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(Ed: It’s nice to be back. There’s no place like home.)

Back In The Saddle Again— Gene Autry
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street sweeper28[Sewers] Does any of this sound familiar  — another voice speaks out. Today while the sewer crew was working on LaFitte they again used the rotary sweeper brush to clean up after the paving grinding. The operator of the broom went by so fast he sent cement dust clouds at least 30 feet in the air. Unfortunately I was back by my dock and was enveloped by the cloud. I immediately called FKAA to complain and ended up with voice mail. After leaving a somewhat nasty message I called FL DEP. This is where it gets interesting.My complaint was sent to the Marathon office for investigation. The woman at the regional office told me someone would be out to investigate. A woman at the Marathon office called to get more information. After politely listening, she told me that they (FLDEP) have to refer all sewer related complaints to the FKAA. I asked her if the DEP was basically going to ignore my complaint. She then told me she would contact Joe Ivy (?) who is the construction manager and call me back. When she called back she told me that Ivy was upset and going to investigate the matter. She also told me that other complaints made to the DEP and referred to FKAA had been ‘taken care of’. I asked her how the DEP knew that if they did not investigate complaints for themselves. I told her that I had complained to FKAA in the past and had been assured that the problems would be ‘taken care of’ but they continue to occur. I asked her if the DEP was concerned about the health of the residents of Jolly Roger and shouldn’t they be investigating complaints rather then referring them to the organization creating the problem. No real answer – only that Mr Ivy would call me after his investigation. To his credit he did show up and he did call me. Basically the same party line – it’s had getting the contractors to do the work responsibly, he has had other complaints about this driver and he has warned the contractor that any additional complaints and he has to ‘go’ (yeah, I believe that one). When I confronted him about the health hazards of concrete dust (part of my job back in New Jersey involved dealing with NJDEP, EPA and OSHA) he attempted to minimize it. Yes it’s hazardous, but it requires long term exposure, he’s been working around it all his life etc, etc.

I guess the coyote has been left to guard the hen house.

lower keys boat rental7.11.14
I recently got a letter from FKAA telling me to pick my grinder pump location by 10/7 or I may have extra fees assigned. I was under the impression that the lawsuit had halted the advance of new installations. What is the truth here? What if I do not sign over an easement to FKAA?
an_notes_colored[Votes For Notes Musical Competition] Mark your calendar for Habitat for Humanity’s 4th Annual Votes for Notes fundraiser! Local musician Ray West is lining up musical talent for yet another season of this ever-growing, three-night event. New musical talent and popular pros are invited to compete in order to win $250 cash and other prizes at the Grand Finale.  At three competitions audience members “vote” for their favorite performers by dropping cash donations in the Habitat vote bucket. Habitat tracks each performer’s total with the winner being announced at the Grand Finale.  The first event, October 1st ,at Sunset Grille in Marathon, is co-sponsored by both the Middle Keys and the Lower Keys Habitat for Humanity. Performers are invited to play any or all three nights. Past performers and winners include Phoenix, Moondogs, Billy Brown, The Doerfels, Paul “Shanty” Elliot, Shastina Chiles and so many more!Acts of all ages and genres are encouraged to compete in two categories; solo/duo or band.  The two winning acts will each win a $250 cash prize and other prizes such as free studio time, music store gift certificates and more.  All this is made possible by the very generous local businesses in support of Habitat for Humanity.  Interested musicians should contact Ray West at Events
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Intelligent design
, primal ooze, single cell evolution, Photoshop? What ever. I do think this is one for the God people?
[Spam And Malware Control] All browsers and their email programs have a Block Sender List and a Block Domain List. If you get bad email, you can usually right click to get a menu to put that email sender into a Block Sender List.If you get bad email and want to put the senders Domain (source ISP “.com”) into the Block Domain List, you must be careful because if the Domain is a common domain like , or BadGuy@, then you will block all emails from and and you will not get good email from those domains. Only use Block Domain if you know the ISP can be deleted.

Now you must check these lists. Each email program has different set ups for this. You must go to Help and find the instructions to set up the Block Senders List Rules or to edit the lists names and do the same with the Block Domain List.

This gets tricky so be careful who you add or delete. Read the Help tools in the email program and the browser and also online Help.

Now that I’ve sent this, I will probably never hear from you again!

