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vote rotateMonroe County is currently facing a $1,000,000,000 (that’s one billion) dollar self-inflicted wastewater crisis- and the incumbent commissioner’s response?: Force an overpriced and environmentally risky pressure system on residents! This is irresponsible and it is unfair. Proper planning, smart use of our resources could have avoided the shortfall we face today.

This past Wednesday at the BOCC meeting, the same commissioners waived the competitive bidding process, and gave Waste Management a 10 year contract.
Commissioner Carruthers called — not seeking bids on contracts with tens of millions —  “unconscionable” and I agree, I can’t help but think that it’s got impropriety written all over it. I was also disappointed with the coverage in the paper, these types of shenanigans are exactly why I’m running for office. This is another example of our elected officials putting their own power and special interest before the interest of Monroe County and Its residents.

~Danny Coll for County Commissioner 305-872-1111

[Gulf Water Rising] A recent study of the Gulf of Mexico found that seasonal changes in water levels have gotten larger in recent decades along the eastern shore of the Gulf. Summer high-water levels have been higher, and winter low levels lower since 1990, according to a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters in January. Researchers tracked Gulf water levels from 1900 to 2011, and found that the increased summer levels have almost doubled the risk of hurricane-induced flooding since 1990 for the eastern and northeastern Gulf of Mexico coastlines.”

Global sea levels have risen around two inches since 1993, but the Eastern Gulf of Mexico shows an additional two-inch rise. The change was not found in other parts of the Gulf. In a statement from the American Geophysical Union, which publishes the journal, lead author Thomas Wahl said that in addition to storm surge, the increase in variation could have an effect on sensitive ecosystems along the Gulf Coast. Wahl and the other researchers found that changes in air temperature and atmospheric pressure drove the changing water levels.

[Chicks] These little fluffys were picnicking in the Winn Dixie parking lot the other day.
Miniature models of just about everything. I’ve always thought a good little business would be selling miniatures of gifts too big to put under the Xmas tree. With the wide availability of 3D printers. It would be simple to set up. all you’d need would be the printer, a good photographer and a website. Link
[More bleach in the gene pool] “Lie Witness News” Jimmy Kimmel tricks people into believing Godzilla is based on an actual event. Video
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To the owner and operator of the yellow boat “Victoria’s Sea-crest” that went plowing through the canals and channels of Summerland Key throwing up a 2-3 foot wake in the no wake zone Saturday afternoon: Can’t you read? How about a little respect for all the homeowners & boat owners along the way?
[Protégé] Luca is less than 2 years and has learned to sing the blues before he can even talk. Video
I find it amusing the Chief Donnie Lee wants to get all the facts so “the officers involved will be able to move on”  I hope they can move on……to another job, in another state. And take you and the mayor and the commissioners with you.
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old woman drinks martini
[Drink To Mental Health] Tahiti Martini

2 Oz Vodka or gin (good stuff!)
1 Oz Coconut water (fresh)

Stir slowly with ice, strain into large martini glass, sip slowly, order 5 more before happy our is over. Video

Why does forty not have a u in it? Four does!
[Crooks?] Commissioners George Neugent, David Rice and Murphy voted to move forward with the $107,000,000 no-bid Waste Management contracts against all objections. Waste Management’s three speakers told the commission not to waste the taxpayers money on a review and that their $107 million worth of contracts was a good deal for the taxpayers, and should be signed immediately.
If the County wants to get serious about tree trimming then forget the canals, which are really  not a serious problem,  and get after the people who let their trees grow up into the power lines and grow up at street intersections creating a lot of blind corners and curves, a true public safety concern.
Ping pong table
. used, full size, folds for storage. $40 Call Classified Ads > Miscellaneous
[Holiday] Californians are pushing to make Election Day a national holiday, “to properly celebrate the right to vote and so the working people will have time to vote and get rid of the tea party nutbags once and for all”.  As a long time working person I can testify most national holidays turn into long wkends for working people who use them to travel, party, catch up on chores at home, hit the big sales and visit relatives.  The original occasion usually gets lost in all the frivolity.
Houston has it’s share of homeless, as does Austin, which is our liberal college town.  No matter how red the state there’s never a shortage of people with charitable tendencies or those who will try to help them.
Does a person need a permit to erect a fence within one’s property line in the county?
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is the most popular color. Conveys authority, communication, trust, luxury, superiority, safety. Blue is often used to create a sensation of security, which is why financial institutions use it so frequently. The color blue is used regularly in the corporate world as it carries a sense of productivity and movement. Blue is also commonly used by brands involved in communication and self-expression, and can be seen in use by brands such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype.
[“Why the homeless never go to Central or South America”] Friday’s stupid post deserves Sunday’s stupid answer: No passport. No Visa. No hope.
[“Bike shop”] There is only one real bike shop on BPK, but Ace Hardware sell a lot of parts.
[10 Year Waste Hauling Contract] “It’s a good contract and I’m comfortable with the people who do it,” Murphy said of the firms. “Long-term relationships mean something to me. I don’t think we’re being screwed over.” What troubling statements and wobbly rationales! How the heck can one truly know if it’s a good contract if there is no competitive bidding? “Comfortable with the people” and “long-term relationships” are the very subjective reasons why competitive bidding is so important and necessary. Link
[Drone] Eric Udell demonstrates his drone at the Computer Club Saturday. The craft can fly about 15 minutes and has a built in camera that wirelessly transfers live video to the smartphone or tablet that is used as the controller. The black styrofoam shroud is removable and used when flying indoors. This one sells for about three hundred dollars.
The CBS Morning News aired a 5-minute segment titled “Death in Paradise” about the demise of Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving while being handcuffed by police after driving away from a traffic stop. Mayor Craig Cates went on the record saying the report was “one-sided.” However, the report was, if anything, overly generous towards our fair town, and critical of the late Eimers.

