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Thursday, February 12, 2015

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here-to-stayWhile RadioShack Corporation has filed for bankruptcy protection this reorganization does NOT affect the Big Pine RadioShack. Our store is a local family owned ‘dealer franchise’ and will continue to operate as normal. We do not expect any disruptions and look forward to continuing to service our customers. We still offer free estimates on all computer repairs and we also fix smart phones and iPads. Thank you for your support over the last 8 years and we want to let you know we are here to stay!
(Ed: Vacation. Friday the 13th will be the last day of publishing the CT for two weeks while I take a vacation and give my psyche an enema. I’ll see you March 2 for more fun and not-so-fun things to read.)
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gearl-jamGearl Jam will be performing at the NUT This Sunday, February 15. This special appearance for Piners to get to meet the 7 member  band, it’s going to be fun. It’s n early treat and there will be no entertainment charge. See you there. Coconuts, “Rockin’ ya Right at the Light for over 30 years. Events
I too was screwed by Paradise Transmission on Stock Island (it’s not on Key West). One of their employees did damage to my vehicle & they never told me about it & let me drive away. Although the owner denied knowledge of it, he knew, so he had it repaired. But the several extra 30 mile trips was very inconvenient for me. The owner’s wife is very hot, however, and had nothing to do with their underhandedness.  ~
hareens 12.2.14
The Democratic and the Republican posters arguments are only hate filled rants? well personally as a whole I never viewed them that way, I usually view them as a typical cross section of most areas in our country, remember the old saying, “Different strokes for different folks”. If we all thought the same wouldn’t that be a dreary setting., if you really feel that the post is B.S. then why don’t you take the time to point out where the poster is wrong, that way we could all stand to educate ourselves, and you would perform like a good concerned citizen should.  I would think this would be a much better deed than condemning your fellow Americans on both sides of the aisle.
[The Third Eye] That LSD article backs up everything I’ve always said about LSD. It saved my life. It taught me how to really see the world. It’s way different than how regular people see it.
The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, February 14, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Events
relay race
When stuck with a lemon just make some lemonade.  When the Ragnar Relay comes to town just put on your mirrored sunglasses and enjoy the view.
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plan-ahead12[Planning Ahead] I made a copy of my Will, a list of the people involved, the local VIPS, the data they will need with plenty of details and mounted the envelope in a glazed picture frame, then hung it in an obvious place where anyone can see it in case something happens to me. This will make life a lot easier for others to settle my estate. I could insert a CD/DVD of other information and images too. Everything is signed and notarized. This should be a national law for every one to do!
SpaceX launched an observatory inspired by former Vice President Al Gore toward a solar-storm lookout point a million miles away Wednesday. The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket blasted off on the third try in four days, successfully hoisting the spacecraft for NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Air Force. Gore — who dreamed up the idea for an environmentally conscious, Earth-gazing satellite 17 years ago — returned for the sunset launch. He was at the previous two attempts as well, eager to see his brainchild finally soar. Besides watching for solar outbursts, the observatory will provide continuous pictures of the full, sunlit side of Earth.
FKAA has been secretly making changes to try to fix the more dramatic problems, but creating different problems as they do so which will affect ALL FKAA customers and the environment we all cherish.. Deceit that reaches far beyond non-transparency has been the hallmark of the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System (CRWS).  Instead of becoming more transparent in the face of exposure, the level of secrecy and obfuscation has increased. These are not the actions reflective of honorable intentions or in the public interest. No wonder they have a lawyer as their Executive Director – they sure need one, but a competent  honest engineer would be  better.
[$14 cereal?] I guess, based on the ‘if you have to ask’ logic, I really can’t afford some things.
[Booze Bad For You — Again] That glass of red wine may not be as good for your health as you think. Link
[Mom & Pop] Mom and pop stores are being killed.
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Who was the web designer who designed all internet questions to be answered by scrolling through 50 states to click on the right one, when it only takes 2 letters to fill in the state abbreviation?  It must have been the same idiot who has us scroll through 12 months, when we could easily fill in the number of the month.  Yep, it’s the same idiot who has us scroll through 31 days, when we could easily insert the digit or two needed for the date.  Do any of you have contacts to stop this madness?
[Deep Injection Wells] Our fiscal sponsor was impressed with your response and has extended the 100% matching grant until March 15. All donations will be matched 100% if received before 3-15-15 and are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  So, we’re asking you one more time to help us meet our goal.  We only need another $2,000. Here’s why:

