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Can I be first, just once? (Ed: Yes, just once.)
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Phil-Goodman00I am Phil Goodman, the current District 2 Commissioner on The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District Board. I am running on my record as a fiscal conservative and placing the needs of the taxpayers of Monroe County as a top priority. I am a 15 year resident of Cudjoe Key and live there with my wife of 43 years, Debby, and our daughter Carey. I am a graduate chemist from North Carolina State University with an MBA degree from the University of North Carolina. I am a Registered Parliamentarian with the National Association of Parliamentarians, a member of the Sanctuary Advisory Council, the USCG Auxiliary, the Advisory Board of Mote Marine Laboratory, and the Key West Military Affairs Committee.

I spent my entire forty-plus year career in the global chemical industry where I held various technical and executive positions, retiring in 2009 as corporate president of a large chemical company I helped establish. During my business career, I made and lived within many budgets and learned to do more with less. I spent my company’s money to return value to the shareholders and I vote to spend your tax money with the same thought and care. My company was a global leader in innovative application technology in the specialty chemical industry. Mosquito Control (MC) is a highly technical and highly regulated multi-science entity and is one of the largest applicators of specialty chemicals in Monroe County. My career paralleled much of what MC does, and needs to do, so there was not a steep learning curve for me. As a chemist, I also understand in depth, the many faceted environmental regulations and the impact the products of MC have on our fragile eco-system.

During my term on this board, I have used my background and experience to make decisions to guide MC forward. Today we are controlling mosquitoes in a more environmentally friendly and more cost effective manner than 3 years ago. My background has been instrumental in making a difference. The corruption and much of the excesses of the past are behind us. We have come a long way in the past 3 years but there are many old and new challenges ahead. I have the experience, knowledge and vision that are a good complement to the Board and I am prepared for these challenges. I am Phil Goodman and I ask for your vote for District 2 Commissioner, FKMCD Board in the General Election.

[Ship and boat fails] Funny fail compilation. Ahoy! Video
[“Corner View”] I agree with the guy that wrote that our street corners need to be cleared before our canals are cleared. Prime example is Jolly Roger, Oceanside, Little Torch Key. The first thing a new corner resident does is plant a hedge as close to the street as possible. And the last thing they do is to maintain it. It is so bad that you have to pull out half way into oncoming traffic to see if a car is coming. There are at least three corners in this neighborhood that are blocking the view of oncoming traffic. My question is who will be liable when you get t-boned? It’s only a matter of time. How rude.
an_mixer4As a musician I can guarantee most of the Top 40 pop music heard today would not exist without electronic drum tracks, auto tune software and overdubbed vocals. A typical live band with guitar, bass and drums cannot realistically deliver that type of highly processed sound outside of a recording studio (nor would they want to!). Hence, the majority of live music around here is classic rock, blues or trop rock. Link
[Building Heights] There is a huge scam brewing in the Keys using global warming and rising sea levels as a front. The developers have found a way to get the height limit on buildings increased: protection against future flooding. If you let this crap get approved in the name of global warming, the Keys will eventually look like Clearwater Beach. Greenies, don’t be fooled by this tactic. It is the equivalent of yelling “look-squirrel” or watch out for Man-Bear-Pig.
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Who would want his ugly grinder pump in their front yard?
Found dog please call Classified Ads > Lost and Found
eleanor-McAdams[Sewers] I am tired of our Mayor questioning our desire in the lower Keys to provide us with a quality sewer system. It seems that every time we want something down here she votes against it. She feels that the Cudjoe wastewater system does not need deep injection wells and that no one down here knows what they are talking about. She says she is trying to save us money if it is not necessary to have the deep wells.

How about if the Commission saved us money by not pursuing SUFA? The $45000 payout to Ms. Gottwald is only the half of it. What about the expense to the taxpayers for their side of the issue? How much money did the county spend on that witch hunt for staff hours, court fees, and to be ruled against in a court of law — twice? Ms. Gottwald estimated that the county spent almost $200,000 for that escapade. How about saving us money by closing Mr. Neugent’s office on Big Pine that he has not visited or held office hours at in at least the last … how many years? Who authorized the $327,000 to pump out liveaboards while we are fighting to have quality wastewater. How about not purchasing property over assessed value? Why does Grassy Key get one grinder pump for every 3-4 houses, and we get one grinder pump for every house on the taxpayer’s property. Oh, Grassy Key is not unincorporated Monroe County, it’s under the umbrella of the City of Marathon.

