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Sunday, September 1, 2013


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[Does anyone have any idea how the Aqueduct Authority will bill the homes in the Keys that do not have an Aqueduct Authority water supply? There are many here that have cisterns, reverse osmosis, and even wells – in some locations. These homes are mandated to hook to the sewer system, but billing is supposed to be based on FKAA water entering the property.


It’s September and will be the eleventh soon. I think we should make 9/11 a holiday and call it that. Then after a hundred years when there are other disasters we should commemorate, we can rename 9/11 to Distar Day. This has worked with Presidents’ birthdays and famous war days. Have a happy 9/11!

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[Road Memorials] Isn’t there a law to keep all the accident markers off our roads? Sure it is sad that people were killed in an accident, but that is the family’s grief, and should not be passed on to the public. It isn’t going to help prevent more accidents, in fact is distracts drivers and might even cause more accidents.

zombie eating[Contamination] Reliable news sources have revealed that the ongoing nuclear radiation leaking into the Pacific ocean by the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor in Japan, since 2011. Is seeping into nearby Pacific islands, and their cemeteries, causing the dead to rise from their graves, with a hunger for fresh human brains. Hundreds, if not thousands of living people have been attacked, and mysteriously are also behaving with the same infected symptoms of feeding from fresh human brains. The government of these islands have declared martial law and have enforced a curfew. Scientists are scrambling in trying to make sense of this strange phenomena. Australia and New Zealand are taking all possible precautions to prevent this mutation from entering their countries. If this unknown plague continues to spread throughout the Pacific Islands it could spell doom for the world.

[Bait and switch] I went to happy hour at a popular open-air bar and the happy hour priced beers were in 14 ounce plastic cups. After happy hour the prices went up and they returned to their usual 16 ounce plastic cups. The beer cost the same per ounce–no bargain. You just think you’re getting a bargain.


[“Pigeon Key Bridge”] Someone keeps calling the Old Seven Mile Bridge the Pigeon Key Bridge or the Pigeon Key-Old Seven Mile Bridge. He seem to think the focus of the bridge repair is about access to Pigeon Key. Pigeon Key is not the reason they want to preserve the bridge. The old bridge went right past the tiny island with just a simple wood ramp for an exit. The focus is on the original 7 mile building feat and all its beauty and history. Access to Pigeon Key is an added bonus for the preservation, but by no means the prime motivation. I, like everyone else, want it restored but don’t want to pay for it.

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neil1qsoul1qTwo of the cutest rock stars ever. Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum (Aries men rock ♫♪)  Neil Young (Scorpio–you know what that means!) I am searching dating sites and singles groups trying hard to find men with nice long hair and some intensity to them.  No such luck, so I guess I’ll become a groupie again.
isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[”Sewer fees based on city water use”] What about those of us with well water? We’ve never been a customer of the FKAA and I’m not about to give them monitoring access to our private water supply. It’s bad enough that our expensive, state-of-the-art aerobic system (with a deep injection well) is suddenly considered harmful to the environment, despite being monitored monthly – by permit – with the Monroe County Health Department for the last 15 years without issue!

We paid for all this because we thought it was the right thing to do for our environment down here, and now we’re gonna get screwed.

Let that be a lesson for the next generation of Conchs. Don’t take any initiative. Do the bare minimum. Some appointed government agency will eventually come along to make the correct decisions for you.

prime rib2Sunday Night is Prime Rib Night at Springer’s Bar & Grill. Tender and full of flavor with a choice of two side dishes.

Happy Hour: 11:30 am – 7 pm Monday – Friday, 3 pm – 6 pm Saturday & Sunday

Domestic Draft Beer $1.50, Domestic Bottles $2, Well Drinks $2.50, House Wine/Glass $2.50

Our drafts are served in a chilled freezing cold 16 oz glass. You gotta love it!

[Sea Lice in Arctic Not int the Keys] An attempt to row across the Arctic to bring awareness to global warming has been ended do to  too much sea ice: “This has been the coldest season with the most ice since we started Arctic Watch in 2000. Almost no whales. The NW Passage is still blocked with ice. Some of the bays still have not melted” Link

an_MRI2[Obamacare Primer] Laboratory Services. While the law codifies the full set of preventive screening tests—including prostate exams and Pap smears—that individual and small-group insurers must cover, you can still be billed for “diagnostic” tests that doctors order when you have symp­toms of disease. Costs can range from $20 for a lab test to 30 percent of a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI).

