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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Feds increase protections for queen conch. NOAA Fisheries have just announced listing the Florida Keys signature species, queen conch, as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.
We drove up to the mainland to see a car for sale.  We take it for a ride and the  transmission, rpms, and engine lights are all  on.  I ask dealer (owner) if these issues will be fixed?
His reply, “ We only sell ‘em. We don’t fix them.”  That dealer been in business 52 years, although I don’t know how.
I saw a QR code in a Publix ad. I pointed my camera at it and it took me straight to the Publix website.  I’m going to T-Mobile tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get more info from them about QR codes.
[Train] Anyone watching Brightline on the mainland? We need a Brightline extension to the Keys. An elevated monorail with stops in Homestead, Islamorada, Big Pine, and Key West. High speed, cars can still putt along at 30 mph. A monorail is a must have, for travel time as well as evacuations.
I was watching an Indian movie and a man asked for sugar to neutralize the hot chilies in the Dragon Sauce. Does sugar neutralize fire in the mouth?
The hacking tools are used by Chinese state agents to unmask users of social media platforms outside China such as X, formerly known as Twitter, break into email and hide the online activity of overseas agents. Also described are devices disguised as power strips and batteries that can be used to compromise Wi-Fi networks. An online dump of Chinese hacking documents offers a rare window into pervasive state surveillance. Link
Cudjoe Gardens Community-wide Yard Sales. March 2nd, Saturday, 8 AM – 2PM (MM 21) Drost, Sawyer, & Colson Drives. Follow the signs. Fishing supplies, Tools, Furniture, Lamps, Housewares, Plants, Costume Jewelry, Clothes, & Various Treasures
Surround yourself with people who have issues. Because people who have issues always have alcohol.

More murders are committed when the temperature reaches 92°. It seems human’s brains melt at 92°

A mutiny, especially in times of war, can be so threatening to the established order that it is not even officially recognized as one. During the First World War, French troops in various units on the western front refused to fight, in one of the largest mutinies in history. But the government’s official account described the incident merely as “Disturbances and the Rectification of Morale.” The military records were sealed for fifty years, and it wasn’t until 1967 that an authoritative account was published in France.

America, the nation where intelligence goes to die. America will be remembered as that nation just too stupid to survive.

Japan’s upside-down Moon lander is online after a brutal lunar night. The historic moon lander beat the odds. Link
[Orchid Fair This Weekend] Fri, Sat, Sun, March 1, 2 , 3. 10 am to 4pm. At the Garden Center, West Martello Tower, at the foot of White St. Admission is free. We have some great plant vendors including a couple of new ones, raffles, expert lectures, food, ice cream, we’ve got it all.

[Movies] The iconic Blender Open Movies. Featuring all the production files, assets, artwork, and never-seen-before content. Link

[History] Over the next several decades, British naval victories would transform the small island nation into an empire with maritime supremacy—what the poet James Thomson called an “empire of the deep.” By the early 1900s, Great Britain had become the largest empire in history, ruling over 400 million people and a quarter of the earth’s landmass.
[Boat Fire] Police and firefighters responded to a large boat that caught fire off the Lower Florida Keys on Friday afternoon. The call came in around 5 p.m. The boat is moored just offshore of Mile Marker 6, close to Key West. The boat was unoccupied, and there were no reported injuries.
[FAA Report] Boeing missing key elements of safety culture.  Employees lack awareness of the basics in reporting safety concerns. Link
[Ant Geopolitics] Over the past four centuries quadrillions of ants have created a strange and turbulent global society that shadows our own. Link
[White Hair] We finally know why stress turns your hair white. Once those strands turn gray, they never go back. Link
[Swiss Humor] Now there’s two words you don’t often see together. In fact, Google Trends lists zero occurrences of the phrase between 2004 and now. Even “German humor” produces a graph (albeit a rather flat one). But not only is there some evidence that Swiss comedy does exist, it might just be that being well-hidden is kind of its thing. Find it and laugh. Or don’t, and the joke’s on you! Swiss maps are full of hidden secrets. Find the Easter eggs—or the naked lady.
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[Refuge Goals] Finally, the Refuge came up with a goal I may be able to support. At least it looks like progress

[Pharmacies Hacked] Tens of thousands of pharmacies across America unable to get prescriptions to patients after major cyberattack by ‘foreign nation’ – a day after cellphone services went down. Link

Rawlins has sold more than 600 million Harry Potter books. If she gets a dollar a book that’s $600,000,00!

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