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lectorA lector is a reader in a cigar factory who entertains workers by reading books or newspapers aloud and paid for by workers pooling their money. In the United States, the custom was brought to an end in the Tampa cigar makers’ strike of 1931. The practice originated in Cuba, and spread to most cigar factories around the Latin world. It is still practiced in Cuba today. The lector would sit on a platform or a high chair in order to be heard by the hundreds of cigar workers. Before mechanization, cigar factories were very quiet places, the only sound coming from the chaveta, or cigar maker’s knife.Nothing could have been more dramatic or as much like something out of a work of fiction than the arrival in Key West of Gonzalo Castañón, a Spaniard who ran the newspaper La Voz de Cuba. His arrival had been reported beforehand in his newspaper; his mission was to challenge Juan Maria Reyes, the lector who managed El Republicano, to a duel to the death, because Reyes had written a critical piece about the activities of voluntarios, the brutal organized militias that were sowing the seeds of terror in Cuba. It was January 1870. Castañón’s plan could not have been more melodramatic: he wanted to confront Reyes face to face, slap him, and launch his attack. All of Key West knew what was coming because La Voz de Cuba had been read aloud in the cigar factories.

Castañón called Reyes out, took from his pocket a copy of El Republicano, and asked him if he had written the article in question. Reyes answered that he had. Castañón shoved the newspaper in his face and slapped him. The crowd that surrounded them got agitated, word spread like wildfire, and factories and businesses shut down and all the towns-people went out into the streets. Mateo Orozco, a baker, angrily swore to confront Castañón at the first opportunity, and the next day, when Castañón tried to flee to Havana, Orozco hunted him down and killed him with two gunshots.

This confrontation was symbolic because, from that time forward, the lector began to be seen not only as a charismatic being with a grandiloquent voice, like a teacher, priest, or politician, but also as a figure capable of creating work stoppages and conflicts. This latter opinion circulated mainly among those who did not have direct contact with the cigar-making workforce and knew of lectores only through secondhand information. Castañón death surprised the Cuban community in both Cuba and the United States. A chronology and all the details pertaining to the incident were reported in Key West’s El Republicano. The newspaper became more well known and gained much wider circulation. In another sense, the function of the journalist/lector caught the suspicious eye of both Cuban and U.S. authorities.

But all was not politics, be it colonial, national, or Cuban. As in any workplace, there were labor struggles that directly harmed the lectores. We must recall that it was the cigar workers who paid the lectores. Thus, when disputes arose between owners and employees, and production was delayed for one reason or another, the lectores were stuck in the middle of the two groups, helpless. They could oppose neither the cigar workers, as they paid them, nor the owner, who could fire them. In 1873, amid a national financial crisis, the owners of the largest factories, that is, Martinez Ybor and Seidenberg in Tampa, began to terminate the employment of many cigar workers. Businesspeople, and political leaders set up a fund so that the unemployed could count on some income. In this case, the lectores were affected, because their salary was reduced, as the number of employees determined their pay

[Sewers] Can somebody tell me the difference between a deep well sewer system and my existing septic tank system besides me having to pay some greedy company?
gold star
Kim Gamble
of the Extension Service is an asset to the Florida Keys. Her knowledge of plants and insects is amazing. Thank heaven for people like her who take their job very seriously and are not just looking for a pay check. She is an asset to the community.
[Monroe County] “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”. Obi-Wan Kenobi coined the perfect description of the Keys. Since Europeans landed on a pile of bones (cannibalism?) until the FKAA hires a convicted felon to have access to our most sensitive information. The history the Keys has been a continual saga of piracy, smuggling, murder, greed, corruption, & a lot of other bad things. People get short termed upset, but slide back to their comfort zone. The Keys is a money machine and as long as the money keeps coming in, everyone shuts up.
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destroyer7[Badass Destroyer] Naval Air Station Key West Port Operations Department Sailors handle mooring lines as the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81) arrives at Mole Pier. The 280+ Sailors of Churchill’s crew will spend the next few days enjoying liberty in Key West. NAS Key West is a state-of-the-art facility for air-to-air combat fighter aircraft of all military services and provides world-class pierside support to U.S. and foreign naval vessels.

