud video
“This election was the most secure and monitored election in history. Democracy is on the rise!” I love your sarcasm.
How come only the looser thinks the election was rigged.
In the Politics section of Tuesday’s CT (a section that many overlook), there was a posting with an inactive link that included the quote from an ex-Army cyber security analyst: “the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.” The story is available on numerous news websites, including Link
The next step for a melomaniac is delusion and then paranoia.  
On “Civil Disobedience”: In Norton v. Shelby County (1886) it was noted: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
Thus, if the consent of the governed is removed, say, for a national mask mandate or an onerous tax bill or a violation of the First Amendment — i.e., banning gatherings for Thanksgiving or other peaceful gathering — why should the populace continue to follow such violations of the Constitution? An excellent case in point involves Robby Dinero, a gym-owner in New York City who not only defied a violation of his First Amendment rights by opening his gym, but also ripped up a ticket imposing a $15,000 fine. No violence, but his message of civil disobedience is quite clear: he will not conform to a draconian edict from Governor Andrew Cuomo, as it should be. Indeed, as a free people, Americans are correct to protest anything that impinges on their Creator-granted liberties or violates the Bill of Rights or the U.S. Constitution. Any laws that are unfair, immoral, or unconstitutional should be protested to the hilt because to obey such laws or acts indicates moral turpitude of the government. Thus, to ignore such laws or acts would reveal the abandonment of our responsibility as Americans to pass our rights and freedoms on to the next generation. That, in and of itself, is intolerable. Link
Clinton made us want to be faithful
Bush made us want to be smarter
Obama made us want to be better
Trump made us want to be Canadian

Somewhere there’s a piano missing its bench and a village missing its idiot.


So the Milwaukee recount that the Trump campaign paid $3 million for ended up giving Biden 132 additional votes? To recap, Donald Trump just paid $22,727.27 per newly discovered Joe Biden votes.
If this was “the most secure election in the history of the US” then we are in real trouble! Lawsuits filed in Georgia and Michigan to have their recent elections voided cite findings by a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence and purport to show that “the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.”
The analyst said that they scanned Dominion network nodes and found a number of interrelationships with foreign entities, including access to Dominion’s server by a network from Hunan, China. Another forensic review confirmed links to an Iranian IP address, the analyst wrote, and concluded that the totality of “these scanning behaviors showed that foreign agents of aggressor nations had access to US voter lists, and had done so recently.”
The analyst said the findings represent a “complete failure” on the part of Dominion to provide “basic cyber security.”
You will probably not get this information on CNN or the NY Times, but some newspapers report all the news after verifying it. You will find disturbing affiliations and network communications with Dominion and Edison voting systems in the 17 page PDF file link to a court document in this article: (Ed: Link n.g.)
Have you noticed that the group that in 2016 that was screaming “You lost, get over it” and “F**k your feelings” sure has turned into a bunch Whiny little bitches.
The mainstream news continues to claim there is no evidence of election fraud, but I found a site that gathers it for your perusal:. There are duplications, but just look at the long list!
Some are hilarious, although criminal. (eg.: June Aiken rises from dead, shows up to cast ballot for Joe Biden) Link
Look for Trump pardoning those who know about his crimes. “LOCK HIM UP!”
Do you think DT should be invited to Biden’s inauguration?
One thing I really don’t understand is if Republicans have strong evidence of electoral fraud, why hasn’t it been given to Trump’s lawyers? And if it has been given to them, why have 36 out of 38 of Trump ‘s lawyers’ cases been dismissed in court? Is it not strong enough?
Get ready for more Republican lies. The vaccine is coming, but not without Republican conspiracy theories and lies. Like their other lies the Republicans won’t have a germ of truth in their new campaign against science. What a bunch of weirdos
Waldeep Singh did admit in a small Palm Beach County FL election that the software switched votes from one candidate to another – the hand recount changed the winner, as linked above in the Palm Beach Post newspaper report. It was standard audit so they were surprised that DVS/Sequoia software source still exists. Link
Trump’s coronavirus chief urges Americans to gather for ‘their last Thanksgiving’. They might have had a few more years, but now they’re gone, along with 3 uncles & a teen-age nephew. Oh well, at least they enjoyed their last Thanksgiving, & now our Christmas shopping list is shorter.

This is the “OJ in the Bronco” stage of trump’s presidency.

Trump got beat again in voter court for the umpteenth time. This time the judge reamed trump’s lawyers for wasting everyone’s time.
Former Republican Candidate Alleges Hard Evidence of Corruption in US Election System. Link
Republicans (sore losers) continually show examples of voter fraud from questionable websites, but when they go to court they get yelled at for wasting the court’s time. Like his presidency, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Trump achieved nothing. He only divided the nation and caused prices to skyrocket. Where’s the Wall? Or a greater America? Ha ha, nothing!
Calling all patriots: Get rid of Trump and end this nightmare. Bring this traitor to justice and re-establish our democracy. Under his reign democracy is in great peril and the sooner we can get rid of him and his lies, the country can be reunited. Get rid of this separatist megalomaniac and get him out of our political lives.
What has Trump actually done that actually helped the American family? I can’t think of anything. Has he made us greater or just promoted hate in order to divide us

Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Says Election Results Ready To Overturn.A member of the President’s legal team reaffirmed the fight to defend “free and fair” elections is not over. During an interview on Sunday, attorney Sidney Powell said election results in multiple states are “getting ready to overturn.” She cited an overwhelming amount of evidence the President’s legal team has received concerning voter fraud and irregularities.

She specifically noted a member of Joe Biden’s team is also on the board of directors for a software company behind the flawed Dominion voting systems. Powell said the software, dubbed Smartmatic, was designed for the sole purpose of shifting voting results
Trump’s vote rigging–without any evidence—is just more of his smoke and mirrors.
Trump’s latest conspiracy is election rigging, but how come only fringe websites are carrying the non-existing “evidence”?
I can’t write any more about Trump. How can so many Americans not notice his megalomania has overtaken his reason? 
Has anyone ever noticed that Trump is mentally disables, or is it just me?
The TV newscasters will smugly tell you that there is no evidence of election fraud, but the numbers tell a very different story:
Pennsylvania had 500,000 more votes than people registered.
North Carolina had 500,000 more votes than people registered.
Nevada had 150,000 more votes than people registered.
Georgia had 100,000 more votes than people registered.
DHS (Homeland Security), which printed the ballots, embedded radioactive isotopes and watermarks onto the legal ballots. A quick scan can pick up the identifying features to validate the vote.
This could be a way to authenticate the 138,000 mysterious ballots that showed up in Michigan Wednesday morning after state officials called an end to the count and said it would resume later in the morning. In fact the counting started up again only an hour later with the addition of the new cache of votes.
However, this ballot authentication cannot occur until after a state officially calls their results, so we are still waiting. Link
When computers cheat, they leave evidence.
Voting equipment software has intentionally manipulated the actual votes in what is called a “Weighted Race” feature that has been documented since at least 2001 in all of the voting machine software. As a precinct is more heavily Republican for example, the software switches a heavier percentage of Republican votes to the Democratic candidate. The algorithm’s operation becomes apparent when the party affiliation is plotted against the votes reported by the software. Heavily credentialed Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D and two other software engineers, programmers & data analysts demonstrate the election software algorithm evidence in a number of Michigan Counties in a video that carefully explains the workings. In the county where election officials noticed that the machines were not accurate, they went to a manual count and the graphs from that county do not show the very obvious and very linear anomaly created by the Weighted Race feature in other counties. The video is over an hour long but presents very conclusive evidence of the Weighted Race feature tampering with the vote in Michigan, and presumably everywhere. Worse, some states such as Massachusetts defy federal law and destroy the scanned ballot images right after the election count instead of preserving them for 22 days. We need to drastically modify election procedures and safeguards for the future. And possibly toss this last election completely since a manual recount would take too long and evidence has been destroyed.
Conspiracy people’s problem is that they can’t tell reality from fantasy. Everything that is negative they treat as fact and are highly suspicious every fact if it is positive.
On Nov. 3, long-time evangelical pastor and big-time Trump supporter Rev. Irvin Baxter Jr. died of complications from COVID-19. Based in Plano, Texas, his ministry announced his death at the age of 75. Baxter, a televangelist who appeared on End of the Age syndicated television and radio program and founded Endtime Ministries, preached an apocalyptic-brand of Pentecostal Christianity that has been practiced in the United States since the early 1900s. Baxter had been hospitalized for two weeks before succumbing to the virus. A couple of months ago, on The Jim Bakker Show, while they sold “Pandemic Bundle” DVD books about the end of times, Irving Baxter Jr. explained his thoughts on COVID-19 that he had been “thinking about … the sin of fornication.” According to something he read in the “encyclopedia,” only 5% of new U.S. brides were virgins, meaning that the rest were guilty of fornication. He went on to explain that this may be a “wake-up call” from God. “This coronavirus may be a privilege.”
We have a good reason for Happy Hour tonight.  L’chaim! But there ain’t no joy in Mudville now that the mighty Twerp has struck out.
Trump is gone! Now, if we can just get him to leave. Link
The troll is still refusing to leave the Whitehouse. I think when its time for him to go they should fumigate it & he could choose to leave or stay. Either way, fumigating is not a bad idea.

Have you noticed the asshole’s mouth even looks like an asshole?

