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Thursday, December 18, 2014

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[“Rent a jet ski for 2 weeks”]   A true story. I had a friend who was going to be staying locally for a long weekend and wanted to borrow my boat.  When I told him no, but that I would gladly take him, his wife and another couple out on the water he got a bit angry even though I explained about our shallow waters and how quickly you can get into trouble.  Instead, he rented a boat from our local marina by the day.  In less than 3 hours he was hard aground calling the marina via cell phone for assistance.  He paid a huge un-grounding fee and also for hull damage and a new prop.  Some people just have to learn the hard way.
elf holds gifts
I hope our Congressmen are at least patriotic enough to spend their bribe money on American made goods and services this Christmas.
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cuba18a[Cuba is opening to Americans] Bravo to the President for having the cajones to admit to the world that the 50 year embargo didn’t work and that Cuba is no closer to a democracy than when the Castros seized power in 1961. Tourism will do more to spread democracy than the embargo ever did. Cuba trades with every country in the world but one.

When using the argument that their government is repressive, try to admit that for every disagreeable act they commit you can easily find a similar one in America; from killing unarmed children, torture, taking away citizens in the early morning hours, refusing permits, false arrests, confiscating property, etc. One thing Cuba does better than us is that you can walk down any street and feel safe. In the USA there are streets where law enforcement won’t even go–not so in Cuba.

Now is the time to abolish the wet foot-dry/foot policy. A Cuban hasn’t come to our shores seeking political asylum for decades. They only come for economic opportunities. Just ask them. It’s long past the time for the US to wake up and smell the coffee. Natural Beauty

I’m exhausted. I spent all day saying “no” to my children and “yes” to my wife.
If Eimers had listened to the cops right off the bat, he would still be alive today.
Barbary pirates18
What Thomas Jefferson learned from the Muslim book of jihad when he sent the fledgling US Navy to subdue the Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean. Link
[Redneck Test] Are You A Redneck? Test
no credit18
[Cuba is opening to Americans] The scariest thing about traveling in Cuba is that I couldn’t use my American credit card if I lost my money! You have no idea the fear in me about losing my money down there. I never had a Plan B especially since I don’t speak Spanish. That was real scary, but no more thanks to Obama. Yeah Obama! Even Jeb Bush said he’ll campaign to remove the embargo saying it hasn’t worked for 50 years.
[Police] 99% of the people who join the police force want to do good. I stand firmly with all law enforcement. Those protesting have other motives like disrupting the American system. Sharpton and the Mayor of N.Y. are a disgrace to New York. de Blasio has demeaned the office of Mayor.
The Miami Cubans want to see democracy in Cuba, but don’t even understand democracy in Florida.
boy writing
Dear Santa
, I’m writing to tell you I’ve been naughty and it was worth it. You fat, judgmental bastard!
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[“Those who have moved to my home town want it changed to what they want it to be, not what it actually is”]  That makes me crazy.  I live out in the woods.  There were no streetlights, but recent city transplants who came to get away from the city want them.  If they can’t get them, they’ll put up so many lights on their house it won’t make any difference. It’ll be the end to seeing the stars.
[Cuba is opening to Americans] Cuban-American’s split on proposed policy changes. Video
[Sony Cancels Kim Jong-Un Movie After Threats] What better advertising for a movie! I don’t think there’s a person in America who doesn’t know about “The Interview”
prohibition18I believe that drug prohibition is the true cause of much of the social and personal  damage that has historically been attributed to drug use. It is prohibition that makes these drugs so valuable –  while giving criminals a monopoly over their supply. Driven by the huge profits from this monopoly, criminal gangs bribe and kill each other, law enforcers, and children. Their trade is unregulated and they are, therefore, beyond our control.

History has shown that drug prohibition reduces neither use nor abuse. After a rapist is arrested, there are fewer rapes. After a drug dealer is arrested, however, neither the supply nor the demand for drugs is seriously changed. The arrest merely creates a job opening for an endless stream of drug entrepreneurs who will take huge risks for the sake of the enormous profits created by prohibition. Prohibition costs taxpayers tens of billions of dollars every year, yet 40 years and some 40 million arrests later, drugs are cheaper, more potent and far more widely used than at the beginning of this futile crusade.

