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Friday, February 3, 2023
Trump Tweeted fifty times that journalists are the enemy of the people. This is from the biggest liar with the most to hide. Trump also said the journalist killed by the Saudis and chopped up — deserved it.
DirecTV About to Drop Right Wing News Channel. Link
Greed is the prime motive, never honor or what’s the right thing to do. That is the Looney’s mantra. They don’t care about Russian expansion or China’s expansion in Asia. All that matters is profit. They don’t want to support anyone unless there’s a profit.
UNFUN FACT: MAGA Republicans have never done a single solitary damn thing for the purpose of making America great again.
US President Biden and European Ministers and the UK are all sending tanks to Ukraine (one of the most corrupt countries in the world) to fight Russia. (Biden, of course, has financial links with the Ukraine.) Link
NewsMax is an American right-wing to far-right cable news and digital media company founded by Christopher Ruddy that makes your brain rot with lies.
Actions to take now! . DirecTV customers:

Call them toll free at 877-763-9762and demand they bring NEWSMAX back on air. President Donald Trump urges you CANCEL!

Important: If DirecTV tells you we are still negotiating, that is a lie! They have told NEWSMAX we will never be on a regular cable channel. DirecTV also replaced NEWSMAX with a channel that has no news and no ratings. Also, NEWSMAX’s livestream is ending soon on other platforms, so unless you get it on DirecTV you will have to cancel their service.

  1. AT&T customers: Call toll free at 888-855-2338, for any of their cellphones, wireless products, or services, and demand they end their censorship of NEWSMAX. President Trump has urged you to cancel their services.
  2. Call your congressman or senator at 202-224-3121 and demand they stop AT&T/DirecTV’s censorship of NEWSMAX — ask them to give you a date on the hearings!

4. Go to our online petition and get more info at:iWantNewsmax.com


I just went to the store and spent $160 on groceries. If the GOP’s proposed 30% nationwide sales tax was in effect, what would those groceries have cost? $208., a $48 increase.

Think of a recent purchase YOU’VE made. What would a 30% increase mean?

What kinda dumbf**ks spend decades saying Democrats want to raise your taxes then propose a 30% sales tax? Republican dumbf**ks.
I saw this and thought you might be interested. When are the republicans gonna get the balls to start Impeachment of joe biden and his corrupt administration ??? video
I was just thinking how nice this planet would be if we did not have Lawyers, Bad Guys, Rednecks, Useless eaters and Democrats….but I repeat myself!


Friday, January 20, 2023
In his first speech, Kevin McCarthy mentioned:
inflation 1X
immigration 1x
investigating Biden 20x
This is the future of the GOP and it’s sad.
I hope that you Greenies read this twice, so that you understand what the actual Cost of your delusion amounts to. And have a nice day. Link


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Friday 13, 2023
Germany. We didn’t say anything. Why? Because we were afraid. That’s the same reason good people don’t speak up about Trumps authoritarian rants.
Liberal Redneck – Republican Projection. Video
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Friday, January 6, 2023
Germany and Nazis: “Why didn’t you say anything?” “Because we were afraid.”
That’s why Republicans won’t say anything about Trump’s evil ways. They’re afraid of political repercussions.
Conspiracy. The FBI’s intel failed again on January 6 because they are in Trump’s pocket.
El Paso, TX overrun with illegals. 3:49 video from the streets of El Paso. Link
100,000 people knew trump was going to attack the Capitol but the FBI said they didn’t know. I wonder who the FBI and DOJ is loyal too?
Cancer cure has been suppressed for over 40 years! My personal comment: The CDC, NCI, FDA, AMA are ALL in the Business of making money, not the business of curing illness or disease. Link
The DOJ must be sympathetic to Trump or they would have indicted him already based on the mountains of evidence against him and his evil ways.

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