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12/31/21 New Year’s Eve
This woman assaulted an 80 year old passenger on Thursday because he wasn’t wearing a mask when he ate & drank. Video
Apparently, that single reported U.S. Omicron death turned out — you guessed it — to be not so much of an Omicron death after all. Public officials and media had reported that a man in Texas was the first American to die from the Omicron variant. But journalist Dan Cohen checked with the Harris County Public Health Department. He put the audio of his call up on Twitter — the department of health official clearly says they CANNOT conclude the man died from Omicron. Link

New stamp.

The you-lost-get-over-it crowd from 2016 did a PowerPoint presentation for a coup because they lost and they couldn’t get over it.
New COVID-19 vaccine Adverse Reaction information billboard. Link
The USA was doing just fine until Trump and it all went downhill from then on…
Is it legal to shoot “immuniees” if they won’t get the vaxs? Not as legal as us waiting for you vaxxers to die from the side effects. Have you considered taking up jogging or joining a soccer league?
Any zombie movie that doesn’t have hordes of people running towards the zombies to deliberately get bitten because they’re convinced it’s a liberal hoax is going to look pretty unrealistic now
“It should be clear from recent events that America’s enemy is not the communists over there, but the deranged right wing lunatics right here.” ~Frank Zappa (1989)
The Right is now saying there aren’t enough deaths to take Omnicrom seriously. That’s the same cry from them saying not to take Covid seriously because there weren’t enough deaths (deaths are their measure). Do they ever think about what they say? Well, there are over 800,000 deaths from Covid. Is that enough for them ?
Ask not what your country can do for you…―JFK
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.―FDR
The buck stops here.―HST
I don’t take responsibility at all!―DJT
I am struck by how few people in our civilian government seem to be aware that it was sheer luck that an overthrow of the government miscarried, and that the danger has not gone away. On the contrary: unaddressed, the peril will only increase. Like the politicians of Weimar, they behave like rabbits mesmerized by a cobra. Mike Lofgren, Common Dreams
CDC: 79% of omicron cases are in vaccinated people! Similar data in Israel where 80% had received booster shots. Link
I’m scared. Instead of making America Great, Trump has made America worse.
China is becoming the new world power. Trump ignores the motto “United We Stand”.
Look get your shot if you want and quit whining about everyone else. If you are vaccinated what other people do doesn’t matter
Is anyone else sick and tired of this racial BS? When 5% of a nations population can take over and dictate the way all have to kiss their asses, it’s time to fight back!
Americans die one-a-minute from Covid because people won’t get vaccinated. If this is true be patient and soon only the VAXXED will be left – how come there’s not a mask in sight in any of the “society photos” in the weekly mullet wrapper? Is everyone on the Keys now VAXXED and safe to go without masks? No break thru infections? What about Homiecron? Are you awae that some people are treating themselves with Ivermectin and Hydroxy and have antibodies that require no vaxx no booster and no BS?
Not all “vaccine” is the same – depending on who receives it. Link
[Medical Implants] People get microchips implanted that include vaccine records amid new Covid restrictions. Link
It’s not as if they just hyped themselves into a frenzy with a totally groundless story about “voter fraud,” then used that frenzy as an excuse to throw out tens of millions of legitimate votes, cancel the election, overrule the American people and re-install a president whom voters had clearly and definitively rejected. If all that had happened, even the skeptics would have to agree they had conspired against democracy.
Of course, all that did happen!
Young Athletes Dying After COVID-19 Vaccine | Armstrong Economics
Spread the love more. The pinnacle of health, athletes seem to have an edge over the rest of society. Their grueling workout and nutrition programs, mixed with natural genetic athleticism, puts them ahead of others in the natural immunity category. So … Link
Who’s Been Vaccinated. A twist on Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s on First?” Video
Did you ever wonder about the constant programs and commercials promoting Blackness. It’s a never endless  bombardment of all things Black. This constant repetition in just a type of brainwashing, sponsored by George Soros, BURN LOOTING & MURDER, the CRT, the LINCOLN PROJECT, and the Progressive Arm of the WOKE DEMOCRATS. And what is the goal. ??? Open to your imagination
Here’s where the religious nuts want to rebury their dead.  Religion is the main culprit of the troubles on this rock and always has been! Peru COVID mass grave – Bing
So let’s see what conservatives have their panties in wad about this week.
No man is above the law. That’s what former President Theodore Roosevelt told this nation. That’s what I’ve been told since childhood. Trump is and has been all his life…..so far. Link
Even the 2d Amendmenteers are starting to think that there are too many guns floating around.
Did you hear the one about the two White Guys walking in Downtown Chicago in January when it was Below 0(ZERO) wearing MAGA Baseball caps and carrying a bottle of Bleach and a Rope, At 02:00 looking for a Black Gay man???  As a Former Chicago resident for 48 years I didn’t either. It’s more likely that the only things moving at that date/time we’re the cat sized Rats that downtown Chicago is famous for.
How come the Republicans don’t think the Jan 6 attempted coup mattered very much to them?
the lack of understanding what is really happening in the world is non-existent on this forum. Particularly with the so‐called pandemic.  If you watch fox, cnn or other major networks, you are clueless.  Just fyi, research how many people own those networks and what their connectivity is with other companies, namely big pharm and other monopolies.
The “pro-life party” is against vaccines, masks, common sense gun laws, and universal health care. In other words, anything that could keep you alive.
The FDA told the court it can work faster than its previously proposed 500-pages-per-month rate, but it also said there are more than 59,000 more pages than mentioned in an earlier filing. That discovery, and a desire to make sure it can work on other Freedom of Information Act requests at the same time, prompted the fresh request to the judge to allow production of roughly 12,000 pages by Jan. 31, 2022, and 500 pages per month thereafter. That timeline would take it until at least 2096, Aaron Siri, a lawyer working on the case, wrote. Link
The Trump Republicans are the most gullible political party ever. They’ll believe anything you tell them as long as it is from a rogue website that doesn’t verify anything. If it is from the mainstream media who double checks everything, they won’t believe it.
The truth about the covid-19 vaccine. Video
80% of Democrats approve of Biden’s handlining of the plague, About the same number of Republicans disapprove of his handling of the virus while actively trying to stymie his efforts and refusing vaccines. They don’t want him to look good and are willing to spread death to get there.
The way Republicans are obsessing over Kamala Harris spending $300 on a pan you’d think she’d spent $150 million of taxpayer money to play golf at resorts she owned
Conservatives are only against stuff. The only things they like are guns and White people.
“Blacks getting married at a beautiful southern plantation is like Jews getting married at Auschwitz.” It’s apparent the vaxxsinated in Moron County are suffering brain damage from the FauciFluShots. You’ve apparently never been to the Carolinas or know nothing about the demographics. One Human Family in the Keys my azzzzz.


Biden’s idea of fixing the infrastructure.

DeSantis granting unemployment insurance to vaccine refusers is Socialism for anti-vaxxers.
do you think it’s a stretch that Maxwell, the groomer and pimp of underage women walks free? No – because Jim “Crooked FBI guy” Comey’s daughter is the prosecutor https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/james-comey-daughter-on-ghislaine-maxwell-prosecution-team and the judge may be promoted to a position on a federal appeals court – an appointment by Biden.
https://www.reuters.com/legal/government/biden-nominates-ghislaine-maxwells-judge-memphis-litigator- appeals-courts-2021-11-17/ The outcome will be as fake as the Russian Collusion hoax, and the 2020 election.. And those that suffer will be the hundreds of girls abused by these perverts. Anyone heard anything about the crackheads laptop or daughter’s diary?
You forgot to list ALL the people who have been vaccinated and are in hospitals dying from covid.
The poster who painted the grim and sarcastic picture of people dying from different reasons, which is very bias towards vaccinated people fails to mention the thousands of people who died from taking the vaccinated. Karma is very strong. Be careful when you try to set blame on a group of people It might come back to bite you, harder then you think, not to mention the separation between groups you cause. Its called discrimination. Im not saying your wrong, but Again, you cant say im wrong eiither.
In regards to the US President, let’s just start with his long list of accomplishments: the Border, adding trillions to our nation debt, Afghanistan, and let’s not forget when we fill up at the gas pump the sky rocketing prices we have to pay for.
How to Fix America. Do away with all charities, non-profits, illegals, criminals, religions, freeloaders, crybabies, pro-sports BS and Democrats! In a week America will be back to great again!
Did I forget Commies and invaders.
We ain’t gunna make it much longer. The planet is covered in plague germs, the Russians wanna attack, the US is building more death missiles, the retailers are whoring prices into the sky, the cops are turning into Gestapo, and politics is as usual, not worth a damn, and all the news knows is how actors, sports jocks and gays are playing Gods!
Thank our selfish right-winged friends for this terrible disease. If everyone were vaccinated the plague would be gone in one month.
[“Rittenhouse self-defense”] Kyle’s family lives in Kenosha, where he worked as a lifeguard. He commuted 23 miles to protect a friend’s car business from the mob.
Kyle was confronted first by child molester Joseph Rosenbaum and arsonist Joshua Ziminski (who was the first to fire a gun). Rosenbaum grabbed for Kyle’s rifle when he was shot.
Mob felon/victim Rosenbaum—just released from insane asylum—was shot and died.
Mob member “Jump and Kick”, (uninjured/un-named giant)—now jailed for assault.
Mob (felony-past) Anthony Huber struck a downed Kyle with a skateboard—shot and killed.
Mob felon Gaige Grosskreutz admitted pointing a pistol at Kyle’s face—was shot in arm.
GoFundMe halted contributions to Kyle’s legal defense shortly after the fund was initiated.
Due to misconduct, MSNBC reporting is banned from the trial, where deliberations were continued to Friday.
With all the BS from lawyers, criminals, weirdos, governments, banks, retailers, and all other gonifs who F the people, a good two years of Wild Wild West would fix a lot of this crap.
Many many interesting CURRENT newsfeeds & interviews.  When you finish one, scroll down for the next. Link
According to the government labor department the Consumer Price Index the cost rose 6.2 percent in October. So what does that mean to you or me??? It means that My Dollar is worth LESS. Now it’s only worth 93.8 Cents. How long before a loaf of BREAD is costing $20.00 and a six pack of Corona will cost you $35.00. How far is the democratic administration willing to go on with their destruction of America 🇺🇸??? And when will the Americans 🇺🇸 Say ENOUGH with this S••T and TAKE back OUR COUNTRY??? FJB & Let’s go Brandon
If China can control its social media, why can’t Facebook, Twitter, etc do the same? Uhhh because China is a communist country under dictatorial rule and “social media” is still free – as long as you write what they allow. Don’t fret, it’s coming. How do 190 countries in the world seem to be following in lockstep with economical issues, job issues and lock downs? How is it that the discussion of a central digital global currency is among those same governments. The control you desire is coming – in a very big way from Davos
The Onion is on the verge of collapse after not being able to make up crap that is more idiotic than current reality.
PSALM 2021
Biden is the shepherd I did not want.
He leadeth me beside the still factories.
He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the stale bread line,
I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.
He has anointed my income with taxes and charities
My expenses runneth over.
Surely, poverty and hardship will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will live in a mortgaged home forever..
I am glad I am American,
I am glad that I am free.
But I wish I was a dog …..
And Biden was a tree.Amen
Worshipping a 17-year-old murderer is a sure sign that the entire Republican Party is suffering from early onset dementia.
Eventually, Republicans will claim that the January 6th attack on the Capitol was not an insurrection but instead a peaceful protest against Donald Trump being edited out of “Home Alone2”.
There goes the freaking neighborhoods! Link
That screaming idiot on Fridays post proves broads should never be allowed off their leashes, let alone run any government or business! Letting them walk upright was a big mistake! too!
Why are the Right so against electric cars and alternative energy? I know progress frightens them, but coal!
Can’t wait to see those 200 Republicans in the House who voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure deal last night, show-up to cut ribbons, pose for cameras, and give remarks taking credit for the launching of infrastructure projects in their districts.” ~Ana Navarrro Cardenas
Plandemic II:  Indoctrination.  This awesome documentary connects the dots from Big Pharma, going back to the 50’s.  We’ve been deceived for a very long time.  No part of this should be skipped.  A lot of information for anyone seeking the truth!

Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic. Plandemic II will connect the dots between all forms of media, the medical industry, politics and the financial industry to unmask the major conflicts of interests with the decision-makers that are currently managing this crisis. Link

trump wanted immigrants to pass a civics and English test to stay in America. I’d like to see the results of the same test handed out at a trump rally

Purple Line rapid transit project draws opposition over $475 million price tag, speed. The METRO Purple Line, formerly known as the Rush Line Corridor, is a proposed bus rapid transit service that would run from Union Depot in downtown Saint Paul to downtown White Bear Lake. Along the corridor’s 21 proposed stations there are 106,000 jobs within a 10-minute walk. Link
Only 2 minutes to see the intentional damage of a “test swab” compared to a typical cotton swab. Microscopic views of the two types of swabs and what happens to meat swabbed with each.    Avoid testing! (This is the third examination of the special swabs that I have seen. The first showed 3 brands with their distinctive harmful differences from cotton or synthetic cotton, and another revealed that one type had black threads that actively burrowed into meat while videoed.) Link
I recently saw an appropriate allegory as to the ability of the Commonly used masks (blue paper or cloth) that all the sheep insist on wearing, to show obedience to the empty suit leader, to fight the Dreaded Chinese Communist virus . The individual virus unit is so small, that it would be like erecting a Chain Link Fence to keep out a mosquito. Plus in putting on that mask you must touch your face with your Filthy Virus  contaminated HANDS. You might be infecting YOUR SELF.
January 6–some candidate had the actual flag from our nation’s greatest moment of shame paraded on his campaign. I wanted to cry.
[Conspiracy] I wonder how difficult it would be to change that DOVID virus to a DNA virus that can pick and choose whomever Big Brother wants to mess with?
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“The Republican Party is now clearly an authoritarian party. It embraces, condones, accepts, and promotes political violence, and does not accept electoral defeat. Their glorification of January 6 proves that they’re okay with the violent seizure of power. If they can’t win elections fairly, they’d rather end democracy”.  ~Steven Levitsky, Professor of Political Science, Harvard university
Sodom & Gomorrah High: woke school stages obscene drag show during homecoming football game. Link
Biden is bad. This is one hell of a video. Video
Notice how people are sceaming about Liberals not understanding gun control but those same people said NOTHING when Cheney knowing he had  ammo in his gun shot his friend in his face? ODD.
Articles of Impeachment Accusing President Biden of ‘Treason’ Have Been Introduced in the House of Representatives. Link
Citizen Free Press. From the right. Link
Biden Seized 2 Million Acres in Outright Land Grab… https://freedombulldog.com/biden-seized-2-million-acres-in-outright-land-grab/
Remember when Joe Biden told donald trump to shut up on national television, and then took his job, his house and his Twitter account?
Internet tip. Whenever you see the words “truth” or patriot” in a title, you know right off that it’s from the Right.
Increased risk for COVID-19 breakthrough infection in fully vaccinated patients with substance use disorders in the United States between December 2020 and August 2021. Link
Ted Cruz Uses Nominee’s own Document To Discredit Rachael Rollins. Video
Who’s the loser? Bankrupt 4 times, impeached twice, lost election, lost at failed coup attempt, out of 80 lawsuits—lost 79.
Whenever you see a post or an article that leads with “The Truth about …” you know it’s not. You know it’s some conservative’s unproven opinion based on social media hysterics.
There’s a cure for Covid but the Right won’t take it. That’s insane if you ask me. This all started with Trump.
Just saw on the news that Delusional joe is going to send Blood Moneycourtesy of the American Taxpayers, to the family including SEVEN CHILDREN that were EXECUTED by sleepy joe , contrary to advice by the military. NOTE:  as soon as our money arrives there I can Guarantee you that your friendly Taliban WILL arrive to get their share. Did this gesture of Stupidity by delusional joe impresses you.
I feel that a new definition of Insanity is in order. I think that it’s justified to consider WOKE INSANITY is the current democrat administration. EVERYTHING that was done, is being done, and I’m sure will be done by this administration is wrong and stupid. Every decision made by the democrats has resulted in one calamity after another. Will it end with revolution?
The republican partly blocked the Freedom to Vote Act by using a Jim Crow era procedure while republican led states have passed laws making it harder for the most vulnerable to vote. For a party so concerned with freedom, you’d think the freedom to vote would be a priority.
Finally after numerous negative posts about old Brain Dead Sleep joe, I have to do a 180. It seems that I must give a thanks to biden, because of his inaction and mistakes the Service Academies now have a perfect example “Live and in Color” of the Disaster that actually happened when an INCOMPETENT commander does it the WRONG WAY. C-mon man. Let’s go Brandon.
“Slow moving coup.” According to Bill Maher this is what’s happening in our country.  https://youtu.be/7cR4fXcsu9w
Trump brought tyranny on this once great country.
Who or what would you rather believe, a 40 year old monthly periodical or a LYING, CHEATING FRAUDULENT government who has done everything possible to destroy what used to be the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world. Basically all of your problems have been, is now, or will be created by the GOVERNMENT. They told you, you MUST  be vaccinated EXCEPT for certain classes of people. After your vaccination you still can catch the Virus  , after vaccination you still can pass the virus . And you must be revaccinated because it’s life expendcies are short. So what the f••k good is it. So, besides the FACT that this vaccine IS a GIGANTIC PONSI SCHEME. designed to make Big Pharma.Trillions and give The BIG GUY his 10% what good is it. We’ll critic I’m glad that I stumbled on that little article in a monthly periodical 40 years ago, which fortunately worked for me  rather then following the BullSh•• that comes out of the Government
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America is in a Constitutional crisis. This is the first time in our history there wasn’t a peaceful transition of power.
Let’s talk about these ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND DISCRIMINATORY mandates enacted by a dysfunctional democratic administration. Obviously, they ARE ILLEGAL because only the Congress can pass laws, so these mandates are ILLEGAL.   DISCRIMINATORY because they particularly exclude several classes of individuals, namely postal workers, all three branches of government, the CDC, the manufacturer of one of the vaccine, and ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS. Also what about these ILLEGAL FINES for refusing to Vax. Or Dishonorable Discharges for service members who refuse to be Vaxed.  Now the BIG QUESTION??? Why won’t the US SUPREME COURT stepped  in and STOP this Unconstitutional act
I’ve heard for a long time that the definition of insanity is doing the same experiment over and over and over again and expecting different results. But. Let’s bring this definition up to modern day. People in democratic cities Continue to vote democrat over and over to infinity and expect their citys to get better are frustrated that their cities are STILL SHITHOLES(NYC, PHILLY, DETROIT, CHICAGO, St. LOUIS, PORTLAND MINNEAPOLIS,LA, SAN FRANCISCO and will NEVER get better as long as democrats continue to bring their cities down. You can’t knock consistently. I’m wondering if ALL the residents are happy living in FREE FIRE ZONES.
We started to observe meteorology at the coldest spot…………..1875. At the Medieval warm period, the temperature was 1 and half degrees warmer than today. Observing ice from over 120,000 years, the temperature could be observed from each time period.  (Video shows how it is tested) With temperature reconstruction, 4,000 years ago the temperature was 2 and half degrees warmer than today.   Then the temperature increased gradually to the medieval warm period. Around 1875 we had the lowest point on the graph, which is when meteorology started recording. The same findings have been confirmed elsewhere in the Northern hemisphere. impossible to prove whether this variance in temperature was natural or man-made.
Just read that Leon County, fl. Was Fined $3.5 million dollars for Violating a law that prohibits anyone who fires an employee for Not being Vaccinated. If the courts find that Leon County is Guilty of breaking the Law, then Leon County will pay the fine, BUT  it’s truly unfortunate that the Taxpayers will be responsible for digging into their pockets to pay the fine that some GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS Decided that their OPINIONS, and FEELINGS superseding the LAW. It’s the Officials who decided to break the law, SO those Officials SHOULD BE Responsible for Payments. It’s the same thing in Monroe County when the country is engaged in Long Drawn-Out law suit that get decided against the County and has to pay. I’m reminded about a property rights thing that happened on No Name Key. Just a thought- -Shouldn’t these Excessive Costs incurred by County Officials and passed on to the Taxpayers actually be considered A FORM OF A TAX?
Faucci is the good guy. All your hate speech directed at him has all been taken out of context. Things he said when the virus was first discovered do not apply to the pandemic, we experienced two years later. The Right looks real hard at everything, looking for one slip or mistake so they can say their bull s**t. They don’t look to make things better, but worse. They hate it when the vaccines work and get better and better
 I entertained a group of ex-pats here visiting that had complete faith in our democracy and laughed when I told them the dangers of Trumpism. They see different news than we do here and aren’t aware of steps Republicans are taking to undermine our elections. They didn’t believe democracy was eroding here. They all thought Trump was just an unfortunate memory.
How can conservatives call themselves patriots when they don’t believe in democracy, the peaceful transition of power, the election system or the Constitution (except for the 2d Amendment, of course).
The Right wants to transform from a democracy to and autocracy with Trump as the autocrat.
(Editor: Oops! I forgot to Save the posts when I added them. I only recovered one.
I noticed some people are frustrated that others do not wear masks.  Here are 2 simple reasons that people do not want to wart masks:

