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no-trespass5Dear Sir,
I am writing to notify you of my actions to protect my 125′ property line at the corner of SR4A and XXXX Road on Little Torch Key. The ongoing construction is cause for concern for the 15′ set back I had to have to put up my fence. Even though that property is on the outside of my fence, I still own it and maintain it. The County grass cutters do not mow it.

After seeing the lack of concern for my neighbors down the street, I have taken steps to keep my property from being destroyed by the construction workers. First, I spoke to the inspector on the job (Steve) and asked him to please not dump rock or park vehicles there. Next, I posted a 4’x8′ sign “Do Not Dump Rock Here p/inspector Steve” and a 3′ x 4′ sign “Do Not Dump Here”. Later that week, a bobcat was driving on my property to place a “Road Work Ahead” sign. My husband chased him off.

Now, I have placed saw horses, no parking signs, private property signs and roped off my set back with caution tape in an effort to keep vehicles and rock from scarifying the land. You may think this is extreme. Not so. When you were working on the water lines down Avon Ave. directly across the street, you used my property as a staging area for heavy equipment and parking. It tore up the grass and caused multiple deep trenches. While a half-hearted effort was made to correct it after we complained, the trenches still make it nearly impossible to run the tractor over it to cut the grass. You could break an ankle trying to walk there now because of the lack of regard for property. I will not tolerate this again. You, FKAA, are being given written notice – DO NOT TRESPASS.

It is my hope that these efforts and this letter will prevent any of the aforementioned problems. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Post Script: In fairness to FKAA, Mr. Zuelch responded to my email within 9 hrs on a Saturday. I really did not expect that. Below is his response.

“Good afternoon
Thank you for your e-mail. I have directed staff to insure that the contractor respects your property and remains solely in the right of way. Please contact me should any further problems arise.

Those of us who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part. Living on an island is or can be inconvenient, no question about it, but it’s also an adventure. So far it’s been a great adventure. 
an_film_movie[Free Movie] On Tuesday, January 7, Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys will be featuring the free documentary When Dolphins Cry at the Marathon Power Squadron Building, 52nd St. Gulf on Loggerhead Lane. Doors open at 6:30p. Watch as Japan’s dolphins jump, spin and play like ocean ballerinas. But life is not all fun for these beautiful mammals, they are under constant threat from traditional Japanese fishermen who have been hunting dolphins for generations. Free popcorn; drinks are available for a small donation.  For more information on upcoming events, please visit … Events

I guess I’m a dope. I was introduced to pot while I was in Vietnam. I smoked dope every day for thirty years. One day I decided to quit and did so without withdrawal. I now smoke pot occasionally and usually only on social occasions.

When I left the service I went to college and received two degrees, raised a family, bought a house, never missed a payment, moved up the food-chain in my profession, retired at the top of my profession debt free, saved for my later years and bought a second home here in cash.

I did try coke and quickly learned how addictive it is. Lost a lot of friends to that drug.

nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Clear Channel Sells Florida Keys Stations] Lucky you!  You’ll get actual news on holidays instead of their sappy canned programming.  I’ve thought for years now that if Al Qaeda is doing their homework they’ll blow us up on a holiday and the rest of us won’t hear about it till the regular news staff is back off vacation. 

flood5Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) has voiced serious opposition to Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy’s proposed fix to the devastating impact on the nation’s coastal communities that is expected by the implementation of the Biggert-Waters Act, and we are calling on our members to take immediate action to protect our homes from legislation that doesn’t work.

“The Cassidy Bill falls tragically short of any meaningful relief for Monroe County residents, and frankly, any Florida homeowner who will see their flood insurance bill potentially quadruple in the coming months because of Biggert-Waters,” said Charles “Chic” Wagner, Executive Director of FIRM, Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe. “We are very concerned that some Florida congressional members are supporting Cassidy and urge them to take a second look.”

House members Vern Buchanan, R-Sarasota; Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar; and Bill Cassidy, R-LA introduced the Cassidy Bill earlier this month which purports to offer relief to affected homeowners by delaying the flood rate hike increases for 15 months until the FEMA flood study is done. Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Palm Harbor, is also a sponsor.