What will it take to get a quality wastewater system after 20 years of waiting? Mr. Brian LaPoint, a locally renowned biologist who lived in Port Pine Heights for many years, has agreed with the Dig Deep group that the deeper injection wells would be better for the Keys’ water quality. Also Mr. Causey of the Sanctuary has changed his stance and supports the deep water injection wells. The people of the lower Keys are not sheeple, that is why they keep fighting for a quality wastewater system. We do not want an algae bloom in order to say “We told you so.” At that time it is to late.

Please support Mr. Kolage in his efforts to have our system upgraded to deep injection wells at this month’s County Commission meeting. Is it not best to error on the side of caution? The infrastructure money is the people’s money, it comes from the sweat and blood of serving the tourists. It needs to be spent on what the citizens want, a quality water system. What is the sense of infrastructure money from tourist if the tourist can’t come and swim in our waters?   ~Eleanor McAdams Republican candidate for District 2 County Commission

mosques montage an[Let’s talk Turkey] Despite Turkey Prime Minister Erdogan’s endless public expressions of being pro-democracy, pro-European Union, pro-America, pro-Israel, pro peace, and pro-Global-unity, Erdogan was caught making the infamous quote that, “Democracy is like a streetcar. You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you get off.”

Erdogan recited the following portion of a radical Islamic poem that he wrote: “Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom.”

If these comments had come from Osama bin Laden or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, they would seem in place; however, they come from one of the most powerful Muslim leaders in the Middle East. Therefore, they should be deeply disturbing to world leaders everywhere.

[Wasted Money] I’m voting against the increase of the one half cent sales tax for three reasons. Sales tax is already too high. Local stores will suffer and lose more business to online shopping. Spending money on school building has not shown an increase of smarter kids anywhere.
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[“Backing a ship fail video”]  I never knew until watching the video Friday that my wife was once a ship captain. Video
[Contractor Woes] A KW contractor’s building site was closed down while the property owner got more financing. The place was empty. The owner’s caretaker tripped on a rebar from the unfinished pool, fell in and broke his neck (and lived). He sued the contractor and won because the contractor’s sign was still on the job site as was his building permit. It’s all in the details.
is the most beautiful word in any language; this beautiful concept can only exist when you allow other people to be who they are and do not imprison them with your definition of what is right, proper, correct, or other limiting criteria. Decreasing the black and white in your thinking allows for an expansive area of gray, allowing you to live your life and others to live there life. Acceptance sets us all free! This simple change of thought creates a wonderful space for happiness to thrive.
[“Varying Gas Prices”] The real reason for the difference? Look at the taxes each state/ region applies. In some ‘polluted areas’ they also need to use a more expensive version that has something to do with oxygenating – and it cost more to process.
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panama_map[Why did we want to move] Cost – we were getting priced out of the US. We wanted a change. Florida was great but we were no longer tied there. We were ready for a new adventure, a new experience. Secondary factors – concerns about our ailing health care system and political system, questionable food supplies (GMO’s Monsanto, etc), attitudes towards elderly people, no more hurricanes

Why did we decide on David, Panama? Our requirements – Communication / good internet. Warm climate, access to water and beaches. Affordable living. Close enough to the US to visit family. Good infrastructure and stable, peaceful government. Decent health care.

Hard drive security and the idea about the zeros – that actually doesn’t work until you do it at least five times. Degaussing is the technology used to destroy hard drive data by most commercial and government entities.

Essentially, a degausser is a machine that changes the magnetic domain of magnetic data storage devices where the data is stored. Examples of magnetic storage would be media like backup LTO and DLT tapes, VHS tapes, cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes and hard drives.

[“Unlicensed Contractor”] What about this situation? A carpenter is injured when a scaffold on which he is working collapses. His employer erected an unsafe scaffold. The general contractor employed no tradesmen of its own, but supervised the project through an employee on-site maybe an hour per day. The superintendent did not tell the carpenters how to construct the scaffold. In fact, the superintendent never told the carpenters how to do any of their work, never inspected their work, and did not furnish any tools to the carpenters. Can the general contractor be held liable for the carpenter’s injuries? The answer is – it depends if the general contractor “retained control” over the work at the project site.