(1) Fauci is on TV telling people to wear masks because it will help prevent the spread of COVID-19; but at the exact same time in his emails (that were released due to the Freedom of Information Act) to his friends and fellow workers,  he stated that masks do not work. So which is the lie: what he says on TV or what he says in private to his friends and fellow workers? (2)  On April 5, 2021 (a few months ago). the CDC released this bulletin: “The CDC is not aware of any randomized control trials that show that masks or double masks are effective against COVID-19”. So who are you going to believe the CDC (Center for Disease Control who know a thing or 2 about diseases) or a politician?

The Diver above must be a Democrat because he’s full of hot air and gets no where.
The way that the democrats are Trying to pass several Gigantic MULTI TRILLION $ spending billions, as ?leader?biden Claims to cost us 0 as in ZERO. In his fantasy world. The actual truth of the matter is that it WILL cause your Children, and your Children’s Children, and your Children’s Children’s Children, for eternity to live in 3rd World’s POVERTY. Doesn’t it feel good to condemn your progeny to of a life of wanting and

Despair. Of course this doesn’t apply to the ELITE CLASS IN the country.

At a neighborhood BBQ I was talking to a neighbor, a BC Hydro Executive. I asked him how that renewable thing was doing. He laughed, then got serious.

If you really intend to adopt electric vehicles, he pointed out, you had to face certain realities. For example, a home charging system for a Tesla requires 75 amp service. The average house is equipped with 100 amp service. On our small street (approximately 25 homes), the electrical infrastructure would be unable to carry more than three houses with a single Tesla each. For even half the homes to have electric vehicles, the system would be wildly over-loaded.

This is the elephant in the room with electric vehicles. Our residential infrastructure cannot bear the load. So, as our genius elected officials promote this nonsense, not only are we being urged to buy these things and replace our reliable, cheap generating systems with expensive new windmills and solar cells, but we will also have to renovate our entire delivery system! This later “investment” will not be revealed until we’re so far down this dead end road that it will be presented with an ‘OOPS…!’ and a shrug.

If you want to argue with a green person over cars that are eco-friendly, just read the following. Note: If you ARE a green person, read it anyway. It’s enlightening.

Eric test drove the Chevy Volt at the invitation of General Motors and he writes, “For four days in a row, the fully charged battery lasted only 25 miles before the Volt switched to the reserve gasoline engine.” Eric calculated the car got 30 mpg including the 25 miles it ran on the battery. So, the range including the 9-gallon gas tank and the 16 kwh battery is approximately 270 miles.

It will take you 4.5 hours to drive 270 miles at 60 mph. Then add 10 hours to charge the battery and you have a total trip time of 14.5 hours. In a typical road trip your average speed (including charging time) would be 20 mph.

According to General Motors, the Volt battery holds 16 kwh of electricity. It takes a full 10 hours to charge a drained battery. The cost for the electricity to charge the Volt is never mentioned, so I looked up what I pay for electricity.

I pay approximately (it varies with amount used and the seasons) $1.16 per kwh. 16 kwh x $1.16 per kwh = $18.56 to charge the battery. $18.56 per charge divided by 25 miles = $0.74 per mile to operate the Volt using the battery. Compare this to a similar size car with a gasoline engine that gets only 32 mpg. $3.19 per gallon divided by 32 Mpg = $0.10 per mile.

The gasoline powered car costs about $25,000 while the Volt costs $46,000 plus. So the Government wants us to pay twice as much for a car, that costs more than seven times as much to run, and takes three times longer to drive across the country.

WAKE UP NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!….copied from John Koth

Wonder if Californians wonder where all their hard earned money goes when these whores over tax them, then give it to the useless eaters? And you wonder why people crack and pop these bastards? Link
Saw an unbelievable story that was titled What can be done to Stop Climate Change?? Obviously there’s absolutely positively Nothing can be done to stop, slow down or even attempt to try Anything that will change Mother Nature’s plan of changing climate that she has in progress right now. Thats it Sparky and learn to deal with it. As long as the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West the Climate Has been, is now, and will be changing. And at the instant the Earth is gobbled up by our sun , then climate will be changed FOREVER.
Republican politicians are blaming immigrants for the spike in COVID cases because their base will believe any lie as long as it’s racist.
I figure that the democrats are living in am alternative universe but the latest insanity (and probably an astronomical PONSI scheme) now reveals some of the UNBELIEVABLE things that the democrats have included in their 3.5 TRILLION dollar spending bill which including $3,000,000,000(3billion) for TREE EQUITY (???) and FREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE for Criminal illegal Inv aders. I mean How The F••k Stupid can you get??? I guess that the democrats haven’t reached their peak YET
Who is worse and belongs in Jail???  A career general Criticizing a Sitting President, or a Marine Lt. Col critiquing his senior officers. OBTW that Lt.  Col is sitting in the Brig. But, Nothing will happen to that WOKE career general. ALL Governments distort or HIDE the TRUT, that’s the nature of governments. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER trust a government. They all LIE.
“ Americans are addicted to guns just as a junkie is addicted to heroin. Neither problem can be solved until they admit there is a problem”

We haven’t admitted there is a problem with heroin? Really? We haven’t admitted there is a problem with gun violence in liberal Democrat run cites? Surly we have. You offer no solution. You say there are too many guns. What do you propose be done about this? Repeal the 2nd amendment? Won’t be done -it just won’t. But let’s say, to indulge your fantasies that it is and a gun recall is initiated. First let’s look at what happened when heroin was banned. Well, not much, the problem only got worse. There will be a similar result with banning guns. The criminals in the Democrat run cites certainly won’t turn their guns in- they  are criminals after all. So they will have all the guns and the law abiding citizens won’t. Brilliant idea. The solution is law enforcement. Enforce the laws we already have and severely punish offenders. Don’t defund police in theses problematic cites- increase funding. You would really want your right to defend yourself with a firearm taken away? I wouldn’t, because as you say, there is a major crime problem out there. Don’t blame the guns, blame the criminals

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distraction, distraction, distraction. That’s all you can expect from the Main Stream Media these days. They’ve got the nation searching for the murderer of this Petito’s woman instead of addressing the MOST serious problem facing the nation. Illegal immigrants flooding the country. These criminals, yes that’s what they are, criminals no matter how the democrats spin the issue. They’re criminals coming to impact Your lives. Your taxes will be increased to support these criminals. Your standards of life will be degraded by them and the democrats are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to counter their Invasion of our country. Let me ask all you liberals, are you going to volunteer to have these criminals living next to you??? Why not. Because you’re 2 Faced. Do as I say not do as I do. And the same with masks, as they don’t block the virus 🦠, but the masks make you FEEL good so everyone should  do as You say and mask up. That’s so much
The question for this afternoon was, In the Cartoon Tom&Jerry; what was the Name of the Mouse??? And as local events might? Shed some light on the results—-51%(obviously DEMOCRATS) answered(drum roll please)choose TOM , as in Tomcat    C-mon, man.
Republicans believe anything you tell them as long as it’s against the government. They’re like little children when they lose, they say the vote was rigged or stolen.
Most of Trump’s acylates are loyal to him and not to America. I think they are all traitors. Calling themselves patriots is an insult to democracy and the American ideal.
Mike Wallace 60 Minutes exposes swine flu pandemic vaccine fallout of 1976. Do you remember 4,000 Americans sueing the Fed for illness from the Swine Flu Vaccine? How Quickly We Forget. Video



Has a cult of tackier MutherFers ever existed?

Trump wasn’t invited to the 9/11 memorial service because he is so un-American. No one wanted his hate.
TEACHER FAILS ENTIRE CLASS: WISE MOVE    An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.     The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on this plan”. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A…  (substituting grades for dollars – something closer to home and more readily understood by all).     After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.     The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.     As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.     To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.         1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.     2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.     3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.     4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!     5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
Trump was the only President who didn’t take part in the 9.11 memorial service. I guess he didn’t go because it wasn’t about Him.
Canadian Pastor Who Faces 4-Year Jail Sentence For ‘Inciting’ Church Warns Americans: ‘The Enemy Is Not Hiding Anymore’ Link
NIST actually agreed with “conspiracy theories” on 9/11. Link
Q: What do Republicans do when they can’t steal an election?
A: Claim it was stolen from them.
There coming after you with needles and a new Florida Democratic Governor is being installed.
Our children’s health is a lot more important than DeSantis’s political career.
“I will not submit” Hundreds of thousands French citizens protest over vaccine passports. Thousands of French citizens demonstrated in several cities Saturday for an eighth straight weekend, continuing protests against the country’s COVID-19 vaccine passport system required to enter most public areas, including stadiums, cafes, restaurants, and gyms. Link
the evacuation of Saigon during the collapse. Because the Afgahn airlift was a lie – if it wasn’t for private citizens – read former vets – many would have not gotten out of Tallyban Town – amazing how many bars across the country put out 13 beers for the 13 fallen at HKIA – none were in the Keys.
Developers are going to turn the Keys into a low rent religious retreat and drive out the party goers forever. Our million dollar paradises will turn into hallelujah Shiite holes full of self-inflictors. From your lips to Allah’s ears – elections have consequences.
That moment when republicans realize that the Patriot Act gives the government the power to seize phone records to investigate terrorist activities.

Rome fell this way….time to Lock and Load and do all these bent Mofo! Ship them all to Canada or the Congo! Pete Buttigieg twins – Bing

Prenup or no prenup, Melania Trump must be starting to realize she’s just another contractor her husband isn’t going to pay.
Q: What’s the difference between Texas Republicans and the taliban?
A: The taliban are smart enough not to eat horse dewormer.
What in the hell is going on with brain dead Sleepy Robinette biden??? He’s more than amply demonstrated that he has trouble deciding between Pudding or Chocolate Ice Cream. BUT his HANDLERS are coming up with these Unbelievable comments and UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES for old sleepy  joe to issue while making a TOTAL fool of himself for the world to see. It seems that the democrats have chosen a ventriloquist Dummy to be their figure head. How many lies are we expected to listen to before someone does something else???
I think we should start speaking German or Hebrew and get ready for the take-over. Typical Keys anti-semite – the truth is you will need to speak Mandarin Chinese as they are taking over the world with Covid and now lithium mining. If you don’t see it you’re blind already.
Friday, September 3, 2021
Republicans think Donald Trump is President until they want to blame Joe Biden for something.
Federal government is paying farmers 1.25% the value of their crops IF THEY WILL DESTROY THE CROPS.  If they don’t destroy the crops, the government will not pay the usual farm subsidies, and threatens to spray the fields with Agent Orange. All fields and Foods are being DESTROYED in the USA and Europe will follow – STOCK UP NOW. Link
As ample evidence was greatly demonstrated over the past few weeks, namely the Afghan Cluster F*** where biden and his inept WOKE military unleadeership actually ABANDONED many Americans including many CHILDREN giving them over to ISIS-K and the Taliban to deal with them as apostates. The strawberry haired Lying Clown said that it would be “Irresponsible to call these children STRANDED.”  What would be a more accurate BIDEN paraphrase— Your on your own Mother F***er.
I saw the photo op of that major general about to Retreat from Kabul yesterday. But, the question that’s on everybody’s lips, before he Turned Tail and Ran away from his Duty-To Leave NO Americans behind, Did he return to the Embassy and take down the LBGTQ Flag???  C’-mon man, just asking.
Vaccines: consider the source. A Redneck’s take on Ivermectin. Adult language. Video
Please inform the people, with all of the variants and the original Chinese communist virus, exactly how many blue paper or Cloth Masks should you have to wear to be 99.5% safe???       C’-mon Person, just askin.
August 27, 2021
Can someone explain why Republicans care about women’s rights in Afghanistan, but not in the United States?

Or why they suddenly care about people seeking asylum when they have been screeching about keeping people out of our southern border for the last 5 years (and longer).

Abbott And Costello’s ‘Who’s Been Vaccinated. Link
This has to be the best statement on race and race theory I’ve ever heard and it’s by a black man.  Short in duration but riveting. I also wonder how the vote on this subject turned out. This guy needs a national stage and lots of listeners who are willing to stand up as opposed to kneeling down.  I wonder how to get him on that stage. Video


Taliban renames Kabul airport after trump.

If you are being pressured to be vaccinated, get a copy of the letter stating that there is a very high risk. Link
The head of Taliban security for the Americans at the airport is the biggest terrorist of them all.

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I thought Republicans were against regulations. How come Fl Gov DeSantis is imposing unreasonable regulations on schools and cities with cruise ships?
Pictures at the top………….video at the bottom.  Obama’s “massless birthday party”.   News this morning is that 70 tested positive following the party.  They might well have been positive BEFORE the party. ??? Link
If face masks protected against coronavirus, Muslim-majority countries in which some women routinely cover their faces would not have high rates of COVID-19. In a photo posted to Facebook July 10, a user listed hundreds of thousands of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in five countries — Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and India — alongside a photo of women in niqabs, a full-face covering worn by some Muslims. “Worn face coverings their entire life… and still reported to have COVID-19,” the post reads. “Think America Think!” As of July 19, cases had surpassed 263,000 in Pakistan; 273,000 in Iran; 219,000 in Turkey; 250,000 in Saudi Arabia; and 1 million in India, according to Johns Hopkins

Donald Trump wants his supporters to carry ‘Trump Cards’. Link

If Republicans don’t understand why the candidate who lost isn’t president they’ll never understand how vaccines work.
Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message. “The Eternal Rules of Order” Video
Viral Madness :: By Steve Schmutzer. Link
Republican politicians are blaming immigrants for the spike in COVID cases because their base will believe any lie as long as it’s racist.
Everyone’s criticizing Biden for how he pulled out of Afghanistan. Republicans and Democrats! Let’s remember that he is ending the war, something 4 other presidents wouldn’t do
I asked a Trumper why and she voted for him. She said because of his business savvy. I told her he was bankrupt 3 times and didn’t pay his sub-contractors in NYC and Atlantic City. Also, he has 8 of his inner circle, either in jail or under indictment. She didn’t know either.
Americans are growing angrier by the day, but in a way different from prior sagebrush revolts such as the 1960s Silent Majority or the Tea Party movement over a decade ago. The rage this time is not just fueled by conservatives. For the first time in their lives, Americans of all classes and races are starting to fear a self-created apocalypse that threatens their family’s safety and the American way of life. The border is not just porous as in the pre-Trump past. It is arguably nonexistent. Some 2 million people may cross illegally in the current fiscal year, according to reports — with complete impunity. There is zero effort to stop them. Officials hector Americans daily to get vaccinated and tested for COVID-19. But they are mute about illegal entrants, some of them no doubt infected with the virus.
Geeeeez – all the hysteria with ChinaFlu. How many beds in case we get sick while traveling How many people in the hospital. Care to post the real numbers about the restaurants that are closed becaused of sick employees? I’m so glad I left, we went for a walk on our new farm today – no mask. Hit the post office, the coffee shop and met a neighbor – no mask. Folks, Klaus Schwab, Joey B, Doctor Fauci and the rest have told us this is the New Normal. Either learn to live with it or crawl into a hole and hide! COVID is not going away and neither is the shot, unless you start listening to something other than bad news on TV. Perhaps if you turned to a higher authority instead of “man”, you’d understand.
COVID found in sewage/waste water. No foolin? You give the COVID shot to 50% of the sheeple and they pee and poop out the evidence as it replicates in their bodies. Another side affext from the shot is hysteria apparently. I wonder if the marine life is affected by ChingFlu.
About 4 years ago a wrote an article about the coming of another Ice Age, and I was seriously ridiculed, well it’s time to eat a Little Crow. Casey’s book on the effects of fewer sunspots on earth’s climate is effecting our way of thinking about climate and how much the government is lying to us
In Iceland, 96% of females and 90% of males 16 years or older have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Its vaccination rate. Iceland has been a vaccination success.    Why is it seeing a Corona virus surge?  Covid cases have surged to an all time high. Link
President Trump got the first shot! Where’s that photo? I’ll bet he’s embarrassed he got it.