  1. FKAA says the sewage effluent will not rise to the surface waters from the shallow wells cased to only 80 feet into the limestone. Those of us who live here know that’s nonsense  (and so does FKAA) but we need to hire an expert witness for our case to demonstrate to the judge WHY it’s nonsense. Common sense and local knowledge are not enough.
  2. Thanks to our urgings, USFWS is starting to question FKAA about the movement of the sewage effluent from the shallow wells to the wildlife refuge and marine sanctuary. We need a hydrogeologist to respond to FKAA’s flawed scientific analysis of the movement of the shallow well injectate to send to USFWS, too.
  3. A world renowned hydrogeologist who specializes in karst geology like that in the Keys has agreed to help us as an expert witness at a greatly reduced fee. His name is Dr. Todd Kincaid. You can Google his impressive credentials under his name or Geohydro, his company.
  4.  We only need another $2,000 and we meet our goal.
  5. We won’t bother you again. Promise.

We have a PayPal account, so you can just click on the link below and make a contribution by credit card or through your PayPal account, directly to our campaign account. Link

If you prefer to write a check, also tax deductible, please make checks payable to “Caron Balkany PA Trust Account – legal costs for the shallow well challenge,” and mail to Caron Balkany, our volunteer lawyer, at: Caron Balkany PA Trust Account, PO Box 420859, Summerland Key, FL 33042. (305-849-1073

[College kids having some fun] Residents — and the county board — want members of Sigma Alpha Mu and Sigma Delta Tau criminally charged for the damage caused at Treetops Resort during a wild ski weekend. Video
Piranha zombies
were photographed recently at Smathers Beach.
[“Dog drool and food”] You obviously are a dog owner since you have no respect for others, either occasional diners or local bar patrons or as you refer to them skanks. As you know Looe Key Tiki is the only establishment locally that allows dogs to sit at the bar — at least until their food service license comes under scrutiny, so enjoy it while you can.
[‘Brass’ Knuckles
] Well, this brings a whole new meaning to “beating your meat.”
I was surprised to read that all of the BP money was not going to the Old Seven Mile Bridge re-build project.  Somebody must have slipped up.
[Happy Jaws] Coming soon to a theatre near you. You saw them in the Super Bowl, now on the big screen!
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I don’t claim to know too much about lifesaving, but if anyone is going to bring this guy back to life, my money is on the girl on the right!
[Vaporizer for Garbage] To be able to stop the current and unsustainable practice of taking Monroe County’s yard waste to a landfill would be a huge win for the environment and the residents of Florida.  The County has taken the bold position through their issuing of their “Yard Waste Processing Services” RFP.  We are delighted at the prospect of helping the residents of Monroe County further demonstrate their strong environmental and financial stewardship by embracing this Waste Gasification project solution. Video
Grimal Grove hosts our February 12 Chamber Business Social, featuring something we all love:  chocolate!  This will be a great networking opportunity and an exceptionally good time. The Grove is on Cunningham Ln. behind the Big Pine Resort Motel – take Mac Court to the back parking lot or use overflow parking at The Vineyard.  This is from 5:30 – 7pm. Live music by Josef Crosby from Scythian and several local musicians.  We’re featuring appetizers that include “Grimal Guacamole” and Starfruit Salsa – both from fruit grown on site. There will also be chocolate martinis (thank you Bombora Vodka) and world-famous chocolate chip cookies from the Hilton Doubletree Resort in KW.  This spot is truly a treasure for the Lower Keys.  If you haven’t been there, this is your chance to learn about this extremely unique property.
[Moby Dick] The book’s title is The Heart Of The Sea. If the captain had had the fortitude to take charge after the tragedy they would’ve fared better. He acted on the advice of the mate because he was more favored by the crew and his ordeal, while heroic, is unthinkable to most people. Read the book, it will blow your mind. The first few pages are… well… again, unthinkable or, unimaginable, to most people.
I guess I will never get to know what the FTR guy has to say.  I just don’t have the stamina to force myself to wade all the way through his usual opening barrage of no-class insults.
pesto-chicken12Happy Thursday from Springer’s Bar and Grill. Today we have a great special for you, Pesto Chicken with Bacon and Provolone on a Kaiser roll. It’s an amazing flavor combination. So join us for this totally delicious palate pleasing special.
Friday’s special is beer batter fish and chips or mahi mahi with a mango curry sauce.
Happy Hour 2-6 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s.Entertainment lineup for the week.
Thursday.The Doerfels. Famous in the Key for their incredible Bluegrass Live Music. Bring your dancing shoes, the party is on!
Friday. Karaoke. We dare you to sing a song. We have a full bar and a great food to go with it.
Saturday. Do you want to be my Valentine? Surf & Turf Dinner Special with Pommes Anna. Take your Sweetheart out for a night to remember.
Sunday. Live Music with Jody & Friends. Don’t miss a chance to listen to good music.
Monday. Live Music with The Greens. Bluegrass and Jazz.
Tuesday. Bluegrass Jam Circle with Alan Graf. Beginners are Welcome. Bring your fiddle, guitar or just tap your feet and sing a song.
[“New Tech replaces old tech”] The buggy whip makers just got into S/M toys.
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Lake Pascog, Rhode Island
this morning. And you locals are complaining about the cold. Ha ha.
‘What could go wrong?’ is right up there with all the great quotes like. ‘Hey, watch this …’
A mainlander asked me if there is an outdoor rifle range in the Florida Keys. I don’t know of any since the Navy stopped allowing civilians in theirs.
dog licking[“Dog drool and food”] Hey, I resemble that remark! I meat my skank wife at the Looe Key tiki bar. However, I must agree that my dog is generally cleaner and more pleasant to be around.
The Orchid  Fair is Feb. 28 and March 1 from 10am to 4pm. Bring your plants for display on the 26th &  27th to the West Martello tower in Key West. Donations of baked goodies are always welcome for the refreshment stand. We will sell any orchid or gardening books you no longer want. Please sign up to volunteer. There are loads of jobs to do & everyone is urged to participate. Events
jesus loaves and fish
[Friday Fish Fry]St. Peter Church, BPK MM31, Knights of Columbus Fish Fry starting February 13th 5-7. Every Friday thru end of Lent. Serving fried or baked Mahi, fries, dessert, coleslaw, tea or coffee.  Events
[Forbes’Hack Attack] Back in late November, was hacked. If cyber security firms are right, Chinese hackers are to blame, but there’s not enough evidence to guarantee attribution just yet.The hackers tinkered with the Adobe Flash widget that delivers the Thought of the Day page that visitors to are taken to when they visit the site. The attackers did this to send specially-chosen visitors to a hacker-controlled site that would serve up an exploit against a zero-day vulnerability in Flash and, if it was needed, another flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Malware that sought to acquire basic system information from victims’ machines could then potentially have been downloaded on targets’ systems. Anyone who was running on any Windows OS above XP and using browsers other than Internet Explorer should have been safe, though targets using other systems could have been affected
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whale blow hole[Moby Dick] Herman Melville’s years at sea began aboard a merchant ship. He later sailed aboard a whaler bound for the Pacific Ocean, which no doubt informed his most famous novel about a certain captain and a certain whale.
Restored B-25s flying over Sedona, Arizona. I wonder if this is the same as the planes flying over the Keys last week? It gave one pause to look up and see a B-17 flying overhead! Video
] Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps were the first Rock and Roll band in the world!Gene Vincent — Be Bop A Lula
It’s been confirmed. There is no climate change, the earth is not warming, and the world is flat. I read it on the internet so it must be true.
For one to interpret  the request of the Pres. to congress, for permission to attack ISIS   with all the accompanying caveats, as a change of heart for Pres. Obama, one must display either a monumental degree of ignorance or a childish display of naïveté.
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from the right
YESTERDAY A POSTER WROTE:  “I just found out too late that Obama wants to attack ISIS and is asking Congress to approve it. I say too late because I would like to have had FTR’s opinion before what the President announces his actions will be. And if FTR said the exact same thing as the President, how FTR will automatically disagree and call him a liar.”muscle bicep poseFTR’S RESPONSE: Just for the record, Obama has been operating on the Use of Force Authorization that was granted to GWB which led us into Iraq and Afghanistan. Many scholars say that no further authorization is necessary.