The general rule is that a general contractor, which hires an independent contractor, will not be liable for the negligence of an independent sub-contractor. This is because the general contractor generally does not supervise the details of the independent contractor’s work and as a result is not in a position to prevent the contractor from working in a negligent manner.  An exception exists when a general contractor “retains control” over the work efforts of the independent contractor. Where this occurs, and the employee of a sub-contractor is injured, suit can be brought against the general contractor

[Increase building heights] This is a scam, that if approved, will allow developers to build an additional storey. We fought this fight in the early 1970s and won. Why do we always have to fight the same fight over and over?
[“Ed: Only 4 more Sunday editions of the Coconut Telegraph until we only publish five days a week.”] Oh god, please no! The alcohol rate will skyrocket!
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bananas dancing
Do you have more fruit growing in your yard than you can consume? Now you don’t have to let your unpicked fruit go to waste! A website called Neighborhood Fruit helps people find and share fruit (for free) locally, both backyard and on public lands. If you have an abundance of fruit you would like to share, register for free on and Like and share their Facebook page! Lets spread good fruit and good Karma.
[Phishing] How are you?
I live in Russia in a beautiful city Saint Petersburg.
My age is 28 years and my height and weight are 5’7″ and 124lb.
How are you?
I want to get acquainted with a single man for serious relations. If you are not married Id continue our communication with pleasure.
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Have a nice day!
P.S. I need a man from 32 years old. Sorry but if you are younger dont waist our time I will not reply.
How old are you?
Where do you live?
[“White-American”] Has there been a change on the way humanoids are now being classified. When I was in elementary school in the early ’50s (the Stone Age as my kids classified it) we were taught that there were three classifications of humans. Listing in alphabetical order so as not to offend anyone, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. So who and when was this simplistic classification changed and for what reason?
What we need to get the Arab world to get off their asses and start fighting terrorism if for the ISIL to topple one of their fabulous skyscrapers.
[Legalize Okra] Heavily armed drug cops raid retiree’s garden, seize okra plants. Video
[“‘Overwrite the file with zeros or ones and save it to the same name’ Sorry, but that method will not work”] Oh yes it will — for single files. You are talking about deleting or reformatting the entire drive. The post only was for a single file. Learn to read please.
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energizer bunny
A large amount of the price of gas you pay at the pump is not for the gas itself.  It is taxes levied by Federal, State and Local government, such as luxury, road maintenance an improvements and, a host of other stuff that was probably paid for long ago.  But do they remove the tax once something is paid for?  Not usually.  Like the energizer battery bunny, it keeps going and going and going … I for one, would like to see that the feds, state and local governments have to provide the total tax figure being paid per gallon any time they state the overall price of gas.
[Poo Pourri Toilet Spray] When I first started watching this advert for Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray I thought it had to be a joke but it turns out it’s a real product that ladies love. Video
[Ebola] Airplane passengers can be infected, but not yet exhibit flu-like symptoms, like the fellow from Liberia, who made it all the way to Dallas, Texas, before he exhibited symptoms. He told the Dallas hospital, where he went for help, that he had come from Liberia, and the hospital let him leave the hospital. Later, he came back to that hospital, was admitted, put into quarantine, and then he died. It was reported that, in Liberia, the fellow had had physical contact with someone who had Ebola. A friend of mine wrote that she believed the fellow knew he was infected and he came to America to get treated.
Key Wester Sean P. Callahan‘s online art. Link
[2d Ebola case in Texas] The health care worker who contracted Ebola was wearing full protective gear and he still caught it! It might be time to head for the hills.
[“Hates rap music because it is monotonous and profane“] I bet you love choir music and hymns, huh? What’s the difference?
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calaphate12A Caliphate would not have to be entirely successful for it to present a serious challenge to the international order. This scenario underlines the saliency of the cross-cultural ideological debate that would intensify with growing religious identities. The revolution is likely to amplify the clash between Western and Muslim worlds. The appeal of a Caliphate among Muslims would vary from region to region, which argues for Western countries adopting a differentiated approach to counter it. Muslims in regions benefiting from globalization, such as parts of Asia and Europe may be torn between the idea of a spiritual Caliphate and the material advantages of a globalized world.