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August 13, 2021
Hitler and Trump on Truth: Not being afraid to be bold or outrageous. This last technique was formalized by Hitler himself. In his book, Mein Kampf, he coined the term große Lüge, which means “Big Lie.”
Hitler believed that the bigger the lie, the more audacious, the more likely it was to be believed. Because who’d imagine someone would have the nerve to spread such a colossal lie? And the more such a lie was repeated, the more likely it would be accepted as truth.
Does the proposed travel ban for Florida and Louisiana by Dr Death include STOPPING  all the diseased ILLEGAL ALIENS being bussed up from Texas and Arizona by Old Sleepy joe biden??? And Why isn’t heels up Harris having all the contaminated unaccompanied young adults put up in D. C. Hotels??  Like our Gov. said to Old sleepy, Talk To me WHEN YOU CLOSE THE BORDER.
The My pillow guy had a rally where his guest speaker said, “CNN! Report [what we say] and stop fact checking.” The right is against truth and when you present them with facts, they get all testy. It’s frightening thinking about the America they want.
Now the conspirators are spreading the lie that masks spread virus. Where do they come up with this garbage? Do they really want good people to die?


If I get a Trump credit card does that mean I don’t have to pay it off?

With all the posts bashing the My Pillow guy and claiming the Republicans are upending dumbocracy you’d think the Dumbocrats would say, “We won”, “Go ahead and check!” The reality is they have fallen for the psy op presented by the Chinese – you’ve not seen a single American fall dead in the street like the Chinoganda videos showed in the beginning. Germany now says 40-60% of the people in hospital on any given day are vaxxed. If we were FREE in a democracy we’d be allowed to ask our own doctors for Ivermectin or Hydroxy but we’re not! Nope, they want to force us to take the jab. I won’t – I can’t – my grandfather had this tattoo that began with the letter “A”. When I was a kid he told us it was his phone number, it was not. It was from his time in a camp. My bet is with all the deaths related to the jab we’re going to see a lot of sheep dead on the side of the road in a couple years, and less births going forward. History repeats itself, I ain’t getting on any trains or standing in line for a shower.
FOX’s Tucker Carlson supports Hungary’s dictator in his attempt at voter suppression and chipping away at the Hungarian’s civil rights all for $250,000 paid to lobbyist. Link
It’s odd that Republicans bristle just at the word “socialism”, but not fascism or white supremacy. Why is that?
Florida lifts coronavirus restrictions to focus on voting restrictions. “Voting remains as dangerous as ever,” the governor said.
Friday, August 6, 2021
Hydroxychloroquine for malaria, was in use in African country with high malaria rate. When Covid came around the country had very low number of cases compared to population level due to use of Hydroxychloroquine. I cannot remember the name of the country. Also Ivermectin, at a dollar a day also works well on infected people. I believe in India they were using Ivermectin and another drug/supplement at 3 dollars a day and was curing people. Sound medicine, actual proven facts, if you don’t believe me look it up.

Sending people back home with Covid diagnosis and telling them to come back when they had difficulty breathing is like telling someone with pneumonia to come back when they can’t breath — a little late.

Federal lawsuit claims VAERS reporting system is HIDING actual number of coronavirus vaccine deaths. A federal lawsuit claimed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is undercounting the actual numbers of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine fatalities. The motion was filed July 19 by America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Link
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell promotes dangerous conspiracy theories that threaten our democratic freedoms. But he says he’s spending millions of dollars advertising on Facebook. Lindell is peddling many of the same dangerous lies about Donald Trump that forced you to remove Trump from your platform. If retailers like Costco and Wayfair can end their contracts with MyPillow over Lindell’s lies, then so must you. Facebook must stop making money off of Lindell’s lies and immediately stop running MyPillow advertisements. This guy is a total nut with a dangerous imagination. This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here. Link
Here’s some more Republican “science” for you. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis doubled down Tuesday as the state again broke its record for COVID-19 hospitalizations, insisting that the spike will soon abate and that he will not impose any business restrictions or mask mandates. He’s a doctor now? Link


Oh look, Trump just announced his next rally. In a cow pasture in Alabama. Now let that sink in. A cow pasture, in the August heat, in Alabama, Yee-F**king-Haw!

I just signed the campaign: Facebook: Stop advertising for seditious MyPillow Guy. It would mean the world to me if you could also add your name to this important issue. Every name that is added builds momentum around the campaign and makes it more likely for us to get the change we want to see. Will you join me by taking action on this campaign? Link
If Republicans can’t be bothered to protect school children from guns, they sure as hell can’t be bothered to protect them from COVID.
Not all Democrats approve of the progressives’ call to defund the police. They are the extremists who caused Democrats to lose tons of votes and Republicans to have a second talking point. Their first is keeping Mexicans out. That’s their only complaint that I can see.
Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, dies at 72

He was one of the most powerful labor leaders in the country and a key ally of Democrats in Washington. On Tuesday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said he would support a mandate, giving a boost to White House efforts to increase vaccination rates after they stagnated in recent weeks. But Trumka’s position was at odds with some of the AFL-CIO’s largest members, including the American Federation of Teachers, whose president said that vaccine protocols should be decided at individual workplaces. Other unions have also voiced opposition.

Republicans do everything they can to keep Covid going. Everything they do and say opposes the successes the medical world has achieved. Thank goodness they weren’t as organized when the polio, measles, or smallpox vaccines were discovered, or we’d all be further up S**t Creek. Why is that? What’s in it for them? Why do they believe anything that is not true and don’t believe anything that is?
MyPillow guy is spending millions trying to upend democracy. He’s more of a traitor than Trump.
Recently congresswoman Bush was recorded, after mentioning that she is spending $70,000 for PRIVATE SECURITY and backing Defund the Police, asking “Do you want to see me DEAD”.   The answer is not yes, but HELL YES. It would make me Very Happy to whitness you dropping dead on the spot rite now. That would be one less supporter of Burn, Loot, and Murder that is always spouting off nonsense.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. In what is being called a widespread e-mail scam, millions of Americans have been tricked into sending money to a person claiming to have been elected President in 2020. According to Harland Dorrinson, who heads up the National Internet Scam Bureau, the person sending the hoax e-mails claims to have had an election stolen from him and to be in desperate need of cash.
Florida Covid Cases Spike! Yikes cases jump 50% last week with 18% of the state infected, this regardless of the fact that 61% of the state is VACCINATED! 16.2% of the fearful in Monroe County are infected even though 70% of Monroe County persons over 12 years old are vaccinated. If you want my opinion, there’s a lot of breakthrough cases being spread by those who got vaccinated and volunteered to incubate new strains of the man-made bio-weapon from China. So please people, if you’ve taken the dose, mask up, stay home and let the rest of us who have had and beaten KungFlu and now have immunity, live!
Napoleon and Trump have a lot in common. After the many disasters France had experienced, and when she was menaced with invasion by numerous and victorious armies. But Napoleon could not accede to such proposals, for he was always ready to yield to illusion when the truth was not satisfactory to him.
130 Monroe County eviction cases set to move forward. Thanks to lobbying by the National Association of Realtors, Supreme Court ruling and sleepy Joe not in the know! Those who lost their jobs and who were hanging on by the thread in hopes of putting their lives back together will be put to the streets just as the dreaded Delta variant sends scores of people to the hospitals to die, The foreclosure ban has also expired meaning some will have to sell their homes bringing more inventory and lower prices in the real estate market. The Great Reset is coming and “you’ll own nothing and like it.” Anyone else beginning to think this is all by design and not all a coincidence?
Most people who find religion, find it in their shorts.
“Literally anything we do they’re (Republicans) going to call socialist… So let’s not worry about what they’re calling it, let’s worry if it’s a good idea… call it whatever you like, but let’s get it done if it’s a good idea.” ~Pete Buttigieg
Scroll down to Marie Oakes’ video of protestors in Nice, France Link
To all you get the clot shot crowd-what about all the millions of illegals coming across our borders everywhere from everywhere? They are unvaccinated and the Lord only knows what else they are carrying. The left didn’t want Trump’s vaccine, but steal an election and its amazing how the worm turns. Now that I have your panties in a wad-get over “IT”
Republicans couldn’t give a crap if you catch them in a lie. They don’t care if what they are saying is true or not. It’s about power not truth or honor.
Several times I’ve ordered products from companies in California. Twice the products shipped by FedX SmartPost have disappeared in route and had to be re-shipped. This order from California was purchased on the 18th of July and shipped the next day. It was to be delivered by the 26th. Today the 29th I was advised that it’s now scheduled to be delivered by 20:00 hour on the 30th. Ever since the Chinese Communist virus all shipping from all carriers has taken a BIG hit and you can’t depend of the Fantasy delivery dates provided. Another example of the direction America is heading.
You can check how effective your blue paper mask or the face coverings you choose to use by using this tried and true Keys test.  Spark up a doobie and take a big Hit. Then with the mask or cloth face covering du jour and blow out the smoke. Notice how the mask doesn’t stop the smoke. Well those smoke particles are About 50,000 times larger than the virus. After you’ve preformed the little experiment then come back here and tell me how effective your mask was.  I’ll be waiting for your results.
The reason Republicans are against the January 6 Committee investigation is because they lead to Trump, and they want to protect Him at all costs.
Republicans who don’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re sure as hell don’t know the difference between socialism, Marxism, and communism.
Conservatives are against mask mandates because they only care about themselves and not others. What happened to the common good? Masks prevent Covid, no matter what FOX says.
It’s almost as if conservatives are trying to sabotage efforts to defeat Covid.
Why get Vaccinated with these Experimental jabs if they Don’t work and probably cause internal bodily damage, and we are still FORCED to wear these ineffective masks. And why should we accept the government’s answers about Science from the highest paid government employee that has been proven to be a liar, And on second thought why should we believe anything that the government says. ALL governments are known to be liars and have been lying to us forever.
How come all anti vaccine fools are Trump supporters? Just ask one of the Covid-deniers who he supports. They don’t remember that Trump got one of the first vaccines while it was still experimental.
Vaccines have overtaken evolution and climate change as the scientific concept most misunderstood by Republicans.
In the first five months of fiscal year 2021, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 322,940 migrants at the southern border. No telling how many came across without being “encountered” by CBP. Anyone know how many of these folks were tested for COVID? Anyne know how many had fake vaccines before they were let loose on the streets? Wanna bet they’re responsible for at least part of the rise in cases?
Republicans are working full time to discredit the January 6 investigation. They can’t let it succeed. They are required to protect Trump.

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Who, besides me are sick and tired of this grossly inflated obsession with raceism that is being jammed down our throats by the 13% of the population and their WOKED sympathizers???  I mean it’s getting boring to be constantly bombarded with messages telling me that ALL 87% of White Americans are raceist. Why should all Americans bow down to Blacks. What have blacks done to be rewarded for their accomplishments??? Enough is enough. So they are good as athletes and do have the ability to dance. But what have they done to make America a better place to live.  It just seems like their objective is to tear apart America . And why is the current administration constantly Caving in to their demands.
Wearing a mask is up to you. So what if it prevents the spread of germs. Screw everyone else.
News is leaking down that sleepy  joe is possibly going to issue a Total Mask  mandate because of the questionable nature of the Delta variety. So why aren’t they mandating and Supplying masks the are the only ones that are 90% effective at stopping VIRUS  sized particles and not those common blue paper ones that everyone seems to be using or the cloth masks or shields that are absolutely 0 (zero) % effective in stopping viruses from penetrating. I mean C-on man let’s get serious here. You can’t have it multiple ways. Either you stop the virus  or you get contaminated. So, if you’re just another sheep and follow the bullshit advice or you make your own decisions. It’s ultimately YOUR choice.
The American Descent into Madness. America went from the freest country in the world in December 2019 to a repressive and frightening place by July 2021. How did that happen? Link
Has anyone else noticed the protesters are the rejects and uglies of the world. The losers that have to rock the boat to be noticed. The Left uses these outcasts for fodder and the news media eats it up to sell ads.
Finding an honest Republican in 2021 is like trying to find a tootsie roll in a septic tank.
(TRUTH) Three of the VACCINATED Dems from TX who flew to DC on a private jet charter with no masks on while sharing a case of Lite beer have tested positive for LaRonaV, all met with VP Kamala. I’ll continue to get my Corona with no lime at the tiki bar with no mask or shots. (https://trendingpolitics.com/bad-news-for-kamala-harris-those-texas-democrats-she-met-with-three-of -them-got-covid-knab/?utm_source=whatfinger)
Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines, shared a viral Twitter thread on Friday which lays out a disturbing trend; the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not. (https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/worrying-me-quite-bit-mrna-vaccine-inventor-shares-viral-thread- showing-covid-surge-most) I wish the “woke” would wake up!
Republicans are concerned about “election integrity” because, when elections have integrity, Republicans lose
Subject: Political Differences Explained. If someone asks you the main difference between Biden supporters and Trump supporters, instead of stammering and looking for the best answer, just tell them that most.Trump supporters sign their checks on the front, and most Biden supporters sign their checks on the back.

Alex, I’ll take You’re In A Cult, for a $1000.
(Enlarge picture to see)

Fox News has been described as practicing biased reporting in favor of the Republican Party, its politicians, and conservative causes while portraying the Democratic Party in a negative light. Critics have cited the channel as detrimental to the integrity of news overall. Fox News’ official position is that its news reporting operates independently of its opinion and commentary programming, and it has denied bias in its news reporting, although former employees have stated that Fox ordered them to “slant the news in favor of conservatives”. During the presidency of Donald Trump, observers said there was a pronounced tendency of the Fox News Channel to serve as a “mouthpiece” for the administration, providing “propaganda” and a “feedback loop” for Trump, with scholars suggesting that the channel came to resemble a form of state TV.  ~Wikipedia
A Tuesday poster was in high dudgeon about the tragic shootings over the 4th.  Naturally, he/she blamed the gun.  Well, this cretin and my ilk know full well that not a single one of the firearms used in those shootings will ever be charged with a crime.  Why?  The firearm is an inanimate object with no will of its own. It is unable to act by itself, it must have a human pick it up, decide to use it, and then use it.

I wonder if Tuesday’s poster is even aware of the fact that the gun violence hotspots are nearly universally in venues that have the most strict gun laws.  And I wonder if it’s a coincidence that virtually all of these hot spots are and have been Democrat controlled for decades.

I remind the poster that drugs are outlawed, nonetheless we have had about 90k OD deaths in the last 12 months, and the number is climbing.

Gun violence is a direct result of the societal decay that we have experienced in the last decade or so.  Right is no longer “right” it is nuanced.  Wrong is no longer “wrong” it all depends on circumstances.   We’ve seen the decay of the nuclear family. We no longer respect ourselves or each other.  White men are the subject of pejoratives, simply because they happen to be male–and white.  Racism is again becoming de rigueur.   Today our kids are being taught to hate America, we have pushed aside the teachings of MLK. Now for far too many of us color does matter.  We are reverting to a tribal mindset.  I pray that I’m wrong, but I’m convinced that none of this will end well.   It’s not the guns to quote Pogo: “I have seen the enemy and he is us!”

FOX Weather. Fox News is starting their own dedicated weather channel. Something you can trust. Video
I really hate politics. I used to have friends on both sides, but the Left seems to be getting very weird and anti-American. I guess that happens when you get everything for free.
If you can stand redneck music this is for you. I Think My Dog’s a Democrat Bryan Lewis Official Video – YouTube
The difference between Donald Trump and other organized crime bosses is that Al Capone and John Gotti were never stupid enough to run for president
I checked out FOX as I do occasionally, and it’s gotten worse. They don’t seem to be selling news any longer, just hate, fear and lies. I think those people live in a different America than I do.
If you believe Antifa and BLM actually attacked the Capitol, you should want a January 6th commission.

If you think the FBI organized the Capital riots, you should certainly want a January 6th commission.

But if you believe that you’ve been lying about it the whole time, then you don’t want a January 6th commission.

That’s why we have to do it!