[Bay Boat] I’m in the market for a boat for the bay, mostly. Not a flats boat but more of a pleasure boat (with shallow draft). It’ll be docked at my house and not tailored. My question is, around Big Pine bayside, how many places are there to get gas on the water? If there aren’t that many, I’m thinking of getting a smaller boat/motor and filling with 5 gal containers from the gas station, rather than a boat w/150+ hp that needs to gas up at a dock.
The old Bahia Honda Bridge picture was interesting. Driving by the other day (on the “new” bridge) the road bed on the old bridge looked like it is really crumbling – much more so than in the past few years.
[Marathon Journal] In the Keys: Dan Zieg is running for Marathon City Council, and he has the Journal’s endorsement. Here is Dan explaining about his candidacy: My bio is on the rack card. I am a retired Orthopedic Surgeon, have lived here since 1994, have served on the DAS board, the Land Acquisition committee and been on the Planning Commission for two terms. The three pressing issues are affordable workforce housing, equal treatment for all, and let’s keep the city moving forward in a positive direction. I believe three year terms would be better for the council, so that half the members are not running for reelection every years and reluctant to approach the tough decisions the city may have before them. I think the airport development and the flurry of new hotels are going to push the city to transform and grow up very quickly. Estimates I have read indicate the international travelers coming to our airport will bring as much as $40 Million per year to the Middle Keys. I am a believer in in-house legal and accounting for the City, as it should be both more efficient and cheaper.
R Daniel Zieg party will be September 25 at Keys Fisheries, 5:30–7:30pm. Thank you, R Daniel Zieg, MD. He is running for Marathon City Council.Election season. You can find the physical candidate list at your nearest election’s office. Marathon’s elections office is on 100th Street. Park in the parking lot and go in to meet some dedicated people running the place. You can pick up your absentee ballot too. Don’t forget about early voting as well.

Candidates Info link. contains a list of candidates. Click on the name to get candidate info.

Endorsements: The Journal endorses for Marathon City Council Michael Cinque, Dan Zieg, and Chris Bull; for County Commissioner George Neugent; for Islamorada Seat 2 Dave Purdo; for Islamorada Seat 1 Deb Gillis; for the US House Joe Garcia

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Found keys
on US1 near Little Torch. Set of keys looks like house key car key and few lock keys, and one probably motorbike key. My phone is Classified Ads > Lost and Found
Some people aren’t stupid, they just have really bad luck at thinking.
[“Name That bird”] I have an extra Guide to Birds of North America if you would like to have it. Call 305-414-8491. The bird looks like a cat bird.
[“Name that bird”] Type of bird-looks like a juvenile Mocking Bird.
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
[“Name that bird”
] Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.
[“Name that bird”] Could be part of the Junco bird family.
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[Taxes] Nearly every day someone writes to the various papers complaining about taxes going up 5%.  Well, you voted them into office.  Wait, you say you didn’t vote for them?  Did you volunteer to help or donate to another candidate?   No?  Then you deserve t have your taxes raised.  The city has to pay for lawsuits and the new fancy park that isn’t needed somehow.
[Dead Zone] Devil in the deep blue sea. Keys are on the map. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is big (really big), but it represents just a fraction of them in the United States. Link
I don’t care how drunk you’ve been, you’ve never woken up under your front lawn!
[Terror] Last night on the news they said ISIS had threatened that “Americans shouldn’t feel safe, even in their own homes.” We all know that ISIS is bad and has been acting on threats for months now. I feel that they are going to start pulling more rabbits out of their hats. What do I mean by this? The next act of terror will be on more than five individual families in their own homes. More than likely an explosive device left outside the home, large enough to take out the whole family at supper. The ISIS terrorist organization suffers the disease of “more”. Terrorists want more money, more attention, more power, more followers and more hostages. U.S. citizens have to be very diligent of the movements in their own neighborhoods. Report any suspicious activity! We can learn from Israel. The Israeli people know if anyone or anything is different in their daily routine. Yes, ISIS will strike on American soil, they are already here, the plans, A,B and C have already been laid out.
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I’m tired of all this New Jersey bashing. I wanted to see the real New Jersey one summer and got off the freeway to go for a leisurely and peaceful drive in the New Jersey countryside. They all thought I was #1 and they showed me with their finger as they passed trying to tell me that, though I think it must be a mistake as they all used the wrong finger!
[Wait and watch for damage strategy’ is unconscionable] Up and down the Keys, Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) is producing nutrient reductions that improve the environment upon which our economy and quality of life depend. The last large project accumulates wastewater from Big Pine Key to Sugarloaf Key for AWT treatment on North Cudjoe Key, where it is injected into wells adjacent to an area of historically clear, clean water.Long-term tests of canals in the communities around north Cudjoe confirm very low background nutrient levels. While AWT water is cleaner than older nonfunctioning septic systems, it still has higher nutrient levels than these surrounding canals, and much higher levels than the near shore waters. That is why Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) must assure injection of more heavily loaded AWT water does not rise up and mix with low tides to the ocean and high tides to the back country. That is against the law!