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Who gets email advertising Chinese grinder pumps? All I get are money-making offers from Nigeria and people wanting to sell me penis enlargement products.



That one moment in an epic movie …

[“Smartphones and tablets are junk”] They are getting better, but still no match for an ordinary computer while surfing the web. What they managed to do though is convince people to pay computer level prices more often for these devices that originally came with one, then two then finally four low performance type core processors.

I’ve paid once for my quad core i7 computer for been enjoying the full/fast web ever since and will continue to do so for at least another several years of generations of these crappy underpowered tablets and smartphones. I also enjoy a much larger screen, a mouse (no gorilla arm), and the benefits of customizing my web experience and not see annoying advertising, not to mention tons of storage and the ability to run other operating systems and all their software as well.

See compatibility problems with Apple products. Link


Looks like time is up for scoring BP free money.  Did all you ‘slicks’ get some?

birth labor


Remember, every day is Labor Day in the delivery room!

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[Spam of the Day] I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, My family and I came to Philippines on a short vacation, unfortunately we got robbed at the park of the hotel were we lodge, all cash, credit card and our mobile phone were stolen off. It was a bitter experience and we so luckily for us we still have our life and our passports safe.

We need your help flying back home as we are trying to raise some money. We have made contact with our bank but the best they can do is to mail me a new card which will take 2-3 days to arrive here. I need you to lend me some money to sort my self out of this predicament, will pay back once we get this over with.

Western Union Transfer is the fastest option to wire funds to me. Let me know if you need my details (Full names/location) to effect a transfer. You can reach me via email. I’m freaked out at the moment.


nira tocco realtor 9.12
FKAA-451[“Paying what goes out by what goes in”] I have seen, many times, that situation resolved very easily. Your water is supplied by FKAA and is metered, for which there is a charge based on consumption. The water consumed, for whatever reason, must be paid for, understood? Now, in the water service supply line (after the meter) cut in a separate supply line to the garden by means of a “T” or a “Y”. Then put a meter on that line to the garden. Now when your water bills arrives and indicates that 1,000 gals went thru the main meter, you owe FKAA for 1,000 gals of water, understood? but when you can show that 500 gals of the original 1,000 gals went through the garden meter that 500 gals did not have to be treated by the sewage plant, and therefore you should not have to pay for a service you are not getting.
My figures are simplified for example only, and you may even have to get a 2nd meter that is approved by, or even installed by FKAA, but in the long run it will pay back, over and over, Good luck.


A master of the guitar.  Albert Lee plays his Fun Ranch Boogie.   Amazing finger work. Listen and be impressed as you watch him take charge of his ax. Video




[“Polish toilet paper”] It is Scottish toilet paper ye bloody twit!

People are to be loved.

Things are to be used.

The reason why the world is in chaos is because

Things are being loved and people are being used.

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A playground for all unwanted children.

[Death in the Air] Mosquito larval bait? Helicopter spraying? Mosquito breeding drones? And we ain’t ‘skeered’?

tarps bungee cords



[Teacher sentenced to 30 days for rape of 14 year old girl who later killed herself] I ask the gay community, you sold your soles for the trivial, do you support this? Or will you once again hang your heads in obedient silence and let monsters walk the earth so that you can pretend among yourselves you “won” something. And don’t give me the “this has nothing to do with us” crap. Every decent person has the absolute responsibility to stand against evil. Prove to the community you’re not the lap dogs of a violent cult? Link

[The truth about “Do Not Call”] It is a good idea to register all your landline and wireless numbers, because if you do still receive a telemarketing call, that’s a good sign the person on the other end is a scammer. Legitimate telemarketers play by the rules and don’t want to risk a $16,000 fine for disregarding a number on the list.

To register your number, visit or call 1-888-382-1222. Call from the phone you wish to register. Registering online requires a valid email. Your number stays on the list until you ask for it to be removed, or you give up the number. Telemarketers search the list every 31 days to check newly added numbers. So, it may take a few weeks for adding your number to have an effect.

Political organizations, charities and survey takers are still permitted to call you. Businesses you’ve bought something from or made a payment to in the last 18 months also have a right to call. If you ask them not to, however, they must honor your request. Be careful when signing up for sweepstakes and free product offers. The fine print may want your permission to receive telemarketing calls.