~U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Brian Morales.

What exactly is the Jersey Girl Challenge? I have put together a small list of possibilities listed in increasing order of difficulty.
Act interested in her
Dance with her
Kiss her
Shut up her (take precautions!)
Get her to stop smoking
Bench press her
My cat scan in the Hospital was $3700.00. Medicare paid $73.00 and AARP paid $49. I figured out that the high charges are to get the value up on the billing of the procedure, then accept what the insurances pay, then write off the unpaid balance of the bill as a loss on their income taxes. I think casinos do the same thing!
ants corners an
I think my house has termites. The more I researched about what to do the more I’m not sure of what to do. I know I should call an exterminator, but I’m extremely sensitive to poisons and chemicals. Does anyone know of something I can try to make the critters uncomfortable enough to leave without resorting to harsh poisons? If I have to resort to calling an exterminator, are they all reliable or is there one that is outstanding or not so good? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
[“Entitlements Like Tumors”] Some get more, some get less. Like trouble, they all start out so innocently and seem like the right thing to do at the time, then up pops this thing called human nature and as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West after a few years it bears little resemblance to its original form, or for that matter, even its original meaning. Case in point, pensions for Joe six-pack bear little resemblance to pensions for most folks who work in public positions and are responsible for forming the rules and laws guiding these instruments. Do you think perhaps human nature possibly plays in and out of these doings? If one doesn’t, he or she must be terribly naïve. Remember when they were originally founded they were such a humanitarian piece of work and bore little resemblance to the monstrosity they have became. Entitlements are largely a huge cookie jar and a means of staying in everlasting power for our trusted bureaucrats who’s human nature is to stay entrenched in that position and the country be dammed. Their mantra being: We got a printing press and we know how to use it.
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Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security. And Caesar salads will never be a buck, two bits again.

Here’s is the front and back of the old Buccaneer menu. The “Buc” was the “in” spot in Marathon from the 50’s & 60’s to mid 70’s.

[Sun Rises and Muslims Kill] Muslims and all the middle east have been killing each other since the beginning of time, no one is going to ever change it.
Are there any women writing in to this site? I like this site being local and all but I wish it wasn’t so sexist.
There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin alone. Yes, 600,000!
I visualize General George Patton addressing everyone today.  It would go something like this…Link
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shrunken head7
They cut his head off or they shoot him in the head, he will still be just as dead.  Just like thousands and thousands of people over there who have died, and are dying right now, suffering even more painful and slow death due to the fighting in the middle-east.  Why keep showing that same sensational picture over and over?
I think we should all unite and demand as one voice that the Ed re-establish the Saturday edition of this wonderful online site.  Are all the rest of you two faced backstabbers with me on this one?
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
A lot more than I’ll ever see of Israel!  It does look interesting. Video
dog jail bars
[“It’s always great fun to see our neighbors at their worst.”] What a mean spirited post. If using mugshots as a form of entertainment is what this site promotes, I’m not reading it, or supporting it’s advertisers anymore.
[“Trouble in the middle East”] Nothing really new there, however the advent of modern science and all that that goes along with that science has indeed put a new slant on the situation. A huge question, irrespective of all the killing that will be done there on our departure, is will our departure mean their arrival on our shores? They say they have plans for future Twin Tower-like episodes. Will we be just letting the beast mature by our inaction? Who has the might or the will to stop them? Friday’s post made a tempting scenario and frankly, like a lot of other souls, I ponder this conundrum, but again pondering goes just so far as life has demonstrated again and again. I say give Israel the marbles and tell them to go get ’em!
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honeycomb bee
[“Local Honey”] You can buy raw mangrove honey at the health food store “Health Food Conspiracy” in Big Pine Key.
If the CT posted the poster’s email address, it is easy to find them and to confront them on a personal level if you want to venture into such low class neighborhoods!
The school system wants another half-cent tax increase.  Again more taxes! Perhaps the already over-taxed citizens could be spared this increase if the Acevados would pay back the nearly half-million dollars they stole from the system.
The He-man Challenge] Choose one of the following:  Wrestle a bucket of fried chicken away from a fat Jersey Girl or poke an angry grizzly bear in the eye.
I think there needs to be a separate section for the “Jersey Girl” bashing. It seems to be getting out of control. Most of the overweight folks I’ve met down here are from Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, & Ohio. The fattest states ranked currently are Alabama & Mississippi. The top 15 don’t even include Jersey. Mostly southern states. And fat insults are even worse than FTR’s nonsense.
I’m guessing all of the Jersey fat girl-insults are coming from several sad sacks that have all gotten drunk and woke up next to the same chubby Jersey gal.
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Clapper-Lied[Lying Under Oath Without Consequences] On March 13, 2013, sitting at his desk in the “tunnel” surrounded by computer screens, Eric Snowden read a news story that convinced him that the time had come to act. It was an account of director of national intel­ligence James Clapper telling a Sen­ate committee that the NSA does “not wittingly” collect information on millions of Americans. “I think l was reading it in the paper the next day, talking to coworkers, saying, can you believe this shit?”

