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Thursday, September 26, 2013


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level horiz[Gravity vs Pump] As an RV owner, I have dumped a lot of sewerage that for some reason is called black water, and no small amount of grey way that isn’t grey. The traditional method is via a 4″ gravity inclined hose. It is a swift process at a dump station, albeit not pleasant. For about $300 you can buy a grinder attachment that allows to to empty your holding tank via a standard 3/4″ garden hose, purportedly with less mess. I was tempted to purchase the conversion until I read associated blogs. Leaving a campground, eager to get on the road, RV’s often line up at the dump station. I’ve learned that whereas gravity dumping can be accomplished by an experienced retired elder in a few minutes, those with grinders incur the wrath of those waiting because it takes significantly longer to pump out holding tanks via a small hose, even with additional pressure. Thus connected, and with a blown fuse, you are temporally up the creek, never ask which creek. Apart from advice to RVers, I wonder if there is an analogy here to the impending sewer system?

[“What t-shirt shops are really all about”] What are they ‘all about’ besides trying to make a living? Your innuendo is innuendoing to nonsense.



Does Ted Cruz know “Green Eggs & Ham” is about a guy who absolutely hates something he’s never seen before, but ends up liking it after trying it?

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[Affordable Care Act] The insurance market places do not open until October 1 for open enrollment.  Someone wrote in Wednesday regarding their premium and I would question where they got the quote. If you Google it there will be lots of insurance plans wanting your money. Make sure you go to to enroll.  Also, if you qualify for subsidies you have to enroll from this website. Link


[Desalination] There’s a very large and working plant on Stock Island just ready for emergencies. The problem with desalination is it requires a lot energy, so it is a lot cheaper to pipe water from the mainland.

sheriffIf you hear a siren in your neighborhood, you can look online and see what type of call might be taking place. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office now has a mobile version for smartphones at Link

[Desalination] Hey, Gloom & Doom, You want more distillation sites for cheap water? FKAA can treat and pump water down from Florida City for about $0.30 per 1000 gallons. It cost about $1.25 for 1000 gallons by distillation or desalination.

But you are right about wanting free sewer and low costs from the very top heavy paid utility bosses with their honey dripping retirement packages over the last 3 decades. No vote on Board executives is a bought deal, even though we voted for a vote on just that. Want cheap water and sewer – look into the FKAA and you can find what you want, but you will have to move the power seats out of the way.


[Pervasive Advertising] Originally the idea behind cable and satellite TV was to bypass commercial networks (and to reach outlying areas). Now all that’s on is commercials. I have commercial TV for the news and the rest of the time I watch Netflix.

an_opera-fat-lady[Star Spangled Banner] With the start of the NFL season, perhaps all team owners should be sent the following from a Marine Corps Colonel stationed in Afghanistan.

So with all the kindness I can muster, I give this one piece of advice to the next pop star who is asked to sing the national anthem at a sporting event: save the vocal gymnastics and the physical gyrations for your concerts. Just sing this song the way you were taught to sing it in kindergarten – straight up, no styling. Sing it with the constant awareness that there are soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines watching you from bases and outposts all over the world. Don’t make them cringe with your self-centered ego gratification. Sing it as if you are standing before a row of 88-year-old WWII vets wearing their Purple Hearts, Silver Stars and flag pins on their cardigans and you want them to be proud of you for honoring them and the country they love – not because you want them to think you are a superstar musician. They could see that from your costume, makeup and your entourage. Sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ with the courtesy and humility that  tells the audience that it is about America, not you.

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nira tocco realtor 9.12

Tim Root is running for a seat on Keys Energy [Utility Board] I’m voting for him because he says, “Credit card payments cut costs and paperwork, there is no need to penalize customers.” He just got my vote!

wheelchair blob


[Obamacare] Check your state exchange starting October 1 and see if you can find a better rate. They can’t penalize you for existing conditions any more.


[The Battle of the Bads] I can’t help but laugh at the little battle down here between the libs and the conservatives. Each side throws out talking points hoping to convince the other side they are full of it. This is truly a wasted effort. Paul Simon summed this up brilliantly in his song the Boxer.  “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. La la la la la la la.”

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[Silicone Caulking] Yesterday’s post had to be written by a renter. Only renters use silicone caulk. The only time you should use silicone caulk is on roofing, especially metal roofing.