Under the rules, most businesses can’t hit you with prerecorded telemarketing messages, also called robocalls, without your written permission. Political and informational robocalls, such as those received from health care providers, banks and schools, are allowed.

Telemarketers can’t use an automated dialing system to call a cellphone. That’s the law whether your number is on the Do Not Call list or not. If you receive an unexpected sales call after you’ve registered your number, and it has been on the list for 31 days, you can file a complaint. Just go to or call 1-888-382-1222. Be prepared to provide the date of the call and the company’s name or phone number.

trojan horse glow

Say what?! Trojan asteroid in Uranus’ orbit: Planets are ‘playing ball’ with it. Link

Personality-Shes-got-themPersonality — she has them!
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OPEN LABOR DAY Fanci Seafood will be Open Labor Day from 8 am to 6 pm. Come on down and see us! We have your fresh local fish and lobster. Need ice, chum, and bait? We have it here!

[Bridge Repair] I’m just waiting to see if our County leaders are going to shaft us into paying multi-millions for that falling down bridge to the island where nobody goes. 

[Rapist Gets 30 Days] The Washington Post thinks it should not be a crime[?] for public school teachers to have sex with your underaged children. These people are vampires. Every time they speak we must drag them into the sunlight for all to see. Exposing them for wretched evil they represent.

BIGBUBBA[Captain Doom and Gloom]  Well it is Sunday and all the loonies are out there going to their pointed roof buildings to warship their mythical ideals or to suck ass with other monye grabbers and to see who is making more headway in business or politics. The dreamers are there too, praying to their imagination and sexual ineptness. When will humanity grow up and become sane, probably never. The ultimate slap is, “Let’s all Pray that the War is over soon!”  Who started it in the first place?  The Prayers, of course! No sane person would war, but there is tons of profit in it


sherifj1“Sheriff Joe is being stepped on” It’s the world upside down: patriots are deemed to be enemies of the state, and it is a sad state of affairs. It’s time to bring back the A team and sweep all scumbags out of the way, whoever and wherever they may be. But who? Who is worthy of the Big Chair? Most who could do something know they will wind up in an auto accident or worse. The junta is ruling now, and the good guys are losing it! A good international crash of the banks would help, and would not really bother product business that much. A war helps, but only helps a rich few get more control.

I just read this list and cannot see anyone on it worth their salt to run the world. You see anyone worth the effort to push? The problem is you have to put an intel, an sane intel, into that Big Chair, who people will follow, not hate. The monye people, and military who want to change America back to what we were, who are they?

The more I look at what has happened with the B.O. gig, the more I believe he is a Manchurian Candidate! If it is true, then the junta is much more powerful than we realize.

“Chemical weapons. What do we have them for if we’re not willing to use them” Like all the war toys, they are there to make profit for the toy mfg. War is the second largest business there is!

“Party Pooper” I used to be a Democrat when I was young and stupid, then I became a Republican when I was still young and stupid, now I am a stone cold independent that does not give a shit what they do because you cannot fix political stupidity, and all I worry about now is what is in my bowl!

“Congress has a lot of nerve” Posters like this will never see the light of reality. They live in the Fox News world of dreams and myths. If voting really mattered, voters should submit to a sanity check, but that would close 90% of the needed poll booths!

religion politics zone

[President’s Syria Speech] CNN: President consults Congress, Al Jazeera: President postpones retaliation, FOX: President weak, attack now.
It’s almost if FOX wants the President to blunder like Bush did and attack without proof.

There has been another Obama drone strike in Pakistan that took out some more of our enemies.   He is protecting us the right way and in the safest way for our hero warrior troops so they can all come home to their families in one piece. Link



FTR guy using the Isolator to protect his mind from “lefty” influences.

[“FTR and the Regressives are so consumed with hatred for President Obama”] The only hatred I’m seeing on this site is coming from liberals.  What’s with all the juvenile name calling?   Republicans/conservatives think socialism is bad for the country.  Democrats/liberal think socialism is good for the country.  It’s that simple. You don’t need to resort to name calling or childish banter to present facts or your point of view.  Grow up.

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[Consulting Congress] The Republicans in Congress will side with the Devil himself if he helps them screw with Obama.  Big mistake for O to walk right into their line of fire over Syria.

