Sunday, February 9, 2014

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set your clock back
[Kemp Bridge Sewer Lines meet] I see they finally got the hole drilled and the pipe pulled thru Kemp that must be a mile long?  Does anyone know the technology of how they did the hole and the ability to meet going from both end, how they put the pipe lengths together and then how they pulled it all thru?  Great job, however they did it. I’m curious.


Click on the picture at the link and it will change from low tide to high tide. Neat! What a wonderful application of a lesson in Nature. Link

Did this earth shake? Did anyone awake feel a rippling of the earth after daybreak today, March 9, 2014? (Ed: I did. It felt like the cat jumped onto the bed.)
The new and smoother road between Big Pine Key and Key West sure makes the drive more pleasant. The newly refurbished bridges are pretty and the landscaping looks really nice.



Towfish Sidescan sonar transducer. It can spot objects 1200 ft down easily. Like taking underwater pictures with sound. It is a unique item to own. Classified Ads > Boats

[“Derelict boats”] If that’s the case, then why is the derelict boat still in the basin of Key Colony Beach?  Those people who own homes in KCB have a major stick up their butts and it’s hard to believe that someone has not sued the owner and towed it away. 
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[“Clogged byways”] Code enforcement for tree trimming for over hanging trees in the canals has struck Little Torch Key, Jolly Rogers subdivision. Many of the homeowners were issued letters to trim their overhang. Our neighbor got one and he blamed the other neighbor for calling on him. No one called anyone, the county took an aerial view and then issued citations.


[Poo News] What the shape and color of your stool means. Link

FKAA, in their letter to us on Feb. 19, 2013 states they will pay the electric bill for its grinder pump use. If they accept the cost for that, why not all the cost to provide the electricity hook up, and the plumbing for that matter? 
[Building Code] You are way, way, exaggerating the hardships of navigating our local building codes.  If you don’t understand why they are necessary we need you to go someplace else. 
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flying saucer rocks over road

One of the best local UFO sightings witnessed by hundreds of people occurred in Key West on Feb. 27th 2014. The red lit UFO was hovering above the middle of Eaton and Fleming Streets. All witnesses claim that this object was not an aircraft or blimp, nor did it make any noise whatsoever. Video

Mechanics socket set. ¾ inch, eleven sockets, ratchet, extension, breaker bar, ½ to ¾ inch adapter and metal case. $150, approx 50 years old, call Classified Ads > Tools

Secrets-of-the-Seagrass9Secrets of the Seagrass March 15 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. See what lives in these wonderful meadows of the sea. Make a seagrass crown to wear and play a game of. Build A Seagrass Bed. For Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade and it’s free. Fun! Games! Crafts! Friends! Pre-registration requested

Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, 35 East Quay Road, at the end of Southard Street, Across from Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. Open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. Free admission and parking, gift shop. Events 

nira tocco realtor 9.12
[“Party”] Is it only me, or does anyone else see what I see when I read posts here complaining about someone having a party on a weekend? When you post a comment or complaint about a party, do you realize how selfish and bitter you make yourself to look? What’s wrong with someone having a party once a week, month or year? It’s not like they’re causing an inconvenience everyday. It’s not just your world. It’s everybody’s world. Next time someone throws a party, why don’t you take a bottle of booze, or a plate of food, or some brewskis and go over there and introduce yourself as their neighbor, and tell them that it sounds as if they’re having some fun, and you would like to have some fun with your neighbors too. Believe me, you can’t go wrong with my advice. let’s try to make this a more positive world.

timothy leary


[LSD] When my brother Tim was 25, he was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. His crime? Selling pot and LSD to a friend who turned out to be a police informant. Tim had never even been to jail, but now, because of a totally non-violent crime, he has been condemned to die in prison. Link 

[10 GB Free Storage] I saw the response to the guy with the backups problem.  It reminded me to send you an invite to give our cloud storage a try and let me know what you think. Here is the link. Sign up for the 10GB account.  Its free! Link

Let me know your thoughts with it and the process or any other usability likes/dislikes so that I may improve it if necessary.

isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[“Party”] In reference to the party with the band in Eden Pines. Years ago our neighbor threw a big St. Patrick’s Day party. Every year he would walk around to each neighbor’s house, all three blocks, and personally invite them to attend. Most of us went and had a great time. We met new neighbors and were able to catch up with others we hadn’t seen in a while. The music was shut down around 10pm (even though the party continued till the wee hours) so if you had to work the next day you could sleep. I know this because I was one who had to leave early to sleep. Nobody ever complained because they had been invited but chose not to go. And if you forgot when it was, the music and revelry reminded you to head on over! Thanks Bob, Eden Pines loves you!
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[Police Form To Check Your Property] This is the form you fill out so the police can check your property while you are away on vacation, etc.