Large volume wastewater systems in Key West and Key Largo use deep wells to inject the AWT water thousands of feet under geological confining layers where it does not rise back up to the surface. Scientific studies have shown that shallow wells do let AWT water rise up. There is no magic “trigger.” The shallower the well and the more water pumped into it, the more mixing occurs and the more nutrients go into adjacent waters.

State legislators picked one million gallons per day as a deep well trigger. Science had a little to do with this decision — it was mostly cost. This trigger is the point where damage from shallow wells is no longer tolerable regardless of the cost savings.

Volumes being debated by FKAA, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Dig Deep Cudjoe are important to Lower Keys snowbird communities. By averaging daily volumes in the offseason, the deep well trigger was avoided. This doesn’t mean shallow wells will work. It just means a deep well was avoided.

When it takes two years to build a deep well, this kind of cost avoidance with a “wait and watch for damage strategy” is unconscionable. The Keys deserve better than this!

[Lionfish Tournament] Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys is holding its Third Annual Lionfish Tournament the weekend of October 10th, 2014, with weigh-ins in Marathon. FWC will be also doing lionfish research this year with the invasive species brought in. This event is open to anyone getting lionfish out of Florida Keys waters. A mandatory Captain’s Meeting will be held at Capt. Hook’s Marina at 6 p.m. on Friday, October 10. There will be a non-mandatory weigh-in on Saturday, Oct. 11 from 6-7 p.m. Final weigh-in and measurements will be taken by 5 p.m. on Sunday, with a lionfish tasting at 7 p.m. at Castaway Waterfront Restaurant. Early Registration for a team is $80, which includes a team up to four people, lionfish tasting for four people and a tournament bag. Prizes for First and Second Places; Most, Biggest, Smallest. For more information, please email or call Events
cleanup29[International Coastal Cleanup Day] The United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary from Big Pine Key, teamed up for the International Coastal Cleanup Day. On September 20, 2014 the team assembled at 7 A.M. on the West side of Scout Key and cleaned this area to the Bahia Honda Bridge. 11 Volunteers worked until noon picking up over 51 bags of trash in four locations. Items picked up ranged from many beer bottles and cans, numerous plastic bottles with a few odd items. Afterward, the team was treated to homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with all the trimmings. Also participating in this project in their locations, were the Coast Guard Flotillas from Key West, Marathon and Ocean Reef.   ~Article and photos: Don Kittsmiller USCGAUX
[Paying for Commercials] I am getting so sick of advertisers and their hype trying to sell me everything I do not need every minute of the freaking day! No wonder people are dropping the cable and SatCom TV, it is nothing but junk anymore. We pay though the nose for entertainment, but get the dumbest crap they can throw at us. Even movies are getting the same way. As soon as Hollywood starts sticking ads in movies I am out of here!
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. IKEA Murbo Futon/Sofa bed. Cover is a sage green color. Asking $125. This is the link for IKEA’s full description of the item. Please email if interested Classified Ads > Household
Here we go again bombing Syria today. We are definitely in another protracted war. Oh s**t!
[Governing] Thankfully we have Obama as our President in these times.  He is ignoring the hysterics who are biting at his heels and calmly going about doing the things that are necessary and possible for our Country.  He is also managing to sneak in a few rounds of Golf on occasion.
fly fisherman
I was wondering if learning to fly fish is in my budget? What do you need to get started? What’s the used stuff’s start up cost?
A neighbor says his friend in Duck Key just had a big backup from his E-1 grinder pump and FKAA is paying for the clean up. I will be trying to get more information. The 30 or so grinders in Duck Key have only been installed about a year. You know they will be trying to keep the lid on this! (I deleted the names.  If any of you have any information on this or can get any that is factual, please send it in.)
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Who needs obsolete people anymore?
The Big Pine Flea Market is opening next Saturday, October 1 Yippie!
Earth humans will not be allowed to have star drive/travel, because they are too dangerous and destructive. Imagine how a telepathic Martian would feel about learning of an Earthling manned space ship to be launched to Mars. Imagine 2 or 3 Martians gathering together to chant, beam, or however they do it, a particle beam at Earth, which disintegrates Earth, like Martians in the past did to the planet between Mars and Jupiter, when those dangerous aliens threatened Mars. Now that former planet is known as the Asteroid Belt. (I swiped that “theory” from Robert Heinlein’s iconic novel, Stranger in a Strange Land.I have had contact with ETs. They are not hypothetical. It looks to me Earth scientists and non-scientists, who cling to the Goldilocks theory – this planet is so just right that only on it could life develop, despite all the billions times billions times billions time trillions of planets in the Creation, not to mention the many other bodies and ethers, ignore the statistical odds of life forming elsewhere from this planet are so huge, as to be 100 percent, if statistical analysis is used by the same Goldilocksians, who have not strayed far from the notions that this planet is flat and the sun revolves around it; nor far from the notion that God was created in the images of various religions claiming to hold patents and copyrights and trademarks on God. This takes psychosis to an entirely different level