We believe that by eliminating prohibition of all drugs for adults and establishing appropriate regulation and standards for distribution and use, law enforcement could  focus  more on crimes of violence, such as rape, aggravated assault, child abuse and murder, making our communities much safer. We believe that sending parents to prison for non-violent personal drug use destroys families. We believe that in a regulated and controlled environment, drugs will be safer for adult use and less accessible to our children. And we believe that by placing drug abuse in the hands of medical professionals instead of the criminal justice system, we will reduce rates of addiction and overdose deaths

[“Lost Word document”] My neighbor got hit with ransomware.  Bad enough she had to buy a new computer, then she found out her backup service hadn’t actually backed anything in the past year! She now has a Western Digital My Cloud Mirror and faith that all will be well if she’s ever hit again.
[Cuba is opening to Americans
] It is done. Normalized relations with Cuba! This is the only policy our President Obama has made that I agree with. I look forward to seeing how much , if any damage it will do to our Florida Keys. I having spent some time in Cuba, I can say it’s a beautiful country that will benefit greatly from our business. Remember most everyone else is already going there and doing business with Cuba. I look forward to taking my wife on the 90 mile trip (but not on this raft).
[“Rent a jet ski for 2 for 2 weeks”]  There are a number of places in Key West where you can rent a Jet Ski by the day or hour but not for 2 weeks.  No one in their right mind would rent or lend a Jet Ski or a boat to a tourist or anyone not familiar with our nearshore waters.  It would be much like giving a kid without a driver’s license the keys to your Corvette.
Hey, Ferguson! The entire country is sick of your shit. Sick of the lawlessness, sick of the riots, sick of the threats and demands. The only thing you’ve managed to accomplish in all of this is to live up to the ghetto stereotypes. Congratulations.
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elf looks in gift bag
I asked my kids what they wanted for Christmas and was told, new bigger cell phones and a good Internet connection, screw the toys. Life is getting harder with each generation.
[Cuba is opening to Americans] Kudos to Obama for opening Cuba. I couldn’t support his policy more. The embargo has hurt its citizens more than the government. My only concern is what will the Miami Cubans do with all their ingrained hatred?
[Police] To protect and serve. Wrong. To catch and fine. There is no more law enforcement, only revenue enhancement to support the bloated justice system’s cost for the too many cops, judges, jails, etc. Several years ago L.A. removed it’s famous slogan “To Serve and Protect” from all it’s cop cars. That says a lot about cop’s attitudes.
condemned18The FKAA wants 1300 residents of District 2 to give them an easement to put a substandard turd grinder on their property and then pay to run an electric service from their house to power their pump. If you choose to give away your property so be it. They can take your property away from you under Title VI chapter 73 Eminent Domain. There are restrictions and procedures that shall be followed. Negotiations, appraisals, possible trial, but you will be compensated if they can show that there’s no alternative to taking your property. What about the easement that already exists that they used to put the water and sewer lines in. And here’s something puzzling, FKAA is asking for the easement but Monroe County owns the system.
[Cuba is opening to Americans] Marco Rubio, as expected, lashed out at the President for opening Cuba by saying that this was our last chance for democracy in Cuba. Someone pointed out that after fifty years of the embargo they aren’t even looking at democracy. Rubio then went in to “spin mode” making no valid arguments. I think he’s just playing to his rich old Cuban constituency who supported the brutal dictator Batista. Americans always seem to forget the the Miami Cubans were supporters of a terrible dictator, Batista.
Happy Thursday from Springer’s Bar and Grill.
We have an amazing special for you today, Chicken Parmigiana on a hoagie roll. Chicken smothered in pasta sauce with melted mozzarella cheese. Just like mama used to make. Mangia, mangia!
Friday’s special is fish and chips
There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s
[Gadfly] Is the rumor true that genetically modified gadflies are being introduced into the Keys sociopolitical ecology? Though they are sterile and cannot reproduce they still retain the ability to speak and thus have the potential to bore us all to death. If you come across one of them please to not engage it in conversation!
barrel fire holes
[“Document shredding service”] I just burn mine in a 55 gallon steel drum, 0 cost.
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I like Mexican food. The only authentic Mexican cook book is Diana Kennedy’s 1989 The Art of Mexican Cooking. She’s almost fanatical about authenticity. Link
I’ve talked to many a Cuban in Cuba about government and they have the same bitches as we do about ours. I was totally surprised. I thought they would be talking about repression.  They weren’t.
[Sony Cancels Kim Jong-Un Movie After Threats] I find it difficult to imagine a terrorist from North Korea slipping into the USA with bomb materials just to blow up a theater. Video
welcome wagon18
[Free Welcome Bag] Welcome Bags are now available for pick-up by new residents and first-time snowbirds. If you know of a neighbor or anyone who would benefit from one of these, please direct them to the Chamber of Commerce on Big Pine.  Members may still provide items to fill the bags to promote their businesses.
[Lionfish App] The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission added a new interactive map to its lionfish mobile phone app that allows users to view where they found and caught a fish, as well as how many you saw and what type of gear was used. The app can be downloaded via the Apple Store or Google Play. Link
The Drifters — White Christmas (animated)
[Cuba is opening to Americans] The good news is that just about every travel company and cruise line has been ready for Cuba to open for the last ten years. I think within 6 months we’ll all be on our way!
[Citizen of the Day Says] She loves the rain, saying it is like therapy, everything’s better in the rain.
Videoing Police[Videoing Police] Conceived at a time when pocket-sized recording devices were available only to James Bond types, most eavesdropping laws were originally intended to protect people against snoops, spies, and peeping Toms. Now with this technology in the hands of average citizens, police and prosecutors are abusing these outdated laws to punish citizens merely attempting to document on-duty police.