The only reason Republicans don’t want the Jan 6 commission is to protect Trump. They know he’s guilty of inciting the insurrection and a traitor, but he’s their traitor so that makes it all right.
It’s kinda hard to believe but old sleepy joe has advised us that the average cost of our 4th of July cookout will be(now get this) a jaw dropping $0.16. GTFOOH, have you been to WinnDixie or Publix in the past week. Even the price of SPAM has gone thru the ceiling to say nothing about Steak, Baby Back Ribs, Beans, Chicken, 1/2&1/2, Cheese, Coffee, Sugar, boxed cereal, Everything. I truthfully am not able to believe anything that has come out of Washington over the past 6 months. When will the lies stop.
(hate joke) I was sitting at a long stoplight yesterday, minding my own business, patiently waiting for it to turn green even though there was no on-coming traffic. A carload of scruffy-bearded, young men shouting anti-American slogans with a half-burned American flag duct taped on the trunk of their car and a “Remember 9-11” slogan spray painted on the side was stopped next to me. Suddenly they yelled, “Allah Akbar! Praise Allah! Death to America” and took off before the light changed. Out of nowhere an 18-wheeler came speeding through the intersection and ran directly over their car, crushing it completely and killing everyone in it. For several minutes 1 sat in my car thinking to myself: “Man, that coulda been me!” So today, bright and early, I went out and got a job as a truck driver.
The far Right lives in fear. Fear of Whites not being the majority. Everything they do points to that fear. Their guns, their false superiority in being White. Their fear of anyone who doesn’t look like them.

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How many of the unvaccinated are Republicans? All of them?
Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to Hell. While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The Devil tells them it is for calling back  to Earth.

Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the Devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a check.

Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished the Devil informs her  that the cost is 6 million dollars, so she writes him a check.

Finally Trump gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When finished, the Devil informs him that the cost is $5.00.

When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the Devil why Trump got to call the USA so cheaply.

The Devil smiles and replies, “Since Biden took over, the country’s gone to hell, so it’s a local call.”

Yesterday Republicans allowed Matt Gaetz, who’s about to indicted for child sex traffickin’ to lecture the military on morality
New York court suspends Rudy Giuliani’s law license for lying. Link
He asked about a moat with snakes & gators at the border.
About nuking a hurricane.
Stared into the sun twice during an eclipse.
And trading Puerto Rico for Greenland.
He asked about injecting disinfectants.
And for the DOJ to investigate comedians who mocked him.
He’s an insane idiot.
The GOP, “Yep, that’s our guy!”
The US economy grew at a solid 6.4 per cent rate in the first three months of the year. That is incredible! See what happens when leaders lead and not hate. Link
In recent comments by congressperson AOC= always on crack,  just demonstrated that EVERY MEMBER of the government, executive, legislative ,  and judicial should be Randomly tested monthly for any Controlled Substance. This would make more comfortable knowing that we have a drug free government. If the Object to this, WHAT HAVE THEY GOT TO HIDE
To that numbers guy who doesn’t think 232 shootings in 5 months is enough to call America dangerous. When people are so bigoted where they refuse to see reality in order to preserve their guns and encourage their spread, we’re in big trouble.
Yesterday was a big day for old sleepy joe. His speech was directed mainly about illegal guns and people who illegally purchased them. He wants to shut down licensed dealers that sell to people who are forbidden to purchase them. Ok I agree with that and then I thought about HIS SON Hunter who committed perjury Twice to purchase a .38 cal. Revolver. First Hunter check NO for the drugs question, PERJURY and then Hunter Signed the REQUIRED form attesting that all the statements were TRUE and complete, PERJURY. Now for the COMMON PEOPLE that will get 10 years in JAIL but not old sleepy  joes son. He is a protected elitist so with all the hypocrisy with this administration HUNTER SKATED.
Nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. now are in people who weren’t vaccinated and are mostly Republicans. This is a staggering demonstration of how effective the shots have been and an indication that deaths per day — now down to under 300 — could be practically zero if everyone eligible got the vaccine. Forget Trump’s lies, run for the vaccine, save yourself and others.

Not only does Trump copy Mussolini’s arrogant behavior but he imitates his dour expression too. Here’s a photo of them together: Il Duce and Ill Duche. Proving weak minds think alike.

Trump failed to overturn the election 61 times in court.
Republicans failed to overturn Obamacare 3 times at the Supreme Court.
How many more times do you guys need your ass whooped to get the point?
Remember the old saying  that if you give them an inch they will take everything you have, well it is happening folks and you are letting it happen. ENOUGH of the bull shit anti-American crap. If THEY keep pushing they will get what they deserve and that is NOT what they want. Like this says, if you don’t like America go find a country you like!  FTA! Click on the picture and read about what these useless eaters are doing to our Flag and Country

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The poster justifying American’s safety missed the point entirely. You can’t justify gun violence and dangerous America with statistics. You have to really look around and see what’s going on. Use your common sense. Numbers are just an excuse the 2d Amendmenters use for doing nothing. They did the same with Covid. They said there weren’t enough deaths to do anything about it. Forget the statistics and numbers, when you know something is wrong stop it. Common sense. The poster was right, there probably are 400,000,000 guns in America. And that is wrong and I want to do something about it. The only reason you want so many guns is to preserve your White supremacy. You’re afraid of the darker people. That’s what you’re afraid of losing. An example of the writer’s blindside is that if 20 airplanes crashed in one week we would say flying is not safe even though there are 3 and a quarter million flights that week. 20 crashes would be only a tiny fraction, so by the poster’s calculations flying would still be safe, just like America is safe from gun violence.
What will happen if minorities out populate White people? Will the Right implode?


Proof that Trump is the antichrist. The wind reveled the mark of the beast on Trump’s scalp when it blew his hair out of the way.

“Socialism” is anything a conservative doesn’t like.
“Communism” is anything a conservative doesn’t understand.
Poster saying America is safe missed the boat. Don’t stretch your brain too much trying to make excuses for the astounding incidents of gun violence in America. It looks like you’re trying to use your numbers to demonstrate narrow mindedness. You’re pissing on me and telling me it’s rain. You must be a lawyer who’s able to pick apart a chicken and prove by law it’s a sow.
If you work hard to PREVENT people from voting, you pretty much admit your ideas aren’t popular and you fear the verdict of the people.
If only Republicans could see how un-American they are.
‘You’ve Got a Storm and We’re Coming to Help You’…Florida Comes to the Rescue to Help Secure the Border  ON PICTURE
It always cracks me up when the Left is referred to as “Radical.” Like the Left is running around carrying assault rifles. Denying science, and discussing not accepting the results of an election.
On Tuesday a CT’er woofed about guns and about how those pesky “2nd Amendmenters” are making the USofA too dangerous to live in.
Think about this:  No one knows for sure how many guns are in private hands in the USofA…but a fair estimate is well over 400 million.  Let’s assume that the total number of deaths associated with firearms is close to 40k per year.  Are you aware that 60% of those deaths were suicides…..3% were accidents, the balance gun violence.
THINK…JUST THINK ABOUT IT!  Your chances of being killed by any one of the 400,000,000 firearms in hands of the American public are  about one one-thousandth of one percent.
You were far more likely to die from China flu than from gun violence.
Then you’ve got to subtract the 60% of those deaths that are suicides.  You figure out the odds.   While you’re doing that please remember that not a single firearm has ever been charged with a crime.  It is the mind of the person holding the firearm that will determine if its use is a crime
Russian President Vladimir Putin compared his crackdown on domestic dissent with the US prosecution of rioters who attacked the Capitol on January 6, attempting to use American unrest to deflect criticism of his actions
Brad lives in California. He was sick of the world, of Covid-19, Trump, Russian belligerence, China, global warming, racial tensions, and the rest of the disturbing stories that occupy media headlines. Brad drove his car into his garage and then sealed every doorway and window as best he could.  He got back into his car and wound down all the windows, selected his favorite radio station, started the car and revved it to a slow idle. Two days later, a worried neighbor peered through his garage window and saw him in the car.  She notified the emergency services and they broke in, pulling Brad from the car. A little sip of water and, surprisingly, he was in perfect condition, but his Tesla had a dead battery. Brad is a registered California Democrat.
Covid from the Republican viewpoint. Link
It is amazing how the left is buying its way into controlling the future of America and other countries by reversing what Trump did to fix things and letting the mob and illegals take control. Wake up America before you are made to wear the chains of slavery again!
I’ve just read an article on how some states are trying to coerce their residents to get injected with these experimental drugs to combat the Chinese Communist virus. Some of the enticements include a CHANCE to win 1 million $ ( 5 or 10 winners depending on the state), free Vacations, free college scholarships to public colleges for children 12 to 17 years old, Pickup trucks , but the best of them all— guns, yes one state is actually giving away guns. Now that might seem a little drastic, however they could come in handy for the UPCOMING VIOLENCE. Why would I predict that??? Well before I moved to BPK I live on the South Side of Chicago during the Riots of the ‘60s and ‘70s and you couldn’t walk down South State St. by DuSable High school, across from the Robert Taylor homes without receiving incoming sniper fire. If you think that Portland or Minneapolis was bad, You haven’t lived if you hadn’t lived there them, it was something like Beirut I’d imagine.
America is starting to open up, but if you didn’t get vaccinated, refused to wear a mask, or voted for Trump, it’s no thanks to you.
Who does she(the vp)think she’s shitting here with her totally laughable BS claim that All the people who are ILLEGALLY crossing our border are down it because of, get this, THE CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX. This is so totally Stupid to imagine that those people who have been living in their countries ever since They existed, dealing with weather conditions forever and now all of a sudden it because this clueless poor excuse for a Hyena is trying to convince everyone that it’s Not economics, or all the FREE stuff, or the fact that old sleepy joe  TOLD them “ Come on down the Borders open” First of all We The People don’t believe YOUR LIES about your ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They are ILLEGAL as defined by US Laws. And most people who believe in science also know that this grand Hoax called climate change is just a political game to push an agenda C’mon man. Start to think for yourself.
What are the Republicans doing about the 6 mass shootings since Friday, June 11? Nothing! They say, “More guns.”

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I know why there’s so much hate in the White Trump world. They are afraid of losing their White supremacy. They want things to be like they used to be. I can understand that, but nothing but exterminating ovens can change that and that’s not going to happen while there are real Americans to stop it. Those real Americans include minorities.
This forward is the most powerful, clearest, science-based and realistic presentation by a highly credentialed scientist that I’ve seen on the COVID situation and how the global elites are using it deceptively to enslave the world and destroy our health, freedoms, lives and futures. Link
Who lied more, Hitler or Trump? I’m serious. I’ve read some astounding numbers of Trump lying. I know Hitler’s policy was: tell a lie enough and people will believe it.
Key West Lou is getting more and more Lefty Commie every day. He needs head adjustments.
You can add one more to list of those charged with battery since last Tuesday – are these violent folks wearing a Fauci face diaper – a.k.a. a mask? Not only are police subject to being hit, they have to worry about the health of their attackers.
Nation-Wide ALERT – Information about Gonorrhea Lectim. The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease! The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim. It’s pronounced “Gonna re-elect ’em”, and is capable of crippling our current population. The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving putting your cranium up your rectum. Many victims contracted it in 2020 when they elected “No-Balls” Biden and Liberal Progressives into power and are now starting to realize how destructive this sickness is. It’s sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug just coming on the market called Votemout. It’s pronounced “Vote-em-out”. It can be picked up at your local pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. You take the first dose now as a Federal election can be called at any time. The second dose should be taken just before the 2022 elections, otherwise, it could eventually wipe out all life as we presently know it in the USA. Please pass this important message on to all those bright folk you really care about.
In the latest Gallup poll 5.6% up from 4.8% in 2017, have identified as being LBGTQ. That coupled with the 13% who identify as colored  are holding the rest of the 81.4% of the population HOSTAGE with their BOGUS claims or RACISM and DISCRETION, C’mon-Man. Let me ask this question. DOES the 81.4% of the population have ANY RIGHTS. Are we required to CAVE IN to all the winers, crybabies, and mentally challenged to have us “BEND A KNEE” to their whims. And the Jews have previous Claims to their Holy Land. It was Deemed to belong to them.
6 videos of TRUMP Boat Parade Memorial Day, 5/31/21 – Jupiter, FL – The largest EVER. Link
Donald Trump will never be “reinstated” as president. In America, presidents aren’t reinstated. They’re elected. By winning elections. If you lose an election, you’re not elected. You’re not reinstated. You’re not president. You’re a loser. You’re nothing. — You’re Donald Trump.
I still wonder why hospitals, doctors, clinics and other “professional healers” are NOT dispensing the COVID Shots like they have done for all other plagues. Seems the local pharmacies and debris stores are, and that makes me think this is nothing but a Lefty scam for money and control. Or is it Big Bro finally culling out us dummies with a simple injection of sterilizing juice ? Wouldn’t tampering with our water be easier !? And where have all the VIP rich and infamous gone?
From Tuesday – the last time Coco Tele was published, til Thursday night at 7pm there were nine arrests that included charges of BATTERY – some misdemeanors, some felony – two included BATTERY ON LAW ENFORCEMENT or other public servant. Seems like Monroe County has become a violent place. After this week’s email revelations involving KungFlu and Fauci, I’m more afraid of those with a propensity for violence visiting Key West, than I am of of a virus with a 98% survival rate.
From a reliable source: At Wetstock 1 out of 5 boats were flying the Trump flag. They took their message of hate and division to a fun day of peace and music. Shame on them.
Obviously you don’t understand Irony, so here you are idolizing a 5 time draft dodger on a day set aside for paying respects to the men and women of this country who paid the highest price for our freedoms
‘Leaked Emails are Shocking’: Fauci Email Dump BOMBSHELLS, HE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING, Told China They’d ‘Get Through It Together’ June 3, 2021
You can tell when the uneducated trumpers write a post because they rename anything they don’t like or understand. Example: Covid-19=China flu, Biden=sleepy Joe. I’ll bet they are the same GEDers who call Key West=Key Weird and Winn Dixie=Winn Dick Me.
Ever since Really Old Sleepy joe 💤 decreed that with the stroke of his royal scepter (executive pen) that it Shall be legal for little brucey to play against little Karen in Track Meets because he identifies as little Janey. No matter what what Title IX says. Obviously sleepy joe 💤 doesn’t realize that he has just changed the rules. Well if that’s the case. I’ve just identified as black; where’s my reparations, C’mon Man.
If you don’t think Donald Trump will end up in prison, remember, nobody thought he would end up in the White House either.
What the hell is going thru sleepy 💤 joe’s head??? I just read that our president has ordered all US EMBASSIES to Fly the BURN LOOT & MURDER flag on the anniversary of the Thug Floyd’s death. I’m wondering what 💤joe’s next insult to Americans could be, to Remove all American 🇺🇸 flags from all government buildings and replace them with the  🌈 flag to show our support for Equity. After spending 30 years of US Military service I’m Embarrassed to be associated with Country. It’s become a fluke of the Universe and the Universe is laughing behind our back
With the VP missing at the border and things are going DownHill rapidly since the end of January I’ve been trying to find the word to best describe the situation. If as sleepy joe says C-mon Man it’s not a crisis. So what is it?, a catastrophe, a calamity, a debacle, a cataclysm, a tragedy, a cluster F…, or my favorite A Fiasco. Well if you’ve been in the military like me you all are familiar with the term SNAFU.
“[Greed] Most of the planet is under lock-down except the States that are tourist oriented and they don’t give a damn….”
Wow! Are you speaking of India? Japan? Or some other over crowded third world dump? FlaraDUH’s numbers are down since the governor used common sense, so are the number’s in Texas. If you’re really so worried about catching China Virus be responsible and protect yourself! If the not-approved-for-general-use vaccine does it for you, get one. If you wanna wear a face diaper in your car with the windows rolled up, do so – although FAUCI has said masks don’t protect you. You could always pull a plastic grocery bag over your head and cinch it up at your neck – germs can’t penetrate plastic. ME? I’m over 65, take my vitamins, don’t drink and ain’t getting vaxxed – I’ve lived every dream I’ve ever had and it’s time to slow down, so “I’m livin’ an’ dyin’ in 3/4 time.”
Patrons of a Northern California restaurant who wear masks inside or are heard bragging about getting a COVID-19 vaccine will be charged an extra fee, reports NBC Bay Area.
Fiddleheads Café in Mendocino, Calif., on Sunday posted a sign that says “$5 FEE ADDED TO ORDERS PLACED WHILE WEARING A FACE MASK.” It also states that customers caught bragging about having received the COVID-19 vaccine will be charged an additional $5 fee. All proceeds will be donated to a local domestic abuse organization Owner Chris Castleman told NBC that some customers have paid the fee, while others were outraged. “[C]ustomers either love it or hate it,” he said. “There are people who refuse to pay it; I guess a $5 donation to charity is too much for them. Others have gladly paid it knowing that it goes to a good cause. I don’t force anyone to pay, I give them the freedom of choice, which seems to be a foreign concept in these parts of the country.” Masks are required in the Mendocino County, including in restaurants when patrons aren’t eating or drinking
Those of us who were born during WW II remember what real Americans were. Nothing like the Posers in Hollywood today.
It’s like I said months ago, China is waging Germ Warfare on the USA & The West and it began in 2017 at the lab at Wuhan, right after the “Big Guy” got his 10%  C’ mon man.
Isn’t Biden and his group great.
Well if you have any doubts just check at all of the accomplishments that they
achieved in just a short time
• Israel is on fire – war in the Middle East
• Major US pipeline hacked
• Prices of everyday goods are skyrocketing
• Russia is massing troops on the border with Ukraine
• Ukraine is threatening to take Crimea back by force
• China is threatening Taiwan and its neighbors – while also threatening our ships and Navy
• N. Korea is testing missiles again and restarting their nuclear weapons program
• Iran has been emboldened and making more than their normal threats
• Our southern border is a humanitarian disaster caused directly by this administration – the administration that promised transparency – but is hiding it and not letting the media have access
• Ford is closing a plant and moving it to Mexico after just bringing it back from Mexico because of the current Administration’s plan for increased taxes
• Price of steel up 145%
• Lumber is up 126%
• Wheat up 25%
• Food index up 25%
• Cotton up 35%
• Silver 38%
• Copper 50%
• Soybeans 71%
• Oil 80%
• Pipeline jobs lost
• Wall construction jobs lost
• 1.9 trillion in stimulus that funds the administrations pet projects and only paid a fraction to the people
• 29 trillion in debt with 4.8 trillion projected 2021 deficit before the 2 trillion dollar stimulus proposed today for the new green deal
• 9+% unemployment with millions of job openings that can’t be filled because federal unemployment assistance makes it more advantageous for people to stay home than work
What an interesting time with the new administration and how much more can he do besides WW3?
Democraps SUCK
Business is booming and we seem to be the only ones wearing masks.
You’re apparently not watching the news…the CDC and the Governor have both said it’s safe to not wear your mask now that a portion of the country has been “juiced”. If you’re fearful, stay home! The virus has a 99% survival rate, that’s why you’re the only ones still wearing masks – take the hint. GAWD what happened to the Florida Keys, the people have become soft