The proclamation of a Caliphate would not lessen the likelihood of terrorism and the fomenting more conflict, could fuel a new generation of terrorists intent on attacking those opposed to the Caliphate, whether inside or outside the Muslim world. The nation-state will continue to be the dominant unit of the global order, but economic globalization and the dispersion of technologies, especially information technologies, will place enormous new strains on governments. Growing connectivity will accompany the proliferation of virtual communities of interest, complicating the ability of states to govern. The Internet in particular will spur the creation of even more global movements, which may emerge as a robust force in international affairs. Part of the pressure on governance will come new forms of identity politics entered on religious convictions. In a rapidly globalizing world experiencing population shifts, religious identities provide followers with a ready-made community that serves as a ‘social safety net’ in times of need – particularly important to migrants. In particular, political Islam will have a significant global impact leading to 2020, rallying disparate ethnic and national groups and perhaps even creating and authority the Caliphate that transcends national boundaries. A combination of factors – youth bulges in many Arab states, poor economic prospects, the influence of religious education, and the Islamization of such institutions as trade unions, nongovernmental organizations, and political parties – will ensure that political Islam remains a major force.

If you hire an unlicensed contractor or handyman and don’t get a permit for the work, and he breaks his leg at your house, you might end up supporting him for the rest of his life.
[Unlicensed Contractor] I know one that lives in Eden Pines. If you want to break his leg, have at it and thank you.
yuan rotate
[China] I finally received my IRS income tax return today. Only one problem, it is made out with the Yuan which it currency of China. Has the American dollar started to be phased out? Is this to start paying them back for the trillions we borrowed? Is the good old USA that broke? There recently was an article in the USA news that China is working under the radar to purchase Alaska. There will be no money exchanged, if the deal goes through China will just deduct the sales price from the total amount we owe them.
It’s interesting that Monroe County Mosquito Control lost the Navy contract and that there is a separate contract under bid review with Balfour Beatty for all those houses they own — the ones we Americans used to own. We lost 6% of our mosquito budget so far and that hurts us all.

Why is the Navy contract so inexpensive? Should the County consider private contracts also? Who got the contract? Can we see it? Can we review the one with Balfour Beatty? What chemicals are they going to use and can they use better ones? I wonder what effect this might have on the appeal of the 11 million dollar tax case since it shows Balfour Beatty as a separate entity? Did Balfour Beatty Inc always get a free ride on this since 2007 with our tax dollars until now?

[“Sympathy for anyone who wastes even one second of their life trying to peek into my hard drive”] Fear not, they can detect a loser from afar!
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dead man
[Second Ebola Case in US
] Texas health worker is positive for Ebola, would be 1st Ebola transmission in U.S. Video
[Eyes on the road] Kudos to Volkswagen. What a brilliant way to communicate how risky it is to use mobile phones while driving. Video
The ads against Garcia have been running for a long time and there seems to be more and more everyday. With that much big money against him he must be doing something right!
contractor-license[“Licensed Contractor”] I am a licensed contractor here to tell you the truth about the difference between hiring a licensed contractor or a handyman. The licensed guy has to pay for his license, his liability insurance, his required continuing education, workers compensation insurance or an exemption if it’s just him working, a business tax and his federal taxes. If he has employees, he has to pay all of the above plus workers comp and the employer’s share of the employee’s federal taxes. The contractor probably has to pay commercial or industrial rent or mortgage too. He has to charge a lot more than the handyman just to clear enough to bother getting out of bed.

If the contractor is not doing the work himself, then the same guy may be doing your work whether you hire a handy guy or the contractor that hires him, so do not expect a difference in quality. If you have a problem with the workmanship and the contractor is unresponsive, do not expect the government to help you. About the only way a contractor gets a black mark on their record with the state is if they take people’s money and don’t ever show up. It will probably cost more than its worth to sue him, and if he fishes with the judge you will lose.

If a contractor’s worker gets hurt on your property because of your negligence, the worker’s comp insurance company will sue you. If the contractor is doing the work himself and has a workers comp exemption, his own medical insurance will not cover his injury. Florida has feel-good legislation that supposedly guarantees that you will be reimbursed for damages suffered due to a contractor’s work, or lack thereof. You pay extra on your permit for that. The fund has been broke for ages and there is a long line in front of you with claims. It’s just another tax posing as insurance. If you hire a licensed contractor and you don’t pay him, he can lien your house–even without a contract or permit. If he doesn’t pay the unlicensed handyman, it’s his tough luck. And yours if he gets the opportunity for revenge.