First, they charge Eimers with “reckless driving” when what he made was an illegal lane change in a construction area with unclear lane designations. Next they said he “fled the scene,” when in fact he drove away slowly through the town.

Worst, their only original research not already reported locally stated that he “had previous run-ins with the law, including arrests for domestic abuse and theft back in the ’90s.” That is, 20 years ago, he had arrests, but apparently no convictions, for things that  had nothing to do with his actions here. It causes a mistrial in court, and is plainly prejudicial in the CBS report. It would be more appropriate to discuss the 20-year records of the arresting police, because the violence was all on their side in Eimers’ arrest.

Finally, CBS quoted arresting officers claiming Eimers resisted arrest “with violence,” so much so that one”officer’s finger got caught in the handcuffs”during the struggle.The fact is that those police reports were written five days after the accident, but before the cell phone video surfaced showing that Eimers slowly turned, raised his arms to obey police commands, and carefully lowered himself to the ground.

Eimers’ “struggle was not to resist the police. It was to gain a breath as he was being suffocated under a wave of large bodies crushing him into the sand, as plainly shown in the shocking video

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boat leak bail
[“Wanted: Boat to Borrow or cheap
“] What kind of person would loan a boat to two working adults who are staying for free in the Keys on vacation? I thought RV tourists were the cheapest, now I’ll have to change my mind.
[Gun Nuts] “7 dead in drive-by shooting near college.” A drive-by shooter went on a rampage near a Santa Barbara university campus that left seven people dead, including him, and seven others wounded.
[Crooks] Twenty people have been charged by federal prosecutors in South Florida with fraud scheme involving cell phones. An indictment returned Friday charges that the group obtained information on legitimate cell service subscribers. They then used that information to add addi­tional users to the legitimate accounts, entitling them to buy additional phones at a discount.
Cuba-The ‘pirata taxis’ are part of the thriving black market in Cuba. The government seems to look the other way. For every government store or service there is a black marketer selling it cheaper. In this photo the illegal taxis are parked in the busy Parque Central area of Havana, right next to the legal ones.
[Ukraine Elections] Pro-Russian insurgents are likely to prevent voting today in half or more of the election districts in the embattled east. What happened to freedom and justice for all? O, right, that is Russia.
$145,000 in grants which United Way of the Florida Keys is making to 13 local nonprofits for 2014-15. We thought you would like to know that one of the grants is for scholarships for the Boys and Girls Clubs summer programs in Big Pine Key and Key West. Link
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Chest Freezer
, Kenmore Elite, 14 cu ft, like new, $100 on Big Pine Key, 912-996-6996, leave a message. Classified Ads > Appliances
Last night a poster wrote about marsh rabbits, “My experience was that they got along just fine with the local cats and because of all the rats down here most everyone had cats.” That statement is ridiculous. Cats are opportunists and don’t realize there is a difference between baby bunnies or rats. For god’s sake, get real!
Great commercial. Feel young again! “Strip Poker” Centrum Silver. Video
[Living rough] In the late 70s and early 80’s you could buy an acre on Big Pine for $72 a month so an awful lot of hippies lived in the woods in rudimentary campsites. This is my “toilet”. I got the idea from another friend living in the woods. It used to be two blocks high with a toilet seat resting on top. When I was finished doing my business I would set the seat aside and cover the poop with a few palmetto leaves from a nearby pile and then burn them. The ash would bury the poop and sanitize it. It worked well. there was never any smell nor flies hanging around.
[“Holies who think god will give them points for helping save some useless eater”] Really, I think your just over thinking this. Most folks are just wanting to help a little. No trip to heaven or point program. Just a random act of kindness. There’s a Spooky bunch of nice people out there. Look out, you may catch it. Have a blessed day!
[Cuba] I thoroughly enjoy this posters photos and comments and anticipate the next daily post. But, perhaps Edwardo, Marta, Jamie and Magdalena are now incarcerated on Isle of Pines since his ‘pirata’ taxi business has been outed. I truly hope not, but understand the Castro’s are not nice people.
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ShortBeer1I remember when you could order a short beer and it cost the same ten cents as a tall beer. I think my father drank ‘short ones’ because the beer didn’t get warm by the time he finished it.
[“The cost of Hookers”]  And you’re going to come home with more than a fond memory.
banana plant
[“Do Deer eat banana plants”] I can honestly say the deer here have never chewed on the banana trees I have, not even the new suckers that sprout.  I’m in Texas between bayou and hill country.
With the power vested in me, I designate the lovely Roni to be the best bartender in the Keys.  She can be your server during lunchtime at the Hog Heaven Bar and Grill located on the waterfront in Islamorada.