The law in 38 states plainly allows citizens to record police, as long as you don’t physically interfere with their work. Police might still unfairly harass you, detain you, or confiscate your camera. They might even arrest you for some catchall misdemeanor such as obstruction of justice or disorderly conduct. But you will not be charged for illegally recording police.

Twelve states—California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington—require the consent of all parties for you to record a conversation. But do not despair if you live in these states: All but 2 —Massachusetts and Illinois—have an “expectation of privacy provision” to their all-party laws that courts have ruled does not apply to on-duty police (or anyone in public). In other words, it’s technically legal in those 48 states to openly record on-duty police. This is Why You Should Always Videotape the Police

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barrel fire toxic corrosive
[Approved Containers] Somebody was arrested for filling two 55 gallon containers of gas in the back of his car in Key Largo according to todays Free Press. I searched for any laws prohibiting this and only found if hauling less than 120 gallons nothing was required. He was taken to jail so assume more was involved than just the gas carrying. People with smaller boats can either pay $5 per gallon at a Marina or $3.40 at the local station for rec fuel. If your boat is on a trailer you can fill it up so why not carry it to your dock in cans
[Cuba is opening to Americans] Watch how fast Cuba changes now that the Americans are coming! We’ll do in a few years what the embargo didn’t do for fifty.
hareens 12.2.14
[Manufacturing] In the 80s and 90s American manufacturing went to Asia because of cheaper labor and lax regulations. Most of these manufacturing jobs went to Samsung and LG. Now those jobs are coming back to the stated because Samsung and LG learned all they could from us and started manufacturing those same products.
lg logoI have to agree there’s bad karma generated from the Eimers death at the hand of the KWPD. They may be able to squirm their way out of legal culpability due to their lying and cover-up, but how they can look their families in the eye and wish them Merry Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus, is beyond me. I don’t know how they can live with themselves. Oh wait, they probably drank a toast to him this past thanksgiving, yeah that’s right.
[Cuba is opening to Americans] I can’t wait for The FTR Guy to tell us why the embargo is necessary for our survival and how terrible it is living in Cuba. Ha ha. I mean ho ho ho!
The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history. Link
Finally, we are talking to Cuba about trade and tourism. The absolute first thing we should do is to trade Cuba’s plentiful sugar for our abundant cattle (which they need). If we can get cheap sugar from Cuba it will drive the ruthless sugar barons out of the Everglades and bring nature back the way it is supposed to be. Now it looks like cruise ships will visit Habana. Fidel, better get those downtown buildings painted. Link
[“A shredding service from Pembroke Pines”]  Why not just burn the stuff?
[Cuba is opening to Americans] Obama announces U.S. & Cuba will resume diplomatic relations. Link
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Obey the police
and you will be fine. If you are doing nothing wrong, you will never, ever have a problem with them. That’s what these folks thought.
If you want to get a police officer agitated just run from him or resist arrest . If you stay calm and respectful the issue does not go bad.
