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Friday, March 24, 2024
The GOP plan to curb inflation? Investigate Hunter Biden.
The GOP plan to improve infrastructure? Investigate Hunter Biden.
The GOP plan to lower healthcare costs? Investigate Hunter Biden.
The GOP plan to win in 2024? Investigate Hunter Biden
“Conservative Values” – the ultimate oxymoron.
How come no one investigated how Trump’s son got millions in loans from the Saudis? Or his daughter got special treatment from the Chinese allowing just her to trademark her products.
Have these Climate Change Morons figured out how the Cruise ships Or large passenger jets function on Solar or Wind power??? There’s NO MAN MADE climate change only a scam to get rich quick.

This ticket could beat anyone. VP Harris needs to volunteeringly step aside if they want to win next year.


Friday, March 17, 2023
Try to imagine Trump barefoot, feeling his toes in fresh mown grass and then stooping to smell the flowers. You can’t? Me neither. He’s out of touch with anything but himself.
The sick Democrat who keeps twisting facts and truths about politics and the Republican Party needs phyc help ASAP! How can any sane human think like her.
The right’s Surrender Coalition is a continuation of Russia’s meddling in our election in order to elect Trump and surrender Ukraine to the Communists.


Friday, March 10, 2023
Dems: live and let live and help others.
Repbs: punishment and retributions.
Whenever Sarah Palin is on television, I can see stupid from my house.
The WWIII Gauntlet Has Been Dropped & Nobody Seems to Give a Damn (substack.com)
All repubs are interested in is book burning, transgender, crime, and immigration. To hell with the rest of it.
An insane weather flip is on it’s way


Trump “the party of retribution”. I’ll bet no repub has ever listened to one of Mussolini’s speeches. It looks like Trump has and copied it.


Friday, March 3, 2023
In Friday’s post there was someone who defended Biden as being some sort of great intellect. People like this poster really scare me! To think there may be a nut like this in some NORAD Bunker! God help us!

“No one has more experience or wisdom of international and domestic issues then Biden does. He knows many world leaders by their first names. He knows them and how they really think. He’s been dealing with them for sixty years. His body is frail, but his mind is strong. No one knows more about the world and politics than Biden.”

Two democrats in a bar. One has a leg cast. The other asks if it hurts,
Ans: Only when I work!
My father was working in a gravel pit across the highway from Dealy Plaza on the day of the Kennedy assassination. He witnessed 2 men park a station wagon by the gate, take 2 rifle cases and go across to the grassy knoll about 30 minutes before the motorcade was due. After shots were fired, these 2 men ran back to their car and speed away. When the call went out for witnesses, Dad didn’t respond. I asked him why, and he said that 2 of the ancillary witnesses died under suspicious circumstances and he didn’t want to be the third. Video
Who Really Controls the World? Link
Republicans have been shamelessly lying to voters about election fraud, vaccines, and climate change. So it’s little surprise they are now increasingly lying about themselves. Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) wears the crown for fabricating virtually his entire life, but he has plenty of company in the party of charlatans. Former President Donald Trump lied continuously, and his handpicked U.S. Senate candidate for Georgia, Herschel Walker, compulsively lied during his campaign about everything. Now Santos and Walker are joined by Reps. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) and Andrew Ogles (R-Tenn.), who have also concocted bogus backgrounds. Luna, whose grandfather fought for Nazi Germany, changed her name from Mayerhofer before running for Congress, and has alternately claimed to be Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Mexican-American. Ogles, meanwhile, has claimed to be an economist, a police officer, and an international sex crimes expert. All false. Republicans believe their Fox News base will buy anything, including biographical fiction. They see politics as performance art, not public service. So the more extravagant the claims they make— whether they are about themselves or the world—the better.
The goal of Republicans in Congress is to keep their base entertained by “owning the libs.” Their goal is not to solve problems.
Who is Volodymyr Zelensky? – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization
Remember that Republicans will believe anything you tell them as long as it makes the U.S. look bad.
When the Right complains that a video has been deleted it’s not because of some far left conspiracy it is because even a stupid person can tell it’s bullshit and right-wing propaganda.
Believe it or not, Putin actually thought taking over Ukraine would be as easy as taking over the Republican Party. Just tell a lot of lies.
Weather modification programs in operation over the United States are impacting agriculture and creating algae blooms in the ocean.