Little Giant ladder, alta-one, model 22, rated 250 lbs, one year old, $100, like new, call  Classified Ads > Tools



The Moon passes over Orion as it waxes through first quarter. (These scenes are drawn for the middle of North America. European observers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date. In the Far East, move it halfway. The blue 10° scale is about the size of your fist held at arm’s length.)

[“Gardening in the Keys”] Thanks to the poster with the Gardening in the Keys suggestion for growing salad greens in a bag of soil. That is brilliant! My only question is: how do you keep the iguanas away? You must have a dog.
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Driftwood.35 foot long appx. 6 foot wide. I think it is S. American mahogany, but it is spectacular. A true show piece and needs a loving home. Located in North Key Largo. Logistics will require a flat bed and/or barge, crane and tie downs. I’ve lived here for 30 years and have never seen anything like this. Ever. More pictures are available. Classified Ads > Miscellaneous 

[Tree Control] Sure, allowing trees to grow out over a canal is annoying, but what about the trees that so many people allow to grow up into our power lines, seemingly oblivious to their vulnerability during the high winds we occasionally get down here.  And another thing, what about the foliage planted at street intersections that create blind corners?  Are these people dead to the world? 



[Gun Nuts] Here is another type of legal shooting setup.


[Error Oxc000000f, HDD is shot?] This is a Windows error, meaning Windows actually tried to load, which means the HDD is not shot, rather it’s likely a software issue and your files are probably fine and recoverable. If the HDD didn’t work at all the BIOS/UEFI would have given “no bootable device” or some other like message.

It’s possible shock damage occurred to the drive, which happens when hard drives are moved while they are operating (a no, no!). If the heads strike the spinning platters where vital operating system data or users files are located, they could be lost and unrecoverable.

In this case since you have no backups (a no, no!) I suggest you take the machine to a capable local data recovery specialist, most decent PC repair shops can do this. Once the files are recovered the sector damage can be determined/mitigated and/or a new drive or reinstall of the operating system/repair can occur. Windows 7 can make backups for you, just need a external drive and instructions.

Depending on the cost/age of the laptop, you may opt just for data recovery and then buy a new one. However if you want Windows 7 laptop you need to buy one online in the business section of most online PC vendors or deal with the horrors of Windows 8 which isn’t going over too well. A good PC shop can assist in assisting you with choosing the right machine for your needs and to last until 2020 when Windows 7 support ends or can be further upgraded to Windows 9 or 10 when it appears.



Rare photographs. Link

[Crooks] The owner of a company that installs boat lifts was arrested Thursday for taking money to install a boat lift and then failing to do the work, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Peter Englund, 61. of Delray Beach, was charged with grand theft.This marks the fourth case against Englund and his com­pany, Viking Marine, in the last five years investigated by sher­iff’s office detectives,In the latest case, Englund allegedly took $1,500 from a Key Largo resident who lives on Mama Drive. The business­man reportedly was contracted to install a boat lift at the man’s residence in March, but he allegedly never showed up to do the work.

[Homeless] Here we go again.  More hot air about the city’s homeless problem.  This time it will involve the city commission and the county commission.  The county commissioner George Nugent is going to the meeting with a bad attitude evidenced by his statement quoted in The Citizen, “they’re going to have to define exactly why we’re sitting at the table”  Shouldn’t mayor Cates have done this when inviting the County officials to a summit?  Nugent also stated, “I’ve got a lot of other issues I’m focused on” ,  “it could be a short meeting”  This sounds like Nugent has already made up his mind to do nothing about the “problem”  

We all know where Mayor Cates and commissioner Yaniz stand on the issue.  Mayor Cates wants financial help from the county to rid key West of the homeless because KWPD can’t legally do it for him, except by way of murder.  Tony Yaniz, we all know would prefer  to exterminate all homeless in Key West by starving them out.  Yaniz is a proponent of shutting down the soup kitchen.  Yaniz was also quoted by The Citizen saying “the homeless can make do with a toilet, a tent, and a shower”  What a novel idea!  Hey Tony, tell them where they can pitch their tents!  How about WisteriaIsland?  How about your front yard?

Does anyone expect anything to be accomplished at this Homeless Summit?  If you do, you are fooling yourself.  Maybe Cates and Yaniz want to get the Sheriff’s department to help harass (and murder) the homeless.