[Down on Cops] I tell you, it’s tough these days with all these power hungry policemen just lurking and waiting to kick all us innocent upright citizens in the ass for no good reason. All we tried to do was give them a few pointers on how to do a better job then what they are doing while antagonizing me for a few small infractions. I can plainly see thru their false façade. All they really are interested in is showing us their ability to make us adhere to their superior might. How do I know this? well just come with me one evening where I hang out with my friends and they will give you the scoop on cops. They really are such a bunch always looking out for those better than me and my friends, I tell you me and my friends get picked on all the time. I say cops, who needs them.
[Cuba Embargo Didn’t Work] President Obama stated sanctions don’t work using Cuba as an example. Yet, the US Government just touted new Russian sanctions this week. Why the US sanctions against Venezuela and Uganda (LGBTQ issue) in June? Why the SOS Kerry theater over sanctions against Iran? Why sanctions against DPRK (N. Korea) for all these years? Googling ‘US Sanctions”, there are numerous hits. So under the Obama Administration, sanctions don’t work but they still impose sanctions. Yea, makes sense to me.
[Sony Cancels Kim Jong-Un Movie After Threats] You don’t jerk on Superman’s cape — or Kim Jong-un’s, either.  Just ask Sony Pictures. Link
Why are there bad ‘hoods and poor people? my kid asked! I told her it was because those people are lazy and stupid and want it that way. She then asked why do we live in one of those ‘hoods? It told her because her mommy is old and fat and can’t do dudes like she used to. Now my kid understands.
Air freshener
put to good use.
FTR you are indeed a howl. You start off your post proclaiming my lack of knowledge, then you go on and admit my only point of Bush using taxpayers money to bailout the banks was correct. Classic FTR, everyone’s wrong unless they are right.
[“I love Mexican  food“] Then I hope you like looking like a Mexican too![?]
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Mitchell Obama was quoted in People Magazine spewing some slop about a raciest asking her to help her with something while shopping at Target. Evidently she thought the person asking for a hand mistook her an employee…. How dare them. Someone should explain what racism is to Mrs. 1st lady or give her a job at said Target.
Or maybe just help her get her big fat foot out of her big fat stupid mouth. Oh no ! I must be a raciest too!
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “President Obama’s economic sanctions against Russia (because of it’s invasion of the eastern European country of Ukraine, for you Piners) are working as their economy is tanking.  We are indeed fortunate to have him as our leader. Shoppers are gong crazy in Russia after a catastrophic fall in the value of the ruble, which hit a new low Tuesday despite the Central Bank’s desperate efforts to halt the selling. On the streets of Moscow, panicky consumers rushed out to buy home appliances before they became even more expensive.”

FTR’S RESPONSE: It is always fascinating that so many people of the leftist persuasion find it impossible to engage in discourse without being insulting. I find it especially amusing that the poster who is obviously an Obama sycophant, speaks of Russians “gong crazy,” and credits Obama with Russia’s economic woes. The comment that “We are indeed fortunate to have him as our leader” is very much like a homage praising Kim Jong-un who is the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The facts do not support the claim made by the poster. While it is true that the economic sanctions have made a minor impact on the Russian economy, their real problem is the glut of fossil fuels that is now flooding the world market.

russian jetWhile Obama’s sanctions have been in place, Russian military aircraft and naval vessels have purposefully penetrated our air and sea space. They have not abandoned their aggressive ways.