“The Cassidy bill doesn’t solve the problem, it merely puts a band-aid on the matter for six months, leaving the majority of Florida homeowners, particularly those in Monroe County, with no practical relief of any kind” Wagner said.

The Cassidy bill would only delay increases in rates for existing policyholders under Section 207 of the Biggert Waters Act who, as a result of FEMA’s flood zone remapping, find themselves below elevation, and faced with either sharply higher premiums or raising their homes. But those proposed changes to Section 207 which instead call for rate increases phased-in over five years, weren’t scheduled to take effect until late 2014 anyway, so the alleged relief provided under the Cassidy Bill isn’t likely to last more than six months, and is essentially useless as a relief measure for the vast majority of Floridians.

FIRM supports the Senate’s Homeowners’ Flood Insurance Affordability Act (S 1610) and its companion bill in the House (HR 3370) which would delay rate increases for a period of four years for far more impacted Florida properties in a much more beneficial way. Petition 

outboard cat owl wavingThe Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 13-03, Big Pine Key, is offering a Boating Skills and Seamanship class beginning January 21st. It is a three week program, Scheduled Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 to 9:30 P.M. It will be held at Venture-Out Resort (Ship’s Store 2nd Floor) 701 Spanish Main Drive, Cudjoe Key.  We’ll have a BS&S Class Signup booth on January 9th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Venture Out Boat Landing.  Free Vessel Exams will be offered. The cost of the program is $55 per person, materials included, and $80 per couple with shared materials..

Topics include: Which Boat is for You, Required Boat Equipment, Operator Responsibilities, Rules of the Road, Handling Your Boat, Highway Signs, Orientation to Nautical Charts, Weather, A Look at the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Navigational Tools & Techniques, Navigational Exercises, Trailering, Boating Safety, Your Boat’s Radio and a Search and Rescue (SAR) Exercise, Florida Law, Environmental Concerns in the Florida Keys and Hands on Knot Tying.

For more information or to register … Events

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[“Tracing the IP address”] Since when does the location of a hosting server have any bearing on the location of the people managing the website? I can assure you they’re not connected, and often hosting locations change with workload balancing (ie IP round-robin logic). 
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13
[Sewer Conspiracy] The sewer meetings have all been packed with those who oppose grinder pumps on front lawns. In a new tactic the County is having another meeting, but this time it will be in Key West, away from of the area affected and as an added precaution against mass attendance they scheduled the meeting at 9 am when most of us are at work.
Those of you extolling the virtues of pot –it doesn’t work the same for everybody.  For me it disconnects brain from body.  It’s like being completely paralyzed, but your mind is still wide awake and alert.  Luckily I found this out among good friends or I could have been in big trouble.  I could not speak, only stare in a panic at my incapacitated hands and feet that would not move as I frantically commanded them to get me out of there.  This was from a chocolate cupcake I ate, not knowing it was loaded.  No one else had these effects, I don’t know ‘why me’, but I’m not about to investigate further.
Old 7 Mile Bridge walkway to get ADA-compliant. Link 

no twinkie

[Pot Legal] Breaking News: Colorado reports a shortage in Twinkies!

[Web Use] Here is a site where you can see how much each platform is using the web – one marker of so-called dominance (whatever that means). Like all data, it can be read from any angle. Some have more “units,” while others actually use the web more. Link 
[“Wake-up people”] Why is it that every time I read a post from someone who says ‘wake up people’ or ‘wake up sheople’, it has some massive conspiracy that’s high on imagination and light on reasonability or facts? I’m awake, living in the Keys, living the dream! If you don’t like it US1 will take you back to the mainland unless you have a toll booth conspiracy theory. 
The world’s tallest mountain
. Link
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[Obamacare] One of our employees has signed up for the New Health care. She made a payment. She did this a month or so back. She now needs a procedure that will require a trip to the hospital. She is unable to get anything done or any help because they are not sure if she has coverage or not. This is a true story, happening in real time as I write this. She is in a great deal of pain and not at all sure how this will work out. She was asked to call back next week. That doesn’t sound very good.