A poster mentioned that Obama during Bushs term was against a unilateral attack against Syria. I didn’t now that Assad gassed his own people before this. Please post an address where I can see that information. Thank you in advance. After the Nazis used gas to kill millions anyone that uses it should be attacked. I look forward to the information showing where Assad gassed his own citizens previously. Im not saying he didn’t I just couldn’t find the info. Thanks. If Obama was against an attack by someone using gas on their citizens he was dead wrong.

protest no war


[Syria] If I lived near D.C. I’d be out there protesting too. What will bombing Assad accomplish except to give the warmongers on Fox News a thrill.

[Out of Touch] The Regressives are really not very smart. If they are planning on winning any future national elections, they need the African American vote. Many Republican leaders were asked to speak at the MLK march and dedication….and they refused! Paul Ryan refused. John McCain refused. Our mighty Speaker refused! What a slap in the face for millions of our citizens. Way to go Republicans!

I think Obama is using our Naval presence in the Mediterranean near Syria as a distraction or cover for some slick covert Special Ops SEAL operation against Al Qeada somewhere.  Obama’s the man!



[“FTR: the mid east in flames”] That fire was kindled thousands of years ago.That’s why we can’t blow them back to the Stone Age, they never left!

Mia Farrow slams British bystanders over Parliament’s anti-war Syria vote stating, “Dear Syrian kids, Sorry about the poison gas, today’s ‘napalm’ bombs and all the years of butchery. Cheers, the British Bystanders”

Apparently not supporting a unilaterally “war mongering” Black president is racist or something because, because … shut up!

from the right
lab2Forget the wisdom of launching an attack on Assad or not.  Now the whole issue is immaterial. It matters not a single iota whether or not we should attack his chem warfare capabilities. Obama has managed to screw up this issue like very few crises have been screwed up before.

Please recall that it was about a year ago when Obama drew his first “line in the sand” about the prospect of the use of chem warfare in Syria. He intoned that there would be grave consequences if Assad used chem warfare. Assad ignored Obama and used chem munitions on several occasions. Then just a few days ago we learned of a mass slaughter by chem warfare in Syria. This most recent report finally released the wrath of The Obama. Obama promised that he would set upon Assad  like a plague of no-see-ums. He let it be known in no uncertain terms that he rejected any idea that he needed the approval of Congress, the UN, or any other nation.

Well, now it’s obvious that very recently Assad mooned Obama, gave him a middle finger digital salute, and used chem warfare on his own people.   Obama, in a snit, promised swift and grave consequences. He dispatched a fleet of US warships to within striking distance of Syrian assets.  He told us that the strikes would be surgical, quick, and that no American boots would be on the ground. It can get no clearer than that.

Then day before yesterday Secy of State Kerry gave an impassioned and furious speech obviously designed by Team Obama to convince the world that an attack on Assad was imminent. And so Assad sent his minions out, like a swarm of cockroaches to move his chem warfare assets to safe hiding places.

Then Britain also mooned Obama and said “thanks, but we’ll pass on assaulting Syria.” France gave only lukewarm and tentative support, and settled down to a delightful lunch of wine and cheese in a stylish outdoor café on the Rue St. Germain in Paris. The UN gave no support.

At this juncture we must remember that Presidential candidate (and then- Senator Obama) had shrieked that GWB was a notorious bastard for going into Iraq and Afghanistan, despite the fact that he had UN support and the support of 42 nations in a coalition of the willing.

In the US, the polls overwhelming condemned any US assault on Syria.  Nonetheless, until mid-day yesterday, Obama, his team, and the military were sitting cocked and ready to fire on Syria. The news was/is alive with leaks that his military advisors urged him not to issue the go order. But he was so personally invested in the threat that backing down would be a terrible PR event. It would show him to be either totally incompetent, or cowardly.  Not good choices for the most vain President we have had in recent history.

At mid-day yesterday Obama suddenly announced a complete 180 in his view of Congressional approval. Now he tells us that he will seek Congressional approval, but “reserves” the right to ignore the Congressional decision. He says that he owns “the power.”

Obama has once again managed to reveal himself as an incredibly incompetent manager of our foreign policy. He is certainly now considered to be a buffoon in the halls of power in foreign nations.  The evidence of his buffoonery has been building for nearly 4.5 years, but this last episode provides proof beyond and to the exclusion of any reasonable doubt that Obama is the wrong person at the wrong time to lead our great, but diminishing nation. God help us for the next 3.5 years.