Very Catchy Tune! Commie Kamala………with Video
Trump’s Concession speech. Complicated by inability to spell concession.
Like Trump, Napoleon was flabbergasted and became delusional when the people of France removed him. He couldn’t believe they “fired” him, the greatest man to ever have lived!
If that white haired mutant did win The Chair, I’m out of the Keys for good, because I cannot live in an area full of communists and losers!
Trump said the stock market would crash if Biden was elected. Yesterday it went up 800 points! Thank you, President Biden.
The whistle-blowers are coming out reporting election frauds. Postal workers ordered to collect ballots mailed well after election day for hand stamping with Nov 3 postmark. Poll observers not allowed to witness vote counting. Biden ballots being intentionally scanned twice. Pre-marked ballots found with only Biden selected, and no other candidates marked. What matters most? “It is not who votes, but who counts the votes” Link
Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, there is strong evidence of fraud in this recent election. Mathematicians have evaluated a few areas for statistical anomalies and found the same evidence that busted election fraud in Iran. The Epoch Times may be the only newspaper that reports fairly and accurately. Below is a link to their report on the statistical analyses and some specific instances of obviously untrustworthy reporting. For examples, in Pennsylvania nearly 10,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump’s count at around 9 p.m. on Nov. 4, then around 9 a.m. on Nov. 6, more than 27,000 votes were added to the count, nearly all of them to Biden. In Michigan, around 5 a.m. on Nov. 4, 138,339 votes were added to Biden, but zero to Trump. How can that not raise suspicion in an otherwise close race? Link
11/3/20 Election Day! A day that will live in infamy.
We Tried This. It Was Bad. Let’s Not Do This Anymore. Link
Tariffs are a tax paid by US consumers.130 Percent of Trump’s China-Tariff Revenue Is Now Going to Angry Farmers. Link
It’s impossible to say how many lives were lost to Covid-19 because of Trump’s lying about it.
Trump ruled by lies, fear and division.

In a lab in Wuhan China the Chinese Communist government engineered a Virus that was released on the world specifically designed to create Panic and turmoil on the rest of the world primarily the Western world. The fact that it would impact the Chinese people was immaterial to the Chinese Government as their respect for Human Life had been illustrated over the centuries. In releasing the biological attacks on the West they have succeed beyond their expectations. The west (Europe) is totally Locked Down it’s economy is in tatters. In the USA has taken a serious hit. Our economy is crippled, sections  of the country are in turmoil and our government is totally not able to get a handle on it. Everybody is affected but nobody has the balls to admit that we are under Attack by the Communist Government and are interested in doing anything about it. The Bible alluded to the fact that the yellow race would rule the world before the apocalypse and the Chinese Communist Government it trying to accomplish it with their Biological Attacks on the West. 
From M/sgt. Eugene Nanay, US Army (Retired)

The scary thing is that even if he loses, the damage will continue.  Those who vote for him will still be with us, openly hating and disrupting our lives.
We Tried This. It Was Bad. Let’s Not Do This Anymore. Link
Interested in a Trump Car Parade on Saturday?  Saturday, October 31, 2020. The lower Key’s meeting place is the fire station (and Circle K) on Big Coppitt @ 10:45. The car parade will leave there at 11 and head to Marathon (K-mart parking lot) along U.S. 1. to join Trump supporters waving banners and flags from 11:30 – on. The upper Key’s car rally will also go to Marathon where everyone will meet up.
The orange guy will be elected. Reason and love have been replaced by hate and division. I was in the gun store on Big Pine and the 6 people in there told lies and hate for a half hour and spread conspiracy theories with impunity. They all had guns about their wastes. They were totally paranoid. (Democrats will disband the military and police). They all had grey auras and emitted gloom and terror and fear. They had targets of democrat leaders for us to shoot at. There was so much hate in that room I had to get out. That is why he’ll be re-elected. Every bit of hate they spewed was a lie. I’m not kidding. It was like a different planet. They definitely listen to different news than we do. I can’t repeat the garbage they spewed — all totally baseless. Everything is a conspiracy and nothing is real unless it spreads hate. Democracy is doomed. I haven’t watched the news for over a week it upsets me so much to lose my country and it’s decency.
The WHO leader’s coronavirus death rate number of 3.4% was false and we proved this in our post at the time. The Gateway Pundit reported, that the coronavirus fatality rate reported by the liberal mainstream media was completely inaccurate and the actual rate more typical to a seasonal flu. Link
CDC now says 131,000 deaths labeled as Covid-19 deaths, in fact were terminally ill before Covid. Hospitals were given bonuses for Covid-19 deaths. 94% of all deaths previously listed as Covid-19 Deaths were from other causes.The media has ignored this evidence. Link
Check out the crowds for Trump rallies! …….and it’s COLD in Nebraska! Link  Link
Florida’s Governor DeSantis wants SAFE communities.   September 21, 2020 Link
The Epoch Times reports that 11 states are preparing to sue Big Tech for censoring content to slant public opinion.
Being violated and mind control seems to be the new norm in America and across the world. But there are good folks out there who will not simply take whatever our would-be controllers want. People are speaking up and they are getting ready to sue.
Item: Whistleblower reveals Google’s “Hate Speech Committee” which appears to control the algorithms that delete what the committee considers to be “objectionable” materials. It has been revealed that half the members of the committee are mainland Chinese Nationals and therefore individuals who are subject to Chinese Communist Party control or influence. Get that: half of the committee that control what you can find on Google are foreign nationals from a totalitarian state. Learn more here: www.punchgoogle.com — expect litigation and support it at the noted link.
Item: Another group of hundreds of people banned from Facebook and YouTube have banned together under the Inglorious Patriots label, pledging to be plaintiffs in litigation against Social Media Censorship.
Item: Gmail (a division of Google) just censored an email about vaccine truth sent to Dr. Rima.
This election is between good and evil and the future of democracy.
This is very powerful….I only wish every Catholic Bishop/priest in American would listen to this 4 minute lesson on abortion…and then act! Fr. Altman is a priest from La Crosse, Wisconsin who received national attention for saying that you cannot be a Catholic and vote Democrat. Now, he re-iterates that message by reminding not only Catholics but Christians of all kinds that killing innocent human babies must be considered a top voting priority this election season. What a hero Fr. Altman is! Lord bless Father Altman! Video
Retail Increase. You can thank CHYNA – that’s right – the land that brought us the CCPCORONA VIRUS otherwise known as Kung Flu makes most of the crap we buy. They not only screwed us on PPE but the supply of crap we buy is dwindling – the shelves in the Walmart stores up here on the Outer Banks have big bare spots on them. FYI, it’s about to get worse.
If Trump can’t protect himself, his family and his close associates how is he going to protect you?
President Trump: “Nothing is more powerful than God!” Video
Thousands died because of his lies. “A reckless disregard of human life” The definition of manslaughter in several states.
Here are the 10,535 pages of Obama Care condensed to 4 simple sentences. As humorous as it sounds…..every last word is absolutely TRUE! In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the insured. Next, we require the newly un-insured to be re-insured.To re-insure the newly un-insured, they are required to pay extra charges to be re-insured. The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became un-insured, and then became re-insured, can pay enough extra so that the original un-insured can be insured, ‘free-of-charge’ to them.This, ladies and gentlemen, is called “redistribution of wealth” or, by its more common name, SOCIALISM, or “PROGRESSIVE”, the politically correct names for COMMUNISM.
Tuesday someone wrote why Republicans are against healthcare for all, thinking that people wanted it for free. He’s totally wrong. I’d explain it to him, but if he wasn’t able to understand how we suggest paying for it, the many times it has been explained, he still won’t be able to understand how to fund it under any circumstances. Folks like him only want us to buy expensive insurance from the big insurance companies and they never offer an alternative because they don’t want one. Dump Trump and don’t support insurance companies who are ripping us off.


10 page section of NY Times telling us why Trump is very bad for America.

