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Thursday, September 5, 2013


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outhouse newspaper kneesYour grinder pump cannot dispose of wastewater without electrical power. If electrical power service is interrupted, you need to immediately begin conserving water. Failure to conserve water in the event of a power failure could result in sewer overflows or backups.

Minimize water use by not using your shower or bath. Do not store water in bathtubs or similar equipment connected to the sewer as an accidental emptying will fill the wet well. Wash your hands and bathe sparingly using an outside spigot. Have a camp bucket on hand for sanitary uses. Use your toilet only if absolutely necessary. The wet well for your grinder pump system may act as storage if used sparingly.

The County will attempt to empty wet wells with available equipment as soon as possible, but will not be responsible for the cost of repairs to your home due to sewer overflows during an emergency.

We sure are loosing a lot of boaters and divers this year to death.



[Most Famous Swimmer in the World]  Nyad told city commissioners Wednesday at their meeting at Old City Hall to change the slogan on the southernmost marker from “90 miles to Cuba” to the more accurate 94 miles, or the 103 miles from where she jumped in at Havana, or the 107 miles she swam including those when she went off course..

[Marathon Dog Park Getting Returfed] I look forward to bringing my doggies there and have them sniff all good doggie smells. In another life, I wrote grants. If the economy were more receptive to it, I’d offer my services as a thank you for keeping the park up.  But its not and I don’t, so I’ll just say thanks.



Wetstock 9. A good time was had by all!

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[Shark Petting Tank] In the 70s I lived above that KW Aquarium (before it was completely remodeled and changed) as the night watchman. I’d have to pass the shark tank to get to the stairs going to my hovel. I’d bring girls home and would usually stop at the center pool and pick up a nurse shark by the tail to impress the ladies with my stupidness. It always worked.

[“Jesus Loves You”] Isn’t it lucky that you Jesus freaks happened to be born into the one true religion? Out of the hundreds of faiths and thousands of gods you got the right one.

The following quote from Stephen F. Roberts sums up the situation very nicely: “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

A rational person rejects all gods equally, because all of them are equally imaginary.

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Conspiracy Man] It seems that our government and it’s 3 letter agencies are gearing up for an upcoming event. No one on the NEWS media has mentioned any of this! I have done research on this subject and have discovered validity to this topic. Our Government, Military (Coast Guard & Reserves), CDC, NASA, FEMA, CIA, NSA etc. are conducting fierce rations in food, water, vaccines, riot gear and ammo, training etc. The coincidence of this all, is that the deadline date is between Sept 29th to October 1st 2013!

Mysterious FEMA Region lll alert has folks on edge. Link



[Name That Plant] Can anyone identify this bush. It grows all over Big Pine and is in bloom now even though there’s no flowers as we like them, but the bees do. I think it might be called a Jojo, but doubt it.

[Fashion Police] I plan on wearing white all winter. I wonder if that fashion rule only applies to cooler climates?

[“Jesus Loves You”] Amazing how one of the smallest represented faiths in the USA has more influence on society and how it operates, and gets more attention in the media, than any other. Muslim faith spreads fear in others. I thought Obama said USA is not a Christian Nation?  Almost fooled me!

This map gives you the percentage of Christians and all faiths in each state. Roll the cursor over each state. Now ask yourself, why are we allowing our government and special interest groups, i.e. ACLU to take God out of our culture and schools?  


MARATHON — The mystery  surrounding a missing $300,000  boat widened Wednesday  as the insurance company  announced it was putting up  big bucks for anyone who can  help find it.  Harbor and Ocean Services  Inc. of Fort Lauderdale is offering a reward of $10,000 for  the safe return of the vessel,  according to a Monroe County  Sheriff’s Office press release.  The 35-foot Intrepid Cuddy  Cabin, which has twin Yahama  300 horsepower, four-stroke  outboard engines, was reported missing on Aug. 19 from  a boat lift behind a house on  Bulevar De Palmas.    ~KW Citizen 

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[Regulators] The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council’s Ecosystem Protection Working Group is hosting regional public meetings to facilitate information exchange and solicit region and site-specific input from the community, as part of the Sanctuary’s ongoing Marine Zoning and Regulatory Review. Link


[“Never click on the highlighted link in email”] That was wise advice. Copy the link and paste it into your browser’s address window to be safe. That way you get to see the site, because it might be a real message that you want to see; and protect your computer from bad things at the same time.

