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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives… not looking for flaws, but for potential.
A happy New Year!
Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I’ve played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.

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I don’t know who would ever want to be the President of the Howard Livingston fan club except his mother. If I want to hear Howard Livingston I’ll put on a Jimmy Buffett album. 

The first flight to Cuba from Key West took place yesterday and it lasted just 30 minutes. The last time I went it took me over eight hours from the time I left for Miami and when I landed in Havana.
[Spies like US] NSA can hack iPhones with “100% success rate” since 2007. Catalog promises computer, router and phone hacks “at the speed of light”. Link


To me regular Spam is too greasy, but Spam Lite is pretty darn good in a sandwich.

Did Bench Bob have a beard?
nira tocco realtor 9.12
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adblock31[“Ads and pop-ups”] Possible causes, inadvertently installed adware/malware/toolbar onto the computer, either by clicking a malicious email link or by installing some extra program or toolbar into the browser during another install. And/or the web browser doesn’t have a Ad Block extension and what one is seeing is the normal, advertising crap-filled Internet maximizing any ad with all possible revenue streams.

Remedies are too complicated to go into here. Take your machine to a local Radio Shack, make friends with a computer geek to watch over your machine and teach you how to maintain it. Forget tablets, I’ve found both Android and iOS malware on their devices. The rather pathetic processing power on tablets make running an always on anti-malware app a near impossibility as well as any ad block type extensions due to store restrictions, or seeing the complete web in all it’s glory.

Here’s the AdBlock download search results. At the bottom are the selections for the various browsers. Link

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What’s up there? Can you hear me now? Video

Over 975,000 people signed up for Obamacare in December, most of them unaware that Obama will harvest their organs to pay China.
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I like Spam cubes fried with onions until the onions and Spam caramelize. I then mix the whole mess with whipped potatoes for a cheap and filling supper. Yum!

pelican eats row of fish[Don’t feed the pelicans] There’s a new rule about feeding pelicans. Don’t do it. We’ve had problems with brown pelicans becoming dependent on fish and fish scraps. For example, at fish-processing facilities or fish markets, the pelicans will arrive every day to eat, becoming habituated, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologists.

Pelicans that hang out at fishing piers or other spots where people are cleaning fish can have problems too. The large bones left over after filleting a fish can get stuck in the throat of the pelican and eventually choke or starve it. Other problems occur when pelicans get caught with fishing hooks while trying to steal fish directly from fishing line. It’s not unusual to see a pelican with a hook embedded in its pouch and fishing line trailing behind it. This can cause the soft skin of the bird’s pouch to tear.  Such injuries c an sometimes become infected, which can lead to those individuals becoming sick and weak.  In extreme cases, the bird may die from illness or from starvation because it weakens to the point where it can’t get enough food.

These concerns led FWC staff and other experts to conclude these “free meals” were affecting the overall health of brown pelican populations. To counter this problem, the Commission passed a rule that is intended to stop the feeding of large numbers of pelicans.  This rule is considered necessary to maintain healthy wild populations of brown pelicans in Florida. The new rule, which went into effect July 1, states that the intentional feeding or the placement of food that attracts pelicans and modifies the natural behavior of the pelican to the point of becoming detrimental to the survival or health of a local population is prohibited. The activities that are no longer permitted under this rule include: Dumping or discharging large amounts of fish scraps, bycatch, or comparable materials from a fish house or similar facility which attracts large numbers of pelicans to that area and causes changes in the behavior of the pelicans. Though indirectly feeding the pelicans, such large-scale activities can have a detrimental effect on a brown pelican population by inhibiting migration and leading to cold-weather-induced illness and injury. Organized groups of people or organizations that feed groups of pelicans at regular places and regular times when the pelicans are not restrained or not directly under their care. Public fishing piers and beaches which attract large groups of fishermen may want to consider creating scrap chutes where folks can dump the leftovers to keep them out of the way of pelicans at a larger scale.

The intent of this rule is not to regulate the occasional or the casual feeding of individual pelicans.  Individuals who are out fishing and happen to hand a scrap to a begging pelican will not be cited for their behavior. This rule provides an enforcement tool to resolve situations when large-scale feeding could negatively influence the health or survival of a pelican. However, you can help keep pelican populations healthy by not feeding them. One person feeding a pelican one fish may not harm the bird, but problems do occur because usually there are many people feeding that same pelican every day. Another way to help is to use fish scrap repositories at piers and docks if they are available.  If they are not available, discard your fish scraps in a garbage can or at home.

Your efforts will help keep pelican populations wild. Please don’t feed them

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toilet exploding fumesDo you think you can flush normally when the power goes out just because you are slated for a gravity sewer in the new Cudjoe Regional? Think again! The neighborhood lift stations in FKAA’s design use the same slow pumping E-One brand residential grinder pumps as the houses with a grinder pump station in the yard. The lift stations use 3 or 4 pumps and have a fancier control panel and a bigger pump pit is all the difference. Because each lift station has more than 40 people flushing into it, it will fill to overflowing even faster than an individual grinder pit. The E-One grinders pump so slowly that it takes about an hour to pump down a 5′ round x 12′ deep lift station, even running all pumps at once. Because there are dozens of lift stations, each taking an hour to pump down while filling back up in just a few hours, FKAA has no hope of keeping up during a widespread power outage. Remember that they have thousands of individual grinders to pump, too.