[Costs] I just got a price from a local drug store to transfer my old 8MM movies to digital then burn it on a DVD. At their prices per foot, no way am I going to use their services. What is with retailers lately, are they trying to retire after working a week? Greed has no bounds and the pirates are still among us!
The Second Amendment does not give the right to murder. Is this what the poster believes? Scary indeed!
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bus28[Stuff The Bus] United Way of the Florida Keys and its community partners want to make sure that Monroe County students have the supplies they need to succeed at their studies. That’s why they launched “Stuff the Bus,” an effort that produced truckloads of school supplies distributed last week to all 16 Monroe County public schools from Key Largo to Key West.United Way volunteers showed up early at the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative facility in Marathon and loaded their vehicles with pens, pencils, paper, backpacks, binders, notebooks and other school supplies that had been collected in the “Stuff the Bus” drive. They were welcomed with open arms by the schools who received the items. The items were collected in “Stuff the Bus” boxes at businesses throughout the Keys and at several “Stuff the Bus” events, such as a party at the Hard Rock Café in Key West. About $15,000 worth of school supplies were distributed—almost double the amount that were distributed last year.

The bulk of the supplies were provided by 41 community sponsors who donated at least $250 in cash or supplies, Smith continued, “and literally hundreds of people up and down the Keys who also contributed cash or supplies. This kind of cooperation is part of what makes the Keys such a special place.”

[“Both China and Russia realize that while the west has control of the world’s oil supply, they will be at the mercy of the west and do not find this idea in their better interests.”] Russia is a huge oil exporting country. I doubt they are worried about the West’s control of the world’s oil supply.
egg falls cracks open
I’m not a professional egghead, but I do know that when they sell me large eggs that are actually small eggs, I’m getting ripped off!
[Mechanic] If you would, as soon as possible, please post the name and phone number of the state attorney that you contacted. I to, have had dealings with Precision auto on Sugarloaf and would like to tell him what happened to me. Since I do not have a computer a friend is posting this for me.
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No wonder they charge so much!
Thank you to the woman who planted flowers and dressed up the Eden Pines subdivision sign. The improved landscape looks wonderful. Thank you for caring. This neighbor is enjoying the new look.
(Ed: There were hundreds of emails waiting publication when I got back so please be patient and I will post them in the next few days. I don’t want to post them all at once as it would make the Coconut Telegraph far too long to read.)
[Weather War] The easy way to attack and conquer any country is to buy them out by removing all their manufacturing facilities, their medical facilities, control their fuel supplies and food sources. Without any industry to work at they cannot make money and buy things so they starve and freeze to death. The only people who can survive this attack are the Amish types who depend on nothing and no body except the dirt they farm and the weather. So what does that tell you? That the weather could be the ultimate weapon.
I finally went to the Fl Keys Cafe (old Cracked Egg) for breakfast today and I must say it was very good. My eggs and bacon were cooked perfectly. I like the separate bowl for my grits and I liked the biscuit being toasted. Good hot coffee too! The service was pleasant and proficient. Nice.
[Rock Climbing] Okay, I admit it, this seems kind of far-fetched to me. I mean, what! the guy noticed an ant as he was climbing? I’d be so terrified and have so much sweat in my eyes that I sure as heck wouldn’t zero in on an ant! But then, there is the picture … hmmmmm. Link
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Religion and Women’s Make Up are the same thing considering they both cover up reality!
Let us be clear that Mosquito Control’s focus is to keep the mosquito population at a minimum which is labor intensive and necessary to protect the health of both our residents and our visitors. Election season is upon us, and as Chairman and an 18 year elected commissioner at Florida keys Mosquito Control I would like to address some statements being made during this election season.When I was elected to the FKMCD board there was a management change and a change of practices. These changes we put into place to control larvae (as opposed to blanket spraying insecticide for adult mosquitos) thus dramatically reducing biting adult mosquito numbers. In addition to the immediate health advantages, these changes resulted in saving County residents millions of tax dollars and reduced the use of adulticides (pesticides) by approximately 80%.

