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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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[The Grinch That Stole Christmas] Some low-life, thieving, piece of reeking feces stole about $600 dollars of Christmas toys that were to be given out to the children of our community at the annual Moose Lodge Pizza With Santa Kids Christmas Party.  What kind of deplorable, degenerate person would stoop so low and to do something as rotten as stealing from kids at Christmas.  Despite the theft, the party for the kids will go on as planned as members donated to replace the gifts.

May the biting fleas of a thousand camels infest the thief’s crotch and may he/she suffer thusly unto eternity.

korean9[Privilege] The daughter of Korean Air’s chief exec, Heather Cho, a senior vice-president herself, turned the jet back to the gate at JFK because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag, not a dish. She demanded the Purser be removed from the plane and the pilot had no choice, she being the owner’s daughter, to comply. The South Korean tabloids and talk shows are going nuts with this story! The plane arrived at Incheon 11 minutes late. Link
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injustice9[Justice?] Officer Gary Lee Lovette is suspended for five days after killing Eimers on Thanksgiving Day last year. Lovette is recorded on his Taser audio recorder saying Eimers was very strong and was “fighting” the officers or “beating the s**t out of six of us.” Lovette is also recorded on the Taser saying, “Me? I dropped like a f**king bomb on his head,” and at one point said, “We just killed someone.” Lovette chased Eimers when he was ordered to not do so, and that during that chase he did not have his emergency lights and sirens on the entire time as is department policy.

The Eimers’ incident revealed that some officers’ body microphones were not working, but were on, whereas other officers’ body microphones were working, but their in-car cameras were not.