When is a potato not a potato? When it’s a sweet potato! Link 

[Advertising on Bike Path] Before the State pays for some kind of billboard advertising along the new bike path beside the highway, they should pay for a contractor to sweep through the vegetation along side it, at least as far back in as you can see,  for all the embedded heavy duty junk the locals have tossed in there over the years and eliminate all of  the visual pollution that detracts from the  natural beauty that abounds around here.  From what I have seen done to it and heard said about it,  it is like the locals must subconsciously hate this place, except for the easy drugs, sex and booze.

Dining room set. Whitewashed wicker. Oval glass top 72″x48″ with 6 arm chairs. $250. Located on Big Pine Key. Classified Ads > Household 
ads5[Internet Junk] According to my lists, there is presently about 370,000 unique adware, tracking and other unwanted scum of the internet out there, including over 1800 serving malware. It’s always increasing every few days as the Internet is turning into a common garbage dump. Filter it if your tech savvy and can manipulate your machines hosts file, but it breaks many sites. Use a ad block and anti-tracking extensions for your browser instead. Firefox has the best selections in this area. Else look at this for all devices, provided one has a router and a modem to place it between. Video
F.I.R.M.’s petition to block passage of Bill HB 3693. Sign it or else! Link 
I’m interested in this thing
. Does anyone know what it is or how I can get rigging or a skeg?
[Going Green Bad] There is a lot more to lighting than just the wattage the bulb uses. All lights are not equal. If you really want to delve a little further into it, check out this article. But if you just want to feel good about being green, then ignore it. Link 


Before you post one more thing about the evils of marijuana, memorize these facts so that you won’t make a fool of yourself.
1 Nobody calls it pot anymore. Use “weed”.
2. Nobody gets violent. They “chill”.
3 It is a gateway drug because it is illegal and you have to buy it from dealers who would make more money if they sold you a real drug.
4. You cannot overdose on it any more than you can overdose on ice cream.
5 If you drive after using it, it’s likely that you will drive under the speed limit.
6. A pee test will show that you have used weed, but not how long ago and whether or not you are high.
7 It will not ruin your liver like alcohol will.
8. You won’t be hung over the next day.
9 Unlike alcohol, your sexual performance will be enhanced.
10. No one has ever started a fight of beat his wife under the influence of weed.

If you haven’t tried it more than a few times, you don’t know what you are talking about, so don’t post information that you got online from people with the same knowledge as you.

billboard5[“Advertising signs on the bike trails”] Signs on the bike trails? I almost fell into my snow bank. Just the thought of any advertising opens Pandora’s box to an eventual torrent of signs soon to be on concrete pillars in the water. I hope you folks in the islands stand up against this or its “Eco Friendly signs and Grinder Pumps forever”. I was planning a visit, now I’ll just archive as many photos as I can before the pristine views are just a memory. Greed, it never ends and any money collected would never be used to clean the trails, it’s never enough, so leave the trails alone, that’s why we pay taxes. Remember the tobacco lawsuits and how that money would help pay for antismoking? Maybe the state will invest in anti smoking signs with those tax dollars! 
Having worked in the area you say locals dumped junk; most of it comes from 2 hurricanes Georges and Wilma. 
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Yes, yes, yes I realize its Jan 5th, but I am still very anxious about the Y2K situation. Stranger things have happened!

I loved the story and ad for the Big Pine flea market describing the havoc wreaked by visiting family members.
[“I also enjoy FOX news. I hope that doesn’t make your eyes explode”] Hoping someone’s eyes don’t explode is a term of endearment. It really added a lot of visual to the conversation.

runner stuck on hurdle


Life’s problems wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them. The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a foot long enough to enable him or her to put the other somewhat higher. 

[Citizen Of The Day Says] She loves the weather, meeting new people at work and how close every­thing is in Key West.

[Coast Guard Fundraiser
] The Key West Navy League Commissioning Committee invites you to a fundraiser in support of the Coast Guard Fast Response Cutters upcoming commissionings.  Please join the fun at the Bottle Cap Groove Lounge, 1128 Simonton Street, on Friday, 10 January, 5-8PM.

There will be live music by Greg Trudeau, free food, a silent auction, 50-50 raffle, and celebrity bartenders from our military and local community.  Don’t miss the chance to spin the Big Wheel in our great multi-prize raffle!