We average 60 adulticide and 130 larvicide missions annually. Adulticiding uses less than an ounce per acre, is highly regulated, and not sprayed over the National Marine Sanctuary. To control mosquito larvae, we use Bti, a naturally occurring bacteria. We use about 4.8 tons of Bti over land annually, and it is harmless to humans, pets, fish, and birds only targeting mosquito larvae. We do not disperse Bti over the open NMS waters.

FKMCD was the first in the nation to aerially disperse liquid Bti larvicide which is used over the island of Key West to control aedes aegypti on this densly populated island. FKMCD researchers worked with the manufacturer to design a product and dispersal method to safely and efficiently use this product over the densely populated area. Our staff entomologists and biologists are constantly monitoring the efficacy of this as well as the other FKMCD’s mosquito control programs, while researching new products to test effectiveness in our environment.

Mosquito commissioners can attend educational programs to learn what we use, why we use it, and how our entomologists, staff, and the state work together toward better mosquito control in our districts while protecting the environment. At this time, several of our commissioners have chosen not to attend these programs, while while Commissioner Shaw and I chose to expand our knowledge. Their lack of knowledge reflects in their decisions regarding budgets and staff reductions.

Last month’s budget limiting vote by Goodman, Bridges, and Cranny-Gage was contrary to the advise of director Doyle and our comptroller, and most likely will cause a shortfall in the upcoming year. Commissioner Shaw and I vocally opposed this unnecessary limitation so early in the crafting of our 2014-2015 annual budget, especially with 2.5 months of heavy mosquito control before our current fiscal year ends.

In the last 6 rainy weeks we have used an additional $400,000 of our chemical treatment reserves plus the cost of the mosquito control missions. If we continue to have heavy rain incidents, I am fairly certain that next year we will need to raise the millage rate significantly to replenish the reserves that will be pulled down this year to due to a limited budget.

One Commissioner has suggested we borrow money for the construction of the Key West facility as we have been forced to relocate. I’m certain any lender will gladly give us money at their profitable interest rate. While borrowing money is a possibility that will incur interest charges, the mortgage on our new facility will need to be paid, resulting in a tax increase as the current budget could not support payments on the new building.

We need proper staffing and budget to continue our work; we do not need to keep cutting the budget to the point we can no longer effectively do our job. Reserves were tapped this year to balance the budget. A millage rate that maintained reserves while covering operating expenses for the next year would have cost a typical homeowner an additional .56¢ a month, or $6.45 per year.

Mosquito control is an intensive battle which takes manpower and an adequate budget. Our staffing is down over 20% and service and response to service requests has been reduced proportionately. Many employees are now doing the normal jobs of 2-3 staff members and they just do not have time to inspect properties as in the past. A further reduction in staffing will result in an increase of nuisance and potential disease carrying mosquitos.

