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Sunday, February 9, 2014

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[Burning on Ramrod Key is Greed] Why doesn’t the County go back to mulching it all and giving it away like they use too? This would seem the best for everyone. And yes the citrus canker was cause for some of it to be stopped. But I understood most of it was stopped because the mulching machine broke and the county didn’t want to spend the money to fix it. With all of the money spent trucking it out of the Keys, I wonder how many machines that would have paid for?


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Munson Island late afternoon.

[“Commission Candidate”] Someone was asking about me the other day and I am still here and still contemplating a run at the commission. I have a personal issue that I will be bringing before the commission on the 19th, so you can follow me there.

On some of the upcoming issues that affect those of us in the district, I will say that I was very disappointed in the loss to the citizens on the grinder pump issue. My biggest concern about the pumps is their ability to work after a storm and the possible backup of sewage into peoples’ homes. I have to agree with another poster in wondering if we do not have a new gang of 3 on the rise, at least until the election.

My other concern is the burning of organic waste on Ramrod. I am not for it. If organics need to be burned by the County (not a private citizen) then it should take place on Cudjoe Key within the area of the dump and sewer plant. Facilities like this should be centrally located in order to make the impact the lightest on the citizens. My main concern with the burning of organics is that toxic plants, such as Florida Holly, would be in that mix and it will be very detrimental to some peoples health.

I hope that this helps you to understand my concerns for the citizens of Monroe County and my way of thinking. Although I do not post on CT very often, I do read it everyday at lunchtime to give my mind a rest from my job. So keep your thoughts and concerns posted on CT and I will be reading them. 


[Save water, shower with a friend] Water awareness and fun and games are swell, but Parmer’s Resort said it best many years ago when I vacationed there before I built my home in Eden Pines. Over every toilet at Parmer’s:  If it’s brown flush it down. If it’s yellow let it mellow.

See, water conservation is not a new thing!



Fireflies getting it on. Link

[Political Correctness] Well then, If bum is now taboo, is it OK to say there are 693 hobos living very well in the Florida Keys enjoying free food, clothing, health care, air conditioned dorms for restful sleep, transportation and free legal care when they get spaced out and scare full fare visitors? 
Middle-East Conflicts Memorial Wall. Video



This old car thing gives new meaning to ‘cruising’ the boulevard.

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Great 3D Printer. The Smithsonian has free 3D downloadable files for printing dinosaurs and other cool stuff. You can even print Lincoln’s death mask. Link

Go Ragnor racers! You’ve got to love a serious race that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I was driving this morning at 5 am and saw many racers. My favorite one was the runner wearing a tutu that lit up. 
[Don’t send email with viruses attached] Sometimes this isn’t entirely the users fault, malware can get on a machine unawares and then just emails copies of itself to all the users on the address book. Another way is it piggybacks on files users send to one another, they even may have run a scan or the email service did. But if there isn’t a signature for the malware, then it gets by. Triple scan, once by the always-on anti-malware which should be automatic, then followed by the free standalone versions (run as you need it) of both Anti-Malware Bytes and EST’s Online Scanners for more complete coverage. One doesn’t want more that one always-on anti-malware installed on the machine at the same time. Contact your email buddy via other means and notify them of their possible machines infection.

burning heart[“Heart attack”] One should maintain a healthy lifestyle to prolong one’s lifespan, get checked for anything that could cause a heart attack.

However based on friends and family experience, I’m thinking it’s better if one has a sudden heart attack and passes out, to convey in advance their intentions not be resuscitated, count it as a blessing. The after effects of being resuscitated; numerous medical procedures, surgery, implants, living in pain, scars, brain damage, bills, job loss, drugs effects etc. Then the great depression and fear that follows afterwards that one had died and it’s going to happen again at any moment may not be worth it. I’m sure there are those who are going to argue that someone they know had a heart attack and then went on to live another 30 years just fine and do great things. So perhaps it’s not really about if, but when to tattoo the “Do not resuscitate” on one’s chest. See how doctors prefer to die for a clue about what I’m talking about. Link