The 2006 U.N council chemtrail presentation! This is one of the hardest videos to find. Been scrubbed from everywhere! From a u.n council assembly meeting in 2006 on chemtrails and what they’re doing!! Imagine the increase in the past 17 years. Link

No one in American politics or media will tell the truth. Link


Friday, February 24, 2023
Putin’s speech Tues: West started war, Russia rescued Ukraine. If you haven’t been paying attention you might believe him.
No one has more experience or wisdom of international and domestic issues then Biden does. He knows many world leaders by their first names. He knows them and how they really think. He’s been dealing with them for sixty years. His body is frail, but his mind is strong. No one knows more about the world and politics than Biden.
When Russia allies with Russia. Tucker Carlson: This could lead to the destruction of the West. Video
Belief that COVID-19 was a hoax is a gateway drug to other conspiracy theories. People who believe that the COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax are likelier to believe all sorts of other conspiracy theories, a new study suggests. Link
Huge!! Collier County, FL (Naples area) commission votes 5-0 to return $1.4 million CV19 injection promotion money from NIH/CDC and is considering 1st degree felony charges for those promoting the proven bio-weapon shot!  11:38 minutes video with slides. Video
The day of President Biden’s visit to Kiev all major news outlets around the world headlined the groundbreaking event of an American President visiting an active war zone without American troops (you could hear the warning sirens in the background), but FOX News only mentioned it after 13 minutes of complaining about immigration, crime, and inflation.
The Minnesota Senate moved Tuesday to restore voting rights to convicted felons as soon as they get out of prison instead of continuing to require them to complete their parole before they can cast a ballot. Link
The Loonies hate Biden so much that if he cured cancer they’d complain that he put doctors out of work.
There is something fitting that an administration that emits mostly hot air would become obsessed with balloons.
(Editor’s Note: Be very careful what you believe online. We get about 5 or 6 political emails printed in bad English and Russian every day that supports the far Right’s view of our politics. If you don’t think Russians try to influence our elections, you are living in the dark by choice or ignorance.)


Friday, February 17, 2023
At today’s House Oversight Committee, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) assailed ex-Twitter executives over her shadowban. We don’t know where the FBI ends and TWITTER begins! Video


Biden’s Photoshoped image

Explanation of how government CONTROLS the media. Video
Now the People’s Republic of China wants their spy balloon back. That’s the same spy balloon that floated across North America for several days peering down into sensitive military installations and gathering data for Beijing’s experts to pore over. Link


Friday, February 10, 2023
Trump pays $1,000,000 fine. Master of misuse: A federal judge fined former President Trump and his lawyer, Alina Habba, nearly $1 million for filing a “completely frivolous” lawsuit. Judge Donald Middlebrooks called Trump a “mastermind of strategic abuse of the judicial process,” citing his history of filing retaliatory lawsuits. The fine will cover legal costs for the case’s 31 defendants, including about $172,000 for Hillary Clinton. Trump’s lawsuit claimed Clinton, FBI Director James Comey, and others conspired to create a false narrative that Trump colluded with Russia before the 2016 election. Trump repeatedly uses courts “to seek revenge on political adversaries,” Middlebrooks wrote, calling the alleged conspiracy “categorically absurd.” Following the fine, lawyers for Trump said he was dropping another lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has alleged that Trump’s company committed financial fraud.
Great Depression, “It was no accident. It was a carefully contrived occurrence…The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all.” Link
How come the Loonies believe anything against the US government. Everything is a conspiracy to them, and they really believe it.
Donald Trump is the only president to have a bank account in China.
Trump is the only president to pay taxes in China (that could be used to spy on Americans).
Trump is the only president who had trademarks issued by the Chinese government.
So do tell me about Biden and China?
[Conspiracy] Where can I go to see the plans for the rebuilding of the Florida Keys and the mock-up model?
The liberal plot to make Republicans look stupid, also known as “Operation Just Let Them Speak,” is working splendidly.
I was once willing to give my life for what I believed this country stood for. Today, I’d give my life to protect my family from what this country has become.
Biden ordered the spy balloon shot down as soon as he was informed, but the military said it would do too much damage if they shot it down over land because the payload is the size of two or three school busses! The military wanted it shot down over water where it wouldn’t hurt civilians or be too damaged and they could recover it to examine it.