[Buying A Boat] When you move to a different region look at the type of boats locals are using. They are using them because that style is the most practical for that area. For example you wouldn’t buy a flats boat for boating in Connecticut, you’d buy a boat with an enclosed helm station or pilot house. I see many snowbirds buy smaller boats that are impractical for these waters like sit-down runabouts where you can’t read the water’s depth, deep draft boats for the backcountry, inboard/outboards, etc. All they’d have to do would be to look at what everyone else is driving to buy the best boat. My all time favorite is the guy who moves here and buys a sailboat, sails once or twice and never sails again.
[“The Mad Russian Dies“] When I first saw that picture I thought it was Jack Sweeting.
Yes, the Iguana Killers Club (IKC) is still active, actually more active than ever. We will soon be conducting a tactical operation with about six sharpshooters on the bike path between BPK and Little Torch Key. We now have an old van with gun ports cut into the both sides and the rear of the van. The van can be parked along the side of US1 and nobody is the wiser as to what’s actually going on.  We learned that from the D.C. sniper. We recently completed our first field operation using the van in the Bay Point area of US1 and were able to take down 26 iguanas in about 12 minutes. Life is good!
Anti dog pepper-spray poster’s link fails to give a link to the petition. Tonite was the 2nd time I’ve tried to sign. Am I missing something? All I get is a link to email her. (Ed: The outraged woman is not very tech savvy. All I have is the email link too.)
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This just bloomed yesterday. I took cutting from last year’s Christmas Cactus and it grew into this beaut. The original plant is very healthy and I hope blooms in time.
[Ferguson] A transcript of an interview with Dorian Johnson, who was the eyewitness with Brown when he was shot, wasn’t presented to the grand jury!
If you’re riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there.
gamo9[“Iguana Killer Club”] I don’t know if they are still active in Big Pine, but I have personally taken 12 of the reptiles from my mahogany tree here in Key West. They ranged from six to two feet. Most were on the 3.5-4′ size. I still have a couple more who seemed to have learned to sun themselves in thicker vegetation. Due to the amount of feces on my vehicle, and the ground on my property I decided I had to do something. Thanks to the article in the Citizen a few months ago informing that it was legal to kill them on private property, I purchased a Gamo Whisper, which is a 1500 foot per second pellet rifle. It has never failed me.
[CIA Torture] The CIA is bracing for what could be one of the most damaging moments in its history: a public airing of its post-9/11 embrace of torture. Everything you need to know about the CIA torture report in under 4 minutes. Video
tractor enclosed
Woman drives farm tractor
from the Netherlands through Europe, Africa and reached the South Pole! Link
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What the hell, Mother Nature! Thanks for the heart attack. I’m going to need a moment …
[More Taxes] The dirty little secret is that no matter how much money you give the government they will spend it and want more! And if they claim reductions or cuts in spending it almost always means reduction in the rate of increase they projected. If you have ever worked with the government and seen the waste and overspending you may have a different take on the issue. If you have never dealt with governmental projects you can’t imagine the waste. If you only get your information from cable TV then you are what is known as a low information voter.
[“Rubber bands for stripped screws”] Thanks for another life lesson on the CT. I don’t know how many times the vice grips or Sawzall was used when simply placing a rubber band over the screw head, then using the screwdriver, would have worked. Thanks
Surprise Dill Pickles
have since gone out of business.
[“Is the IKC still active”] Yes, it’s alive and well in someone’s imagination. If you want to join come to the next monthly meeting. I believe it’s held on Pluto this month.
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This fabulous home is the true definition of “move in ready”! Just unpack and relax. Call Nira Tocco 305-240-1047 for your private showing today. Classified Ads > House For Sale
[“‘No mother should’ photo”] That’s a fake and well exposed already. Someone took a picture of a protester that said ‘No mother should have to fear for her sons life every time he leaves home’ and Photoshopped in the ‘robs a store’ (it’s not a great Photoshop job either). Too bad the fake pictures and rumors are the ones that get shared in these charged situations.
There is a law in Egypt against “Scorning Religion“. That’s similar to saying it’s against the law to scorn UFOs. One myth is protected but the other is not. What a crazy world.
pipeline fkaa
History of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority
. Link
Hacker criminals are now successfully blackmailing companies or else they encrypt all the company’s data, both on and off line–anythinh connected to them in any way, be it the cloud or hard drives. So far they are asking modest ransoms of about $750
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[Christmas Drinking Game] Place a Santa hat on the corner of your TV and every time someone on the screen wears it — Drink!
When I’m dust and done.
Will they say,
He had fun.
Even if they made those toy handguns out of orange plastic the kids would just paint them black.
[Racists] Notice any similarities?
Malaria deaths worldwide have halved this last year. Link
I had a horrible dream last night. Maybe it was caused by a dinner that consisted of burritos and cheap wine- I dreamt that aliens were performing genetic experiments on Jersey girls, and releasing them in the Keys to breed with the locals. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!
CheapShots will be in the Keys from Fri Dec 12th through the 15th doing what it does best; low cost, high quality veterinary care. This is also the last weekend of the holiday special for dentals. Call 305-390-0325 or go to for more info. See you soon! Link
hareens 12.2.14
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For a few years I have tried to get a handle on why people are leaving the workforce. I tried finding out looking at Social Security numbers but couldn’t find that statistic. Recently I ran across this graph.that displays reasons for the leaving the workforce. Not surprisingly given the millions of baby boomers that are reaching retirement age. But and that’s a big butt. FTR has never acknowledged this is a major reason the labor force is shrinking. Every month he harps on this by blaming Obama. I remember learning this would happen 40 years ago. So FTR, it’s not all Obama’s fault. Extremist such as yourself rarely let others know both sides of an issue.
[Hates FTR] FTR: I’m not going to belittle you. I’m just gonna state fact. Yes, I used “gonna” because I know you think we aren’t as educated and intelligent as yourself. You do not know how I was raised or educated. You do not know everything. You are incorrect on most things and you’re not doing yourself any favors by posting your misguided, inflammatory, ego inflating rants. It’s rather sad to see an old man who just can’t be human
Common sense is not a Conservatives strong point. If a person quits looking for a job they really don’t want one. Its not the Presidents fault no matter which party is in office.  If someone does not have the get up and go to get a job or to better themselves its their own fault. To Conservatives who falsely claim self accountability its all the Presidents fault. No American President gave me a job  Ive always had the ability to fend for myself and have moved to where the jobs were. I didn’t sit around waiting for the President to hand me one like Conservatives believe he should.

Conservatives are a group that lives off of bumper sticker quotes and pointing fingers blaming everyone else.

Its like Conservatives were ranting daily about Obama trying to destroy America with high gas prices and now that in some states its under $2.00 a gallon he suddenly has nothing to do with it.