I am a painting contractor and I only use Polyseamseal. I’ve tried them all, but none are as good. Not only is it a caulk but it’s also an adhesive. No other product can beat its adhesion. In my thirty years in the business I’ve never seen any damage to caulk from insects eating it. I don’t know what the poster was talking about. But I have seen nice rooms ruined by renters using silicone caulk and the mess they make using it. You’ll never get mess with a good latex caulk applied correctly, plus it’s paintable where silicone is not.

Also only renters think caulking keeps ants out. It doesn’t, chemicals do. 

tarps bungee cords

The sewer workers ripped up a bunch of my pavers where my driveway connects to the road. Are they going to repair any of this, or should I just wait 2+ years until the job is complete and pay someone to repair it?


[Names] My sister and I are both teachers, and we have a contest every year to see who has the strangest student name. I think she wins. 

[Permits] It seems like you have to have a permit to get a permit in Monroe County; info that will be used against you later on.

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keyboard robot typing 272h

The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, September 28, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Events

[Caulking] When my house was brand new and still empty I went in and caulked all the baseboards and receptacle boxes.  I also got in all the cupboards on the walls and under the counters and caulked every seam and pipe hole.  I didn’t  want the little buggers to have it too easy.
[Grinder Pumps] “They’ the only ones in favor of them.” Are you misinformed or what? The only ones in favor of grinder pumps are the FKAA and BOCC because they are too lazy to revisit the issue or use economic foresight.



I always thought the Meals on Wheels was an outstanding program.  Now I am convinced.

NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary welcomes A Deep Blue Dive of Key Colony Beach, Fla. as the newest participant in the Sanctuary’s Blue Star education and conservation program. Launched in 2009, Blue Star salutes charter companies that help protect the Florida Keys coral reef ecosystem by promoting responsible snorkeling and diving practices, and educating their patrons on the role humans play in reef health. Unlike some of the more global causes of reef decline — such as climate change — damage to reefs from snorkeling and diving is considered easily preventable through education and experience.


The difference between a hero and a coward is one step sideways.

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[Florida’s DMV is Sneaky]  They tend to suspend people’s drivers licenses and not inform them.  Then, when you get pulled over you go to jail.  This is not fair.  People need to be advised when their drivers license is suspended because one does not insure a vehicle which sits in storage.  I simply went to another state and got myself a new license.  You cannot rent a vehicle in America if Florida says your license is suspended.  Just another good reason to confirm that Florida is for trolls.  

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Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13
I watch Fox News a lot, especially The Five.  I now know what that moth feels like as it is being drawn in towards the flame.  But somebody there at Fox ought to have the common decency to point out to those babes before they are on camera, that they forgot to put their skirts on when they left the house.[?] 

brain walks out


[“Ed: How come I don’t understand any of the post any more”] They say the mind is the first thing to go; and that starts with not getting the point of humoristic jocularities. 

Dysfunctional families have sired a number of pretty good actors, but regretfully they became politicians.

[Senator Seuss] As much as I hate to admit it, I did learn one thing from the US Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz,  Congressional debacle.  I never knew the idea behind the famous Dr. Seuss story, “Green Eggs and Ham” story until Cruz caused the TV pundits to explain it, over and over again. 
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[Jaco Pastorius Commemorative Stamp] Please sign the petition for Jaco, the great crazy bassist. I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time. Link

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

water-nazi[Sanctuary Fear Factor] A lot of us opposed NOAA when they proposed to start a sanctuary in the waters around the Keys. We fought hard and even won a referendum vote with a record turnout for these Islands. Then we were double-crossed and lied to by NOAA  on every concern. Now we are up to our armpits in armed water nazis and bunches of enviro fundraisers behind them. It was, and is, pure bullshit.