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Trumpers are mad at Dr Faucci for being rich just as they are mad at Al Gore for being rich. According to trumpers, you cant be a Democrat and be rich. I say, more power to they who succeed!
The Systematic raciest problem is one the 13%ers are Constantly going off on Yet there is no concrete evidence that there is such a thing. Yet NO ONE, and I say again, no one is talking about a far worse problem that is negatively impacting Most of Americans and that is the SYSTEMIC BLACK VIOLENCE problem. It seems that if they don’t get their way they resort to Violence. It appears to be a heritage thing from youth to adults. When in doubt attack. Just my observations from living in the South Side of Chicago for the first 50 years of my life before I bailed out and moved to BPK 35 years ago and married a Conch.
The theory is simple: it is easier to tax a larger amount from one winner than to tax a 1000 winners lesser amounts. That way the State gets back the capital investment that they never really let out of their control. It is call Feeding the Sheep Expensive Oats and only Enough to Keep them Buying More Oats! If the Lotteries did have prize limits of say, One Million per Winner, you could not control the false egos of the semi-intellectual sheep and they might even stop to think THEY can overcome the rulers. That is the last thing any junta wants. So keeping the winners at a ridiculously high prize level knowing they will blow it on useless things and dump the value back into the State coffers! Ask any King how this works!  HA!
The raciest movement has been getting a bit of contention lately because there’s a debate as to what BLM is about. It’s obviously not concerned with the quality of black lives. What has it done to make the average POC better??? doesn’t it actually stand for Build Larger Mansions or better yet Burn, Loot, and Murder. And why is the Government AFRAID to call it a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION??? Just look at their latest accomplishments, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, and on and on and on.  “C-mom Man
The systematic raciest problem is one the 13%ers are constantly going off on yet there is no concrete evidence that there is such a thing. yet no one, and i say again, no one is talking about a far worse problem that is negatively impacting most of Americans and that is the systemic black violence problem. It seems that if they don’t get their way they resort to violence. It appears to be a heritage thing from youth to adults. When in doubt attack. Just my observations from living in the South Side of Chicago for the first 50 years of my life before I bailed out and moved to BPK 35 years ago and married a Conch.
Well it’s been 1445 days now and the VP has not yet been seen at the Calamity at the southern border. Wasn’t she tasked with that at the beginning of the Biden administration???  LOL
Does anyone know why the Trumpers are so mad at Asians? What did they do, I missed it. While we’re at it, why are they so mad at Bill Gates? What did he ever do except give away millions and he also spent more to find a cure for malaria.
It’s not crazy to think that Dr. Fauci was able to become a millionaire because he currently earns an annual salary of $434,312. Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Highest Paid Employee In The Entire U.S. Federal Government. In a ten-year period between 2010 and 2019, Fauci made $3.6 million in salary.   Since 2014, Fauci’s pay increased from $335,000 to the current $434,312. Monetary awards from Patents are not included. Link
What and who are Hamas. We know they are sending thousands of rockets towards Israel. Have there always been Hamas throughout history?? No they are a current phenomenon. Historical documents have shown that during WW-2 there was severe economic hardship in Egypt and a lot of laborers, looking for work in foreign countries. These Economic Refugees went to Israel, which The British “gave the land to the JEWS “ in 1917 by the Balfor Declaration. The reason stated for the gift to the Jews was it was empty desert and Nobody else wanted it. Back to Hamas, sometime after the world settled down these Egyptian economic refugees wanted to go back to Egypt but the Egyptian government said Hell No. You are traitors to Egypt and can’t come back. So how do you think this might end with thousands of pissed off military aged men living in a foreign country with a different Religion. And Israel wasn’t enthusiastic about keeping them.
Hay, China joe biden, walls work. You build a wall around the capital to keep out the barbarians, It worked. And just look at your idol China. They built a Great Wall called The Great Wall of China that many Americans have visited and observed How Great Walls work. So why don’t you keep Americans safe from the barbarians and BULID THAT WALL
“Conspiracy theorist and Facebook have brainwashed Marines” Maybe it is the ones who got the vaccine that have been brainwashed and or scared into getting it?
I’m a Marine and yes we did get many vaccinations, but they were not experimental, they were proven effective.  COVID-19 vaccination is an experimental vaccine that is not proven, if it was proven it would not be experimental.  The link you sent was from CNN, maybe you should use other non-MSM and do some research of your own.  Personal is personal choice, my body is my body.  Isn’t that what liberals say regarding abortions?. Don’t talk bad about my Corps or the fellow Marines that serve or have served.  God Bless Chesty Puller. Semper Fidelis
Marjorie Taylor Greene is Sarah Palin with a side order of crazy.
The horror and absolute brutality endured by members of our Armed Forces on battlefields over the course of our Nation’s history causes one to shudder. Grotesque disfigurements, painful screams and nauseating smells of death besieged their courage, upon the consummation of their final sacrifice and last moments of life.

Acknowledging the deep penetrating wounds endured by those combatants does not require approval or agreement with the cause behind their actions. We know instances throughout history, where if these warriors chose not to effectively engage the enemy and set aside their oaths of allegiance  to God and country, our homeland would have laid wasted under despotic rule. They didn’t give into their fears nor seek to malinger and escape their duties. They chose to steadfastly face the dangerous fates that awaited them.

Protesting and the right to air one’s grievances are the bedrock upon which our nation was founded. However, assailing disabled soldiers at airports or the caskets containing our returning war dead with spittle, urine and feces; seems to be a bit over the top.

In many of our institutions patriotism and love for one’s country has become passé. It seems to have been replaced by an attitude and ideology, which all too often reframes and exclusively focuses upon America’s imperfections, transgressions  and errors in judgment. Ironically, the very same people hell-bent on making these negative declarations are imperfect themselves. They’re riddled with their own brand of flaws, errors and misjudgments. Something like the “pot calling the kettle black”. Or, “cast out first the beam from thine own eye”. Hypocrites are unattractive.

FAUCI PROJECT MANAGER CONFESSES TO CREATING COVID-19. The top project manager who organized gain of function studies in Wuhan China and then ran a cover-up over the leak, brags about his work pre pandemic. This is damning video for the globalists. Culling 101 or what? Video
The difference between animals and humans is that animals would NEVER CHOOSE the one that is almost dead, totally Stupid, without a clue to lead the Hurd. Think about that.
The Left controls all the media so whatever you read or see on the idiot box is probably bending your brain towards the Left. So much for freedom of thought. Have you noticed the country is getting dumber by the day since DT was culled out of office and Mr. Stumbles got in? We are in sad times when the people are being brain washed into drones. What is next, a Red Flag?
Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy
and Infectious Diseases, told PRES JOE BIDEN: “This morning, three
Brazilian people died from the Covid-19 immunization.” The blood drained from the president’s face and, to everyone’s
amazement, Biden dropped to his knees and wept. A minute passed and to everyone’s relief, he got up and slowly sat
back in his chair. His staff was stunned, watching this display of
emotion from the Commander in Chief, as he sat there, head in hands. Finally, Joe looked up, and with a shaky quivering voice, asked Dr. Fauci, “How many is a Brazilian”?
Look at the World Map of the Plague then tell me it’s OK for Cruise Ships and travelers to come to the Keys.
It’s all about greedy monye grabbing whores in tourist sector governments that don’t give a shiite about you or your family, just your wallet! Also if the Masks worked, WHY are all the medical crews in Has-mat suits
Almost 5 minutes of demonstrations in the link video. People are apparently being chipped! (warning: some f-bombs from people that got the jab and now discover they got something extra). Video
Contrary to what Samantha Bee had to say,  guns are NOT dangerous. The gun is an innate collection of steel, plastic, or wood that will do absolutely nothing if left alone. It will continue to do nothing except rust, corrode, and chemically breakdown all by itself Unless if moved by Man. So the gun is Not the problem. Man is. The gun is only a tool. Along with a car, or knife, or shovel, hammer, or machete   Take the Man out of the picture, no danger. Until we can figure out How to stop Man from wanting to kill another person the choice of tools is too numerous. And the Tools will self destruct over time if left alone. Just like Us, we’re dying the instant we are born. It’s nature
The hypocrisy of the gop is unbelievable. In a letter to GOP members arguing for the removal of Liz Cheney, Kevin McCarthy writes: “We are a big tent party. We represent Americans of all backgrounds & continue to grow our movement by the day. And unlike the left, we embrace free thought & debate.”
Have you taken Fauci’s recommended jab? Try the magnet trick to see if it sticks to the injection site. People are shocked to discover they have apparently been tagged like an unwitting animal in this compilation of experiments. Link
Vax antidote? Pine needle tea has been used for many generations as an anti-coagulant and is now being promoted as a possible antidote for the S-1 spike protein effects on the vascular system. The S-1 spike protein is an intended ingredient in some of the new foreign shots, and the US mRNA shots modify your DNA to produce it in your body…… forever. The Salk Institute reports. “S protein alone can damage vascular endothelial cells (ECs) by downregulating ACE2 and consequently inhibiting mitochondrial function.” https://www.afinalwarning.com/517354.html
Those in close contact with vaxxed people have also reported clotting issues, and it is believed by some to be because the mRNA shot has produced walking virus factories.Still anxious to get your shot? Here are some statistics you might want to consider:
“There has been a massive increase in deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) this year. That’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that’s an indisputable fact.”
“We’re talking about a huge and unprecedented increase—so massive that in the last 4 months alone, VAERS has received over 40% of all death reports it has ever received in its entire 30+year history.”
https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/05/10/covid-vaccine-deaths-the-numbers-point-to-a-catastrophe/< /p>
1923 Hitler’s failed coup had no real consequences. No fundamental changes so in 1933 Hitler takes power. When a coup attempt goes unpunished, it becomes a training exercise. Trump has learned from his failed coup and will do it better next time.
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Republicans have achieved herd immunity from reality.
France: ‘One mosque is erected every 15 days, while one Christian building is destroyed at the same pace’. If the French don’t stand up now, they never will. If France go down, so does most of Europe. Link
Things in the forefront of my mind in recent days.
Revolt? Is our country heading for one? I’m talking guns on the streets, violence, etc. Things already occurring could become far worse.
The Republican Party has changed. Trump responsible. Now his Party. He has successfully rabble roused almost 50 percent of Americans. Continue ReadingTHIS BLOGGER HAS TO BE A LEFT WING COMMIE OR JUST STUPID ENOUGH TO THINK HIS INSANE STATEMENT MATTER!


America, the nation where intelligence goes to die. America will be remembered as that nation just too stupid to survive.

If a Republican doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.
If a Democrat doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.
If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.
If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned.
If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.
If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
If a Democrat is down-and-out he wonders who is going to take care of him.
If a Republican doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
A Democrat demands that those they don’t like be shut down.
If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of God, and religion, silenced.
If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
If a Democrat decides he needs health care, he demands that the rest of us pay for his.
If a Republican reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.A Democrat will delete it because he’s “offended.”
FUN FACT: Joe Biden saved American tax payers over $11,000,000 his first hundred days in office by not golfing.
I think that I’d rather be called Fat Donny than Brain Dead Joey. If I were fat Donny I could just go on a diet, but if I was Brain Dead Joey the only thing left is go back in the basement and go to Sleep and not continue to destroy My America 🇺🇸. Why you might ask, why do I call it My America? It’s because I served My Country spending 30 years in uniform and shed my blood for it. If you haven’t worn the Uniform in service for your country then be just like Joey and go to the basement and SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE


The Fence Test. “I would just like to clear the air and say it was not created by me,” Jeff Foxworthy said about the statement attributed to him. “It is nothing close to my beliefs, and someone just slapped my name on it.”

I checked the link from posting…. A group of Stanford researchers published a study that says masks are ineffective and could have long-term health consequences.
It turns out it was not a study rather the author Brauch Vainshelboim hypothesized it.  He must be bucking for an appearance on the fake Fox news.
This is the response from Stanford
“Stanford University has never employed Baruch Vainshelboim, “Several years ago (2015), he was a visiting scholar at Stanford for a year, on matters unrelated to this paper.”
We are a special kind of stupid.
As proven by the mass hysteria over the ChinaVirus, mask wearing and “not-a-vaccine” mRNA injections that now will require a THIRD dose. I ate a sugar cube one time to avoid polio and have a vaccination scar for my small pox vaccine. Americans have become so dumbed down that we believe celebs and sports figures over our own common sense. Sign me, NO MASK, NO SHOT, PUBLIC JOB, STILL HEALTHY – oh yeah, no booze, no dope and I eat right.
Here is the defense case in a short video.  Watch until the end.  After the first video, it continues with a breakdown. This is very important to realize what really happened. Would you convict? Video
Here’s a hint. Anyone using the word “patriot” in their organization really means fascist but are afraid to say it because it’s unpatriotic
It appears that John Kerry has stepped a pile of serious CaCa. Spilling secrets of Israel 🇮🇱 to Iran 🇮🇷 should result in becoming the #1 in the Mossad/Shayete HIT LIST. Those Jews, unlike the current administration, take defense of Israel very seriously and they don’t follow the Marquis de Queensbury rules. I would be happy to see him eliminated while flying in his environmentally unfriendly private jet.
BIDEN: “Here is my proposal.”
MCCONNELL: “I’m not giving you anything you want!”
BIDEN: “Here is my other proposal.”
MCCONNELL: “I’m not giving you anything you want!”
BIDEN: “Well, then we’ll do it ourselves.”
MCCONNELL: “You’ve given up on unity!”
And you still believe an airliner smashed through three 12″ thick steel reinforced concrete walls in the Pentagon? Leaving a 16′ hole of smaller diameter than the fuselage and no wings, tail or debris at all outside? Now THAT is a far-fetched theory! And it takes a dunce cap instead of a tinfoil hat to believe it. But if they said it on TV news, it must be true, right? Some people are really hard to wake from their hypnotic trance.
The Germans and the Puritans didn’t have a problem with CHINAFLU. They had problems with certain people in the population, like the O.P. who suggested the vaccinated should get a pin showing such. Apparently the O.P. felt the vaccinated deserve a gold star to show they are part of the massive test to change our RNA. We’ll know shortly who didn’t get vaccinated – we’ll still be healthy outliers in the Keys.
If the virus juice shots really work, why are the medics and doctors still wearing total hazmat suites?
The more I watch the so called NEWS and spin on this mind bending machine and TV, the more I am positive there is a master group behind the brainwashing of the semi-intel’s to convert humanity into slaves and obedient workers. Nothing else makes any sense for the profiteers. Money is not their goal, they can print that, but labor and the culling out if the useless can make this rock a decent place for the controllers instead of the shit pit itis turning into! Watch for another world war coming to a country near us and I hope to Mickey Mouse they don’t use nukes, gas or more viruses
COVID-19 Dress Rehearsals and Proof of the Plan. Video
A group of Stanford researchers published a study that says masks are ineffective and could have long-term health consequences. Video
Ivanka Trump has spent the past five years trying to position herself in the public’s mind as the “reasonable” Trump. Granted, that’s a pretty low bar. All she really needed to do is show up as “warm-blooded” on infrared surveillance cameras, and she was basically there. Link
Republicans don’t want any gun restrictions, so what is their plan then to stop mass shootings? Obviously, they don’t have any plan except to continue taking money from the NRA , gun and ammo manufacturers. They really aren’t pro-life at all.

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More experimental drugs needed. The patent holders are becoming filthy rich, while the sheeple line up for more, without knowing the side effects. 5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 74 Dead: CDC. April 15, 2021 Updated: April 15, 2021. Link
CNN faked the Covid death tolls. Link
A young black kid asks his mother, “Mama, what is Socialism and what is Racism?
Mama says, “Well, child’ …..socialism is when the white folks work every day so we can get all our governmental entitlement stuff for free. You know ….like our free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps, EBT, WIC, free school breakfast, lunch, and in some places supper; free healthcare, utility subsidy, and on and on …..you know, that’s Socialism.
Her son responds, “But, mama, don’t the white people get pissed off about that? “Sure they do, Honey. That’s called Racism.”
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people” Well, no shit. We want mandatory safety courses for people, not guns. We want more thorough background checks of people, not guns. We want stricter negligence penalties imposed on people, not guns. If you’re stupid enough to think activists are pissed at guns, you’re too stupid to own one.
The USA is being invaded by who know whom, and we are too stupid to care. When these invaders start killing Americans THEN it will be too late to repel them. I read there is as many Chinese, Russian, and Middle East invaders as there are Mexicans and others coming across the border unhindered
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If trump had said to wear a mask and get vaccinated from the beginning—all you MAGAs would have done both, and lots of people would still be alive. It isn’t that you don’t trust the vaccine, it’s that the reason you don’t trust the vaccine is because you worship a moron.
Biden tightens some gun controls, says much more needed. He calls it a public health crisis. Republicans are going ballistic now that they are less able to shoot other Americans with a different opinion.
I sure like Biden as president. It’s so refreshing not to have a new enemy every day like during Trump’s disaster as President.



Giant wall sticker in San Antonio. If I can’t unsee this, neither can you.