Charlie Crist was on HBO’s Bill Maher show Friday night. He talked mostly about national politics and promoted his book. He embraced the Cuban vote and stated he is against the embargo. He came across as well informed and intelligent, but still embraces conservative values even though he changed party affiliation to Democrat. Best of all, he supports legalization of medical marijuana. Go Charlie!
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[Tennessee Cocking] Ah yes, after leaving Big Pine years back, there is nothing on a cold Tennessee winter’s day like a roasting pan full of pork neck bones (meat falling off, moist and tender) with some kraut, carrots and ‘taters. I still miss the fresh seafood but this will get you thru. Thank you Lord!

[Evercookie] You likely have heard about browser cookies being used to track your actions across the Internet, so you clear them, but that alone is not enough. JavaScript on websites can be used to restore the cookies back into all areas from areas that one doesn’t know stuff is being stored at and even between browsers! Running a browser in privacy mode all the time, no history, add-ons that clear all including Flash and Silverlight cookies upon exiting the browser are required. Learn about and test your cookie cleaning methods here. Link 
[Pat Robertson to Creation ‘Scientists’] “We have skeletons of dinosaurs that go back 65 million years.” “To say it all dates back to 6,000 years is just nonsense. Let’s be real; let’s not make a joke of ourselves.”   ~Pat Robertson



[Mangrove Sprout] This is taken with a Canon Rebel 35mm. It has been run through some software. The photo is of a mangrove that sprouted in, then out-grew the jar.

This shows just how much nature will not allow a void, in nature, it just can’t cannot exist. Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli’s 1643, nature abhors a void theory. This guy was a real smarty pants. 

The NSA are the bad guys, like he KGB without the torture!
If Rudy Krause is going to burn yard waste maybe he could use it to produce electricity.
[“10 second trick”] Any whiteboard video/ad is bullshit. The real 10 second trick was to navigate off the site after 10 seconds and not listening to that mouth-breather.
[Crooks?] Besides all the obvious reasons not to use grinder pumps, why would any government sink so much money in a system that will have to begin replacements in less than a decade. Where is the good sense in this?
The latest from Congress regarding Flood Insurance and it isn’t good. Link

monkey on back


[“Heroin’s gonna get a bad rap because of Philip Seymore’s O.D.”] I have seen a lot of really dumb comments on the CT, but this is at the top of the list. Heroin has always been, at worst, a killer, or at best a life destroyer. What is the poster trying to say? It is all right if used responsibility? I don’t think that is possible. (Ed: humor, Dear, humor!)

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xp9[R.I.P. Windows XP] Less than 60 days left till the end of Windows XP support including security updates. All XP machines will be vulnerable to the bad guys.

Windows 7 machines are being sold online at various PC retailers such as HP, Dell, Toshiba and Sager Notebooks, ask for it. Microsoft is allowing Win 7 to be installed on new machines and is the version most used by businesses and corporations, has the most market share thus the most compatibility. It will get support until 2020 or even longer. 

Microsoft realizes Windows 8 was a mistake for desktop and laptop devices where people prefer to use a mouse or trackpad. Windows 9 is coming next year to address a lot of the mistakes made with Win 8. So like Vista, you can skip Win 8 entirely. If you already have a Win 8 machine and would like to return it to Windows 7, there are downgrade rights, ask your PC maker, local PC or company IT tech for assistance. Windows 7 is like a beautiful version of Windows XP, you’ll be familiar with it’s interface in little time at all.


[Political Correctness] Homeless? No, they’re residentially challenged.

Using the term ‘gun nut‘ may well vent the posters frustration, but in the final result that is about all he has accomplished all the while buttressing the gun peoples position , but such is the way of people who do not have the capacity nor the inclination to express themselves in a civilized manner.
To the FTR Fan, Be advised, the first amendment protects your right to say (almost) anything you want. It does not protect you from criticism, ridicule or societal repercussion resulting from the things you say.