Snowden and his colleagues had discussed the routine deception around the breadth of the NSA’s spy­ing many times, so it wasn’t sur­prising to him when they had little reaction to Clapper’s testimony. “It was more of just acceptance,” he says, calling it “the banality of evil”-a reference to Hannah Arendt’s study of bureaucrats in Nazi Germany.

“It’s like the boiling frog,” Snow­den tells me. “You get exposed to a little bit of evil, a little bit of rule-breaking, a little bit of dishonesty, a little bit of deceptiveness, a little bit of disservice to the public inter­est, and you can brush it off, you can come to justify it. But if you do that, it creates a slippery slope that just increases overtime, and by the time you’ve been in 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, you’ve seen it all and it doesn’t shock you. And so you see it as normal. And that’s the prob­lem, that’s what the Clapper event was all about. He saw deceiving the American people as what he does, as his job, as something completely ordinary. And he was right that he wouldn’t be punished for it, because he was revealed as having lied under oath and he didn’t even get a slap on the wrist for it. It says a lot about the system and a lot about our lead­ers.” Snowden decided it was time to hop out of the water before he too was boiled alive. ~Wired Magazine, September

9.11 wtc flag bldgs
[9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at Mallory Square] Naval Air Station Key West’s Chief Petty Officer selectees will hold a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at 9:50 a.m. Thursday at the Key West-Florida Keys Historic Military Memorial, Mallory Square. The memorial ceremony will pay homage to the nearly 3,000 who died in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. NAS Key West Commanding Officer Capt. Steve McAlearney will be the guest speaker and the CPO selectees will recount the events of that morning. The ceremony is free and open to the public. Seating begins at 9:30 a.m. For additional information contact the NAS Key West Public Affairs Office at (305) 293-2027. Events
[“FKAA hires felon”] What a shame Monroe County has criminals running the place. I guess they out number the honest citizens.
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Salt water intrusion
in a gravity or vacuum sewer system has been cited as a big issue by our County Commissioner and as a reason why grinder pumps, with pressurized lines, are the way to go in the lower keys. He points out that the vacuum systems in the upper keys have been experiencing salt water intrusion into the collection pits, called ”inflow and intrusion” I&I, which then gets sucked to the treatment plant and must be treated. This is a problem, but let’s looks at the root cause. The pits that are leaking were installed in 2004 and are made of plastic, just like the grinder pump pits being installed in the lower keys. (see picture) After ten years, the plastic became brittle from exposure to our harsh conditions and then began to crack. Why are we using plastic pits for our sewage? The FKAA specifications required spun fiberglass pits with aluminum covers, but the grinder pump manufacturer learned that fiberglass pits are expensive to manufacturer and take longer to make than plastic.