So after all that, it sounds like I am saying hire the handyman, but maybe you should hire the contractor in sympathy for the government bleeding him for money whether he works or not. At least if the contractor’s guy accidentally burns your house down, then the contractor’s liability insurance might pay–maybe. It’s a jungle, jungle out there, Jane. Be careful and good luck

[“Dump the Pumps ran up a big legal bill fighting for you and the lower Keys’ quality of life”] Where can we see this bill? Where can we see the court’s rulings? Where can we see what our paid politicians and FKAA bosses are planning to do in the Keys on paper? Where can we file lawsuits to fire those who are stealing our money? What is Bruno the Leg Breaker’s phone number in Philly?
Why the caliphate is a threat to the west other than the eventual loss of freedom as we know it.
The Caliphate confers legitimacy to jihad. According to Islamic law, without a Caliphate, it is not possible to declare a genuinely sanctioned pan-Islamic Jihad. Similar to the need for the President of the United States to declare a state of war, it is also necessary for a Caliph to be in office for any official pan-Islamic Jihad to be declared. But once a Caliph is in office, it is actually law for him to engage the non-Muslim world in war in order to spread Islam. This is not to say that Muslims have not conducted jihad against non-Muslims, but these have largely been the acts of small groups or individuals. In other words, jihad under a Caliph would be genuine ‘old school’ jihad – not a bombing here on an attack there. It would become the modern world’s first true full-scale global religious war. It would involve everything that the Islamic world could throw out, from economic jihad to withholding oil to cyber jihad to multi-front military conflicts.
Traditionally, the land with whom the Caliphate was at war was referred to as Dar al-Harb – ‘land of war’ – in contrast to Dar al-Salam – the ‘land of peace’. In particular, jihad will declared to free the Muslim lands from any perceived control of Western powers and influence, and jihad will also be declared against any non-Muslim nations that hinder the spread of Islam.
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Strange way to load a Bobcat! I suppose to unload this, you just back up the truck and hit the brakes. Video
[“Missouri gas $2.98”] Why? One word: trains. Lots and lots of trains. What can an empty semi bring back up the Keys worth selling? Nothing but Jersey girls
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
Commissioner Neugent has not addressed the question of why his net worth has increased another  $150,000 in securities, etc from last year’s financial  report? I guess he’s feeling like he doesn’t have to – being the incumbent front runner and all, but I disagree and think we need to clear the air and get the truth before the election. Thanks CT for asking the question for you readers.
sick12[Captain Doom and Gloom] Deer FTR, I got a kick out of your piece on Ballast Key and Wisteria Island and how the developers are fools to invest in those sinking sand dunes. It is not of course, the development, but the profits from the R&D, the county money, state money and federal funds for such, and the net profit from the sale of these disasters about to happen. It is called Fools Investment. To sucker in share holders, insure the gambit with Lloyd’s then hope to hell global warming melts everything so the sea level destroys the projects in the builders life time. Simple logic equals simple profits, just hire dummies to do the work and pay off any inquisitive snoopers! Does a sewer project come to mine. Some Old Bridge somewhere? Aluminum Railings everywhere? Repaving Route 1 with cheapest asphalt? Painting ridiculously wide yellow highway lines? Reflectors up our asses. Road signs all over the place. Disgusting billboards and traffic flashers. What else can they come up with to take our money? The Keys are turning into a carnival side show of low renters and street trash. Our days are numbered. Every time I shake hands with someone in the Keys I check to make sure my rings and watch are still there! Dog bless and keep posting your thoughts. You are right 99% of the time!

DEF: Wise Crack n, A statement that describes an intellectual hooker!
DEF: Overpopulation n. That which destroyed a planet call Earth.
DEF: Cook n. A person who manipulates food into something semi-eatable to generate waste products.
DEF: Gambler n, A person who will work at a regular job, but fleeces others 24/7. SEE: Politician, Priest
DEF: Loneliness n, A key without a lock or a lock without a key!
DEF: Meal Ticket n, What my father was going to name me but decided on Squirt

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Kim Jong Un is alive and well. He’s changed his name to Ted Cruz.
from the right
mosquito-control-logo83hI sure hope that at least some in the CT community had the occasion to attend the candidate forum presented by Hometown Key West PAC the other day, or at least took a look at the YouTube video of the event. It is a perfect example of why each of us should investigate the qualifications, the commitment, and the personality of persons running for public office.