{COVID crybaby} What will happen if America does crash; and into what kind of place?
This is why America is where we’re at. I bet they’re out of toilet paper and Ragu already and their kids are miserable protesters. Time to ponyup cowboys, you were not given this life in America, you were blessed – a winner in the ovarian lottery according to Warren Buffet. You never guaranteed an easy life – so you got three choices:
1) Keep livin’ like you’re livin’ and do nothing – but don’t bitch afterwards.
2) Start to prep for hard times and be ready to learn new skills – be ready to eat what you catch and grow after the food and water you store runs out.
3) Curl up in the fetal position and pretend you’re one of the angry generation who wonder why they get run over when they stand in front of someone like #2.
Biden  September 16th –  what you did not see on TV.    I agree with the comments below the video.  Was he fed every word through that earpiece during the debate? Link
A piece of aluminum foil just blew across my yard just now, and all I can think is that there’s a trumpanzee out there somewhere without their protective headgear.
What’s more scary than Trump is that his people really believe all conspiracies no matter what they are as long as they involve hate and violence and socialism.
There No Such Thing As A FREE Lunch. Somebody HAS To PAY. Some people feel that they’re Entitled to FREE Healthcare. That’s Bullshit. Why should you expect me to PAY For Yours. I worked for 55 years and now at 81 I’m still paying for my healthcare, they’re taking money from my pension to pay for my healthcare. All my life I’ve paid my way. When I was 10 years old I asked my mom to buy Levi’s cause all my friends wore Levi’s and I was stuck with Robucks. My mom looked me in the eye and said, “Get a JOB”, so I went and got a job delivering the Chicago Tribune. So my point is, if you expect me to pay for your healthcare you’ve a bitch.
Trump is like a bag of hot air. He puffs and billows and spews nothing but fear and division.
History is a set of lies agreed upon. ~Bonaparte & Trump
Trump is the Mohammed of the west. Both are supported by fanaticism in place of love and reason.
If you trust Donald Trump’s understanding of infectious diseases more than Dr. Fauci’s, the human species will be stronger without you.
Because nothing says “I’m an American patriot who cares about America” like threatening to leave the country if you lose an election.
At this site, scroll down for other videos. Trump enthusiasm is GREAT!
Sunday the NY Times had a special 10-page full section on why Trump must go. They covered everything! I’ve never seen anything like that before. If you read it you’d weep for our country.
Trump’s new NAFTA deal is almost identical to Clinton’s. What’s the fuss?He pulled out of the Iran deal. Now they are making weapons grade nuclear shit.
He pulled out of China trade agreements so now we pay about 10% more for their goods.
He thinks by calling Covid-19 the China Flu it releases him from responsibility for his failures.
He pulled out of the Oslo accord because clean air and water interfere with coal and oil profits.
His deal with North Korea was a sham (His deals are all shams. Just more hot air) They just announced building the largest warhead so far.
He pulled out of the World Health Organization during a pandemic.
He is canceling Obamacare because he doesn’t want us to have cheap insurance or anything with Obama’s name on it.
He allowed cars to burn more fuel.
About 7,000 Attend the Macon, Georgia, Rally. Friday, October 16, 2020
Riots, disease, hate, militia, conspiracies, junk science, protests, lies, half-truths, historic unemployment, disloyalty, 5 close associates jailed, unprecedented business closings, no wall, children separated from parents, no leadership, putting people’s lives at risk. Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago? Is this Trump’s idea of American greatness?
There No Such Thing As A FREE Lunch. Somebody HAS To PAY. Some people feel that they’re Entitled to FREE Healthcare. That’s Bullshit. Why should you expect me to PAY For Yours. I worked for 55 years and now at 81 I’m still paying for my healthcare, they’re taking money from my pension to pay for my healthcare. All my life I’ve paid my way. When I was 10 years old I asked my mom to buy Levi’s cause all my friends wore Levi’s and I was stuck with Robucks. My mom looked me in the eye and said, “Get a JOB”, so I went and got a job delivering the Chicago Tribune. So my point is, if you expect me to pay for your healthcare you’ve a bitch.
He has delusions of adequacy.
“Paper towels needed in Aisle 1 to mop up Trump’s stupid remarks aimed at Puerto Ricans.” Donald Trump has demanded Puerto Ricans vote for him, despite the island’s residents not being able to cast a ballot in the presidential election. Mr Trump courted Puerto Rican voters during part of his Make America Great Again rally in Florida on Monday, his first since catching Covid-19. “I’m not gonna say the best, but I’m just about the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico. You better vote for me, Puerto Rico,” boasted the president. None of the island’s 3.2 million US citizens has a vote in a presidential election, nor do those in the four other US territories of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and the US Virgin Islands. Your reminder that Orange Agolf Shitler tried to sell Puerto Rico in exchange for Greenland, blamed Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria, let over 3,000 Americans die here and threw paper towels at their heads to help with flood waters. This Puerto Rican tells him to go fuck himself
Joe Biden Can’t Remember Mitt Romney’s Name…Refers to Him As “Senator who’s a Mormon”.
If Trump is so tough on terrorism, why did the Taliban endorse him…? “We hope he will win the election,” Zabihullah Mujahid told CBS News. He’s the spokesman for the Taliban.
Under this president, our country has only 4% of the world’s population, but 20% of the world’s deaths. He has not only failed to protect us from COVID-19, but now his legal team is petitioning the Supreme Court to end the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and allow insurance companies to once again refuse to insure people with pre-existing condition. Did you know 93% of the people who have died in Florida from COVID-19 were over 55 years old? As someone in that age group, do you feel this government has your health care at heart?
“Government (DARPA) funded Implantable Biochip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets by 2021.”
Implanting microchips in people to track them used to be something that only appeared in futuristic movies. Unfortunately, the future is now. The so-called Testing, Reaching & Contacting Everyone Act, or TRACE Act (H.R. 6666),has been presented to pay for these insidious “biochips.” H.R. 6666 also creates a Stasi-style police force with power to enter your home to “conduct testing,” “contact tracing,” and “related activities,” for “other purposes” to separate those who test positive (or refuse to comply) from loved ones. A watchdog group called MintPress News discovered DARPA’s move to institutionalize these implantable biochips by 2021. “Once firmly implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this substrate, unleashing a nightmare of possibilities. It is, perhaps, the first true step towards full-on transhumanism; a “philosophy” that is in vogue with many powerful and influential people, such as Google’s Ray Kurzweil and Eric Schmidt and whose proponents see the fusion of technology and biology as an inevitable consequence of human progress.”
NBC’s Savannah Guthrie is horribly disrespectful. She interrupted President Trump in every answer he was giving. Link
What is Mr Trump’s offering? Money, fear and hate over decency. Money will win every time as American has lost its way.
Militias are nothing more than American terrorists anxious to kill Americans they disagree with over no one particular issue except liberalism versus their fascism. The play at patriotism while waiting to kill Americans with their weapons of war
Trump is selling fear. All dictators and despots sell fear. That’s all they’ve got
Donald Trump has always been a game show kind of guy, so it’s maybe not a surprise that his first public rally after his hospitalization for COVID-19 symptoms turned into a game show itself, of sorts.Do you like prizes, kids? Do like prizes enough to listen to Donald Trump talk? Do you like prizes enough to risk your life during a deadly pandemic to listen to Donald Trump talk? Well then, you are in luck! Because conservative weirdo Candace Owens is handing out free travel and lodging to anyone willing to put on an oversized blue T-shirt and risk pandemic death on the White House’s South Lawn
Some asshole snowbird brought his hate to Geranium Street in Eden Pines along with his R/V. I can’t imagine hanging that filthy poster where children and widows can see it. I hope I never hate Americans as much as they do. How much hate do they have to disrespect opposing opinions with such blatant hate. Imagine posting those words in public. How terrible are those people.
I heard that The Villages, a hotbed of Trumpsters in northwestern Florida, is now beginning to shift to Biden. I guess those old folks are seeing the likelihood of losing their health care & social security. Maybe their 3-wheelers too.
On Saturday morning, former governor and expert on how to torture people who stutter, Chris Christie, announced that he was leaving Morristown Medical Center after being hospitalized for seven nights. Combined with Donald Trump’s release from Walter Reed Medical Center Monday evening, it seems that COVID-19 can bypass even people with highly evident co-morbidities, given that those people are given inordinate levels of medical care and mass doses of experimental drugs that are unavailable to ordinary Americans. Or … does it? Link
Where Do You Want to Live: Red State or Blue State? Video
WHO Official Urges Halt to Lockdowns as Primary CCP Virus Control Method. Link
Friday there was a video of Trump at one of his Contamination Rallies where he, an infected man, was handing out campaign material that he just touched. Of course, he wasn’t wearing a mask either.
Trump campaign intern shot dead in Denver. Link
Mayne, the guys involved in the kidnap plot involving the Michigan governor aren’t so “right wing” after all.  At least one of the group, Brian Caserta is a genuine anarchist.  He’s posted a number of video with an Antifa flag on the wall behind him where he rails about government or all type and refers to the Declaration of Independence as an “anarchist document” and the Constitution as a a”slave document”. Video


“There’s my African-Am .. I mean Amish supporter … y’know, the one with the…uh… cell phone.”

Don’t cry for me (I broke my promise, won’t keep my distance). Link
The National Politics page will not change even one vote, but it sure feels good to be able to vent my frustration as to how far our nation has fallen since Trump’s hate-filled reign.