Never click on a link in an email if you want to be really safe. Copy and paste it in your browser.

taco making


Come out of your shell and cook up a Soft-Taco Bar and let guests “roll their own” dinner. Link


[Diana Nyad No Hero] How in the hell can she be a hero? How many lives did she save by putting hers in harm’s way, which she didn’t do.

The hero word in our society has lost it’s true meaning as so many other things have. How sad. Before we start a pissing contest, I do give the old broad an “atta girl” for what she did, but she isn’t a hero.

(Ed: Hero. 1. a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. 2. another term for submarine sandwich.)


[The Last Assassin] In 1975, President Gerald Ford survived an attempt on his life when Secret Service agents tackled would-be assassin Lynette Fromme. Fromme, of Manson Family fame, was the last real American assassin before the Muslims took over the terror business.



Chef Conch: I added a photo of how to prepare the Baked Crispy Potatoes without slicing all the way through. Place a chopstick along each side of the potato to stop the blade from cutting all the way. 

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[Catnappers] Your cats are being eaten by a very large iguana. Instead please send the $1000 reward to Ed, the owner of this site. Case closed.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

Right now politics are terrible for me because I don’t know what side I’m on any more. I hate both sides and wish I could find a middle of the road guy.

trivia5[Trivia] Que: Where’s the best place to play trivia on Thursday, tonight? Ans: Springer’s Bar & Grill, 31251 Avenue A, Big Pine Key, starting at 6 pm.  We dare you to test your knowledge. Play Trivia. Lots of fun and prizes too!

Happy Hour every weekday from 11:30 am – 7 pm. Now that’s a good deal. See you there!

Does anyone know anything about Mosquito Control’s non-spraying in Big Pine Key? Will Big Pine Key’s homeowners get a break on the taxes?


[Humberto Fontova hates Castro and says you don’t know squat about Cuba] “Almost everything most people (except Cuban exiles) think they know about Cuba isn’t just wrong —  it’s almost the exact opposite of the truth,” Fontova, a refugee from Castro’s Cuba and the author of numerous books about the country, in an interview about his new book, ”The Longest Romance: The Mainstream and Fidel Castro.”

“Hemingway hailed Castro’s revolution as ‘very pure and beautiful,’” Fontova said. “He was also a guest of honor at many of Che Guevara’s firing squad massacres. Hemingway loved to watch Che’s firing squads murder hundreds of Cubans. Hemingway would watch the massacres from a picnic chair while sipping Daiquiris.”

Fontova’s source for this troubling detail of Hemingway’s life is a former employee of late Paris Review editor George Plimpton who says his traumatized boss once told him how Hemingway took him to one such fire squad social gathering.

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taxi turtle


Wanted. I am looking for someone I can ride with up the Keys a few days a week. I have to be in Marathon by 6 am or a few minutes after. I am willing to pay 10 dollars a day for gas. I can be at Dions market at 5.30 am or a little earlier. If you are able to give me a ride, please call me. Classified Ads > Wanted

Peru is the global leader in dollar counterfeiting. Peruvian counterfeiting craftsmen, low paid but adept, take global lead in faking US banknotes. Link

tarps bungee cords

[“There are a lot of anti-Christians posting here”] The postings are not about Christians but about religion in general — all cults, some bigger than others. Your ego is showing St. Peter!




The Sagittarius Teapot and the surrounding rich Milky Way are highest in the south right after dark at this time of year. The brightest puff of the summer Milky Way seems to rise like steam from the Teapot’s spout. All of the labeled objects here and many more are good binocular targets under a dark sky.

Ed, Are you on vacation or is Wednesday’s column late? (Ed: Late, sorry.)