“It is insanity to wear a mask outside.” Dr Cole talks about the science and data relating to public health measures that we may have been missing, and what treatments should be available to everybody. Video
The Mouthpiece Psaki has just announced there is a Name Change for the biden administration. It takes now to be known as the harris/ biden administration. But while She’s away doing the diplomatic stuff, after she refused to handle the Border Calamity that Sleepy joe tasked her, she’ll allow No ice cream for joe during Lent, the ability to sit in The BIG GUY’s chair.
Politicians talked about these murderers for hours on end. The media put the murderer’s name and face in the news for days. Effectively, the news media and the politicians gave the murderer a multi-million dollar publicity campaign. We’ve seen what happens next. That media-driven celebrity campaign attracts more broken people who will kill to be noticed. Mass murder serves the interests of the media and anti-gun politicians. They won’t change their actions until we change them. You and I will have to defend ourselves in small ways until we cure the sickness in our government and in the press.
Biden dog poops on White House floor. Just goes to show you the dog’s commentary on what he thinks of the Harris-biden administration and what Sleepy joe is doing to the American People.  Link
Republicans have fully given up on legitimately winning elections. They are trying to cheat their way to victory, and they are doing it openly.
Trump brainwashed his followers who turned into zombies intending to overthrow the United States of America. Only time saved Congress from the Trumper’s automatic weapons and tactical gear. Another hour and the ARs would have come out. They don’t know the difference between protecting the Constitution and attacking it, a patriot and an anarchist.
I never cared!
I never cared if you were “gay” or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself, until you started shoving it down my throat.
I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming me for your problems.
I never cared about your political affiliation, until you started to condemn me for mine.
I never cared where you were from in this great Republic, until you began condemning people based on where they were born and the history that makes them who they are.
I have never cared if you were well off or poor, because I’ve been both . . . until you started calling me names for working hard and bettering myself.
I’ve never cared if your beliefs are different than mine – until you said my beliefs are wrong.
I’ve never cared if you don’t like guns, until you tried to take my guns away.
Now I care. I’ve given all the tolerance I have to give. This is no longer my problem. It’s your problem. You can still fix it. It’s not too late. But it will be soon. I’m a very patient person at times. But I’m out of patience. There are literally tens of millions of people just like me that are sick of all your Anti-American crap. I’ve always cared about life, and all lives, but now you try to force the notion on me and my other fellow citizens and patriots that certain lives matter more than others. You protest, riot, attack, burn and loot. Your so-called “movement” has become a radical out-of-control bunch of thugs, criminals and anarchists who are doing harm to our Country.
We have had enough ! America is the greatest country on Earth, and if you don’t like America then you can leave. We are done caring about your misguided “feelings”.
You don’t have the right to enjoy American freedoms if you are trying to take that right away from other Americans.
“We sleep soundly in our beds because real men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”- Winston Churchill
I do believe more and more people are starting to feel this way AND IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!
The only interest Republicans have in election fraud is figuring out how to do it better.
If you’ve ever wondered about just what immigration does in the way of helping people from poor countries watch this clip. Don’t be brainwashed by the Left Liberals, WATCH THIS and learn why America will fall and become a socialist controlled bleeding heart wasteland then a true Communist controlled prison if YOU don’t wake up and smell the immigrunts! video
The only way we will solve the problem of gun violence is by solving the problem of mental illness in Republican Senators.
Those who are serious about protecting Americans should start by getting rid of automatic rifles. That is the first step in gun control. Republicans will only support phony gun control, like mental tests or filling out a form or some other ineffectual bs. First go for the automatic weapons then large capacity magazines. Let’s make America great again—and safe!
Georgia should come right out and say their new rules only allow white voters and they have to vote Republican to boot!

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I think the reason Republicans don’t want gun control is they don’t want to lose the ability to kill a lot of real Americans in case they keep touting democracy.
What is in the COVID shot? They have no idea what the fork they are doing they are just trying things that MIGHT work but have no idea what will! Now pets and bugs are getting this virus, so how the hell are they going to stop it now? Forget the immune BS, it’s only a dream!


Apparently, Trump spends his days giving rambling speeches for his remaining cult members at a clear plastic podium in a hallway at Mar-a-Lago. It’s so much sadder and weirder than I imagined.

More mass shootings. Lets make it easier to by machine guns. The Repubs will vote for you.
“I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 (often referred to as the China Virus) Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers!” ~Trump
“Conspiracy theory” To say that conspiracies never come true is not supported by recent political events. True, they are more often proven false than they are proven true. The most widely spread conspiracy theory was that Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to change the outcome of the 2016 election. As a news junkie, I watched CNN run story after story supporting this wild conspiracy theory. Multiple witnesses were displayed on CNN, such as Senator Schiff, who repeatedly claimed that there was “substantial evidence” to support this conspiracy theory. Fortunately, this conspiracy was investigated thoroughly. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller investigated for 3 years, and spent over 30 million dollars on lawyers and investigators, and then concluded that there was no evidence to support the Russian collusion theory.
A more recent conspiracy is that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was acting as a “bag-man” to collect pay-offs to Biden, from a Ukrainian Oligarch. Supposedly, Hunter was given a “no show job”, paying him $80 grand a month, to sit on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company. All the while, Joe was vice-president and was in charge of formulating US policy toward Ukraine.
While no one disputes that Hunter was on the board of Burisma, we have not seen any evidence that Hunter’s unjustified salary was subsequently turned over to Joe, or used to influence US policy towards Ukraine.
We need a thorough investigation of this conspiracy, so that conservative pundits like Hannity and Carlson, don’t go down the same type of fake news trail that CNN did with the Russian collusion theory.
“There are no fines for people who kill others by not wearing a mask” Oh Puhleeeeze. You can’t sue the manufacturers of the poison they’re injecting you with if it messes with your RNA either. If you’re so afraid, stay home, seal your windows, electric sockets, AC vents and doors with visqueen and lock your doors. You have choices – live your life, live your life in fear or have your life end. The narrative on KungFlu has changed over and over with every fantasy little Toni Fauci comes up with. Ever heard the phrase, “Let nature take it’s course” ? When did the Keys become the land of soft hands and mushy minds?
The number of homicides and shootings spiked in Chicago in 2020, with 769 homicides, 274 more than the previous year. Officials also reported more than 4,000 shootings, compared with around 2,600 the year before. Chicago already boasts some of the toughest gun control measures in the country. The spike came as House Democrats passed two bills requiring checks on all firearm sales and transfers, and allowing an expanded 10 day review for gun purchases. However, reports just last month said Chicago residents are on edge after significant delays in the issuing of firearm ID cards and conceal carry licenses. Residents said they’re worried to walk around unarmed, with some reporting waiting more than eight months before being able to legally carry a firearm. Link
I think it is an obvious riot that the invasion by the communist parties to take over America is using such childish tactics as trying to remount the civil war between the North and South, the race riots of the 1940’s and the marketing of junk foods and bad products to allow imports to overtake our American productions. Simple minded morons just might be our next rulers if we allow the media to continue their degrading advertising and blatant propaganda news broadcasts. Look around and you can see what is going on to degrade America! We are getting as stupid as Mexico and Africa. What’s next, street wars? I wish they would initiate ML and drive out this fungus!
Here we go AGAIN BOHICA  First it was the gas then higher energy costs now we’re gonna have to pay higher taxes on the crummy $1400 stimulus money that him and Nancy Pelosi sent us  but I still haven’t seen mine yet  Do you suppose that it was just another LIE ???
“I don’t take any responsibility at all.”— Trump on March 13, 2020
“How dare you not give me all credit.” — Trump on March 13, 2021
Modern GOP in a nutshell.
The Washington Post admitted in a correction that it had “misquoted” former President Donald Trump telling Georgia’s top elections investigator “to find the fraud,” in December.

The correction ran atop an online version of the updated original story that had quoted an anonymous source about a phone call Trump made to Georgia’s top elections investigation official shortly before Christmas.

“Correction: Two months after publication of this story, the Georgia secretary of state released an audio recording of President Donald Trump’s December phone call with the state’s top elections investigator. The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call, based on information provided by a source,” the correction published Thursday began.

“Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero’ if she did so. Instead, Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, Ga., asserting she would find ‘dishonesty’ there. He also told her that she had ‘the most important job in the country right now.’”

Why does the Republican Party have a history of trying to keep poor people from voting instead of encouraging more people to vote?
The Chinese Communist Government was engaging in germ warfare against the USA any the West. Trust me, it was NO accidental release. It was planned with malice of forethought. The Chinese Government has been ramping up the tensions over Taiwan and the waters of the S. China Sea, and they’re planning to invade Taiwan in the near future now that sleepy joe biden is asleep at the switch. Link
Biden is much more humane than Republicans would like. They want punishment and vengeance not solutions.
Trump is a sleeper agent sent by Putin to destroy American democracy. Even before he was elected the first time he was crying foul. Planting the seeds of discontent with democracy.
Stimulus Bill total is $1.9 TRILLION dollars. The current U.S. Population is 332,915,073. Divide $1.9 trillion by every man, woman, child, prisoner, and “other gender” person in this country.   Each person would receive $5,707.16 ………a far cry from $200. That’s a lot of PORK! (US$ 1.9 trillion) / 332 915 073 = 5 707.16124 US$
Fact-checking Biden’s first prime-time address. Link
On January 2 2021 they opened up all the asylums and turned all the democrats loose to wreak havoc on America . And look what we got, a blithering idiot that is still hiding in his basement, while the vice pres running the country. The partisan congress that is aiming to put the country in eternal(as in FOREVER) debt. Opening up the border to the millions of diseased ridden criminals  running amuck contaminating the Citizens who are struggling to stay alive while asking for Volunteers to help with the problems that they created themselves and now clueless as to what to do about it. If only God could help America. I don’t think that he will. AMERICA 🇺🇸 under the democrats is DOOMED as another FAILED Experiment. Save your Last bullet for yourself.


A picture of Biden not playing golf today. Saved us @ $600,000.

Why in hell hasn’t anyone stated  an Amendment 25 against sleepy joe biden yet??? It’s obvious to anyone paying attention to what’s going on in the democratic white house. Vice Pres. harris is running the country and old joe has been showing definite signs of Dementia. The things done by sleepy joe are just examples of his living in FANTASY LAND. And what’s with the Supreme Court??? It seems that they wouldn’t say caca if they had a mouth full. The democrats are definitely DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION.  And where’s the military with their sworn oath to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION BOTH FOREIGN AND “DOMESTIC.
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America No more money for RINOS. They do nothing but hurl the Republican Party and our great voting base—they will never lead us to Greatness. Send your donation to Save America PAC at Donald J Trump. We will bring it all back stronger than ever before!
I spent part of my $1400 token relief check on a joe biden Bobble Head Figure & ammo. The rest I’ll save to pay the taxes on my unemployment checks that I didn’t need.
History repeats itself January 6. Although in 1865 there were daily newspaper stories threatening secession, Government made no military preparation, and the Northern people generally paid no attention, took no warning of its coming, and would not realize its existence till Fort Sumter was fired on by batteries of artillery, handled by declared enemies, from the surrounding islands and from the city of Charleston.

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Biden signs election executive order to increase voting by criminals. Link
What kind of shit is going on with biden and the democrats giving priority to CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS over American Citizens in getting the vaccine. I’m 81 years old and blood type A, a 30 year 90% Military Disabled veteran and it totally Pisses Me Off that president biden and the democrats have decided that these CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS get priority over AMERICAN CITIZENS. There will be a price to be paid for their DISRESPECT for AMERICANS and a curse on their heads.
Crook. We are now paying Trump to “rent” property he already owns. The Former Presidents Act allows Trump to pick the location of his office, and taxpayers pay him a rental fee. Trump chose Mar-A-Lago for his office. So we’re essentially paying his mortgage.


The next person who tells you the insurrection wasn’t planned… THEY HAD SHIRTS MADE!!!!

Did Governor DeSantis donations helped wealthy island enclave get early vaccine? Link

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Craven images. So tell me again GOP, how are you not a cult? Go ahead I’ll wait.
“You shall not make gods of silver to be with me, nor shall you make for yourselves gods of gold.” Exodus 20:23

Here is some critical information for those that think GMO mosquitoes are a good thing. Video


Turns out that My Pillow pillows are not just for sleeping anymore!

Trump: “If you repeat a lie often enough the sheeple will believe it.” He learned that from the only book he ever read, Mein Kampf.
The Conspiracy Party imagines all kinds of terrible things happening that are only in their minds, just because those terrible things are possible and for no other reason. Now they actually support GMO mosquitoes that could be the biggest conspiracy theory of them all and they don’t believe that one, the one that is actually happening.


They wanted to put an anal swab Covid test in the cartoon, but hard to keep it PG rated

Here are some very sobering warnings from the Lord about the consequences of taking the vaccine and altering your DNA. #1 ‘The Mark Of The Beast Is Here’ The implementation of the plans to alter your DNA and make it programmable by something other than Me, your Creator, are here. I control and govern the DNA I have placed within you, but if you allow man to administer anything within your bodies, that will recode your DNA, I will no longer be the controller. I will no longer recognize you as My creation. You will have become a mixture of something else, an altered form of man and technology … blab la bla

I was going down the canal the other day . It was a glorious day until I saw this message oh hate flying over the canal from a Snowbird. Are all Trump supporters so hate filled? “Make America Hate Again!”

How can you un-brainwash Trump’s cult followers? It seems they embrace lies and all forms of hate.
This is one of Trump’s alt-truths that is flying around the internet: The Covid test is actually a bio-weapon infection method. There is smart dust nanobots on the swab. Remain ignorant or take even 15 minutes of this long video to become aware of the extreme danger
Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson tried to whitewash the attack on the White House as being by others, not Trump supporters who were there for a peaceful demonstration. Are all Trump supporters living in a fantasy world where lies, hate and denial of facts don’t matter? He said they were there for a “peaceful demonstration” contrary to ALL reports.
It’s been 1 month plus 3 days since Sleeping  Joe Biden was sworn in and already the gasoline Prices are heading for the moon . The prices have already gone UP $.26 cents. Where will it end. This will go down as the STUPIDEST move that a politician has done since the climate change HOAX. Everyone Knows that Humans are NOT the major cause for climate change. Since the industrial revolution, all man made contributions to climate change is but minimal  portion of what VOLCANOES  cause which are erupting daily. 20 years ago NASA sent up a satellite to measure the temperature of the earth and NASA had determined that the earth’s temperature had been raised 1-10,000th of a degree. The New Green Deal is so much CaCa . Windmills and solar panels can NOT now, tomorrow, or in the Future supply the power needs of a modern society. It all a hoax designed to make MONEY. Follow the Money.
Y’all be sure to leave those Biden signs in your yard so people will know where to siphon gas when it’s $8.00 a gallon.
Name 3 things the Republican Party has done that actually benefited all American people in the last 30 years. On second thought, try naming one!
Ted Cruz continues to be a trailblazer as he becomes the first Hispanic person to flee FROM Texas to Mexico because of ICE.
Hot damn where did all the Biden supporters go! Why ain’t you guys talking about all the great stuff he is doing. where 3 you all go?
Loser: In a significant defeat for former President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court on Monday declined to step in to halt the turnover of his tax records to a New York state prosecutor.
Trump said the stock market would dive when he lost the election. Today the DOW reached 4,000 for the first time in history. It’s been climbing since he lost the election. The economy breathed a sigh of relief.
His supporters would die for a Trump lie.
The basic functions of a government are provide for military defense of the nation, enforce contacts between individuals, protect citizens from crimes against themselves or their property. It seems to me that in several cities and select states, the governments have failed in their basic duties. Why?

Trump started priming his cult followers for insurrection from the first moment he stepped into the Oval Office. He had them do dry-runs in state capitols across America. #TrumpsGuilty.

1 – Eleven teenagers die each day because of texting while driving. Maybe it’s time to raise the age of Smart Phone ownership to 21.
2 – If gun control laws actually worked, Chicago. L.A. New York, PHL, Portland, and most of this rock would be Mayberry, USA.
3 – The Second Amendment makes more women equal than the entire feminist movement.
4 – Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously, if we were the problem, you’d know it.
5 – When JFK was killed, nobody blamed the rifle.
6 – The NRA (National Rifle Association) murders 0 people and receives $ 0 nothing in government funds. Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually. (This is also a good thing in some places)
7 – I have no problem with vigorous background checks for firearms. Let’s do the same for immigration, Voter I.D., and candidates for office.
8 – Civil War? One side knows how to shoot. The other side has crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use. Tell me, how that would end?
Want to see where our country’s intelligence level is going, watch TV commercials but turn off the sound! Do you know why more and more Blacks are in movies and on TV? They work for half the pay! Cell Phones have their own language in single syllables and no upper or lower case fonts same as the idiots who use them. Driverless vehicles are a big thing today just as woman drivers were when we invented them. They didn’t work either! Ever wonder why the ocean isn’t full of divorce lawyers? I saw an advertisement for a cellphone mouse. What’s next, a pencil? There’s a mid-western state that has a law if you are in an accident while texting you get three years automatically unless you’re a blond then 10!
Trump is crafty not smart. No one ever accused him of being smart.