The Loonies wanted it shot down over land so they could badmouth Biden. The main loonies were on every channel badmouthing Biden.


Friday, February 3, 2023
Trump Tweeted fifty times that journalists are the enemy of the people. This is from the biggest liar with the most to hide. Trump also said the journalist killed by the Saudis and chopped up — deserved it.
DirecTV About to Drop Right Wing News Channel. Link
Greed is the prime motive, never honor or what’s the right thing to do. That is the Looney’s mantra. They don’t care about Russian expansion or China’s expansion in Asia. All that matters is profit. They don’t want to support anyone unless there’s a profit.
UNFUN FACT: MAGA Republicans have never done a single solitary damn thing for the purpose of making America great again.
US President Biden and European Ministers and the UK are all sending tanks to Ukraine (one of the most corrupt countries in the world) to fight Russia. (Biden, of course, has financial links with the Ukraine.) Link
NewsMax is an American right-wing to far-right cable news and digital media company founded by Christopher Ruddy that makes your brain rot with lies.
Actions to take now! . DirecTV customers:

Call them toll free at 877-763-9762and demand they bring NEWSMAX back on air. President Donald Trump urges you CANCEL!

Important: If DirecTV tells you we are still negotiating, that is a lie! They have told NEWSMAX we will never be on a regular cable channel. DirecTV also replaced NEWSMAX with a channel that has no news and no ratings. Also, NEWSMAX’s livestream is ending soon on other platforms, so unless you get it on DirecTV you will have to cancel their service.

  1. AT&T customers: Call toll free at 888-855-2338, for any of their cellphones, wireless products, or services, and demand they end their censorship of NEWSMAX. President Trump has urged you to cancel their services.
  2. Call your congressman or senator at 202-224-3121 and demand they stop AT&T/DirecTV’s censorship of NEWSMAX — ask them to give you a date on the hearings!

4. Go to our online petition and get more info at:iWantNewsmax.com


I just went to the store and spent $160 on groceries. If the GOP’s proposed 30% nationwide sales tax was in effect, what would those groceries have cost? $208., a $48 increase.

Think of a recent purchase YOU’VE made. What would a 30% increase mean?

What kinda dumbf**ks spend decades saying Democrats want to raise your taxes then propose a 30% sales tax? Republican dumbf**ks.
I saw this and thought you might be interested. When are the republicans gonna get the balls to start Impeachment of joe biden and his corrupt administration ??? video
I was just thinking how nice this planet would be if we did not have Lawyers, Bad Guys, Rednecks, Useless eaters and Democrats….but I repeat myself!


Friday, January 20, 2023
In his first speech, Kevin McCarthy mentioned:
inflation 1X
immigration 1x
investigating Biden 20x
This is the future of the GOP and it’s sad.
I hope that you Greenies read this twice, so that you understand what the actual Cost of your delusion amounts to. And have a nice day. Link


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Friday 13, 2023
Germany. We didn’t say anything. Why? Because we were afraid. That’s the same reason good people don’t speak up about Trumps authoritarian rants.
Liberal Redneck – Republican Projection. Video
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Friday, January 6, 2023
Germany and Nazis: “Why didn’t you say anything?” “Because we were afraid.”
That’s why Republicans won’t say anything about Trump’s evil ways. They’re afraid of political repercussions.
Conspiracy. The FBI’s intel failed again on January 6 because they are in Trump’s pocket.
El Paso, TX overrun with illegals. 3:49 video from the streets of El Paso. Link
100,000 people knew trump was going to attack the Capitol but the FBI said they didn’t know. I wonder who the FBI and DOJ is loyal too?
Cancer cure has been suppressed for over 40 years! My personal comment: The CDC, NCI, FDA, AMA are ALL in the Business of making money, not the business of curing illness or disease. Link
The DOJ must be sympathetic to Trump or they would have indicted him already based on the mountains of evidence against him and his evil ways.

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