[Conspiracy] Re-think 9/11. Video

group ants jumping



[Study Group] For anyone out there interested in seeing America returned to the original principles of our founding Fathers, I am hoping to start a Constitution study and discussion group in the Big Pine area. Strictly non-partisan, it’s about being an American and reviving the principles of Liberty our founding fathers risked all for. Anyone interested in participating please email me at 

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After watching copious amounts of crime dramas I’ve come to the conclusion that serial killers only target women who wear matching bra and pantie sets. Feeling much safer now?

[Catnappers] Cats are missing in Little Torch? No wonder I haven’t seen cat shit in my boat, cat fur on my patio furniture, and dead birds in the yard anymore. Frankly, a cat to me, is equal to an iguana, however I do not physically harm any animals, I just ignore the useless ones. 

an_man waves




Best UFO sightings for August 2013! Video

[Dog Park] Here on the mainland, we take our dog to a very happening dog park with many playful dogs.  The grass get muddy when it rains and then he gets shampooed afterwards.  It is worth all the work to see him playing with others.  Once in a while a little dog will get sassy and bite a well-behaved pitbull and then the little one has to leave. One dog bite can easily cost over $500 at the vet.  

god-bless-you[“Jesus Loves You”] Hi everyone it’s me Jesus freak, sorry I was too busy to tune in the last few days so I am here to catch up on a few comments.  Someone asked if I was writing “satire or real”, it was real I am not toying with the Capt. I really want him to get peace in his life. See I too can get overwhelmed with the news of the planet. But I have hope, so I stay in tune with the world, but I don’t allow it to fall on me and steal my joy.  When it does I can give it to God in prayer and go on with my life.  

For someone who does not have TV I am very aware of what is happening in the world and do not hide my head in the sand.  That is not my purpose.

Someone suggested that I pray that the Capt. go crazy, but again that is not my purpose.  My purpose of using the Capt. is not only to bring him peace in his life, but hopefully to be a witness to God’s power.  We will only know by his posts of the future if he is getting softened.  It probably won’t happen next week or maybe even next month, it will be in God’s timing, as you readers will be able to attest to it.

Someone told me to “stand up and be counted as wolves won’t care about my inner peace”  Your right, but I am standing up and being counted I am just not in your army.  I believe I have the tools to keep the wolves away. I see in my friends that think they know God, or even profess not to know Him, that they are struggling very hard right now. They feel like the walls are closing in on them. I know that this happens everyday all over the world to everyone, but I also know if they really understood Jesus that the burden would be lighter. I can’t help them for various reasons, distance is mostly the main reason, but I can cover them in prayer, as that is what I do.

To the lady whose husband molested her children while using the name of Jesus.  That is what I wrote about, that not all professed Christians know God and use his name in vain. I am so sorry for all that you have suffered but I consider myself to be a sincere, kind, genuine zealot of Jesus who is not looking for money or sex and would be willing to meet you face to face for you to see that we do exist.

To the person who said I live on a different planet my statement was to the Capt. in his statement that wars are started by people who profess to know God. (See paragraph above.) I believe he was referring to Pres. Bush. and the Christian crusades. Again the word of God gets twisted by humans for their own gains, and you need to know the truth (the word of God). As to the man who said that he thought sometimes the Capt.’s comments  were spot on, I have to agree, and there certainly times when he is ludicrous; that is why I was one of the first people to request that his postings be moved to the bottom of the column as the religious & political section, and the No Name issue. Deer Ed complied.

As for the person who wrote the statement about ” What I did wrong in life.”  That helps me make my point. As Christians we do not worship material wealth.  I totally understand what you are saying, but do you really want to lower yourself to their level. Yes it sounds good but if you look closely these people are empty inside.  Yes, I know we would all like more money, even me. Although I do not have nearly as much money as I did 20 years ago I have much more peace and joy than ever before.  I can only hope that your son does become smarter than you, and comes to know Jesus.

