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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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[Blood Pressure] My blood pressure was 180/80. In a panic I rushed to the doctors only to find that my ‘cuff’ was 40 units off. My BP was normal.  The nurse said she has 3 cuffs, and all are inaccurate. How can I find an accurate BP cuff? On Amazon reviews, customers complained about most of the cuffs’ inaccuracy.
FEMA changes promise faster help — and more up-front cash — for hurricane survivors. The biggest changes include making it easier for all survivors to access the $750 cash payment that FEMA doles out after every disaster, plus a new, flexible cash payment to help people find housing in the two weeks after a storm hits. FEMA also plans to offer more cash to survivors who are underpaid by their insurance companies. Link
[Elections] When I’m President I will make all voting take place on a Sunday, no more Electoral College, and no more caucuses. All elections will be by popular vote like a true Democracy. As it is now, our elections are in a sad state and few people understand how they all work. It shouldn’t be like that. It should be simple and universal.
How far should we be willing to go to silence Nazis? Checking my cellphone bill the other day, I found myself wondering just how many Nazis use the same service as me. Probably hundreds, since I use one of the three biggest cell providers in the country. What were the ethics, I wondered, of paying a company that was being used to spread hate? Link
[Pet Tax] The state legislature has introduced a bill that could see a ‘pet tax’ imposed on every non-livestock animal in the state. The bill, sponsored by Democrat Regina English, requires all pet owners to register their animals in a state-run system, with fees that critics are calling exorbitant and unnecessary. Crazy is as crazy does.
[Fake 10G] Comcast received a slap on the wrist this week for its ‘misleading’ Xfinity 10G Network brand campaign. There’s no such thing as 10G internet.

[Bras] Dr. Harold Busch has invented a bra that keeps women’s breasts from jiggling and prevents the nipples from pushing through the fabric in cold weather. At a news conference, after announcing the invention, a large group of men took Dr. Busch outside and beat the crap out of him.
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Tourism. 2024 following historic numbers recorded in 2023. So what happened to all the money the junta took from us workers to pay for spraying the bugs?  Let’s face it, the junta doers not give a damn about the people who live here except to make us work to get tourist dollars and more useless eaters to come to the Keys. How much of our money is wasted on statues and trinkets to pacify the junta egos instead of going to kill the bugs that will harm us all? Time to stop and think about who we hired to do our maintenance and regroup, people.

display in my garden this week. 5 bulbs, each with 2 stalks. Each stalk with 4 flowers. 40 flowers!
[Close the Damned Border] Truckers convoy. ‘Take our border back’ to rally at Eagle Pass, Texas. Video
[Olfactory Warning] Beware of “New” Dawn dish soap w/new scent, unless you like doing dishes in Febreze. Nasty stuff.

Apparently a 9 Volt battery Is 6 AAAA batteries taped together.

Mandatory southern border shutdown if number of asylum seekers reach 5000 a day. 5000! This would be funny if it wasn’t true. Our country is slowly going to hell.
[Rivian-R1S Electric SUV Review] A mixed bag for big bucks. The Rivian R1S is an impressive technical tour de force, but it needs many improvements to warrant the $106,000 price tag. Link
[Live] It’s so heartwarming that most of the news is reported ‘live’. I find it quite upsetting when the newscasters are reporting dead.
[The Gas Station Gazette] Why more small c-stores will sell in 2024, Valentine’s Day & Other 2024 industry forecasts. Link
Key West Orchid Society monthly meeting Feb 18. The meeting will be held at West Martello Garden, 1100 Atlantic Blvd at 1 PM. This month’s speaker is Arthur Chadwick. “First Ladies and their Orchids. A Century of Namesake Cattleyas.”  Art will also have orchids available for purchase. ~Connie Kirkland
[The War Zone] Known to many readers by the shorthand TWZ – is a must-bookmark for anyone seeking a daily source for military, defense, and geopolitics news. Link

[Granny Crochet] The last of the red hot mamas.

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[The Richest] How much are they worth? There’s a website for everything.  Link
Salt air and metal don’t mix well. I wonder how often the Key West tourist helicopters are inspected for corrosion and erosion which degrades its shell.  It’s making tons of money on good flight days, and perhaps money over maintenance?  Scary what our environment does to locks, hinges, even automobile brakes. Considering these helos are based here, it makes you wonder.
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