1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee, nice body, runs good, cold ac, will take any reasonable offer or trade for $2500 obo. Call or text  Classified Ads > Auto

I like the “Life from the Porch” guy. I smile when I read his post. Simple as that. (Ed: That’s Howard Livingston. I always liked his writing, never a negative thought.) 
The 10 second “secret” was pushing Krill oil.
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mouse race


[Cordless Mouse] I’ve tried several cordless mouses (or is it meece?) and they all fail to scroll properly after some time even with fresh batteries. I scroll a lot because most websites aren’t worth reading everything. Do any of you who scroll a lot use a cordless mouse that you can recommend? Please note that I asked for people’s reccommendation who scroll a lot — only! 

The Beatles actually came to Key West in early September 1964. They were displaced due to a hurricane.
nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Boating Skills and Seamanship] Parking in a crowded lot. Yup, everybody should take this course. (Some more than others.) Video 

kayak roll

[Free Ad] Kayak tours out to remote mangrove islands and beaches. Boat departs from Sugarloaf Marina. Keys Andrea Paulson. Business Directory > Boat Charters

You know when you should go on a diet is when you are putting on your pants and your belt falls on the floor and your dog attacks it and tries to kill it!
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[Gun Nuts] I predict that if any of our local government officials grows a pair (figuratively speaking in some cases) and fights this absurd state law that let’s any idiot repeatedly fire a deadly weapon outdoors in a residential neighborhood, (probably to be ready to repel any Muslim invasion), that if that happens the NRA will march in here to defend said wackadoodle’s God given Christian right to do so as set forth by our founding fathers.

bazooka fail


Legal shooting on your own property, but what are the rules? What calibers are allowed and types of firearms? My 30-06 OK? It can go 20 miles as the crow flies! Shotguns? Machine guns? Bazookas? Anti-tank? Howitzers? What is allowed? 

[Burning on Ramrod Key] Batch Oxidation System (BOS) technology is not especially new or complicated, but no one in South Florida currently has the expertise to design, operate, maintain, and repair the facility (tweaking is needed quite often and facility may be down for several days).  There are still environmental and human health concerns with BOS such as: breathing the air full with particles which affects both workers and people who live nearby; eating locally produced foods or water that have been contaminated by air pollutants from the incinerator; and eating fish or wildlife that have been contaminated by the air emissions.  

The ash residue is allowed to be placed almost anywhere except on farmland, but FDEP will not count it as recycling.  Ash residue may be used as aggregate in concrete or asphalt paving mix or used as intermediate fill.  Ash residue can be blown by wind, so it should be wetted before handling.  Boiler and turbine units require about $50,000 in maintenance, labor and repair budget per year. My question is, where are the local environmental organizations on this?  Why are they so quiet?  Where is Last Stand?  Where’s GLEE?  Where are the Sanctuary folks?

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[New Comcast routers coming] Like AT&T’s U-verse, it’s a pre-configured, remote controlled modem/router combination device but with a additional PUBLIC access hotpot called “xfinitywifi”. This is to enable other Comcast customers (or someone with stolen access info) to legally park in front of your house and use your network to surf the Internet (for adult content, do illegal stuff or slow down your access) for free. Hackers have already contrived methods to dupe Comcast customers of their passwords using fake xfinitywifi hotspots or hacking their own machines. Link

dolphins jump real


Florida dolphins harbor potentially deadly bacteria. I know of a guy who was helping to rescue dolphins, one sneezed on him and now he is paralyzed from the waist down for life. Link

Grinder pumps and flawed sewer systems from an ally of in Islamorada:

I am wondering if a barrage of emails from people who have endured grinder pump problems in other areas would get the attention of our elected officials. Not sure how that kind of campaign could happen but I know I’ve heard stories from people here who have homes elsewhere – one family here that is not getting an Islamorada grinder pump does have one in Ohio and reports that in 13 years, they have had their grinder pump replaced 6 times! The alarm bell/light never sounds first – they always know of a malfunction when raw sewage and toilet paper flows into their garden.