All donations and tips raised that evening will directly support the future historic commissionings of U. S. Coast Guard Fast Response Cutters being home-ported right here in Key West. For more information … Events 

Here are the rights you have when interacting with a police officer in one detailed infographic. Link
[Malware Strikes Yahoo Visitors] Malicious advertising uses a irame to exploit Java. Prevention: 1) Use Control Panel > Uninstall program > Java (most people don’t need it) or disable Java in web browsers preferences. 2) Optional: Install Ad Block extension for your web browser (like Ad Block Plus) to reduce further attack avenues through malvertising. 3) Optional/skilled: Use the Firefox web browser and the NoScript add-on extension, set block iframes in NoScript preferences. NoScript provides the most paranoid website protection possible, read and understand before using it. Link 



Phil Everly is dead at 74. He was the younger one of the cute duo who pioneered country rock.

All I Have To Do Is Dream – Everly Brothers 

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Meanwhile back in Alabama: Alabama woman defends naming her newborn son Krimson Tyde. Link

I’m trying to figure out how to reinstate your Political Section without having it fall apart again with all the hate and spin garbage is a tough act. Some of the ways might be to, just post the subject of the articles without comment. Post sane neutral remarks, judged by Ed., post subject only with links. Post humorist pictures and cartoons with captions without replies. Post suggestive links to websites Ed thinks may be important to the Keys and the nation for readers to see. The Keys locals need outside input. Everything to be judged (censored) by Ed for his blog! I can live with that!
2002 Boston Whaler, 13′ Sport. Used less than a few hours in Michigan. Original price tag is still on hull. 40 horse Balanced motor. Trailer, red canvas cover and Bimini top. Must be seen. Classified Ads > Boats

meteor stonhege

[2014 Meteor Shower Schedule] Fellow stargazers mark your calendars for the meteor showers of 2014! Link

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[Sewers] County tries to settle, once and for all, what kind of sewer system goes in the lower Keys. Attend the meeting! January 31st at 9 a.m. in  K.W. Link 
Is it just my internet connection? has been down for like three days now. They went down for a couple of days a month or so ago too. What gives? A daily newspaper that can’t even keep its site online. They must have one terrible web host which is apparently Expression Networks in McLean Virginia. I never heard of them. Flipping site isn’t even hosted in Florida and they are apparently too cheap to have a backup site. With the new editor, they have eliminated the comment ability on news articles, so now is like the only game in town. (Ed: We’ve had no problem logging on to It doesn’t matter even a little bit where a site is hosted.) 
[Help Wanted] Painters and painter’s helper needed. Must be reliable. Call Dennis at 305-942-9395 Classified Ads > Help Wanted 
The world’s fastest Indian
. Link 
[Speeding] Hey BLK Storage vehicle, there is a speed limit on Wilder and Avenue B. If you don’t want to respect where you live, then get out! 
[Fun Game
] GeoGuessr is a Google Maps Streetview based game that plops you someplace in the world and you have to try to discover where you are. Like in Streetview, your allowed to travel down roads to discover your whereabouts and research the clues in another browser tab or window. Points are provided based upon how accurate you are to the actual location. Link
[How safe is recreational marijuana] A stoner linking to the NORML website to make a point. What a stretch. The opinion of the unbiased Scientific American isn’t as rosy.  Link
[“55% online mobile buyers use Apple devices”] IBM gathered raw data from around 800 retail sites across the United States. It’s no secret Apple caters to those with higher disposable incomes with rapidly obsolete tech fad products. Android was shipped on 80% of the worlds mobile devices, yet the stats below are only for the USA where only 360 million of the world’s 7 billion people reside. Link 

marlin fight


Sailfish chasing bait. Video 

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[Immigration] Train from Mexico to L.A.
We had dinner at the Big Pine Restaurant last night. They charged us 50 cents for 2 glasses of water. Hmmmm.
paint rence cowboy[Free Corrals] The National Key Deer Refuge is sponsoring a “Say No to Nibblers” free trash can corral giveaway at the Big Pine Community Park on Sands Rd on Saturday, January 11th from 9am-12pm.  We are giving away forty  4’ x 2’  corrals.  The corrals will be made of pressure treated lumber, will hold two large trash cans, and will be available free, first-come, first-served, to residents in the Sands Subdivision area or those living east of Wilder Rd. Deer, raccoons, and other wildlife have become accustomed to breaking into our unsecured trash cans for an easy meal.  This creates an unhealthy situation for the wildlife, and leaves the residents of the community with a mess to clean up. Reservations are required to receive a corral. If you are interested in getting a free trash can corral for you or your neighbor, or helping us construct them … Events
[Wanted] Looking for a table top portable Singer sewing machine. Old is okay as long as it works and it can sew straight lines. I don’t need anything fancy. Please call me at 732-300-1559 Classified Ads > Wanted 