You people on gravity better buy a camp bucket too if this system is allowed to be built as it is currently designed. The E-one pump is the biggest problem. You gravity people should be joining the pump resistance for more than the high rates grinders will bring. Sign the new petition at and be counted among the aware. (At least with gravity, the poop might not back up into your house or spill into your yard- it might just slop all over the ground at manholes and the lift station. But your toilet may still overflow when it tries to flush into a full pipe.) Stop the construction. Redesign. Dump the pumps!

Nomophobia refers to the fear or anxiety an individual may feel when unable to obtain a signal from a mobile phone tower, forgetting to bring their mobile phone along, or having the battery run out of power, thus leaving them totally ‘disconnected’. Nomophobia is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia“.



Happy New Year everyone. We’re headed back to the Keys now after a “Christmas tour” to upstate New York. It’s nice to visit the relatives, but the weather (it’s going to minus 20 F this week) reminds us of why the Keys are so great!

It used to be that the response of the wealthy when queried about there not being enough bread for the poor to eat was, “then let them eat cake”.  That about sums up the attitude of our hard working innovators and the many fortunate trust fund babies amongst us. To this I say enjoy your rewards while they last because nothing lasts forever, especially species whose members don’t work together.


seminar31[Sanctuary Seminar] Registration is open for Florida Keys Community College’s “Sanctuary Seminar,” a six-week, non-credit lecture series hosted by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The course is open to those interested in learning more about the ecological and cultural resources of the sanctuary. Lectures are Tuesday evenings 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m., from January 14 – February 18, 2014 at Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center in Key West.

Class Schedule
Finding Sea Truth: Marine Weather Spotting in the Florida Keys  ~Kenard “Chip” Kasper, National Weather Service
Ships and Their Stories: Creating Maritime Art  ~David Harrison Wright, Maritime Artist and Historian
How Tourism Affects the Dolphins Near Key West  ~Jessica Powell, Marine Mammal Biologist
Meet the Mosquito: Breaking the Dengue Cycle  ~Bob Eadie and Dr. Mark Whiteside, M.D. Monroe County Health Department
Prehistoric Snowbirds: We are not the first?  ~Dr. Michelle Williams, Florida Public Archaeology Network
Diving the U.S.S. Monitor: A Civil War Submarine  ~Brett Stafford, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

For more information … Events

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hammock palms

[“Up North, where things are always done right”] Except rest and relaxation, palm trees, fresh air, sunshine, warmth and crystal blue water. 

[Sanitary engineer] “Up north where everything is done right” I was born and raised up north, and a garbage man was always called a garbage man, you must mean New York City.

[Insane Year in Review] You’re welcome America. The 40 most insane things that happened this year in Florida. Link

chain link fence tree

Free Chain link fence with gate.  Approximately 80-90 feet in length.  Complete with posts.  You must remove.  Located on Big Pine.  Classified Ads > Free

[PC makers plan revolt] Windows 8 PC sales are so terrible that manufacturers plan to release dual operating system computers. Link
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December 31,1879 Thomas Edison gave the first public demonstration of an electric incandescent lamp.



Today in 1938 the first breath test for drivers, “drunkometer,” was introduced in Indianapolis.

[Not A Fan] Why do you allow that Rush Limbaugh-spewing hate-monger writer/liar of the “Politics Zone–From the Right” a forum to harass people who just want to read local stories without the intrusion of right-wing politics, lies and hate speech?

If your excuse is that he pays $20 to broadcast his hatred of our President and Democrats in general, you must be pretty desperate for cash. Personally, he is the reason that I seldom read your web page. Perhaps Big Pine Key needs an alternative to your web site–one minus divisive political rants. If I wanted to listen to that crap, I would watch Fox News and listen to the nut jobs on AM radio.


Ads and pop-ups only happen when I’m on (Ed: There is something wrong, but it has nothing to do with this site. No one else seems to have your problem. I suggest running a full scan using the “Free Version Download” of Malwarebytes at Link and remove the results in red. Another suspect is add-ons and toolbars in your browser. You’ll have to ask someone else for help with that. You can bring your computer to the Big Pine Computer Club and they might be able to troubleshoot and fix your problem right there. Events. Radio Shack on Big Pine now has in-house computer repair that is even handier.) 



[“Girdles”] While we on the subject of girdles, why did women wear them, or is that female secret information?   Do you think they will ever come back?  Actually, a long long time ago, I dated one skinny girl who laughed when I tried, unsuccessfully, to get past hers at a drive in movie, said it was her “armor”.  But that was just our first date.