We do not want more mosquitos in the Keys. Proper funding and staffing allows us to comfortably enjoy the paradise in which we reside and keep FKMCD doing their mandated mission. That is why I write this. For the record, I feel no public purpose is served by undercutting the budget and overtaxing the staff who work for Mosquito Control while restricting resources needed to do the work of this agency. ~Stephen K. Smith, Commissioner, Chairman, Florida Keys Mosquito Control

To the poster that admitted Reagan did indeed pardon millions of illegals. I love the way you played the “Democrats made him do it” card.Flip Wilson sends his kudos.
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Reagan was a demented old man who read out loud  whatever was put in front of him and stood where he was told to
from the right
There are only a couple of things that we can be rock solid certain about when it comes to climate change. One is that our global climate is changing. It always has, and it always will. The other is that there is a certain set of people who worship, yep, actually worship the belief that man that can affect climate change. More and more evidence is accumulating that sheds doubt on their belief.tornado cow tractorCertainly you will remember that GW alarmists forecast that man caused GW would spawn monster hurricanes like locusts. It hasn’t happened.

Gerry Bell, lead hurricane forecaster for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said that there is evidence that an era of hurricane intensity is over.

Such eras generally last between one and three decades, and we’re in year 19. They tend to produce an abnormal number of hurricanes and major hurricanes each season, increasing the odds of a U.S. landfall.

Yet last year only two Category 1 hurricanes emerged and this year has been relatively slow with four hurricanes so far, and only one of those had sustained winds greater than 110 mph. The average season sees six hurricanes, three major.

Certainly we remember the dire predictions that man caused GW would spawn economy and society wrecking droughts. Many have offered the recent drought in California as evidence of the truth in their beliefs.

But, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Washington, has just published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science”, a long term study that shows that naturally occurring changes in winds, not human-caused climate change, are responsible for most of the warming on land and in the sea along the West Coast of North America over the last century.

To quote an article in the very, very Green and very, very liberal LA Times: “The analysis challenges assumptions that the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has been a significant driver of the increase in temperatures observed over many decades in the ocean and along the coastline from Alaska to California.”

That same article quoted Kevin Trenberth, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. Tenberth said: “There is no doubt that regionally, the changes in temperature are dominated by changes in the atmospheric circulation that likely have little or nothing to do with climate change.” It’s fascinating to note that Tenberth made that comment while concluding that the study and his quote does not call into question the concept of global warming. Go figure.

Never forget that only a nanosecond ago in earths history, the Sahara desert was fertile and green. Never forget how many civilizations have vanished because of climate change. If you’d like a quick look at some of them, you might want to read the article published in The Weather Networks web site. Link

whoa horse28Part 2) Whoa…whoa, whoa, wait a second!! How is it even remotely possible that the President who promised us a world without war, comity with our Muslim brethren, and “no boots on the ground” in Iraq and the mid-east has suddenly taken us to war? Incredibly it’s the War on Terror, a term that Obama banished. Barak Hussein Obama has once again unleashed his inner George W. Bush. He has cobbled together a “coalition of the willing” to do battle with Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Remarkably, he actually denounced terrorism, Muslim terrorism.

Now we have about 2k American troops with their boots on Iraqi soil. Have no doubt about that….that is a very, very good thing. And it is a very, very good thing that Obama has finally realized the threat that Islamic terrorist pose to the world. But it must be making the leftists amongst us absolutely crazy. Without a doubt, it will cost the Democrats dearly.

It is tragic that this now must be done, because it could have been avoided if Obama had left an American military presence in Iraq and/or if he had taken action to aid the moderate rebels in Syria. Those two failures have given ISIS/ISIL fertile fields in which to thrive.

Perhaps now the PC media and the PC crowd that circulates amongst us will come to the conclusion that the Fort Hood murders and the most recent beheading of a lady in Oklahoma by a radical Muslim is not “workplace violence”, it is domestic terrorism. The social media is awash in calls to battle and terrorism by Muslim jihadists. Jihadist violence and murder is gaining speed in the US. Last July, in New Jersey a jihadist trained Muslim was arrested for a double murder of gay men in Seattle.

Part 3) Eric Holder is resigning as Attorney General. I believe him to be one of the worst, if not the worst AG in our history. He has politicized the office as it has never been before. Very recently he has bragged that the Federal Prison population has declined for the first time in 30 years. Holder takes credit for this, claiming that his policy of reducing sentencing will result in safer streets. We’ll see.