ShortWar-ct[Captain Doom and Gloom] With the FKAA not listening to us on the grinder pump situation, how would an individual like myself, go about notifying them that I want a gravity system installed on my property, regardless of their plans for grinder pumps installations along my street?   Should I approach each property owner for their choice and start a group action?   Should I take this to court?   Should I demand the FKAA prove I have to have a grinder pump when the street next to mine will get gravity?  Who do I send a certified letter to that matters in the FKAA? Should I write the State?
religion politics zone

[Obamacare] Wasn’t it AARP that endorsed obamacare?  AARP, whose membership is comprised of people 50 yrs old and older and who is suppose to endorse policy that is beneficial to that group.  Well it looks like they screwed up big time.  Premiums under obamacare for a 60 year old are expected to cost $615 a month. It won’t exactly be cheap for other age groups either. Is this really what people expected from obamacare? Link

feet5[Feet on Furniture]  I was thinking of the last time my wife and I visited Washington DC. We toured the capitol building and admired the frescos on the ceiling of the capitol dome. One of them, the apotheosis of George Washington, makes me wonder about a politician who turned down being King of the United States. Can you imagine a modern politician who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be king?

Apotheosis, in case you’ve forgotten means the Gods turning a mortal into a God. Washington was a class act in contrast to the present president who can keep his feet off our furniture.

[Unspoken Rules For Being A Liberal – John Hawkins] 2) You exempt yourself from your attacks on America: Ever notice that liberals don’t include themselves in their attacks on America? When they say, “This is a racist country,” or “This is a mean country,” they certainly aren’t referring to themselves or people who hold their views. Even though liberals supported the KKK, slaughtering the Indians, and putting the Japanese in internment camps, when they criticize those things, it’s meant as an attack on everyone else except liberals. The only thing a liberal believes he can truly do wrong is to be insufficiently liberal. Link



Out: Anti-war; In: War is cool

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FTR you are very wrong. We have indeed been supporting and giving weapons to the Syrian rebels. Please improve your research or change your news sources. They are failing you.

from the right
broadside galleonWe still have no idea what the real purpose of Obama’s “shot across the bow” for Syria is. But it has become crystal clear that his toss of the hot potato to Congress is strictly to save face for Obama.  We have been given no info whatsoever what the goals of his planned mission are, we have been given no idea how long or how intense the assault will be. But, we have been told that it is specifically not designed to oust Assad. Do you get that? We’re going to war with the goal of changing nothing. Obama has told us that the strike will not be to degrade Assad’s killing of his citizens by guns, explosives, hanging, torture, or any other method except gas.

Now it’s amazing, but Obama has declared that he did not draw a red line about the use of chem warfare.

Yesterday he told a press conference in Stockholm: “I didn’t set a red line, the world set a red line,” Obama said. “My credibility’s not on the line. The international community’s credibility is on the line. And America and Congress’s credibility’s on the line.” I call bullshit on that, if that’s true, where in the hell is the rest of the international community? Nearly every nation is against it. He insults the world and Congress by making that statement. Nearly every nation has declared that they oppose American intervention. The next thing we’ll hear is that it is GWB’s credibility on the line and it is GWB’s fault that the mess even exists.

You will note that he made an announcement that he was going to strike. Then he took a walk with one of his political advisors.  At the end of that walk he did a 180 and said that he would not issue the go order without seeking Congressional approval. He had the authority to go it himself, but made a decision to pass the buck to Congress.

Perhaps he has realized that the death toll of civilians as a result of his actions will be huge. Assad has dispersed his munitions to civilian areas and has moved hordes of civilians into military complexes as human shields.

Then there is the issue of was it really Assad who did the gassing. The following links are reports of his opposition, militant Muslim fundamentalists, who have been in possession of sarin munitions. Did Assad’s foes actually do the gassing so as to draw us into the fray? Link1 Link2 Link3

We have a record to examine for Obama’s intercession into civil wars, its Libya. The result is a mammoth cluster intercourse. Now Libya has almost entirely stopped producing oil as the government loses control of much of the country to militia fighters. The nation is in chaos. Please take the time to read the link.


Part 2) It is astounding, but The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), which represents some 40,000 workers have severed ties with the AFL CIO. Why? Because of Obamacare.