What have they accomplished besides repopulating the Keys with their minions and moving hard working fishermen into retirement. The sewers are their plan not anyone elses. I am probably just posting this to the minions of NOAA with all the rest of your offshoots. You won the war but you lost your soul when you sent fishermen to jail and fined them out of their food budget. Undersize yellowtail and snook possession can get you into a cell with a murderer who is doing less time than you.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind – this is still America. You will be marked and put on the “get him” list, but so were all those greats before you. Speak up without fear. Get rid of NOAA in the Keys and you have rid the land of the exotic snake and lionfish[?]. And spray the mosquitoes, stupid!

religion politics zone
[Romneycare] A poster reminded me yesterday that if Romney would have touted the success with his version of Socialized Medicine when he was governor of Massachusetts in the last election he might have won. 
[Obamacare Future] Now that OC is going to control the costs of my medical care, who is going to pay for my kids to go to medical school or do I just have them take online course and advertise their specialties form $29.95 with pop-ups and banners?
[Obamacare Bad] I started an Obamacare deluge. As expected some like it some don’t, nothing unusual there. No one was able to answer why Congress and the executive branch are getting out of the wonderful, all pleasing, world of Obamacare. I guess that is because … Ok, I don’t know. Now I fully appreciate the benefits that others view as wonderful, like people uninsured getting insurance, we can keep our existing insurance (oh, no that’s off the table), lower rates (guess who will pay for those lower rates, the Government, and that’s out of my pocket), extended coverage for students, and on and on. Now the Federal government will control your health insurance, OK, I’m a believer. They have done so well with our Social Security investment(it was supposed to be an investment), Medicare, Medicaid, debt control, Income taxes, all ripe with fraud and errors like dead people collecting Social Security for years. The federal government could not even run a tax-possessed “bunny” ranch in Utah and make a profit.

Now we are adding untold people to the federal government to administer our (your and my) Health care. Excuse me, I do not trust my own government with any business. They have failed too often. However, I am not going to be around long enough to care, but my kids and grand kids are.

pres26[“Making peace”] Someone please tell yesterday’s poster that Ahmadinejad is no longer President and his policies are being discredited by the new President Hassan Rouhani who wants peace with the Americans in order to get the devastating sanctions to his country lifted.

Their economy is in tatters because of them. But after thirty years of hate, it’s going to be a long road to to get Americans to believe that Iran is all warm and cuddly now. 

[“Why Obamacare exemptions”] I understand that if you choose to keep your expensive, Gucci type insurance, you may.

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[Obamacare] I got a letter from Bluecross Blueshield, my health insurance provider, on Saturday. It explained that my current plan, the plan I chose to fit my individual needs, does not comply with Obamacare and thus had to be cancelled. It went on to say that I shouldn’t worry because I had been automatically moved to a new plan that does meet the new Obamacare requirements.

The details of my new plan are bad. My deductible went from $1500 up to $2500, that’s 66% more. My limit on annual out of pocket expenses went up from $1500 to $6350, up 323%! I’m now covered for a bunch of things I don’t want or need, like mental illness inpatient and substance abuse inpatient treatment coverage. Now a rational person might assume that when something I chose to buy, and wanted to keep was taken from me, it would at least cost less to pay for the thing that was forced onto me. Well that’s the best part. My monthly premium went up from $139.50 to $229.19, an increase of 65%. I get to pay more for something I don’t even want. Remember when our fearless leader said if we like our current plan we can keep it? I know I’m not the only person experiencing this. Please share your story, people have to understand what’s happening here. And please support Ted Cruz and his allies in the senate. He’s one of the few people trying to save us from this monstrosity.

[“Obama is a supporter of live birth abortions”] Not. Sorry but when did Obama say he was a personal supporter of live birth abortions? He has always said the choice is up to the woman and her God.

Please post the quote that proves your point. I look forward to reading your posting where Obama gives his personal support of your stated fact.

You wouldn’t just make up a fact to try and pass it off as reality would you? I mean what kind of guy would that make you?

I challenge you to put this Moderate democrat in his place. No spin now show me his quote. Thank You. The Right will say anything.

[“Obamacare in Action”] Tell that to the 20 year olds that are expected to pay for Obamacare! One wonders if Obamacare is so great why all the insiders have been allowed exceptions!

time machine spiral


[“Obamacare plans on the exchange range from $189 to $1000”]  Really?  You must be psychic or have a time machine.  I went to the web site: and it says Plans and cost info coming Oct 1. Also, BCBS is not the only insurance available in Monroe County.  I live in the Keys and have a policy through Aetna.  They have several policy options available and most are less than $400 a month.  I’m sure, thanks to Obamacare, they will be much more next year, as will most private health care policies.

I don’t know what the point is of lying about the so-called benefits of Obamacare when everyone that isn’t exempt will find out the truth soon, when they have to sign up for next year’s policy.