Melania Trump just released a photo and said she is doing very well after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Trump’s answer to the record-breaking forest fires was to remove the fuel. In other words, clear the forest floor and trim away deadwood. Who knows what he thinks as I doubt he’s ever been in a forest? Has he?
Six people were charged in plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer and start a civil war – democracy being the enemy. This is one of the hate groups favored by Trump. Who wants to bet he never mentions it and doesn’t condemn the terrorists.
What did the president learn from getting Covid? Nothing.
Rush Limbaugh gave President Trump his radio show for a “virtual rally” tomorrow, from 12:05 – 3 PM,  Friday, October 9th. You can call in with questions at 1-800-282-2882. If you don’t have a talk radio station near, you can listen on your computer, or device at Link
You can also go to rushlimbaugh.com or the Rush Limbaugh Facebook page to post your questions of the president
Recently I started turning on the TV as soon as I get up. I’m so afraid Trump is going to do something horrible like start a war or something to divert from his declining poll numbers. He’s crazy enough.
It was impossible to miss how Kamala Harris misrepresented history. Harris claimed at the VP debate that Abraham Lincoln refused to nominate a candidate for Chief Justice in October 1864 because “Honest Abe said, it’s not the right thing to do” and wanted the people to vote first. Lincoln, of course, said no such thing. He sent no nominee to the Senate in October 1864 because the Senate was out of session until December. He sent a nominee the day after the session began, and Salmon P. Chase was confirmed the same day. And Lincoln wanted to dangle the nomination before Chase and several other potential candidates because he wanted them to campaign for him. Lincoln’s priority was winning the election, which was necessary to win the war — and he filled the vacancy at the first possible instant. Kamala Harris is simply inventing history. Link
Republicans live in a nightmarish world where every conspiracy theory is real.
Climate Change Is Here: It’s Going To Get Cooler, Says NASA. Link
There is a fine line between attending a Trump rally and assisted suicide.
Mental disability. Getting Corona virus is a “Blessing from God.” Quotes Trump.
The trouble with Republicans is that they hate socialism but don’t understand democracy.
Trump called his infection a “Blessing from God”. Ask the 210,000 dead people in the country if they feel blessed. Trump is deranged.
Breaking news! Donald Trumpanzee is still at Walter Reed medical center! While a Russian body double has infiltrated the White House.
There is NO report of total deaths (by all causes) for 2019.  Are they still fudging the numbers?   How is it possible to report U.S. Covid-19 deaths every hour of every day this year? Latest stats are for 2018: In 2018, a total of 2,839,205 resident deaths were registered in the United States—25,702 more deaths than in 2017. From 2017 to 2018, the age-adjusted death rate for the total population decreased 1.1%, and life expectancy at birth increased 0.1 year. Link
Women bark like dogs against Trump supporters. Link
The ‘Elites’ Are Using The COVID-19 Pandemic to Serving Their Agendas by Creating Hoaxes Around The Virus. If The Public Doesn’t Catch on, America is Doomed. Link
I hate Trump but I did listen to a speech he gave recently, and I became a fan! I haven’t heard such a dynamic speaker in a very long time. I can see why he’s so popular. The problem was that I started researching the claims he made and they were all wrong or exaggerated and have little resemblance to the truth. So I hate him again. Don’t listen or watch him. Read what he says and you will have an entirely different opinion of his mental state.
Trump is losing in the polls. National polls show Biden ahead by 10-11%. Americans have stopped drinking his flavor of Kool-Aid.
I heard some baloney about Trump lowering drug prices. Yea, which ones? That is baloney. The drugs I just bough cost the same ($353). Maybe he only lowered the price of one or two that he takes?
America is at risk. It’s not the virus that’s the problem, it’s Trump who is trying to destroy democracy, stifle the press, divide the nation, support hate groups and in bed with our enemy Vladimir Putin. He’s even been impeached by congress. What’s not to like about him? Disease, high unemployment, staggering business closings, riots in the streets, hate groups killing protesters, cops murdering Black men. Under his hateful leadership America is the most dangerous country in the world where virus deaths are the worst in the world because he chose to lie about it and pretend the country is ok so he could get reelected. He even coined a phrase for his lies—alternate truths. Is this the country we fought for? Trump’s fascistic followers are ready to attack patriotic citizens, arm sales are through the roof because his militias and white supremacists are buying all the guns and ammunition they can. Make America great again—Dump Trump!!!
Trump tried to get the FDA to approve a vaccine 2 months earlier omitting a very important time period to observe side effects of which there will be some. He is not satisfied that his lies and misdirection has already cost over 200,000 American lives. The only thing that matters to him is getting elected.
Did you see Colbert last night? He said that one of the drugs given Trump can cause a burning anus. And of course he made jokes about it. But that wasn’t necessary because we already know that Trump is a Flaming Asshole!
Gen. McInerny – We Got Pelosi’s Laptop. Video
Very powerful video by Rush Limbaugh.  “Support Our American Heroes”. Video
Trump’s only job was to protect Americans and he failed miserably. He ignored the danger we face. He failed in an emergency. He left protecting Americans to the states because he didn’t know what to do. 200,100 dead on his watch. Who is he going to blame now?
Whenever a Democrat wants to do something to benefit all the people and not only business the Trumpers cry “Socialism”.
Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a Trumper? You can’t. They are so brainwashed by Trump continually repeating his lies, over and over, that they believe his conspiracy theories. They are not interested in fact only the fear that Trump told them would happen if he got rejected by the people. That’s what brainwashing is. Trumpers must learn to give peace a chance. What they fear is not going to happen. There are enough of us traditional Democrats who will speak up and vote against them and their policies just like America used to be before Trump made it ‘great’ again (for you fanatics, that was sarcasm).
It’s true that Whites without college degrees overwhelmingly voted for Trump? Makes sense.
Who Is Susan Rosenberg? Bill Clinton commuted her sentence on his last day in office. He did not pardon her, but everyone including Democrats said it was wrong. She came from a wealthy family. Mom and dad were both very successful. Who Is Susan Rosenberg?”Originally from New York City, Rosenberg was an active member of several revolutionary left-wing groups and movements during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.In November 1984, she was arrested in Cherry Hill, New Jersey after police said she and an associate, Timothy Blunk, were found transferring 740 pounds of explosives, an Uzi submachine gun, an M-14 rifle, a rifle with a telescopic sight, a sawed-off shotgun, three 9-millimeter handguns and boxes of ammunition from a car into a storage locker.  Rosenberg was tried and convicted on the following charges: “Conspiracy to possess unregistered firearms, receiving firearms and explosives shipped in interstate commerce while a fugitive, and unlawfully using false identification documents …; possession of unregistered destructive devices, possession of unregistered firearms (two counts) …; carrying explosives during commission of a felony … ; possession with intent to unlawfully use false identification documents…; false representation of Social Security number, possession of counterfeit Social Security cards.” And who runs the fund raising for “Black Lives Matter”? None other than Susan Rosenberg? Link
The linked video is nearly an hour long but well worth watching. It highlights numerous studies on the wearing of masks for the prevention of disease. It might surprise you to discover that wearing a mask is more likely to destroy your health and even the health of those near you than wearing none. Yet the mainstream is encouraging people to wear a mask while having sex? Picture a fuzzy French kiss? About half way through the video it talks of cognitive bias and why people ignore or outright reject facts that do not align with their current views. Link
I just can’t stand the lies any longer. They lie about anything that might give the American people hope. Why? They lie about the President’s health. They lie about his treatment. They lie about the virus. Why?
President Trump was in the limousine waving to Trump Supporters. Link
If you watched the first presidential debate you might be entitled to compensation.
How do we confirm he actually tested positive? We are taking information from a known, repeated liar who also gets others to lie on his behalf. Could be a way for him to dominate the headlines….Not to sound cynical here…
“We have things happening that look like they’re miracles coming down from God.” Conley said Trump had received a first dose of a five-day course of Remdesivir, an intravenous antiviral drug sold by Gilead Sciences Inc. that has been shown to shorten hospital stays for CCP virus patients. He is also taking an experimental treatment, Regeneron’s REGN-COV2—one of several experimental COVID-19 drugs known as monoclonal antibodies—as well as zinc, Vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and aspirin, Conley has said. Link