[Citizen Of The Day Says] I love the close proximity of the beaches in the Keys, along with the calmer weather
[Crooks] I am looking for a missing aerial photo map of the Florida Keys, Big Pine Key. Which is 37 3/4″ wide X 27″ high with 3″ of pine frame, along with some dive masks and fins and a bluish sea kayak and a skull of a turtle which was stolen from No Name Key about a month ago. Please call Classified Ads > Lost and Found
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Proposal to change the way hurricanes are named. Video
I’ll take a skinny bitch who doesn’t charge much and I don’t have to waste money  getting her liquored up.  Sounds perfect.

factory inspector goods

And you wonder why the USA cannot make stuff as cheap a China. I bought a cable from Amazon Prime made in China for nine cents and that included free shipping. Link

For all of you that go to the little tiki bar and bet on the football pool, apparently the fix is in. If you’re the one in control of the score cards you can change your scores whenever you want; ouch! Buyer beware. Just hope the management takes care of this problem.
from the right

vote rotateSome of the e-mails that I have been receiving from the CT community seem to be pessimistic about our national future.  Frankly I do not share that view, I am very optimistic that the current Democrat/Liberal/Progressive brand of governance is in the process of imploding. I am very optimistic that the Republicans will take control of the Senate and will retain control of the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm election.

I hold that view because I have a basic belief that Americans are becoming more and more aware that the Democrat brand of governance is a recipe for failure.

One of the most egregious examples is the Affordable Care Act, aka Democare. One of the most dangerous facets of the law is its ravenous appetite for your tax dollars.  Democare includes so many taxes that it’s hard to keep track, but one of the worst takes effect on Jan. 1. This beaut is a levy on health insurance premiums that targets the small business and individual markets.

Team Obama refuses to call this levy a tax, they use the euphuism “a fee”. At $8 billion in 2014 and $101 billion over the next decade, the insurance tax/fee is larger than Democares taxes on medical devices and prescription drugs combined. Even though the IRS labels the tax as a fee, it functions exactly like an excise tax on the premiums you pay. The IRS collects an annual flat amount specified by the Affordable Care Act to be allocated among the insurers according to market share.

The IRS elected to be cute in the regulations they published in November. They excluded “any entity that is a self-insured employer to the extent that such employer self-insures its employees’ health risks.” Since about four of five employers with more than 500 workers and most union-negotiated health plans are self-insured, they are spared from the tax. So is insurance on behalf of “government entities,” such as original Medicare (but not privately run Medicare Advantage). The union and big business are big winners. Small businesses are big losers.

It’s obvious that Team Obama has made the political decision that the most gold-plated public, private and labor plans are to be exempt and the tax burden falls on the saps who work for small businesses, the self-employed and individuals—i.e., the people who can least afford it. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer with Democrat governance.

It’s amazing that the White House can keep a straight face when they claim that Joe Six Pack will be spared the pain of this new tax. They claim that the tab will be picked up by deep-pocketed insurers, that claim is good only  for a laugh.

The Congressional Budget Office reports the tax will be “largely passed through to consumers in the form of higher premiums” and “would ultimately raise insurance premiums by a corresponding amount.” The tax will boost insurance costs about 2% to 2.5%, its estimated that the tax will hike insurance cost by as much as $500 per covered worker by decade’s end.

The National Federation of Independent Business calculates that the higher insurance costs will shrink hiring by 146,000 to 262,000 jobs over the next decade, with 59% of those losses hitting small business.

Need we point out that it is big business, really big business that have been the biggest contributors to the Democrat party and Democrat politicos.  And that it is big business that is least damaged by Democare.


“A black leather band covered her breasts and a loincloth stretched around her narrow hips. Rich white pelts dangled from her belt, concealing pouches that held her shamanic tools. Her legs were bare to the knee, where boots encased them like a second skin. He’d wanted those long legs wrapped around his waist for years now…”

“Kadira pulled in a deep breath, her breasts threatening to spill from the leather containing them. Biting back a groan, Ezra was unsurprised by his body’s reaction, his cock hardening to a painful degree. Always it was so with her, but she had never allowed him to touch her, even in the orgiastic indulgence of Spring and Fall Rites…He wanted to take, to claim…”

“This Rite, he would have her. In any way he could. She would be his and his alone. A shudder rippled through him as the thought made his cock throb. Yes. He refused to hold back any longer, refused to wait. Why he’d delayed this long, he didn’t know, but the time had come for action. Soon he would have that graceful body beneath him. Soon he’d sheath his cock in her tight, wet pussy. Soon he’d taste the sweetness of her juices, hear her scream his name as he made her come for him. Soon he’d have all that wildness in his arms. Soon.”

The foregoing is an excerpt from “The Wanderer” by Crystal Jordan. The book is a part of “The Popular Romance Project,” an academic program to study the genre of popular romance fiction. The project is funded by The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) with about $1 million of your tax dollars. They even have a web site.  Your Democrat levied tax dollars at work. Read more … Link

Please take the time to e-mail me with your views, pro or con. I especially urge those who reside in left field to sound off. If your offering is intelligent and interesting, I will post it.   Respectfully submitted