Take your pick, but the fact is that without organized mosquito control most people would not be able to live here.  You detractors need to wise up to reality.

[Sewers and Toilets] Somebody asked if they will have enough flush water from a super efficient toilet for a grinder to work. If it will get the shit to the pit the grinder will eat it. Then it will very slowly pump it in to the pipes where it will eventually plug those pipes because it does not move fast enough. More water won’t really help.

Did you do the math on water savings with the low flush loo? It doesn’t amount to anything. Figure the water saved per flush by how many times a day you flush at home. Then multiply by about 30 days, divide by 1000 gals and multiply by $5.64 per thousand gallons rate. For me it worked out to $1 a month saved. That’s $12 a year. Now subtract the plumber’s service call at $100 because your toilet didn’t use enough water to get the turds out of the house’s plumbing, and your low flush toilet only cost you an extra $88 a year. Fortunately, I’m a plumber, so I get to spend the whole $12 savings on something to flush later. And when the sewers go in, I can save about $3 a month! 



[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Sperm n, That which is not in SPAM (unsubstantiated by the USDA)
DEF: Firearm n, A mechanism when used lets your enemy know where you are!
DEF: Baseball Bat n, A toy used by adults to make fortunes with while playing kids games.
DEF: Critics n, Self-appointed misfits who display their inaptitude to tell sheeple what is supposedly good for them.
DEF: Movies n, Flickering images which bounce back the fantasy world inside your bubble!
DEF: Junk Food n, That which we become for the worms after eating semi-nutritious STUFF.
DEF: TV n, That horror which captures your life with masses of advertising and no intelligence.

from the right

Thanks to the CTers who took the time to comment on political postings. I appreciate the kind words and again urge anyone, right or left, who has cogent political views to send them to me. If you are concise, interesting, and civil, I’ll include it in my postings.

Part 1) Schadenfreude: (n)  “a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people.”

Dylan Ratigan was an MSNBC anchor host, and as expected by his bosses, was an ardent supporter of liberal causes especially Democare. He took great enjoyment at trying to skewer his conservative guests. After he left MSNBC he bought  a dandy health insurance policy that he paid for himself.  He is healthy and decided he only needed catastrophic coverage in case he got run over by a beer truck. He paid $170 per month for the policy he liked. Now Ratigan has run up against Obama’s lie about being able to keep the policy you want/like. Ratigan has been forced to buy much more extensive coverage and his monthly premium has jumped to more than three and a half times that $170.  Thanks to Democrat governance, he now must pay $600. Delicious!

Ratigan tweeted the Prez: “I bought a catastrophic health policy for $170/mo when I left MSNBC. Obamacare cancelled the policy. New rate $600/mo. Thnx Mr. President.” Nicely put Mr. Ratigan, sarcastic, but nicely put.  I guess our liberal friends learn hard. I’ll bet that Ratigan’s sarcasm is just the beginning of a chorus of PO’d and poorer left fielders.  Schadenfreude! It may not be PC, but I love it.

part time5Part 2) Did you know that the Huffington Post has just reported that 75% of all the jobs that have been created during Obama/Democrat governance last year, are part time jobs?.  Now the Democrat propaganda organs are braying  that the economy is booming and things are getting rosy.  If that is true, why are the Democrats so intent on expanding unemployment compensation?


Part 3) The other day I posted a photo of an icebound research ship in the Antarctic. The scientific expedition was there to study global warming. The irony is off the scale.


It has taken a massive effort by several nations to rescue the ice bound scientists. Did you know that 98% of the “mainstream” media have not reported on the situation? Do you suppose that is because the facts don’t match their narrative about global warming?

Please send me your comments at