That moment when someone says, “I can’t believe you would vote for Trump” I simply reply “I’m not voting for Trump.” I’m voting for the First Amendment and freedom of speech. I’m voting for the Second Amendment and my right to defend my life and my family. I’m voting for the next Supreme Court Justice to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m voting for the continued growth of my retirement 401K and the stock market. I’m voting for a return of our troops from foreign countries and the end to America’s involvement in foreign conflicts. I’m voting for the Electoral College & the Republic in which we live. I’m voting for the Police to be respected and to ensure Law & Order. I’m voting for the continued appointment of Federal Judges who respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m voting for our jobs to remain in America and not be outsourced all over again to China, Mexico and other foreign countries. I’m voting for secure borders and legal immigration. I’m voting for the Military & the Veterans who fought for this Country who gave the American people their freedoms. I’m voting for the unborn babies that have a right to live. I’m voting for continued peace progress in the middle east and in support of Israel. I’m voting to fight against human/child trafficking. I’m voting for Freedom of Religion. I’m voting for the American Flag that is disrespected by the Democratic Party. I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion & not be censored. I’m not just voting for one person, I’m voting for the future of my Country. I’m voting for my children and my grandchildren to ensure their freedoms and their future. What are you voting for?
Trump’s lies and denial of the severity of the pandemic have cost thousands of lives and unnecessary suffering.  Where’s his leadership in this time of crisis? That’s what we need instead of his falsehoods and denial that cause death. 1,000 Americans a day die because of him. Republicans don’t seem to care saying there aren’t enough deaths. There should be as many as the 1918 flu pandemic, they say, for them to take precautions. This is the kind of person Trump attracts. No morals, no honor, no American values.
Instead of keeping our country great he’s divided it! Under Trump’s reign we have rioting in the streets, pandemic (he lied about it) killing people, out-of-control fires out west, protests, hate, bigotry, armed militias thirsting for American blood, the highest unemployment rate on record, trying to silence the media, astronomical national debt, revoking our health care with no plan to help us, letting police kill Black people without consequence, His dreadful treatment of immigrant families, separating the children and putting them in cages, and the spread of His fears and imaginary conspiracies. The lasting mark of his presidency will be His lies and half-truths. So much hate. It’s really hard for patriots like us to see this country falling down so far in only 4 years and it’s because of Him. Remember that 5 of his closest crooks are in jail.
This is from a police officer that worked a local trump rally last night. Speaks volumes.
I attended the President’s rally in Newport News, yesterday. Not like I wanted to though, I was deployed there in my official capacity. Got the word late Thursday night, and answered the call. I’m exceptionally thankful for this experience because I got to see oil and water, SIDE BY SIDE. Literally a few feet apart. I’m now even more absolutely certain that I support the correct side. I’d like to tell anyone that wants to hear it, what I saw. http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=34809
I have been voting for president for more than 50 years and there have been presidents and presidential candidates I liked, some I disliked and contests in which I have had to hold my nose and vote. However, I have never had the thought that a President or Candidate would try to bring down our country rather than accept defeat, until Donald Trump.  I really cannot figure out how anyone can endorse his behavior.
New York City to Send Out Nearly 100,000 New Mail-In Ballots After Error.
The biggest threat to democracy is President Trump. https://www.theepochtimes.com/new-york-city-to-send-out-nearly-100000-new-mail-in-ballots-after-error_3521811.html
Trump, first lady test positive for coronavirus. https://www.washingtonpost.com/
Trump boasted he made insulin so cheap ‘it’s like water.’ Americans with diabetes beg to differ.
Karma. Trump has Covid-19. Let’s see how he denies it now.
What Downtown Portland, Oregon Looks Like Right Now. Link
$420,000,000 is the amount owed by Trump to mysterious lenders who he is obliged to do their bidding for or he will have to pay back the loan. If he does their bidding, they’ll probably let him slide on repayment.
Our disappointment and disillusionment with the recent actions of the NBA­ including the owners, coaches and players of the Utah Jazz-are almost beyond expression. We have been stunned to see the entire Jazz team kneeling during the playing of our county’s national anthem.” You might cheer when you read what this company. SME Steel Contractors, Inc is  doing about it.    We ALL should! Utah Jazz re Suite at Vivint Arena
On March 26, 2020, at a peak of the coronavirus pandemic and in the midst of the lockdown, Microsoft was granted a patent by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Patent WO 060606 declares that “Human Body Activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system….”Dr. Carrie Madej revealed in presentations that nano technology currently exists that can enable detailed biosensing, DNA changes, and mind control via wifi by simply injecting “nanobots” into the body and activating them. Will the public embrace the technology as a way to monitor one’s own heart rate, etc on a smartphone, or will it be slipped into a mandatory vaccine? I am beginning to see how a world of zombies is created.
More thoughts on the Coronavirus: People keep freaking out because the case numbers keep rising.  Well, think about it for a  minute.  Since virtually no one is ever removed from the list, the case numbers will NEVER go down — only up. But, you say, “our numbers are the highest in the world!”  The reality is that we are the third most populous country in the world.  We are also testing at a much higher level than anyone else in the world.  In a nutshell, the more tests, the more cases. “Our level of positive cases is over 5%!  That means that one in every five people have the disease.”  Nope, you’re looking at what is caused a “skewed sample”.  The vast majority of the people being tested fall into one of several groups:  1.  People who are exhibiting symptoms of the disease.  2.  People who are asymptomatic, but think they have the disease and want confirmation.  3.  Those who have been or think they have been exposed to the disease.  4.  People who are employed in occupations with a high risk of exposure. Most folks who are not in one of the above categories, the vast majority of the population, feel little obligation to get tested and consequently are not used in the calculation of the positivity rate. That’s not to say people should not take precautions and behave in ways so as to minimize the spread of the disease, but shifting into panic mode, as the media seems to support and that so many people seem have done, probably is not warranted.
If rioting in the streets, protests, unemployment, disease, lies, hate and division is Trump’s idea of greatness, I’ll take the old America.
Trump’s latest un-American activity is to ignore the results of the election in order to stay in power.
There is absolutely no reason that we should still be wearing masks everywhere except for compliance. When will it stop? When the fearful sheeple realize this was a bio-attack using a lab created chimeric virus for which there is no cure. You are correct, we must move forward and live with it. Ever notice: People have quit wearing gloves – no worse for the no wear. No one is afraid to get take out food prepped by a guy you don’t know, yeah it’s so communicable. (not) People are still partying with their friends – no one is dropping dead. The same folks that walk around in fear without ChinaFlu in their lives are living in fear with it in their lives.
Trump supporters are more scared of pretend socialism than actual fascism.
I listened to Trump speak at his rally last night and I must say it was one of the most stirring speeches I’ve ever heard. If only he was telling the truth and not there to promote fear and hate. His performance was exceptional. I now see why his followers are so fanatical. There’s never been anyone like him before. BT Barnum, Hitler, and Napoleon come to mind when comparing the effect of this man and the fanaticism he evokes.
Another interesting Coronavirus fact. People keep getting into a panic because the case numbers keep rising,  Well, duh, of course they will keep going up. We keep testing people and as a result there are always more and more positive cases.  Since no one ever comes off the list, the number of positive cases will always go up.  The number will never come down.
Let’s find out once and for all if Trump is a Republican or an American? He doesn’t believe in our democracy, elections, security apparatus, peaceful, transition of power, majority rule. He certainly does not believe in love one another!
Donald Trump has pledged to overturn Roe v. Wade and overturn the Affordable Care Act. Trump’s support for anti-choice is most apparent in his attack on Obamacare (ACA), which he is claiming is unconstitutional. His administration is currently making a case to the Supreme Court to eliminate the ACA and its protection for those with pre-existing conditions.
Trump’s health plan for us all: “2 more weeks.” He started saying that 4 years ago and still says it to this day. Why Republicans don’t want healthcare for all Americans boggles the mind.
If the Supreme Court balance becomes overwhelmingly stacked with right wing religious advocates, interpretations of the constitution will favor eliminating a woman’s right to choose (Row v. Wade), ending health care for 23 million citizens (Affordable Care Act, “ACA”), empowering religious-based discrimination (Hobby Lobby), and sustaining a gun-friendly interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. This will take us back to a 1950s version of the United States, though 75% of our citizens do not agree with a 1950s view of America. The Republican party has accomplished this with a religiously immoral “ends justifies the means” approach to governing that is the hallmark of communism and dictatorships.
Trump keeps lying about everything because he knows Americans are basically against his faulty ideas. If he tells the truth he’ll be in trouble.
D for Dumb J. Trump mails in his vote but says if you mail in your//////////// vote it won’t count. He thinks because he called his mail in vote an “absentee” ballot it’s different than our mail in ballots and is treated differently by the mailman.
Trump is the first president to question the election results even before people started voting. He is the destroyer of democracy.
Many of these divisive statements about President Trump are coming from the Vote For Biden-Harris Progressive-Socialist manifesto being pushed by A.O.C. and Bernie Sanders as they begin their control of the Democratic Party.