So EONE told the FKAA and County that they were offering a new, hurricane proof unit that has a plastic pit and plastic cover rather than the fiberglass pit and aluminum cover specified in the bid specs. And they were offering it at no additional charge!!   It should be noted that the bid specifications require that any materials proposed have at least ten years of successful use in large systems before they can be accepted. Oh, one more bit of bad news! A vacuum system has one pit, in the right of way for every few homes with a cast iron traffic rated top, while a grinder system has one pit for every home, located in your yard with a cheap plastic top that some kid may fall through when it gets brittle.   Dump the Pumps Inc. researchers discovered that one town in Florida has already changed out many of its grinder pit tops after just a few years due to warping. While our neighbors in the Upper Keys may have to change out a couple of hundred shared vacuum pits in the next few years in the road right of way, we will likely experience a change out of thousands of pits on private property when ours fail. Under normal circumstances a grinder pump system can be expected to last 25 years versus a gravity system’s 60-100 years. In the Florida Keys, with our harsh conditions, we may be lucky if we get 15 years. That will mean many millions of dollars for grinders just wasted by our politicians so that they could save a few bucks up front to buy Rowels Marina and start renovations on a piece of the Seven Mile Bridge that is not even County infrastructure. Oh, by the way! When we start getting serious I&I into the Cudjoe Treatment plant, the 0.94 million gallons per day average flow will certainly go over 1 million gallons per day, forcing the County to install deep injection wells.

Food for thought for the folks in Washington.
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[“Hacked Keys Medical Group on Kennedy Drive”] Data Breach Notification. Just think, if it wasn’t the law we’d never get notified! Link
Work force housing is more like party crash pads.
[Weed Welfare] California city mandates free medical marijuana for low-income residents. Link
[Jobless] There are 92 million working age Americans without jobs.  They are not needed because technology has replaced most manufacturing jobs and there is no work for them now and there never will be.  What should we do with them?
Any warfare against Russia will quickly escalate to the end of the World.  Are all of you war hawks ready for that one?
Sewer pipe linings. They now have it for laterals. Look at video.
[“Medicare being charged for bogus leg x-ray”
] A friend in the business told me it takes an average of five years for a complaint to be processed in the Medicare system. They have so many that it is usually not worth the effort to prosecute the offender and they just “File 13” it. If a medical professional charges $1000 for a procedure, they are paid maybe 10% of that or less. Never pay the ‘left-over’ they say you owe them.
Is somebody building a Mosque on Cudjoe Key past the garden center? Looks like some sort of commercial building going up.
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[Muslim started World War I] Splash! I was standing in the very spot where 18 year old Gavrilo Princip fired his 1903 .32 caliber Colt at Archduke Ferdinand and his wife 84 years earlier. It had just rained, a string of storms that doused the Sarajevo valley, leaving the Miljacka River across the road rushing and ruddy from mountain runoff. Suddenly a dark blue VW Rabbit rounded the corner, hardly 5 feet away, splashing a puddle and soaking the front of my jeans. 16 years later that moment is as clear now as it was the moment it happened. All that has changed is the recrimination for being too surprised to yell something at the guy. Link
Life sentence for 7 lbs. of pot! Link
[“Organic honey”] Bees N the Keys. Link
thumb down
Right, what was I thinking? Just living up to your byline “unsocial media“.  Unsocial: causing annoyance and disapproval in others.
[All We Need is FTR] I am so tired of scientists, climatologists, the media and other knowledgeable people scaring us about the dangers of climate change. It’s all bunk. You ask how I know? FTR has told us it’s all bull! Once FTR writes something I know it’s true and he proves it time and time again. So we can ignore this Keynoter article and all the others like it. I sleep well at night knowing the truth as purported by FTR. I just wish FTR would put the creationism and gay marriage debate to rest so I could live happily ever after. Link
I fell out of the recliner Saturday morning in laughter after reading FTRs daily fiction from Friday. “Easier now than ever to vote.” I sure wish I knew what geriatric meds he’s on. I just relocated here permanently, and changing my voters registration from another Florida county was not as FTR states “easier now than ever”. Thankfully I’m am ambulatory younger person. If I wasn’t, it wasn’t going to happen. Keep up the good entertainment FTR, as a good Saturday morning laugh is good medicine for us realists!
I thought FTR was going to condemn a Republican on Friday–wrong! All is right in the world.
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from the right
Part 1) I’m delighted that Friday’s poster is amused by my bitching about thing’s politic. From my point of view, there is so much that desperately needs bitching about.