The King of hate radio is dead. “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”   ~Mark Twain

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The F••••n democrats are milking this BS farce for all it’s worth distracting of from all the Stupidity that Sleepy 💤 Joe is causing American. I hope that the country can survive until the 2022 Elections.
So you think that the Masks the government has Mandated Unconditionally are keeping you safe. Congratulations you have fallen for the typical government BS. How effective are these masks? About as effective as your Levi’s stopping a fart. Consider the Size of a virus particle. About 20 nanometers, so what does that relate to what we relate to today. Consider a baby’s hair, it’s approximately 1000 times Larger than the virus particle. So how effective are the masks worn today. Like I said, as effective as Levi’s stopping passed gas. The government has no business restricting our freedoms.
Friday’s  post telling that  “There are approximately 6000 Covid cases in Monroe County that we know of. The county is 100 miles long.  That’s 60 people who are infected every mile.” This statement is absurd!  The web page showing 5,541 cases NEVER EVER reports how many have RECOVERED.  These test reports are the accumulated total since March of 2020.  Many of those tested were not ill, and many of those tests were SECOND tests on the SAME person.   Common sense just isn’t common any longer.
It is crying shame that Key West and the Keys in general, have turned Leftist Commie with the local new blogs being so anti-American. The old Keys were just fun dunes full of fun people partying their assess off and caring less for politics or greedy developers. No, the Keys are dead and will never be like they were. RIP
I changed my political affiliation to Democrat. I no longer want to be associated with Republicans as they have proven to be amoral and only interested in themselves and not our once great country.
If you want to know the truth, sit in a courtroom. There’s never any bs there. It’s the only place both sides can agree on what it the truth. So if you want to know what really happened in the 2d impeachment trial watch what they say. The problem is that the Conspiracy Party can’t handle the truth and don’t want to know it. They won’t watch the trial for that reason. Truth or Hate?
“You can’t handle the truth!”
I see that the post on Tuesday about “the shot” not actually being a vaccine had a link that no longer works. Here is an alternate link to the information. In the description of the video with David, we focused on the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. He goes over the major issues surrounding them. He reviews the mRNA technology and explains how it is gene therapy, not a vaccine and our usual understanding of the word. He reviews the problems with the PCR tests and even helps us understand our broader state of emergency. Finally, he explains how fear on a subconscious level can make us resist the truth. Video
It sure looks like the Left is going to take over America and make all the rest of us into slaves. It’s about time!
The Republican Party is really on trial. They are a bunch of immoral cowards. They won’t even man-up to save our democracy. Shame on them.
This trial is about what the Republicans allowed to happen to our country. You enabled him for all those years and never called him out on his lies. He knew they were lies.
Trump’s ego has consumed him.
Why don’t the trial people talk about Trump’s delusional acts? He’s really quite delusional and no one talks about it. “Largest crowd in history” at his inauguration, “winning the election by a landslide”, “rigged election” “Obama a Muslim”. There are over 3,000 of those delusional statements. Republicans don’t seem to notice that; or be bothered by them. They only chose to listen to the parts they like when Trump acts rational. I like what he says too then. But those rational moments are fewer and fewer. His supporters refuse to see that.

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Trump will not be convicted. I don’t think there’s enough Republicans with enough honor to do the right thing and convict that unbalanced man and remove him from national politics. Let him thrive in the White Supremist community. He could run the KKK or NRA.


I decided to post my first dick pic. Am I doing it right?

Earlier last month I erroneously predicted that China Jo Biden’s EXECUTIVE Pen-would create $4.00 a gallon before June and the summer driving season. BOY was I Wrong! It’s February 8 and I just payed $3.00 a gallon. We have 3+1/2 months to go. No more self reliance. Dependent on foreign sources. So now I’m revising my original prediction. By 1 June the price of gasoline WILL be OVER $5.00 per gallon. There’s NFW that Solar or Wind will be able to supply all the power Needs  of America. What happens when the Sun doesn’t shine for several days or the Wind is Flat. Some people should stop smoking that crappy pot.
Number 2 impeachment trial shows that Republicans want to talk about anything but Trump’s coup. “Move on, let’s move on, let’s put this behind us.”
All you folks that are drinking the Kool-aid from the TV fearmongers and lining up for Covid shots are advised to educate yourself before you get a Darwin Award for gullibility. The “vaccine” does not confer immunity nor prevent transmission. It does not meet the legal definition of a vaccine and is described by the manufacturers as a “gene therapy” rather than a vaccine. It is closer to chemo than vaccination. Here is a 9 min. excerpt from a round table discussion of “the shot” featuring Dr. David Martin: https://cdn.lbryplayer.xyz/api/v4/streams/free/Dr-David-Martin-Explains-Covid-Vaccines-are-not-Vacci nes-are-Medical-Devicies/b2430f6c456909bcade3f91c5164e2d9c68bb1dc/b54a32 (Ed: bad link)
Two people reported that they lost their smell and taste after a Covid test with a nose swab. It has been reported that Q-Tips are not being used, but rather, a special swab with nanobots on it. However, there is now an alternative, and it has been reported that some Walmarts will be offering these anal swab covid tests. Here is a one minute video with Chinese language instruction on how to do the anal swab Covid test (you don’t need subtitles to follow the demonstration): Link
What will happen to the Keys if the developers take over or the country gets into a civil war? We are too old to hide or to run and there is no place to go to anyway.
[Lottery Idea] Multi-million dollar winners is a real bad idea simply because having a few thousand winners per week would make all the low renters rich enough to move next to my million dollar property and ruin the view with their chrome plated pick-up trucks, and house boats. And the State could not control who and where these rich peasants live or how to tax them. If you want to fix the lottery abolish it and make people work for what they want! The lottery was always a bad idea and made for over population growth and increased criminal activity. This is the main problem with America. The useless get to become the rich and destroy everything around them.
It’s hard to believe how badly DeJoy has damaged the USPS with widespread mail delays. Surely the Biden administration will stay strong, get through the regulatory maize, fire trump’s jokers he appointed to the USPS Board of Governors and get rid of him shortly.

And….it doesn’t help matters when a package finally gets to the BP Post Office and they bury it for a day or two before delivering it.

What do you have to say about it?
There are reports  that Trump is a Manchurian Candidate. Roger Stone, who is a convicted foreign agent negotiated with Putin to get Trump elected in order to destroy America from within.


Here’s the best way to remove trump stickers.

Republicans embrace lies in order to stay in power to weaken our democracy.
Unconfirmed sources report that Eric Trump was so depressed about the family’s failure that he locked himself inside a closed garage for over an hour with his Tesla running!
He-whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken wants to raise $2billion for his presidential library. I’m at a loss to put he-whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken  & books in the same sentence. Maybe it will be to display his fake-winning golf score cards, & printouts of his tweets.
Well, this is unsettling. When a mob of trump supporters attacked the Capital building in a effort to overthrow the election they were called domestic terrorist.
But while a number of people involved in the assault have been arrested, none of them will face domestic terrorism charges. That’s because domestic terrorism itself is not a crime in the United States. Link
To the Conspiracy Party: Let’s start at the beginning of reality. 1+1=2, 2+2=4, … Get it yet?
Boycott Publix, don’t overpay to support the overthrow of our government…According to the Wall Street Journal “Julie Jenkins Fancelli, whose father founded Publix, contacted Jones and offered to help bankroll a pro-Trump event in D.C. on January 6. According to the Journal, Fancelli contributed about $300,000 of the total $500,000 cost of the rally on the Ellipse in President’s Park behind the White House.”
Republicans have no morals, so they support lies. They couldn’t get elected with the truth. They never take the right side of honor and truth. Republicans should take a lesson from Superman: Truth, Justice and the American way.
It is Jonathan from Queer Eye and the little girl doing gymnastics.  Is this what our future looks like?­­ Is this supposed to be the norm?
It’s about “them” using the TV to change societal norms – like they did when they cancelled “Father Knows Best” and replaced it with cop shows arresting minorities. You’re gonna love the new normal the people supposedly voted for.
How can we get the Loony Party to face reality?
I asked the guy in the gun store why bullets were so scarce. He danced around the answer so hard I thought he was going to hurt himself. He tried every angle, from the Democrats cornering the brass supply to some other groundless conspiracy fantasy. Even he couldn’t pull that bs off. That’s just like the conspiracy people, they believe anything that blames Democrats. They are so brainwashed they’ve ceased to recognize truth.
Question: What do all American terrorists have in common?
Answer: They are all Republicans.
Republicans are such phonies saying anything that will keep them  in power even if it’s a lie.
It is Jonathan from Queer Eye and the little girl doing gymnastics.  Is this what our future looks like?­­ Is this supposed to be the norm?
It’s about “them” using the TV to change societal norms – like they did when they cancelled “Father Knows Best” and replaced it with cop shows arresting minorities. You’re gonna love the new normal the people supposedly voted for.
Trump lies or misdirection: 30,573
I think a 50/50 split in Congress is the perfect balance. If only the politicians would recognize that and try to work together.
Republicans have no morals, so they support lies. They couldn’t get elected with the truth. They never take the right side of honor and truth. Republicans should take a lesson from Superman: Truth, Justice and the American way.
Question: What do all American terrorists have in common?
Answer: They are all Republicans.
I asked the guy in the gun store why bullets were so scarce. He danced around the answer so hard I thought he was going to hurt himself. He tried every angle, from the Democrats cornering the brass supply to some other groundless conspiracy fantasy involving Liberals. Even he couldn’t pull that bs off. That’s just like the conspiracy people, they believe anything that blames Democrats and never take responsibility except for hate.
Where was the FBI? Trump hand-picked the director to do his bidding. That’s why he fired Comey, he wouldn’t do Trump’s bidding. The new guy evidently did
Trump: BLM -very bad people
Trump: Terrorist at White House: -good people
Republicans are such phonies saying anything that will keep them  in power even if it’s a lie. Power at all costs.


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TO A RIEND IN CANADA. Florida is going bonkers because the tourist industry is very slow and the gonifs can’t make their fortunes selling debris to the idiots. The Keys are fighting the quarantine on Cruise Ships and that is the only thing saving the locals from getting this plague in mass. We only have has 39 deaths in Monroe county (from Miami to KW) and it would be 1000 times that if the ships spread the bugs! The majority of citizens in Florida are retirees and Democrats because
Democrats milk the system for all the free stuff and welfare handouts. Those that still work for a living are mostly Republicans and hate this situation. There are a lot of communists down here too, and that is scary because they tend to control the retired money and media with spin BS! I hope this clears itself of the obvious invasion and WW3 doesn’t break out with China.
FIRST: Marjorie Taylor Greene was the first member of Congress to endorse the dangerous and debunked QAnon conspiracy theory and supported the militant attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 elections.
THEN: She filed articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden within 24 hours of his Inauguration.
NOW: Disturbing conversations have come to light where the Congresswoman expressed her belief that school shootings are fake and that the victims are supposedly ‘actors’.

What do you have to say about it?
Law enforcement officers from around the country attended and supported the insurrection rally in support of Trump that sparked a riot. I wonder if we’ll ever know how many of the Key West jack-booted thugs attended?
The CT is a prime example of subliminal spin like the media press puts on everything. There is no truth except what those that want to destroy America want to say. I am very surprised that any public media is still allowed to display it wares and propaganda. Trump did not lose the election, there was no election, just a visible media show to sway the sheep. This country is dying and the sheep are too blind to notice.
Trump accomplished much more than he’s given credit for. Make America great again. Video
CBS has reported that the CDC has ordered that anyone entering the US must have a negative Covid-19 test within 3 days of boarding a fight. Does that also apply to scads of immigrants on the way to our border with Mexico? Of course not. Never mind that simply getting a nasal Covid test has resulted in positive HIV test results. It might be a false positive, but now its on your medical records. Covid was not a term applied to SARS or other corona virus prior to the current disease de’jour, but the term COVID-19 was used years before the Wuhan outbreak (and test kits already existed) by such entities as the World Bank. COVID is an acronym for Certification of Vaccination ID. You will not have to research very long to know you want to avoid the vaccine. America’s Frontline Doctors has a petition to stop such medical discrimination as requiring proof of vaccination or negative test to fly.. vowing to blacklist any business, employer or school that mandates or otherwise requires a vaccine. Link


The people have spoken and for the second time the majority of Americans voted against Trump.

When does the Conspiracy Party start telling everyone the vaccine is killing us?
Dr. Simone Gold, Board Certified Physician & Attorney – the truth about the experimental Covid 19 Vaccine. We should all  fight the urge to mandate the taking of this experimental Vaccine. No one of child bearing age should risk taking this vaccine. Link
BIG NEWS from the China Jo Biden’s 1st day Executive Order, Transgender athletes are to be allowed to participate in GIRLS sports. Now this is the most critical issue facing Americans at the opening of his administration. What about the Communist Chinese germ warfare attack on the USA and the West. What about the state of the economy. What about the Unemployment. WTF over.

What do you have to say?

Bette Midler says goodbye to Donnie. Video
Let’s get this straight once and forever. Kamala Harris. Is not, and I’ll say it again, is not black. Her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican. That does not make her an African American. So if by her Claiming to be black, that makes her a poser.
Let’s get rid of The CONSTITUTION! It’s getting to be an inconvenience to our newly Elected OFFICIAL’S plan to “Turn America into California “. As has been illustrated by the Elected Government of New York, California, Oregon and numerous Blue States the US CONSTITUTION has been trampled upon regularly. So why not just get rid of it.

How could you deny me the chance to complete my destruction of democracy and instill me as King?

Who said “social democracy is objectively the moderate wing FASCISM. They are not antipodes, they are Twins” also “Death solves all problems, no man no problems”.
Did you know Trump had the phrases “climate change” and “global warming” removed from government documents. Lies and more lies. He kept his head in the sand unless it helped him get reelected. Lock him up!

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Broadway’s “One More Day of Trump” Quite well done and also 1 minute of the most impressive fireworks in history. Video
Randy Rainbow’s Trump sendoff! Video
There are two US constitutions. The 1776 constitution was suspended in favor of a Vatican-controlled Corporation in 1871. Under the original constitution the US people were free and independent. Freedom ended in 1871 when the original “Constitution for the United States of America” was changed to the “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” This was the constitution of the newly-formed private company (aka corporation) – UNITED STATES INC. (Apart from the significant name change switch ‘for’ to ‘of’, the block letters also have a special legal meaning.) UNITED STATES INC was launched under the Act of 1871, with no constitutional authority to do so. The corporation was owned by the city states of the Vatican, London and the District of Columbia as one interlocking empire called “Empire of the City’. UNITED STATES INC operates under tyrannical Vatican law known as “Lex Fori” (local law). Its Satanic symbolism is evident in government buildings all over Washington and the Pentagon. Operating as ‘vassal king’ each POTUS takes orders from ‘The City of London’ through the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs). Trump was the first President since JFK to refuse to bow down to the Cabal and “follow the orders” of Satan. The Illuminati (founded by the Jesuits, the world’s largest Roman Catholic pseudo-Religious Military Order, and headed by the Black Pope) created the RIIA in 1919. The American equivalent to the RIIA is the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The ACT of 1871 put the United States back under British rule (which is under Vatican rule). That’s how the United States people lost their independence in 1871. The Deep State Corporation (i.e. company) doing business as the UNITED STATES INC. was allegedly entered into bankruptcy by the Vatican, its legal owner, on 24 Sept. 2015. The documents were signed by Pope Francis, the first JESUIT pope (look up the horrific Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction). Pope Francis was forced into signing after secret evidence was presented to the Vatican of his involvement in truly despicable criminal activity and child trafficking. It was a Chapter 7 Liquidation that allegedly ended on 5 Nov., 2020 at which time the corporation that is the United States legally ceased to exist. So… to the US election.. You can’t elect a new President to a defunct corporation trading insolvently. Whoever becomes “President” has nothing to preside over. Since 1871 we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.(see, Acts of the Forty-first Congress,” Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62).
The act — passed when the country was weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War — was a strategic move by foreign interests who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the coffers and neck of America.
Biden’s inauguration established an illegitimate government within the United States, and under the Military Code 11.3, the military is automatically placed in control. Besides which President Trump had already signed activation of the Insurrection Act, which also put the military in control until such time as a legitimate civil government could be established. Don’t believe it? Consider:
Biden is the first to have to take a private plane to DC for inauguration instead of having a military flight provided.
He has been denied access to Pentagon information.
The military personnel turned their backs to him as he left the Capital.
Trump took the “nuclear football” and codes with him when he boarded Marine 1 rather than the traditional passing over at the ceremony.
After the inauguration, the US flag was lowered and removed from the Capital.
Biden’s inaugural address was prerecorded. It was viewed in Spain at 7AM Spanish time on January 20th It was not live as the TV news would have you believe. Even the weather did not match DC at the time. Open your eyes before they are yanked open by events. Please
Trump voters are less educated than Democrat voters.
Trump is an autocrat whose followers buy into his cult of personality that is Trumpism.

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To save American democracy, truth needs to beat fantasy. Link
[Political Fau Pax] Deer Editor, You are no better than the mainstream media using your platform to express your views, because you can.  You’ve broken your own rule for the sake of self-righteousness.  Just like all the fake news, one-sided political reporting, and outspoken, self-centered liberals, the CT does what it wants when it wants.  Thanks for the years of entertainment, bye bye CT. (You err. It’s not out of self-righteousness, it’s out of love of democracy and our Constitution. Please read it sometime.)
Closing Trumps’ social media is not censoring. We’re trying to defend our country. What would happen if they were Muslims doing what the traitors did? They’d all be dead. How about if blacks did that? They’d all be dead too. The Conspiracy people say insurrection is okay in America if you’re a white Christian male.
I will Defend the CONSTITUTION Agains All Enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC. This was part of my enlistment oath that I swore to for all of my 30 years of service to my Country. Now I only have one question. WHO or WHAT are the DOMESTIC ENEMIES or our CONSTITUTION. Is it any Elected Official who deprives of our CONSTITUTIONAL rights??? I’ll let you answer that to yourself as you look in the mirror
Just reading the hate and lies spewed by the Conspiracy Party sickens me.
February is BLACK History month. Who gives a sh••. Why is there No WHITE HISTORY month?? With only14% does the country bend over to kiss the blacks ass. BLM is a joke. Why didn’t the government do anything to stop the rioting, burning, looting, killing during the BLM INSURRECTION?? Why are the democrats inciting devision of Americans. Is it because Nancy Pelosi is a two faced bitch. Is there any hope for Americans?? Not as long as Comrade Pelosi has anything to say.
What will happen to the Keys if the Democrats take over….I meant the Commies.

Melania Trump posts her farewell message 1/18/2021. Link

Looks like Trump’s fortunes are diminishing. He would make a good leader of the KKK, fascists, or skinheads. Those are his true followers. Traitors all.
Trumpers are terrified of socialism (that they little understand) but embrace fascism. Why’s that?