A group of private local supporters of President Trump, have for the last few months, been placing ads in the local weekly, The Barometer. Apparently, the success of the local Trump supporting boat parade in Pine Channel was too much good P.R. for the left leaning paper.  We have been informed that no more Pro Trump adds will be allowed through.

President @realDonaldTrump announced that he will sign an Executive Order establishing a commission to promote patriotic education.


I used to walk through the New York forests a lot. I remember having to jump aside to avoid getting singed by all the exploding trees.

Imagine if Obama had said or done anything Trump has said or done? The Republicans would be jumping out of their seats in disgust. How have the Republicans lost their moral compass and are able to condone all of Trump’s hate, lies and divisiveness? Has the world gone mad?
This seems appropriate to a Biden commercial. Wikipedia says Black Mask (Roman Sionis) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics that debuted in Batman #386 (August, 1985). He is commonly depicted as a brutal and ruthless crime lord in Gotham City who has a fixation with masks and derives sadistic pleasure from the act of torture.
Attorney General, William Barr Calls CCP Virus Lockdowns ‘Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties’ Since Slavery. Link
In over 50 years, when you get down to it, little has changed.   Black Lives Matter is a George Soros funded organization of admitted socialist trained organizers. The liberals in our great country are attempting to lead us into socialism and totalitarian communism.
What candidate lies, surrounds himself with crooks and ignores the lower classes?
Politicians have gone to wearing a black mask. Is there a reason? I searched for “significance of black mask”. The Urban Dictionary says it is a term for a SWAT Team member. As in “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” My next hit was not specific to a black mask, but was still informative:
Mask mandates are not for health protection. Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO health emergencies program said at a media briefing:
“There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly.” The site further observes: “It does not take a Robert Langdon from DaVicinci Code to realize that the mask is a powerful symbol. A person wearing a mask is a startling sight that affects us on a visceral level. It instantly triggers our deeply-rooted fear of illness and death. It unconsciously raises our brain’s stress and anxiety levels while alerting us of impending danger. Each masked face is a reminder that things are not normal, that we should be afraid, and that we are still looking for outside forces to save us.
On a human level, the mask dehumanizes the people around us. How can we relate and associate with other people if we cannot tell if they’re smiling or not? How can we connect with other people if we can only communicate using muffled words through a piece of cloth? We can’t. Quite to the contrary, the mask says: Stay away from me, I don’t trust you.” Link
Make America great again –Dump Trump! A Trump presidency gets you hate and lies. Do you want rioting in the streets? the west coast burning? Protests? stores closing? a pandemic? Lies? Conspiracies?
It’s of historical significance how one man could divide and polarize a nation at peace and prosperity. Things were good before Trump. His lies and hate ruined America.
At the opening Friday of the NFL the players from both teams lifdned up and locked arms as a symbol of unity and many Trump supporters booed the moment of unity. Trumpers are so un-American I can’t get over it. Trump’s been trying to divide this nation since he came to power with his lies. He can’t even spell democracy or love.
When I criticize Trump for lying and misdirection supporters always say, “I agree, but look at all he’s done.” What has he done that benefits me? I can’t think of anything.
Trump says he saved the auto industry. How? Thousands of jobs in Michigan have been lost since he took office. He said there are many new plants being built. –there is only one new auto plant in America not many as Trump said.
More Trump lies, defending why he lied about the danger of Covid-19 says: Churchill lied about the Germans coming—he did not!
He also said Churchill went on the roof top and delivered a speech – he did not.
Trump is a menace to democracy and truth. How can Biden debate him when Trump doesn’t know what truth is?
You think these people are dumb enough to vote themselves out of a revolving cash cow?!?!?! 100% coverage for health and Lord knows what else, I don’t think so.
The median age of reported COVID-19 deaths in Florida on Wednesday was 93. Link
In Texas there is a town called New Braunfels, where there is a large German-speaking population. One day, a local rancher driving down a country road noticed a man using his hand to drink water from the rancher’s stock pond. The rancher rolled down the window and shouted, “Guten Morgen.  Trink das Wasser nicht. Die Kühe haben Scheiße drin.” This means, “Good morning. Don’t drink the water. The cows have shit in it.”The man shouted back, “I’m from New York and just down here campaigning for Biden’s Presidential run. I can’t understand you. Please speak in English.”The rancher replied, “Use both hands.”
South Dakota Governor Dismisses Sturgis Motorcycle Rally COVID-19 Outbreak As ‘Fiction’ Link
Rootin’, Tootin’, Shootin’ Public Educators: Shooting their own feet
https://www.commdiginews.com/politics-2/rootin-tootin-shootin-public-educators-shooting-their-own-fe et-132289/
Public “educators” are like public bathrooms. Possibly they are needed in an emergency, but for the most part, they stink. Better to use the home placed “bathroom.” The home can be kept clean – of COVID and bad teachers. Or educators. The idea that a toy gun anywhere is a danger or a call for any hysteria (a female etymology) means somebody needs a “real” education. Not the kind these dark-souled so-called educators have accrued.In any event, the student had a toy gun in his own home. Albeit his room at the time was effectively (called virtually) his classroom. However, the room belonged to his family, not the school district nor the public
The precautionary practice of using an infrared thermometer aimed at the forehead to make sure people who have an elevated temperature are denied entrance to a building may be dangerous. From a website https://awakeneduk.wordpress.com/2020/06/16/forehead-thermometers-are-they-safe-2/ :
” The pineal gland is situated directly behind the forehead between the two hemispheres, so I wonder if pointing a laser at the third eye will also cause damage to the pineal gland?
Class II lasers are categorized as being ‘relatively weak’ and ‘normally would not harm an eye unless a person deliberately stared into the beam’. However, if the beam is pointed at the third eye for targeting purposes it may be on the forehead long enough to cause damage, as this is similar to staring into the beam with our eyes.
Scientists have discovered that the pineal gland is a light-sensing organ because it has photoreceptor cells, rods and cones, which strongly resemble those in the retina of the eye.
Dr. Klein has ‘noted that the photoreceptor cells of the retina strongly resemble the cells of the pineal gland and that the pineal cells of sub-mammals (such as fish, frogs and birds) detect light’.
The similarity of the tissue in the pineal gland to the retina raises the question of how it is is affected by laser beams. Given that lasers affect the eyes I am not allowing my children to have any temperature guns pointed at their foreheads. I am asking for the wrist to be used instead and this is being accepted by the school.”
Good advice, since the wrist or elbow crook will give a more accurate reading and you will not blind your psychic eye
“If it comes out, I’m not sure how it would play with my supporters. But I bet they’d think it’s cool that I slept with a porn star.” ~Trump
Some moron always tries to debunk facts as “fake news” or a wild conspiracy theory. Like the video posted on OYE (which does not censor documentaries) that disclosed the research provided by CDC to WHO saying there is no evidence of typical masks being effective against a virus. Fact checking sites are frequently propaganda tools and not reliable.
Specific to Covid-19, research conducted by clinical researchers at several universities in Seoul, South Korea involved four patients receiving medical care for COVID-19. Their conclusion:
“Neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered SARS–CoV-2 during coughs by infected patients,”
Another group of scientists reviewing 10 studies on mask effectiveness with influenza virus concluded “”We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility,”.
Dr. Mercola’s website includes a video on Technocracy along with a text of the highlights that should make a person realize what is going on. The synopsis does not take long to read and reading is what should be mandated instead of masks! Link
Seasonal flu shots are very heavily promoted every year. But multiple studies have shown you are far more likely to be infected with a virus that was not included. And if you accept a flu shot and a Covid shot when it becomes available you have a decent chance of receiving your Darwin Award for eliminating yourself from the human gene pool. Here are some research summary results and a link to the full article. Be aware or suffer the consequences :
People who received the trivalent influenza vaccine during the 2008-2009 flu season were between 1.4 and 2.5 times more likely to get infected with pandemic H1N1 in the spring and summer of 2009 than those who did not get the seasonal flu vaccine
A double-blind, placebo-controlled study on ferrets confirmed the results, showing the seasonal influenza vaccine did worsen symptoms after subsequent exposure to the H1N1 virus
A 2011 study found the seasonal flu vaccine may weaken children’s immune systems and increase their chances of getting sick from influenza viruses not included in the vaccine
In a 2012 study, children receiving inactivated influenza vaccines had a 4.4 times higher relative risk of contracting non-influenza respiratory virus infections in the nine months following their inoculation
A 2020 study found people were 36% more likely to get some form of coronavirus infection if they had been vaccinated against influenza. Link
Don’t vote for Trump as he is a nut, dangerous, and not fit for the job.
What president cheated students who paid thousands of dollars for a real estate education at his phony University? What president had to pay a $25 million settlement? Link


What did he just say? He actually said this in an interview on Fox.

Trump has criticized the mail-in voting system as being susceptible to cheating.  So he advised them to cheat. President Donald Trump urged North Carolinians to attempt to vote twice — by mail and in person — to test the security of the mail-in voting process and ensure their votes are counted. Reporters asked Trump if he has faith in the integrity of the voting system in North Carolina. “Let them [voters] send it in and let them go vote, and if their system’s as good as they say it is, then obviously they won’t be able to vote. If it isn’t tabulated, they’ll be able to vote,” Trump said. “So that’s the way it is. And that’s what they should do,” Trump added.
We live in a sick society and Republicans want to keep it that way by preventing national healthcare for all.
What president surrounds himself with crooks, embezzlers, fraudsters and generally unscrupulous characters? Link All the Trump associates convicted or sentenced in the Mueller investigation. Link



If CNN existed in 1942.

A plane has five passengers on board: Donald Trump, the Pope, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, and a ten year old school girl. The plane is about to crash and there are only four parachutes. Dr Fauci, said “I need one, I have to help develop a cure for the global health crisis that is COVID19!” He straps on a parachute and jumps. The pope said “I need one, I have to help spiritually guide people through the global health crisis that is COVID19!” He takes one and jumps. Pelosi said ‘‘I need one, I’m the smartest woman in the United States.” she takes one and jumps. President Trump pauses for a moment and then turns to the 10-year-old. After a deep sigh, he says tenderly, “You can have the last parachute. I’ve lived my life, yours is only starting”. The child replies, “Don’t worry, there are two parachutes left. The smartest woman in the United States took my school backpack.
Masks are no good ….no evidence of surgical or cloth masks being effective in containing or preventing a virus. Since they are futile and harmful, you really need to question why they are mandated? You are being lied to and socially re-engineered. They want everyone afraid of a “virus” – a boogeyman you can’t see. They did the same thing with Muslims after 9/11. Quit being sheep – live your life, let nature take its course.
Here’s a scenario for you. A White man with an AR-15 slung around his neck…..
He goes to put out a fire lit by a man with a criminal record who engages him and attempts to take his rifle telling him, “I’ll kill you!” The man with the AR defends himself and is chased by an angry mob yelling they’re going to kill him – he trips, falls and is hit with a skateboard (the weapon) he defends himself again – kills two of the attacking mob – both with extensive violent criminal records and wounds another – the wounded mobster makes a statement from the hospital wishing he’d had killed the man with the AR. In these troubled times – it’s best to take a breath and wait 48 hours or so for the REAL story to appear. NOT the story the media tells you – but the story of those involved. Parents need to know where their children are and what they are doing in these times – harassing people, attacking people and lighting fires probably should not be on their to do list. Sadly, VP candidate Kamala Harris – a former prosecutor – has said these acts will not stop before or after the election – even sadder she has no plan to stop them if she’s elected.. pray for America.
CDC Accused Of ‘Quietly Modifying’ COVID Death Stats. Link
Shock study finds Covid-19 lockdowns 10 times more deadly than virus. Link
Paranoia, the greatest weapon there is. Both Hitler and Trump use it most effectively in the same ways. Repeat lies over and over. “Crooked Hillary” is an example of repeating a lie until it is believed, when she did nothing illegal. Goebbels was the first to do that and Trump is emulating him.
Powerful: Maximo Alvarez Full Remarks at Republican National Convention RNC. Video
What president told 20,000 lies or misstatements since taking office? Video
“Make America Great Again” Haha. Under Trump there’s rioting in the streets, an out of control pandemic, extreme unemployment, a country divided, more hate than I’ve ever seen, riots, record number of business closings, right-wing militia killing protesters, cops killing unarmed black people. But the rich are getting richer, so that’s good. Vote Republican for more of the same or worse!
Jacob Blake was reaching for a knife and failed to listen to lawful orders, while being arrested for violating a restraining order.  You bleeding hearts need to wake up and smell the coffee.  Do not make judgements on the current media’s reports.  They all sway in one direction.  A knife is just as deadly as a firearm.  Say what you want, because I’m sure there will be a lot of armchair replies that have never been a LEO
I met a Trumper yesterday and had to keep my mouth shut because of the nonsense he was spouting. Real nonsense. The most memorable is that Faucci is going to get a cut of all the money spent on vaccines. He also wouldn’t wear a mask when I offered him one, saying he was a Republican, as if that was a reason. He said if a Democrat was elected they would get rid of the police department and taxes would be 70% and they would take away our guns. This is what we’re up against. Where do the come up with this crap?
A Trump supporter hit a security guard in the head and threatened to kill him at Epcot theme park when he was asked to follow Disney World’s mask rules, sheriff’s officials said.
On teachers — Since we still pay teachers’ salaries they can take the waiver and stick it under their fat rear ends and sit on them. Kung Flu has proven we don’t need as many of them if we’re homeschooling. It’s time to re-imagine our education system starting with firing those who don’t want to come to school to teach during the pandemic. Secondarily we should get a refund on out education tax dollars for the days schools have been closed. Imagine how much we will save by not paying teachers’ salaries and benefits. Imagine the benefit to our environment by not having busses running students to and from school. Imagine the education our children will get when we regain control of the curriculum. The three R’s plus history and science. We’ll also save money on ADHD drugs because Physical Education and playtime will return. Gone will be overweight tenured educators who have produced the current spate of protestors and agitators marching in the streets preaching the entitlement garbage they’ve been fed for decades.
Trump swore to protect Medicare and Social Security and build a wall. His proposed budget for next year includes a reduction of 1 trillion dollars from social security and $26 billion from Medicare. And no wall. Trump is a known liar.
I would like for China to offer us Foreign Aid  to control the virus. They seem to know what they are doing and are very organized and determined. Three things Trump can’t do.We really need someone to step up and help us. It would embarrass Trump and should cost him the election. It would certainly help us to control Covid-19. Win-win.
Trump is a liar. I would have to have to debate him. I’d want a fact checker or two to act as moderator. Let’s see how Trump does if he’s forced to tell the truth. Don’t forget that Trump invented the phrase “alternate truth”. Someone compared his tactics to those of Joseph Goebbels and I have to agree.
Why don’t Republicans speak up? You can’t tell me they can’t see Trump is not qualified to be President? What happened to their morals? Did they go out the window because they are in power?
Hydroxychloroquine is why Uganda, with a population of 43M, has only 15 COVID-19 deaths? Uganda, a country in east-central Africa, has a 2018 population of 42.729 million, which is 13% of the United States’ population of 328.239 million in 2019.. And yet Uganda has 1,603 COVID-19 cases and just 15 deaths, wherease the U.S. has 5,656,744 COVID-19 cases and 175,105 deaths. That means: Uganda’s number of COVID-19 cases is only 0.028% of the number of U.S. COVID-19 cases. Link
Our democracy is at stake in this election. Our free elections, intelligence services, media, foreign interference in our elections, postal service and a host of other democratic institutions are under attack by Trump. Dump Trump or continue on the road of less freedoms and more hate? That’s what our nation has sunk to – hate – armed hate. The biggest lie of the Trump presidency is that he wants to make America great again. He’s failed miserably. We are more divided now than since the Vietnam War. We need leadership and love. Republicans laugh when someone uses the term “love” because they are so filled with hate it’s inconceivable to them.
Coronavirus “cases” are medically meaningless yet being used to justify weaponized lockdowns to destroy humanity. Link
Trump’s inner circle are mostly crooks and mostly in jail. I think it’s 5 convicted and now Manafort got arrested. For fraud. Hey, how about Trump U, his phone college? Ha, they shut him down asap.


Dear President Trump, “United we stand, divided we fall” is not just a slogan.

Republicans are pointing to a couple of bad decisions Biden has made in his long political career. I could make a list of Trump’s poor decisions and embarrassments. It’s amazing how much hate one man can stir up in such a short political career.
Masks. Link
FLU has killed more people in the UK than coronavirus for seven weeks in a row, new stats reveal Thursday.Almost five times as many people are now dying of influenza or pneumonia than Covid-19, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics. It’s likely that, as a result, there will be some overlap in figures. However, even with that as a factor, more people are now dying of pneumonia caused by flu – and not coronavirus.Flu deaths in U.S. ?   CDC does not know the exact number of people who have been sick and affected by influenza because influenza is not a reportable disease in most areas of the U.S.  WHY IS THAT? AMAZING, isn’t it?  We get hourly reports on Covid-19 Deaths, but the CDC does not consider flu/influenza as a reportable disease? Link
It seems that the Liberal, Progressive, (Marxist?) educators have taken a stand about teaching to a Virtual classroom. It appears that the Parents will be allowed to see how little Mary and Johnny are being brainwashed with diversity indoctrination, gender identity, Reparations for slavery, White Privilege, systematic racism, anti establishment cancel culture, distorted history and anti religion. Once the genie 🧞‍♂️ is out of the bottle it’s a bitch to put it back.
Hallmark Channel to air its first movie with a same-sex wedding scene. Link
Even N95s, which certainly cause people to get headaches by stifling fresh air, don’t necessarily show conclusively positive outcomes. A 2019 study of 2,862 randomized participants (Radonovich, L.J. et al. (2019)) published in JAMA found, “Among outpatient health care personnel, N95 respirators vs medical masks as worn by participants in this trial resulted in no significant difference.
I recognize the haters as being overweight, wearing a hat, not wearing a mask, not having a lot of education, and calling the Covid-19 pandemic the “China virus”. Like their leader, they lack the ability for critical thinking over their gut reaction.
Over the last several months we’ve seen our country crash into a paranoid state of idiotism, a battle ground sponsored by media commercials, an opinionated division of good friends going their separate ways because of fake truths and a government of foreign semi-intellectuals squashing any semblance of dignity, fairness and honesty. Racial war, out-right vandalism, disrespect for all ages and creeds, and financial collapse of family and industry, just so a few can gain power and incur a socialistic regime which will turn into a communist slave state. The citizens are so stupid they actually believe that lighted box of information spin.  I only hope some can look in that all telling  mirror and see themselves as they really are, then change back to the humans they were only months ago. No, people, we are not going to make it unless we who have balls and brains fight back now or forever hold our peckers! Good luck.
Republican ads are all focused on fear. All their ads are based on fear. I’m sure there are Lefty website that write about defunding the police, confiscating guns, and taking your first born, but they are the only places. No one takes them seriously except the Republicans
If you thought this whole corona panic was just a trial run for a real pandemic, you were correct. This lady has produced a video with the actual 2005 WHO document to which 196 countries signed on, agreeing to run two worldwide pandemic exercises involving a lethal respiratory virus outbreak prior to September 2020. Contact tracing and other current threats to privacy and liberty are included in the plan. This may be just a drill, but to be effective it has been presented as real and terrifying. And it has destroyed lives. The video is long, but the evidence is clear and verifiable. Link
America is fighting two pandemics at once: Covid19 and Stupidity.
Republican site. video
Fear, Anxiety & Depression have TRIPLED with Covid-19 Fear
Tripled? Probably more than that. People have never experienced this type of horror in this generation and the next generation will cry their way to the grave. Only the real old guys can handle this BS plague and hope it doesn’t get inside their caves. Only fools believe the “statistics” and want to rush out to party in their plastic life that was. Let them, I say. It will make more clear air for me when they die off! Figure out who is behind the stupid face mask scam, the “It’s OK to go travel now” scams or just follow the retail money bankers and you’ll see who’s behind what! I wonder if the N W O bunch is using this or actually developed this to cull the numbers down. With all kinds of other bugs surfacing, no one really knows what is going on! Have you noticed how fast your finger and toe nails are growing since all this started?
I found this on a friend’s Facebook. Tells it like it is.
I have two friends that had a rough time with the virus. It’s a bad bug, it was developed to be a worse bug and was intentionally released, but really it is an experiment that is ruining life for very many while it sets the stage for an international coup. Someday you can say you saw it happen but did all the wrong things to thwart it
If Biden debates Trump without a factchecker on stage he’s crazier than Trump. Trump’ll say anything.
Vote, don’t let fear stop you. Your vote does matter. It’s the American way. Be a real patriot, not just someone with a gun and a flag—vote! Trump is trying to crumble democracy from within.
A poster espousing science saying that
Studies have failed to find proof that the drug hydroxychloroquine has any benefit in treating COVID-19. Unfortunatly that is the big lie.  There are plenty of other studies that show that when combined with erythromycin and or zinc that Hydroxychloroquine is extremely effective.  The big problem lies in the fact that the corporations do not make money treating the disease with a cure that has an expired patent.  The pills go for $.08 each  at 4 dose a day and usually not more than 8 days of at home treatment.   At $2.56 a treatment the powers do not get rich.  That is the only reason that we are being forced a treatment that costs $1,000.00 a day for 8 days of IV in hospital treatment.  Follow the money
Donald Trump is living proof that a con man doesn’t have to be smart if his victims are stupid enough.
Trump said he didn’t know Russia was arming the Taliban. His own security advisor warmed him—before he fired him!
Trump Derangement Syndrome: If you believe a word Donald Trump says, you’re out of your f**king mind.
When I started reading the comment about the people “looking for flamingos on Middle Torch and finding a swastika painted in the road”,  I was shocked. It was difficult to imagine that those beautiful birds could be Nazis.  I was glad as I read on to learn the roads were painted years ago and the birds were not responsible. Now if we can just keep the rednecks from shooting them.
Trump will not leave office peacefully when he loses. He neither believes in democracy or the election process ..or science…or doctors…or …
One question every Republican, Rhino, Democrat, Independent, and American citizen of any stripe and any green card holder and illegal and visa holder needs to answer is: Who will be living in my house when the new socialist, communist, antifa government takes over and confiscates private property, bank accounts and ALL holdings they determine belong to the state. Then, of course, there will be the re-training of the dissenters ala The Captain in Cool Hand Luke and we will have the “Castro Brothers and Che Guevara” torture camps helping us to “get our mind right”. All our military bases will be available for this because we have been fortifying them against terrorist attack since 9/11. It’s coming, baby steps. unless we stop it.  Your VOTE has never been more important.
Trumps latest medical advisor whom he quotes and retweets is Stella Immanuel. Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches. She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious.
The talking heads were examining Trumps fragile mental condition in technical terms when one of the talking heads said why you don’t you call it what it is—he’s a “crackpot”. The most powerful person in the world is a crackpot. Everyone should be scared.
If Trump was ahead in the polls do you think he would want to postpone our elections, then? I didn’t think so. Anything he does is for Himself not our country.



When your head only fits part way up your ass.

If a President (not mentioning any names or Editor won’t print it.)is behind in the polls, can he postpone the elections until he rises in the polls?
You cant be a tyrant without an enemy. Trumps groundless criticism of the TicTok app is groundless. They collect data just like every other social media app does. As an expert pointed out, they could get more comprehensive data from private data collection companies.
All Trumps ads are negative. I guess you do need an enemy if you’re a tyrant! Fear and division are Trump’s tools.
Florida recorded more than 6,000 coronavirus deaths Monday, but it’s still not enough for Republicans to admit there’s a pandemic. Sick-o
Republican introduces resolution that would ban groups with ties to slavery – like the Democrats. The resolution also says such a party “shall either change its name or be barred from participation in the House of Representatives. Video
Black Trump supporter fatally shot in Wis. Link



Koko the gorilla passed the same cognitive tests Trump’s been bragging about, except using sign language. The same test.

Trump’s campaign ads are all based on fear and imagined threats to our security. Is he trying to get the militias and white supremacists all worked up?
Does anyone know how many deaths they need before Republicans acknowledge the seriousness of Covid-19? 6,000 in Florida evidently is not enough for them to wear masks
It took Trump 4 months to admit there’s a pandemic and wear a mask. Science will always trump Trump. But you do have to give him credit for being able to divide the country in only four years. Not many could have done that.
Trump supporter, I’ll bet… A Florida man is facing felony charges for pointing a gun at another Walmart shopper who had told him to wear a mask, officials said Thursday. Vincent Scavetta, 28, was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and improper exhibition of a firearm.
I picture Republicans as old white men with old white man ideas, loads of guns, hate, with free health insurance that someone else paid for and racial entitlement. They spend like crazy. He would prefer the country to lean towards fascism rather than liberalism. Oh, and many are overweight and wear baseball caps with the sides of the visor bent down. They are not known for their scholastic achievements either. I know I’m wrong but that’s what I imagine whenever I think of Trump supporters.
Flaw in Testing System Causing More than Fifty Percent of COVID-19 Tests to “False Positive. Link
Current 2020 death stats are only available for Covid-19.  Why?
Trump is preparing for his ouster by saying the elections are rigged. He’ll never take responsibility for losing, or for that matter, anything! I only hope that when he loses he doesn’t call on all his white supremacists and militias to start killing us and forcibly stay in power.
Pandemic? This is a test from the Global elite to see how the people will react to their nation (and the world) in effect being shut down. Will the people push back and start asking questions or will they panic, comply and follow a narrative that makes absolutely no sense at all like blind sheep. Link
“Blacks murdered by cops” I am disgusted with all the black lives matter crap. This is racist. All, yes, all lives matter. I am disgusted with all the black lives matter crap. This is racist.
Take your politics out of my health. Wear masks. Even if you show little concern for your health, please show concern for mine. Even if you believe this pandemic is a hoax or conspiracy, just pretend that you care about others. Thank you.
What do you want “them” to do?  La Rona V was sent here from China to do what it’s doing – kill the weak, overweight, aged and in a few cases – otherwise healthy.  It’s a lab created weapon and we were attacked.  There’s no cure – however there’s proof Dr. Fauci knew of this lab and he got funding for the lab from the last President – so a couple of guys did some things.  Fauci first said it was not a threat – we didn’t need masks – then we did but didn’t have any and now it’s become a political tool to remove a guy that had the strongest economy, lowest unemployment numbers in recent history.  Quit panicking – turn off your TV – stay healthy, don’t drink, get some sun, stay away from anyone from up north and try and live your life!  It’s about to get worse – the banks are stacking money for the loan defaults that are around the corner – how many of your neighbors are in forebearance since they couldn’t rent their house out for a couple months?  How many of your friends are broke thanks to the County and City rules shutting down their businesses?  There’s an old adage – “don’t put your eggs in one basket” – Moron County did many years ago – it’s called TOURISM!  Good luck.
Physician Letter: Reopen America. Link
If the CDC’s only fault was slow reporting, then why aren’t they given a chance to speed it up before switching to entirely new system that is untested. Is it because it’s owned by Trump’s good friend? Thump got rid of the WHO and is trying to get rid of the CDC because both reported too many cases of COVID to get him re-elected
The fault of all these closures is the CREATED Pandemic.   If the CDC had kept tight numbers on the 2017-18 flu season, the results would have been greater than Covid-19. The numbers have been skewed. Many people died from another medical condition, but because they had Covid-19 in their blood system, and the hospitals were paid extra for Covid-19 patients, their deaths were FALSELY reported as Covid-19.
On Wednesday Trump ordered all virus reporting to by pass the CDC and go directly to the White House to his big time supporter and confidant’s new service [Thiel]. There can only be one reason for bypassing the CDC—to manipulate the numbers showing less COVID than there really is in order to make Trump look good. Thiel’s new service will soon be on the NY Stock Exchange. They are preparing an IP now



Hot damn! A section for political reality.

I don’t care for the delivery from the “joker”,  but this is really no joke. 4 minute video will make you think: “It’s Just a Mask” Video
Please take a few minutes and listen to this video presentation by Dr. Kelly Victory. Ed Berry, of Bigfork, Montana, has a PhD in theoretical physics with minors in atmospheric physics and math. He is a certified consulting meteorologist of the American Meteorological Society, and CEO of Climate Physics, LLC. Video
I used to share many of the Republican Party’s values, but since Trump they have been steadily changing. The new Republican doesn’t believe in science, truth, nor deficit reduction. The new Republican believes in conspiracies, lies are okay, science is phony, guns will solve all our problems, and the white man rules, and spend, spend, spend.
Donald Trump Speech Transcript on Rolling Back Environmental Regulation. Link
31,000,000 Americans don’t have health insurance and Trump wants to cancel Obamacare causing another 8.3 million people to go without. Why are Republicans against insuring Americans? What’s in if for Trump? Is he in the pocket of the insurance industry? Doesn’t he know that would make America great again?
Coronavirus updates: Trump RTs tweet saying CDC ‘lies’ about COVID. Video
Celebrate with other Republicans the opening of America to Covid-19. Video



Air Force veteran paints his entire yard with a 19,000 sq ft Trump 2020 banner using 120 gallons of biodegradable chalk paint.

Does anyone else question Trump’s mental condition? He thinks he’s on a reality show. He gets up in the morning, has his makeup artist apply his makeup and spray tan, then his hairdresser comes in and sprays and re-creates his hair thing. Then he’s off to Tweet. The only thing he’s done is build the wall, tweet and divide the nation. He then goes home and tweets all night. Look at other presidents after 4 years of governing. They are all used up and grey. Not Trump, he never has anything on his mind but getting re-elected. Who else would try to remove healthcare insurance from 20 million Obamacare subscribers and withdraw from The World Health Organization – in the middle of a pandemic!
Keep America Great? Is he kidding? America has never been so low and divided. Trump has done everything he could think of to divide us. The big question we have is what are his plans for the rest of us? Dictators need enemies to keep the support of the people. Fear keeps them in power. Thump thinks that’s what America is.
Has anyone figured out why Trump wants to make this virus as bad as possible? He turned face masks into a political issue, he encouraged protesters to force states to open early, he held a rally in the middle of a pandemic, and now he wants Florida and everybody else to open their schools regardless of how the pandemic is in that area. We don’t even have to talk about injecting sanitizer. He must want the virus to be as bad as possible because he can’t possibly be that stupid.
Trump’s niece reveals in new book she leaked tax information info to NYT. Video



3,400 boats in Donald Trump boat parade at Lake Murray, organizer says. He also says in total, an estimated 30,000 people were on all of the boats. Video

Trump should, like Andrew Jackson, be understood as a populist demagogue: someone who is hostile to expertise and existing institutions, and who seeks to further his own power by appealing to negative emotions like fear and hatred

President Trump wants his name on everything. Why doesn’t he put his name on all the tombstones of folks who have died from his denial and misinformation of COVID-19.
Here are some video clips that you don’t see on CNN. “Media Lies Matter”. Obviously the media chatter does not match the visual.
Why is it that mostly Republicans are the only ones not wearing masks? Are they making some kind of perverted political statement or is a half million people dead not enough for them to take it seriously?

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