[Cuba] Out of the city of Havana and into the countryside you can find beautiful beaches and resorts. Very affordable, gorgeous landscape, good food, friendly and especially popular with Canadian and European tourists.  Pictured is a segment of beach at the Matanzas Tropical Resort. Royal palms are the national tree and there are even small forests of them in the western half of Cuba in Pinar del Rio. A beautiful sight to see.
[“I fought the squirrel and the squirrel won”] You forgot the next part where someone allowed you to have a gun.
[Hip-Hoppers] Miami Beach Police are reporting more than 80 arrests during the first two days of the annual Urban Beach Week hip-hop festival. According to police, 83 people were arrested from Thursday evening through early Saturday. The majority of the arrests were for drug charges or other misdemeanors.
Mom, Dad and ‘junior’ taking a rest on Grassy Key while riding to KW.
[Captain Doom and Gloom] The most profitable thing the medical industry ever invented is Side Effects!
If a man loves many women, he is a great lover, a playboy, a stud, a party animal until they say ‘I do’.
If a woman can display her groin cleavage with tight fitting clothing, why can not men display their testicular cleavage with Speedos?
A DUI is when you get arrested by being intoxicated while driving, but can be avoided by calling a taxi — unless you are the taxi driver!
96 percent of Canadians live within ten miles of the US border because they are lonely.
Do Octopi masturbate?
If the president or king of a country turns out to be a crook, who do you call ?
Everybody bitches and moans about the US Postal service, but think what it would be like without it or email for that matter! Everything would be mouth to ear or auto-pay from your bank accounts. Sort of like Russia or Iran I think?
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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I usually don’t study the candidates very well, so I use FTR’s judgement to help me decide. If FTR is against someone than I know that person is best for the country so I vote for him.
[U.S. Marine held in Mexico] The plight of a U.S. Marine held in a Mexican prison for mistakenly crossing the border with a couple of legal firearms (in the U.S.) is yet another failure of the Obama administration to defend and support our military personnel and our country.  The Marine made a mistake, got lost, and just wanted to turn around and re-enter the U.S, but was taken to jail where he sits to this day.  If our sitting, so-called President, had any balls he would tell Mexico that “We want our Marine back.  Now!  If we don’t see him released at the border in good health in 72 hours we will send in an extraction team and get him.”  Then, if we don’t see him, send in the Marines.   We treat illegal Mexicans in this country better than we do our own people.  F**K Mexico.  I want our Marine back! Semper Fi.
from the right
The difference between Governor Rick Scott’s and Charlie Crist’s records as our Governor could not be more stark. During Crist’s tenure he permitted the bottom to fall out of our economy. Our unemployment rate was much higher than the national average, businesses, and more people were leaving the state than coming in. Now that Crist is history, Florida is rebounding from the Obama recession better than any other state in the union. We’ve just learned that during April that we added over 33,000 new private sector jobs. Our employment rate dropped again to only 6.2%. Every single Floridian should be proud that nearly 1 out of every 8 jobs created in the U.S. was a new job for a Floridian. It doesn’t get much better than that!

crist25Governor Scott is not ready slack off on his campaign to build jobs and new businesses in Florida. He is currently traveling around our state, meeting with local leaders and announcing his commitment of a $1 billion total investment into Florida’s ports and trade infrastructure during his eight years in office.

Governor Scott is a businessman who understands the problems attendant to growing an economy. He knows what causes the problems, and knows how to fix the problems. Scott has a deep commitment to the people of Florida to rescue our state from the quagmire that Crist created. Charlie Crist is not a public servant. He is first, last, and always a politician whose first goal is to get back on the public payroll.

Crist’s adamant refusal to debate Nan Rich, a long time Democrat public servant, speaks volumes as to his lack of confidence in his abysmal record as our Governor. Certainly Ms. Rich would ask why Charlie cut and ran when Florida was in such dire straits. Surely she would ask why Crist insisted that while he was Governor that raising college tuition was “the right thing to do.” Surely she would ask about his flagrant misuse of Florida’s Executive aircraft and of his mooching air plane travel from the rich, famous, and those seeking favors. And certainly she would ask what Charlie really is, does he claim to have any core values. Is he failed Republican? Is he a failed Independent? Or is he a failing Democrat?

Part 2) Three very morose looking guys, one a Republican, one an Independent, and one a Democrat, walk into a Tallahassee bar in early November. The bartender says “Crist, Charlie Crist, what in the hell are you doing here?” In unison, they answer, “just passing through.”

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