An excellent example is The Bureau of Labor Stats jobs report for August. It ain’t pretty, and it is yet more evidence that Democrat governance is taking our nation into the toilet.

Last month non-farm payroll increased by only 142,000 jobs. That’s the lowest number of new jobs created since March…even worse, it’s half the number of jobs created in June. Here we go again, sliding backward.

While job creation in the private sector is back sliding, government hiring is at a 6 year high. Go figure! Perhaps the Obama/Democrat government is stocking up on new government union workers in preparation for the November election.

no work7All of that is horrible news for economy, but it gets even worse. The labor force participation rate also fell to 62.8% in August, from 62.9% in July. That’s another disappointment. The Labor Department also said job creation in June and July was 28,000 lower than initially reported. Wages remained very nearly stagnant once again.

Democrats, with a straight face, claim to be the party that is the salvation of the poor, the “oppressed”. The truth is starkly different. The Democrats have had functional control of this nation’s economy for the past 7+ years. Democrat policies, philosophy and governance have been ruinous to the middle class and especially to the poor. In the Democrat/Obama economy everybody outside of the top 1 percent has been backsliding. The BOLS report reveals that a record 92,269,000 Americans are not in the labor force. The labor force participation rate matches a 36 year low. Obama/Democrat governance is taking us backward.

Wages gave been stagnant for the past 7 years, and a whole new underclass dependent on the government has been spawned.

Even the very liberal Huffington Post yesterday reported that median household income fell for the fifth straight year in 2012, the Census Bureau reported on Tuesday, to $51,017. That was the lowest annual income, adjusted for inflation, since 1995. And the record tells us that income has been stagnant or declining since 2012. Even as President Barack Obama touts “progress” in the economy, consumer spending is falling. Gallup tells us that nearly 60% of Americans believe that the economy is getting worse.

It’s no surprise that Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to 38%.

Yep, the rich get richer, much richer. That is because of the Fed’s policy of pumping money into the economy. That pumping is the engine that is driving the stock market to new highs. The rich are very nearly the only beneficiaries of the stock market staggering highs. If you have money in the market, I congratulate you on your prosperity, but caution you that when the Fed decides to stop pumping money, brace yourself for a fall from the cliff. The rich are gazillions richer than they were under Republican governance, and the poor are growing in number and depth of poverty under Democrat governance.

Perhaps the critic also finds our poors’ miserable situation amusing.

Part 2) Well, Obama is again changing his tune. You’ll remember that first he told us ISIS was not a threat, it was the “JV” team. Then he claimed that if it was a threat, he had not been briefed on it. Then he decided that even though it was a threat, that he could “manage” that threat. On Friday he painted yet another completely different picture. At a presser in Wales, he tells us now that ISIS is a huge threat that must be destroyed. He repeatedly hit the talking points that he would “degrade” and “ultimately defeat” ISIS. That’s at least the third change of posture in only 8 days and 3 press conferences. He has completely abandoned his words about ISIS being a “manageable” problem. Needless to say, his admission that he did not have a strategy was never mentioned. His admissions came on the heels of the Pentagon speaking out against the President by being vocal that they do actually have a menu of military options and strategies to defeat ISIS. And that he has been appropriately briefed for well over a year about ISIS.

All of this may well be moot if the US is unable to cobble together a coalition of willing partners. Now our previous partners do not trust us, they do not trust Obama, and they no longer respect us. Obama piles even more dung on that pile by insisting they we will not put American combat boots on the ground. As horrible as that option is, it may well be absolutely necessary. And taking any option from the table is nearly criminally stupid. You can be certain that ISIS takes great comfort in knowing what the USA will not do.


monica dress7
Part 3) Back in the day, Crist demanded that Bubba resign because of Monica Lewinski…..Crist was furious at Clinton’s behavior and was especially torqued at Bubba’s perjury. But that was then, this now. Now he is all kissy face with Bubba because Bubba is campaigning for him. Charlie changes his skin more often than a rattlesnake. It’s really fascinating watching a serial liar vouch for and promote a serial liar.