Putin neither fears nor respects Obama. In mid-November NATO reported that columns of Russian equipment, primarily Russian tanks, Russian artillery, Russian air defense systems and Russian combat troops, entered into Ukraine. All of that while the sanctions have been in place.

Putin’s response to Obama’s sanctions is and has been a single digit salute.

In spite of Obama’s commitment to strangling American oil production, oil prices have almost halved over the last six months as increasing volumes of light, high quality oil from North America from shale have overwhelmed demand.

Oil is a major generator of revenue for Russia. As a result of the worldwide glut of oil, the ruble has been hit hard, prompting Russia’s central bank to begin selling part of foreign currency holdings worth $7 billion in an effort to halt a collapse in its currency. That effort is failing.

The sanctions have had some impact, but Obama’s former ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, recently said the driver in the tanking of Russia’s economy is plummeting oil prices.

Don’t look for Russia to shut its doors and post a “business closed” sign any time soon, it has one of the strongest sovereign debt profiles of any country globally. Russia has official currency reserves of about $416 billion, more than enough to cover all the debt coming due in the next year. In addition, experts estimate the financial sector in Russia has over $250 billion in foreign exchange reserves that can be used to cover its debt. Many Russian companies also have substantial foreign assets.

Personally I wish the sanctions would reign in Putin’s ambition, but so far only cheap oil seems to be actually seriously impacting the Russian economy.

That cheap oil came from private U.S. lands and procuring it was funded by private money. It came in spite of Obama.

Yessiree, we are “indeed fortunate to have him (Obama and his Democrat minions) as our leaders.” Under their leadership our national debt has very nearly doubled in only 7 years. Both China and Russia are back in the aggressive cold war mode. Muslim fundamentalism is running amok in the mid-east and around the world. Terrorists are slaughtering school children. Iran will soon have nukes. Israel and most of our allies no longer trust nor respect us. Our unemployment rate is much higher than it was when they took power. Race relations are in the toilet. The rich have gotten much richer, the poor very much more poor, our middle class is disintegrating. Median family income has dropped precipitously. The wealth gap between middle- and upper-income households has widened to the highest level on record. Only 37% of Americans approve of Obamacare (Gallup 11/17).

We still are feeling the symptoms of the longest recovery from recession in our history. Nearly 70% of Americans believe that our nation is on the wrong track. There’s a whale of a lot more, but you get the idea about just how “fortunate” we are to have Democrats and Obama in power.

PART 2) A very troubling facet of Obama has just been revealed. We all know that he has issued many Executive Orders to enforce his will and to avoid the constraints of the Constitution. But Obama and his flacks have been loudly proclaiming that the number of the orders he has executed are fewer than GWB. That is true, but the scope and magnitude of his Executive Orders to date eclipse any previous president.

memo18Now we have just learned that he and his have been intentionally lying to us on the issue.  Rather than titling his directives as Executive Orders, President Obama has routinely been issuing a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum. And he has done it more often than any other president in history. He is using the presidential memoranda to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders.  He has issued more presidential memoranda than any other president in our history.

Like executive orders, presidential memoranda don’t require action by Congress. They have the same force of law as executive orders and often have consequences just as far-reaching. And some of the most significant actions of the Obama presidency have come not by executive order but by presidential memoranda.

Executive orders are numbered — the most recent, Executive Order 13683, modified three previous executive orders. Memoranda are not numbered, not indexed and, until recently, difficult to quantify.

Under Executive Order 11030, signed by President Kennedy in 1962, an executive order must contain a “citation of authority,” saying what law it’s based on. Memoranda have no such requirement.

Obama and his admin must be aware that his relentless usurpation of the Constitution would be condemned by America or he would not have attempted to hide the truth. It is apparent that he fancies himself as being the “Supreme Leader” ala Kim Jong-un. Link