[“The hypocrisy of FTR”] The only hypocrisy here is your statement. Try freedom of speech. Now that we have that settled, try, if you can, to post something functional, interesting, or news, instead of knocking FTR. Bet you cannot.

[Go Without Insurance] Dear Mr. “Obamacare in action dude”, did you save that $60,000 in insurance premiums you didn’t have to pay by self-insuring and not being forced to buy health insurance?  That’s 60K still in your pocket, right?, That’s 60K that you could have used to take yourself to the doctor if you did have any kind of medical need.  If you didn’t have a medical issue, you could have bought a really big cool new toy boat.  Now, with Obamacare the next 5 years (10 years, 15 years.) of being forced to purchase insurance, whether you need it or not, is money in your insurer’s pocket, so the CEO can go buy what should have been your boat.  You know longer have a choice.  It’s his boat now.  See how that works?

from the right

an_cough2I wish yesterday’s poster well who reported that s/he will be saving money under Obamacare. Unfortunately that seems to be an anomaly. Health insurance under Obamacare will cost individuals at least $2,988 a year on average, a price that is out-of-reach for many Americans who don’t qualify for U.S. subsidies. While the $249 monthly payment is intended to be discounted through tax credits, less than half of people now buying insurance on their own may get that help.

The release of that data by the Obama administration comes just six days before the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges open for enrollment.

Yesterday the Washington Examiner reported that in Tennessee, today, a 27-year-old man in Memphis can buy a plan for as low as $41 a month. On the Obamacare exchange, the lowest state average will be $119 a month — a 190 percent increase. Today, a 27-year-old woman in Nashville can also buy a plan for as low as $58 a month. On the exchange, the lowest-priced plan in Nashville will be $114 a month — a 97 percent increase. Even with a tax subsidy, that plan is $104 a month, almost twice what she could pay today.   In Nashville, 105 insurance plans offered today will not be available in the exchange.

While our CT community member spoke of reduced insurance costs, Andy and Amy Mangione of Louisville, Kentucky say their health insurance nearly tripled overnight from $333 a month to $965 due to Obamacare. Link

In Florida, and many other states young consumers will be offered rates that are lower than some initial forecasts, but still significantly higher than they may be used to seeing, on health-insurance exchanges run either entirely or in part by the federal government. Please remember, the consumer has no choice, its buy or be fined. Let’s think about the premiums for the lowest-cost ‘bronze’ plan for a 27-year-old single person with the current lowest-cost option for a man in Florida.  The current private market “bronze plan” insurance premium is $66 per month.  The lowest cost “bronze plan” available on the Obamacare exchange will be $163.  Those rates are for Miami. Link

Finally, there is the fact that Obama’s HHS released day before yesterday, the stats on how much you can expect to spend on Obamacare. It’s not pretty. Based on a Manhattan Institute analysis of the HHS numbers, Obamacare will increase underlying insurance rates for younger men by an average of 97 to 99 percent, and for younger women by an average of 55 to 62 percent. Worst off is North Carolina, which will see individual-market rates triple for women, and quadruple for men. Check it out for yourself at Link

First off God bless you. “If you are already on Medicaid or Medicare do you feel you are on Socialized medicine?”  I must respectfully disagree with the apparent premise of that statement.

Payroll_Deductions1First of all Medicare came into being in 1965. My pay was docked by Medicare each and every pay period for the next 40 years. I became eligible to access Medicare at age 65.  I have paid big bucks for the medical care I now receive under Medicare. We have no choice, we must use Medicare.

Then you have to remember that Medicare does not pay for all of your medical expenses, on average it only covers about 48% of expenses. You are on the hook for the rest. Therefore, any sensible person will purchase supplemental policies. They ain’t cheap, it costs myself and Mrs. FTR a total of $610 per month.  If you’re a seasoned citizen as we are, never forget that the quality and quantity of health care you will receive under Medicare has been cut by $750 billion in order to fund Obamacare.

Medicaid is cat of a different color. It is basically a welfare program, socialized medicine.  It’s designed to provide medical care for persons who are unable to afford medical care. Medicaid pays for the births of thousands of children each year that are born out of wedlock.  Under the law as written, all U.S. citizens and legal residents with income up to 133% of the poverty line, including adults without dependent children, would qualify for coverage. Many health care providers will not accept Medicaid patients because they lose money on each patient.

Respectfully submitted: