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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Key West]  I first went to Key West while serving in the Coast Guard in 1980 for the Mariel boatlift. It was fantastic. I liked it so much that I was able to transfer to Coast Guard Cutter Ute. The town was so cool, I have never seen a crazier mix of people get along. Military, tourists, gays, fisherman, drug runners, etc. it was all good. I was there for the first Hemingway look-alike contest at Sloppy’s — and a Warrant Officer from my ship won.  I was there for the first Fantasy Fest. I thought that was crazy,  I used to trailer my boat and put it in at the end of Duval on the dirt ramp. I really miss those days. I never paid to park. I also was there when the first cruise ships came, and I knew it wouldn’t be the same. It’s a shame.

At least I got to experience the way it was, kind of like the wild west. No one broke balls, just all out partying. I’ve been back since, a lot is the same, and a lot is different, but that’s what happens when the word gets out about a good place. The channel does not, in my opinion, need to be widened. I can’t believe how it is now, with traffic at a stop. Anyway just my thoughts on things and missing a place I used to call home.

[Coastal Flooding] Astronomical high tides combined with above normal water levels will result in minimal coastal flooding of low lying areas in the Florida Keys around the time of high tide today and tonight. water levels should peak at about 2.1 feet above mean sea level…with the highest water values anticipated in the lower Keys during the late evening high tide.

Key West the higher high tide will occur at 1139 pm tonight.
At Vaca Cut the higher high tide will occur at 321 am early Thursday morning.
At Whale Harbor Channel high tides will occur at 1055 am this morning and 1106 pm tonight.

It’s a good time to go exploring in the back country because there’s less chance of grounding.


I guess we might as well remove the alligator from the Eden Pines sign. Word on the street is that someone was worried the 8+ foot gator that has been seen cruising the canals lately was going to eat their poor, defenseless puppy, so they shot it and removed the carcass.

Here’s a thought, If the only reason you live in the Keys is the warm weather, and not everything else that makes the Keys the Keys, like the animal life, how about doing the rest of us a favor and take little Fluffy to Arizona to live. Better yet, move the hell back where you came from in the first place.

I’m going to vote for an elected board for the FKAA and here’s why.  Most of the people who make up the current board are fromKey West. I know that at least two of them have no water or sewer expertise.  In my experience, appointed boards are appointed so as not to clash with the CEO. If an elected board member does something that the voters don’t like, he can be thrown out. Not so with an appointed member.

[Inconsiderate person leaving his truck and trailer on the boat ramp] Did you ever think that something might have happened to that person? maybe a reason that it was left unattended? Obviously not, I know who it was and there was a very good reason [but not telling you] , so don’t be so inconsiderate to other peoples emergencies! Maybe you will find 4 flat tires on your truck.


Monroe county is filing a law suite against Keys Energy Service for trespass. It looks like Keys Energy did.  Now the folks that want to get power on No Name Key will say the County is wasting our tax dollars. Wrong. The county is doing what it must to protect its butt & ours. There is millions of federal dollars at  risk. If you guys on NNK  are so concerned about the money we’re spending you should not have put the county in this spot. The Feds will speak when the county is done, if you prevail.  I’m sure you have lots of money. Time is something you can’t buy and this will take a very long time. I don’t think the Feds want to see this happen to No Name Key.

“This is your chance to own on No Name Key and build to suit. BIG PINE KEY, FL 33043. Hardwood floors and ceramic in main areas, screened porch with Mexican tile. Build here and see the Atlantic Ocean with protected dockage.” Link 

[Amendment 12] An independent voter’s quest to understand the constitutional amendments. Amendment 12
You’ve got to be kidding. In your Google search of this one, you didn’t even find anything interesting to read? Do we get to vote for homecoming king and queen next time? I thought that the Constitution was supposed to contain important things that could only be changed by the voters. They probably put the state university system in there long ago and now we are stuck with it. It’s probably important to someone, but not me. Let the frat boys and sorority girls fight this one out. You know that if you don’t vote yes or no on this one, you are making a liar of yourself. You said that you would vote yes or no. The time that it would take to form an opinion on something like this would be wasted time.
Leave this one blank. 




Even Homer is for peace and you know he’s never wrong. Doh!

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[Don’t Trust FKAA] At the sewer meeting on BPK a month ago we were told “no problem- the low pressure system only uses the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb.”  I doubted that then and now I am hearing that it will take a 30 amp 240 volt line. That’s a lot of light bulbs!

GMC trucks are labeled so that the non-Chevrolet dealers that sell other GM brands (Buick, Caddy, ect) have a truck line to sell.


How do I cut & paste a picture to you in the new format? (Ed: The same way you do in any format. Watch this short tutorial. Link 

[Amendments] There have been a few posters lately who would prefer it if the legislature dealt with some of the amendments. There is no way that the legislature can do that. If there is something in the constitution, the only way that the legislature can change it is to put it to the voters as an amendment. While it’s a pain for us, it’s generally a good thing.
The Homestead Exemption, for instance, is in the constitution and that’s a good thing because if changing it wasn’t a constitutional issue we would see all sorts of legislative conniving and mischief. 


Propane-Powered Generator]Sometimes I would go several months before using mine, which wasn’t a problem back when gasoline had a shelf life longer than 30 minutes. There’s nothing worse than putzing around with a gummed-up carburetor when you need the generator. If you don’t use your generator all the time, consider buying one that runs on propane. Generators fueled by propane have been around for years, especially in the RV market. A couple of years ago, Generac introduced the LP3250 portable model. It connects to either a 20-lb. or a 30-lb. propane tank. Expect to get about nine hours from a 20-lb. tank. Besides not gumming up the carb, propane burns much cleaner than gasoline, a definite plus around the home. Buy the LP3250 at home centers for about $600. Also, look for the 5,500-watt model to hit the market soon. 

How to use eBay safely. Link

In 2006, the U.S. population topped 300 million for the first time.

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Habitat’s Annual Island Grass Music Fest & Conch Chowder Cook-Off is going to be held on Sunday, January 27 from 1-6pm at the Habitat grounds.  This is always a fun event, with great music by the Doerfel’s, Bill Blue, Howard Livingston, Terry Cassidy and other local favorites.  Huge silent auction, food & beverages. All proceeds go to support Habitat’s mission of providing affordable, no-interest mortgages and rental units to local working families.  Mark your calendars! 

The independent voter is independent. An independent voter is one who is not affiliated with one party and does not adhere to any political dogma. I tell you how I am going to vote and why. What you do is your business and if you think I’m trying to steer you, you’re dead wrong. Steering is what you’re going to see pretty soon when the money for or against these amendments starts with their one line ads and half truths.

There are a lot of reference sites to look at and every one of them is made by people who have opinions. What you have to do is look at all of them and make up you own mind. Of course, if you are a hard core Dem or Rep, all you have to do is what your party says to do. I had no opinion on these amendments when I started. I do now, except for amendment 12.


Landmark Federal Medical Marijuana hearing today. 1 Joint =  1 Beer. Link

An earthquake in southern Maine has rattled nearby New England states. The epicenter of the 4.6 magnitude quake was about 3 miles west of Hollis Center, Maine, about 20 miles west of Portland.

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The most wonderfully ridiculous movie computers of all time. Link

[Charisma] Leaders aren’t born or made; they are perceived. A person can be intelligent, a good decision maker, honest and credible, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a leader. Strong leaders inspire; their presence gives us energy and passion. We believe in them even if we don’t know why. Link


Rubbers] You older guys remember when you used to carry one of these brands in your pocket or glove box? That’s when they were called rubbers not condoms.

[The Movies] I can never understand why when the person with no gun knocks out one of the people with a gun they just continue on without picking up the gun.

[School Vouchers] The education lobby is going to try to scare you into thinking that amendment 8 is going to lead to funding of churches by the state. It’s about school vouchers and they are scared to death of them. Watch out people!



Bench Bob is so controversial because we can’t understand a person with absolutely no ambition. We’re looking for deeper problems where none exist.

[FKAA Elected Board] All 5 Monroe County Commissioners voted in the affirmative to place on the ballot for the electorate to decide if they wanted an elected board or to continue with a governor appointed board. FKAA is the only board that deals with user monies that is not elected. Do you want to elect the person you know who will be more inclined to listen to your comments or an independent appointed individual? It’s that simple.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

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It’s not that we can’t aim, we’re actually very good at it, it’s just that when we shake it after peeing, it goes everywhere. When I built our house I had a urinal and was going to install it in our bathroom, but my wife put a stop to it as soon as she saw it. She’s sorry now.

[County sues Keys Energy, Monroe County BOCC, you are wasting taxpayer money, stop it now”] I agree 100% with this guy, Key West Dan and his comment in the Citizen copied below, regarding the County amending their lawsuit against Keys Energy and the No Name Key power lines paid for by the residents:  (Power lines don’t affect wildlife, check the other CBRS islands that have power, check the neighborhoods of Big Pine Key. I will vote these buffoons out of office first chance I get. What is the County’s purpose in continuing this fool’s folly?)

“In the scheme of things, your county growth ordinances don’t mean squat when it comes to providing a basic service like power. Personally I don’t care if No Name has power or not. The point is, this is like the county suing the county. The taxpayers ultimately get screwed at both ends by this stupidity. Only the lawyers make money. What is the county trying to prove? Who really cares if 40 or so houses can hook up to the grid. This thing about No Name being green energy is complete and total nonsense. Generators and lead acid batteries are not green. The county apparently listens to one big mouth with her own agenda to make decisions affecting many people. County dictators, give it a rest. I am also pretty sure that Keys Energy can afford lawyers who told them they were within their rights to run the lines. I would bet that Keys Energy has general air rights for power lines for the entire county and there is no specific exclusion for No Name. The county needs to stop these stupid legal actions and stop wasting the taxpayers money for their personal agendas.”  -KeyWestDan

[Bench Bob] I would be willing to bet that he’s happier than anyone posting here, quit beating a dead horse already. His business is none of yours.

Kudos to all involved in the Candidates Forum at Boondocks last night. 


Kids Halloween Costume Party at Boondocks next Wednesday, 10/24 at 5pm.  BPA(?) is now sponsoring this event and we are in need of more volunteers to help out with the activities.  We will be having 4 game stations that need 2 volunteers a station.  We would also like 3-4 parents to act as floaters, to help keep an eye on kids.  We are asking that volunteers for this event try to be in costume.  If you have not signed up on the PTO(?) board already, you can email us your info and we will sign you up.  This event is open to all kids, not just BPA, so spread the word!  If you would like a flyer, we have some available.  Thank you for all your hard work! Bulletin Board

[Vote Yes on 11] This independent voter person has yet another Yes for us,  based on his opinion.  So yet again I respond with – NO,  that’s not the way to get it done. Homestead stuff is controlled by state statutes. So, want to change Homestead stuff ? Then change the freaking statutes,  and quit screwing around with the state Constitution.  I don’t care if it’s the most brilliant idea on earth.  If it lives in the statutes,  then change the statutes.  Jeeze, which part of good idea but very bad execution don’t you get?

The snake was captured at school on Saturday, 13 October. Snakes were there long before the school was.

NOAA’s Florida National Marine Sanctuary announced seven primary members and nine alternate members to serve new terms on its Sanctuary Advisory Council. The appointees bring a valuable range of experience to the council, which provides sanctuary staff with input and recommendations on sanctuary programs and management.

The appointed advisory council members, who will begin new terms at the October 16 meeting of the Sanctuary Advisory Council, are:
Dolly Garlo, Citizen at Large/Middle Keys
Chris Bergh, Conservation and Environment
Martin Moe, Education and Outreach
George Neugent, ElectedCountyOfficial
Jeff Cramer, Commercial Shell/Scale Fishing
Corey Malcom, Submerged Cultural Resources
Andy Newman, Tourism/Upper Keys

The appointed alternates are:
Julie Anne Floyd, Citizen at Large/Lower Keys
George Garrett, Citizen at Large/Middle Keys
Jim Scholl, Conservation and Environment
Alex Brylske, Education and Outreach
Heather Carruthers, Elected County Official
Justin Bruland, Commercial Shell/Scale Fishing
Peter Frezza,South FloridaEcosystem Restoration
Diane Silvia, Submerged Cultural Resources
Eric Handte, Tourism/Upper Keys.


[“WKRP in Cincinnati”] Les Nessman (not Nesmith) played by Richard Sanders was the station’s newsman, not meteorologist. The two actors pictured are Frank Bonner who played the station’s salesman and Gordon Jump who played WKRP’s GM. 

6,500 pounds of seized marijuana offloaded inKey Westby Coast Guard. (The County should sell it; they could use the money. Legalize it in 2013) Link

Today, Thursday, Reef Relief brings the Wild & Scenic Film Festivalback to Key West. The theme for the festival this year is the “Climate of Change”.  These beautiful, engaging films, emphasize climate change, as well as highlighting the change makers who are creating a more livable future.

Considered one of the nation’s premiere environmental film festival’s, this year’s films combine stellar filmmaking, beautiful cinematography and first-rate storytelling to inform, inspire and ignite solutions and possibilities to restore the earth and human communities while creating a positive future for the next generation.

Tropic Cinema,416 Eaton Street, Key West, FL, Tickets $10. New Membership Special: $15 for one ticket and a one year Reef Relief membership
Tickets can be purchased by calling Reef Relief at 305-294-3100 or emailing or stop by the Reef Relief Center at 631 Greene Street, Key West. 

[“Legislatively Referred Constitutional Amendments, which means exactly what it says”] But what do you mean when you say “exactly what it says”?  Here’s what Wikipedia says –   A legislatively-referred constitutional amendment is a proposed constitutional amendment that appears on a state’s ballot as a ballot measure because the state legislature in that state voted to put it before the voters.

And that’s exactly what I said.  The Legislators did not do their job – change state statute themselves.. Instead, they put it on the ballot. The issue of Amendment 9 can and should be accomplished by the state legislature changing the state statutes,  NOT by the voters changing the state constitution.  Signed, a fellow fact-checking Independent.


Anchorage rules slated for final vote. Link

[iGate] Attorneys for Lisa Druckemiller want to know what, if any, discipline is meted out to Monroe County employees implicated in a stolen-goods scandal before she agrees to a plea deal for her involvement. Link




[WKRP Trivia] Regarding the WKRP post: That whole post was a “misconception.” It was Arthur Carlson the general manager of WKRP whose idea it was for the turkey drop. Not Les Nessman, (not Nesmith), who just reported on it on the scene.

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] It does not surprise me in the least how people are becoming more and more inept at thinking and controlling their own lives. TV and other mutating organisms, which are aptly named, have torn out any resemblance of logic, caring, inventiveness, and self-esteem that today’s sheeple ever had and it only took one generation of mixed breeding to do it. Look around you, who would you really trust with your life, your families lives, and the countries future? We have been conditioned to appreciate being dumbed-down to the mentalities of three year olds, with tastes appreciating the finest of instant foods, instant travel, instant garbage, and instant politics. Instant news is one of the keys to our demist, as is the instant advertising we are now inundated with every five minutes on television and radio. We ARE in Orwell’s 1984, just a few years late. The roaches  are laughing at us and waiting.



This is a spider everyone should be afraid of!

[Debate] Romney, “I care about 100% of the American people.” Obama, “Yea, right, except for the 47%.”

[Michelle Obama Bad] Are you struggling to make ends meet? Link




Romney’s get-tough on China policy includes his threat to ship jobs to India and Mexico.

I guess we can always find a way to scream at our President when gas prices go up, but hell, I’m much happier paying even $4.00 a gallon now compared to the record prices of $7.25 a gallon when the last republican was in office. But I’m sure as the sun will come up tomorrow in that instance it was the democrats fault not the sitting Presidents fault as it is now. Obama does well its because of Bush’s policies if Obama does bad well, it’s all Obama’s fault. I love people that play the “Political convenience” game. Its usually played by the most shallow of us.

[Mainstream Media] The common denominator of the ‘mainstream media’ is their censoring or downplaying stories that would lead viewers to conservative conclusions, and their use of photo bias, placement bias and other forms of deception to mislead viewers into drawing incorrect liberal conclusions. The term mainstream media usually refers to how the majority of commercial-based or taxpayer-funded news reporting and commentary consist of liberal bias, while falsely pretending to be objective providers of information. 

Examples include: Without any evidence of church attendance or Bible-reading by the defendant accused of murdering 92 people in Norway, the headline of the leading Australian newspaper declared, “Norway suspect fundamentalist Christian.”

Historically and statistically speaking, 90% of new businesses fail in their first year. Romney ought to give us a number on how many businesses he intends to help start up in his first four years as President.  He was tossing around exact numbers and pressing Obama for exact numbers on things during the debate.  I would like to see Mitt put up or shut up on this one.  If you do the math, there will have to be a new business on every corner. 

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Obama and his campaign team calling Romney a liar. What audacity that is. I would make a list of Obama’s lies, but I’m sure I couldn’t complete it by election time. I look forward to seeing how folks vote after seeing the vote in Mass.& Wisc. Knowing all the work & funds the unions, hard Left & Democratic Party put into both of those races & lost, there is hope. We may be turning a corner in American history. The perfect storm. The left’s BS, self-serving lies, promoted by the lamestream media may be as dead as global warming. I can only hope. 



Oops I crapped my Mormon underpants

Republicans are against subsidizing alternate energy research. Unless it’s fossil fuel, the Right is against it.

[Debate] He’s back! Barack was up and on target last night for any of you doubters out there.



[Debate] I think Cindy Crowley did an exceptional and fair job moderating last night’s debate (all 400 pounds of her).