Nonetheless I’m glad that he is pursuing it. If nothing else we may learn a little of his “strategy” to combat ISIS. We’ve seen that his lack of resolve to date has led us to a point wherein ISIS is now stronger than ever. ISIS is fully the bastard child of Obama and his policies. It did not exist until long after Obama became our President and refused to leave a peace keeping component of our troops in Iraq.

ISIS has now conquered Yemen, a nation that Obama mere months ago claimed as being one of his victories. We have closed our embassy, tucked our tail between our legs, and fled. Our President ordered our Marines to surrender their weapons, a grievous, horrible insult. Shameful beyond belief.

This is the third embassy that Obama has lost to radical Islam.

ISIS continues to grow every day and Obama dithers. ISIS struts and postures while gaining even more credibility with its base. Its numbers swell.

As this is written we don’t know a great deal of what is in Obama’s putative Use of Force Authorization, but some are reporting that it limits our pursuit of ISIS to 3 years and it precludes the use of ground forces. It is reported that his request would put geographical constraints on the pursuit of ISIS.

We do know that his proposal is being severely criticized by influential members of both parties.

Then there is the issue of sending in ground troops. This conflict cannot be quelled by the use of air power alone. Some argue that the conflict is regional and should be prosecuted by regional forces alone.

That view is nonsensical. We are not battling a nation state, we are battling a twisted, perversion of the Muslim faith. The single largest religion in the world. Our enemy is in the minority of the Muslims, but their fervor is maniacal. They have exploded in stature and power during Obama’s presidency. Yet he refuses to even name them. So far, has no taken no real steps to defeat them, he makes only cursory attempts to degrade them. He views their predation as being nothing more than simple criminal behavior.

Make no mistake about it, our enemy are not simple criminals, they are ravenous zealots who envision a world under the thumb of fundamentalist Islam.

We’ll think more, much more about Obama’s request for the Use of Force Authorization as more is known about. But for now I suspect that he is seeking to further limit our ability to combat ISIS. It is becoming clear that Obama does not want freedom to prevail.

I’m certain that you will remember Obama’s insane declarations that the Afghanistan war would end on a date certain. Those utterances led to an emboldening of our enemy. Now, the fecklessness of his actions have been reversed.  Long awaited and much desired by an anxious US military, we have reached an agreement with Afghanistan that troops will not have to withdraw by year’s end, and permits their stay “until the end of 2024 and beyond.” It is a head scratcher as to why Obama did not learn from the Afghanistan debacle and has again demanded a date certain to end hostilities. Perhaps it is to hobble our next President.

The new status of forces deal with Afghanistan ensures that Barack Obama, elected president in 2008 on a wave of anti-war sentiment, will pass off both the Afghanistan war and his new war in Iraq and Syria to his successor. In 2010, his vice-president, Joe Biden, publicly vowed the US would be “totally out” of Afghanistan “come hell or high water, by 2014.”

It is a complete mystery to me as to why Obama and the Democrats have any credibility and support whatsoever.