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Trump must be punished. Anyone else betraying the Constitution as he does would have been shot.
What if all of a sudden people realized that Trump is unbalanced? How would they notice?
A whole presidency based on lies, fear and hate.

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Because I supported Trump’s policies does not make me a traitor.. How dare you!! If the media had a sound bite that showed Trump inciting violence, believe me, they would be playing bit 24/7. It doesn’t exist. No need to publish this, after eighteen years, i won’t be returning to your site to view it.
I don’t understand why the people who tried to deny Trump’s presidency with a fake Russian collusion weren’t the true first inciters of violence. The media is complicit in this whole debacle.
Your top-of-the-page editorial (1/12) comment was right on the money–in ALL respects! Thank you very much for your honesty and bravery.
Thank you, Editor for your patriotic stance on addressing the traitors of democracy among us. Being patriotic is more than waving a flag and having a dictator tell you what a patriot is. I saw a bearded moron beating a fallen police officer with an American flag, is this flag waver a patriot, to many traitors he is, another police officer was beaten to death by a sub-human mob with a fire extinguisher, so much for the party of law and order. Can you imagine what the right wing propaganda channels would have done is any of the rioters committed atrocities close to what this mob did? They would be broadcasting it daily now 6 months later. Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to publish the views of the traitors, their poisoned brains will only weaken there nonexistent arguments to people able to think while they soak each other in their circle jerk.
The President of the USA is the best ever! Do you all want to be owned by China or worse? Wake up!
Censorship. The White Conspiracy people say we’re violating their civil right by closing Trump’s social media accounts. They think all White Christians should be able to spew their hate and not be shut down. Only the followers of Islam and Black people should be muzzled according to them
Please send me the video of him inciting a riot. I am a retired elementary school teacher of 35 years. I watch many news outlets and have seen no such video. I have watched Trump say in his speech that day, ” to peacefully and patriotically” make your voices heard and cheer on the lawmakers who are investigating election fraud. That first amendment protest was hijacked by both left and right wing extremists. Both were wrong. Dont paint me with the broad brush of traitor because I agreed with the policies of strong borders, disentangling our country from foreign wars, and prison reform. I thought you were better than that. I’ll miss you.
My President has accomplished: Lowest unemployment in history for all Americans regardless of sex or color. 2. This created the lowest poverty rate ever. 3. He took out ISIS. 4. He backs our military and police. 5. He brought the approval rate of the VA from 60% to over 90%. 6. He brought our troops home from everywhere. 7. He initiated the Abraham Accord that has the middle east coming together. 8. This made it possible for 3 Noble Peace Prize Nominations. 9. Moved the embassy to Jerusalem. 10. Started no Wars. 11. Built a wall 450 miles that stops human trafficking, and drugs from coming over the border. 12. Created a way for the fastest anti-virus inoculation in history. 13. He stands for our flag, and the Christian beliefs that this country was founded on. Now lets talk about your president Biden. In 47 years in congress the only thing he has accomplished is enriching himself, and his entire family from Ukraine, China, Afghanistan , and who knows where else. What I have stated are facts. Have the Balls to post this, and let the people decide who’s a Traitor. Over 75 million people have already made this choice. Give us the same voice you gave yourself last Tuesday. Freedom of the press?
Sleuths link Clintons and Podestas to Washington Satanic pedo-ring that mainstream media labels ‘fake news”. Link
The most hollow slogan in history made by the world’s most shallow person: “Make America great.” It was great until Trump f**ked it up with his hate and lies.
I’m not a particularly political person, but I’ve got to say that if they believe that they won and clean and honest election, why are the Democrats acting so damned guilty?  If my guy had won and I believed everything was on the level, I’d jump right on the audit and recount bandwagon.  If there’s nothing to hide, why resist having everyone just take a close look?
Now that Biden is in CONTROL and is dead set against fracking, the US will not be self sufficient and the Saudis are cutting production by 1 Million barrels a day.. I’m looking at the price of gas going over $4.00 a gallon by the summer driving season. Thanks Democrats.
Dear Editor – You don’t have to post this comment. I just wanted to let you know how much I totally agree with you. His minions are the most ignorant, arrogant and racist fools out there. I saw this coming from 2015 as I grew up basically in Trump’s backyard and know countless people who were ripped off by this thief, liar and worst business owner out there. He ripped off the wealthy as well as thousands of little guys, i.e., .electricians, plumbers, carpenters – you name them – they got ripped off,! He was despised locally. Tried to educate Floridian friends who always espoused hatred for those “slick New Yorkers” telling them he was the “epitome” of stereotypes they hated – but to no avail. “You can’t fix stupid!” I will not desert you – Let’s hope these traitors will learn the truth sooner than later.
If China, Russia or Israel took over America what would happen to all of us?
What would happen if Trump just quit? Biden would ask Soros and Hillary what to do.
I would love to read from someone honest about why all this anti-Trump and anti-Republican stuff is going on. Seems to me it’s all a fake show to cover up some really nasty foreign invasion or something just as bad. Can anyone be 100% honest and explain? Please keep it truthful.
I’ve been reading and watching this fiasco between the Democrats, the Republicans and a few of the foreign powers and have about given up that all sides are anywhere near sane. I ask people their opinion and get back twisted spin and bull shit rhetoric saying nothing important. This tells me the general public has no idea what is really going on. The world plague has taken a back seat to this political circus, even though millions are dying from a manmade virus. The medias are so screwed up, I will never believe anything they present again. The marketers have rejoiced because they have raised the prices of everything instead of lowering to help the citizenry survive this mess. I fear some nut case will pull that magic trigger and start another international disaster. When the water and electric are shut off then we all will wake up hopefully! Cross your fingers this will go away!
Deer Ed, Thank you for your Editorial about Donald Trump and the fact that he is attempting to destroy our democracy. Commentary by patriotic Americans like yourself give me hope that we will get through this disastrous time and come out stronger as a country

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We have been so deceived! This 3 hour video is in parts for easy viewing. You will be blown away by this well documented expose. Video

Why is Big Pine Key Com so left sided? My dad says it’s because the democrat commies in the Keys are in control. Is this true?
Trump supporters only support fake news (that they invented).
Florida Keys Rep. Gimenez among group not certifying election results. Florida Keys federal House Rep. Carlos Gimenez was among a handful of Florida elected representatives who voted against certifying the results. Don’t vote for him!
They want to “take back our country!” From whom? The Republicans have held your country for four years. What do you want to take back and from whom? It’s well-known that Trump supporters are generally less educated than Democrats; that might explain them calling anyone who disagrees with them communists.
Thanks to Trump Republicans have lost all power in Washington and that’s a shame.
What did the insurgents want? Didn’t Trump have 4 years to address their grievances? What did he do in those four years to take care of his fans’ concerns? Why are they still pissed. There goes Marie Antoinette Pelosi wasting the taxpayers money for another EGO Trip. I’ve got to take Trump Out if it’s the last thing that I do. Get serious Pelosi, give it up. All you’ve accomplished in the last 4years is NOTHING for the American people but to stroke your EGO
You can’t judge a movement by its extremists’, you write unabashedly, without a hint of irony in your tone, after clearly judging a movement by its extremists. There were not 74 million Trump supporters rioting in DC. There were extremists. You state that the 74 million are worried about socialism and their second amendment rights being taken away and higher taxes- yes they are, but you write as proof they are unfounded fears because this hasn’t really happened. Well of course not, Harris/Biden and the new Senate have not even been sworn in yet. Now I do not support that ridiculous Capital rioting or even Trump for that matter but I do support American Freedom. With the loss of Republican power as a check to the Democrats  in the Senate, these fears you smugly scoff at and shrug off as delusional will, very likely, come true. There are two things that will happen first to allow this to take place (these are stated goals)- before all the higher taxes and gun control, The District of Columbia will become a state; with two more liberal Democratic Senators. This will shift the balance of power in Washington forever. The second thing that will happen is that 10 million illegal aliens will be allowed to vote. They will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. This will essentially end two party government in America. So I hope you’re as happy as you appear for now. But as we inevitably slip into an even bigger, controlling and regulating government, and elements of the Green New Deal, and defunded police forces, and a new reliance on foreign energy, and much higher taxes appear, you won’t be as happy I’m sure.
An insurgent said he was getting rid of the commies and lefties. That’s called fascism if he wasn’t already aware of that. Who are the commies? Anybody I know? Do you know what a communist is? Do you think it’s someone who just thinks differently than you? Terrorist talk in broad terms because their arguments fall apart when specifics are called for. Why hasn’t Trump worked on doing everything you complain about? Isn’t that why you elected him?
Nancy Pelosi is the only politician who always stood up to Donald Trump. No one else saw through his ego.
Guns in the Capitol. The only guns in the Capitol were carried by law enforcement – the wreck less shooting of an unarmed woman by a member of Mike Pence’s staff (legally carrying) was murder. There were heavily armed police right behind her who were doing nothing to stop her from going thru the window, she was not fleeing and there was less lethal means available to stop her. There were no fires, no crowd yelling white lives matter. She’s been under reported and forgotten. The other civilian deaths are being pushed as medical situations not caused by the riot. Sadly, an officer was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher after he let them walk in (inside the velvet ropes in orderly fashion). If you’re gonna whine, know the facts.
Sedition. Video
Why does the Microsoft’s Bing News always spin the truths and make it look like the Left is right and the Right are the bad guys? You guys have lost the trust of the American people for sure! Same goes for the CT who seems so far Left you carry a Commie card !? ( Ed: I’ll address this because you attack my beliefs. The Right are the bad guys because you believe any negative thing you see. You thrive on lies and pretend to be Americans because you carry flags. But you also carry threatening guns and abandon the Constitution in your zeal for power when it suits you. You support an autocrat with no respect for the law. If you don’t understand something or disagree with something you brand it ‘commie”.)

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So where are the Clintons, the Soros’s, the N.W.O. freaks, the Mafias, the war lovers, the religious nuts and whomever else that used to stick their 2 Cents into everyone’s business ???? Are they hiding or are they behind all this BS? Has South America and Africa gained lots of new citizens lately ???
Over four thousand Americans died Thursday from Covid. Not a peep from the White House.
Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!…
How did this once great nation fall so far away from the Constitution and truth? Little by little accountability has been ignored, until like Trump famously said, “I could shoot someone” and get away with it. After his first lie he should have been impeached. And after his hundredth lie he should have been removed from office.
Republicans are afraid under Democrats healthcare will pass, so what they do is support a madman who split the country and tried to violently take over the government. I think you’re all crazy or cowards.
Trump now says he’s sorry. What a phony. He’s only sorry because his failed attempt to hold power failed.
Why do they like Trump? He hasn’t done 1 thing he promised except make the rich richer, nothing for the working man. The wall? Ha ha. Healthcare? Tax return? Ho ho. America great? Tee hee hee
Now I can speak without fear of the gun-toting Trumpers.
Trump has managed to divide the country, lose the Presidential election, lose control of the House, and lose control of the Senate—all in 4 years! Make America great?
Insurrection is what you call it when a man loses an election and his feelings get hurt so calls for violence on the Capital.
What kind of Americans attack the Capital at the word from a madman? If any of you don’t think he’s deranged, read Mein Kumpf or any book about Hitler’s last days

Watching Donald Trump d
rive the Republican Party off a cliff would be more fun if the rest of us weren’t in the back seat!

I believe in democracy. Those traitors don’t. They only carry the flag for show. They are against Socialism but don’t understand democracy.
Trump called for the Army to put down the black lives matter protesters, but incites his followers to invade the White House and the police don’t prepare and even help the assholes because of him.
“Watching commercials on tv I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of the people are black, the couples are zebras and their children are nappy-hair tykes. Are we being brainwashed by the progressive media? Let’s not forget that the black population is 14%, while the forgotten (or ignored) Latino population is 18%. Why aren’t there more Latinos in commercials?”
I have been saying this for the past 6 years and nobody saw it… Stand by, it’s mainstream and will get worse under this new administration.  Why are white people being demonized?  Blacks sold their own into slavery….   Where is that in the mainstream?
I’ve been saying Trump was crazy since the beginning, when he invented fake news and started saying Obama’s birth certificate was from Kenya (or someplace down there)
Has the Conspiracy Party claimed that the coup was a setup by the radical left yet?
I tuned in to FOX news (…keep your enemies closer.) and they called the insurgents “patriots”.
What happened with the Capital Police? Do they only stop Black people? Fire them all for neglecting their duty to protect the Capitol building and cut off the hand of their chief for allowing this attempted coup: allowing the bad guys to enter, holding the door for them, backing down when confronted, taking selfies with them.
How can Trump supporters pretend they are patriots while attempting a coup? Like Trump, they defy reason and integrity. I actually lay awake in the wee hours mulling scenarios where I can say magic words that change his supporters’ minds. My wife is convinced her stroke two years ago was caused over worry about Trump.
Trump calls everybody losers when he’s literally the biggest loser, and a poor one at that. He never could have the influence over his subjects that he has if he had told them only the truth. His whole reign has been built on lies and hate.
Is this how the loser, Trump, is going to make America great? How about that wall?
FYI Looks like the Left Commies are trying to create a civil war for sure.
When will the Conspiracy Party imagine that it was someone else other than Trump supporters who tried to take over our government? Just wait, it will come. I guarantee it.
Over 3000 Americans die each day from Covid and what does the President do? He ignores suffering Americans and continues to try to destroy our democracy for his own benefit and those of his traitor supporters.
Trump put pressure on Georgia’s Secretary of State to overturn its November election because it shows Trump lost. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!
Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump!
Know why we don’t have national health care? You guessed it… Republicans are in the pockets of the healthcare industry and insurance corporations.
On December 30, the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcomittee, after hearing the evidence of fraud even during post-election auditing, unanimously passed a motion to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots with the process Jovan Pulitzer (inventor of the QR code) outlined that can scan and identify counterfeit ballots with 100% certainty at the rate of about 250,000 per hour. He offered to perform the scan for free. Within 4 hours of the audit order’s processing, A1 Shredding service box trucks pulled up to the subject polling location and began shredding ballots! By law, they are to be retained for 2 years in Georgia. “Nothing to see here, folks!”
Wake up America! GW Bush’s people rigged his election with vote switching Diebold voting machines and now Joe Biden’s people have rigged the 2020 election using Dominion voting machines, fake ballots, and dishonesty at the poll places. It is not about the party affiliation; it is about bogus elections in general. It must be stopped now! Link
“Covid-19 Vaccine Availability” On Dec 22nd the residents of a retirement community called “The Villages” in Sumter County were given vaccines. This place is an upscale private “golf cart” retirement community which is a “Trump Loyalist” stronghold which trump visited twice during his latest campaign. They held their golf cart Trump parades making headlines which is most likely why Trump went there – So it’s no wonder why they were given preferential treatment in being vaccinated before even healthcare personnel and the elderly in nursing home facilities. So i called their congressional reps office to find out why they got the vaccine and Rep Webster’s lacky didn’t even know about it at all. I asked her “Don’t you watch the news?” And of course, she said “No I don’t.” This is why we are in the shape we are due to the stupidity and ignorance of the majority of people. They are too busy playing games or on Facebook with their “dumb” phones. I even asked her if she knew what the temperature was going to be that day and again her reply was “I don’t know.”
I think there should be an investigation as to why this specific group were given the vaccine before anybody else. I think Trump called up DeSantis and ordered it to be done. Is there anyone out there who may know how to get this looked into?
Why are so many of those in the new Conspiracy Party against Democracy?
2020 is the year Trump self-destructed.
Before we start eliminating our current use of fossil fuels. Utilization of all the new technologies will cause a major disruption to our ecology and deplete natural resources faster than anyone can imagine.
Trump tried to coerce the Georgia’s Secretary of State to commit election fraud.
Has anyone considered that the Chinese Communist party ha created a virus and is waging germ warfare on the west and particularly the United States? It seems that they are successfully destroying our economy and causing untold disruption in our daily lives. It is also affecting the Chinese population but the government doesn’t seem to care what happens to the population as demonstrated by their actions with minority groups. Why are so incensed with Trump and totally disregarding the Chinese Communist government’s germ warfare on the west and the USA this country needs to get its act together and deal with the Chinese Communist government
If the vote is rigged, why did Trump try to intimidate Georgia into hiding votes? Isn’t that vote rigging?
Trump has bungled the vaccine shots too. Add that to his list of failures.
How can we stop Trump from meddling in our elections?
TRUMP on ‘PIERS MORGAN LIVE’- 2011. NOTHING he is saying in this interview is any different than what he’s saying now (in terms of policy approach)… so where was the outrage then. Video


In tribute to this late-stage Trumpian lunacy, I’m writing these words wearing my back-ordered T-shirt that just arrived from Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia, with the slogan “Make America Rake Again.” (My wife has the other version: “Lawn & Order.”)
Eventually the Conspiracy Party will stop living in fear of Trump, grow a pair of balls, and once more become Republicans.
Trump’s superpower is his absolute shamelessness. This level of corruption in American life is unprecedented.
The manner of President Donald Trump’s departure from power has clarified why he must never hold power again. In leaks to a variety of news organizations, senior Trump administration officials reported:
1) Rudolph Giuliani urging the federal government to illegally seize Dominion voting machines;
2) presidential consideration of deranged conspiracy-monger Sidney Powell as a special counsel investigating nonexistent election fraud; and
3) a White House meeting involving disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn at which Trump discussed the imposition of martial law.
These accounts indicate the emergence of two distinct factions within Trump’s inner circle. On one side are the lunatics — among them Giuliani, Powell and Flynn — who want Trump to violate laws and assume authoritarian powers. On the other side are sycophants who supported Trump’s spurious legal challenges to the election result but apparently draw the line at treason. By most accounts, Trump’s sympathies lie with the lunatics.
Trump is looking everywhere for the millions of missing votes, but hasn’t even found 1. The word delusional comes to mind
Sigh In The Night – A parody of Silent Night. Video

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