 On another note:   Is the city commission so blind they don’t know the toilet w/tp is a joke?  Or did Yaniz put it there?

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[Spring forward]  I love it.  It’s so much easier to set the clocks, appliances, watches and electronics ahead one hour, than it is backing them up eleven in the Fall, ugh! 

Theres the entire worlds view then theres the American Conservatives’ view. Jon Stewart nails it. Video 

FTR should be called Captain Doom and Gloom. He’s been predicting doom and gloom ever since the President got elected and things have only gotten better.



Rumor has it that ftr guy wants Big Pine Key to join the Russian Federation. 

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] As the saying goes, If the public can see it, it is at least 7 years obsolete already, so what does BB have now? So glad we are telling the world about our inventions. How long before our enemies have a system! Now you know why you should back up your data to paper. Anything electronic can be switched off instantly. Poof, gone!

This technology could take out Iran and N. Korea’s nuclear program in a New York minute. Most interesting 2 minutes on new technology that Boeing has developed. A must watch. Video 

[President’s  imagined weakness] Let’s see how other American  Presidents have fared. Have they shown a lot more toughness? Lets see.

Did the Russians invade Hungary because American wartime General Eisenhower was weak? Maybe they considered President Johnson weak so they invaded Czechoslovakia? Interesting. Remember Russia helping dismantle Moldavia? I guess G. W. Bush was a very weak President. I seem to remember the Russian territory of Georgia being invaded because our weak President G.W. Bush letting them. The biggest slap to Americas face was when Bush allowed a Chinese air force plane force aa American spyplane to the ground and did virtually nothing when they dismantled it. Maybe our President is in the same boat as these other Presidents when there wasn’t much they could do.

from the right

On Friday the unemployment stats for the month of February were released by Team Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate increased to 6.7% even though the number of persons employed increased more than expected. Last month, 175,000 more people were employed than there were in January. The experts had predicted that only about 45,000 new jobs were to be created.  That is good news, but it masks some long standing bad news. Also we must consider that the ranks of the new hires was inflated by a burst of Government hiring. Government added 13 million new hires last month alone. The unemployment rate for government workers is less than half of that of the general public, 3.2% vs 6.7%. And that rate declined substantially from January to February.

job9The ranks of the long-term unemployed grew by 203,000 to more than 3.8 million, after having fallen in the past two months. That’s despite the fact that emergency unemployment insurance (UI) expired at the end of December. The longer these workers stay unemployed, the more difficult it is for them to reenter the labor force and the more likely it is that they become permanently unemployed. That’s a scary outcome and one that is growing more likely with each passing month.

In order to return to the unemployment rate we enjoyed pre-recession, pre Democrat control of our governance, it will take us 5 more long hard years at the rate we added jobs last month.

It is absolutely shameful that today, about 7 years since the Democrats took control of Congress, there are nearly 7 million FEWER people working. That is horrible, especially when you consider that there are nearly 17 million MORE Americans who are members of the civilian non-institutional population.

Deer Friends, normally after a recession has ended, and our recession officially ended in June 2009, nearly 5 years ago, our economy will typically experience rapid growth, between 3 and 5% per year GDP. Our GDP growth rate averaged 3.21 Percent from 1948 until 2013, and it reached an all-time high of 13.40 Percent in the fourth quarter of 1950 and a record low of -4.10 Percent in the second quarter of 2009 after only 2 years of Democrat control of our economy. Since Obama took office, our GDP growth rate has only averaged about 2.1%. We are not recovering, it’s not all Obama’s fault, it is simply a function of the Democrat philosophy of governance.

golf 18 holesPart 2) This weekend America, and the world, is a safer place than it has been in a long time.  Not only is Obama out of Washington vacationing at Ocean Reef, in the Florida Keys, but Kerry and Susan Rice are wandering around, separately, in the mid east. Plus, Joltin Joe Biden is vacationing in the Virgins (Islands).

Yep, the I expect that the Ukraine mess will sort itself out without our President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and our National Security advisor. Ukraine will in all likelihood be another triumph for Putin’s lust to reestablish the Soviet Union, but who cares, certainly not the Obama administration. Certainly the admin need not worry itself about the cluster f**k that is Democare. Nah, no worries about our abysmal economy or record number of folks on welfare. No worries about the record number of people who have been out of work long term.  Yep, all of that pales in comparison to the Prez’s need to vacate again, after all he’s only taken vacation three times this year.

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