Just take a look at what it cost in Islamorada when the North Plantation Key system was poorly designed, though not grinder pumps, and homes were damaged or destroyed and it took from 2005 until 2013 to fix the design flaws. Perhaps worst – it resulted in loss of confidence so that some homes that received mandatory hook-up letters 6 -8 years ago still refuse to hook up, defeating the purpose of wastewater upgrades.

A local sewage treatment station is explained in this issue. Link
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tutu crazy dance

[The Ragnmar Run Relay Race] I noticed that a lot more runners were women than men. I loved the tutus. Also, how can you run a race when the runners had to keep crossing the highway and had to stop and wait for traffic before they could cross? 

[Diplomats phone hacked] Says “F**k the EU”, scandal follows. Is it Russia showing off it’s me-too capability or is it all just a elaborate NSA trick trying to justify it’s spying on Americans and everyone else? The Washington Post says the moral at the NSA is at all time low. Perhaps the NSA is having problems finding hackers willing to spy on grandma through her smart TV? Link
[Freckles] Springer’s Bar and Grill should have a freckle guessing contest for the barmaids. I will help count them! 

Don-Kittsmiller-USCGAUXThe Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 13-03, Big Pine Key, Fla. completed the January/February Boating Skills and Seamanship Course (BS&S) with 25 graduates including four students from our scholarship Program.

The course covered, Which Boat is for You, Required Boat Equipment. Operator responsibilities, Rules of the Nautical Road, Handling your Boat, “Highway” Signs, Orientation to Nautical Charts, Weather, A look at the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Navigation-Tools & Techniques and Navigational Exercises, Trailering, Boating Safety, Your Boat’s Radio and a Search and Rescue (SAR) Exercise, Florida Law, Environmental Concerns in the Florida Keys and Hands on Knot Tying.

The next BS&S Class will start on February 24th thru March 12th on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. at the Sugarloaf Fire Department, 17175 Overseas Hwy, Sugarloaf Key, Fl.

[The Ragnmar Run Relay Race] Yeah, they will clog the road again. Give them brooms to do some good and then make them run on the bike path! 
[Party Poopers] If you want to enjoy the Winter Olympics on TV then stay away from those negative killjoys on Fox News. They politicize everything.
from the right

Part 1) Charlie Crist as governor had stable of very interesting friends. Many Keys residents may have never heard of Scott Rothstein. Now you can be sure that you will learn more and more about him.

rothstein-and-crist Rothstein was the head of a large and very well connected Broward law firm. He was a whale political donor and he actively sought out friendships with Broward and statewide elected officials. He walked the halls of power in Broward until it was discovered that he was a thief, a con man, the operator of a Ponzi scheme that netted him about $1.4 billion. That’s a billion with a capital B.  Like all Ponzi schemes, it collapsed. And Rothstein was arrested by the FBI, charged, and convicted. He is currently serving a 50 year sentence in a federal prison.

One of Rothstein’s close friends, donor, and companion was the then Florida governor, Charlie Crist. Crist was a frequent guest at lavish parties thrown by Rothstein at his home and on his huge yacht. Christ demonstrated his confidence and affection for Rothstein by appointing him to the Judicial Nominating Committee.

Rothstein used his substantial influence on Crist to win that appointment. He used his obvious relationship with Governor Crist to bolster his victims trust in him. He then swindled then out of about $1.4 billion.

The other day he testified in federal court against one of his coconspirators. During the course of that sworn testimony Rothstein dropped an atom bomb on Charlie Crist’s current campaign for the governorship of Florida.

Rothstein testified under oath that he had huge influence over Crist and used his political appointment to a judicial nominating commission to improperly ensure that Crist’s personal favorites were nominated to the 4th District Court of Appeal and to the Broward Circuit Court.

The Crist gubernatorial campaign is now is disarray. Naturally they deny any influence that  Rothstein’s may have had over Crist. But they can’t deny that Crist and Rothstein were friends, good friends. The photographic evidence is overwhelming. I suggest that you simply check out the following link, and check out the many Crist/Rothstein photos. One of which is a photo of an email from Crist to Rothstein wherein Crist refers to him as “My brother.” Link

Please send me your comments at