[Electric Car Battery Maker A123 Systems Files Bankruptcy] President Obama lost 1/4 of a billion of our money on this one. This one also gave big bucks to help President Obama get elected. President Obama is a looser who picks losers. 




If you’re happy with the stock market‘s stellar recovery vote for Obama’s policies and for the man.

Yesterday FTR wrote about Obama, “His statements are terribly misleading.” You two must be birds of a feather.

[Political Truthiness] In their own way, each Presidential candidate is promising that he can bake a cake without breaking any eggs.  The only path to restoring this Country’s economy involves sacrifice by all.   Unfortunately our Society is riddled with too many thieves,  scammers  and cheaters to allow for this to happen.

Has anyone asked why it is that Wall St and the stock market has had such a wonderful economic recovery? I can tell you it’s not about the economy stupid, its about money!

 From the Right

It’s true, I do knock on Mr. Obama and his merry band often and with vigor. But this time, this posting is in praise of Mr. Obama and of his team’s remarkable consistency. For years he has consistently promised to get all of our troops out ofAfghanistanby 2014. The record is replete with consistency. What follows are but a couple of examples.

On 10/7/07 he told an adoring crowd that “I promise to get our troops out. You can take that to the bank.  You really should take the time to look at the video of his excellent speech: Link

During the ensuing months and years, Mr. Obama has consistently promised to get our troops out of Afghanistan by 2014.  That promise is one of his biggest promises, ever.

On September 2, 2012, Mr. Obama, with consistency told a rapt campaign audience that he was going to get out troops out of Afghanistan by 2014. He said: “We are bringing our troops home from Afghanistan.  And I’ve set a timetable.  We will have them all out of there by 2014” Even Joe Biden is consistent on this commitment by Mr. Obama. In his recent debate (between grimaces and promotional pics for cosmetic dentistry) VP Biden proudly declaimed: “We are leaving in 2014, period, and in the process, we’re going to be saving over the next 10 years another $800 billion,” Biden proudly said: “U.S.troops will be leaving in 2014, period.” By golly you folks on the left really should be proud of Old Joe. Yessir, he sure knows where to put the period.

In keeping with the remarkable consistency of Team Obama, his State Department has just reported that U.S. negotiators met last week in Kabul with their Afghan counterparts to discuss the Bilateral Security Agreement. A SD spokesperson said yesterday that the new negotiations are to agree on an extension of the U.S.troop presence (in Afghanistan) well past 2014, for the purposes of conducting counter terrorism operations and training and advising the Afghan security forces.  

U.S.military officials have said the plan is to keep 25,000 American troops in Afghanistan past 2014, but spokesperson Marc Grossman insisted that there is no number yet and the 25,000 figure quoted in reports is speculative. NATO announced Monday that it will also keep international troops in Afghanistan past 2014 alongside U.S.troops, not for combat but strictly for the mission of training and advising the Afghans. That’s nice and consistent.

Yes, Deer Friends, Mr. Obama and his merry band are consistent. They are consistently consistent. They consistently lie. They have elevated presenting purposeful falsehoods to an art form. Walk proud, our liberal friends. 

Part 2)  Great debate. Obama fans will call it for Obama. Romney fans will call it for Romney. I’m a Romney fan, I’m prejudiced….but, Obama blew it.  Big time.  He made some admissions that will haunt him for weeks. He admitted that he was aware of exactly what was going on in Bengasi as it was going on. He admitted that he and his knew that it was an act of terror while the terrorist attack was in progress. He knew it was not a mob run amok. That proves that all the crap put out by various members of Team Obama to be pure donkey dung. Team Obama spread that lie on TV  to the various compliant news media, and even to the UN. Obama’s debate statement proves that Obama was gushing donkey dung on the Letterman show.

It is huge that it proves that the Obama narrative that killing Bin Laden castrated AQI and all of its many off shoots are nothing more than silly posturing. AQI and fundamental jihadism has grotesquely grown during the Obama administration.  Unfortunately the rules stopped Romney from really nailing Obama about Obama’s lies.

There was much more, and we’ll be hearing a lot about it for the next 6 days, then we’ll focus on the next one. One thing I found really fascinating was how much Obama looked like Captain Queeg during  several parts of the debate. While Romney was assertive and confident, Obama was petulant and agitated. The debate was a bare knuckle brawl, Obama suffered a cut lip and lost on points. Obama tried, but his rope-a-dope came up short. Romney and Obama probably tied for the night, but Obama made admissions that will haunt him.  

Personally I think that Romney just won the Presidency.