Dress it up and put lipstick in the form of abstract numbers on it but in the end its still bumper sticker logic.

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Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.  ~ John Stuart Mill 1806-1873
from the right
It is amazing, but the state of race relations in the US has declined under our first black President. The reason is simple, he and his are using race as a wedge issue; they are actively seeking to pit blacks against whites. That is abundantly clear when you consider his recent remarks on BETTV.

In a recent interview he make it clear that he is pushing the notion that racism is “deeply rooted in our society”. He said that: “When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias, you’ve got to have vigilance but you have to recognize that it’s going to take some time, and you just have to be steady so you don’t give up when we don’t get all the way there. This isn’t going to be solved overnight.”

His message is clear: “racism is deeply rooted in our society.” He ignores the obvious tremendous strides that have been taken to oust racism. He ignores the fact that we have a black President, a black Attorney General, and that as a nation we have taken giant steps to eradicate racism. Steps like affirmative action, the Civil Rights bill, etc. etc. etc.. Conveniently he ignores the fact that with Democrat governance and a black President, black poverty is increasing, and the unemployment rate for blacks is nearly twice that of whites.

And yet he does all in his power to put obstacles in the path of the growth of small business, America’s largest employer. All of that while lavishing bailouts and special treatment for banks and big business.

obama hopenosisIn the various Obama and Democrat wails that the deaths in Ferguson and NYC are the result of racist police misconduct, we hear nothing about the fact that in each instance, had the suspect complied with police orders, he would be alive today. The police actions would have been exactly the same whether the suspect was black or white or striped. The police action was directed against the acts of the suspects, not his race.  Even Eric Garner’s wife (the NYC decedent) is adamant that the police actions were not racist.

Nor do we hear that in the NYC incident, the police were there under orders from the Democrat NYC autocracy to enforce the tax laws of NYC. The decedent was selling untaxed cigarettes. The decedent’s crime of petty tax evasion ultimately led to his death. The arresting officers were led by a black sergeant. The police division was under the command of a black police executive.

Eric Garner did not die from a choke hold, he died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. He died from a heart attack. He was morbidly obese, well in excess of 100 pounds overweight, had asthma, and a litany of other health problems, nearly all life threatening. And, he was no angel, he had had at least 30 arrests for charges ranging from assault, to grand larceny.

It is disturbing that the Democrats and Obama choose use racism as an excuse or mitigating factor in the illegal acts of members of the black community. We hear no dialog from the left that urges the black community to respect law enforcement and the rule of law. Instead, in each and every episode Obama and the Democrats immediately blame law enforcement. In NYC the Mayor has elected to require retraining of the entire PD as a result of the Garner death. That is grade school discipline, punish all for the supposed errors of a few. Yet, the ultra liberal mayor has failed to initiate any programs in the black community so as to inspire comity between the community and law enforcement. Obama and the Democrats are dead set on convincing the black community that the police are not there to serve and to protect, but rather are an occupying force.

It is no wonder that even after more than 6 years of a black President and a black Attorney General, a majority of Americans, 53 percent, say the interactions between the white and black communities have deteriorated since they took office.  That is yet another failure of the Obama administration.

Action is needed to bolster public trust in the police in the aftermath of the killings of two unarmed black men by white police officers, Obama has the bully pulpit, and he should use it.

The tension between law enforcement and the black community is certain to have disastrous consequences. Police officers are certain to be more and more concerned with their own safety in their interactions with the black community, that concern will certainly result in harsh, arm’s length dealing with minorities. It is a witch’s brew that is certain to cause harm to society. And we must ask ourselves, why do we, in the 21st century even tolerate the notion of a “black community?” Why aren’t we demanding that the notion of a “black community”, a “Jewish community”, a “Latin Community”, etc. etc., be tossed on the scrap heap of history?

Black “leaders” like Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, et al, are doing their constituency a grave disservice.

The media have been virtually silent about the indictment of the Eutawville S.C. Chief of Police for the killing of a black man during the course of an arrest. Nor have we heard anything about the murder of a white police officer, Police Officer Jeff Westerfield, of Gary by a black career criminal.