The perfect case in point is the race for Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board Dist. 2. There are 3 candidates, incumbent Phil Goodman who has been on the board since 2010. The challengers are Linda Schuh and Roger Cousineau. Cousineau is the reason for this posting.

The panel asked each candidate what their qualifications for the post were.  Goodman recited his previous service on the board, his career as a chemist and his business experience as the owner of a chemical manufacturing and distributing company with worldwide reach. He spoke of his commitment to sound, efficient government services.

Ms. Schuh related that she had no background in mosquito control, but that she did have concerns over spraying of chemicals into our environment. She self identifies as a friend of the environment. She related that she is a concerned citizen that has served on boards in the past.

Cousineau told the panel that even though he claims to have lived here for 20 years, he considers himself an “outsider”. He told the panel that his primary experience is as an English teacher but that he had served in the military. He explained that one of his most important qualifications is his ability to “communicate” with 14 year olds, and that he had a very good “rapport” with 14 year-olds.

Honest, no joke, he actually said that.

For some unknown reason, he didn’t mention that he is a realtor. To his credit he admitted that he has virtually no knowledge concerning the control of mosquito or the dangers attendant to the health risk they pose.  But, he did assure the audience that he would attend “conferences” and learn the job while on the job.

Incredibly, Cousineau told the panel and the audience that one of the primary reasons that he should be elected is that the existing board is not spending enough money. You should know that the current  FKMCD board is husbanding your money by cutting costs and other efficiencies, the quality of service has not been compromised.  It must be noted that prior to three years ago, previous boards, and management inflated budgets and then wasted, squandered, long tons of your money on salaries for commissioners and management. The work force was overstaffed.

An example of the then irresponsible spending is the fact that two commissioners now serving on the board will receive pension benefits and health benefits for life. Incredibly some actually received housing benefits.

If you are to understand some of the dynamics of this important race, you must look over your shoulder and think about the history of FKMCD.

By about 3 years ago, the spending of the FKMCD, had increased beyond all reason. The Director at that time was a person named Ed Fussell. Salaries of Board Members and the Director ballooned. Board members then received between $20k and $25k per year. Remember that they met once a month for about 3-4 hours. In the subsequent 3+ years Goodman has been instrumental in cutting the salaries of Board Members, and championing many other savings without affecting the quality of the FKMCD mission.

Director Fussell’s salary was of $184,600.00 (2010). For perspective, the current Director, Mike Doyle, was hired for $115,000 in 2011. I believe his current salary to be at or below $130k.

rip-off-alertOne longtime member of the Board is Steve Smith. Smith was one of Fussell’s most staunch supporters.  It’s worth mentioning that Smith is now one of two board members who will receive health benefits for life, and a pension for life simply for serving on the FKMCD board. The spending excesses began to be tamed three years ago.

You should know that Smith is actively campaigning for Cousineau and has written at least one opinion piece that urges raising your taxes for the FKMCD in order to support increasing spending.  And he urges that you elect Cousineau. You should also know that former Director Fussell has recently made a multi hundred dollar contribution to Cousineau’s campaign.

Perhaps most important is that neither Cousineau nor Smith have claimed that the FKMCD is not doing its job well and efficiently. And yet they want to increase spending.

Smith favors spending tens, if not hundreds of thousands of your dollars, to expand and staff a new Big Coppitt operations facility in order to house fiscal operations. Remember that the Board is already constructing a big facility in Marathon to house operations and administration. Fiscal should be housed with administration.

Smith is mentoring Cousineau and is assisting in his campaign, it is a sure bet that Cousineau is committed to raising your taxes.

Cousineau actually, no joke, told the audience that Mosquito Control should be spending more of your money. But I suppose that is logical to anyone who claims that skill in “relating” to 14 year-olds is a prime qualification for service on our mosquito control board. That’s my opinion.

I urge you to take a few minutes to view the YouTube video. The mosquito control portion begins shortly after 45 minutes in Video